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Careers Based On Your 10th House 👷🕵️👩‍💻👩‍🎨👩‍🎤👩‍🍳
Heyy guys, thought I’d make a brief list on the careers you may feel called to pursue based on your 10th house sign 🖤📈💼
Aries 10H: Athlete, sports coach, life coach, dancer, surgeon, doctor, law enforcement, chef, industry relating to weapons, engineer, s3x work, entrepreneur, influencer, Astrologer 
Taurus 10H: Film industry, actor, singer, jeweler, cosmetics, fashion, buying or selling luxury goods, entertainment, music, banking/finance, property, fashion influencer
Gemini 10H: Writing, language, driving, TV presenter, media industry, author, accountant, journalism, publishing, podcast, social media, TikToker, YouTuber, influencer, comedian 
Cancer 10H: Nursing, hospitality based industries, musician, interior design, real estate, working with women or children, interior decorating, counseling, party planning, midwife, birth specialist
Leo 10H: Entertainment industry, turning a hobby into a job, having your own business, a profession based on creative pursuits, influencer, being a famous person/socialite, working with children, teacher, working in government, party planning
Virgo 10H: Medical industry, healer, working with medicines like herbs, writer, service industry, assistant, veterinarian, data analysis, becoming a specialist or expert in a certain topic, social work
Libra 10H: Diplomacy, consulting, fashion, law, beauty, cosmetics, public relations, advisor, advertisement, acting, interviewing other people
Scorpio 10H: Insurance industries, occult related industries, astrologer, healer, doctor, asset management, handling other people money, death industry, mortician, funeral homes, security industry, surveillance
Sagittarius 10H: Travel industry, flight attendant, teacher, guide, counselor, spiritual guru, advisor, advisor, working in charity, education field, foreign relations, language teacher, author, writer publishing industry
Capricorn 10H: Service industries, working with building structures, urban planning, working in government, civil servant, working for acorporation, being an authority in something, being a CEO, business manager
Aquarius 10H: Business manager, business owner, inventor, scientist, astrologer, advisor, flight attendant, working in aviation industry, working in social media, tech industry, engineer, author, musician, humanitarian
Pisces 10H: Artist, musician, working in spiritual industry, astrologer, advisor, counsellor, psychic medium, tarot card reader, working in charity, doctor, specialist, working in non-profit, social worker 
Careers Based On Planets In The Houses:
Sun in 10H: Leadership positions, authority, government, politician, fame, boss, CEO
Moon in 10H: Working in female dominant industries, hospitality, nursing, working with children, working in restaurant industry, commerce, mass media, public relations
Mercury in 10H: Media, writer, communications, teacher, editor, author, transportation, craftsmanship, marketing, social media
Venus in 10H: Art, music, beauty, luxury, jeweler, entertainment
Mars in 10H: Fitness, sports, entrepreneur, law enforcement, surgeon, doctor, engineer
Jupiter in 10H: Law, legal field, teaching, travel industry, party planning, advertising, education, charity, advisor, counselor, astrology
Saturn in 10H: Organizations, metals, agriculture, service, labor, authority positions
North Node (Rahu) in 10H: Internet, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, research, engineer, innovation, electricity, sales
South Node (Ketu) in 10H: Religion, spirituality, metaphysics, renunciation, research, charity, astrology, divination, petrol, liquids industry
Uranus in 10H: Science, electronics, internet, astrology, innovation, inventions, tech, crypto
Pluto in 10H: Research, insurance, surveillance, risk-management, death, investigator, occult/spiritual industry
Neptune in 10H: Photography, movies, entertainment, drugs, poetry, music, liquids, alcohol
-starsandsuch ✌️💕
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i learned that breast cancer used to be known as "Nun's disease" due to the higher prevalence amongst nuns, who were at increased risk due to their celibate lifestyle. An association between reproductive history and cancer risk wasn't proven for about 250 years after it was associated with nuns (x)
Tumblr media
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Neighboring Zodiac Signs
Below are misunderstandings I’ve observed about neighboring signs over the years. I’ve also written about traits these signs can share or may seem to share.  
I’ve found many seem to easily confuse Aries’s assertiveness and ambition with Taurus’s stubbornness or determination. These two signs have very different energy. Aries is fast-moving, decisive, impulsive, action-taking, adaptable, heated, and competitive or confrontational. Taurus is slow-moving, takes their time making a decision or can be indecisive, is about attraction and/or planning rather than jumping right into things, stubborn and possibly fears change, they avoid pressure and conflict. 
