astrolocherry 2 days ago
~aries girls are cute as hell
~taurus girls grow and glow
~gemini girls are twice as swell
~cancer girls will never tell
~leo girls are the stars of the show
~virgo girls always know
~libra girls possess your heart
~scorpio girls work like a charm
~sagittarius girls make you laugh
~capricorn girls rule the world
~aquarius girls are diamonds in the rough
~pisces girls are secretly the most tough
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cupidastrology 2 days ago
饾惏饾悶饾悶饾悿饾悶饾惂饾悵 饾悺饾惃饾惈饾惃饾惉饾悳饾惃饾惄饾悶饾惉 饾悷饾惃饾惈 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾煆饾煇 饾惉饾悽饾悹饾惂饾惉 馃崁馃摠 associate with rising + moon 馃馃晻 october 1st to 2nd, 2022
please do not copy or repost my work.
aries 鈾堬笌 - you may be leaving the past for good, a time to reflect what has happened so far with progression in your life, you're meant to find new forms of strength and understanding of values, realizations around choice making and planning.
taurus 鈾夛笌 - you may feel wired to try new things but with caution, you're practicing something brand new in regards to wanting to attaining a new skill, starting a journal or subject, meditation and yoga are new hobbies.
gemini 鈾婏笌 - getting involved with going forward on brand new creations, wanting to expand yourself into motherly subjects or expediting baby fever, taking a new change of perceptive in life.
cancer 鈾嬶笌 - you need to slow down, feeling restless, a need to express your feelings through creation and expansion, tired of the same cycle of events happening and your angels are asking you to try something new and risky. getting out of comfort zone.
leo 鈾岋笌 - a time for realizing you're that bad bitch 馃馃巰 a time to infuse brand new experiences and feelings all together to create a look that is sexy and daring, not caring about others' energies and focusing on the new that comes into your life.
virgo 鈾嶏笌 - choosing a brand new route in your life, embracing change, crafting of starting a new project that is long term and beneficial to your own purpose. leading a life that is your own without worry, being reassured and embraced.
libra 鈾庯笌 - what has started for you may be a bit draining so a break is needed, thinking or investing into forms of self care that is extremely loving and romantic, being daring and having fun out of comfort of the home.
scorpio 鈾忥笌 - a connection that you thought was hopeful dies and is let go for the betterment of your health, a need to be alone or isolate, self care is going to be needed at this time in life, getting away from bad habits that hurt you.
sagittarius 鈾愶笌 - the shedding old habits and behaviors that have hurt tremendously, choosing to stay away from drama that has taken away your self stability, finding the beauty in the pain you've gone through.
capricorn 鈾戯笌 - a moment of clarity, realizing that you're meant to move forward and continuously no matter the case, being given a new offer, becoming more expansive with the world.
aquarius 鈾掞笌 - what you've been trying to hold up is crumbling, plans not going through, pauses on drama will help you big time, a big moment of realizing that rest of the mind is needed.
pisces 鈾擄笌 - staying away from what you thought was best to start, ending plans of events early, choosing to start your own path that is created from personal and deep desire, finding out that you are your own.
you may see this thread on my twitter.
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lunadileo 2 days ago
Hi! What are placements that indicate getting money from your beauty?? Thank youu
Hey, to my mind it may be:
鈥 Taurus, Libra, Leo (possibly Pisces, Aries or Sagittarius) in 10H/MC
鈥 Leo, Libra in 2H
鈥 Mars in 10H, 2H, 1H
鈥 Venus in 1H, 5H, 2H, 10H
鈥 Moon in 10H, 5H, 1H
鈥 Venus in Leo, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces
鈥 Sun in Leo, Taurus, Pisces, Libra, Scorpio
鈥 Sun/Venus/Mars in Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini
鈥 Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius ASC
鈥 Mars Sextile ASC
鈥 Venus Sextile/Trine/Conjunct Jupiter, Sun, Moon, ASC, Mars
鈥 ASC Sextile/Trine MC
鈥 Mars Trine NN, Jupiter
鈥 Sun Trine ASC, MC
鈥 Trines & Sextiles to the MC
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starseed-twenty 2 days ago
(a lil something i did cause i was bored lmao) [applies to ascendant, descendant & moon]
SCORPIO - *enters and whispers to themselves * I'm not too sure why I'm actually here. But okay. VIRGO - *whispering to their friend* Why the hell would that guy wear those jeans here? lmao GEMINI - *sticking with their friends, but hoping to make more as they meet more people* Hi, I'm Lisa. CANCER - *trying their best to have fun but also trying their best to make sure their friends are fine* Lisa, where are you? SAGITTARIUS - *vibing to every song playing* Ah man, my cup is empty. Yo where's the Skyy? ARIES - *ready to fight if anyone touches them* Hey, watch it! The hell is your problem? PISCES - *in the room with drug dealers and stoners* I need my problems to go away for the night. LIBRA - *flirts shamelessly* Hii. *ends up making out with at least two people* TAURUS - *munching on everything available* Man, it's been a minute since I've gone out. This is so fun. LEO - *dancing and shouting with their friends* We Are The Champions My Friend! CAPRICORN - *probably the most confident yet most awkward person in the room* And We'll Keep On Fighting Til The End! AQUARIUS - *looks at the loneliest person in the room* Hey, you good?
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seafoamreadings a day ago
mercury direct
welcome, long-awaited end to mercury retrograde. there is, of course, still the so-called shadow period, as mercury returns to the point at which it originally went into its retrograde. but from now, things start to seem a little more "normal" again.
