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Signs of the Zodiac. Traité élémentaire d'astronomie. 1833.
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Scorpio/8th house placements esp Scorpio Sun or 8th house Sun men will always think that you cheat. It's also somehow that they are always being faced with situations where the people they are attracted to seems to be around so many potential competitors or infidelity seems to be there meanwhile it's not always like that. Sometimes the energy can make the situation seems evoking paranoid for these natives
Bonus if the synastry between both parties are activated with 8th house/Plutonic synastry
2nd & 8th house synastry deals with posessiveness in terms of sense of ownership coming between one or both parties. Usually one of them will collect the belongings of the other party or just use it everywhere like accolades. One party can have tendency to take picture or film the other party
Leo placements need to have extra attention on themselves. Mocking Leo placements' body or physical appearances is gonna be one of Leo's hardest hit. Other placements like Sagittarius or mutable placements in general may laugh it off but if you pick on Leo placements' physical appearances, it will attack right to their self confidence
Company-employee synastry is so important because one employee can have quite major different experiences with other employees despite being in same company or even department. Company-employee synastry may also explain the benefits you may get from that company either material or non material one like skils, networks, and else
Scorpio/8th house placements people especially prominent ones, stellium that involved Sun, and also have Plutonian aspect tend to give innate feeling of security in romantic and friendship. Less likely the other party question about these natives' feelings or motives. However due to fixed sign nature, it almost impossible to change their mind unless they want to and most of the times with all fixed sign, you get what you see and you deal with things at face value
However same energy usually doesn't exist in air placements especially Aquarius and Gemini. Bonus if they also have Libra placements. Especially if they are air dominant. These air placements unfortunately always fail to give effortless feelings of security to the other party so the other party always think that these signs are uncommital, cheating, and flirting. Unfortunately the allegation is not truly wrong as many of these natives are immature so they defend their flirtiness as their nature and refuse to change that
Which is why learning about your natal chart is very important. From your Venus, Mars, 7th house, 5th house including the signs, ruler, planets, aspects, you become to know the type of people you want to be involved romantically or friendship which is why when you are incompatible, you just end things rather than trying to convince other party to become something they refuse to do. Recognizing your own pattern means you may be able to seek someone that is similar with you and since you are alike, the whole thing may become smooth
It's Venus-Pluto men that are extremely obsessive, possessive, and may do some stalking either cyber or offline
Venusian (Libra or Taurus) placements men tend to pay extra attention on women's looks. They are the one who pay attention to shape, color, or dirt in your nail, your hair texture, the body shape, smell, and else. However the same thing may not be the attention of Aqua placements men unless they have significant Venus influences like 2nd house placements. Scorpio placements men especially stellium also don't really notice about this since many of them put emphasize on emotional intensity
In other words, Scorpio stellium placements men especially if it involves Sun may tolerate women's physical messiness more than men with other placements as long as the women have unwavering loyalty and intensity within themselves and toward these Scorpio stellium men and somehow patient enough to be with them, which not every woman is capable to do that
The thirst to consume other people emotionally, mentally, and physically even exist in Scorpio Sun men with Scorpio stellium and with Pluto aspects or 8th house
Sagittarius placements women especially Sun or Mars tend to be into jokes a lot and generally funny in messy way. They tend to be crack jokes without even intending to. Gemini placements' jokes tend to be calculated, word plays, and witty but Sagittarius placements' jokes are brash, messy, and almost always clown likes
Sense of familiarty and comfort present in 4th house synastry. Long term relationship sometimes need the presence of 4th house and 6th house. It's one of generally indication of long term relationship. Saturn synastry sometimes only indicate long term in terms of lessons, not necessarily the relationship itself. Relationship, friendship, or any kind of relation need the comfort and security aspect so that it doesn't become toxic and unbearable. 4th house and 6th house in this case are the glue
