#was listening to nights by frank ocean while writing this so do with that what u will lol
speedkickingin · a year ago
i want my music to blast through my speakers and play so loud you can hear it coming from the rooftops coming from my hometown and echoing from the national parks i want my music to give you the buzz that you’ve been searching for your entire life i want you to feel it in your fingertips all the way down to your toes and i want it to spread throughout you like a bad drug i want you to feel like your insides are spewing sunshine like you’ve just killed an angel and i want you to feel the bass like my heartbeat beneath your palm
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fueledbyapplepi · a year ago
Twenty Steps Backward, One Step Forward | Shinichiro Sano
-Twenty times you rejected Shinichiro, and one time you didn't.
warnings: none
genre: fluff, angst
A/N: When I found out that he got rejected 20 times, I know that I need to write something about it. Although I'm not really sure if writing this at 1 A.M while listening to Lorde then Frank Ocean was a good idea (。•́︿•̀。)
Tumblr media
If there's one thing you want to tell your younger self, it's telling them to take risks and say "yes".
But time travel doesn't exist. Well, maybe it does, but not in your realm anyway. And every decision you've made in the past made you who you are now. There can't be any room for regret.
You looked at Shinichiro. Your eyes wrinkling from how wide your smile is.
"Shinichiro-san, do you remember the first time you confessed to me?" You laughed, remembering the memory.
Your mother always taught you to stay away from bad boys for they are only trouble knocking on your door. And that's what exactly you're doing.
You know Shinichiro Sano as an owner of S.S Motors, where you're a usual customer. You must say, the man's great at getting the job done.
It's not like you're a member of a gang or a professional biker. It's just that you enjoy taking rides on your motorcycle that your mother gave you. But being on the streets every once in a while made you familiar with the man.
Other than being an owner of the bike shop, you know Shinichiro as the leader of the Black Dragons. One famous gang around Tokyo at that time.
While for Shinichiro, you're not just another customer. The moment you first stepped into his shop, you already captivated him. So when you asked him to customize a few parts for your bike, he decided to take it slowly. Just so you'll come by and check on more often.
He didn't dare to ask you out at first. Well, because he wanted to test the waters first and he didn't want to scare you away. So it took about three visits from you when he had the guts.
"Y/N-san, you're beautiful and kind. Honestly, I would love to take you out on a date some time" Shinichiro smiled at you while scratching his head. Honestly, he isn't expecting an answer right away.
"Shinichiro-san, don't get the wrong idea. I'm only here as your customer. Nothing else." You smiled kindly at him. You'll be lying if you say that Shinichiro isn't attractive. But then again, you want to stay away from trouble as much as possible.
You bit your lip as you reminisce the first time he asked you out. If you just knew that you'll end up being with the man, you would've said yes.
Your hand grazed over Shinichiro. "I remember it all too dam well in my heart."
There are two things that Shinichiro is bad at fighting and giving up.
It has been a week since your motorcycle has been fully customized by Shinichiro himself. And you can't help but be impressed every time. From the polished and flawless paint job to the customized seat, you got to give it to the Shinichiro.
The only thing you can't give to him is your "yes" to the date he's been asking for. As much as it is tempting, you knew that he'll only break your heart.
15 or 19? You've honestly lost count on how many times you rejected him. He kept pestering you even though you're not his customer anymore.
From a bouquet, a box of chocolates, and waiting for you after your work, Shinichiro kept on asking you for a date.
He even attempted to ask you out over a cheesy pick-up line.
"Hey Y/N, you look like someone I know."
"And who might be that?"
"My future s/o."
Well, who is he to give up though? He became a leader of Black Dragons for his determination. And he's not backing down on you.
Although, he would sometimes feel like a fool from the rejections he got from you. Is there something missing from him? You never said he isn't your type, so what could be wrong?
He could only take several rejections from you. So maybe 21st times the charm? Maybe this time, he'll be able to pursue you.
After work, you once again saw Shinichiro leaning on his bike waiting for you
"Shinichiro, I already told you-"
"Y/N," Shinichiro walked over to you and held your hand in between his. "Just one date. If you don't like it, I'll never bother you again. I swear."
The heart wants what it wants. Maybe Shinichiro is trouble, maybe not. One date wouldn't hurt, won't it?
And that was one of the happiest days of Shinichiro. While it was a day of experience for you. Something that'll be treasured in your heart forever.
It wasn't anything special. You and Shinichiro only rode around Tokyo that night. Enjoying the breeze, night lights, and your youth.
But one thing you won't forget that night is how you two danced under a lamp post. Particularly, the one in front of your house.
"Well, I wasn't able to get a date at my prom and you weren't able to attend yours. So, care to share a lovely dance, Y/N?"
It felt like a dream. A long-lived one. What you thought was trouble knocking on your heart was an angel in disguise.
Everything all seemed like it just happened yesterday.
That one "yes" you answered to Shinichiro is something that you'll never regret. But maybe, if you would've said yes to him sooner, you might have had more chances to spend time with him.
Maybe you would've built a family sooner. One thing that you and Shinichiro have dreamt.
You feel your heart clench at the memory. "I'm sorry, Shinichiro," your cheeks felt wet from the continuous tears falling from your eyes. "I couldn't do anything."
It's been years since Shinichiro left you. But time still won't fly around you.
You took a deep breath and leaned your forehead against the cold marble of his grave. Trying to feel some possible warmth from him.
All you could do is remember the twenty times you rejected Shinichiro and the one time that changed your life.
His absence forever leaving a void in your heart.
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asterlark · a year ago
ok. samwell college of music au. i wrote all four years let's go babey
eric bittle is this lovely southern tenor (sounds kinda like mitch grassi or ben j pierce) who posts covers (& sometimes originals, but always with neutral or no pronouns because he can't post anything that says he or him ☹) on his youtube channel and has major stage fright but is very talented; he also plays ukulele
he got into samwell college of music on a voice scholarship and his dad doesn’t exactly approve but eric was never the 6′2″ masculine football player he wanted anyway so why not go for his dreams
he auditions for the very competitive samwell men’s contemporary chorus (there’s like 20 choirs; chamber choir, jazz choir, a cappella groups (lax bros do a cappella), combined choirs, etc- smcc does contemporary pop/rock music) and while he’s very very nervous and shaky as he auditions, directors hall & murray see a lot of potential in him (with major grumbling from student director jack)
(the rest of this ridiculously long au under the cut)
the group is small, for a chorus, because the point of the group is not a wall of sound but a focus on all of the very talented guys’ voices coming together in these gorgeous harmonies and basically they’re like one of the best choruses on campus and all the male singers want in
so there’s jack zimmermann, who of course eric knows because everyone knows who he is, he’s the son of bob and alicia zimmermann, both incredibly talented and famous musicians, and basically those genes were in his favor because he’s mega fucking talented
(jack was supposed to sign a recording contract to be in a band with his best friend kent parson when he was 17 but something happened between them and the pressure was too much and jack overdosed on something- there’s so many rumors no one knows what’s real- and kent signed solo in LA & went on to win grammys for his albums about a mysterious ex and jack disappeared for a few years to be a counselor at a music camp and reappears at samwell, knocking everyone’s socks off again like he’d never left, except with a renewed vigor and intenseness that freaks everyone out)
jack is a contemporary writing & production major, freaky talented and sings like a modern day frank sinatra, and he plays like 20 instruments and can read music like breathing air and writes songs like if he stopped he’d die; his music is folksy and mournful and he plays all the instruments on his tracks himself- guitar, piano, strings, drums- it sounds like a full band but nope. just jack. he’s intense
“we all get nicknames in this choir,” justin informs eric on his first day, “we’re those kinda guys.” so he’s bitty, which he finds vaguely offensive (bc he’s not that short!) but still cute, & the rest of the group is introduced to him:
“shitty” knight (voice like colyer) is a musical education major and an enigma of a singer with this awesome, earthy, raspy voice that’s really interesting to listen to and a very.... unique style & look; he writes cheesy but shockingly good raps about social justice topics and he will sing-lecture you if you’ve said something offensive (he also plays banjo)
justin “ransom” oluransi is a music business & management major with an angelic voice you can’t help but listen to; he’s sultry and has an incredible range and does runs like nobody’s business (with a voice like daniel caesar or leslie odom jr UGH)
adam “holster” birkholtz is a voice performance major, wants to be on broadway and it’s all he ever goddamn talks about basically, he’s a belter and has a lot of charisma and starpower and he’ll charm the pants off of you within one note; can also play piano and irritates everyone constantly because his regular volume is like a level 11 (voice like the frontman of my brothers and i combined w/ x ambassadors lead singer)
larissa “lardo” duan is at the local art institute because performing arts is not her jam and she’d much rather paint; she’s a barista at annie’s and supervises open mic nights and keeps the annoying choir dudes from driving away all her patrons
“i’m not even in your dumbass choir,” she says when the group gave her her nickname. holster just told her that she was an honorary member and then started sing-shouting a song at her about how good she is
bitty’s first year is hard because he’s talented and he works hard but he shies away when anyone asks him to sing outside the group and like, he can sing to a camera by himself but being on a stage with everyone looking at you and the sole responsibility of the song on your shoulders is terrifying and no thanks
jack does not. understand this. he’s been performing practically since he came out of the womb and he doesn’t really get performance nerves (what he gets is anxiety about how he did after he gets off stage that follows him home and makes it so he can’t sleep) - so he bothers bitty about it constantly like “you just need practice, you just have to sing by yourself a lot and then you’ll get over it” which like.... that’s true but it’s also hella scary and bitty’s like “no thanks!!!!”
but jack’s annoying and intense so he makes bitty do open mic with him every saturday night and it’s going okay and bitty loves his choir and loves his school and these new friends he’s making and he finally feels comfortable enough to come out to them during his second term
then during their spring choral showcase at the end of his freshman year bitty has a solo and he’s worked really hard on it and he’s feeling good- okay he’s completely freaked out but he’s trying to feel good- but when he gets up on stage there’s so many people and the stage lights are so hot on his face and he flips out a little and maybe he passes out from anxiety and stress right on stage and it’s terrible and he’s so embarrassed and ashamed that he ruined their set at the showcase
of course jack blames himself because “we shouldn’t have given you a solo before you were ready, i misjudged it, i’m sorry” - and they all feel kinda bad bc holy fuck they didn’t know his stage fright was that bad like they didn’t know someone could pass out just by being anxious to sing
he practices all the time over the summer and goes to his local open mic at jack’s insistence and it actually helps a lot because instead of a sea of strangers judging him it’s a bunch of people he knows and they’re all smiling at him and when he finishes his song they cheer for him and it boosts his self-confidence a lot
his sophomore year they have three new members- chris ”chowder” chow (voice like ieuan), an excitable music education major with impressive rapping skills, derek "nursey" nurse (frank ocean or leon bridges type), a songwriting major who can also play violin and guitar, and will ”dex” poindexter (like tom west), a production & engineering major who tried out with chowder bc he needed moral support and didn't expect to get in but impressed the directors with his voice
the year’s going pretty good, bitty’s still pretty scared of singing alone but more confident now and the open mic nights with jack haven’t stopped, so he’s getting better. and one night they’re hanging out at annie’s after closing waiting for lardo to be done so they can walk her home, and bitty suggests that jack sing with him one of these nights, and jack says he doesn’t know any of bitty’s songs and bitty says they can write one together half jokingly but then jack is like “yes.” with that Intense Look
SO they get together a couple days later in jack’s room at the house they all live in together (bitty moved in at the beginning of the year after previous smcc member john johnson called him- how’d he get his number?- and told him he could take his room if he wanted), jack with his guitar and bitty with his ukulele, and it’s a little awkward until bitty says jack should play him one of his songs
and, okay, he doesn’t really know what to expect because the only music jack ever released to the public was that one single he did with kent parson when they were 17 so bitty doesn’t even know if he has anything to play him, but he does- he starts playing these soft, sad notes on the guitar and opens his mouth and sings about being lonely and scared and unsure, about false starts and shaky ground and not knowing where you stand with someone, about expectations and lying awake at night and wishing so hard you were someone else, and bitty watches him sing and just kind of... realizes he’s head over heels for this boy and internally Freaks Out a little
he tries to put that aside and they start to write this song, at first it’s weird because jack’s like “all your songs are love songs i can’t really relate to happy love songs” and bitty’s like “listen... i’ve never even had a boyfriend i just write a bunch of sappy love stuff because it’s not about me it’s about whoever’s listening to it, they’re gonna project their own experiences on my music anyway so it doesn’t matter if it’s my real life or not” and jack’s like “alright while fake af that’s smart and i respect you” (what bitty doesn't say is that he writes about what he really wants which is to fall in love & be in a happy relationship)
they say they’re just gonna write this kinda vague sad song but they both secretly write lines about their actual lives so it ends up being really personal and real and raw for the both of them
they sing the song at open mic that saturday and the crowd at annie’s is never that big but they’ve never got a standing ovation here before, and some girl shouts “MAKE AN ALBUM” (it may or may not be lardo) and they both blush furiously and bitty’s like “... that was really nice, jack” and jack’s like “... yeah it was good good job you’re really getting some confidence out there nice work” (bitty: “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT AAAAH”)
around this time jack’s really thinking about what he’s gonna do when he’s done at samwell, talking with his parents and his agent and looking into different record companies and deciding if he wants to sign with anyone or possibly start his own company- the head of a small company called falcon records in rhode island has been talking to him a lot, and jack talks to bitty about how he thinks it’d be nice to start small, and the record exec georgia and the producer marty had both been really nice and welcoming, and bitty’s so happy for him but also just... sad that he won’t be around jack every day after he graduates
THEN at a haus party celebrating their win of a local choral competition, who shows up but none other than pop star kent parson to Ruin The Fun
bitty sees the way jack pales when kent walks in, notices them disappear upstairs together and feels a little sick worrying about jack but chalks it up to the highly alcoholic concoction shitty and lardo had cooked up but nonetheless decides he’s sick of the party and goes up to his room and hears.... a little too much
and YIKES he’s standing right there and kent parson, pop star, two-time grammy winner, is looking a little rumpled and staring right at him and he puts his hat on and clears his throat and snaps at jack- “hey. well. call me if you reconsider. but good luck with rhode island. ...i’m sure that’ll make your parents proud.” and jack’s shaking, and bitty doesn’t know what to do but jack goes back into his room and bitty’s just kind of standing there like What The Fuck
so.... he kind of stews over winter break but tries not to think about it too much and he and jack text a bit and jack tells him to practice and bitty’s like “oh, you” and jack’s like “im serious” and bitty’s like “>:( it’s christmas”
spring semester starts and they're doing well in competitions and they go to semifinals and then finals for a prestigious collegiate choir competition and the pressure is mounting but they all are so optimistic and really feel like they're on the same page and bitty’s confidence is better than ever and then.... they don't win
jack especially takes it very hard, but then he also has signing to worry about, which everyone helps him with and he decides to sign with falcon records and start work on an album after graduation
speaking of graduation, shitty and jack graduate and it's hard for them but harder for bitty who feels like he's losing jack in a way, he knows how intense jack gets when he's making music and it doesn't feel like he'll have any time for bitty anymore so when they say goodbye bitty goes back to the haus and listens to his and jack's song and just cries
but, like in canon, dadbob has words of wisdom to impart and jack has an "oh" moment and races across campus to kiss bitty
they get together and the next few months are spent with jack working nonstop on his album (which tbh, he'd had many of the songs written already so it's mostly recording and producing) and texting bitty constantly and coming to visit him and playing him demos of all the songs
jack also asks bitty if they can record the song they wrote together & have it as a bonus track on his album & bitty says of course, so when jack visits they set up an impromptu studio and record vocals in the guest bedroom and this deeply personal song they wrote before they were ever together means so much more to them now
and bitty is so happy but so scared and sad too because jack is playing him these songs telling him "they're all for you bits, & a lot of them are about you" and he just doesn't know how he's going to keep all this love inside even though it feels like jack's career is at stake
he tries to shove it down and stay strong though, especially since he's now an upperclassman and they're taking on new members- connor "whiskey" whisk (voice like finneas or the male singer in valley), a music business/ management major who seems to hate bitty's guts and tony "tango" tangredi (like chaz cardigan), a jazz composition major who astounds everybody with his endless questions but also his ridiculously impressive composition skills & naturally perfect pitch (he can also play saxophone??)