I don’t think many confuse traits of Taurus and Gemini, but I could see the logic of air and earth making them sometimes seem similar. They could possibly seem similar due to Gemini’s positivity and Taurus’s peaceful nature too. I think some could sense this similarity in a person when first getting to know them vs. confusing traits of the two signs outright. 
Gemini and Cancer both get labeled as “changeable” and maybe even “fickle”. Gemini’s changeability comes from the flexibility of being a mutable sign, their need for mental stimulation, and need for variety. Cancer’s changeability comes in phases and moods, much like the Moon. Gemini’s changing side may be rooted in curiosity and high-energy, in places of “the mind” whereas Cancer comes from their current mood, the realm of “emotions”. 
Cancer and Leo can share many traits such as being romantic, loyal, affectionate, and creative. Leo is a fixed fire sign - they can be stubborn, prideful, brave. Cancer is a cardinal water sign - they have more adaptability and is known for being cautious, private, protective. Both signs can be incredibly sensitive and even bright, cheerful Leo can have moments of moodiness. 
Leo and Virgo can have high standards for themselves and others. Leo can be motivating, ambitious, and generous while Virgo can be caring, helpful, a hard worker, and be in a position of knowledge or authority. There can very easily be a status that these two signs share in their community. Leo aims for grandness and Virgo perfection. 
Virgo and Libra value security, logic, and intelligence. It may be in each other’s easygoing nature that they could seem similar. Virgo is flexible, caring, supportive, and thoughtful. Libra is cooperative, adaptable, level-headed, charming, and known for either being very polite, nice, and some genuinely kind. Both of these signs also tend to run away, ignore, or hate on their flaws. Virgo may be more focused on self-improvement or could be incredibly harsh towards themselves and is out for perfection. Libra may be more about hiding or ignoring flaws, they are out to make things beautiful, balanced, or peaceful. 
It may be in Libra and Scorpio’s differences that they somehow get mistaken for each other. Scorpio is most known for intensity and depth - Libra shallowness, detachment, running away from conflict, pressure, intensity, and flaws. However both can be romantic and artistic. Libra is known to sometimes become out of balance and to over correct. Air in general is known to explore and process emotions through art, the occult, or psychology. It is through these moments of dipping into the extreme that Libra may somewhat resemble Scorpio’s intensity. Scorpio can be known as a reserved, private, and cautious sign. A common metaphor is the deep, still cold pool of water - calmness on the surface and plenty of action and secrets underneath. Because of this I would believe plenty of Scorpios give off a chiller first impression or exterior. 
Scorpio and Sagittarius are both “hot” signs, or at least seem that way. Scorpio as a water sign can be freezing, icy, they are not fire BUT Scorpio is easily mistaken as a fire sign due to their “Mars-like” traits and associations. Sagittarius being a fire sign is truly  🥵 🌶️ 🔥 Both are associated with deeper, abstract concepts: Scorpio with the metaphysical, occult, transformations, facing taboos and/or inner demons, and psychology. Sagittarius with religion, philosophy, spirituality, ethics, wisdom, foreign affairs, worldly subjects, big picture thoughts, and higher education. 
Sagittarius and Capricorn have a lot of differences, some may even seem total opposite such as Sagittarius’s loose connection to good luck and Capricorn bad luck. Sagittarius is hot, impulsive, risky, maybe careless, youthful, maybe foolish. Capricorn is cold, calculated, cautious, associated with maturity, seriousness, and responsibility. I’ve used the story of the grasshopper and the ant to describe their differences in the past. However, both can be self-reliant and confident. Both have connections to wisdom. Sagittarius with the polarity between the fool and wise man/woman. Capricorn with wisdom gained through time and growth. Sagittarius can hunger for experiences, expansion, and learning while Capricorn is out for success, survival, and leveling up. Sagittarius see’s the big picture and exists in the realm of philosophy, religion, theories, the abstract. Capricorn can have a focus on society, rules, laws and exists very much in the material realm. 
Capricorn and Aquarius share the planet Saturn. Both can be logical, practical, and have a coldness about them. Both prefer or even seek out predictability and stability. I would assume many people probably pick up on both of these sign’s coolness and this may be the main point others could confuse them by. In modern astrology Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus and has connections to themes very different than Capricorn such as chaos, rebellion, liberation, etc. Both Capricorn and Aquarius have strong ties to the collective and society. Stereotypically Capricorn is the rule maker, follower, and enforcer while Aquarius is the rule breaker. A Capricorn can still be the one to see the need to leave or stand up to a group and Aquarius can easily fall into peer pressure, trends, or strictly following a society’s standards even with their common stereotypes. 