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piperedtdisarming 2 days ago
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starsandsuch 19 hours ago
Careers Based On Your 10th House 馃懛馃暤锔忦煈┾嶐煉火煈┾嶐煄煈┾嶐煄ゐ煈┾嶐煃
Heyy guys, thought I鈥檇 make聽a brief list on the careers you may feel called to聽pursue based on your 10th house sign聽馃枻馃搱馃捈
Aries 10H: Athlete, sports coach, life coach, dancer, surgeon, doctor, law enforcement, chef, industry relating to weapons, engineer, s3x work, entrepreneur, influencer, Astrologer聽
Taurus 10H: Film industry, actor, singer, jeweler, cosmetics, fashion, buying or selling luxury goods, entertainment, music, banking/finance, property, fashion influencer
Gemini 10H:聽Writing, language, driving, TV presenter, media industry, author, accountant, journalism, publishing, podcast, social media, TikToker, YouTuber, influencer, comedian聽
Cancer 10H:聽Nursing, hospitality based industries, musician, interior design, real estate, working with women or children, interior decorating, counseling, party planning, midwife, birth specialist
Leo 10H: Entertainment industry, turning a hobby into a job, having your own business, a聽profession based on creative pursuits, influencer, being a famous person/socialite, working with children, teacher, working in government, party planning
Virgo 10H: Medical industry, healer, working with medicines like herbs, writer, service industry, assistant, veterinarian, data analysis, becoming a specialist or expert in a certain topic, social work
Libra 10H: Diplomacy, consulting, fashion, law, beauty, cosmetics, public relations, advisor, advertisement, acting, interviewing other people
Scorpio 10H: Insurance industries, occult related industries, astrologer, healer, doctor, asset management, handling other people money, death industry, mortician, funeral homes, security industry, surveillance
Sagittarius 10H: Travel industry, flight attendant, teacher, guide, counselor, spiritual guru, advisor, advisor, working in charity, education field, foreign relations, language teacher, author, writer publishing industry
Capricorn 10H: Service industries, working with building structures, urban planning, working in government, civil servant, working for acorporation, being an authority in something, being a CEO, business manager
Aquarius 10H: Business manager, business owner, inventor, scientist, astrologer, advisor, flight attendant, working in aviation industry, working in social media, tech industry, engineer, author, musician, humanitarian
Pisces 10H: Artist, musician, working in spiritual industry, astrologer, advisor, counsellor, psychic medium, tarot card reader, working in charity, doctor, specialist, working in non-profit, social worker聽
Careers Based On Planets In The Houses:
Sun in 10H: Leadership positions, authority, government, politician, fame, boss, CEO
Moon in 10H: Working in female dominant industries, hospitality, nursing, working with children, working in restaurant industry, commerce, mass media, public relations
Mercury in 10H: Media, writer, communications, teacher, editor, author, transportation, craftsmanship, marketing, social media
Venus in 10H: Art, music, beauty, luxury, jeweler, entertainment
Mars in 10H: Fitness, sports, entrepreneur, law enforcement, surgeon, doctor, engineer
Jupiter in 10H: Law, legal field, teaching, travel industry, party planning, advertising, education, charity, advisor, counselor, astrology
Saturn in 10H: Organizations, metals, agriculture, service, labor, authority positions
North Node (Rahu) in 10H: Internet, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, research, engineer, innovation, electricity, sales
South Node (Ketu) in 10H: Religion, spirituality, metaphysics, renunciation, research, charity, astrology, divination, petrol, liquids industry
Uranus in 10H: Science, electronics, internet, astrology, innovation, inventions, tech, crypto
Pluto in 10H: Research, insurance, surveillance, risk-management, death, investigator, occult/spiritual industry
Neptune in 10H: Photography, movies, entertainment, drugs, poetry, music, liquids, alcohol
-starsandsuch 鉁岋笍馃挄
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thecosmicangel 2 days ago
October Messages 馃暩馃巸
馃懟For all signs Aries - Pisces馃懟
Sun 馃尀 Moon 馃寵 Rising
Aries 鈾堬笍
For the month of October the theme is hermit. Many of you will be taking a break from the outside world and going within. This will be a time of Illumination of self and discovering your self. This can be a spiritual awakening after a dark moment in your life. An old version of you will be dying you will be transforming into a new version of your self . Change & transformation are also key for this month of October. A new way of thinking, and seeing the world. You will see yourself in a whole new light. Old thinking and restrictions will fade away as you come into a new cycle, beware that your are still new in this new cycle so have patience with yourself and don鈥檛 allow yourself to fall back into old toxic ways. Some a reconciliation is on the horizon but I sense that this is more of a reconciliation with your higher self, connecting with yourself and coming into alignment with your soul. Pay attention to your finances and for some you could have dealings or relationships with older man in the month of October.
Taurus 鈾夛笍
There is a feeling of disappointment or something not coming in for you. You may be disappointed because you are not seeing the results of your work or manifestation coming in causing you to lose faith and interest in something you have been waiting for. It seems like you have been waiting for a while now and are becoming restless. Some of you feel like abandoning the process due to not seeing results. You are becoming impatient and it鈥檚 causing you to have instability. You may have a sudden urge to leave something behind or to make a new decision due to losing patience. You are acting like the fool, jumping into conclusions. Jumping into new ideas or plans just for the sole purpose of seeing abundance come into your life. Some this can be abundance of material gains while others are waiting for abundance of love to come in. For some this disappointment is due to a friend or lover hurting you or betraying you, you are dealing with fears, worries or a tense situation in the month of October. Spirit is saying that honor and respect will come to you along with great happiness just have patience and be careful not to jump into conclusion or plans before reviewing all aspects. The month of August is being shown to me so something could of happen in august or it鈥檚 significant to you. If you keep putting so much attention on what you want it will not make things move any quicker put attention on what you can control.