i want ford in this au so fuck it she is a composition major with dreams to write scores for musicals and she stars training as a barista at annie's (aka training to corral the smcc)
the pressure of it all proves to be a lot and bitty and jack have their hi, honey moment where bitty's like i can't be this deep in the closet!!! and so they tell the smcc and also jack's label that they're together and that eases things a bit
jack's album comes out to much critical acclaim and shouting in the groupchat ("#1 ON ITUNES BRAHHHHH!!!!!!!!") and several months later, when smcc has already been eliminated from choral competition in an earlier round, jack is nominated for SEVERAL grammys including best album, song of the year, and best new artist
when the time comes he takes his parents and bitty on the red carpet which, everyone keeps being like "who are you here with jack?" and he's like "my family and my good friend :)" and yes it is awkward
jack wins... all three awards. it's the comeback everyone is stoked to see and when his third win is announced, he and bitty are so elated that they kiss before he goes to accept the award
his speech is basically just "um... wow. thank you. i just kissed my boyfriend on live tv. this is amazing and i'm so humbled. i'd like to thank my boyfriend and georgia and marty and my parents and my friends and my boyfriend"
obviously the press has a FIELD DAY with this but bitty & jack are honestly vibing and so happy that it doesn't matter untiiiillll bitty's mom calls and he has to tell her "mama i'm gay and i'm going on tour with jack this summer okloveyoubye"
the last few months of bitty's junior year pass quickly and he's voted student director which is a huge honor considering how much he struggled with stage fright and confidence & how he'll now be stepping into ransom & holster's shoes
r&h and lardo all graduate (the smcc basically crashes the art school graduation and all scream when lardo gets her diploma lmao), which is a bittersweet occasion and they all do a bit of tearing up
that summer bitty goes on tour across the u.s. & canada with jack and his touring band (snowy is a bassist, tater is a drummer and poots does backing guitar, he also brings nursey to play violin on a few songs) as well as georgia who's there to manage logistics
and tour is so fun & chaotic with many bi and rainbow flags in the audience that end up thrown on stage and draped around jack's neck and they spend so many nights in the bus drinking and laughing and fooling around on the guitars and bitty's uke and exploring new cities bitty has never been to before and it's the freest bitty has felt in a long time
summer ends though, and jack leaves for the uk/europe leg of the tour, and with the new school year brings a few new members- river "bully" bullard (voice like gregory alan isakov), a music therapy major who draws his own cover art for his songs, lukas "louis" landmann (like jr jr), an electronic production and design major with a penchant for EDM, and johnathan "hops" hopper (like keiynan lonsdale), a film scoring major who wants to write music for movies and video games
bitty meets and befriends some of the other student directors- shruti, sd of the women’s contemporary chorus; sharon, sd of the chamber choir; and edgar, sd of jazz ensemble (even chad l., sd of the all-male a cappella group)
senior year passes similarly to the comic; coach visits and sees one of bitty’s competitions, jack comes to madison for christmas, smcc does well in competition and goes to regionals etc
however… bitty keeps putting off and putting off gathering the songs for his senior recital
he has a hard time doing that because he’s so focused on the group and making sure they’re performing well and as they advance in competition, everything else starts to fall away
eventually the rest of the smcc has to lock away his uke and change his youtube password and FORCE him to choose songs for it and start preparing because he cannot graduate without doing this recital and doing well on it
he chooses (of course) a beyonce song, a few of his own songs, an ellie goulding song, and an adele song
with all that his breath hitches and his hands shake before he goes on stage, he does really well and his voice instructor prof atley tears up a little in the audience as does his mom
meanwhile smcc goes to semifinals, then finals, of the national collegiate choral competition they participate in
and i imagine bitty faces somewhat less homophobia in this au because i mean, he’s in the performing arts, but i think it’s still there and he also faces a good amount of classism from richer students and performers who think they’re better because they had the resources and money to be performing professionally from a very young age, and he has been practicing via filming himself on a shitty camcorder and posting it to youtube
but they still get there! and the national finals are fucking HUGE and a big deal and a little overwhelming
bitty’s stage fright is Present because this is the biggest stage and the biggest stakes he's ever had and he has a big solo in one of their songs so if he fucks up, he fucks up a national championship for his whole group and school
luckily though, when he steps on the stage with his best friends and sees his boyfriend and family and smcc alums in the audience and they perform their first song, a high-energy pop medley that always gets the crowd going, everything seems to melt away and it's just him living in this moment and singing his heart out
when it gets to the next song and his solo, he forgets to be nervous and belts it out, getting screams of approval from the audience when he finishes
(dex and nursey do have a duet together that they had to practice for many long nights in the practice rooms alone but that's neither here nor there)
their time on stage seems to last both hours and no time at all and then they're done, the crowd gives them a standing ovation and it's at least 30% r&h & shitty's hooting and hollering and jack's enthusiastic clapping that makes bitty & the others beam with pride
then it's just waiting, giddy and nervous beyond belief in their green room, for the judging to be over
after what feels like forever they're back on stage, arms linked together waiting and hoping for their name to be called and it is, they win and it feels like years have built up to this moment, and bitty tears up because years ago when he was fainting from anxiety at having to perform in front of people he never could've imagined that he'd do this, that he'd be the student director that led them to a championship
they get the trophy and a ridiculous amount of flowers from their loved ones and they all are just in giddy disbelief that this is happening, they're national champs!!! they are the best choir boys in the nation!!
they come home and the rest of the school year passes by so quickly that it's very suddenly graduation and bitty can't believe his college career at samwell is over 😢
(he and ollie and wicky take pictures together, o&w talk about how excited they are to devote full time attention to their band & wedding planning and bitty's just like wait you're gay??)
bitty got plenty of offers from record companies but he likes his freedom of creativity and he has a built in fanbase from doing youtube all these years so he decides to make an album independently (jack helps him produce & master it 🥰)
when bitty's album comes out about a year later, full of bops about being gay and in love and having struggled but come out the other side more confident than ever, it doesn't get any grammy nominations- and he didn't expect or need that.
what it does do is it resonates. it makes the rounds in youtube and queer internet circles; people his age reach out to him saying this is the music they wish they had as a kid and kids reach out to him saying he's a role model and they're so glad to have his music to listen to. his album is written about as an underrated gem that shines with queer brilliance and is sure to start a party when it comes on.
his parents may not fully understand the road he's chosen for himself but they're still so proud and promote the album as hard as any of his loyal fans (especially the one country-inspired song on the album that he wrote and dedicated to them).
and jack, jack who saw this album from its infancy to its release date, who took the film photo that ended up being the album cover, who worked with bitty to make sure his vision was realized exactly how he wanted it to be, is proud beyond words.
jack starts using his semi-abandoned twitter again to tweet "stream [album name]" every day and bitty retweets them sometimes, with just a "this boy. ❤"
and they're happy. they're good. they have come so far and they are reaping the rewards of all the hard work they put in to make the music that they truly love.
the end :)
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feather-dancer · a year ago
Tales of Arcadia Fanfic Recommendations - Part 6
I do admittedly have things left to read in my tabs I’d normally prefer to clear out before posting one of these but when you sail past the 30 mark I think it’s about time to get it out my drafts, yeah? Most importantly means this will be out before Rise of the Titans comes and emotionally destroys us all.
Needless to say soon as this is posted I give it 24 hours before 7 starts, we’ve got some amazing writers in this fandom and there’s a couple I juuust want one more chapter before I feel I can recommend it. Hope you find something you enjoy :)
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
If at all interested in my own writing you can find it here!
General Trollhunters
Romeo, Question Mark - Jim is figuring himself out and has a question for Toby though nervous of how he might react. Honestly the support Aromantic’s need when they’re either questioning or coming out, Toby is a gem.
By The Book - After his dad left changing his world Jim had moments in his life where he needed to wrangle things in a way he could understand them with some moral support along the way that wasn’t there to do it for him, just give a light nudge the right direction. Comes with light Jilaire fluff.
That I Could Fear a Door - Jim was pulled from the Darklands whole but you cannot escape the trauma of your experiences quite so easily. It will take a little time, a lot of patience and perhaps the right ear to listen but with it can come hope.
Lest Back the Awful Door Should Spring - Sequel to the above, Jim’s capture to be sentenced by the tribunal echoes his experiences in the Darklands a little too closely sending all his careful progress hurtling back in one fell swoop. Is it any wonder he chose a false freedom that Unkar offered?
Façade - The confirmation that Mr. Strickler is not the man you thought he was probably was not going to be an easy one, Jim’s thoughts sit ill after that dinner.
Fashion - All changelings take root somewhere in a human life before their changeling one succeeds it and Nomura is no different. She felt love she could not understand and the ache of loss will follow for as she meanders through this world by the Whisper Man’s orders and her own volition of needing to belong somewhere. She will try her hand with the humans and the trolls, paint the road with blood as much as indulging herself with the arts and even risking her heart until everything leads her to Arcadia’s doorstep.
In Deep Trouble - What happened in the Deep during Season 2?
Aftermath - Just after the finale of Season 2 the Market trolls are forced to run leaving their homes behind and follow the Trollhunter they had dismissed so many times into the great unknown before them.
Don’t think - Jim weighs up his options and attempts to settle his thoughts before making the final decision whether or not to go through with using Merlin’s potion.
Nocturne for a Trollhunter - Jim learns a new hobby that gives him another way to relax that doesn’t involve cooking, one that follows him beyond Arcadia.
The Asteroid - A rare 3Below fic for my lists if centered on a certain hedge witch and Wizard. The end of the world is coming but not by Morgana’s hand and Merlin certainly never warned Douxie about it so if this truly is the end then it’s the best time to bring your loved ones close so you won’t be going out alone. Yes it’s Zouxie.
A bright future so it seemed (but that light grew a little less bright) - Claire’s parents (Or more specifically Ophelia) set her on the perfectionist’s path early, even a little slip can feel like the end of the world
Rest, Master Jim - You might be able to escape the Darklands but you cannot escape the consequences of being trapped there for so long as easily.
General Wizards
Not Found - So why did neither Douxie or Archie find the two remaining changelings in Arcadia or bring back the sole Akiridion when Merlin asked?
Place of Power - A lovely bit of shameless Zouxie fluff in that brief period the gang was at Hex Tech before the plot came to get them.
Bitter Water - Only two of the old team remain in Arcadia and those were Jim and Krel, the rest having left to pursue educational pursuits and in one particular case kept away for Nari’s safety. For the Akiridion he is still here with reminders of his heritage and what it took to have this life on earth chasing him all the way. It’s always good to have friends with a listening ear and hot chocolate.
Together, Dearest - The very act of resting is a potential invitation for nightmares and Nari is no different but when once more in the waking world you will find you’re not alone, there are hugs available.
The Night Belongs To Us - Lovingly described Skraelroc fluff during their long hunt for Merlin and the strangeness that can be observed on clearer nights.
Nineteen Plus Nine Hundred, Give Or Take - 900 years is a long time by anyone’s standards but perhaps during that Douxie can figure out how to truly live.
Twelfth Century Wizard, Twenty-First Century Witch - The follow up to the above, when you’ve lived a long and interesting life things can still pop up in odd ways... Even if you haven’t quite mastered the sacred art of texting yet.
ERAS TÚ (It was you). | Tales of Arcadia One-Shot - Would you want to live forever if it meant leaving everyone behind? Jilaire.
the only way for us to go - From his rescue from the streets of Camelot to the eventual guardian of this realm, Douxie has come a very, very long way. Through the frustrations of trying to learn magic, the belittling of others, the faith of Morgana and the power of music his experiences throughout 900 years truly make him what he is.
lay down your head - Even the mightiest can be plagued with the not so humble migraine. Skraelroc fluff.
Merry Christmas, Doctor Lake - Some Christmas gifts are worth going all out for and getting your friends and family to help out to make it extra special.
Grocery Run - After the incident where Merlin dismissed Strickler for being a changeling it is time for an excuse to get out the house for a bit and have a frank discussion about their relationship, the future beyond the incoming battle and lingering insecurities of two worlds colliding.
Alternate Universe
Fashionista, How Do You Look? - An AU that very much takes the term very literally here where everyone is human, Skrael, Bellroc and Nari are fashion designers plus many other ToA characters we know and love are either in the industry in some way themselves or on the fringes because of their jobs/who they know. Sometimes you work with catty bitches and want to kick back and watch the fireworks you know? Contains friends to almost to enemies to friends to maybe we’ll get our shit together this time but the odds aren’t great Skraelroc. There’s also a Zouxie oneshot in this collection that was a gift for meee because of the corner I dug in the AU.
Atlas, Fallen - When a star falls from the sky it is a punishment so when Atlas suddenly finds himself amongst the humans he had observed from above for countless ages in a flesh body like theirs he fears his Mother is punishing him and unable understand what he did wrong. While trying to find his way back home he gets a crash course in what it’s like to be human making friends along the way. Slow burn Jilaire.
she once was a true love of mine - I put this under the AU section even though it wavers between that and not, a mixture of classical Arthurian mythos and the glimpses of the Camelot in Tales of Arcadia where one kingdom collapses from war another strengthens by taking their princess as queen. While Arthur might have turned her head once it is the sibling that seems to be catching Gwen’s eye of late as much as her thoughts. Morgwen but in the department of pining.
Pulled From The Ocean - AU doesn’t quite fit this one but it feels a bit more fitting than general. A little oneshot snapshot of Jim living with deafness and the contrast of one world that falls easily into supporting that whereas the other tries their best but it makes the slip ups sting even more.
you are a stranger here, why have you come? - Fate is a funny old thing, something happens a little bit differently such as a father not leaving alone and everything can change so drastically. Nari’s fondness for children strikes again and this time it involves a 5-year old Jim Lake Jr. ending in the Order’s care and their foray into found family. Somehow Jim is even more of a disaster and as likely surmised from the fact I write this trope myself I am very weak for it.
go into your local forest and you will find a friend and a boy - Toby was unlucky in the friend department and by the time he is ten he still feels miserable and lonely having to endure Steve’s increasing bullying all the while. This is of course until he finds a blue half-troll hiding out the daylight hours munching cans in the local woods...
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vennilavee · a year ago
pink matter
pairing: levi x reader- grad school/boxer au (set in 2:58 AM//bare knuckles universe) summary: it’s levi’s birthday and you’re his present. word count: 4052 warnings: smoking (shisha), smut in the form of: oral (f receiving), fingering, grinding, oc is lowkey a pillow princess, oc cries (bc levi’s stroke game is too good), edging, spitting (dont @ me). 18+ !!!! a/n: ummm what can i say other than...happy birthday to my mans. and yes i listened to pink matter by frank ocean on repeat while writing this
Tumblr media
Levi and birthdays were a tricky thing- he stubbornly refused to do anything over the top every year that you’d known him. His birthday celebrations have almost always been something that his friends have planned, or for the past few years, they’ve been celebrations that you have planned. His birthday fell during winter break, but this year neither of you were heading home. He was staying on campus for his internship and you were staying on campus to apply for jobs and give Levi company.
Besides, your family’s home wasn’t far from campus anyway.
