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loveemagicpeace · a day ago
Venus & how you find love and attractiveness❣️🥰
🔥Venus in 1st house- you can find love at competitions, sports activities, skating parks. Through any activities. Appearance, energy and the fact that the person is independent, daring and daring are important to you. You also like someone who is adventurous, full of energy, dynamic, brave, innovative. Maybe you will also be attracted if the person will be direct and honest. Maybe you like people who are a challenge for you.
💵Venus in 2nd house- you can meet a person in a restaurant, a bank, a financial institution, or some kind of luxurious party. You are attracted to stability, beauty (especially natural beauty). You like someone who likes food and music and that they match. Financial security or maybe someone who has a lot of money. You also like someone who has standards and values ​​, self worth and appreciate you and your love.
🧩Venus in 3rd house- you can find love through relatives, at school, siblings, on a trip, also through neighbors or you can find a potential partner who is your neighbor. You like someone who is communicative, likes to change, always has new ideas and you are never bored with. Someone who likes spontaneous things and always surprises you. You also like intelligent, imaginative, sociable people.
🌸Venus in 4th house- you can find love through family members or meet him at a party at his house. Maybe at some private events or places. You like someone makes you feel like home, someone who is caring and emotional. Someone with whom you can always feel comfortable and who makes you feel that he is always with you. Maybe you also like someone who wants to be with you all the time. Maybe someone who reminds you of your childhood or it could be someone from your childhood.
🤹🏽‍♀️Venus in 5th house- you can find love at a party, through hobbies. At some big events, through some projects. In a public place or this person can be more exposed and known by many people. Anything that is fun or you find fun and enjoy it, you can also find love in this way or connect with a person through it. You like a person who is exposed, proud to show off and present you to people, you like a person who is creative and talented. You can like someone who lifts you up and gives you confidence. You like it when someone is noble, generous and grateful.
🚿Venus in 6th house- you can find love at work, through colleagues, at the gym, in some medical institution, maybe even in an animal shelter, a veterinarian, social work. You like it when a person is clean, has a goal, a job, a routine or someone who is organized. You also like someone who has healthy habits or is an athlete. Also someone who notices details. Maybe you can look at a person's physical appearance and many times it attracts you. Someone who is practical or gives you good advice and knows how to help you. You like when you can rely on someone and know that they won't spoil your plans. You also like it when someone is conscientious, focused, sophisticated.
💖Venus in 7th house- you can find love at meetings, through other people, at weddings, courts, legal institutions, also through friends, shopping centers, social events. You like a certain ideal of a person, a certain perfect appearance of a person, you like it if the person is well-groomed, beautiful. The emphasis is on beauty (this is the first thing you will notice about someone). You like it when someone flirts with you, someone who has his head in the clouds and someone who values ​​the relationship and is focused on it. You appreciate someone who can see both sides, someone who is diplomatic, loving and romantic.
💙Venus in 8th house- you can find love when you go through a transformation, when you get over someone, in night clubs, in mysterious places, at funerals, also possible in some psychological institutions. You are attracted to someone who is mysterious, private, hard to figure out, someone who is deep and emotional. Maybe also someone who is more jealous, intense, determined, dominant. Someone who is passionate, sexy. Sexual attractiveness can be very important to you. A person have to attract you both emotionally and sexually. You like the soul bonding. Someone who is loyal, devoted, honest, brave, fearless. You also like someone who sees the ugly side of people and their darkness.
🌉Venus in 9th house-you can find love on a journey, in another country, at college, spiritual places, cultural events, spontaneously, adrenaline-filled places, also could be your teacher. You like someone who is optimistic, fun, funny, likes to joke, someone who can surprise you, inspire you. Someone who likes to travel, has a bigger picture of the world and the people around him, someone who motivates you. It is important to you that someone has the same thinking or view as you. You like someone who is strong-minded. Someone who knows a lot and can teach you a lot.
📸Venus in 10th house- you can find love in public places, public events, someone who is exposed to the media can also be a politician, someone who has reputation and respect, people in high positions, can also be through the father. You like someone who has reputation and respect, someone who has goals and a career. Maybe someone who is older than you. Someone who is independent, independent, ambitious. You like someone who is responsible and follows the rules and is serious. Maybe you also like someone who is more old school. Someone who has authority and is more dignified.
🐚Venus in 11th house- you can find love through social media, events, dreams, friends, through acquaintances, in clubs, at concerts.You can also be with someone who is famous. You like those people who are special in their own way, that they have some kind of specialness in them and because of that they are different from others. You also like someone who is independent and doesn't care about others. You have a specific type of person. Someone who likes to dream or accepts your dreams. Also even someone who is artistic. You usually like people who don't stand out, but someone who is more unknown. Also someone who is weird in some way. Someone who is idealistic, innovative and visionary.
☁️Venus in 12th house-you can find love in dreamy places, dance classes, photography events, galleries, museums, in hospitals, artistic places, institutions, in swimming pools, pools party. You like someone who is artistic, special, unusual, hidden, maybe someone who is more toxic. Someone who has a more dreamy personality, is sympathetic, reasonable, emotional, gentle, caring, passive, also someone who likes spirituality. You can be attracted even if the person is bad for you, sometimes you just like that. Here you can also be attracted to people who have problems with addiction. Someone who is selfless, surreal and also heroic. You can dream of your super hero.
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hb0z0 · 2 days ago
astro observations (.4)
author’s note: helloooo guess who is back again :) i hope to be more active in posting astro observations as well as general posts, so hopefully i can be more consistent. tell me how i did in this post and again, take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.
pluto dominants/mutable dominants often change their styles and their aesthetic (?) frequently, my friend who is a virgo stellium and mutable dominant has changed their style so many times throughout the past year, i can barely even keep up-
venus-lilith aspects often attract people that are just like them and it often leads to irritation and jealousy and accusations that someone is copying them.
sort of similar, i’ve noticed that sun in 11th house could often deal with copycats or people that are borderling obsessed with them. if the person that has sun in 11th house also has venus-pluto aspects or has pluto themes, this could lead to malicious/darker intent behind the copycat’s actions.
7th house placements are truly some of the best peacemakers out there, man :) whenever drama is occuring, they know to stay out of it, but still resolve issues in their friendgroup.
mars-mercury has some of the WORST tempers i have ever seen, oh my god- they’re almost as bad as moon-pluto, however, moon-pluto aspects tend to be less explosive but they hold the worst grudges and they are unpredictable in their anger. i still love them though.
mars sextile/trine pluto when angered physically change when angered, like their eyes darken and they look terrifying. 
women that have mercury-pluto often use art as a way of expressing their trauma, specifically mercury square pluto.
moon in 9th house/jupiter in 3rd have a beautiful abundance of knowledge on everything, it feels like your talking to an ancient soul when speaking to them. people with these placements also have an extensive vocabulary and use multi-syllable words that others typically don’t use.
saturn in 4th house could have had a family that prioritized order over fun family activities, or just thought that such things were childish.
mars in 3rd house often love booming, loud music. even when sad, they could listen to rageful music to block everything out or to just soothe their emotions.
mercury in aries degree could be more blunt/straightforward when speaking to others, and could potentially offend someone without even realizing it.
venus in 1st house in a man’s chart could make him very fragile looking or have more feminine attributes. venus in 4th house in a man’s chart could make him appreciate the feminine qualities in his life than other placements - he could also have been raised by more women than men.