Cancer 鈾嬶笍
For the month of October the theme is balance. I sense that you are a powerful person with high intelligence. You may be someone with a high sense of spiritual enlightenment and awareness. This month of October you may go through a spiritual development and understanding on a higher level. You are being asked to balance your ideas, thoughts and intellect to be able to have dominion over your thought and ideas to be able to bring them into the material physical world . I keep getting a sense of love and destiny for the month of October but it isn鈥檛 very clear so it鈥檚 making me think that with many planets currently in retrograde your thinking hasn鈥檛 been very clear or your intellect hasn鈥檛 been as strong. ( also while doing your reading I kept forgetting what I wanted to say). So I do think you can be having a bit of romance this month while out celebrating or at a party. For some you could have broken things with someone else but you are entering a new cycle in life full of happiness and love. Hard work is on the table for you but I see that you are well equipped to face any obstacles. You will be receiving an important announcement or news this month. For some I see you will receive some type of criticism but you should accept any valid criticism that will help you grow. if you are someone that when they are provoked or mad your undeveloped or shadow side comes out and you can be very destructive so work on balancing that energy out.
Gemini 鈾婏笍
the month of October the theme is strength .I see that you are recovering from a sickness or from a conflict, battle or argument. This could of all been a misunderstanding whatever it was You are gaining your power back. Spirit is saying 鈥渃hange is stability 鈥 you are being lead to change some aspects of your life or daily routine to gain stability. You hold the power of reflection and reception. You can be someone with a lot of water energy or placements. You could be going through a difficult, emotional, or dark moment in life, you need to find strength to get through this moment. Due to your power of reflection & reception you can be impacted by others at this time so protect your energy to not be drained of your energy. The only way out is going through. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun will rise again. You could be having muddled or unclear thinking so try to meditate or journal at this time to help you get through the dark times. For the month of October I also see someone new entering your life. Whatever it is you are going through, spirit is saying you are going to gain victory in some endeavor and you are being guaranteed success. The month of November can be significant as well. You are someone with high vibrational energy you have lots of inner wisdom and connected with the divine, and your emotions. You may be someone that likes to spend a lot of alone time reflecting and learning.
Leo 鈾岋笍
For the month of October I see that you will be receiving wealth or big amounts of money. Spirit is saying if you want to keep it you need to be devoted to your creativity so some may be gaining your money through creativity; However it is you make your money you need to stay disciplined and devoted to your work. You can lose your money fast if you are not careful with how you make it or spend it. Be careful not to lack on your persistence . Don鈥檛 waste your energy in details that are unimportant which will take your attention away from what鈥檚 really important. There may be unforeseen changes or just plain bad luck so be careful this month, be sure to keep a balance energy in your attention on what鈥檚 truly important and what you could control. change can be good not all loses are bad. With you losing something you can gain something even better. You may have wandering energy or be watchful of people who have wandering energy around you just to see what they can take from you . You could be receiving visitors in the month of October. Your occupation can be something that changes or you don鈥檛 have one stable occupation you have varying occupations. Spirit is saying success is assured with good plans and hard work so be diligent and devoted to your plans/goals/ work. I keep seeing you will be playing different roles this can be due to you having varying occupations. Beware of people or friends as you may need to defend yourself this could be with another man in your life or a masculine energy. A long journey awaits you either physical or mental whichever it will leave you a wiser person at the end. I sense this journey has to do with a change or loss this month. Also the month of February is significant. It may seem like their is an unsuccessful outcome to a problem but spirit is saying the most difficult part of the situation is over.
Virgo 鈾嶏笍
New beginnings for the month of October, a final decision has been made, you are entering a new cycle/ stage in life. This new beginning can be a beginning of love, harmony, ease, pleasure,and satisfaction in your life. You will be gaining happiness and success and a wish fulfillment. This will only be the beginning stages . This can be a fertile month either literal or in a creative way. You are being productive and receiving your rewards this month . This month is filled with happiness, love, beauty and fulfillment. You could have Leo placements as well. Love is a big theme for you Virgos this month. If you need advice seek a friend to give you advice. You could be dealing with or have some sort of relationship with a younger man. Spirit is saying persevere and you will overcome your problems.
Libra 鈾庯笍
For this reading I got a similar energy and reading to the cancer reading so you may have cancer placements if not you should read it to see if anything in that message is for you. For October I see that you are carrying a graceful energy or there is pure , gracious influences entering your space. There may be a change or increase and decrease of energy . You may easily be swept away by enthusiasm unless you are careful to maintain a balance. There is a change in fortune for you this month possibly good destiny happening. There is a fiery/water sign coming in . This person is graceful with strong attraction to you and vice versa . They are very sensitive but with little depth there is little you will know or get from his energy. This person can also be very sensual but be careful that they are being honest with you as you may be swept away by their charm. Also the month of October can bring you a new opportunity in your career. There is a path of money waiting for you to find it, overall for libras there will be an increase in material wealth or spiritual growth this month . Month of may could be significant as well as a younger woman so you can have dealings or a relationship with a younger women in the month of October.
Scorpio 鈾忥笍
This month I see that you could be fighting or arguing with someone or feel in competition with others. I sense desire and lust. Be careful of violence. I sense that you will be giving up in an argument or battle with someone or something due to lack of energy . Be careful of unworthy people . You may be more moody than other times this month. You are ambitious and are being asked to change or change will happen even if you are not willing to change. There is a need for transformation and change as well similar to the Aries reading. You are taking on a journey to the underworld in a mental way. You need to shed off whatever no longer serves you or is in alignment with you. This month could be a tough month for you but again the only way out is through it. Don鈥檛 fight against the change that you need, and transform into a better version of you were you come into alignment with your higher self. See past illusions, you are in the brink of an important change. If you have been moody or being feeling like you are going crazy it鈥檚 a sign that something in you needs to change and this month you should work towards that change. You have to pass through the darkness In order to see the light again. If you are not happy with your life or day to day the only person responsible for you is YOU! You are the only person who can save yourself, don鈥檛 fight the change any longer just go with it and see what potential it brings you. I see that you can have reconciliation with someone or just reconcile with yourself after hard times. Be careful not to take any big risks this month. This month you could also be gaining a financial gain, this is due to something you did in the past. If you persevere you will overcome your problems.