He had had a boxing match earlier in the week, and had come out relatively unscathed with a few still healing bruises and welts over his knuckles. Despite your many attempts to dissuade him from underground boxing, none of them worked. He was good at it, great even, and he made more money underground boxing than he could ever hope to make at his internship. Besides, he had promised you that he was almost ready to quit.
You refused to let him splurge on you the way you knew he wanted to. If he was going to hurt himself to save up money for his mother, then every penny of his boxing money would go towards that. 
Levi could splurge on you later, as you often reminded him when it was late at night and he would voice to you how you deserve more. You scoffed at him, telling him that he knew you better than that. Besides, his kisses, his touch, his time was worth more than anything. Him coming back to you unscathed was worth more than a pretty piece of jewelry.
That didn’t stop him from getting you a beautiful gold necklace for your birthday. He needed to get you at least one thing for you to show off. You had protested immediately- you were both struggling for money, to make ends meet as graduate students. But he had silenced you- “Let me treat you just this once.”
And you couldn’t argue with that.
So today, you choose to keep Levi’s birthday lowkey, just how he prefers it. Just you and him. He’s spending most of the day at his internship, and then will be meeting Erwin and Hange for a quick drink. And then he’ll be having dinner with you.
He had asked you several times if you had wanted to join him for drinks, but you waved him off. Telling him to spend time with his friends, and that you’d go to his apartment once he came back.
Levi had kissed you goodbye in the morning, letting you linger over his chapped lips for a few minutes longer. 
You’re satisfied in letting him leave in the morning, as you had woken him up early with a birthday blowjob. The rest can wait until after he comes home.
Tumblr media
You had given instructions to Erwin and Hange to keep Levi with them for as long as they could. After all, you had to finish baking the mini lemon tarts you wanted to make for Levi, make dinner, and get ready.
You were going to wear your baby pink satin-y dress. The one with thin straps. The one that Levi loved on you.
Anticipation floods through you as minutes tick by. You were multitasking- rolling dough, chopping meat, green chilis and vegetables up for the jiaozi and noodles that you wanted to make for dinner while checking the oven. Levi had given you his mother’s recipe for jiaozi, and you were eager to try it out.
Hopefully it came out as good as his mom’s.
You'd told Levi you’d be heading back to your own place to tidy up and fix up your resume, but really you had just snuck back into his apartment to start cooking with the spare key he had given you.
His kitchen smells wonderful and spicy mixed with sweet. A thin layer of sweat pools over your brow as you make sure that the broth is just right and the tarts aren’t too overdone. You’d even bought wine and whiskey- the wine mainly for you, and the whiskey for him.
Once the dough has rested for long enough, you add soy sauce, rice wine, salt and pepper to the meat and mix it. Then, you cut the dough into thin slices and add the meat filling to it. Before wetting the dough and folding the edges, you pull the tarts out of the oven.
Maybe you had prepared the tarts too early. Oh well, that’s okay.
You cook the jiaozi and pan-fry them, satisfied at the golden brown, crispy texture of them.
You make several servings of spicy Szechuan chili garlic noodles, to save as leftovers for tomorrow. You love noodles, and chili garlic noodles are one of Levi’s favorites.
Perfect. You still have around forty minutes left to get ready. If you move quickly, that’s all you’d need.
Tumblr media
The small dining table in Levi’s extended kitchen is set with two plates, a glass of whiskey for Levi and a glass of red wine for you. You had strung more pink fairy lights around his living room and kitchen, giving the walls a faint, romantic glow.
Not that Levi knows what’s awaiting him. He’s not even expecting you in his apartment, but when he fumbles with the keys and sees the pink glow washing over his walls he knows you’ve been by.
But then he sees you sitting on the couch in his favorite baby pink dress with your legs crossed and a soft smile. You swirl your glass of wine at him expectantly, before setting it on the coffee table and greeting him at the door.
“Hey,” You murmur, smoothing out the wrinkles of his shirt with your hands, “Welcome home.”
Levi can’t take his eyes off of the red of your lips. He plants his hands over your hips, drawing you in closer to him. He traces over the curve of your jaw, eyeing the necklace sitting nice and pretty at the base of your throat. Levi dips his head to kiss your clavicle easily.
“Hey,” Levi drawls, “You all pretty for me?”
“No,” You roll your eyes, “‘M all pretty for me. You’re just an added bonus.”
“Even on my birthday?”
“Shut up,” You laugh, swatting his shoulder, “Go wash up. I made you something.”
Levi palms and smacks your ass generously, swallowing your soft sigh with his lips before ducking out to wash his hands. You watch him walk away from you, enjoying the way his dress shirt clings to his narrow waist and his broad shoulders. You ring your own hands in slight nervousness, hoping that he enjoys the food you prepared for him.
You know he will. But still, you like compliments and you’re not above admitting that.
You refill your wine glass, nearly jumping when Levi wraps his arms around your waist. His hands are warm against your belly, sending a bolt of desire through your spine.
“Started drinkin’ without me?” He murmurs, voice low in your ear.
“No,” You shake your head, “I had a glass as I was cooking. That doesn’t count.”
Levi’s hand slips up the slit of your dress, squeezing your thighs and trailing up your leg. “You made us dinner?”
“And dessert,” You mumble with a nod, turning in his arms and gesturing to the dinner table. Levi’s eyes soften when he sees the set up of the dinner table- two neatly prepared plates with steaming food. How had he not smelled it when he walked in? 
Probably because he was too taken with the scent of your perfume.
“It’s not much,” You mumble shyly, “But-”
Levi cuts your words off with a searing kiss, pulling you into his chest and cradling your neck. “It’s everything, angel,” Levi says, pressing his forehead to yours, “You’re everything.”
Your painted lips split into a bashful smile, and you push his hair out of his eyes to press a kiss to his forehead. “Happy birthday, baby.”
Levi kisses you again in gratitude, soft and chaste. His hands are rough over your skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. He takes your hand and seats you in his lap in one swift movement, shifting you until you fit within the crevices of his chest.
You reach over for your plate and glass of wine, waiting for him to take the first bite of jiaozi. His eyes widen in appreciation, a soft hum coming from his chest.
“Tastes so good,” Levi murmurs, pressing a kiss to the back of your shoulder.
“Really?” You perk up, turning to look at him, “It was my first time, I wasn’t sure if I got them quite right-”
“Really,” Levi says, “Thank you for this.”
“Just wanted to do somethin’ nice for you,” You shrug, unable to stop the smile from spreading, “You deserve it, baby.”
Levi hooks his chin over your shoulder, patting your thigh to wordlessly tell you to eat with him. After a few bites, you admit-
“You’re right, I did do a good job,” You giggle, the noise almost high pitched with the addition of wine. Levi tugs your hand into his, admiring the soft lilac color of your nails as he takes a generous sip of his whiskey.
“You did,” Levi trails off flatly, nosing at your neck. You both finish your plates quietly with gratuitous sips of wine and whiskey in between respectively. The soft material of your dress is always within Levi’s touch- he loves this dress on you because it only just ghosts over the nearly hidden lines and curves of your body. 
He thinks it makes you look ethereal. 
By the time you finish your plates off, you’re feeling the effects of wine curling in your limbs. Making you a little more affectionate than normal, not wanting to let go of Levi’s hand. Always touching him, somehow.
Levi puts your plates away and washes them quickly as you box up the food for leftovers for tomorrow. “Hey, guess what,” You murmur, “I packed the bowl for us-”
You gesture to the living room, where your pink and purple hookah sits tall and pretty next to the coffee table. Your hookah has been your trusty friend for the last few years, and you had even introduced Levi to it. Your hookah has now made a home in Levi’s apartment as well. Even though you had taught him how to use it, he had slowly become the one to pack the shisha into the bowl whenever you both wanted to smoke and clean the water out. 
You claimed that the shisha would stain your nails. He had rolled his eyes but didn’t argue. You were such a princess, but you were his princess. 
“Oh wow, is it a special occasion?” He says dryly, with the arch of his eyebrow. 
“It’s just some guy’s birthday,” You reply without missing a beat, earning yourself a squeeze of your ass. You sit next to him on the couch, legs tucked under you and give him the hookah pipe to take the first pull.
He blows the soft tuft of smoke above your head before taking a deeper pull. A larger cloud of smoke floats out of his mouth. You’re mesmerized by the shape of his lips and the way he holds the clear plastic pink pipe in between his long fingers.
Levi wordlessly hands you the pipe after a few pulls. You lean against his shoulder and thread your fingers through his as you take a few generous pulls. Smoking from your hookah has become something of a stress relief for both of you- sometimes you ended your nights with a nice pack and just sat with each other. It was a good way to wind down after long days and long nights.
It was a habit you knew you might be growing too old for, but you’ll deal with that later. 
You start to feel a little lightheaded, a little tipsy and give Levi the pipe back. “Did you have a good day today?” You ask softly, cradling his cheek with your hand.
He hums, “Wish they were paying me more at the internship. But I’m here now.”
You understand his unspoken words- I’m happy to be here now.
“We’ll be okay soon, Levi,” You promise, “We’ll be outta here soon, baby.”
But for tonight, he only wants to think about you. Levi only wants to think about you, you in this pretty dress, you all pretty in his arms. So he puts the pipe on the table and drops the coal from the bowl, ignoring your noise of protest. Levi pulls you into his lap hastily, hands tight over your hips and wandering down to your ass.
“You should suck my cock,” Levi says bluntly, “It’s my birthday, after all.”
He’s only joking- really, he likes seeing the way you pout and protest at him. Like the princess that you are. “Levi,” You whine, “I did this morning, and I can’t get on my knees in this dress…”
“You’re right,” Levi muses, fingers tracing your sides, “This dress is too nice for you to ruin.”
“It’s your favorite dress,” You say. You’re proud of yourself and Levi finds it endearing. Levi draws you even closer and lays you over the couch with your back flat. He clasps the hem of the tight skirt of your dress and hikes it up to your waist and allows his fingers to graze the softness of your inner thighs. 
Fingers instantly thread through his dark, silky hair, tugging at his scalp. He groans into your skin, eyes fluttering at the feeling. Levi draws himself up over your body, slipping the thin, pink straps of your dress off of your shoulders and dropping kisses along the column of your neck. You tilt your neck to the side in your hazy stupor, giving him an eyeful of your glowing skin.
You’re so pretty.
Levi kisses the spot behind your ear, the spot that never fails to make you sigh his name airily. He’s intoxicated by you, the sweet smell of your perfume mixed with his cologne clinging to your skin and wrapping you both in a pink bubble. Levi cradles your face with his hand, drawing your eyes towards him.
You leave him a little breathless- far more breathless than after a difficult boxing match. None of that has anything on the way you blink at him with hearts dotted in your eyes, or the way your lips are swollen from his kisses. And especially not the way you trace the hard planes of his chest with gentle calls of his name. 
His eyes are blazing, adoration stamped in his grey irises. Levi ducks his head for a sharp kiss, drawing a loud whimper out of you when he puts a little pressure over your neck. He squeezes a little harder when you whine impatiently and lock your legs around his narrow waist.
His angel in pink is just full of surprises.
Levi could kiss you for hours, the soft, wet feel of your red lips against his is something he wants to drown in. He’s certain your red lipstick stains his skin, but he pays it no mind. He knows you’ll get a kick out of it, but right now, you’re only focused on peeling him out of his shirt. You toss his dress shirt on the other side of the couch, where it lands on the armchair unassumingly.
Levi hisses when your lips brush over freshly healed bruises on his chest, but he doesn’t mind the slight sting. Levi firmly pushes you back towards the couch, an excited gasp ripping from your throat.
You like it when he shows off his strength for you. Specifically, when he manhandles you a little bit.
“Be good,” Levi murmurs raspily, taking your curious hands in his, “You gonna be my good girl? It’s my birthday…”
You nod instantly, eager to please, “Y-yes. ‘M your good girl…”
“Then keep your hands to yourself, angel,” Levi says and you pout at him. But you listen, struggling not to touch him.
Levi pushes the top of your dress down and unclasps your lacy black bra in quick succession, your tits spilling out easily. Your entire body pulses when his lips plaster over your chest, his lips sucking and tongue soothing as he slides down your body. 
He looks up at you from in between your legs, pleased when your eyes are hooded. You’re doing your best to listen to him, to not touch him. Just because he said so and you want to be good for him. Levi hooks his hands around your hips, pulling you flush against his face. 
You buck your hips towards him and hope he doesn’t notice. He does, but says nothing, only pushing the skirt of your dress higher up on your waist. Leaving your legs bare and your clothed pussy in front of him for him to devour. Levi dots your thighs in kisses before his head disappears in between your legs and rubs his thumb over your clothed clit. He presses a kiss there and you shudder, wanting to run your hands through his hair.
But you keep your hands to yourself.
Levi hums when he finally peels your panties off and puts them in the pocket of his pants, not wanting them to get dirty. You choke at the action, feeling your face heat up. Levi spreads your legs apart, hiking them over his shoulders and licks your core teasingly. His tongue is so wet and warm that you can’t help but buck your hips for more with a whine. You tighten your thighs around his head as he gathers your wetness with his thumb and circles your clit in the same motion. 
You grip the sofa cushions in an attempt to ground yourself. Your thighs tremble at the first swipe of his tongue over your folds and when he continues to circle your clit. Levi sucks your clit and pushes a finger into your dripping pussy, and you let out a strangled sort of noise. He pumps you a few strokes, your walls already clenching around his finger.
And then he just stops. You whine in annoyance, your brow furrowed and your lips pursed together in a pout. He only smirks at you wickedly, adding another finger into you and holding still. You try to fuck yourself on his fingers, but he won’t have that.
“Thought you were gonna be my good girl,” Levi murmurs, palm flat against your hip.
“Mmm-please, baby,” You mumble, eyes beginning to fill with unshed tears, “I love you, please touch me-”
“Alright, angel,” Levi acquiesces easily. He only wants to please you, wants to maybe see you cry on his cock, come apart with his hand wrapped around your pretty throat. “You know I love you.”
Your eyes light up at that, pout dissolving into a soft smile. Levi kisses your thigh once more and dips his head in between your legs. You move your foot so it’s flat against Levi’s back for more leverage, letting out a loud moan when his tongue presses into your pussy. You rock your hips into his face, nearly choking at the sight of his dark hair in between your legs. 
You don’t even realize how lewdly you’re calling his name, as he grinds his tongue into you as if you’re the sweetest honey he’s ever had.
Which you are. Because you’re his angel. You do well with being obedient, not allowing your hands to graze any part of him. So he looks up from in between your legs, your wetness dribbling down his chin and gives you a look that makes your pussy flutter.
“Good girl,” Levi murmurs and ducks his head down once more. The soft praise shoots straight down your spine and Levi tastes it. He threads his fingers through yours and you gasp at his touch, squeezing greedily.
“You feel so good, Levi,” You babble, “Love you, I love you so much-”
You cut yourself off with a wretched moan when Levi presses his tongue flat against your pussy and strokes you with two long fingers in you. Levi knows when you’re close, when your thighs begin to tremble and when you start babbling to him as you are now.
He pumps you slowly, alternating between slow and fast as you gush for him on his tongue. Levi groans in between your legs, the sound reverberating through you and he eagerly laps up another wave of wetness. 
“Look at you, angel,” Levi murmurs, pulling his tongue away to play with your clit as he presses kisses on your inner thighs.
“Yours, ‘m yours,” You slur, “Please, baby, make me cum, I’m so close…”
And since you asked so nicely, the lilt of your voice coated with silky adoration for him and him only, he presses his tongue to your pussy once more. Your back arches instantly, thighs beginning to quiver when he sucks your clit and presses two fingers into you again. 