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femmefatalevibe · 2 days ago
You said in a post the Capricorn rising women are the femme fatales ™, and now I'm wondering, what seduction archetypes you think are fit for each rising? Like if Capricorn risings are the femme fatales, what would taurus rising or scorpio risings for example be?
This is a fun question! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Femme Fatale is a seductress by nature – not a seducer type per se (in terms of Robert Greene’s Seducer Types or the Women Love Power Feminine Seduction Archetypes). However, I also think that a Scorpio rising fits under the Femme Fatale umbrella. In terms of the rising signs as the 9 seducer types, here are my thoughts: 
Scorpio Rising: The Coquette 
Capricorn Rising: The Charmer 
Taurus Rising: The Charmer/The Star
Aries Rising: The Siren/Rake 
Leo Rising: The Charismatic  
Sagittarius Rising: The Natural 
Cancer Rising: The Ideal Lover 
Aquarius Rising: The Dandy/The Coquette 
Libra Rising: The Star
Gemini Rising: The Charismatic 
Pisces Rising: The Ideal Lover/The Coquette 
Virgo Rising: The Ideal Lover/ The Star/The Coquette
Let me know your thoughts/ if you agree xx 
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vivmaek · 17 hours ago
Sun conjunct Neptune? ❤️
Tumblr media
Those with this aspect are deeply sensitive and the energy of the world and of others has a profound effect on them. They feel rather drained after extended amounts of time in public. These people have a very rich imagination and have many interests towards the spiritual realm. People with this placement are submissive and show high levels of care towards family and friends. They absolutely hate disrupting others or making other people uncomfortable. These individuals have learned a lot of empathy and have non-judgemental attitudes. They put the betterment of others above their own best self-interests. Sometimes, these natives have a hard time coping with reality, they can fix this feeling through a greater sense of expression. 
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astrologyshitpost · 23 days ago
Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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ghostresidues · 6 months ago
‘guessing your zodiac sign but it’s purely based on my own personal prejudice’ uquiz >:)
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thatsexcpisces · 26 days ago
Astrology observations pt.5
Tumblr media
- I’ve noticed that many of the people who have an alcohol addiction or drink A LOT when they go out, are Pisces moons
- people with Saturn in the 2nd house may have felt that they always had the less fortunate family when it came to money and way of living, and admired other richer families for being able to afford things they wanted (may have had trauma regarding poverty)
- Lilith in 3h/9h people may have felt insecure when it comes to an academic setting or situation meaning they probably felt dumber than others or afraid to express their true opinions. They may have had teachers or siblings who tried to make them feel stupid or treated them badly.
- Taurus moons have very complicated relationships with food. Some of my friends have this placement and they can go from having a serious eating disorder and struggling to eat anything to later overeating, always bringing food with them, always making sure they eat well, etc
- i feel like the sign in your 5th house shows your opinion on wanting children or how you would treat your children in the future. Ex: Taurus/cancer in the 5th house people may want to nurture and care for their child and look forward to having one. Sagittarius in the 5h may prefer their freedom and don’t really plan on having kids that early on.
- Pluto-Venus aspect people really bring out the scorpion energy in relationships imo. They can go to extremes with their possessiveness and jealousy over someone they love and can sometimes even feel that they love so deeply and no one matches their energy or others don’t care as much as they do.
- On that note, Having 8h synastry with someone is SO FUCKING INTENSE. Especially if one of you has your moon in the other person’s 8h. The moon person feels more imo and they’re the one that gets easily obsessed over the other person and stalks the hell out of them/watches their every move. I feel like it then takes the house person more time for their obsession to grow and to realize how much they need/love the moon person.
- This is a weird observation but Cancer risings have moments where they just randomly talk in a baby voice for no reason lol (unironically or ironically)
- If you have mars trine/square/sextile Pluto you’re def the hottest person in the room
- I feel like gemini men are more “pick-me” and brag more than Leo men. Like they just love talking about themselves lol
- People are so naturally attracted to sun-jupiter aspects and Leo rising people. Like they just draw people in and make friends so easily. They just have some sort of energy to them where they could be sitting in a room and people come up and talk to them automatically.
- Mars in 4h people easily get upset and annoyed by people in their household
- Individuals w Moon in the 8h May inherit mental illness from their mother or their mother could already have some sort of a mental illness that made their life very difficult
- Women with their ascendant in square or opposition to Lilith could likely be hated on by other females or women are naturally jealous and envious of them because they possess such a raw and sexually attractive energy
- Virgo moons 🤝 giving people their unsolicited opinion when no one ever asked them for it
- Venus in Capricorns will remember the smallest and I mean the TINIEST details about you If they’ve ever liked you. Even if they got over their crush on you, you 2 could be having a normal conversation and they will mention the most detailed thing about you that you didn’t even remember about yourself. It’s scary
- Libra mercuries on the other hand, actually have trouble remembering most details. They might forget things like your birthday here and there but the most ironic thing is Libra placements pick and choose something specific you did to remember and maybe even hold a grudge on, and you’ll never have a clue as of what it is.
- Mars in Gemini are so funny when they’re upset. They have the best insults and roasts which gives them no shame in absolutely destroying you with words
- A developed Capricorn woman’s confidence is the equivalent of an Aries man’s confidence (so they’re really loud and proud)
- Don’t ever fuck with someone who has Neptune or Jupiter in their 12th house cause the universe will be BREATHING down your back for anything bad you do to them
- Idk why everyone says all Aquarius are introverted and antisocial when tbh they’re some of the most confident, laid-back, and extroverted people you’ll ever meet. Many of the Aquarius I’ve met always tell me they’ll never miss an opportunity to go out and are very social
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cupidastrology · 16 days ago
*jupiter ♃ through the houses - simple terms*
୨୧associate with your natal jupiter position.
୨୧please do not repost or copy my work.
୨୧if you'd like to know more about your jupiter position, you may subscribe to my post plus or book a birth chart reading.
• —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ♃ in the 1st: the ability to allow new forms of opportunity, luck, and manifesting through the looks and forms of fashion. you may have been brought up with a lot of expansion or opportunities around the home or through ancestry.
♃ in the 2nd: money is quick and easy with this position. ♃ allows expansion and opportunity so there are many ways of creating ways of gaining or receiving money, especially channeled through emotions. when you choose to learn, expect to receive.
♃ in the 3rd: your words, ideas, and overall methods of conversation can spark interest + wonderful forms of expansion that can help you connect with different areas of life + study!
♃ in the 4th: family and ancestry are the key themes of expansion and opportunities. you may know your family well and even bounce or collaborate off their own skills + talents, which leads to a huge hierarchy/royalty in your family line.
♃ in the 5th: luck comes around the very dramatic yet the achievable areas of life. this is a time where your relationships help you to learn what it means to be united aswell as finding a lot of fun in dating, music, art, and dance.
♃ in the 6th: an easy access to health concerns, including having possible abilities in receiving health events in your life more easier than most. you're able to find a lot of knowledge and experience with self care, herbalism, and taking care of the skin of the body.
♃ in the 7th: luck and expansion treats very large in the home of relationships, engagements, and choice making. opportunities in wisdom, advice from others, and learning lessons help you to carve the path of what to do next with this position.