Sagittarius 鈾愶笍
Whatever it is you have been praying, manifesting or asking on is being delayed or will be put to rest this month. You are being asked for patience and perseverance. There is and ending to something that can bring disappointment. This can deal with love, or friendships. There is a sense of loss and sadness and misfortune. Some of you were being treated badly by these people which is the cause of the ending of relationships/ friendship, but there is a sense of regret. Whatever is ending is best due to the other party being mean/ cruel towards you even if you didn鈥檛 see it or knew about it. You may be in a period of grieving this loss but know that you never lose out on anything. God always removes people from your life for a reason. People come and go into your life and are either a blessing or a lesson take it as it is. There is or was strong emotions from your part of the other person either strong passionate hate or love. You could of passionately loved the other person but they had a big passionate feeling of hate towards you. This is going to be a period of frustration for you due to the loss but it is a big lesson learned for you, you can deal with lots of fear and tense situations this month but know that the change is for the better. I do see things getting better for you, you will be receiving a gift and go on a short trip and receive an announcement. I see you will be having a time of great happiness. The month of August is significant for you .
Capricorn 鈾戯笍
This month I hear victory, and triumph after all your hard work and dedication to move on to a better place in life . Your will power and drive is what got you to this place so be proud of yourself. You kept faith and hope all this time be careful to not quit just now as this is just the beginning and you still have a journey ahead of you. Keep your perseverance and patience as some oppositions or delays may show up this month . If you had any questions or struggle I see that it will end this month . Keep your strength and patience as it will be needed as some trouble could come up. You have great power in both good and evil so be careful not to let things take control of you or for situations to bring you down and make you start falling back into negative emotions or patterns. Your sign always brings strong karma so be careful with your actions because you will always get your karma for your actions. If anyone has wronged you don鈥檛 worry about taking matters into your own hands Saturn has your back and they will get their karma for whatever it is they did to you. This month some challenges could come up, or you could be dealing with tense situations that bring you worries and fear. Some situations in the balance require careful handlings. An announcement will be made to you, and you will be receiving or giving a gift this month. I do see that you have good fortune on your side this month. You could possibly be celebrating and or partying and having some romance In your life this month as well. The months April , August, and June may be significant.
Aquarius 鈾掞笍
This month I got the hierophant for you so you can be diving deeper into the occult or gaining more wisdom. You will be gaining divine wisdom, and inspiration this month. You are asked to have strength , endurance, persistence this month. You could be someone who likes teaching or will be receiving help from a teacher or someone that likes to teach and is very wise. I sense that you are needing energy or will gain energy to do or go after something at the very last moment. You may be dealing with struggles this month so that is why you need strength and perseverance to keep going. I do see you having small victories over any obstacles or difficulties that show up. Courage will also be needed to face whatever comes up this month. Some I see that you are arguing or having conflicts with others due to your stubbornness. This month spirit is saying it鈥檚 time to act, you feel that something is lacking in your life; perhaps love, money or goals. Also beware of a problem either now or in the near future. I鈥檓 seeing someone will try to make you do something against your will. Either this person or someone else is undependable and insincere. Beware of greed as you can be seeing an increase of material wealth or spiritual growth. You could be dealing with someone younger than you (woman). I sense good news coming in as well for you, and with your material gain you have a big fortune coming your way as long as you keep up with your plans as they will be successful if you put in the hard work. The month of January could be significant.
Pisces 鈾擄笍
This month I see it being a good month for you, you are going to experience pleasure and happiness. This will be a very productive time for you as you are bringing your ideas, plans to the physically world . You are filled with creativity and passionate energy. You are being bold and filled with courage and fierceness to go after what it is you want. This month will be filled with good luck and gaining material gains . Some could be gaining an Inheritance or just increasing your flow of income . Even though I do sense an increase in wealth be careful and take care becaUse you could have a loss of material wealth if you don鈥檛 take care of finances/ money. Even thought you are filled with ideas and passion to go after your goals be accepting of criticism as it can help you evolve and grow. This month I also sense you will be having a spiritual development and awareness . You will be playing different roles this month due to having so much fire energy and being filled with motivation and creativity you will be interested in trying many different things . You may travel this month or it could all be a mental journey where you developed spiritually and reach a new level of enlightenment. News is on the way for you this month. The month of July can be significant for you.
鈿狅笍 For entertainment purposes only.