4th house synastry may also make you to be with people that you are comfortable with emotionally and mentally. Somehow, sometimes you can see the natives you are involved with as equal or lower, which can be true or subjective. Unlike 8th house or 12th house synastry especially that can make you deal with people out of your league, 4th house synastry can make you deal with people you feel are in your level, eventhough may not necessarily so (they actually can be higher than you). Like any other water synastry, it's the feeling that predominate the perception of the natives even if in reality it doesn't reflect so
Which is why for hypergamous community, it's important to be in relationship or dating with someone who has 4th house synastry with you. You may be in different level of wealth and status with them, but you are less likely to feel insecure with them or feel like you don't deserve them. Also make sure 6th house or 8th house synastry present with just one or two planets of 8th house synastry. 8th house synastry make you be spoiled financially but it's from 4th house or 6th house synastry where the sense of providing come. Especially from planet person to house person. The vice versa still work similarly. 7th house synastry may also important if you want to continue that to marriage
Heavy water sign men usually are more subjective when it comes to romance. Others may see that they have wealth, looks, and anything else that can make them choose more beautiful and wealthier women but somehow they choose the woman they like despite the external qualities may be seen less than other women. Feelings and connection somehow are more important for these men and their own perception toward women. Which can be helpful if you do want to practice hypergamy
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starseed-twenty · a day ago
(a lil something i did cause i was bored lmao) [applies to ascendant, descendant & moon]
SCORPIO - *enters and whispers to themselves * I'm not too sure why I'm actually here. But okay. VIRGO - *whispering to their friend* Why the hell would that guy wear those jeans here? lmao GEMINI - *sticking with their friends, but hoping to make more as they meet more people* Hi, I'm Lisa. CANCER - *trying their best to have fun but also trying their best to make sure their friends are fine* Lisa, where are you? SAGITTARIUS - *vibing to every song playing* Ah man, my cup is empty. Yo where's the Skyy? ARIES - *ready to fight if anyone touches them* Hey, watch it! The hell is your problem? PISCES - *in the room with drug dealers and stoners* I need my problems to go away for the night. LIBRA - *flirts shamelessly* Hii. *ends up making out with at least two people* TAURUS - *munching on everything available* Man, it's been a minute since I've gone out. This is so fun. LEO - *dancing and shouting with their friends* We Are The Champions My Friend! CAPRICORN - *probably the most confident yet most awkward person in the room* And We'll Keep On Fighting Til The End! AQUARIUS - *looks at the loneliest person in the room* Hey, you good?
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~aries girls are cute as hell
~taurus girls grow and glow
~gemini girls are twice as swell
~cancer girls will never tell
~leo girls are the stars of the show
~virgo girls always know
~libra girls possess your heart
~scorpio girls work like a charm
~sagittarius girls make you laugh
~capricorn girls rule the world
~aquarius girls are diamonds in the rough
~pisces girls are secretly the most tough
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𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝟏𝟐 𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐬 🍀📨 associate with rising + moon 🤍🕕 october 1st to 2nd, 2022
please do not copy or repost my work.
aries ♈︎ - you may be leaving the past for good, a time to reflect what has happened so far with progression in your life, you're meant to find new forms of strength and understanding of values, realizations around choice making and planning.
taurus ♉︎ - you may feel wired to try new things but with caution, you're practicing something brand new in regards to wanting to attaining a new skill, starting a journal or subject, meditation and yoga are new hobbies.
gemini ♊︎ - getting involved with going forward on brand new creations, wanting to expand yourself into motherly subjects or expediting baby fever, taking a new change of perceptive in life.
cancer ♋︎ - you need to slow down, feeling restless, a need to express your feelings through creation and expansion, tired of the same cycle of events happening and your angels are asking you to try something new and risky. getting out of comfort zone.
leo ♌︎ - a time for realizing you're that bad bitch 🤍🎀 a time to infuse brand new experiences and feelings all together to create a look that is sexy and daring, not caring about others' energies and focusing on the new that comes into your life.
virgo ♍︎ - choosing a brand new route in your life, embracing change, crafting of starting a new project that is long term and beneficial to your own purpose. leading a life that is your own without worry, being reassured and embraced.