Aquarius and Pisces are two signs I see get confused with each other the most. People easily confuse Aquarius for a water sign due to its name and symbol. Even with a good understanding of the elements it doesn’t help that Aquarius and Pisces do share some overarching themes. Both signs are tolerant and accepting. Aquarius’s humanitarian traits may be confused with Pisces’s compassion. Aquarius is observant, social, open to and even fascinated with learning about humanity while Pisces is empathetic, receptive, understanding, and perceptive. These two can be labeled as the “peace, love” ☮️ signs of the zodiac. When you look at their polarities and elements - fixed vs. mutable and air vs. water there are plenty of differences, making Aquarius and Pisces very much their own archetypes/signs. 
Aries and Pisces are likely not easily confused with each other however fire and water both tend to be more emotional or volatile in their expression. With Aries impulsiveness and Pisces easygoing trait both can be seen as highly spontaneous. Both can be amazing salespeople and I mean this more in personality than the actual job. Aries is enthusiastic, confident, maybe outgoing, action taking, and good at making others excited or engaged. Pisces can read others like a book, can be a chameleon, persuasive or manipulative, and easy to trust. Aries may listen and take action based off their gut and while Pisces could be slower to act, they are intuitive and being mutable can be an agent of change. Aries can be brutally honest and Pisces expressive with their feelings. Aries is brave and Pisces self-sacrificing. Both can be incredibly generous, affectionate, and passionate. 
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Interesting facts about astrology🌙🎸♥️🌞🧸
🪐Saturn is also the planet of time and aging, among others. So where you have saturn in your house means that you will spend more time to achieve success. But it is also related to the calendar year. Saturn makes us grow up in the right direction and leads us to the point of knowing some things. Saturn rules not only the father but also the grandfather and people who are older. Let's say when you're watching a cartoon and the main character on his way to his destination meets an old woman who gives him a message (this is saturn).
🌞Sun represents who we are and why we are here. It represents our meaning in life and the fact that we were born with a mission. The sun also represents our heroism and heroic journey through life. The Sun is our conscious self and the essence of who we are as mockers.
♥️Venus represents our way of seduction, as it wants to attract the attention and devotion of the object of its desire. So the sign we have in Venus represents how we want to impress someone or seduce them.
🎸Jupiter represents a positive attitude and belief in unlimited opportunities and resistance to any attempt to limit or control. It is related to our sense of meaning, religious and philosophical beliefs and attitudes. Together with the Moon and Neptune, it is often associated with addictions and weight problems. So Jupiter in the 1st house could mean that you can't gain weight because of it.
🧑🏻‍🎤Uranus' qualities are unconventionality, genius, awareness, eccentricity, idealism, interest in community. The house in which we have uranus represents the area in which we can improve the world and change society.
👩🏽‍🎨👨🏽‍🔬The difference between a person with a lot of Aquarius in the planets and a person with an 11th house placements is that they perceive the world and express themselves differently. Person with planets in aquarius can be for many people, strange, unusual and rebellious perceives things, resists new things, trends and wants to do something in its own way. While a person who has an 11th house placements wants to make a change and thus influence the world. You want to leave your mark and show how we as a society can act differently and progress in technology and the world.
🧜🏼‍♀️With Neptune it's basically a longing to escape from the cold, cruel reality of the world and. So with Neptune we relax by reading a good book, movie or something that distracts us from everyday life. But Neptune can get lost in this relaxation and returning to the real world. Then it can happen that we drink more wine than we intended, or that we stay up too long and then don't hear the alarm clock in the morning.
🧞‍♀️Neptune also gives us fantasies such as the desire to have someone take care of us, to never have to grow up or separate from our parents. Becoming independent and facing your responsibilities. So, for example, someone with Neptune in the 5th house doesn't want to part with things from childhood. And always comes back to them.
🌊Pluto and its roles: grandmother, magician, detective, researcher, psychologist, spy, miner, treasure hunter. In that house where you have a pluto, it shows your relationship with your grandmother.
🪂Aries is the first sign of zodiac signs. They are like new souls entering the world. Many times they tend to bump into things or suffer cuts and bruises that they usually don't even notice. But since Aries rules the head, they often have headaches. It is a sign that never returns to the past but looks forward. That's why someone with an aries moon is never emotionally burdened with the past or emotions from the past.
🌳Taurus is one of the most reliable signs in the zodiac. Taurus will always come on time and stick to what he says. And they know how to enjoy luxury and life. And many times they tend not to want to change anything (from people to furniture) and many times they are also inclined to old school things.