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1dzodiac 2 days ago
The signs as Louis Tomlinson and Dermot O鈥橪eary
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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astrologyshitpost 26 days ago
Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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cupidastrology 17 hours ago
饾惏饾悺饾悮饾惌 饾悮饾惈饾悶 饾惒饾惃饾惍 饾悶饾惐饾惄饾悶饾悳饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾惌饾悺饾悽饾惉 饾惏饾悶饾悶饾悿?馃巰 饾煆饾煄/饾煈 饾惌饾惃 饾煆饾煄/饾煑 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煇 馃巸 饾悮饾惉饾惉饾惃饾悳饾悽饾悮饾惌饾悶 饾惏饾悽饾惌饾悺 饾惈饾悽饾惉饾悽饾惂饾悹 + 饾惁饾惃饾惃饾惂 聽
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please do not copy or repost my work.
aries 鈾堬笌 - a time for making serious choices that have to do with your routine in life. a very erratic week, a need to find new ideas and ways to become grounded in your route towards goals, possible money offers or contracts signed around $$ .
taurus 鈾夛笌 - there is a need to get affairs in order around comfort, creation, and reorganization, a time to deal with family affairs, money, and what you're passionate about, getting your finances in order or getting money back quickly.
gemini 鈾婏笌 - following your ideas, inner voice, and thoughts with creating something new, following up on a request you have recently made, getting more out there socially with a new project or growing business, growing a shop or wanting to get involved with a course.
cancer 鈾嬶笌 - establishing new grounding and roots around school or a brand new course for a license, a time to grow a new life that is stable and full of brand new experiences, it's time to understand that your grounding is all fresh and at the root.
leo 鈾岋笌 - work and career may be a tough spot or may require you to work harder, mental blockages will plague your mind so meditation A LOT, a time to focus on what career you're meant to go for aside from receiving or gaining attention, motivating yourself to express.
virgo 鈾嶏笌 - it's easy to manifest money or money offers this week, looking into ways of understanding spellwork or ways of attracting money to yourself, a money offer has a high price so be honest with yourself, be aware of what you agree to or work on.
libra 鈾庯笌 - you may feel drawn to helping another, don't get too involved with this person or their issues, a time to think and reflect on whom you have dealt with relationship wise.
scorpio 鈾忥笌 - you may still be hanging onto a connection that has been long past dead. it's not worth trying to make the connection happen again if they're not willing to receive your offers, a time to reconsider alliances and who is on your side.
sagittarius 鈾愶笌 - a time establish new connections through intuition, be careful of how you see yourself and what you place into yourself, manifestations are high at this time, a big choice is drawn by gut feeling.
capricorn 鈾戯笌 - you will make promises with commitment, routine, and consistency with a job or project that has to do with making lots of money fast, wanting to make layers to your work to build a big kingdom of what you desire, making a moodboard, dream life.
aquarius 鈾掞笌 - you're creating lists, plans, and new routines in your life to find a better way of living and understanding your desires in your own way, a time for comfortable solitude, becoming strong within the mind, detaching from social media, discussions galore.
pisces 鈾擄笌 - what you choose to discover and walk towards will be greatly beneficial to you, choosing self care and self motivation before anything else, finding quick and easy ways to reach small goals, baby steps will help you big time this year.
you may check out this on twitter aswell.
comment below if anything resonates!
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listenmyguy 6 months ago
The signs as lyrics from daft punk鈥檚 1997 hit 鈥渁round the world鈥
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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sherkirti 16 days ago
Leo Moon (5th House)鈥擴nique style, likes to accentuate look by being flashy or different, adorning self with a lot of jewelry, gets weirder and louder over time (the more you get to know them), has a secret talent
Cancer Moon (4th House)鈥擳he sweetest talkers, likes to dress comfortably, emotionally open and vulnerable, wants to discuss personal things, and is comfortable sharing it聽
Gemini Moon (3rd House)鈥攍oooooves to text and talk, could talk to you all day long about every subject, easily loses interest too, and is always seeking new people to have stimulating discussions, likes to invite others into the conversation
Taurus Moon (2nd House)鈥攔outine types, dedicated to their practice and goals, physically active, sensual and sweet
Aries Moon (1st House)鈥攕hort fuse, good at making new connections, can be like a little kid, loves to play
Pisces Moon (12th House)鈥攊nto weird art, poetic, loves being with friends more than being alone, falls deeply in and out of love often
Aquarius Moon (11th House)鈥攁n expert in their field of interest, has a large circle of friends, unique tastes
Capricorn Moon (10th House)鈥攍oves making money more than any other sign, constantly planning their future empire so they can retire at 35聽
Sagittarius Moon (9th House)鈥攁lways researching, and discovering new ideas to share with others and figure out the what, where, how and why of things, difficulty settling down, and is planning for the next trip/move/adventure
Scorpio Moon (8th House)鈥攁lways questioning and observing others, a possessive, or smothering mother (especially when younger), piercing presence, magnetic
Libra Moon (7th House)鈥攍oves to have a good time (maybe a good make out session), attaches deeply to whomever has their current love and attention, experiences heartbreak no matter how short or small the connection
Virgo Moon (6th House)鈥攙ery particular with how things are done, especially in or at work, easily the most critical because they have very high standards, protective of people, especially friends or coworkers.
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thatsexcpisces a month ago
Astrology observations pt.5
Tumblr media
- I鈥檝e noticed that many of the people who have an alcohol addiction or drink A LOT when they go out, are Pisces moons
- people with Saturn in the 2nd house may have felt that they always had the less fortunate family when it came to money and way of living, and admired other richer families for being able to afford things they wanted (may have had trauma regarding poverty)
- Lilith in 3h/9h people may have felt insecure when it comes to an academic setting or situation meaning they probably felt dumber than others or afraid to express their true opinions. They may have had teachers or siblings who tried to make them feel stupid or treated them badly.
- Taurus moons have very complicated relationships with food. Some of my friends have this placement and they can go from having a serious eating disorder and struggling to eat anything to later overeating, always bringing food with them, always making sure they eat well, etc
- i feel like the sign in your 5th house shows your opinion on wanting children or how you would treat your children in the future. Ex: Taurus/cancer in the 5th house people may want to nurture and care for their child and look forward to having one. Sagittarius in the 5h may prefer their freedom and don鈥檛 really plan on having kids that early on.