libra ♎︎ - what has started for you may be a bit draining so a break is needed, thinking or investing into forms of self care that is extremely loving and romantic, being daring and having fun out of comfort of the home.
scorpio ♏︎ - a connection that you thought was hopeful dies and is let go for the betterment of your health, a need to be alone or isolate, self care is going to be needed at this time in life, getting away from bad habits that hurt you.
sagittarius ♐︎ - the shedding old habits and behaviors that have hurt tremendously, choosing to stay away from drama that has taken away your self stability, finding the beauty in the pain you've gone through.
capricorn ♑︎ - a moment of clarity, realizing that you're meant to move forward and continuously no matter the case, being given a new offer, becoming more expansive with the world.
aquarius ♒︎ - what you've been trying to hold up is crumbling, plans not going through, pauses on drama will help you big time, a big moment of realizing that rest of the mind is needed.
pisces ♓︎ - staying away from what you thought was best to start, ending plans of events early, choosing to start your own path that is created from personal and deep desire, finding out that you are your own.
you may see this thread on my twitter.
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lunadileo · a day ago
Hi! What are placements that indicate getting money from your beauty?? Thank youu
Hey, to my mind it may be:
• Taurus, Libra, Leo (possibly Pisces, Aries or Sagittarius) in 10H/MC
• Leo, Libra in 2H
• Mars in 10H, 2H, 1H
• Venus in 1H, 5H, 2H, 10H
• Moon in 10H, 5H, 1H
• Venus in Leo, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces
• Sun in Leo, Taurus, Pisces, Libra, Scorpio
• Sun/Venus/Mars in Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini
• Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius ASC
• Mars Sextile ASC
• Venus Sextile/Trine/Conjunct Jupiter, Sun, Moon, ASC, Mars
• ASC Sextile/Trine MC
• Mars Trine NN, Jupiter
• Sun Trine ASC, MC
• Trines & Sextiles to the MC
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AHHHHHHHH kirby horoscope collection my beloved
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Top tier compliment, shout out to all my beautiful brown eyed girls 🤎
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The signs as Louis Tomlinson and Dermot O’Leary
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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listenmyguy · 6 months ago
The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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thatsexcpisces · 29 days ago
Astrology observations pt.5
Tumblr media
- I’ve noticed that many of the people who have an alcohol addiction or drink A LOT when they go out, are Pisces moons
- people with Saturn in the 2nd house may have felt that they always had the less fortunate family when it came to money and way of living, and admired other richer families for being able to afford things they wanted (may have had trauma regarding poverty)
- Lilith in 3h/9h people may have felt insecure when it comes to an academic setting or situation meaning they probably felt dumber than others or afraid to express their true opinions. They may have had teachers or siblings who tried to make them feel stupid or treated them badly.
- Taurus moons have very complicated relationships with food. Some of my friends have this placement and they can go from having a serious eating disorder and struggling to eat anything to later overeating, always bringing food with them, always making sure they eat well, etc
- i feel like the sign in your 5th house shows your opinion on wanting children or how you would treat your children in the future. Ex: Taurus/cancer in the 5th house people may want to nurture and care for their child and look forward to having one. Sagittarius in the 5h may prefer their freedom and don’t really plan on having kids that early on.
- Pluto-Venus aspect people really bring out the scorpion energy in relationships imo. They can go to extremes with their possessiveness and jealousy over someone they love and can sometimes even feel that they love so deeply and no one matches their energy or others don’t care as much as they do.
- On that note, Having 8h synastry with someone is SO FUCKING INTENSE. Especially if one of you has your moon in the other person’s 8h. The moon person feels more imo and they’re the one that gets easily obsessed over the other person and stalks the hell out of them/watches their every move. I feel like it then takes the house person more time for their obsession to grow and to realize how much they need/love the moon person.
- This is a weird observation but Cancer risings have moments where they just randomly talk in a baby voice for no reason lol (unironically or ironically)
- If you have mars trine/square/sextile Pluto you’re def the hottest person in the room
- I feel like gemini men are more “pick-me” and brag more than Leo men. Like they just love talking about themselves lol
- People are so naturally attracted to sun-jupiter aspects and Leo rising people. Like they just draw people in and make friends so easily. They just have some sort of energy to them where they could be sitting in a room and people come up and talk to them automatically.