🧸Cancer represents our home, family, environment and where we come from. It shows how we look at them and perceive the family. It describes the history of our families and relatives before our birth. For cancer, it is always important how their tree is composed. You have the most memory in the area where you have the moon and it is there that you have the hardest time breaking away from the past.
🦁Leo rules the heart, the spine, and the posture of the upper part of the body with which it shows its pride. Leos tend to be confident and extroverted, although some can be quite shy and dislike exposure. They like big houses, expensive cars and designer clothes.
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has anyone else noticed how sagittarius suns and water suns make such a great combination? idk about the other fire suns but when it comes to sagittarius, water suns do have a thing for them (and vice versa), no matter what.
for example, selena gomez (cancer sun) and taylor swift (sagittarius sun), taylor swift (sagittarius sun) and joe alwyn (pisces sun). also we have justin and hailey bieber (pisces and sagittarius respectively). might i also add charlie puth (sagittarius) and selena gomez (cancer)? oh and my mom is a sagittarius sun and my dad a cancer sun! billie eilish, a sagittarius sun is a huge fan of justin bieber, who again is a pisces sun. kendall jenner, a scorpio sun is best friends with hailey bieber, who's a sagittarius sun.
most of these relationships/friendships (not all) are long - term and so strong that they are unbreakable. very rarely do we hear about the water sun x sagittarius sun relationships coming to an end. then again, this is a general observation and may not resonate with all.
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The "Barn Door Explanation" of Cancer Screening
Tumblr media
Picture this:
You have a barn with a bird, a turtle, and a rabbit inside. Maybe one day you decide to open the door, only to realize that the animals are unsecured, and they all make a beeline for the new exit.
The bird flies out immediately. Even if you pulled out all the stops and slammed the door, the bird would still get out. Nothing you can do.
The turtle's "beeline" meanwhile is essentially so slow you could leave the door open while you did whatever you were going into the barn to do, and close it afterwards without even needing to care that the turtle might get out.
The rabbit is where you both need to do something and have a chance to prevent it's escape- if you realize the situation and close the door fast enough, you can keep the rabbit in the barn.
So what does frankly weird farm setup have to do with cancer screening programs?
Well I'm so glad you asked.
Cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled replication of a type of cell in the body. These abnormal cells over-replicate in a body tissue, causing them to burn lots of energy, put pressure on healthy tissue and prevent the normal function of that tissue. Cancer can be painful and life-threatening, treatment for cancer is improving but still not particularly reliable, and diagnoses cause a lot of fear and uncertainty. Cancer all around sucks.
[TL;DR: Assuming you are of average risk for any particular cancer, you may want to consider skipping prostate, thyroid, and breast cancer screenings. You definitely want to get your colonoscopies and pap smears, though. Don't take definitive medical advice from some random guy on the internet. Talk to your doctor and all that.]
Certain cancers move faster than others. For example, did you know that if you die of old age, there's an almost 100% chance of you dying with thyroid cancer? That 50% of prostate-havers over 60 and 75% of prostate-havers over 85 have prostate cancer? That in the last 3 decades, 1.3 million breast-havers have been diagnosed with and treated for a breast cancer they would never have died of or possibly even noticed, regardless of treatment?
This is because, using the analogy above, many of the common types of these cancers are "turtles". No matter what you do, whether you know you have them or not, treated or not, they won't kill you. You'll die with them, but not of them.
And at the same time, in 2021, 2,200 people died of thyroid cancer, 34,130 of prostate cancer, and 44,130 people of breast cancer. And unfortunately, most of these deaths were from fast-growing, aggressive cancers for whom the earliest screening in the world wouldn't have helped. The "birds" of the cancer world, if you will. No matter how quickly they were recognized or treated, the likelihood that they would ultimately cause death was very high.
In order for it to have a useful screening program, you need a cancer that is mostly rabbits. Cancers where the screening identifies cancers or pre-cancers that are difficult to detect without screening, likely to be deadly without treatment, but for which there are treatments that are effective.
Though widely used for some time, prostate, thyroid, and breast cancer screening programs have almost no impact on cancer death rates. This has been calculated both from comparisons between countries with high rates of screenings and those with low rates of screenings, and by comparing death rates before and after screening programs were initiated. Yes, we are finding and treating more cancers when there are widespread screening programs, but the actual cancer deaths are staying pretty static. The screenings make no difference in survival.
Worse, they put people through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and potentially lifelong disability for cancers that otherwise have just been undetected until death.