♃ in the 8th: long term investments are grow to be very exclusive with this position, aswell as the valuables you attain in your daily life. this is a moment to find various connections through life that give you different forms of wealth.
♃ in the 9th: you can create so many brand new experiences with the subject of teaching, learning new topics of life, cultures of belief, and diving into large portions of spiritualism. this is a position that has a lot to do with using your experiences + memories.
♃ in the 10th: luck can be on your side when it comes to self control and knowing what is best to keep private and public. drama and your overall word is huge, and can expand over many people.
♃ in the 11th: friendships can help you to grow to brand new avenues in life. you may receive opportunities to move up in the world due to the connections and social circles you create.
♃ in the 12th: luck can be on your side in avenues having to do with your pains, subconsciousness, and the dreams you receive. you bring the most to the table when you use your wounds to overcome new breakthroughs and areas in life.
you may seek out this post on my twitter aswell.
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mizzastro · 7 days ago
Birth Chart Indicators of being a Generational Curse/Cycle Breaker
Having Aries, Scorpio, Taurus or Libra as your North Node.
Having North Node in your fourth or tenth house. Fourth housers especially, though.
Having your sun sign at 0, 1 or 29 degrees.
Having Aries as your sun sign.
Having Aries, Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius as your Chiron sign.
Having Saturn in houses 1-6, especially in your first house.
Having a lot of first, fourth or tenth house placements.
Having a lot of Aries/Aquarius placements or Mars/Uranus aspects.
Significant Saturn or Mars-Sun aspects.
Having your Lilith sign in Cancer or Aries.
Aries breaks familial generational curses, Aquarius breaks societal generational curses.
Having Virgo, Leo or Cancer as your moon sign.
Uranus or Mercury being in retrograde.
A smaller detail is that these people usually either have fixed or cardinal Jupiter signs. I rarely see someone with a mutable one.
Yods in the birth chart, even just one. These particular curse breakers also might come off as odd or spiritually gifted in some regard from a young age. Prone to panic attacks/anxiety and also tend to fixate or have one thing they're really good at. They tend to get thrown off MUCH more easily than any other generational curse breakers, though.
Having a lot of Trine aspects.
Having a lot of cardinal placements.
Mercury in first house.
Please keep in mind that these are just my personal observations.
Also that having just one or a few of these in your chart doesn't necessarily mean this applies to you. I notice that people who fit this bill tend to have at least three (usually more) of these qualities in their charts.
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eutychia7 · 24 days ago
astro observation #11 (💕) here’s a secret, with mars in Gemini for 7 months, if ur a mutable risings u are gonna be very on edge and buzzing. ur angular houses are being hit. my blessings to u all!
-those with sun aspecting their mid heaven harshly have an issue with being perceived, they want attention/fame/praise but don’t like when eyes are on them. make up ur mind!
-sag in pluto suffers from information overload. think about social media and the sheer ton of information it’s blasting at gen z everyday. no sag in pluto are not addicted to tiktok/instagram/twitter, they are addicted to the simulation n the sensation of “learning quickly”. but the truth is, it’s not real learning or true enlightenment. the knowledge will leave their mind as quickly as it entered. sag in pluto are not gonna find truth in social media. they’re not gonna find their truth by packing their bags across the world either. u can’t use travel as a bandaid my pluto sags. sag rules publication/books as well, so u know, it’s not gonna hurt to pick up a book once in a while. transformation awaits in knowledge
-people who call aquarius venus fickle people in love forget that aquarius is a fixed sign, their modality is FIXED, when they love they obsess as much as a scorpio or a leo venus
-jupiter positively aspecting uranus in a tight orb means every blessing the individual has never been planned. like ever. these people are the kinds of ppl who suddenly turn into rags to riches. randomly learn an instrument based off a whim.
-a funny way to get the sign in ur 12H to come out is sleep deprivation. it’s a better alternative to alcohol, i don’t mean stay up 48 hours, just be awake past midnight alone and ur 12H sign will come out. libra risings (12H virgo) will start overthinking. virgo (12H leo) will probably take selfies maybe partake some act of self worship like staring at a mirror
-neptune in angular houses (1,4,7,10) in a natal chart is incredibly potent and powerful. it creates this feeling of never truly being able to discern or be “seen”clearly in certain areas of life. neptune in 1st can feel they aren’t perceived as they are. neptune in 4th get the sense they’ll never be known intimately or deep enough. neptune in 7th feel they’ll never have a relationship where they can crawl in their partner’s soul. neptune in 10th can feel their reputation is consistently misrepresenting them. neptune illusionist effects becomes a powerhouse in an angular house
-people are afraid of 12H synastry bc there’s no material gain from it, the 12H benefit is purely spiritual growth. ur not gonna gain any capital value from it so that’s why it’s hard to get on board with the idea of committing to an uncomfortable experience with someone. an experience that is transformative, whether good or bad depends on the people involved. making the conscious choice to grow/get better is heavy in 12H synastry
-jupiter house in first. okay. u don’t even need to look for trouble, stuff just comes to u. and i’m not saying in where it’s like “oo they’re just lucky”. looking at them like simple luck magnets is damaging. the things come to them bc they’re supposed to be their greatest teacher.
(no one is gonna tell u stuff, no mentor will be effective as u, in this life ur the one who is supposed to guide, the universe in turns just spew stuff on to u as a helping hand)
-the planets materializes in the 2nd house. u got venus in 2nd house, probably got pretty stuff around, or maybe it’s u whose pretty hour glass body, great skin, ect. also the planets sitting inside also effects ur voice. 2nd house rules over vocal chords and speech! example: uranus in the 2nd has unique speaking voice. they could sound animated or maybe very monotone. distinctive voice
-my cuties with saturn in angular houses (1,4,7,10), how should i put this kindly? time is very important, in fact it plays a pivotal role in ur life, i say this confidently cuz saturn is literally time and in the angular houses it’s either against u or for u. not enough time, u ran out of time, ur behind time. the beef against u and time is unreal
-mars in 12th🤝constantly fighting their subconsciousness
-12H natal placement is a strong indicator of getting unwanted information. these ppl are usually in the friend group who is suspicious of the person everybody likes, they know ahead even if they can’t explain it. it’s the constant tugging of the heart. 9H on the hand is the house that searches for knowledge. they will seek and dig to simply “know”. these ppl seriously love religion or denounce it. must seek to know
-the sign your saturn is in shows how you will be humbled. authority figures yelling sit yourself down and be quiet kind of humble
1)aries: ppl are gonna come for ur leadership every-time u wanna take action or showcase independence and drive ur gonna be asked to calm down or that ur leader ship isn’t really what the situation calls for. u can suggest something and get told to be quiet. over time u know the best time to take charge and lead a shift
2)taurus: when u do self-care n the way u indulge. these kinds of ppl can rely on alcohol/sex/food for pleasure n then get told “u know that’s not self love right and just a temporary high”. the way u define stability gets shaken up. eventually u learn things that actually matters and learn when it’s best to have comfort. some authority figures will be like wow ur lazy as hell even after u put in 100 hours of work
3)gemini: expressing opinions. they get shut down for talking, for the rhetorics, for the way they speak. they get told “that’s not rlly the best thing to say rn”, “read the room”, “i don’t care ab ur opinion”. verbal expression can be especially challenging bc being misunderstood is a frequent struggle
4)cancer(detriment): comforting/nurturing. these ppl sometimes deny themselves comfort. they get shunned for being too soft sometimes. like the crab, they eventually know when to be protective/defend and when to nurture themselves. they also learn how emotions can be used as strength early on in their lives they were told to suck it up
5)leo(determent): literally any thing with creative expression, any moments when ur being playful or extra. authorities love to humble saturn leo egos bc they assume saturn leo’s got inflated arrogance. something small as using a big word will get u into trouble. they’ll be like “do u even know what that means?”