- Mars in 4h people easily get upset and annoyed by people in their household
- Individuals w Moon in the 8h May inherit mental illness from their mother or their mother could already have some sort of a mental illness that made their life very difficult
- Women with their ascendant in square or opposition to Lilith could likely be hated on by other females or women are naturally jealous and envious of them because they possess such a raw and sexually attractive energy
- Virgo moons 🤝 giving people their unsolicited opinion when no one ever asked them for it
- Venus in Capricorns will remember the smallest and I mean the TINIEST details about you If they’ve ever liked you. Even if they got over their crush on you, you 2 could be having a normal conversation and they will mention the most detailed thing about you that you didn’t even remember about yourself. It’s scary
- Libra mercuries on the other hand, actually have trouble remembering most details. They might forget things like your birthday here and there but the most ironic thing is Libra placements pick and choose something specific you did to remember and maybe even hold a grudge on, and you’ll never have a clue as of what it is.
- Mars in Gemini are so funny when they’re upset. They have the best insults and roasts which gives them no shame in absolutely destroying you with words
- A developed Capricorn woman’s confidence is the equivalent of an Aries man’s confidence (so they’re really loud and proud)
- Don’t ever fuck with someone who has Neptune or Jupiter in their 12th house cause the universe will be BREATHING down your back for anything bad you do to them
- Idk why everyone says all Aquarius are introverted and antisocial when tbh they’re some of the most confident, laid-back, and extroverted people you’ll ever meet. Many of the Aquarius I’ve met always tell me they’ll never miss an opportunity to go out and are very social
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thetallkiwi2 · 13 days ago
Manifesting With Astrology
Hi everyone!! I'm legit posting today but I do need to do homework lol but I did read some replies from my short astro observations and I noticed you guys did want this! So I was on the bus one day and thinking to myself, "how do you use your jupiter sign to manifest and how to use your venus sign to manifest?"
So now here I am. If you also wanna check the houses of your jupiter and venus placements for additional info and feel free to ask if confused. I will do my best to ensure that I word it in a way you can understand it. Here goessss
Jupiter placements:
Jupiter in Aries: Jupiter blesses you when you know what you want and take risks. Legit don't even think of making a plan (but that helps) just jump right into it and the universe will provide as you go along
Jupiter in Taurus: TREAT YO SELF💅. Literally when you focus on you and taking care of yourself, you are more confident and therefore will express your higher self which will better align you to your desires.
Jupiter in Gemini: This placement blesses those who seek out the info. Seek knowledge because in that moment you will get your desire.
Jupiter in Cancer: you are blessed by expressing cancer cancerian traits! Love on others and nurture them (and yourself of course) like a momma would. Such a beautiful placement.
Jupiter in Leo (my gang🤟): babes we show up and show tf out. We are to let the world know who we are and we make sure they heard our names at least once😉. You're blessed by being your authentic self, give to others and have fun while doing so. We manifest, just like Jupiter in Taurus when we are confident. That is our higher self which better aligns us with our desires.
Jupiter in virgo: karrrrmmaaaa👏👏👏. You get what you give. Give out good and you will get good, even your desires. I don't have to explain what happens if you give out bad, right😉
Jupiter in Libra: another placement where you have to treat yourself. Also, think b a l a n c e d. The more you're able to see things from a balanced perspective, the more you can align yourself with your desires.
Jupiter in Scorpio: oh ho ho. Well one thing for sure, the more you dig deep the more you will find. Take that however you want. Also...🌟sex magic🌟. Hehehehe
Jupiter in Sagittarius: where Jupiter is in its planetary ruler! Well, one of them lol. Expand your mind, travel, and I mean travel to another country. Your desires will come to you once you go and explore the world and be grateful for what you already have. Keep the faith that everything will work out in your favor too!!