But don't write off screenings entirely. The two cancers most amenable to screening- ones that are majority rabbits- are colon cancer (having a colonoscopy every 10 years after age 45, or one of a number of other screening alternatives every 1-5 years) and cervical cancer (a pap test every 3 years after age 25 if you have a cervix). While more unpleasant than a blood test or mammogram, these are two tests that can identify abnormal growths before they become cancer so that they can be removed with a minimal of collateral damage. Nearly all of these two cancers are rabbits, and most of them can be caught before they even become cancers with regular screenings.
Also note that this post is just about cancer. Screenings for blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic diseases can make a big difference in survival and quality of life.
For more information on how risk is balanced in science and healthcare, consider reading Dr. Paul Offit's Pandora's Lab and You Bet Your Life. Both of these books substantially changed how I see healthcare and allowed me to think a lot more freely about my own healthcare choices.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Fuck this place.
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Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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technoblade will be receiving the courage award from the sarcoma foundation of america at this year’s stand up to sarcoma gala
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Legend behavior from Belle Grace
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Rest easy, king.
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Tumblr media
They literally work every day with very ill cancer-stricken kids who can't get the vaccine.
This makes 100% sense.
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Your venus sign & your love language
(dark mode recommend)
“What are Venus signs & what do they mean?”
Your Venus sign can represent your love language, what you’re attracted to, how you love, your beauty, how you express your desires, passions, and what you value, and how you relate to and experience pleasure. It can also tell you about your personal traits and aesthetics, as well as your relationship with finances and material possessions.
Energy: Feminine.
Sign: Libra/Taurus.
House: 7th/2nd house.
Venus changes signs every 20 days.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Venus in Aries:
People with their Venus in Aries tend to fall for people quickly. They like the passion they feel while crushing on people, & love when their partner acts possessive or obsessive with them. They themselves can also be obsessed if they decide that the person they like is “the one” for them. They love really passionately and hard, but they may choose bad partners because they’re attracted to the more intense relationships. Even though they fall easily, their passion burns quickly. Even if they are obsessed, if the passion they feel isn’t on going, they’ll drop the crush or loose interest and move on to another person. They may like a lot of arguments or just verbally/physically aggressive partners or just tend to fall for them more. They can be impulsive when it comes to love because it’s like a rush of excitement for them and they may not treat it as serious. They can be people who love to chase, but I think they should go for someone who is actually invested in the relationship but still keeps the excitement there. They like people who are independent & have their own stuff/business going on because they are attracted to people who are ambitious and powerful. But in the relationship, they wanna be the one who’s powerful, it’s kind of like they want to show off their partners. So it’s kinda like a little bit of balancing. These individuals can also one very bold.. they’re like the type of people to walk up to their crush and tell them they like them. Even though they do care for people, they care about themselves way more. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but sometimes it can be since it created problems in relationships. They may fear that by being with someone they will loose their power & independence.
Celebrities with their Venus in Aries: Shakira, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Ricci, and Tyler The Creator.
Venus in Taurus:
People with their Venus in Taurus are very wise when it comes to relationships, even if they haven’t been in any. They like to remember certain things that their partner would like, and then perform those actions for them. They’re not really interested in a lot of love type verbal communication, but instead they will perform actions because they know that sometimes words can’t be trusted. They’re going to do things for the people they love just because they love them and therefore the people they care about deserve it because in their eyes it’s very special if they actually love you, which means that you’re worth everything to them. They really know how to make the other person feel appreciated and happy, and they themselves feel happy when they see this. When they see someone they like, they may not do anything about it because they know that the person is going to come to them one way or another. Their energy and time is valuable, which makes other people attracted to them. They’re probably very physically attractive, and they like their partners to be attractive as well because they just love things that look good. They don’t mind waiting for a good, dependable partner who has their life together to enter their life because they’re just patient when it comes to love. They may stay in bad relationships or jobs for the wrong reasons though, like money or other forms of security. They can have some boundaries when it comes to love because they’re a little afraid of what might happen because if they get hurt then it’ll make them feel unsafe in future relationships. When people who like them try to move forward in the relationship, the native will be cautious of them… but even so, they do still tend to invest a lot in their relationships. They love people who are ambitious, and that have money.
Celebrities with their Venus in Taurus: Johnny Depp, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, and Lana Del Rey.