“Levi, baby, please,” You beg with tears gathering in the corner of your eyes and dropping down your cheeks, “Love your mouth, love you so much. Wanna be with you always, wanna give you everything…”
God, he loves you so much. The way your eyes water when you’re close, the way you wrap around him perfectly like this. There’s nothing that can compare to your softness meshing with all of his rough edges.
“Cum, baby,” Levi murmurs hoarsely, scissoring his fingers inside of you. He shifts so that he’s over your frame, his fingers still inside of you and kisses you harshly. You taste yourself on his lips, moaning into his mouth. You don’t have the strength to pull away as your orgasm is within reach once more. You clench desperately around his fingers before he’s about to slide down your body again but you stop him.
“N-no,” You mumble, “Kiss me, want you to kiss me.” You yank him down to you, pushing your lips to his impatiently as you rock into his fingers. You look up at him with your lips parted and with heated cheeks, as he rubs your clit with his thumb.
“C’mon angel, cum for me,” Levi says, a soft demand. The headiness of his voice and his blown out eyes make your toes curl. With another few rubs of your clit with his thumb, stars explode behind your eyelids, your heart is about to beat right out of your chest and Levi holds you steady as you ride out your high.
Levi slides down your body to lap up your wetness and you close your legs instinctively from oversensitivity. Your thighs jump at his sudden touch over your clit and you try to shove him away but he pulls off of you himself, hovering above you and settling in your arms.
You give him a dazed, happy smile. Levi licks his lips, letting saliva gather on his tongue and presses his thumb to your chin.
“Open, angel,” He breathes. When you part your lips eagerly, red lipstick long smudged, he drops a ball of spit onto your waiting tongue and watches the bob of your throat as you swallow eagerly. Levi kisses you, coating your bottom lip with spit, just the way you like.
You grin at him, a little messy, a little in love. Levi’s cock jumps as he looks at you below him.
“You’re messy,” Levi says fondly, cradling your cheek.
“You like me messy,” You wink at him and wrap your legs around his waist to push him down to your chest. He rests his weight on top of you and you can feel the hard press of his cock against your thigh. You grind into him teasingly, lightly scratching at his undercut.
“I made dessert for you,” You say forlornly, “Made lemon tarts. With blackberries on top.”
“Lemme have you on top and then we’ll eat your tarts,” Levi says, earning himself a smack to the chest. 
Levi carries you to his bedroom after that, and you don’t end up eating the lemon tarts until most of the city has fallen asleep and flurries begin to come down from the sky.
Tumblr media
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ampintherain · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’m Yours:
Charlie Gillespie x Reader
Chapter IV
Y/N is Kenny Ortega’s ‘niece’ after going through a rough breakup, Kenny decides to fly her over to stay with him, will her broken heart mend?
(Female Reader, NO SMUT, Romance, Friendship, THIS IS MY FIRST EVER FANFIC/IMAGINE, I hope it’s good, Kenny is lifelong family friend so reader calls him Uncle Kenny. I’m British so the writing is going to be British so like ‘mum’ not ‘mom’ yanno?)
TW- swearing. mentions of alcohol, drugs & divorce
“Doll, you ready to go?” Kenny asked as he shrugged on his coat, we had been at Tori’s for a good three hours and I could see Kenny was getting tired and we did have a really long day tomorrow, I nodded at my uncle happily before bidding farewell to my new found friends. I found it quite strange as to how quickly they had befriended me and made me feel more than welcome- Charlie especially, I mean throughout the day he asked me if I was alright and he encouraged me to share my ideas with Uncle Kenny, it really was strange.
“See you tomorrow Y/n” Owen chirped, pulling me in for a quick hug, I was soon passed round through the group of friends each of them giving me a tight hug which I gladly reciprocated, I waved everyone a final goodbye before Kenny and I left Tori’s apartment and made our way back to the car.
As Uncle Kenny drove through the streets of Vancouver, I paid most attention to the lights displayed throughout, I watched as birds flew through the sky and listened to the soft sound of the radio, “you okay Y/n?” Uncle Kenny questioned,
“Hm?” I said, as the questioned tore me out of my unknown daydream, I turned to face my uncle Kenny and before he could repeat himself, my brain managed to process what he originally asked “oh oh yeah, I’m fine Uncle Kenny, just sight seeing” I laughed quietly,
“Okay, just making sure, I’m worried about you...” Kenny admitted, I had a feeling that he was but he just didn’t want to draw attention to me and my situation, I have always been very good at hiding my emotions it came from years and years of being told that my emotions and the way I felt weren’t ‘necessary’ and that I shouldn’t feel the way I did- in the end, I decided to no longer tell anyone my problems but deal with them myself, battling through the pain as a lone warrior, I didn’t even tell Kenny what was going on, I built up layers of walls around me to protect myself and make it seem like I was this strong, capable woman. “You’re only 19, Y/n, I know you’re strong but... I just want you to know that I am here should you ever need me” I nodded in response, worried that if I did speak, my voice would give way and I would be revealed as this weak character, I’ve already cried once today and I’m not planning on crying anymore, not in front of Kenny at least.
Kenny locked the door behind me as we both entered the apartment, “do you want a drink or anything Uncle Kenny?” I questioned as I made my way into the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out the carton of orange juice,
“No you’re alright Star, I’m just going to head to bed, I’ll wake you up at 7 alright?” He assured me, I nodded as I sipped at my juice, I looked at the digital clock placed on the side- 12:00am, luckily I had sorted through all of my clothes before going to set and again before going to Tori’s because, quite honestly, I hadn’t the energy to do much at this point, I watched as my uncle wandered into his room, closing the door behind him. I let out a deep breath, the thoughts of a few nights ago coming back into my memory, replaying itself there, why wasn’t I good enough? I did absolutely everything I could for him... I loved him with everything I had... why wasn’t I good enough?
I kept asking myself, it was truly lost on me, I didn’t see myself as this perfect girl, this perfect girlfriend but I knew what I did for him. I was there for him when his dad spiralled, turning to alcoholism and drug abuse, I was there whenever he called, whenever he showed up randomly at my house at 4 in the morning crying and looking for a cuddle, I made sure to visit him mum every Tuesday evening for dinner because Zac wanted to move out once his parents split, deciding to live with his grandparents instead. We were even thinking about moving in together... well him moving in with me as I had already had my own place at 18. That boy was my entire world for 3 years and the fact that he could throw it all away so easily, really hurt me, and I don’t think it was anything that I could understand ever.
The thought alone caused my heart to feel crushed, it felt like Zac had a hold of my heart and whenever I thought about it, he just squeezed my heart as hard as he possibly could, it felt like a gut wrenching type of pain, I wiped away the tears that I didn’t even realise were spilling quickly out of my eyes. I cleared my throat and drank the rest of my juice before making my way to bed, I changed into my grey cable knit sweater and my plaid shorts and clambered into the large double bed, snuggling into the comfort that the bed brought me before I let sleep take over me.
“Rise and shine” Kenny said quietly into my bedroom, I groaned as I stretched in bed, “morning sleepyhead” he chuckled,
“Morning” I mumbled, scratching the back of my head, Kenny told me that we’d be leaving in 20 minutes, “okay, I’ll see you in 20” I smiled, sliding out of bed and heading into my closet, I grabbed my white tennis skirt, white shirt and dark blue sweater, I paired the outfit with white tennis socks and my white and blue Nike Jordan’s that Uncle Kenny bought me for Christmas. I placed my clothes on my bed and went for a quick shower, this time I dried my hair before chucking it up into a high ponytail, I brushed my teeth and did some light makeup again before changing and grabbing my phone off the side,
“Let’s go” I stated as I made my way over to Kenny,
“You look amazing” he smiled genuinely at me, I thanked him and we made our way back to the set of his new show.
“So... how did you sleep?” Kenny asked me,
“Oh really well thank you, that bed was huge, you could fit like five of me in there” I joked, just as my phone chimed, I looked down at the lit screen to see messages from the one person I didn’t want to hear from.
Zac- Hey, where are you? I came to your place to see you and you weren’t there...
I rolled my eyes and groaned internally before locking my phone and sinking into my seat, “what’s on your mind?” Uncle Kenny asked immediately, I swear it’s like this man lives in my brain. I turned my phone on vibrate just as another text came through,
“It’s nothing Uncle Kenny” I sighed, the man driving next to me simply hummed in response, he definitely didn’t believe me but I knew he wasn’t going to push for answers- he never did, he would always let me come to him if I needed and that was one of the things I loved most about him. I could feel my phone constantly vibrating in my hand whilst Kenny was driving, so I turned it on do not disturb just to try and escape it.
“Alright kiddo, we’ve arrived” Kenny said as he swiftly parked up, I went to unbuckle myself but Kenny stopped me, “you don’t have to tell me right now, but I am here, you know I won’t judge you like your parents” he explained, I sighed and leant over to rest my head on his arm,
“I know Uncle Kenny... it’s Zac, he texted me... I’m ignoring him though” I replied, he sighed and looked down at me, placing a kiss to the top of my head,
“You’re going to have to” Kenny started before I cut him off mid sentence,
“Message him at some point, I know I know” I sat back upright and unbuckled the seat before getting out the car, “come on” I sighed, putting back on my brave face before heading into the lot with Uncle Kenny in tow.
“Y/n!” I heard Sav yell from across the lot, I turned to see Y/n walking towards us, her arms linked with Kenny’s as he was talking and joking with her, I watched as she let out a quick laugh before shaking her head, probably at some corny joke that Kenny told. “We’re matching!” Sav exclaimed as Y/n got closer,
“So we are!” Y/n giggled, “but don’t you have to be in your Carrie costume?” She questioned, pointing at the costume trailer just a way behind us,
“We are rehearsing Wow today in costume” Kenny announced, this prompted Sav to scrunch her face and turn on her heels, grabbing Tori by her upper arm as they both ran to the costume trailer, “those girls” Kenny laughed, shaking his head, “I’m going to get some breakfast, do you want anything Y/n?” The girl shook her head, “you have to eat Star, I’ll get you a croissant okay?”
“If I have to eat, can you get me some blueberry pancakes?” Y/n questioned innocently, smiling up at her ‘uncle.’ Kenny simply nodded and walked over to catering to grab him and Y/n some breakfast. “Hey” Y/n said as she took a step closer to me, I looked down at her and smiled,
“Hey” I mirrored, “sleep well last night?” I asked, the girl nodded and started to walk down the lot, I naturally started to follow her, not wanting the conversation to end,
“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever slept in a bed that big before” she giggled, causing my heart to skip a beat slightly, “how about you? Did you sleep well?” She questioned, looking up at me with her beautiful y/e/c eyes.
“Oh yeah, Owen and I left Tori’s a little while after you and Ken left, we grabbed some food and then just crashed as soon as we got home” I said simply, just as I mentioned Owen I saw him come out of his trailer dressed as Alex,
“You, Charles. Have to be in costume” he stated, pointing at me, I rolled my eyes before he shoo’d me away, I nodded slightly at Y/n as a way to say goodbye and she saluted me slightly which caused me to laugh before jogging up to costume.
“Why the long face?” Owen asked me as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, “wassup Buttercup?” I bit the inside of my cheek and looked up at the blonde boy,
“It’s my ex” I stated plainly, “he messaged me this morning and I just...” I trailed off, not really knowing what to say, was I ignoring Zac because I hated him, or was I ignoring him because I was worried that if I did text him back, I would fall for him all over again? You can’t get over someone that quickly, no matter how much they hurt you... right?
“Don’t know what to say to him?” Owen answered for me, “what did he say?” He asked, I daren’t look at my phone again because I knew that he had probably texted more so I tried to remember what I saw at quick glance.
“It was something about why I wasn’t home and where I was” I remembered, sitting down on the small couch in the resting tent, my back against the arm rest and my legs tucked up to my chest, Owen sat down, facing me and mirroring my position, “I just don’t see why I have to tell him that anymore... he’s my ex y’know?” I vented, leaning my head back and closing my eyes.
“Hey, you shouldn’t let him get to you like that, it’s not cool... look, I’m pretty sure we have a day off tomorrow, why don’t you come over to mine and Charlie’s place and we can watch movies and pig out?” Owen offered, I lifted my head back up and nodded, it didn’t sound like the worst idea, in fact, it sounded like the best thing for me, I mean karaoke last night helped me a lot so maybe just a chilled day would help too?
“Yeah that sounds amazing actually” I smiled.
“Okay you guys, Sav, Sacha, Tori, Mads and Jay you guys can all go home, thank you so much for your excellence today, you’re all amazing!” Uncle Kenny beamed with pride at his cast that he was dismissing for the day, we had just filmed 3 more scenes for the show and the cast had rehearsals for as many dances they could fit in today, the only thing left on the agenda was the hot dog scene, “now, I will see everyone at the next location? Y/n, you ready?” Kenny asked, I nodded as I felt a shiver run up my spine causing my body to visibly shake,
“Hey” I heard Charlie whisper, “you okay?” He questioned, staying within earshot of me,
“Yeah I’m good, just cold, I forgot a jacket and it was warm today... I kinda forgot how long today was” I laughed, slightly embarrassed about my sieve of a brain, although the presence of Charlie stood behind me seemed to keep me fairly warm, that is, until I felt him leave. I turned to see Owen looking behind him as Charlie darted off, “I’ll be one second” Charlie yelled loud enough for everyone to hear and wait for him.
“Where’s he going?” Jeremy asked, pointing behind him towards where Charlie had just disappeared to,
“I have... no idea” Owen sighed, shrugging his shoulders, “Y/n/n, do you know?” I shook my head,
“He just ran off, maybe he forgot something” I stated, just as Charlie came running back, handing me a brown corduroy jacket with a wool collar,
“Here, it has pockets too so you won’t have to keep holding your phone” he said, only slightly out of breath.
Y/n gently took the jacket from me, “oh... thanks” she said as a red tint reached her cheeks, she shrugged the jacket on and I couldn’t help but smile at how it looked on her, on me, it fit perfectly but on Y/n, it nearly swamped her, the sleeves hung so low only her fingertips could be seen and the length of the jacket went just above where her skirt ended. She looked adorable.
“Yeah.. yeah anytime” I replied, Y/n placed her phone in her pocket and started to walk towards Kenny,
“Hey, I’ve gotta talk to my Uncle Kenny about some things for the hot dog scene, I had some ideas but I’ll see you on location okay?” She said, not just to me, but to Owen and Jeremy as well, all three of us nodded and joined together so we could all walk out of the lot,
“You like her...” Jeremy stated, Owen nudged him slightly and rolled his eyes,
“I made that observation last night!” He said, “but yeah, you totally like her... it’s obvious”
“I just gave her my jacket, she said she was cold, I would’ve done the same for anybody, like Mads” I defended, “she did look really cute in it though” I admitted, Owen agreed with me which caused me to look at him sceptically,
“Before you get jealous and ask me, no I don’t like her, she’s just a friend” he answered before I even had a chance to ask the question, “oh by the way, she was talking to me about her ex today, something about how he messaged her and she doesn’t know what to say to him, she seemed really down so I invited her to come over tomorrow” Owen explained,
“Oh really? Okay cool” was all I could say, Jeremy soon decided to change the subject to running lines as he could see that I was becoming nervous at the fact that Y/n was coming over, I had no idea why the thought of it had my heart racing and my mind scattered but it did, there was something about Y/n that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but whatever it was drove me crazy about her.
We had just finished filming the final scene of the day- the hot dog scene and it was the longest scene ever, the amount of re-runs and developments on the scene was enough to drive anybody insane, I groaned slightly as I turned and sat on the seat that one of the crew members brought with them just as Kenny was wrapping the scene up. “Y/n, I’ve just got to do some paperwork and I’ll be right with you okay? I’m sure the boys will keep you company once they change” Kenny announced, to which I simply nodded, not having the energy to say anything or do anything else, I rubbed my eye as I pulled my phone out of Charlie’s jacket pocket, I looked down at the screen and saw the notification, I had 36 unread messages from Zac:
>Zac- hello? Y/n! Where are you?