Jupiter in Capricorn: you will be blessed by taking on a structured and traditional approach to things. If you want your desires, you better create some sort of structure to achieve it and work for it. Be patient. This is a saturn ruled Jupiter. Where and whatever saturn rules, takes time and effort because daddy saturn only wants the best and nothing but the BEST.👏
Jupiter in Aquarius: Same thing with Jupiter in Capricorn. However, the thing is that instead of creating structure, go crazy. Act and think and B E outside of the box. Things that other people haven't done? Do IT.👏 Things people are scared to try? PURSUE IT. 👏 This placement is also a lot like Jupiter in Aries, just take the freaking risk and go for it. Y'all are technically the trendsetters anyway.
Jupiter in pisces: Ahh, the other ruler of Jupiter lol. This is a natural manifesting placement. Dream your desires and create art that expresses what you desire and it will come to you. If you paint a canvas of yourself that is receiving your desire the universe will be like "Ohhhh okay bestieee I got you!!!" And watch it come right there. Same with your thoughts. Please don't get too far into your thoughts that you lose reality. Just like Sagittarius, have faith. Keep the faith that everything will work out in your favor.
Now for the venus placements!! It's pretty similar to the Jupiter signs in my opinion since both planets do focus on abundance.
Venus in Aries: take that risk of doing what you love babes! Carry that confidence within you and know that you are a badass king/queen that can get anything you want😍
Venus in Taurus: please treat yourself and know that you are that badass that can manifest what you want when you work hard for what you want. Treat yourself after and prove to you that you got this!!
Venus in Gemini: Indulge in the love of knowledge. Get a manicure or something. Just like Jupiter in Gemini, seek out what seeks you babes❤️ as a matter of fact, try scripting or saying affirmations out loud. This is a mercurial Venus so anything with words will pretty much work🤣
Venus in Cancer: love on you and nuture yourself. Consider this as you preparing yourself to receive the desires you want. By creating space for yourself to be free, you make room for your manifestations to come in.
Venus in Leo: Lordtttt. Say some "I am" affirmations, shake your ass when looking in the mirror. Jkkkkkkk. (But that also helps too). Show yourself who you are and then show the world. You are meant to shine. You will attract people too so use that to your advantage (i.e. networking, not using people for your own benefit😅😮‍💨).
Venus in Virgo: you know how you're the type to keep giving as a love language? Well give to yourself instead of other people (I mean...you can do that too as it will create good karma). Treat yourself and love yourself. Don't be afraid to look into the mirror and say "I love you." to that reflection. Go on. DO IT. Also don't forget to connect with nature.
Venus in libra: just like Venus in Leo and Taurus, treat yourself and don't be afraid to right any wrongs. Remember, balance is key here. Just don't overindulge. I think of Aphrodite with this placement and how love is the greatest energy of all. Attract love by loving yourself first and watch what comes to you❤️
Venus in Scorpio (my gang🤟): learn to love your darkness. Learn to love the parts of you that need a lil more tlc, a little more patience and acceptance since no one else accepted that part of you. Study the occult or dark arts and indulge in the intensity of it. Don't be afraid to be the light to the dark. Also...SEX MAGICCCC. Scorpio is sexual, so the moment you about to cum scream them desires, it doesn't matter if you wake your parents up or not just scream it!
Venus in Sagittarius: just like Jupiter in Sagittarius, go out and seek. What you seek seeks you. You will attract what you want by broadening your mindset and knowledge as sometimes it may be simple as a different POV you need to adopt to receive your manifestations.
Venus in Capricorn: stay on that grind and know that it is okay to incorporate some me-time in whatever routine you have. Take time for you to rest and rejuvenate (look to your sister sign cancer for that) and then get back up on your grind. Your desires are your reward❤️
Venus in Aquarius: Enjoy experiencing new things and new perspectives. Do hobbies that require you to think and B E outside the box (like Jupiter in Aquarius). Have fun being the trendsetter.
Venus in Pisces: your love for the reality you want to bring will help you bring it to fruition. Enjoy your daydreaming and watch it come to you. Enjoy your art and watch it come to you. Look to jupiter in pisces for this one.