Venus in Gemini:
Natives with their Venus is Gemini are attracted to people who are good at speaking or people who are just good at putting words together, they like people who know how to act in social situations and people who are intelligent and well-liked too. They can be a little blinded though because they tend to follow and listen more to peoples words instead of actions, and this can cause misunderstandings and struggles. They can commit if they really want to but it’s kind of like they’re afraid of the intensity of the emotion, and they don’t want to feel trapped. They can be very cool and suave when showing interest in the people they like, and remember the little things. They want someone whom they can connect to on an intellectual level, not just an emotional one which is why they may seem cold. They like people that can keep up with them in many situations, & are interested in learning about different types of beauty, art, and love styles. They can get a lot of their love from different places like friends, family, themselves, etc. They don’t really need a partner, and having a significant other isn’t always on their mind either. It may even be the last thing they think about. They can be very on and off in love though because they may think they like you one day and then the next you’re not even on their mind. I do have to admit, they are very charming though which makes people drawn to them, or they can just be on the friendlier side. When they spend money, they may be very reckless and naive about it. These people may not have a “type” just because they tend to fall more often peoples minds rather than looks as much. However, they are harder to get to commit because the person they’re dating really has to meet what they need.
Celebrities with their Venus in Gemini: Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Holland, and Margot Robbie.
Venus in Cancer:
People with their Venus in Cancer are very loving. When they fall, they fall hard and are immediately infatuated. In some relationships, they need security and reassurance or else they’ll feel like their partner doesn’t love them. When they feel like they’re secure and their significant other loves them, they are very sweet and wonderful. They’ll remember everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. However, they can get overly obsessed with people they like which can make them dangerous. They’re the type to fall more in love with people that are serious, dominating, protective & just people who make them comfortable. They get very obsessed because sometimes the other person doesn’t like them back, and it’s like they feel very intensely about the other person so they’ll go to great lengths to make them theirs. Their love is so empowering when given to the right people, and they have such angelic and innocent-like beauty. They’re genuinely the best lovers that you can get. They’ll help you heal, nurture you, etc. They want deep emotional connections and bonds with others. It’s tricky for them to tell others how they actually feel because they’re used to having their emotions invalidated or ignored. They will do anything and everything for the people they truly love. They may often find themselves thinking about past relationships which can make they cry tears of joy or sadness depending on the emotion it carries. They can like taking care of people, or are just really good at taking care of people without noticing. They can also have a more motherly energy to them, which might attract kids to like them. If they get married, they want to make sure they have a secure & stable lifestyle. Even if they do get obsessed sometimes, they’re not gonna fall for just anybody & do have some sort of standards people have to meet. When they like you, they will act clingy, caring, and vulnerable. They’re genuinely the type to fall in love at first sight.
Celebrities with their Venus in Cancer: Devon Aoki, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, and Lily-Rose Depp.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Venus in Leo:
It’s harder to get people with their Venus in Leo to commit to a relationship because they need to know your worth and what makes you beneficial for them. They want the best experience when it comes to love & if they think you’re not going to give that to them, they will most likely disappear. But, they can be gullible to love bombing because when they see that someone is giving them what they need, they’ll get so excited and then ignore the red flags. They can be described as elegant and charming when it comes to their beauty. They really do want to be worshiped and adored. They like people who show them off and people who really take pride in being their partner. They like being won over & having people compete over them because it gives them the sense of power that they need. However, they can be difficult to win over in romantic settings but they are definitely very generous and lovely when it comes to friendships. They can sometimes be very cocky when trying to impress people they’re interested, which can sometimes drive the other people away. They’re really great at planning dates and special days for their significant others though. They really do love themselves though so sometimes they may get a bit egoistical. They really enjoy receiving compliments. They can flirt with other people they don’t really like just for the attention which may mislead some people. But when they genuinely do love you, they’ll be so loyal and will have the biggest heart. They can be so generous in relationships too to the point where they give too much of themselves away. They need people who have that same big, fun loving energy as them to really feel loved. These individuals are really set when it comes to people they like. They don’t have to worry about it because they’ve already made up their mind, so you’re going to know whether they like you or not. They’re also very magnetic and can easily become popular.
Celebrities with their Venus in Leo: Selena Gomez, Monica Bellucci, Lindsay Lohan, and Coco Chanel.
Venus in Virgo:
People with their Venus in Virgo tend to really over analyze their relationships a lot, which then leads to them creating “flaws.” They want partners who are really interested in them, and partners who can see small things and details about themselves that they can’t. They really like their partners remembering small details about them and then bringing it up later. People with this placement really want to provide for their significant other. They want to provide stability and order in any relationship they have. It can take them longer to fall in love because they just don’t really need a relationship. They’re fine on their own however, this doesn’t mean they don’t want a relationship - but it could. They may not get into a relationship unless they think it’s worth their time, and they’re not going to be with anyone unless they will benefit or get something out of that person that they can’t find in themselves. They like to study the people they like to understand why it is that they feel this type of way towards you. They would literally want to learn everything about you, like what you love, what you hate, etc. So, they may not be the most romantic or sensual Venus sign, but they study you so that they can give you the type of love that’s perfect for you. They’re very smart when it comes to love, relationship, and money. They can be extremely selective with who they decide to like. And they usually have a type or just like high standards. They really just need to be seen and need to feel like they’re special with their partner. They can attract a lot of people, but they have trouble when it comes to attracting the person they actually love. They’re really funny and they like more simple, elegant and traditional aesthetics.