>Zac- I’m worried about you...
>Zac- Y/n! Would you please just answer me...
>Zac- I went to the coffee shop, you weren’t there either, where have you run off to?
>Zac- look Y/n, I’m really sorry about what I did to you
>Zac- you can’t possibly be giving me the silent treatment? Seriously.
>Zac- I didn’t realise you were so childish.
>Zac- I’m glad I cheated on you, you’re worthless
>Zac- wait no, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that I’m just worried about you.
The list went on and on, a mixture of emotions, I kept scrolling through the text screen until I saw the most recent text, delivered 1 minute ago,
>Zac- call me. Please.
I rolled my eyes, I couldn’t call him, I shouldn’t call him right? But alas, like muscle memory, I clicked on the call icon and there was his voice, “Y/n! Hey... how’re you?” All I did was sigh in response, I watched as the boys came out of the venue and into sight, they all waved at me before noticing I was on the phone, Owen and Jeremy dispersed whereas Charlie stayed, walking slowly towards me with a half-smile on his face, clearly worried about whether or not I wanted him to come closer.
“What do you want?” I said bluntly, “I’m not in the mood to hear your pathetic apologies Zac, you’re messages were ridiculous, you went from being apologetic to calling me worthless and saying that you were happy that you cheated on me!”
“Listen Y/n... I can’t explain” Zac began but I was in no mood to hear it,
“No you listen Zac, you don’t get to be sad, you don’t get to cry. You are the one who cheated remember? Or have you suddenly developed amnesia? You went behind my back and had this whole other relationship for 13 months... and on top of that, it was with Quinn! My best friend and you think I’m going to sit here and listen to your silly little apologies, no, you have another thing coming. We were together for 3 years and for a year of that you were with someone else, I was nothing but loyal to you, I was nothing but kind to you, I loved you so much and I thought that you would never hurt me, but I was wrong, you’re just a piece of shit Zac, you and Quinn deserve each other, you’re both snakes, you’re both pathetic and you both betrayed me. I dont want to hear from you again? Do I make myself clear?” I ranted down the phone, I never raised my voice, I kept calm, I wouldn’t let him know that he made me so angry that I wanted to scream and throw my phone into the road, no. I wouldn’t let him have that power over me.
“But Y/n- we’ve been through so much... Quinn doesn’t know me like you do... she’s not there for me like you do” Zac grovelled, I scoffed in response,
“Well isn’t that just a crying shame? You should’ve thought about that before you decided to go behind my back and fuck her, you should’ve thought about it before you decided to be unfaithful. Hey, I’ll make this easy for you, I’ll just block you on everything that way you have no way of contacting me. Goodbye Zac” I said as I abruptly hung up, giving Zac no chance to talk, I blocked his number and started to go through my social media, blocking him on everything that I had.
“Uh... you okay?” I heard a worried voice speak, I looked up to see those eyes that could only belong to Charlie, he tilted his head and looked at me with concern riddled all over his face, I placed my phone on my lap and rubbed my temples to try and reduce to incoming headache.
“Yeah... that was my ex” I stated the absolute obvious, unsure of what else to say, Charlie nodded and stuffed his hands in his pockets before taking the seat next to me, he didn’t ask me to go on and explain but I felt like I could talk to him and so I did “you probably heard but he cheated on me, with my best friend”
“Yeah... yeah I did hear, look, Y/n, I know it probably won’t mean much but he really doesn’t deserve you and he isn’t worth your tears” he said calmly, placing his thumb on my cheek and gently brushed away the tears that I had no idea were slowly falling from my eyes, “by the sounds of it, he sounds like a dick and you were way too good for him” I laughed in response, “I’m being serious, Y/n, you’re gorgeous and kind and funny and insanely talented! I know it’s hard but you shouldn’t let a guy like that get to you...”
“Yeah I know... but he and I were together for so long, it just makes me feel like everything was a lie y’know? And like I can’t truly be loved by anyone” I admitted, hearing this Charlie stood up in front of me and held his hands out, “what...?” I questioned, he beckoned me to stand up before pulling me in for a hug,
“You? You can’t truly be loved? Y/n you’re one of the most lovable people I’ve ever met, everyone loves you here... I know that’s not the type of love you meant but trust me on this okay? You can very easily be loved” I pulled out of the hug slightly and Charlie lightly placed his hands on my face, looking deep into my eyes, he smiled slightly to himself causing me to become shy and look down, Charlie used his index finger to lift my head back up by my chin ever so gently, “who wouldn’t want to fall in love with you?”
💜thank you for reading💜
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seattlesea · a year ago
Percy Jackson Characters + Voices
Percy: -Has a heavy New Yorker accent -Uses a lot of New York/Manhattan slang and skater slang as well (if that’s even a thing) -Has quite a deep voice but gets voice cracks pretty often -Has a rough, gravelly, smoky, and vigorous voice -Talks pretty slow, like water calmly splashing on rocks  -But talks really slow when he’s bored or tired, people will stop listening before he even finishes one sentence cause he takes forever to speak  -Sometimes has a really deep, bored, and calm voice that’s actually quite pleasant to listen to when you’re tired, exhausted, or trying to relax -His voice gets deeper when he’s upset and shaky when he’s really scared -Half the time he’s talking slowly and taking his sweet time and the other half the time he’s talking at a mile a minute -Sometimes he sounds like the deepest parts of the ocean and melted chocolate and other times sounds like the surface of a calm ocean on a peaceful summer day -At night he sounds so sleepy and dreamy but in the mornings and throughout the rest of the day he sounds so bright and merry and chirpy it’s hard to believe those two voices are coming from the same person -But when he’s yelling he’s pretty intimidating, he sounds wild and fierce
Annabeth: -Has a slight Virginian accent she tries hard to get rid of -Her voice is kind of high and she hates it  -Has a light, clear, silvery, and firm voice -Sometimes sounds completely toneless and blunt when talking to people she doesn’t know and can sound cold as ice when talking to an enemy -She has a really nice and pleasant reading voice (and a nice, pleasant voice in general) -People love listening to her when she’s talking about something she’s interested in (especially architecture) cause she sounds so eager and happy and excited and it’s so nice to hear from her -Sounds loud and scary when she’s yelling -Can sound really tight at times -She giggles more than laughs, and her laugh is so quiet, barely noticeable -Pronounces every word perfectly and carefully, she pronounces every syllable at a time -Sounds like what writing in cursive looks like -She uses really long and sophisticated words a lot of people don’t know the meaning of. She’s pretty much a walking dictionary -Her voice gets lower when she’s sad and it’s heartbreaking -Overall she has a really soothing, simple, and steady voice  -She uses perfect grammar at all times and rarely stutters -Sometimes will sound like cotton and a soft breeze and other times will sound like ice and blizzards depending on her mood and who she’s talking to
Jason: -Pure American boy accent -Has a very steady and level voice and when he’s talking to people he doesn’t really know he sounds serious and monotonous  -But his voice is so soft and gentle when talking to his family and friends it’s like getting a verbal bear hug  -Has a slight lisp from his lip scar -Just like Annabeth, likes to pronounce things perfectly and on point -Sounds like what still water and glass look like -Is naturally really loud. He has to be reminded to lower his voice on a daily basis -Often unintentionally sounds toneless like someone reading an audiobook -He has the deepest voice out of all the males and sounds deeper when he’s upset or exhausted -Uses really obscure and complicated words and barely anyone but Reyna and Annabeth can understand him -Sounds really commanding and assertive when he’s yelling and giving orders
Piper: -Sounds like a typical California girl -Talks kind of slow and ties her words together when she’s tired -Has voice that’s not too deep or too high, kind of in the middle -Has a really pleasant, attractive, smooth, sultry, emotional, and soft voice  -But because of that she also sounds really honeyed and new people often don’t trust her when speaking to her for the first time -Uses casual, short, and simple words. No slang, nicknames, etc. Just the basic everyday words -Her charmspeak takes on the best qualities of the listener. Percy hears hints of Annabeth, Jason hears hints of Thalia and Reyna, Hazel hears a bit of her mother, etc.  -When she’s yelling she sounds frantic, almost hysterical  -And she gets a slight rasp when she’s been yelling too much  -Sounds like what honey looks like and what a birdsong sounds like -Has a soft and quiet laugh
Frank: -He used to have a Chinese accent, then a Canadian one -Uses a lot of Canadian slang most people don’t understand -Mutters in Mandarin a lot -Has a soft, soothing, silky, mellow, kind of deep, and overall really cute voice -He mirrors people often. If he’s been listening to Percy a lot, he’ll sound deeper and rougher. If he’s been listening to Annabeth a lot, he’ll sound higher and clearer, etc.  -Same thing goes for his laugh. It changes every few days or so -Has a loud and adorable contagious laugh. It sounds like happiness -Sounds like sunshine and sugar -Uses simple words everyone can understand -Also uses really good grammar -Talks at a pretty steady pace most of the time, even when he’s tired or mad -When he’s yelling he sounds really forceful  -Gets voice cracks when he’s angry or scared but doesn’t really mind
Hazel: -Beautiful voice, it sounds like heaven -Has a slight New Orleans and old-fashioned accent that makes it clear she isn’t from this century -Uses a lot of older slang and words that aren’t relevant today but no one bothers to correct her cause it’s so cute -Has a soft, soothing, flowing, kind of high, spirited, lively, pleasant, smooth, and passionate voice -Is the easiest person to listen to, her voice is so warm and calming -Sounds like writing in cursive and italics at the same time -Talks nice and kind of slow -Sounds like what the cool side of a pillow feels like, honey, and the reflection of jewels from the sun (pun intended) -Has a scary and assertive voice when she’s yelling -Everyone loves making her laugh cause it’s so sweet and delightful -Has a higher than average voice, mostly cause of her young age and cause she hasn’t really hit puberty yet -Overall has a really lovely voice -Uses a bunch of really cute pet names like ‘Sugar’, ‘Doll’, ‘Cutie’, ‘Love’, ‘Honey’, etc.
Leo: -Used to have a really heavy Hispanic accent that faded as he grew, but it gets clearer the more he raises his voice -His voice is higher than average  -Has a light, smooth, passionate, kind of husky, and gravelly voice that’s pretty attractive if you’re not into deep voices -Gets voice cracks and a deeper voice when he’s angry. When his voice is almost or just as deep as Jason’s, you know you f’d up -Sounds really low when he’s tired -Uses a bunch of mechanic and engineer terms that no one knows the meaning of -Mutters and hums to himself while he’s working -Uses really long and complicated words -Talks kind of choppily and will often pause mid-sentence -Sounds completely unhinged when he’s yelling, wild and terrifying -Mutters in Spanish a lot and often switches from English to Spanish then back again and Reyna is the only one who can understand him -Talks really, really fast, quite loudly, and talks a lot
Reyna: -If ‘butch’ was a word used to describe someone’s voice it’d be hers -Has a slight Puerto Rican accent that gets clearer when she yells -Also has hints of an unidentifiable islander accent that only Jason, Percy, and Annabeth know are from Circe’s Island -But also lived in California for 4+ years so has hints of a Californian accent as well so her accent is all over the place but it fits weirdly perfectly -Has a super deep voice, deeper than Percy’s and on par or deeper than Jason’s. Sometimes she sounds genderless  -Has a strong, fruity, smooth, steady, level, attractive, firm, commanding, and pleasant voice  -Can sound so soft and sweet that her voice sounds like fragile glass when she’s comforting someone and it’s so calming and warm -She’s learned to sound the same when she’s upset or angry after bottling her emotions for so long but whenever she lets go her voice gets low and shaky and sad and it’s heartbreaking -Whenever she yells it’s absolutely terrifying cause it’s loud and booming and strong and fierce and assertive and forceful and commanding and dominant and everyone listens to her right away without thinking -She uses perfect grammar and always has planned-out wording, but even when she’s using impromptu speech she never stutters or uses ‘uh’ or ‘um’ cause she’s so used to doing or coming up with things on the spot, especially in the heat of battle -She has a loud and slightly choppy but really cute laugh -Uses really weird and confusing curses no one knows she got from the pirates -In general curses a lot when she’s not on duty, especially during battle, more than Leo and Annabeth but not as much as Percy and Thalia -Also since she lived in California for 4+ years she definitely says ‘hella’ a lot and it’s her favorite word -Sounds like what melted marshmallows and coffee look like -Talks and mutters in Spanish and Latin a lot, sometimes mixes the two 
Nico: -Has a ranging accent from a bunch of different places after being surrounded by people of multiple cultures at the Lotus Casino for so long -But his most distinct accent is his Italian one and he can’t pronounce some of his ‘i’s, pronouncing them like ‘e’ instead, and he pronounces Will’s name like ‘Wheel’ cause of it and he hates it but Will loves it -He sounds scratchy, shaky, and sad when he’s upset and it’s so agonizing to hear him like that -Overall he usually has a dark, grim, melancholy, thick, small, soft, and slightly raspy voice -He talks really fast when he’s excited and he sounds so eager and enthusiastic it’s adorable, everyone loves it, especially Percy cause Nico sounds so much like the upbeat, energetic, cheerful kid who played Mythomagic years ago -Has a light, soft, and giggly laugh that everyone loves to hear from him -But his yelling voice is frightening cause he sounds like the depths of Tartarus are screaming through his body and since he rarely raises his voice, all his pain and anger are shown through his voice at the same time -Gets voice cracks when he’s really angry or sad -Sounds like steel and what mint tastes like -Uses phrases from the 19th century and still uses terms and codes from World War II
Thalia: -Used to have a regular American accent but after travelling the world with the Hunters for over two years started picking up a ranging accent from various places, similar to Nico -Is naturally super loud just like Jason (like brother-like sister) and isn’t allowed to talk while the Hunters are stalking prey cause she alerts the monsters within a second if she speaks -Has a very brash, raucous, thunderous (pun intended), booming, smoky, sultry, silvery, stentorian, ringing, and slightly husky voice -Naturally sounds really sarcastic even if she’s not being so, and everyone she speaks to for the first time thinks she’s being rude when that’s just how she talks -Has a loud and booming laugh similar to Jason’s -Uses a lot of modern slang -Curses the most out of everyone and way too much, there’s at least two curse words in every sentence -And after hanging around Reyna so much she’s started saying ‘hella’ a lot, too -Gets a rasp when she’s been talking for a lot cause her voice is so loud it’s honestly a wonder why her vocal chords haven’t been destroyed yet -People often think she’s partially deaf -Sounds like thunder and lightning (literally and figuratively) -Roars more than yells, and it’s really scary and intimidating
Calypso: -Has a thick islander accent and kept trying to mimic different people’s accents until finding out that’s considered offensive  -Often sounds sad, harsh, lost, and/or lonely cause all the time she spent alone on Ogygia -Has a voice that isn’t too high or too deep, but perfectly in the middle -Has a clear, honeyed, mystical, smoky, sultry, soft, and slightly fruity voice and can sometimes sound plummy -Uses slang and phrases from a hundred different centuries and no one can understand what she’s saying -Sounds grating and ringing when she’s yelling -Gets voice cracks when she’s upset -But overall has an almost otherworldly voice that makes her sound celestial and almost alien -Has a soft, clear, and giggly laugh that’s sometimes super quiet and other times louder than a speaker at full volume -Uses lengthy and sophisticated words and loves using British slang -Has hints of a British accent as well -Uses really good grammar  -Sounds like fluffy clouds and warm sand
Rachel: -Typical American accent  -Has a super relaxing and soothing voice that can calm down anyone without her even trying and she’s a great comforter because of it -Has a clear, silvery, thick, fruity, smoky, and steady voice that isn’t too high or too deep, also in the middle -Curses and mutters quite often -Uses a lot of modern and artist slang most demigods don’t understand -Learned curse words from a bunch of different languages  -Has a nice, pleasant, easy-to-listen-to voice everyone loves to hear -She and Annabeth reading books together sounds like heaven -Is actually a really great singer and she, Thalia, and Reyna can harmonize weirdly well -Gets a slight rasp when she’s tired -Never raises her voice, ever, even when she’s angry or annoyed -Her pace is all over the place. Sometimes she talks super slowly, other times steadily, and other times faster than a car on the highway, but generally she drags some of her words and sounds so peaceful people love talking to her -Tries her hardest not to show any emotion when she’s upset, scared, or angry but usually fails and sounds shaky and brittle, almost like she’s going to cry, even if she’s not even close to crying -Sounds as beautiful as her paintings -And sounds like the scent of citrus and vanilla
(inspiration from lililibird-deactivated20162017)
sorry I’m spamming lmao
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quidfree · 10 months ago
Would you ever share any of your writing playlists? I'm curious as to what you choose to listen to
ok to be clear while i write i listen to whatever the fuck & i dont really have fandom playlists inasmuch as i listen to certain songs on repeat while associating them w x character but i do have actual playlists for certain things, like books, so i can definitely share those. im not too keen on sharing my spotify for privacy reasons but have some very abridged playlist selections below:
secret history playlist
francis forever - mitski (like… cmon)
are we still friends- tyler, the creator
heroes- bowie
camilla, i’m at home - peach pit
chiquitita- abba
little dark age- mgmt
cult of dionysus - orion experience
vienna - billy joel
the bidding - tally hall
campus- vampire weekend
it’s only sex- carseat headrest
cold cold cold- cage the elephant
sober ii- melodrama- lorde (fic namesake)
orinoco flow- enya
two ghosts- harry styles
for the departed- shayfer james
flaws- bastille
killer + the sound- phoebe bridgers
(this one is like. Themed in Order.)