- Pluto-Venus aspect people really bring out the scorpion energy in relationships imo. They can go to extremes with their possessiveness and jealousy over someone they love and can sometimes even feel that they love so deeply and no one matches their energy or others don鈥檛 care as much as they do.
- On that note, Having 8h synastry with someone is SO FUCKING INTENSE. Especially if one of you has your moon in the other person鈥檚 8h. The moon person feels more imo and they鈥檙e the one that gets easily obsessed over the other person and stalks the hell out of them/watches their every move. I feel like it then takes the house person more time for their obsession to grow and to realize how much they need/love the moon person.
- This is a weird observation but Cancer risings have moments where they just randomly talk in a baby voice for no reason lol (unironically or ironically)
- If you have mars trine/square/sextile Pluto you鈥檙e def the hottest person in the room
- I feel like gemini men are more 鈥減ick-me鈥 and brag more than Leo men. Like they just love talking about themselves lol
- People are so naturally attracted to sun-jupiter aspects and Leo rising people. Like they just draw people in and make friends so easily. They just have some sort of energy to them where they could be sitting in a room and people come up and talk to them automatically.
- Mars in 4h people easily get upset and annoyed by people in their household
- Individuals w Moon in the 8h May inherit mental illness from their mother or their mother could already have some sort of a mental illness that made their life very difficult
- Women with their ascendant in square or opposition to Lilith could likely be hated on by other females or women are naturally jealous and envious of them because they possess such a raw and sexually attractive energy
- Virgo moons 馃 giving people their unsolicited opinion when no one ever asked them for it
- Venus in Capricorns will remember the smallest and I mean the TINIEST details about you If they鈥檝e ever liked you. Even if they got over their crush on you, you 2 could be having a normal conversation and they will mention the most detailed thing about you that you didn鈥檛 even remember about yourself. It鈥檚 scary
- Libra mercuries on the other hand, actually have trouble remembering most details. They might forget things like your birthday here and there but the most ironic thing is Libra placements pick and choose something specific you did to remember and maybe even hold a grudge on, and you鈥檒l never have a clue as of what it is.
- Mars in Gemini are so funny when they鈥檙e upset. They have the best insults and roasts which gives them no shame in absolutely destroying you with words
- A developed Capricorn woman鈥檚 confidence is the equivalent of an Aries man鈥檚 confidence (so they鈥檙e really loud and proud)
- Don鈥檛 ever fuck with someone who has Neptune or Jupiter in their 12th house cause the universe will be BREATHING down your back for anything bad you do to them
- Idk why everyone says all Aquarius are introverted and antisocial when tbh they鈥檙e some of the most confident, laid-back, and extroverted people you鈥檒l ever meet. Many of the Aquarius I鈥檝e met always tell me they鈥檒l never miss an opportunity to go out and are very social
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seafoamreadings a day ago
week of october 2nd, 2022
aries: the sun opposes chiron this week, who is still in your sign, just before the moon enters aries and then pluto over in capricorn turns direct after his long retrograde. so in a sense you are in for some tumult. but you also have all the tools you need to handle it and, hopefully, a relatively stolid demeanor as you do so.
taurus: it is your ninth house which is busiest this week. and for the most part this activity is quite auspicious. so try to shine the laser beam of your focus on academic, philosophical pursuits. or, if you've been cautiously planning a faraway vacation, it is a good time to really pursue that. book some tickets or something.
gemini: your ruling planet mercury sleepily emerges from its recent retrograde, still in the groggy haze of what is called the "shadow" period. which may have you feeling groggy and a bit slow as well. take it easy, you don't need to do everything at once.
cancerians: if your relationships want to be a focus in your life at this time even at the expense of what you view to be more important responsibilities, let them. if you don't let them, they will find a way to force you to do so.
leo: if you have not been taking great care of your physical body you *must* begin doing so this week with all the plutonic capricorn activity. otherwise you may find yourself knocked down and unable to get back up for a while, sort of like those old life alert commercials...
virgo: on the one hand, maybe your romantic/creative life seems to be in shambles. maybe your zest for life seems to have fled. on the other hand, pluto is in your 5th house ready to turn direct and shake things up. it may seem like chaos at first, but it brings back your groove.
libra: for you, creature of equilibrium that you are, the physical home should always be a sanctuary for you. this week that goes double and triple. go to great lengths to have a safe place to rest, and keep your boundaries sturdy but flexible.
scorpio: being a somewhat plutonic week, this period of time suits you well. although there's still a bit of shadowy mercurial chaos, it may be good to write a letter. you don't actually have to send it, if you want to write something inflammatory, or you may wish to write to your past or future self, but even a friendly greeting card is auspicious for you at this time.
sagittarius: the latter part of the week is fiery like you. leading up to then, you may feel like you've been reduced to embers, but something sparks you back up as the week goes on. even if it's a kind of annoying thing, at least you won't be bored - boredom is awful, isn't it?
capricorn: there's a bunch of cardinal activity this week and all of it is itchy. much of it is in your sign involving pluto for that matter. it's good to start something new. it's *really* good to tear down something old to make room for the new first.
aquarius: does it feel like some old part of your soul that has been asleep without your even knowing it existed has finally/spontaneously awoken? it has. don't try to stuff it back down, it won't like that.
pisces: i don't often warn pisceans about their money but this is a week to be financially cautious. this is not to say you should be miserly - stay generous, but also stay realistic about it! don't promise anything you can't actually provide.
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celestialtinkerbell a month ago
.顺鈦衡亷藲Aphrodite (1388)藲鈦庘伜顺 .
When I was on Twitter, I followed this user named @taisoleil and I remember she had this cool concept of combining tarot with astrology to read for people. She called it tarotstrology. I'll be using this to interpret the Aphrodite Asteroid.