Celebrities with their Venus in Virgo: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Blake Lively.
Venus in Libra:
So starting off, they are very romantic and just great at talking. They are very beautiful, however they may get scared of showing that side of themselves because they may be afraid to seem weak or vulnerable. They can act really clueless in love when they actually know a lot. When I say they are good at loving people, I really do mean it. They know how to love each person they care about in their life just perfectly. They probably like romance or romantic movies & they truly do want to be treated like a queen or king. They just want to feel that their partner really does love them. They will of course give the same affection back and take care of you too. Honestly speaking, they are like hopeless romantics. They can be really big flirts, but once they find someone who really captures their attention, they will devote themselves and give all their time to that person. They can be motivated by love & relationships. They want things to be fair, especially in their relationships and they know how to make other people feel seen. But they often do need some form of validation (or a lot of it) for them themselves to feel seen. So, this may create neediness or just a clingy character. They have to start finding out who they truly are & they have to start getting validation from themselves in order for them to have healthy relationships and to find good people. They have very eye catching and elegant styles or aesthetic. And even if they don’t, they can still pull off any style. Although, they can sometimes be people pleasers & be taken advantage of just because they want everyone to be happy. They like people who know how to flirt like they do, people who have a good fashion sense, and people who know what they want. They also really like friends or just relationships where the person is down to do anything with them.
Celebrities with their Venus in Libra: Grace Kelly, Beyoncé, Jeon Jungkook, and Emma Stone.
Venus in Scorpio:
People with this placement tend to go for bad people or just people who are not good for them because they’re insecure. Of course, they might also get attached easily & may just become really obsessive very quickly but in a secret kind of way. While they do fall very hardly, they don’t fall easily. It takes them a longer time to decide if they want to be with someone, but when they do decide, they’ll most likely want to really stay with that person forever and they’ll be loyal. They have a very mysterious, seductive, alluring type of beauty that everyone wishes they had. This often draws others to them too. They’re intense and passionate when in relationships, they’re looking for someone who can give them everything. They also just unconsciously manifest romantic attention without even realizing it. There is some jealousy and possessiveness when it comes to these people though because it’s like they’ve already claimed their territory, but it’s honestly because they just feel really connected to their partner or crush to like a soul-level point & it angers them to have other people try and take that away. They love when their partners try to rely on them for something because it makes them feel needed and they like that. They’re sometimes attracted to more open people, or people that aren’t judgmental for them to feel comfortable (so that they can share their feelings) because Scorpio Venus’s don’t like to expose their emotions too much. OR, they can like people like themselves who are more mysterious & seductive. They need loyal friends who are trust worthy. A Scorpio Venus may also like more darker colors like black. They don’t really like open relationships or their relationships being out in the public, and they have a strong sex appeal.
Celebrities with their Venus in Scorpio: Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Avril Lavigne, and Kris Jenner.
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Venus in Sagittarius:
These people are definitely humorous and funny when trying to attract a partner, however they can be too unsure about their feelings for someone. They can be attracted to more obsessive people, however they also like people who show little to no interest in them just to see how charming they actually are. They’re kinda also just looking for that one person that really catches their attention. To be honest, they can be really cocky and full of themselves especially when it comes to relationships and love. This is also somewhat part of their “charm.” They’re also very fun and adventurous when in love. They can be big on commitment, but they’re just wary of who they give it to. However, this isn’t always the case. They need a partner that’s fun just like them otherwise they will get bored. The excitement of love is very important to them, so they may just be more impulsive when in love or in relationships. They don’t like being tied down in relationships either. They like to feel free because they know they don’t truly belong to anyone but themselves. They also don’t really like emotions or emotional people and even though they do want passionate love, they don’t want the commitment that comes with it OR they just want to feel free while in the commitment. They don’t like people who pressure them into restrictions but they do like people who are independent and fun and people who have some type of influence or power. Their emotions really come and go easily. At times, they may even be sensitive to rejection. They’d rather be surrounded by their friends rather than lovers because they find it easier to deal with friends because friends give you more freedom. They can show they truly love you by exaggerating the things they feel are important.