dear god- xtc
ghosting- mother mother
nights- frank ocean
twin sized mattress- front bottoms
boris pavlikovsky- mexiko
ha Д he- molchat doma
me & ur ghost- blackbear
after hours- velvet underground
i fall in love too easily- chet baker
happy pills- weathers
champagne problems- taylor swift (kitsey song)
you were in my dreams tonight- strawberry mountain
the chain- fleetwood mac
choke- idkhbtfm
borderline- tame impala
still into you- paramore
karma police- radiohead
morally questionable women in literature
6 inch- beyonce ft the weeknd
cool girl- tove lo
smack a bitch- rico nasty (bakugou song)
criminal- fiona apple
you oughta know- alanis morissette
screwed- janelle monae feat zoe kravitz
all the things she said- tatu
crazy girls- toopoor
kill v maim- grimes (only good thing abt grimes)
hit and run- lolo
ella, elle l’a- france gall
bad girls- mia
babooshka- kate bush
bad reputation- joan jett
monster- kanye west (nicki verse focus)
ecoute cheri- vendredi sur mer
desperado- rihanna
barracuda- heart
les faux monnayeurs
2 heads- coleman hell
la thune- angele
alors on danse- stromae
blow- beyonce
boyish- japanese breakfast
consideration- rihanna, sza
double je- christophe willem
nikes- frank ocean
and july- heize, dean
pink & white- frank ocean
poupee de cire poupee de son- france gall
runs in the family- amanda palmer
si maman si- france gall
lavender and velvet- alina baraz
i’m closing my eyes- potsu
fever- peggy lee
cruel- zayn, cobra starship
eclectic personal picks on replay the last week
girls in the hood- megan thee stallion
talking bout a revolution- tracy chapman
do re mi- blackbear
i drove all night- celine dion
out of the woods- taylor swift
violin- cookiee kawaii
romeo and juliet- dire straits
heartless- kanye west
cuz i love you- lizzo
grande finale- studio killers
basket case- bastille
way up- jaden
ladybug- garçons
russian roulette- red velvet
the actual playlists r all unnecessarily long but if u want a full one for some reason ig feel free to ask and i can put it all together for u!
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draculaurafangz · a year ago
swim good / p. parker
a/n: honestly i did not plan on posting anything but i had to get this out of my drafts because, it’s been there for a while. anyways, this was based off of frank ocean’s song “swim good”. if you’ve ever listened to the song then you’d definitely know what i’m getting at with this. also, you guys can imagine the reader to look however you want, it’s not limited to like one specific image.
warnings: there’s like, a whole lotta angst, there’s curses here & there, and mentions of smut (not really but it’s kinda there, if you read you understand. lmao i don’t like writing smut at all.) also peter’s aged up 18 in this story & in college.
─ ─ ─
peter parker was very popular at your school. not only was it because of the fact that the whole entire school knew he was spiderman, but it was because he was known for sleeping around with girls on campus. thinking back on it, peter doesn’t even remember how it happened. one minute he was this nerdy, awkward teenager who always read his comic books and put together star wars lego sets, and here he is now messing around with girls and tugging at their heartstrings.
at first, he was obsessed with the idea of being this chick magnet. he lived with the pride, no matter how many girls he had lead on and given false hope to.
but now, he’s not so sure.
he’s realized he’s caused other girls around the school, and even in queens, a ton of pain. but most importantly, he had hurt you a great deal. to the point where you had left voicemails, telling him you wished you’d never see him again, and that you regret anything you ever did with him.
peter doesn’t regret it, he actually felt some sort of feeling towards you. out of all the other friday night hookups, you were different. your aura and your presence was just unmatched to those other girls. of course, you cursed yourself for ever sleeping with him because you knew about his reputation. but when you know you had the opportunity you had to take it. you thought you would be able to convince him and change his mind, but it was no use.
so here peter is on a friday night, sitting in his room all by himself, no hookup present. he missed you. god, he missed you so fucking much. he knew you wouldn’t talk to him if he just messaged you or even left a voicemail. he couldn’t bring himself to even think about the last conversation the two of you had because he hated seeing your face. you were broken and in pain. tears streaming down your face as your voice boomed within the room. saying that he was an asshole, and you thought you could actually change him but there was no point in changing him.
little did you know, you did change peter. you changed him a lot, to the point where you caused him to think about his past. there were some girls that honestly treated his hookups the way they were, and some actually cared but soon after got over it. then there were some like you who had been extremely heartbroken. peter never really paid attention to them though because they always made it their mission to ignore him.
it’s not that you didn’t ignore peter, because you did. you just didn’t talk to him at random anymore. he was in a couple of your classes, and would sometimes ask for notes. but other times, he’d just bump into you on campus. so yeah, you were ignoring him. with no intention of talking to him.
he felt so much pain over the past couple of days, thinking about he hurt other girls, thinking about how he hurt you. he cannot stop thinking about you, at this point he’s in love with you. he’s so guilt-ridden that even ned notices something is off with him.
“are you sure you’re okay? you just haven’t been yourself lately,” ned questioned just noticing that his friend seemed to always be disturbed.
“it’s nothing ned,” is what he’d usually respond with “i’m just stressed with my classes right now.”
ned shook his head understandingly. he knew that college for sure was hard on him and couldn’t even imagine how hard it was on peter. peter never told ned about everything, ned was three states away from peter. there was nothing ned could do to fix this, as peter realized he needed to fix everything himself.
his professors even noticed it. some of them even had to speak with him after class letting him know his grade was in great jeopardy. when they asked if everything okay, peter just explained that he had been off recently. he assured them that he’d be back on track soon, and get on top of his academics as well. after speaking with his physics professor he had headed towards your dorm. he never actually went to visit you at your dorm so he had no clue what room was yours. he’d remember swinging by your window, but never got an exact numbered door. when he walked into the main lobby, he asked some random girl if she knew who you were or where your dorm was. luckily for him, he actually bumped into your roomate, but your roomate refused to talk to him.
“i know who you are, and i think you should go,” she coldly spoke.
he pleaded with her and he promised he would make everything right with you if he could actually see you and get the chance to talk to you. after hearing his long ramble about his overdue apology, your roomate caved him and gave him your room number.
he felt anxiety rushing throughout his entire body as he looked through the hallways of numbered doors and finally spotted yours. he took a deep breath before knocking, reminding himself that he was going to be okay, this was going to be okay.
you opened the door and immediately slammed it in his face. behind the door, your eyes went wide and you bit your bottom lip as you thought about opening the door again. what could he have possibly wanted? what was he doing here? had he been stalking you? how the fuck did he find you room? your mind went back to the main question: what does he want and why is he here?
you turned around again facing your door and wiped your sweaty palms against your sweatpants. opening your door, you made a joke about how it was too early for a booty call. peter’s face remained straight seeming to just be unamused with the joke. you then asked what he had wanted. how this was all unlike him and how he truly he doesn’t chase but rather attract.
“y/n, just please hear me out. give me five minutes, two minutes even. i just need to talk to you,” he started.
you gulped, the big lump in your throat returning as you whispered a “come in” to him.
he sat on the edge of your bed as you stood in the middle of your room. your arms were crossed and you had a blank look on your face.
“i- i just wanted to say i’m sorry,” he stuttered, “i regret ever hurting you, y/n. i think back about how i ruined everything between us daily. usually i don’t let feelings get in the way of this but holy shit i cannot even deny them anymore. and that’s why i came here. i know i’ve given you so much stress lately and i truly apologize. i know i hurt you at night and i can’t even sleep sometimes knowing that i hurt you. i need to make things right. i’m not asking for anything major, i just want to be on good terms again with you,” he finished, averting his eyes away from yours.
you took his words in, thinking them over as you stared back at his features. you didn’t hate him, as a matter of fact you were head over heels in love with him. but you couldn’t do it. you could not be in a relationship right now, but you weren’t going to just dismiss the way he wanted to mend things between the two of you.
the two of you sat in silence for another minute as you collected your thoughts, him waiting patiently for you. you walked over to him and just hugged him. you already felt tears well up in your eyes but did not want them to spill. peter at this point was full on crying. this was the closure you both needed. you whispered in his ear how you don’t want a relationship right now, but he understood because he didn’t know if he was able to take on one by himself right now. as the two of you pulled apart, you wiped your eyes as you gave peter time to collect himself.
“i’m down to fix things. i love you a lot pete but we need to work on ourselves and our own dynamic before we even think about jumping into that whole relationship stage,” you said.
“and i’m totally okay with that. i can deal with that. i was just scared of losing you,” his eyes glossed over again as he said that. new tears were forming in his eyes.
you’d never thought you’d see the day where peter parker was actually showing some emotion. he seemed like the type to be emotionless after you had your experience with him.
it was going to take a while to heal, but you both had each other so there was no fear. peter was going to be more open and honest with his feelings. he was sorry, he was taking the accountability he should’ve taken a long time ago. he had you to thank for that.
i’m goin off (oh, my pretty love)
don’t try stopping me
i’m goin off (throw me in a line)
don’t try saving (you broke my heart)
no flares (you broke my heart)
no vest (you drove my love)
and no fear
waves are washin’ me out.
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PJO/HOO - You meet for the second time
Request form and prompt list
(F/S) means Favourite sport
Will -
You were sitting at home, your (non-godly parent) had gone out somewhere, so you were alone. You were on the couch, scrolling through your phone, with your favorite blanket and with music blaring through your speakers.
Suddenly instead of playing the next song, your ringtone started playing through the speakers. You checked who it was and it was a random number, but you picked it up. “Hello?” you asked. “Hello? Is this (Y/N)?” they asked. “Who’s asking?” you asked back. “It’s Will,” he replied. “Oh, from the mall?” “Yeah...” “So, are you back in town again?” you asked hopefully.
“Um, yeah, I was hoping you could show me around,” he said nervously. You met up in a park near the house and you showed him around and just talked. Soon, you realize that your (non-godly parent) is going to come home.
You bid Will goodbye and ran back home to set up the place before your (non-godly parent) came home.
Nico -
You were getting scolded by your (non-godly parent) for throwing a sleepover without letting them know when you heard a knocking on your window. You looked outside to see the boy from that night. He was waving his hand frantically telling you to come out, but you ignored him and continued to listen to your (non-godly parent).
Later that night, when you had gotten ready for bed, you thought you heard a noise in your room, but when you looked, there was nothing, so you just ignored it. Just when you got into bed, a hand clamped over your mouth. You tried to scream, but the face of the boy from earlier came into view.
You tried to thrash, but he was too strong. Suddenly you felt this weird sensation in your stomach and when you opened your eyes, you were in a different room. As soon as the hand let go of your mouth, you screamed really loud.
You looked around the room and saw an old dude in a wheelchair. He winced at your loudness. “Nico, how many times should I tell you that when you bring the demi-gods, don’t scare the life out of them!” the old man said. He then turned to you and said “Hello, my dear, I’m Chiron,”
Percy -
You went to the beach again, the next week hoping to meet Percy again. You went on the same day at the same time, but he wasn’t there, so you just decided to enjoy your evening. You walked along the water for a while, before changing into your swimsuit and jumping into the ocean.
After a while you decided it was time to go home, so you wrapped the towel around yourself as you made your way to the washroom to change. After you got back into normal clothes, you started to walk back home. About halfway there, you felt someone tap your shoulder and you suddenly got into a defensive position in case someone was attacking you.
That ‘someone’ held up his hands and laughed. “Hey, it’s just me,” You looked carefully and saw that it was Percy. “Oh, sorry, you just scared me,” you tell him. You talked while he walked you back home. You exchanged phone numbers so you could talk later on as well and then he had to go.
Frank -
After that day, you couldn’t stop thinking about Frank. But you forced your mind off him, to focus on your studies. You are in the 10th grade and you are studying for your end-of-term exams.
(Your non-godly parent) has stopped all your social media accounts for the time being, including quotev (A/N: just had to add it 😜), youtube, and many others.
One day after school, (F/S) practice and all your after school clubs, you are walking home when you think you see someone following you. You take the route towards the park, trying to formulate a plan of what to do. That’s when you realize that the park is closed and it is one of the most unsafe places in your neighborhood.
Without stopping, you open your bag and take out your steel water bottle in case you need to protect yourself. You feel the person getting closer to you, so you turn around, swinging your bottle at the person's head.
You hear a loud ‘DINGGG’ as the bottle comes in contact with their head. They double over, and before you take off, you recognize that mop of black hair. It takes you a second to realize that this was Frank.
“What the hell!?” You shout at him. “You scared me half to death!” Then you remember what you did. “Oh no, are you okay!?” you ask as you approach him slowly. He holds up a hand. When he looks up at you, you see a huge gash on his forehead. You gasp, surprised.
“My house is nearby, we can take a look at that cut there,” You say as you grab his hand and guide him to your house. You opened the little zip of your bag, taking out your house key and throwing open the door.
You drop your bag near the door with a ‘thud’ and drag Frank into the living room. You sit him down on the couch and shush him when he opens his mouth to say something. You grab the first-aid kit from the cupboard.
As you apply the antiseptic to the wound, you apologize to him. “I am so sorry! I didn’t know it was you! Then again, why were you following me in the first place?!” You continue to ramble as you paste a bandage on it. Once you are done, you look down into his brown eyes.
“Can I speak now?” He asks, amused. You glare at him before nodding and tearing your eyes away from his, focusing on cleaning the mess of bandages on the floor.
As you put the unutilized plasters and cotton back in the box, you try not to look up at Frank as you know, if you look in his eyes, you will never be able to look away again, and that would be embarrassing.
“Well, I saw you walking on the road, so I decided to give you a little scare,” he explains.
“Yeah, you should never do that,” You tell him. “Seems I learned that the hard way,”
You both sit there and talk until it hits you that you have a history test tomorrow. It was going to be on Greek and Roman mythology (A/N:*gasp!* What a coincidence!). When you tell Frank this, he announces that he is an expert in Greek and Roman mythology.