My paid services are still open, if you'd like to book, then click here 馃寣
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First House
Natives with this placement have a beauty that's uncommitted to any societal standards. Their charm isn't based off of their physical features like their face or body, it's an energy that's unconditionally magnetizing. They're able to pull off anything in terms of style, charm, desirability, and appeal, even if they substantially have a change in their appearance or aesthetic, both intentional or unintentional, their allure still has a powerful grip on most people if not all. These individuals could be prone to an ambiguous lifestyle which makes sense due to Aphrodite's origin starting with the death of Uranus. They may not have fixated tastes at all and every person that they have met may have uncommon perceptions of them. Very complex personalities that are quite difficult to summarize because they aren't meant to be tied down to just one category. This is going to sound weird, but maybe when people mention those who have these placements in conversations, they won't need to specify any characteristics due to your iconic ambiguity, your identity and presence just holds that much weight.聽
Second House
These individuals are very lucky when it comes to money, they can't stay consistent when it comes to saving it though. However, that's the power in this placement, they naturally have an abundant mindset about not just money but in other facets of their life. Money comes and goes, people come and go, but when it comes to a moment that could be very treasurable for them, they will not just let that go. Charm isn't only just used for attracting people, these Natives have a charm that effortlessly attracts new opportunities. Their mistakes could lowkey not be mistakes at all, but intuitively made decisions that lead them their lavish desires, and it doesn't have to necessarily mean something extravagantly materialistic, luxury is what you make it to be. People with this placement could also have a gift for giving things meaning, but also the curse of making people more than what they are. This placement could also indicate someone that doesn't stick with just one job, they could continuously change their career until they find one that meets their needs while also giving them the recognition that they deserve for their work and talents.
Third House
Natives with this placement are highly intelligent and pragmatic, but most importantly, they are crafty. They're keenly persuasive with others by utilizing what they know, regardless if it's with good or bad intentions. This placement could also indicate someone that doesn't ever plan on losing an argument or a debate. This could be a self sabotaging mechanism because of the obsession with winning, but also the foundation to what makes you guys stand so firmly with having a mind of your own. These individuals are talented at networking and assuming leadership roles when it comes to speech, even if they aren't the designated star of a stage, they stand out with anything that relates to vocal expression, especially activism. I'm getting that you guys could "steal the show" often, if you have siblings, then you could be child that gets the most attention. When it comes to auditioning for roles related to theater or singing, you're more likely to be the main attraction.
Fourth House
Those who have this placement are very opulent, therefore, attract a lot of people that only want them for what they could add to their life. This could be many scenarios, like maybe others could see you as the perfect person to make a home and raise children with or this could also look like people depending on you as their entire support system and expecting you to take care of them and only them. This placement could evoke jealousy in other people for what you have naturally. Aphrodite in the 4H can either make having children a strong want of yours or could make you push the thought of having children, away. However, the way that you nurture people is very healing, moreover, babies and children could be more receptive to your care. Natives with this placement could also be given a purpose to break generational curses by being the first to not partake in traditions that were passed down in their lineage.
Fifth House
I'm hearing "hypervigilance". Maybe people with this placement could not be fond of social gatherings or crowds of people that they don't know because it tends to always result in someone offending them or overstepping their boundaries. Romance and sex could be a muse for what these Natives create. A lot of you could be into writing eroticas or making erotic art that have a high potential for generating a lot of wealth. I'm seeing a push and pull, where if you're not being a heartbreaking Casanova, then it's you being heartbroken by your romantic interest(s). I feel like this placement could indicate being pulled into love triangles or situations where someone feels strongly for you, but you don't feel the same way about them. You could be always searching for a new hobby to take interest in or not tied to the same methods of where to seek fun, which could be reckless at times because I'm seeing that you guys could maybe bargain and take risks a lot to experience something for the thrill. Aphrodite in the 5H, could also increase the probability of having twins for children or raising a large family.
Sixth House
Natives with Aphrodite in the 6th house could want absolute control over their daily endeavors and could be deemed as very picky. I feel like these individuals are the type to prefer their own home cooked meals, from scratch, with careful precision on where they get their ingredients from. They prioritize having a stable and comfortable lifestyle and could attract the best of the best when it comes to finding the right person to service their needs. Luxury is again, subjective, but I feel that these individuals are able to obtain high quality things and refuse to settle for anything less. A dirty bathroom could be one of their top pet peeves. The way that they live and how they carry themselves could provoke a lot of envy in others or the way that Natives with Aphrodite in the 6th house, pride themselves could be offensive to others. It may look like you're being a snob, but you guys are just very comfortable with what you're familiar with and are particular about how you're being catered to. The roles can also sometimes be reversed, you could be offended by people who suggest that you make a certain change in the way that you do stuff.
Seventh House
In your close relationships, you could be showered with love, affection, and attention. Natives with this placement could be viewed as very dreamy and euphoric by their romantic interests, but there's this distance here that makes them feel like you're unobtainable. I think of this placement as the painting that illustrates the birth of Aphrodite, where she's standing on a clam shell in the middle of the ocean with people surrounding her. You're the center of attention in your love interests' lives, it's almost as if you steal them in a way from their own personal endeavors as you powerfully draw them in while they simultaneously could go to extreme lengths trying to intimately reach you. This could look like people maybe resorting to manipulative tactics in order to keep you or trying to match your energy by being the one that stands out the most among your suitors as if it's an actual battle that they seek to win. Jealousy could be prominent in both roles, even if you aren't remotely interested in a person but see them withdrawing their devotion to you to give to someone else.