I hope this helps because like I said, I am still new to this and with more info, I will ne back to provide better information.
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cupidastrology · 18 days ago
*jupiter ♃ through the houses - simple terms*
୨୧associate with your natal jupiter position.
୨୧please do not repost or copy my work.
୨୧if you'd like to know more about your jupiter position, you may subscribe to my post plus or book a birth chart reading.
• —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ♃ in the 1st: the ability to allow new forms of opportunity, luck, and manifesting through the looks and forms of fashion. you may have been brought up with a lot of expansion or opportunities around the home or through ancestry.
♃ in the 2nd: money is quick and easy with this position. ♃ allows expansion and opportunity so there are many ways of creating ways of gaining or receiving money, especially channeled through emotions. when you choose to learn, expect to receive.
♃ in the 3rd: your words, ideas, and overall methods of conversation can spark interest + wonderful forms of expansion that can help you connect with different areas of life + study!
♃ in the 4th: family and ancestry are the key themes of expansion and opportunities. you may know your family well and even bounce or collaborate off their own skills + talents, which leads to a huge hierarchy/royalty in your family line.
♃ in the 5th: luck comes around the very dramatic yet the achievable areas of life. this is a time where your relationships help you to learn what it means to be united aswell as finding a lot of fun in dating, music, art, and dance.
♃ in the 6th: an easy access to health concerns, including having possible abilities in receiving health events in your life more easier than most. you're able to find a lot of knowledge and experience with self care, herbalism, and taking care of the skin of the body.
♃ in the 7th: luck and expansion treats very large in the home of relationships, engagements, and choice making. opportunities in wisdom, advice from others, and learning lessons help you to carve the path of what to do next with this position.
♃ in the 8th: long term investments are grow to be very exclusive with this position, aswell as the valuables you attain in your daily life. this is a moment to find various connections through life that give you different forms of wealth.
♃ in the 9th: you can create so many brand new experiences with the subject of teaching, learning new topics of life, cultures of belief, and diving into large portions of spiritualism. this is a position that has a lot to do with using your experiences + memories.
♃ in the 10th: luck can be on your side when it comes to self control and knowing what is best to keep private and public. drama and your overall word is huge, and can expand over many people.
♃ in the 11th: friendships can help you to grow to brand new avenues in life. you may receive opportunities to move up in the world due to the connections and social circles you create.
♃ in the 12th: luck can be on your side in avenues having to do with your pains, subconsciousness, and the dreams you receive. you bring the most to the table when you use your wounds to overcome new breakthroughs and areas in life.
you may seek out this post on my twitter aswell.
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celestialtinkerbell · 22 days ago
✯°˖Your Villain Era: Medusa (149)°˖✯
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have a theory that Medusa, asteroid #149, shows where you're wrongfully villainized and how your vilification transforms you, in the house that it inhabits in your chart. I will be interpreting this asteroid with tarotstrology, a concept that I got from @taisoleil, a wonderful reader and astrologer that you guys should check out.
Here is my site if you'd like to book a service with me 🌌.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First House
You're villainized for your presence and your looks. You could encounter a lot of people that refuse to take accountability for their own insecurities that could revolve around their appearance or childhood wounds that they refuse to unpack and dreams that they chose not to chase. You transform from this by giving those that are so scared and threatened of you, something real to actually be intimidated by. This can look like empowering yourselves by disempowering the slurs that they call you, unapologetically showcasing your taboos, and appreciating yourself regardless amongst people who want you to hate yourself, once they realize that the damage that they've done didn't shatter you like they thought it would.
Second House
These individuals are villainized for what they've lost. People will this placement could have experienced something devastating and out of your control regarding your appearance, like maybe losing your hair or your teeth, but not limited to just these things. This can also indicate being villainized for what you won't give up, other people could feel entitled to your belongings and accuse you of being selfish for things that you don't have or need to share. You transform from this by upholding your dignity, continuing to move forward, working with what you have, or letting go of what's superficial or socially acceptable. This placement allows you to recognize that you are more than what you possess and that your beauty is something that never left.
