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crittercrew · 19 hours ago
I’m so sorry to hear about Mac 😣
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He had a good, long retirement with me. February would have been 2 years. We spent some time cuddling in bed today.
My plan is to keep him comfortable until Monday, and then I’ll have him euthanized in the evening. I did consider having it done today to spare him any discomfort but I’d have to take him to the emergency clinic where they’d take him in back to euthanize. I might be putting too many human feelings onto a cat but I can’t stand the thought of him being in a strange place without me when he goes.
In the mean time he can eat as much churu as he wants and I set up my space heater in my bedroom to give him some extra heat while he snuggles under the covers.
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amiz06-certified-b1mb0 · 2 days ago
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Let’s answer some questions!
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-It’s definitely the hands first, trying to draw them expressively while making sure the anatomy of fingers are correct is just stressful! The next would be drawing correct muscle placement on the body, even with figurines references, I still get them confused.
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-I don’t have any objections really, some of my mutuals and followers already started putting their OCs into my DBZ Human AU, including myself haha. Ofc anyone can put their own creativity into my AU, it’s literally a playground sandbox. It won’t change the main story anyways. Just don’t harass anyone, ok? Don’t be shy to share and tag me! Would love to see it (*^▽^*)
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-Your doing great if your already using references, that’s definitely a good practice technique. That’s how I managed to follow the DBZ artstyle. Also, it doesn’t have to be 100% similar with the DBZ artstyle, we ain’t Toriyama, let that difference be a smidgen of ur own signature style while drawing DBZ ^_−☆
And finally the support given by my followers! Thank you ah! May i provide more entertainment in the near future ╰(*´∇`*)╯♡
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As always, love you all!💖
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mearchy · 2 days ago
Do u ever see a piece of media so good it brings you to tears. Not because it’s sad or happy but just because of how good it is. I watched the last episode of Andor and the funeral procession scene started and I was overwhelmed by the camerawork and the blocking and the leadup and the scene composition and the acting and the score and it just struck me that I will carry this show with me for years and years and years. I will spend probably the rest of my life waiting for a piece of star wars media, nay, a piece of franchise media, as good as Andor.
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wonder-falcon · 11 hours ago
netflix stop feeding the wenclair agenda on twitter this makes me think youre overcompensating for what you know would never happen 💔💔
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hellbabyfromhell · 2 days ago
hey i know this is teh ghey but thanks so much for stickin around on here if u follow! i know its cheesy but. tumblr is a repository for all my memories and its important to me in that way, a time capsule for everything ive ever loved and felt and overshared online lol. and i feel very very grateful for everyone who visits my blog and hangs out. u r part of my very important time capsule . i am thankful. thank you. 🙏
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kisasan · a day ago
The way Bakugou looks so softly at Deku…I can’t-
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miadoesntlikeit · 8 years ago
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dresdoodles · 2 days ago
Hey I just discovered your page and legit went through your entire lesbians tag bc tbh your comics reminded me so much of me and my wife AAAAAAAAAAAA
I figured out I’m trans a few months ago and there are so many little things in your comics that I relate to in how my relationship has always been, that even the sweetest straight relationship comics just didn’t get, and it just shows that like I was always a lesbian even when I was still subconsciously repressing it and it’s SO VALIDATING and you are great and thank you for all you do, you two are beautiful and I hope you live long happy lives together.
Thank you so much for being inclusive and cool and great. ♥️
This is seriously the sweetest thing ever, thank you so much for writing to me 💕 So much love to you and your wife, and thank you for enjoying my work!!!
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angelasscribbles · a day ago
Ya’ll! Seriously everyone…I did not expect to hit this milestone so quickly!
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I hit 350 followers three weeks ago and told myself I wasn’t going to post another follower update until I hit 500, thinking that would give me plenty of time to write all the asks from the 350 event I made. But here we are.
I have not forgotten the asks, I have 7 left to go, and have already started on several of them. But, I still have 7 left to go so I will not be offering any prompt/asks events for this one! (Of course, my asks are always open if you just have a burning request that cannot wait).
Mostly I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you! Everyone that follows me, reads my stuff, sends asks, tags me in WIP games, interacts with me in messages, whatever. Each and every one of you is the reason I’m still here on this hell site.
So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Tagging my permas under the cut
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loverhymeswith · 2 days ago
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November 25, 2022. Happy Birthday to Joel!
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hanasauria · a day ago
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I made this colored sketch of my Malkavian Jen to say THANK YOU A LOT FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. REALLY, YOU ARE AWESOME GUYS! I just created this account 5 days ago and you've been sharing and liking my illustrations ever since!! Thank you so much it means a lot to me ;w;
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Okay, odd post here. I was reading a Soap x Reader where he was actively teaching the reader scottish phrases, and the reader is talking about using it to seduce a Scot (?) I didn't get to finish it and accidentally swiped out of the app, but I think there may have been something about an alternate version where the reader ends up with Ghost? I have been looking for a couple days to find it again and I'm coming up empty, I figured other Call of Duty fic lovers might be able to help me out? Any and all suggestions are appreciated, as any new fics will get read too. Thank you!
EDIT: Thank you to @whenimhereifeeljoy, @effigias, and @purpybee, they messaged me the links to it. However, if anyone has a fic they'd recommend I'm still open to that haha.
EDIT 2: For those asking for the link also, it won't let me tag it in a comment, so I'll put it here. It's by @yeyinde!
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autisticlancemcclain · 2 days ago
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Thank you to everyone who got me to 25000 likes!
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halfwaybyaccident · 2 days ago
Dear Tumblr,
I came back here recently after leaving Reddit due to anger problems, and I just want to say thank you.
In my experience, this is the least toxic of all social media.
The Neil Gaiman, the Gonchorov, the musk trolling, the inaccurately named badjokejeff...
You are my kind of people.
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bluheaven-adw · a day ago
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Thank you to everyone who got me to 25000 likes!
Whoaaaaa. Thank you all my lovely followers and random tumblr people! Here’s more WIP and a couple of sketches to celebrate!
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greycielo · a day ago
It's cruel that I can't just wander into the fog and turn into moss when I feel like it.
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