Eighth House
The eighth house rules over shared resources in marriage, this placement reminds me of the notorious girdle that Hephaesteous crafted for his wife, Aphrodite. The girdle had a variety of magical attributes, from immensely increasing the wearers attraction to making people fall in love with each other and even with couples who fell out of love with each other. Seduction is truly an art form for the Natives with this placement. They have very vixen-like auras, high potential of becoming sex symbols, but also prone to being sexualized unwarranted. Sex for them is not just sex, it's a very mystical exchange. These individuals are treated like deities in sexual encounters. Like offerings, they could gift you something that meets your desires and in return whether it be adoration or literal materialistic things, and in return, you help them heal through sex. There could be a lot of drama surrounding your intimate life and your belongings. Makeup sex could be a high for you and others could feel entitled to who, what, when, where, and how much you have sex.
Ninth House
Aphrodite in the 9th house could indicate successfully charming others to reform their mindset about a philosophy or religion and to let go of traditionalism. These individuals are likely to become major figures that people seek for insight and direction to understanding what their own beliefs are or the epitome of a religion. However, this placement seems exhausting for these Natives because they could be heavily projected on or put on a very high pedestal that they didn't ask for. This could also indicate attracting people with cult-like behavior. They may abhor closed practices, closed minded people, or closed marriages. They could also be prone to polytheism. Natives with this placement could be highly drawn to traveling to places where there's a lot of water. Although they love to help, and聽 being a teacher is a natural gift of theirs, freedom is what they value the most. Could be drawn to pacifism, and obsessed with tropes relating to love overcoming everything.
Tenth House
People with the Aphrodite 10H placement could be involved in a bunch of public scandals, especially with romantic partners, but are loved enough by the majority to maneuver around them. One thing about Aphrodite is that she's like an original because she's one of the oldest of the Olympians. Therefore, individuals with this placement could inherit a lot of star power or easily attain a strong and good reputation. Although you're adored by many, your privacy could be invaded a lot by others and you could find yourself in situations where the people close to you are spreading your secrets and plotting on your downfall. You could even have scenarios with "friends" trying to humiliate you to knock you down a peg, but it doesn't keep you down for long. I honestly see a lot of people seething when it comes to your accolades and the more success that you build for yourself. You could also be admired by your beauty and your social media pages could be very aeshetically pleasing to the eyes.
Eleventh House
Natives with these placements take friendships very seriously and are loyal to a fault. You could be the glue in your friend groups and are able to mediate any conflicts within them to keep the peace. You're so supportive, tender, and you're an excitement to be around, however, I feel like people with this placement could often be third wheels and deal with friends who neglect them so that they can focus on their romantic relationships. You could also be caught in the middle of a lot of disputes, especially regarding politics. I feel like because of how you much you genuinely invest in your connections, you could have a bunch of supporters or a huge following. You guys could be great and blogging or should look into doing podcasts, if you don't already, because people love to hear your point of view and reasoning. You're passionate about what you speak up about but also, there's actions behind your words that really draws in the trust of many people.
Twelfth House
This placement reminds me a lot of the malice Aphrodite had towards Psyche. You could have experienced a lot of heartbreaking betrayal relating to cheating or people trying to cheat you out of what's yours. You could even deal with a bunch of one-sided competition. This, to me, is similar to Aphrodite in the 1st house, there's a divine beauty that these Natives carry that's not seen with the naked eye, but is quietly yet heavily admired unlike the 1H placement. These individuals flourish in their own solitude and benefit more when they worship themselves instead of worshipping others but they could often restrain from this by choosing stay humble. Despite their humility, they could have a significant amount of secret admirers that create artistic tributes for them. People could also be prone to fantasizing about you a lot.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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astroscientia 27 days ago
Astrology Observations: Career Edition
Aquarius risings might thrive working as data analysts or researchers because they have Scorpio in their 10th house and Virgo in their 8th house. This might also apply to Capricorn risings with a Scorpio 10th house.
Saturn in Aries natives struggle with boundaries in the workplace.
Interestingly, Moon-Mercury placements or having the Moon in Mercury-ruled signs (Gemini or Virgo) make a person more likely to be a writer. The Moon is more implicated in whether a person becomes a writer or not.
Aquarius moons or Moon-Uranus natives might work in humanitarian organizations. This is also a good placement for writers.
Dancers usually have prominent Mercury placements and aspects in their charts.
Mercury placements might also really like tinkering and working with their hands.
Having a Taurus moon makes you thrive in real estate, interior design, working with jewelry or expensive materials/objects, construction, civil engineering, and agriculture.
Virgo risings are usually very good social media managers, content creators, and bloggers, and work well in digital marketing because it combines their linguistic prowess with their analytical mind.
Jupiter in the 2nd house and having a 4th house Taurus makes you likely to make money through your voice. Combine that with Gemini placements or 3rd house planets and it makes for voice actors, singers, or narrators.
Libra risings do very well in sales because having Cancer in their 10th house gives them insight into people's subconscious drives and allows them to connect with people on a collective level to determine the trends and strategies that would best influence the masses. It makes for powerful politicians as well.
Lots of politicians have a lot of 12th house placements such as French President Emanuel Macron.
Having Gemini in the 6th house means that you could make money through ghostwriting.
Generally, if you need guidance on what you should do for your career, look at your earth houses: 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses, as well as your Saturn and Mercury placements.
Venus in Capricorn thrives when they run their own business.
Venus or Mercury in Taurus placements might succeed in opening restaurants or working in the food industry.
Mercury in Sagittarius might work as a professor, travel agent, international affairs, PR, writer, or in coaching.
Lawyers usually have 9th house placements while judges have 10th house placements.
If you have Cancer in your 7th house, you might attract clients that try to emotionally manipulate you or who might use their sensitivity against you when you are working in a strictly professional manner. They might make professional matters personal.
Thank you for reading!
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