Celebrities with their Venus in Sagittarius: Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, and Nina Dobrev.
Venus in Capricorn:
Individuals with a Capricorn Venus can find it hard to express their emotional feelings in relationships. They’re the type to not want to show public displays or acts of affection but instead they would invest into the relationship. They’ll think long-term about the relationship. They like to feel needed, and their expression of love is really practical. They kinda just wanna provide and make their partner feel secure and stable. They’re extremely loyal, but they can be scared of love if it’s not secure. If they don’t feel secure in themselves or if they just feel like the relationship is not steady, this will bother them and worry them. They’ll try to be more intellectual when it comes to love, but they do want to be cared for in a nurturing type of way - they just don’t know how to tell this to people. They are extremely dedicated and determined when they find the person they want to be with forever though. They can be very blunt in their words, and sometimes people can kind of just misunderstand their energy. They like to look classy and proper. Professional clothing really suits them as well. They can also be SUPER sexual but people just don’t see this. At times, they can be controlling and VERY protective. When they like people, they can be quiet and shy but they’ll be very polite. They’re also not the type to tell everyone their crush, but instead will keep it secret or only tell their closest friends. They’ll only be secure when they’re actually in love too. They don’t care about people they don’t like, it’s not in a rude way either. They just don’t care. They’re the type to show their love behind closed doors. When they’re rejected, they can also just turn cold & vile just because they put their trust into these feelings and let themselves feel this emotion. They might also attract a lot of friends who have romantic feelings for them.
Celebrities with their Venus in Capricorn: Megan Thee Stallion, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, and The Weeknd.
Venus in Aquarius:
These people can be very unique when it comes to love. They are attracted to eccentric and “weird” or unique people. But that may also be their preference, so if you’re not at least a bit “weird,” they will not be attracted to you much in a romantic way. They can also be very straight up.. like they will tell you how they feel. They can also be the type to be a bit afraid of love of the idea of loving someone, but they actually do want to love someone. They’re more logical then emotional too when it comes to love because there’s sort of that “detached” emotion to them which makes them more logical. And this trait helps with them actually seeing the truth, and it helps them realize which relationships are toxic, and which relationships are actually good for them. They can explain and say what they want to say without being too emotional. They’re attracted to people who not only like their looks, but who like their personality as well because the Aquarius Venus native wants to know that this person will accept them for who they truly are, not just for what other people see them as. They like people who are genuinely interested in them & their hobbies. They like people who can flirt by asking questions which is stimulating to the native. They’re generally more attracted to having friends than lovers, and may even be prone to falling in love with their friends more often but they just really like the idea of having friends & that sort of relationship. They don’t like people who take their individuality away because they absolutely adore the freedom they have to be themselves. They might also be a little bit of an attention whore, but once they find the right person to get attention from, they are good. They look SO amazing in platform boots & oversized shirts.
Celebrities with their Venus in Aquarius: Paris Hilton, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, and Kate Moss.
Venus in Pisces:
These individuals kind of have an idea of what the person they love should be like, how they should act, etc.. basically like a whole script. But when the person doesn’t play into their fantasies.. they can stop being interested. So they tend to over romanticize things. They like sensitive, stable & creative people who like to take and receive love. They also like people who can hold a relationship but they have to have a certain chaotic aspect of themselves too. They love really deeply and it’s like they overtaken with love to the point of self-sacrifice, but they tend to choose the wrong people to give this love to. They’re usually used to attracting people who don’t give them the love that they need so then they project that onto others because they think it’s normal when in reality they do deserve to love & to be loved even though they may not realize it. They also love spiritual things like crystals, incense, etc. They also do genuinely crave love & can sometimes become child like when in love. However, they’re not really logical when it comes to love. They often miss red flags because they’re only looking for specific traits so they’ll be blinded by the other ones to even notice. They also really like spending money on family or people they love because of their generosity even though they may not have the funds to. They will really be empathetic to their loved ones’ problems, and they’ll really listen and just be there. Pisces Venus’s will honestly just have a crush on someone they don’t know just because they are attractive or fit their ideal type. So overall.. yeah, they can be really romantic but they can move on quickly & act cold as soon as the person doesn’t fit their fantasy.
Celebrities with their Venus in Pisces: Michelle Obama, Kurt Cobain, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kristen Stewart.
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Johfra Bosschart (b. Johannes Franciscus Gijsbertus van den Berg, Dutch, 1919 - 1998) ​
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The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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