-mars is exalted in capicorn while when it’s the sign of cancer it’s in it’s fall. this is because when conflict occur capicorn responds with action regardless of their personal take on it, they operate in a systematic way. on the other hand, emotion is at the forefront of a cancer mars. this causes many potential issues
(1)they refuse to do anything even if it makes them uncomfortable
(2)hiding their opinion/emotion on a problem is hard. people will take a look at them and know exactly when they’re gonna cry
the moon in astrology matures at 24. and guess what? the human’s prefrontal cortex develops at 25. isn’t that just a funny coinkdadoink huh?? so cancer mars, after 25 or so, you’ll find that taking actions and getting your life together without crying will be easier
-if someone u know is flaky and fickle, look to where their saturn is in their chart because without fail that’s the one area of their life they absolutely commit themselves to. saturn 4H are slaves for their families they’d do anything for their families. saturn in 1st suggest a dedication to endless improvements they see themselves as not enough so they go out of their way to constantly improve. saturn 9H will choose to study over everything, u are not more important than their grades
-the sign in your 6H indicates the body part u must keep clean. scorpio in the 6H i’m looking at u babes, go clean ur coochie
-you know instantly you have 8H synastry with a person when the air starts feeling werid around them the space around them feels bent and almost drawing you inwards
-the house you have mercury in your solar return chart shows what area of life you think about the most during that year and also where you face the most anxieties if mercury is aspected poorly
-the house chiron is in where u gotta focus on healing
-3rd house stellium=possible move around neighborhood
9H stellium=possible long distance moves. like across the country or to another continent
astrology is a study of patterns, it’s not tarot cards where u use intuition to feel around it. it’s extremely cerebral. so this means anyone who starts saying “6H synastry gives me such bad vibes”, or “encounters with gemeni’s are so unlucky”. this is an indication to turn ur head away and stop listening bc the moment someone think their opinions override’s the reasoning/patterns in a chart, u know instantly they’re full of dookie
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loveemagicpeace · 22 hours ago
☔️Astrology notes🐚
🌸I like how Capricorns rising care about others and never do reckless things. They will always provide security. They will never make you feel uncomfortable or harassed you in any way.
🫦The specialty of complex signs (taurus,scorpio,capricorn,pisces,sagittarius) is that they don’t show their side to everyone and share their dreams, goals, things they love, secrets with everyone, but only with those who are close to them.
♑️Capricorn will always do everything according to the rules. What I noticed is that someone who has Capricorn in their personal placements and will be sick, will always follow the doctor's instructions and take everything seriously. While someone who has, Sagittarius will take everything less seriously and will be much more optimistic (maybe even won't go to the doctor). Or he will spontaneously take some medicine just to feel better.
🪐Someone with saturn in 1st house will be very critical of himself and therefore will rarely ever talk about the things that happen to him or personal stuff/issues.For example: addiction of something or something that would not be changeable by society. Because you will feel that people will judge you.
☔️People who have a lot of taurus or dominant can often be jealous if people have more money than them or a better car. Taurus don't show it like that, but many times they look at the material side of people. They will be secretly jealous of the wealth of others.
🦋I think that scorpions are not evil, even if it sometimes looks that way. A person who has a scorpion makes many sacrifices for other people and helps them and wants to be there for them. When a Scorpio takes revenge, just wants you to feel the same pain he does. Here it is more about the emotional side than the physical. Because Scorpio revenges are always related to feelings.
🧩This does not mean for all gemini. But Gemini could be evil. Sometimes you can see pure evil in them because it looks like they have some darkness in them. Many geminis take revenge for no reason or do evil things for no reason. Geminis have many times more personality than is generally known, which means that their thoughts can constantly change. And in one moment they will do something without thinking. So when they become evil they know no bounds.
🐚 People who don't cancer placements or 5th house placements many times they don't want to have children or their focus is not focused in that direction.
🧸Pisces can spend their whole lives thinking about people who are no longer in their lives. Because they give a lot of focus to the past. Their subconscious constantly reminds them of past events and things. Therefore, they can also do some things unconsciously.
🩸Venus in Virgo pays a lot of attention to health and makes sure that others are healthy. You will always help others and give them advice on how to heal faster or stay healthy. The downside of this sign is that they can often be paranoid when things happen over which they have no control and especially when something is related to illness.
🔥 Mars represents your persistence and how persistent you are with things, people. For ex.: Mars in scoprio when you set your mind to something, you do it, and many times it has to do with your emotional nature. Mars in sagittarius when you decide to go somewhere, you will go and when you decide to believe in something, no one can stop you.
🌞I noticed that people who have the sun in the 8th house like to deal with extremely dark things, crimes, investigations, murders. They enjoy such things.
🧚🏼‍♀️Saturn in 3rd house takes people's words and what they say seriously. And they will always remember if you say something inappropriate or rude to them. Their words can also have a strong impact on people. They always say something that is powerful and deeply meaningful. They will often show the harsh reality.
🌙 People with the moon in the first house are very direct people and always show how they feel. They cannot hide their emotions but always show them outwardly. Many times they also have anger problems. If anyone gets angry and seems a little out of control, it's them.
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Having Venus in houses 1-12
What is Venus in Astrology?
In astrology, Venus is associated with love, beauty, harmony, and balance. It is also associated with the qualities of femininity, such as grace, charm, and sensuality.
When Venus is well-aspected in a person's chart, it indicates that they will be attracted to beauty and harmony in their lives. They will also have a strong sense of personal style, and be able to express their femininity in a gracefully confident way.
However, when Venus is poorly aspected, it can indicate that a person may be overly concerned with their appearance, and may be attracted to people and things that are superficial. They may also have difficulty expressing their true feelings, and may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness.
One of the most important things to remember about Venus is that it is never alone in the sky. It is always either in conjunction (aligned with the Sun), in opposition (opposite the Sun), or in some other aspect to the Sun.
This means that Venus is always affected by the light of the Sun, and its energy is always filtered through the Sun's rays. For this reason, the sign that Venus is in will always tell us something about how a person expresses their love and affection.
Venus in Aries
People with Venus in Aries are passionate and impulsive in their affections. They tend to fall in love quickly and easily, and are often attracted to people who are exciting and challenging.
They enjoy the thrill of the chase, and are often drawn to people who are hard to get. They like to be in control of their relationships, and may have difficulty showing their vulnerability.
Venus in Taurus
People with Venus in Taurus are very sensual and earthy in their affections. They tend to be attracted to people who are stable and reliable, and who can provide them with a sense of security.
They are often very loyal and faithful partners, and are often attracted to people who are good with money and who can provide them with material comforts. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being cold or distant.