Your (non-godly parent) is out of town for a few days so he stays over and helps you study, though it isn’t easy concentrating on your textbook with Frank staring at you the whole time.
Let’s say, you ace the test!
Jason -
You are now boarded on the plane and despite the excitement, fall asleep, fulfilling the hours you missed the previous night.
When you stir awake, you see your (non-godly parent) is still asleep, so you turn to the other side to see Jason from earlier. “Oh, hi!” you say. “Hi, again,” he replies.
“Guess I’m headed to Manhattan too,” you say as you reach down to your bag and take out a water bottle. “Yeah,” he says. Well, this is getting awkward, you think.
Taking a sip from your bottle, you look up at him again. “So...wanna play something?” You ask him, your childish side taking over. “Sure, what though?” “Um...maybe a game where we ask each other questions? Get to know each other better?” “Um, okay...”
-Time skip-
“Please fasten your seatbelts, the plane will be landing in 15 minutes,” the speaker announced. You and Jason had been talking the entire time, about the most random things like music, T.V. shows, movies, books, people, life, and everything possible.
You wanted to ask him for his number, but it would be a bit awkward. Like are you just supposed to walk up to him and say ‘hey can I have your number?’ wait. That isn’t so bad…
“Jason, can I have your number? Just to talk once in a while, it was fun...” you say as you wait for the crowd in the plane to clear as everyone gets off. “I would give you my number, but I don’t have a phone..” he tells you. “Oh, well, here’s my number, call whenever you can!” You say taking out a pen and asking him if you could write it on his hand.
Leo -
Rrring! Rrring! You hear from your bag. Your eyes widen as you know it’s your phone. “(L/N)!” your teacher calls you out. “Phone!” she holds out her hand as you hand her your phone. “Detention after school today!”
“But ma’am! I have (F/S) practice today after school!” You complain. “Well, you’ll just have to skip it for today,” Well shit. Your coach was going to kill you, especially with a match coming up on the weekend!
You were going to kill whoever called you.
-Time skip-
After school, detention, and shouting from your coach, you were headed to get your phone back from the principal's office. You knock on the door. “Come in!” A voice calls. “Ma’am, I’ve come to collect my phone,” “Here you are, but you should know, you have to keep your phone on silent during the classes,” “Yes ma’am, sorry, it won’t happen again,”
Sighing, you switch on your phone as you head to the exit of the school building. You checked your notifications to see you had like 6 missed calls from an unknown number.
Your phone starts ringing again, suddenly, surprising you. You gripped it tightly before it slipped out of your hands. It was an unknown number, a different one this time. This is getting creepy, but you pick up the call and place the phone on your ear.
“H-hello?” You stutter into the phone. “Hello? Is this (Y/N)?” the other voice asks. “Who is this?” you ask. “Leo. The one who fixed your cycle?” he says. “Leo? You know, when I told you to call, I didn’t mean in the middle of the day! I was in class when my phone rang! I got detention and had to skip my practice! Do you know how mad my coach was-!” you were cut off by Leo. “Hey! Hey! I’m sorry for getting you in trouble, but I desperately need your help!”
“Why should I help you?” “Because you owe me one?” “Yeah, but you got me in trouble!” “Please (Y/N!)! I really need your help!” Leo says. For the first time, you notice how desperate he sounds.
“Okay. What do you need?” You ask him. “I and my friends need someplace to crash just for a few hours,” “Wait, are you and your ‘friends’ drunk?!” you almost shriek, scaring the guard who is standing at the entrance gate.
“No! I can’t- just, can I tell you after?” you take a deep breath before looking around and saying “Okay, my (non-godly parent) is out of town, so you can stay at my house for the night, I live at _____.”
“Thank you!” He cuts the call. You stare at the phone, shocked at what you just did.
When you reach home, Leo and his friends are not there yet, so you go in and start cleaning up the space a little. Picking up clothes, making the living room presentable. Your (non-godly parent) hasn’t been home for a few days, so you didn’t care what you did to the house.
Ding dong! You head to the door and take a deep breath before opening the door to reveal Leo, a girl and a boy both, your age. “Come in,” you say timidly.
Once they are on the couch, you turn to Leo, put your hands on your hips, and ask “Care to explain?” with raised eyebrows.
Travis -
You are stressed out. The list of things that you have to complete is only getting longer. All your responsibilities weigh you down. You need a break, just to get some fresh air.
You decide to take a walk to clear your head. Your legs lead you to the park. You sit down on the same bench as you observe the kids play, so carefree, burdenless, no responsibilities. Oh, how you wish you were like them.
This brought tears to your eyes. You just want a break, just one day, just forget about all that work, waiting back at home. You have to complete everything on time, submit all the work, no time for doing what you want.
You hug yourself and move your hands up and down, comforting yourself.
“Hey, you okay?” you hear a voice ask. You sit up quickly and wipe your tears. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” you say. You look up to see it’s Travis. “Oh, hi, Travis, right?” You confirm, knowing fully well that it could be his brother. “Yup, not Connor,” You send him a little smile.
“Running from him again?” you ask, teasingly. “Haha,” he replies smiling. “Can I sit there?” he asks pointing to the empty space on the bench next to you. You nod, letting him know it’s fine. He takes his seat.
“So, what’s all the crying about?” he asks. “Nothing,” “Oh come on! You don’t cry just for nothing!” “Some people do. When they can’t take the stress anymore about everything in life and they just break down but don’t have a reason to explain it,” “So, life’s stressing you out?” he asks. “That’s not what I said!” “Yeah, you did!” “Did not!” “Did too!” “Nope, did not,” “Okay, whatever! You still need cheering up! Come!” he says as he grabs your hand and drags you from the park.
“Where are you taking me?” you ask him. “I’m not telling you!” “You know how creepy that sounds to me right? You could be kidnapping me for all I know! I mean, I could use a little enjoyment in my life, but I don’t mean this!” while you were busy rambling, Travis had dragged you to a dark alley.
“Travis...where are we?” you ask, starting to get scared. “Watch this,” he says as he walks to the far end of the wall, and presses one brick, which causes a door to open in the wall.
You are closer to the entrance and you can see on the other side it’s an open field. Mesmerized, you walk over, through the door. You feel a tap on your shoulder, followed by a “You’re it!” and Travis running away from you.
You smile and take off after him. After a while of you both running back and forth, you lie down in the grass, Travis next to you. You relax for a while before you realize the time and jump up.
“I have to go!” you say as you run back out the door.
Connor -
You are bored. All of your friends are doing...stuff, and you are sitting here doing nothing. It is your day off from work. You decide to clean your room.
You pick up the pile of clothes in the corner and head down to the laundry room. Before you dump the laundry in the washing machine you go through all the pockets as you usually forget things in them.
All in all, you found your earphones which you’d been looking for since almost a week now (A/N: I actually wouldn’t survive that long without my earphones!), a folded piece of paper, your rubber band, a pencil (don’t ask), and a paperclip.
You put all the objects in your pocket of the jacket you’re wearing, thinking you’ll take it out later before you unfold the piece of paper to see if it’s something important.
It was the note the guy left, Connor.
You are free, have nothing to do. How bad could this guy be?
You pick up your phone and dial the number, and it rings a few times before a girl picks up, “Hello?” she sounds perplexed. “Um...hi, Connor told me to call this number....” “Connor! Oh, I’m gonna kill him!”
On the other end of the line, you heard an “Oooh! Is it for me?” followed by an ‘umph!’ and a “Catch me if you can!”
You are too confused about what was happening, and are about to put the phone down when someone says “Hello? Who is this?”
“Hi, is this Connor?” “Yeah, who is this?” “This is (Y/N), the girl from the ice cream shop,” “Oh yeah! I actually didn’t expect you to call!” “Yeah, well, I’m bored and I have nothing to do, so if you’re free, wanna hang?” “Sure…? Where do you want to meet up?” “Outside the Ice cream shop?” “Sure, I’ll see you there,”
-Time skip-
You are waiting outside the ice cream shop for Connor. A few minutes later, you see a hooded figure walking towards you. You turn away and start walking away when you hear “(Y/N)!?” You turn around and see it’s Connor.
“Oh, hi! You scared me,” you tell him. “Yeah, sorry. So, what do you want to do?” “Hang out?” “Ok….no. How about we prank people on the beach?” “Ok, but what prank?” “Replacing their sunscreens with mustard?” “Let’s go buy some mustard then!”
You guys spent all evening replacing people’s things, and getting caught by the cops, and escaping. Calling Connor, was the best decision you have ever made.
A/N: Hey guys!! The next part is out!! I'll link the first part below. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!
-TheBlueBookworm is out~~!!!
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blackacre13 · a year ago
Anything with loubbie plus the rest of the ocean’s 8 team.
even better if its slightly au w/ oceans 8 team PLUS dannys team!🤩
love your fics so much💖💖
Thank you for the love and the suggestion! This takes that idea and more teases at a longer story (which I maybe could be convinced to expand) (just because 20 characters is a lot to write for with a prompt like this) but I hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You have got to be shitting me,” Danny sighed. “Debs came up with this?”
“You think I would come up with this shit?” Lou snorted, sitting back in Danny’s favorite chair.
He decided not to comment on her apparent chair theft even though it bugged him for no good reason.
“Well, where is she?” Danny scoffed.
“Empire State building,” Lou rolled her eyes. “She has a flair for the dramatics if you haven’t noticed. I don’t know. I think it’s something to do with her past and this flamboyant brother of hers who does these big speeches and watches fountain shows in Vegas or—”
“Lou,” he sighed. “I get it. So, how does this work?”
“Well, Danny boy. It’s a heist. Think back to your nonsense with Nyquil Fig—”
“Night Fox,”
“Whatever,” Lou huffed. “One object. We both go after it. And there’s a clock on it. You can pick the item. Whatever you want. And you can have all your boys, eleven, thirteen, what have you. Debbie just wants the two of you to be coming from the same physical starting point. Whoever steals it, keeps it. And whoever steals it, wins.”
“And who’s pulling for Deb?”
“The Met crew.”
“So, seven.”
“Eight with myself,” Lou pointed out. “You don’t think being married gets me out of these little schemes, do you?”
“You’re starting to sound like Tess,”
This time Lou had to bite her tongue from pointing out that unlike Tess, she’d stuck around for her Ocean, but now wasn’t the time. And honestly, she would bet a good chunk of money that the fault was mostly, if not all, on Danny.
“I don’t even know what we’d steal.”
Lou sat forward and gave him a pointed look before standing, her heeled boots clicking against the floor. “I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Nothing, say, like an egg.”
“One egg, Miller,” he sighed. “I’ve stolen one egg. A very important one.”
“It’s still an egg, Ocean,” Lou muttered. “You’ve got some weird ass taste.”
“You’re one to talk,” Danny grinned. “I mean, you married Deborah Ocean.”
“Jealous?” Lou winked. She made her way to the door. “Got an hour to midnight. Deb’s waiting for ya.”
“Alright, that’s Lou’s bike,” Tammy announced, clapping her hands together. “That means Danny’s in the loop now. We still don’t know what he wants us to go after, but I do know that he and Deb both pick their people for a reason.”
“You think we oughtta cover people who do the same kinda job as us?” Nine asked, blowing out a curl of smoke.
“Precisely,” Tammy smiled. “As best as we can, anyway. There’s less of us.”
“Because we’re better,” Daphne smirked, throwing her jacket over the couch as she entered the room. “Lou’s right behind me.”
“Ladies,” Lou saluted, clicking into the room, placing her helmet on the poker table. “What’s the plan? Pairing off?”
“I haven’t the faintest idea what any of this means,” Rose sighed.
Amita sat next to her and tried to comfort her, explaining that even if she didn’t like it, there wasn’t as big a risk and it was more for fun anyway.
“Alright,” Lou clapped her hands together as she walked to the front of the room to Debbie’s usual spot, leaning against the stage. “You can guess how this is gonna go down. Deb is already in place. Obviously, if anyone is going to face off with her, it’s Danny. He should be on his way. I’m sure they’ll let it get personal and they’ll stay very behind the scenes just coaching their opposing sides and hopefully not strangling each other.”
“Oh dear,” Rose sighed, burying her head in her lap.
“Now, we told Danny he could choose what to steal but Debbie has been plotting this for a while now and she’s already planted the idea in his head. It’s going to be an art collection.”
“A painting?” Amita asked, confused.
“The whole collection,” Lou smirked. “We’ll need to strip a room at MoMA.”
“Oh, I love this,” Daphne sighed dreamily, sitting on the couch, her hand resting under her chin as she listened. “I really appreciate that we’ve made museums our stomping ground, you know?”
“Barbie, chill,” Nine begged, waving her hand at her.
“Whatcha need me to do, pops?” Constance asked, putting her feet up on the coffee table.
Lou did her best to maintain composed and ignore the questions and reactions coming from all the different women, and Constance’s sneakered feet on her table.
Tammy called them to attention and the blonde shot her a grateful look.
“Anyway, like I said. Deb will cover Danny. That leaves the hungry, hungry hippo for me.”
“Hippo?” Rose asked, putting down her needle and thread.
“Rusty,” Tammy sighed, rolling her eyes. “He’s pretty much the Lou of Danny’s operation. Wardrobe and all.”
“But Lou is so much better at what she does,” Amita interrupted. “And way more stylish.”
“Can I continue a single sentence?” Lou exhaled. The women fell silent, looking at each other. “You can all compare and contrast and whatever the hell you want, let’s just hammer this out so we can break off or Deb is gonna be pissed we’re already running behind. This should be an easy win for us. And it may help us get some favors down the line for future jobs.”
“I’ll start a list,” Tammy offered, walking towards the white board. “Deb and Danny. Lou and Rusty. Got it.”
“We don’t have a Reuben,” Lou admitted. “We fund ourselves. Same with Saul. We know how to con, we don’t have a mentor or anything. It’s just us. And I have a feeling those two will be invited but will head to the casino or racetrack together anyway and leave the work to the kids. They’re not gonna think this involves them.”
“Rose could be good to distract them,” Daphne offered.
Rose looked unconvinced and nauseated at the thought, but said nothing.
“Nine, they’ve got this hacker, Livingston. The thing they’ve got that we don’t is Basher. We have got to keep our eyes peeled for Bash and his antics.”
“Basher Tarr,” Tammy elaborated. “He’s got all these gadgets. Although, is it me or does it just always seem like his solution is to blow something up?”
“Oh, that’s sick!” Constance yelled with a grin.
“Keep Constance far away from him,” Lou sighed. “Nine and Tammy should be able to cover him between the tech and the gadgets.”
“Already have my eyes on this Livingston dude’s computer, boss,” Nine smirked.
“Unfortunately, our Yen is their Yen, so we also have to have our ear to the ground on that situation, but we can use it to our advantage. If he’s getting something done for Danny, maybe we just use his handywork for ourselves.”
“What about those twins?” Tammy wrinkled her nose.
“Virgil and Turk? Whoever gets to them, honestly. I drive for us. We don’t need much muscle.”
“And Frank?”
“Amita and Daphne can cover us on the inside. If anyone would be involved in the artworld it’s Daphne Kluger and her personal jeweler or however you want to spin it. Toss Rose in there too. You need pieces for a photoshoot or Daphne’s home or whatever. Whatever you have to spin, just work it like you would any other job.”
“You’ve gotta gimme something, dad,” Constance groaned.
“Con, we’re literally stealing art. You think we don’t want your hands on the inside at the forefront?” Lou asked, crossing her arms. “They definitely have a pairing for you. Linus Caldwell. Not much older than you. Youngest on Danny’s crew by far. He’s their pickpocket. Your competition. And he’ll probably do the main lifting on the art. You think you can handle that?”