Third House
Natives with this placement are villainized for the way that they keep to themselves. People often mistake your introverted personality for someone that's anti-social. You could prefer to have a secluded lifestyle where not just anyone can be in your business and people take it very personal to the point where they'd rather alienate you as a punishment instead of making your privacy peaceful as you intended for it to be. What you say can easily be misinterpreted by others and can deem you as problematic. I can see people with this placement seeking activities where they can be anonymous, like for instance, ghost writing or being a Jane/John Doe with a massive online platform. This transforms you in a way where you gain more confidence and assertiveness with setting boundaries with others, maybe more likely to play the devil's advocate, but also not afraid to speak how you feel regardless if it will be popular or not, but in a way, I also feel like you'll be the person, if not already, that has the guts to say what people want to say, but don't because they're afraid.
Fourth House
Those with Medusa in the 4th house could be villainized for following their intuition and trusting their gifts. In every single card in this spread, there's a person with their eyes closed. This is reminding me of the notorious and lethal gaze that Medusa has, one look, and you're turned into stone. People hate what these individuals pick up on about them but yet they're still prone to be deceptive even though it's futile. I personally feel like this is where Medusa exalts in, because I'm getting that they're not people that can be bullied or swayed, especially when it comes to their purpose. Their "villain" era is literally their birthright. Getting in their way is inevitable because they've learned early to make a "home" within themselves, to be so grounded with who they are to the point where no one can tell them otherwise.
Fifth House
This placement could indicate being villainized for how much you outgrow people. Your tastes are always subjected to change, they never freeze in place like stone. You could have a long history of being surrounded by people who just never seem to change, and as you drift away, whether that be physically or just by your differences in what you do for fun now, they could act very immature about it and that's when it becomes problematic. In the end, you become a person that's eager to never peak when it comes to your creativity and passions. You're always going to be seeking more but at the same, not having expectations because it can be limiting, but with the 5th house being naturally ruled by the sun, this works out in your favor by letting your desires gravitate towards you. You're attracted to those with high ambitions and you will not hesitate to cut off anyone that tries to dim your light.
Sixth House
Natives with this placement are villainzed for having their own specific system. When it comes to following your daily routines, commitments, and morals, you follow them by the book. I'm getting that you guys could've been the opposite at first meaning, always people pleasing and putting others over yourself until you've had enough of your kindness being taken for granted. This transformed you by no longer being the person that sacrifices themselves anymore for anything. You're very crucial about your time and are not keen to those who want to waste it. Freedom and control over your life is what you crave and will push anyone out of the way for.
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Seventh House
People with Medusa in their seventh house are villainized for their dualism, the dark and intimate parts about themselves that are ironically not accepted by those that they're close with. I'm getting that on the outside you could be seen as the person that has it all together. People love to depend on you because they see you as this strong person to be around until you're the person that needs a hand or a shoulder to cry on too. It's like Natives with this placement are dehumanized and seen as frauds when they're not this noble hero 24/7. They transform from this by re-evaluating their roles in relationships. They're not a codependent hotline center or Jesus Christ, they're in a relationship which is supposed to be a mutual partnership, and if the other person isn't doing their half, understanding and accepting that one side of a person doesn't cancel out the other, and acknowledging them as someone who deserves empathy too, then they don't meet the criteria as someone who deserves these people at their best.
Eighth House
Kind of like the 3rd house placement, Medusa in the eighth house Natives are villainized for having their own personal space. This could placement could attract domineering and intrusive individuals who feel like they have the right to know your secrets or in general, what you're doing. You have an amazing way of transforming from this. You constantly regenerate yourself to where it's hard for others to keep up with you. You're always going to be multiple steps ahead of others, regardless of how much that they think they know. What makes this placement different from the 3rd house is that you may not prefer to have a private lifestyle, it's just that people are weirdly offended about you having anything private at all. Moreover, I feel like these individuals have a unique way of storing information, they may not want to save anything in writing at all for a particular reason. I'm getting a scenario where this placement could indicate growing up with a parent that would go through their diaries and dictated what they wrote about.