Venus in Gemini
People with Venus in Gemini are attracted to people who are intelligent and quick-witted. They enjoy having stimulating conversations and being around people who can keep them entertained. They may have trouble committing to one person, and may be attracted to people who are also flirtatious and changeable.
Venus in Cancer
People with Venus in Cancer are attracted to people who are caring and nurturing. They often need a lot of emotional support, and may be attracted to people who are also very sensitive and compassionate. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being clingy or needy.
Venus in Leo
People with Venus in Leo are attracted to people who are confident and self-assured. They enjoy being around people who make them feel special and important. They may have difficulty being emotionally open, and may come across as being arrogant or vain.
Venus in Virgo
People with Venus in Virgo are attracted to people who are down-to-earth and practical. They often need a lot of security and stability, and may be attracted to people who are also very reliable and hardworking. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being shy or reserved.
Venus in Libra
People with Venus in Libra are attracted to people who are diplomatic and fair-minded. They enjoy being around people who are harmonious and who can provide them with a sense of balance. They may have difficulty making decisions, and may come across as being indecisive or wishy-washy.
Venus in Scorpio
People with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to people who are intense and passionate. They often need a lot of excitement and adventure, and may be attracted to people who are also very mysterious and enigmatic. They may have difficulty trusting people, and may come across as being jealous or possessive.
Venus in Sagittarius
People with Venus in Sagittarius are attracted to people who are fun-loving and adventurous. They often need a lot of freedom and space, and may be attracted to people who are also very independent and free-spirited. They may have difficulty committing to one person, and may come across as being fickle or changeable.
Venus in Aquarius
People with Venus in Aquarius are attracted to people who are unconventional and original. They may be attracted to people who are also very independent, and who have a strong sense of individuality. They may have difficulty committing to one person, and may come across as being aloof or detached.
Venus in Capricorn
People with Venus in Capricorn are attracted to people who are ambitious and hard-working. They may also be attracted to people who are traditional and who have a strong sense of responsibility. They may come across as being serious or reserved.
Venus in Pisces
People with Venus in Pisces are attracted to people who are compassionate and romantic. They may also be attracted to people who are creative and who have a strong imagination. They may come across as being dreamy or unrealistic.
1.) Venus in the first house
When it comes to astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money. So, it's no surprise that having Venus in your first house would be a pretty great thing. The first house is all about new beginnings, so this placement of Venus indicates that you're likely to start off your life in a pretty good place. You're likely to be a natural beauty, and you're likely to have a lot of luck when it comes to money and love.
Of course, every placement of Venus has its own unique meaning, so you'll need to consult an astrologer to get a more detailed reading of your specific situation. But in general, having Venus in your first house is a very positive thing. If you're looking for love, you're likely to find it easily. If you're looking for financial success, you're likely to find that as well. And if you're just looking for a general sense of happiness and well-being, you're likely to find that, too.
2.) Venus in the second house
When it comes to astrology, there are a lot of different things that can affect a person’s life. One of the things that can have an impact is the placement of Venus in a person’s birth chart. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money, so it’s no surprise that its placement can have a big impact on a person’s life.
If Venus is in the second house of a person’s birth chart, it can indicate that they are someone who is very materialistic. They may place a lot of importance on money and possessions, and they may have a strong desire for luxury items. Venus in the second house can also indicate that a person is very generous, and they may enjoy giving gifts to others.
While Venus in the second house can have some positive aspects, it can also have some negative ones. A person with Venus in the second house may be someone who is very greedy and selfish. They may only care about themselves and their own needs, and they may not be very generous towards others.
If you have Venus in the second house of your birth chart, it’s important to try to balance your materialistic desires with your need to be generous and giving. Try to find a middle ground where you can still enjoy the finer things in life, but also be generous towards others.
3.) Venus in the third house
When it comes to love and relationships, Venus in the third house is all about communication and connection. This placement is all about finding ways to connect with others and to express yourself in a way that is both loving and authentic. Whether it is through writing, speaking, or just being in each other's company, Venus in the third house knows that communication is key to any lasting relationship.
This placement also speaks to your ability to be a good friend. If you have Venus in the third house, you are the type of friend who is always there for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. You are supportive and loyal, and you always make sure to keep in touch. You may even find that you have a talent for writing or speaking, and that you use these skills to help others in your life.
No matter what your Venus in the third house placement is, you always know the importance of communication in any relationship. Whether it is with a romantic partner, a family member, or a friend, you know that connection is key.
4.) Venus in the fourth house
When it comes to our personal lives, Venus plays a big role in determining how we experience love, pleasure, and beauty. But Venus also has a hand in our domestic lives, as well as our relationship with our mothers. That's because Venus rules the fourth house of the zodiac, which is associated with these things.
If you have Venus in the fourth house, you're likely to have a beautiful and comfortable home life. You may also have a strong bond with your mother, and you may find that your love life is closely intertwined with your family life.
Venus in the fourth house can also indicate a need for security and stability in your relationships. You may find yourself attracted to people who can provide you with a sense of safety and security. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's important to be aware of your need for security so that you don't become too dependent on your partner.
If you have Venus in the fourth house, you're likely to have a strong appreciation for the beauty of your home and family life. You may find yourself spending a lot of time and energy making your home a beautiful and inviting place. You may also enjoy decorating and entertaining guests in your home.
Fourth house Venus also indicates a need for emotional security and stability. You may find yourself attracted to partners who are reliable and supportive. You may also find yourself drawn to family-oriented activities and situations.
5.) Venus in the fifth house
When it comes to love, Venus in the fifth house knows what they want and they go after it with confidence. This placement lends an air of drama to relationships and those with this placement are often attracted to creative or unconventional partners. They enjoy the courting process and are often drawn to partners who can keep them guessing.
While Venus in the fifth house can be a bit self-centered, they are also generous lovers who enjoy giving and receiving affection. They take pride in their appearance and often use their looks to attract the object of their affection. They are also passionate lovers who are not afraid to experiment.
In general, Venus in the fifth house is a fun-loving placement that enjoys the finer things in life. They are attracted to beautiful things and often have a taste for the luxurious. They enjoy the company of others and are often the life of the party.
6.) Venus in the sixth house
In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and money. It is also associated with art, music, and relationships. When Venus is in the sixth house, it is said to be in its "domicile." This is a favorable position for Venus, as it is in a house that it naturally rules. The sixth house is associated with work and service, so Venus in this house is said to bring good fortune in these areas.
Those with Venus in the sixth house are said to be hard workers who are also very attractive. They are often gifted with artistic talents and are said to be very romantic. They are also said to be fair and just, always striving for balance in their lives.
7.) Venus in the seventh house
When Venus is in the seventh house, we are attracted to others who are balanced and harmonious. We want a partner who we can share our lives with, and who will be a good friend as well as a lover. We are attracted to those who are loyal and trustworthy, and who have a similar outlook on life to our own.
We are also attracted to those who are physically attractive, and who exude an air of confidence and self-assurance. We want a partner who we can be proud of, and who will make us feel good about ourselves.
We are attracted to those who are successful and who have a lot to offer us. We want a partner who can provide us with security and who can help us to achieve our own goals.
However, we also need to be careful that we don't become too dependent on our partner. We need to make sure that we have our own lives and our own goals, and that we are not living solely for our relationship.
Venus in the seventh house is a strong indication of a committed and lasting relationship. If you are single, then you are likely to meet someone special who you will want to settle down with. If you are in a relationship, then you can expect it to be a stable and long-term one.
8.) Venus in the eighth house
When it comes to love and relationships, Venus in the 8th house is all about intensity, passion and intimacy. This is a placement that is attracted to the dark side of love, and is often involved in relationships that are intense, passionate and even a little bit dangerous.
For Venus in the 8th house, love is about power, control and manipulation. These individuals are often attracted to partners who are mysterious, dark and even a little bit dangerous. They are attracted to what they cannot have, and often push the boundaries in their relationships.
While this placement can lead to some unhealthy relationships, it can also lead to some of the most passionate and intense relationships. If you have Venus in the 8th house, you know that love is not always easy, but it is always worth it.
9.) Venus in the ninth house
In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. When Venus is in the ninth house, it brings these energies to the areas of higher learning, philosophy, and travel. This is a time when you may be attracted to new ideas and ways of thinking. You may also find yourself drawn to far-off places.
This is a good time to explore your options and to expand your horizons. You may be more open-minded than usual, and you may be eager to learn new things. This is also a good time for travel and for higher education. If you have been thinking about going back to school, this would be a good time to do it.
This is a good time to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. You may find yourself attracted to people who are different from you. This is a time of growth and learning, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
Venus in the ninth house brings a desire for knowledge and understanding. This is a good time to read books on topics that interest you. You may also be drawn to subjects like philosophy and religion. This is a time of expansion, so don't be afraid to explore new ideas.
This is also a good time for travel. If you have the opportunity to travel, you should take it. This is a time when you will learn a lot from new experiences.
Venus in the ninth house brings a sense of adventure. You may find yourself drawn to activities that are outside your usual routine. This is a good time to try new things and to expand your horizons.
This is a good time for travel and for higher education. If you have been thinking about going back to school, this would be a good time to do it.
You may also find yourself attracted to people who are different from you. This is a time of growth and learning, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
10.) Venus in the tenth house
When Venus is in the tenth house, it's all about career and public image. This is the time to put your best foot forward and show the world what you're made of. You'll be determined to make a good impression and be seen in a positive light.
This is an excellent time to advance your career or start a new business venture. You'll be confident and eager to take on new challenges. You'll be determined to succeed and will put in the hard work to make it happen.
Your public image will be important to you at this time. You'll want to be seen as successful and competent. You may dress more professionally or take on a more serious demeanor. You'll be eager to make a good impression on those in positions of authority.
This is a good time to network and build relationships with influential people. These connections can help you further your career goals. You may also receive help from others in achieving your goals.
Venus in the tenth house is a time of ambition and achievement. You'll be determined to reach the top and will put in the hard work to make it happen.
11.) Venus in the eleventh house
When Venus is in the eleventh house, she brings her charms and her love of beauty to the social sphere. This is a great placement for Venus, as the eleventh house is all about friendship, community, and networking. Venus here is outgoing and loves to be around people. She is attracted to those who are different from her, and she enjoys exploring new ideas and cultures. Venus in the eleventh house is generous and giving, always looking for ways to help out her friends and make them happy. She is a loyal friend, and her friends are important to her. Venus here is also very idealistic, and she believes in the power of love and friendship to change the world.
12.) Venus in the twelfth house
When it comes to the twelfth house, Venus encourages us to let go of what we no longer need in our lives. This may manifest as releasing old emotional baggage, forgiving someone from our past, or simply getting rid of material possessions that we no longer use or need. On a more spiritual level, Venus in the twelfth house can also help us to connect with our higher selves, and to access our intuition and psychic abilities.
In general, the twelfth house is associated with hidden things, and with the unconscious mind. Therefore, Venus in this house can also symbolize hidden talents or abilities that we have yet to discover. We may need to do some soul-searching in order to uncover these hidden gifts, but the effort will be worth it in the end.
No matter how Venus manifests in our lives, she always encourages us to express our love and affection. In the twelfth house, this may manifest as compassion for those who are suffering, or as a desire to help others in any way we can. We may also find ourselves drawn to solitary activities such as meditation or prayer, as these can help us to connect with our higher selves.
Venus in the twelfth house is a reminder that love is always present, even in the darkest of times. By opening our hearts and minds to love, we can heal our own wounds, and help others to do the same.
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Lilith in houses
Tumblr media
Lilith in houses
Lilith changes a lot when traveling through all the astrological houses. Studying the house placement first is even more helpful, but over-all combining your sign and house can lead to the utmost understanding of this part of your natal chart.
Lilith in 1st house
Hiding your deepest desires and wishes is really hard with Lilith in 1st, even if the individual is a bit ashamed and tries to hide it, it just comes out pouring in almost every case. It is very visible and readable. These individuals might also feel a sort of dissatisfaction (the sign placement would help here, depending on the sign Lilith is in, the individual might incline towards those areas the sign represents, so you can discover or learn more about what the dissatisfaction might be about, for example a Taurus Lilith with a 1st house would indicate dissatisfaction of their possessions, wealth, security, image etc.). Some individuals with Lilith in 1st can feel like they are constantly not able to identify with themselves fully and struggling with it. For some, Lilith in 1st can cause body image issues, feeling ashamed of themselves, of their personality, of their looks.
Lilith in 1st can also be described as someone who reacts and subconscious so it can be hard to work with these people. The thing with Lilith is to always transmute it to the highest potential and form which is achievable instead of falling to the lowest instincts (undeveloped) which can cause pain. With Lilith in 1st, these individuals, should always examine their steps and the action they prepare to take. Also they should dig deeper and investigate just what it is that motivates them rather than trying to push themselves into something so they can get rid of the feelings of shame or to get a “hit”.
Lilith in 2nd house
The darker impulses of the 2nd house are all about money, possessions, survival and/or image. Lilith in 2nd individuals might be obsessed with all or either of these things. This obsession comes from fear. Avoiding to deal with this fear, with the obsession, they try even harder to achieve those things.
They might have experienced rejection which deeply hurt them, and the way their mind works is that in order to get over it, or beat it is to achieve everything materially and just show those people how wrong they were about them. This rejection has been carried out with them whether it comes from a past life in order to deal with it through a journey, or it directly happened to them it is very present and felt. These individuals also fear failure, losing everything and being left with nothing, having nothing, having no name, no legacy, no stable foundation, but that fear lives within them. If they truly accept themselves, they wouldn’t let themselves be operated and lead by fear. Their path to healing is through self-acceptance, self-love and inner child work.
Desiring material stability, beautiful things is nothing to be ashamed of, but it shouldn’t be a leading force leading to obsession which can lead to worse things. Keeping themselves in check and not feeding that obsessive streak is by celebrating achieving authentic success and it feels just about right.
Lilith in 3rd house
Before these individuals had walls up which guard them, they were probably so open to the world and got wounded and hurt. The wound is probably connected to communication/the truth. Maybe it has to do with writing, anxiety, over thinking, expressing oneself, social anxiety, public speaking, maybe even learning disabilities or just a different way of learning that others in their surrounding, a disagreement of what’s true and fake and false. All these experiences might have made these individuals super guarded and cautious in communication.