Ninth House
Natives with Medusa in the Ninth House are villainzed for beliefs and teachings. It's possible that you rile up a bunch of controversy in most people that you meet or haven't even met at all but they know about you. Those with this placement are very protected, spiritually. Because of this, you have the most accurate perception of how deities and the laws of the universe work, but ironically, your views are heavily misconstrued. I'm getting that you're not going to be understood by many because you're meant to be leaders that point people in the right direction when it comes to their purpose and getting them acquainted to a higher level of consciousness. People could try to weaponize your (or their) religion against you. Whichever title it is, medium, shaman, healer, a lot of you are meant to be in that field.
Tenth House
Medusa in the Tenth House individuals can be villainzed for two things or both.  The first reason, is your career. You could have a profession in something that's not favorable by society, I feel like this could be sex work, rootwork, an eccentric creative, etc. The second reason relates to the feminine side of yourself being really recognizable and also the most demonized. People hate or strongly abhor you for what they cannot control about you. People never tell the full story about you because they know that they cannot take any credit for what you have and who you are. You could be a prominent figure in a community that's either loved and adored or despised for transmuting your feminine energy into something that isn't submissive. You represent the dark feminine archetype.
Eleventh House
You are villainized in your community and in your friend groups, I'm getting that the reasons for this vary, but it seems like all ties back to other people's greed. I'm seeing that this placement had to endure many painful realizations that they aren't supported by the people that they needed most or that the people that they cared for deeply were not real friends. Like the number 11, I feel as if you guys are mirrors that expose the malicious traits in people who are put on a pedestal in a community, like activists, political figures, celebrities, and even people who have some sort of royalty. I feel like this gave you an advanced level of discernment. I see you guys as underrated heroes. Your betrayals may have inspired you to be huge but private humanitarians that demonstrate that you don't need an audience to do charity work and you don't need an audience to decide what your character is.
Twelfth House
This placement can indicate being villainized for what you did in a past life. Even though you're in a new life, you could have started off with a streak of unfortunate events in the beginning that seemed too much of a coincidence, but it's a repeat of different scenarios in your past lifetimes where you're on the other end of the stick. This placement predicts that you have successfully transformed your negative karma into positive karma by not letting your hurdles keep you in a never ending cycle by learning from them instead of retaliating.
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sherkirti · 15 days ago
Leo Moon (5th House)—Unique style, likes to accentuate look by being flashy or different, adorning self with a lot of jewelry, gets weirder and louder over time (the more you get to know them), has a secret talent
Cancer Moon (4th House)—The sweetest talkers, likes to dress comfortably, emotionally open and vulnerable, wants to discuss personal things, and is comfortable sharing it 
Gemini Moon (3rd House)—loooooves to text and talk, could talk to you all day long about every subject, easily loses interest too, and is always seeking new people to have stimulating discussions, likes to invite others into the conversation
Taurus Moon (2nd House)—routine types, dedicated to their practice and goals, physically active, sensual and sweet
Aries Moon (1st House)—short fuse, good at making new connections, can be like a little kid, loves to play
Pisces Moon (12th House)—into weird art, poetic, loves being with friends more than being alone, falls deeply in and out of love often
Aquarius Moon (11th House)—an expert in their field of interest, has a large circle of friends, unique tastes
Capricorn Moon (10th House)—loves making money more than any other sign, constantly planning their future empire so they can retire at 35 
Sagittarius Moon (9th House)—always researching, and discovering new ideas to share with others and figure out the what, where, how and why of things, difficulty settling down, and is planning for the next trip/move/adventure
Scorpio Moon (8th House)—always questioning and observing others, a possessive, or smothering mother (especially when younger), piercing presence, magnetic
Libra Moon (7th House)—loves to have a good time (maybe a good make out session), attaches deeply to whomever has their current love and attention, experiences heartbreak no matter how short or small the connection
Virgo Moon (6th House)—very particular with how things are done, especially in or at work, easily the most critical because they have very high standards, protective of people, especially friends or coworkers.
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