They either stay silent during communication or maybe they create a persona based on what others like to see and hear and want. In some form or shape their communication is sort of inauthentic, they also censor themselves because they carry the fear of being judged and misunderstood and they are afraid they might get punished for it. Lilith in 3rd can heal through a start of communication with their environment in a natural, authentic way, drop the persona, reveal yourself and don’t be afraid, don’t give a flying crap about those people. Through their healing they might learn that truths can be different and real, each of us experience things differently it is important to pay attention to all of the sides but that does not invalidate your feelings and your thoughts on the matter. It is valid and important to paint the whole picture. Interaction with nature and energy is also very healing, it can get the flow going. Don’t be afraid to use your words as they come naturally.
Lilith in 4th house
Lilith in the 4th can be found in early childhood, family, home, memories, relationship with parents here. The side of Lilith carried within the 4th house might’ve been hard to handle by the parents or the parents did not know how to handle those deepest desires and urges that Lilith causes within us in these individuals. Because of that they either suppressed Lilith because they thought it wrong to express it (accompanied by guilt and shame) or they were rejected in some way. A lot of the time Lilith deals with shame within us created by all these urges and desires, with the 4th house here it can be shame caused and felt by themselves, feeling self-disgust even as children. Even as they get older it doesn’t feel any less shameful, they need to heal their inner child.
The shame experienced can be connected with the sign Lilith is in. Inner child work is necessary to heal, as it is forgiving themselves and finding self-love. Lilith in 4th might be one of the slowest ones to go through the path of healing and patching up those wounds.
Lilith in 5th house
Lilith in 5th individuals were probably shamed about something that happened in their childhood by childhood peers/friends. They might’ve played with themes surrounding Lilith which were probably prohibited and/or taboo by society, especially the other children and their parents. They might’ve been deemed inappropriate.
Lilith in 5th individuals are probably really cool, expressive and futuristic but they are more often ahead of their time and are judged because of it and rejected by society. This rejection causes the wounds inflicted and shame that could play out in two different ways: they could either lean more on the obsessive side and display Lilith even more to others, the rejection make you want to express it even more, flaunt it even more, but you don’t accept them within yourself. All the attention is on Lilith here but it doesn’t help with healing. The other way would be suppressing everything and pretending to be “normal”. Which can mean living a double life or pretending these qualities and sides do not even exist. But as time passes, the pressure can become too much and everything can come pouring down as a tsunami.
Issues with children might be present as well, as we mentioned maybe their personal problems expressed since childhood, or causing them to not want to have children.
The healing path isn’t repressing or flaunting. Instead it is to go inward and leave all of these motherfuckers on the outside, outside. Work on yourselves, go inward, start hanging out with yourself, loving yourself which can only bring you closer to your authentic self and it can make you feel good about yourself. In some cases healing can start when these individuals leave their community/town and just find themselves in another place/city/state. But the way isn’t to show or prove anyone anything. It is about shifting the focus in another direction - themselves, self expression through authenticity.
Lilith in 6th
With the 6th house, here we are dealing with mentors as in teachers, parents, bosses or any other authority figures which are in positions of mentorship. With Lilith in the 6th the way these individuals accomplish their goals and their tasks might not line up with the ways of their mentors/authority figures (society) who consider what’s “right” or “wrong”.
These individuals have different ways about going on things and are/were probably scolded because of it. This can be expressed anywhere in their lives, during school, professional life, participating hobbies etc. The lesson with this Lilith placement is to follow their individual way of doing things, even if others do not appreciate it. But, this might develop differently for different Lilith in 6th individuals, some might turn to a way of slavery/servitude in order to survive (in childhood or a past life). They get troubled with what it is they “should” do and the real trouble is them finding their own voice when it comes to mundane life things. They definitely struggle with what others think and what they want them to do instead of following the beat of their drum.
The healing path here is to embrace Lilith and focus on the feelings inside, on the right that you think/feel/have a way to do. Lilith is an outcast for whatever reason anyway, especially for following her heart, which is something that you need to do. The Universe will definitely send them small struggles which turn into lessons each day to help them build up in order to follow up with their further work with following their heart and their gut instinct rather than the voice of society/authorities.
Lilith in 7th
These individuals more than any other Lilith placement might have trouble seeing Lilith within them. They might be the ones to look a partner that has Lilith qualities because they have trouble recognizing and acknowledging Lilith in 7th within themselves. They might sense these qualities but most are suppressed. There is a part of them that they do not embrace and own up which causes them to not use that part to its fullest potential.
They are inclined to end up with a partner which has qualities of their Lilith sign. The relationship itself might be forbidden in a way, taboo, on and off, obsessive. But it is important not to avoid these type of relationships, owning up their Lilith qualities can really be helped through these types of relationships, they awaken these deepest parts of them that they so masterfully suppressed. They attract these partners because they are the ones that can teach them how to express it; they just need practice to do so. It will be difficult at times and painful but it will be worth it.
Lilith in 8th
These individuals have probably experienced pain or trauma early on in life or maybe a past life. A very intense placement. The trauma/pain caused early on or in a past life creates fear. They might feel like they are always running from fear. The fear can create this, sort of, control issues, them wanting to control others, their surroundings or just, themselves.
They might push themselves to believe that this control will stop their fear somehow, or banish it from existence, but they are wrong. Dealing and healing will only help.
As we know, the 8th house is all about going through hell and then rising from the ashes stronger than ever, Lilith in 8th has than transformative power, so the changes are big that these individuals will transform, self-destruct then rise again. Trusting again in the Universe, in themselves is something they will need to re-gain, re-program themselves and such. They should figure out what that pain/trauma caused them, what they felt, sit it out, feel it again, learn from it. See the timeline, how the Universe helped and what did they learn from it.
The intensity of the 8th house here can be channeled into power and passion (especially in relationships) if they heal.
Lilith in 9th
With Lilith in the 9th, the individual’s thought process is different, the way their thinking is wired is different (topics like religion, philosophy, cultures, languages, education, sexuality, etc), but they lack good expression and therefore it can result in them being misfits in society. Lilith in 9th makes them feel different  because it does not agree with society about some or many things (also take into consideration the sign which Lilith is in). Because of the suffering and hardships they may endure they will even try to fit in and conform despite Lilith’s position and they will try to hide and/or suppress their opinions and thoughts or the other case-scenario would be that they would flaunt their opinions even more but at their core they would still be insecure and will not accept themselves fully despite the flaunting.
Healing this should start by them figuring out why they think the way they do and how is that different from most, generalized society opinions, accept themselves and the way they think and also trust that there is a good reason (cause, purpose, mission perhaps (?)) that has lead them to think uniquely and differently.
Lilith in 10th
The 10th house covers public image (among other things). Their public persona carries the effect of Lilith and it is something they might feel they need to hide and/or control better. They probably want to be accepted and welcomed by the public and that would be suppressing Lilith’s influence (to some). The sign Lilith is in (accompanied by the influence of the house) will probably make others uncomfortable which would probably not feel good for the image at that very moment, but that is just the eccentric and magnetic influence of Lilith. For some individuals, this placement can make it a bit harder to settle on a career path that will be satisfying, the other case-scenario would be that other would stay at a job for such a long time even though it does not make them happy at all and they will suppress Lilith, while others might hop from job to job, searching for something that feels right.
When these individuals release the suppression of Lilith that’s when they will find peace, career-wise and with the struggles of their public image. They should honor themselves and their path instead of longing for some kind of popularity, instead of playing by some societal rules that only make you that more miserable and unhappy. To heal and start somewhere is to recognize the reactions of others are based on them and their experiences, not on you, your flaws, purpose or your way of being, you are perfectly fine, we often-times project and channel our inner rage/confusion/loathing onto others who are different and unique and do things differently from us, who are different from us while we are stuck in this system accordingly.
To heal is to commit to yourself just the way you are, your authentic self. Get to know yourself, learn about yourself and your depth and work on how to improve, heal, better yourself and fuck that public image it will never be perfect.
Lilith in 11th
With Lilith in 11th there may be a rejection felt from groups, especially early on in age. These individuals constantly have that feeling that just tells them that they do not belong and fit in anywhere (whether that’s in society as a whole or a small friend group). They just have a deep need for acceptance and might feel shame and guilt for not being able to get it and fit it.
They might differ from desperately wanting to, trying to fit in, or just totally giving up and starting a path of aloneness. A thing to work on is acceptance, but acceptance from yourself, realizing that you have been gifted such unique traits and a special personality that makes you stand out. Figuring yourself out and your differences, acceptance and then, naturally, you would be inclined to offer your gifts to the world willingly.
In the beginning these individuals are naturally drawn to groups who will not accept them, but working and healing on themselves will also naturally draw them to groups of people who will be accepting and perhaps even like-minded as them.
Lilith in 12th
12th house is all about hidden-everything, which means hidden Lilith or to be more exact, the effect is hidden, shadowed which makes the individual subconscious to it or totally oblivious. The other way would be that those around them won’t notice their Lilith influences at all. As I’ve mentioned above in other house placements, the sign has a major influence too, for example Lilith in x (a sign) that draws attention somehow but it is in the 12th house will result in feeling all of that but not wanting or just not acting on it. It’s hidden from themselves and the people around them.
There could also be some types of blockages that restrict tapping into the Lilith power for these individuals. A lack of knowledge, a lack of drive, motive etc. Sex could also be a big subject here, the individual is so subconsciously trapped within self that they cannot understand sexual activity let alone enjoy it, after one has healed Lilith and accepted it can enjoy and delve into sex. Lilith in 12th can be very wild and reckless because she is most suppressed here and also hidden. Some of these individuals might have been bullied a lot also. Lilith in 12th healing can go as far as past lives instead of just childhood trauma/wounds/toxicity, the karma and healing can spread as far as a past life it can make the healing process even harder for this placement. Escapism is also likely with the 12th house, so indulging in activities/substances/behaviors/patterns which are of that nature can also mean the person is running from their deepest instincts, self, but others may decide to start healing right away.
Connecting the physical body and mind is one key to healing. Our bodies are vessels and they are our messenger, they can let us know when something is wrong (chills, a bad feeling in your stomach, every inch of your body saying ‘no’, sleepiness, dizziness etc). Once something is up you can dig deeper, especially if it is anxiety, and discover Lilith, discover what shames you, what guilts you. To realize this connection can also be helped by spending time in nature, grounding can be a wonderful way to start healing.
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vivmaek · 17 hours ago
Hey Viv 👋
May you please interpret Jupiter square asc and neptune.
Thank you 😊
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These natives find inequality to be greatly upsetting. People with this placement cannot stand imbalances and need things to feel “fair.” In relationships and connections, they focus on an equal sense of give and take. These types spend too much time trying to right the wrongs of other people. Those with this aspect need to understand their insecurities, otherwise they will never move forward. A lack of faith in oneself will lead to stunted growth. Living in the moment, and chasing after risks can help these people move out of stagnant energy. Developing a sense of control and avoiding over-indulgence will also help mitigate this aspect. 
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astrologyshitpost · 3 months ago
Months of signs on the alignment chart
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leo-jhon · a month ago
Astro observations #4
❆ 12th house rules over hidden enemies and when someone’s Mars falls into ur 12th house can sometimes be very dangerous cuz these ppl will pretend to have ur back while they’re actually stabbing ur back and they are really good at hiding their ill intentions and most times ppl find out until it’s too late.
❆ moon square saturn natives are more prone to catch colds and get sick .
❆ Ppl really underestimate Libra moons and have no idea how vindictive people with this placement are , think twice before u mistake their kindness as weakness
❆ Ppl with Mercury negatively aspecting Saturn can be very close minded
❆ North node in the 8th house can be an indicator of a very long life
❆ Pluto/Saturn/Chiron in the 4th house , Capricorn/Scorpio moon , moon square Saturn/Pluto these ppl came to this life to break generation curses/trauma. So yes u are the main character
❆ Scorpio/Pluto/Lilith in the 1st house most important lesson to learn is forgiveness ik it may sound impossible to do in some cases cuz these natives go through alot of suffering and betrayals and it’s really hard for them to let go and forget but the more they try the more comfortable you’ll be later on.
❆ If u wanna look of inspirations when it comes to makeup looks and fashion and stuff u should look at celebrities with the same rising sign as yours.
❆ Libra or venus in the 2nd house mostly find self love and gain confidence through other people
Thanks for reading feel free to correct or ask me about something 🔮💙
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💫 ASTRO NOTES (5th notes) 💫
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No plagiarism or re-work are allowed. Do not post in any social media platform without my permission. This post will discuss on tropical chart & aspect & synastry randomly based on my observation and analysis. Any question regarding the placement, please send the ask in ask box for further details.
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💫 Virgo Venus prefer fictional character more than real life person, since they kinda perfectionist or they have high standard towards people. Honourable mention : Libra Venus & Taurus Venus
💫 Lilith in 4th house may have a mother who used them to manipulate other family members.
💫 There are two possibilities if you keep attracting same zodiac signs again and again. First, it could be you lack of that signs in chart or the signs have the lowest degree. Second, your big 3 could be attract their opposite signs. Overall, you need learn their positive trait and adapt it in your life. (Let me know what zodiac sign you that keep attracts to your life)
💫 look into your house and degree stelliums, it can be influenced your personality and life eventhough you might don't have the zodiac that ruled the house or degree in your chart.
💫 Aquarius moon 🤝 Capricorn moon. Like to suppress their own emotions and think it will be worst if they feel the emotions.
💫 Aquarius placements (including 11th house & 11°, 23° degree) especially the stellium might seems as sociable person due to their abilities in making new friends. However, they feel lonely & having hard time finding real friends.
💫 Earth placement including degree & house stellium in Big 3 can be workaholic and can be stingy AF. Those person working hard day and night to gain profit which make them hesitate to spend money on others unless they think you worth for them to spend money on. Honourable mention : Scorpio in Big 3
💫 Air Mercuries 🤝 Fire Mercuries. As fast as they interested in topics that stimulate their minds, they so very quick to lose interest once they already know enough about that topics.
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✨ Sun square Moon 🤝 Sun square Neptune. Having multiple indentity crises.
✨ Sun square Saturn set high standards for themselves and lot of expectations are placed on them.
✨ Mercury square Mars. Not sugarcoating, they straightforward tell the truth even curses a lot.
✨most of Moon conjunct Uranus people that I know, don't even have a proper sleeping schedule. They only sleep in whatever time they want to.
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In next astro notes, maybe I will included synastry & composite chart and more aspect. Of course I will included some vedic/sidereal astrology in my next astro notes.
Should I make 18+ astrology notes too? 👀
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