“Fuck, yeah!” Constance laughed. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about!”
“Dear, god,” Tammy sighed, smacking herself in the face with her palm.
“MoMA is a go,” Debbie whispered into the ear piece.
“Knew he’d take the bait, honey,” Lou smiled. “Nice work.”
“You got him all riled up and ready to take on a con while too distracted to fully focus, so right back at you, baby.” Debbie grinned.
“I’ll meet you at the rendezvous point,” Lou promised. “Let me go see what the hell Rusty is up to.”
“You think this is gonna work?” Debbie sighed.
“Yes,” Lou spoke confidently.
“You think Constance is gonna blow something up?”
“You mean, abandon her post watching to see what Linus is gonna do so she can go find Basher and ask to try out one of his explosives?” Lou sighed. “Absofuckinglutely, also yes.”
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booksnthoughtskvl3005 · 5 months ago
An Unrevised Excerpt from “The Little Black Notebook” by KVL3005
Chapter 2: Pink Sky
April 27th,
Finally getting started on my research paper for my Michigan History Course, one that I had months to prepare for. I was very confident in my abilities to crank out an “A” paper last minute, as I’ve done it countless times before. The finest mindset of a procrastinator or maybe that of a person who’s too deep into the delusions that he processes an intellectual prowess, which ranged far greater than any of his peers … maybe both... 
Spoiler ALERT!- He didn’t do well.   
I took the liberty to take a drive out to Holland, hoping to make the experience of writing this dreaded piece paper a tad bit more pleasant. It did but not by much. Holland has the last few remnants of this so-called “Pure Michigan”.  One consists of picturesque dunes and miles of soft-sanded yellow beaches running along the shorelines of Lake Michigan. The few places in the state where industries still remained prominent. I do love the smells of tulips blossoming in the spring, that's what they’re most known for nowadays, aside from their mostly homogenous Dutch population. 
Parked my car within Holland State Park; reading a book and listening to Frank Ocean while the sun began to set is one of life’s greatest pleasures. That I can assure you. It’s been a long since I got some sort of joy from reading. It’s me being a history major to blame. Days after days of reading monotone texts follows by important dates and events. The tedium of it all kills any pleasures it may bring. The book I’m currently reading has been sitting on my shelf for months now. Must be a joyous occasion, for it finally gets to serve its only function, after months of neglect. what is my purpose? an existentialist question that is only defined within the boundaries of oneself. Boundaries that constantly get defined and redefine. A repeating cycle that I must get out of to truly be free. 
-Do you blame the book for being narrowed in purpose or do you blame the person for not reading it? 
Only one is in control and surely is it not I. 
It is especially cloudy today; somehow the sun still manages to creep through the cracks. One big line of lights, diffusing into a pink-ish hue, stretching into the horizons. Fighting to stay afloat as if it never going to rise again, staying in the twilight-simply mesmerizing. Somebody I once knew told me this “ At the end of the sunset, that’s when the sky is the prettiest[..] but people always start to leave before that”. She did not or rather could not comprehend that. Admittedly, I was within the majority before I met her. She would be alone, parked in her car at the beach for hours, and would be the last one to leave. Only now I’ve come to an understanding of it, and maybe in some ways an understanding of her. To not be the subject of time, one that is bound to us at the moment we were born. An abstract concept invented by humans but one that can physically impact all of us... Gazing into the what-seemingly-never-ending lake of Michigan without the mechanism of time (One that was told to us, countless times over by society- “When it gets dark go home” “When it gets dark go home” ) can procure a blissful euphoric state. Creating a moment. One that cannot end, but eventually it always does. Now at this seemingly never-ending moment, I, For once truly feel free of the contraptions created by my own mind.
-Our first date was at this very spot.
It has been almost a year since I abruptly ended things- Again in this same spot.
Only a sickened and twisted man can bring Forget-Me-Not flowers to a “break up” as some sort of impractical joke. Anyways, I digress...
The stars were out, radiating the unpolluted sky like that of every night in Holland State Park. It was almost blinding. Maybe the lights emitted from the stars that night blinded me stupid for the rest of this SITuationship. She’s a soft-spoken woman, maybe too soft.  From one look you can tell went through a lot of hurt in her life. Memories she rather crumbled into a ball, set that ball on fire, and chuck it into the lake. More importantly, she hates the vulnerability of it. She often suppresses her feelings, but she never lets that have an impact on her surroundings. A very respectable aspect of that trait, one that I can learn from. Consequently, that makes her invisible to me and to the rest of society. I don’t think she likes the feeling of that. Nobody does. Constantly shifting to find her balance like a pendulum- one between the spectrum of being there and not being a nuisance. If I have to describe what she looks like, I would say she is a blonde lady short of stature. Ethnically, her family came here from Norwegian but she retains little to none of her cultural heritage. Oftentimes that can possibly cause a person to have low self-esteem growing up. I wonder what that’s like for her, to grow up in a town priding itself on its Dutch heritage. It must be strange living your life “close but not close enough” to your peers... 
“My eyes are a darker shade of blue than theirs”  she stated in one of our conversations. I could sense the envious in her voice. Her envious does not come from their slightly brighter eye colors but stem from her inability to be indifferent. She always tells me that my dark brown mesmerized her every time it hits the sun and I’ve never told her that her azure eyes are very luring. 
One of the things I hate about myself is that I am in fact a hopeless romantic but got hurt to the point where I became a realist. 
I started talking to her a few months after my ex and I broke up from our long-term relationship. One of my ex’s insecurities was that I was into blondes, and she being a dark-haired Latina and all. She was sure of it. I tried to reassure her but it didn’t work. I do not know where she got that from...maybe it’s from the stereotype that “Asians really love blondes”. In a way, all stereotypes have a hint of truth to them but is it a very distorted version of it. Repeated to the point where it becomes a single truth, a single story, One that I, unfortunately, got grouped in with. Retrospectively reflecting on it. It impacted my SITUationship profoundly. At the time, the thought of giving my ex the satisfaction that she was right, irritated my soul to its core. I guess that was enough to outweigh the happiness and stability azure eyes brought into my pathetic life.  One that comes with waves of self-hatred, self-destruction, and self-pity. For somebody who has an extremely low sense of SELF-confidence, I surely am SELF-absorbed.
Some things aren’t meant to last forever right? They’re meant to teach us a lesson.[.......]
It’s getting dark enough for the famous Michigan lighthouse to shine.   
I should be leaving soon.
And just like that....the sun is gone.
so is she.
Chapter 3: Stained White Tee and LV Shoes
“you lost me again!” The professor commented on my report. If only I had more time to develop my research. I always aimed for subjects whose magnitude is far outside the scope of what would be considered an “A” paper in a community college. While Mr. Timmy Clockinghammer is writing about -how his grandmother went to work,  probably in some dusty factory, cranking out helmets for the war effort in the 1940s. School has always been structured over content but once again my delusions have caused me to only make my life more miserable(BIG SUPRISED). 
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Shark Attack
Pairing: Frank Adler x reader
Warnings: some swearing, mentions of a shark attack, character death
Word Count: 2412
A/N: my first time writing for Frank and my second and last entry to @optimistic-dinosaur-nacho Halloween challenge! It’s been so fun! I hope you enjoy this one, Dino! This one is based loosely around the film Jaws because, come on, Frank, boats, and Jaws? Yes. If anyone wants to be added to my taglist, just let me know!
Moving to St Petersburg, Florida, to the coast, seemed like a good idea. You had been offered a job as a first-grade elementary school teacher, so of course, you took it. You loved teaching kids; it was something you had wanted to do ever since you had began home-schooling your younger sister. Losing your parents when your sister, Courtney, was only 9 years old at the time was hard. With you being only 19, you had to take over all your sisters care, and not having a job, the last 10 years had been difficult.
But then, you saw an advertisement for the elementary teacher job online, and having lived in Orlando for the past 29 years of your life, you thought, why not? It would be a change, a nice change, you could almost start over.
The only place you could find to live, that you could afford, was in a little trailer park, just a few minutes from the coast. It was nice and quaint, exactly what you were looking for. Courtney had moved with you, having found a job as a swimming instructor at the local pool, so the two of you moved in.
The first couple of days was…hectic, to say the least, but you finally settled in after a week. You hadn’t even managed to get to talk to your neighbours, all of whom you cast a quick glance upon when moving your things from the truck, and they seemed to be nice. Of course, like any nosy neighbour, they were all intrigued as to who was moving in, so you saw many of them peering through their curtains and blinds, but they stopped once you had fully moved in.
One day, a knock at the door drew your attention away from your painting of the living room. You looked down at what you were wearing and physically cringed. Paint covered overalls, hair up in a messy bun…yeah, this wasn’t going to make a good first impression. You quickly glanced at yourself in the mirror, brushing off any dust off your legs, before walking over to the front door and opening it slowly.
“Hi sweetie! I have a little something for you.”
You opened the door fully to reveal a middle-aged woman with a Tupperware dish filled of what looked like lasagne. A large smile plastered its way onto your face, no one had ever done anything like this for you before. “Thank you so much! I’m sorry I haven’t had time to introduce myself, I’m Y/N,” you took the dish off her, placing it on the kitchen counter before extending out your hand for her to shake it. She gladly did, the warm and welcoming smile never leaving her face.
“Roberta, I live just opposite,” she pointed behind her to one of the many trailers in the little park.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you!”
“And you, listen, if you need anything, just give me a call. I should leave you, you look like you’re rather busy.”
“Kind of, but it’s nice to have a little break,” you laughed. “Painting walls can get rather repetitive after a while.”
“Oh, honey, I can imagine,” Roberta nodded and then started walking back down the steps. “Like I said, if you need anything…”
“I’ll give you a call,” you nodded. “Thank you so much!”
You were just about to shut the door fully, when you heard a squeal, followed by a crash, then a hiss, then a ginger cat, running under your feet from seemingly nowhere. You stood there in shock for just a moment, before a small blonde girl came running after it ran into your house. You moved out of her way, and then a man (the most beautiful man you had ever seen) ran after both the cat and the girl.
“Mary! Get him!” he shouted out. Luckily, he came to a stop just before he walked into your house, looking you up and down before meeting your eyes. “I’m Frank. And my cat has gone missing, so if you don’t mind…” he trailed off and ran into your house, following Mary where she was looking in between all the boxes scattered around the floor. “Here, Fred, here.”
You cast a questioning glance at Roberta, who just shrugged her shoulders, an amused smile on her face. “What just happened?” you started laughing, looking into your house at the scene that was unfolding in front of you. “Well at least they’re helping with the unpacking,” you said with a grin.
Frank and Mary had begun to look for Fred in all of the boxes in the living room, taking multiple items out. You looked around, seeing a ginger tail poking out from between your refrigerator and the oven. Slowly and carefully, you managed to pick the cat up. “Is this the one you’re looking for? Because I don’t actually own a cat.”
Mary whipped her head around and a smile quickly formed on her lips. “Fred!” she ran forward and carefully took the ginger cat from your arms. “Don’t go running off again, you could have run to the ocean and be eaten by sharks,” she told the cat off.
You couldn’t help but snort at that statement. “Sweetheart, I don’t think you’ll find sharks around here.”
The room went silent. You were confused, no one was looking in your direction and you frowned. “What?”
“Are you afraid of sharks, Y/N?” Frank asked you.
Your frown deepened. Why were they being so serious? There couldn’t be any sharks off the Florida coast…surely? “Well, no.”
Frank nodded and placed a gentle hand on Mary’s shoulder. “Come on, squirt, you have homework to be getting on with,” he started guiding her out of the house, but quickly looked back at you, this time with a smile on his face. “It was nice to meet you, Y/N.”
“And you…” you trailed off and turned back to Roberta. “What was that about?” you asked as soon as Frank and Mary were out of sight.
All Roberta did was shake her head, with a reassuring smile on her face. “I wouldn’t stress about it darl. Frank works as a boat repairman; he’s seen some things. But don’t worry about it.”
You nodded. Still not quite believing your ears. Sharks in Florida? Surely not.
“Y/N, there’s this party thing at the beach tonight. Would you mind if I went?”
It had been a month since you had moved into your new house, and both you and Courtney had settled in nicely. Your new job was going very well, the kids loved you, and o did all of the teachers. You and Frank had also been spending a lot of time with each other at the local bar, growing a lot closer to one another. Yeah…you were in love. But obviously, you hadn’t told him.
“A party? Yeah, sure, just make sure you’re back by 11,” you said, serving the mashed potato onto both of your plates. “I might go out with Frank again tonight, so I might not be back by the time you are.”
You didn’t notice straight away, but Courtney had started wiggling her eyebrows up and down. “So…you and Frank,” she said after a couple of minutes of the two of you eating in silence. You cleared your throat and shifted a little in your seat, a little smile working it’s way onto your lips.
“Yeah, me and Frank. What about it?”
“Oh, you know what I think.”
“Do I?”
Courtney raised an eyebrow, and you rolled your eyes. “Okay, maybe I have the tiniest little crush on him, but it’s nothing big. I’m pretty sure he has the hots for another teacher at the school, Bonnie, I think her name is.”
“Oh, give over! Does he spend a lot of time with her?”
You shrugged your shoulders. “Court, I have no idea, and I don’t want to know.”
The doorbell started to ring. Courtney shot a glance at you before getting up and answering the door herself, putting on a fake smile when she saw who was standing there. “Frank! How nice to see you!”
You very almost choked on your red wine the speed you shot up from your seat. You opened the door further and a large smile graced your features. “Hey, Frank! How are you?”
“I’m…good,” he frowned at Courtney stood behind you with a mischievous smile on her face, but quickly shook his head. “Listen, I’m sorry to do this, but Mary’s come down with a fever, and I can’t let Roberta deal with her when she’s all grouchy, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel our date.”
“Date?!” Courtney squeaked. You stepped harshly on her foot causing her to shut up, and rolled your eyes, hoping Frank didn’t hear what had just happened.
“Oh, Frank, honey, don’t worry about it! Mary is your main priority, I understand. Maybe we can rearrange for another time?” you asked.
“Actually…I was wondering if you’d like to come round to mine? Have a few drinks there? She’ll be out like a light once I give her some meds,” Frank brought a hand up to the back of his neck, rubbing it gently as he awaited your answer.
You, however, stood like a fish out of water. Opening and closing your mouth three times before any words actually came out. “No, no, it’s okay. You look after Mary.”
“Oh, um,” Frank looked surprised, and you couldn’t have felt more stupid. “Yeah, no, you’re probably right. Well, have a nice night.”
He left. You closed the door. And Courtney launched multiple slaps to your arm. “You’re. So. Stupid!” Courtney shouted. “He was literally asking you on another fucking date! And you said no!”
“Alright! Okay!” you sighed, running your hands through your hair before sighing loudly. “Eat your food, then get out of here and leave me to drown in my own tears.”
Courtney laughed and through a couch pillow at you, which you caught with a smile on your face.
Frank awoke the following morning to a frantic knocking at the front door. He looked over his shoulder, before looking back at the clock. 7:15am. He groaned, his head falling back onto his pillow before he pushed himself out of bed when the frantic knocking wouldn’t stop. He grabbed a pair of boxers, and slid them on.
“Alright! I’m coming, Jesus, OW!” he tripped over a box of Lego, and a large string of obscenities left his lips. “Mary, I swear-Y/N.”
He had opened the door to see you standing there with tears streaming down your face, still wearing the same clothes he saw you in last night. In another world, he would have been embarrassed to have opened the door to you in his boxers, but you were visibly upset so that was the last thing on his mind. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong?”
“Courtney, she said, she said, she’d be back home, but she isn’t, and I’m-I’m…” you trailed off, a sob escaping your lips. “She’s always so good, always back when she says she will be, Frank, oh God, what if something has happened to her?”
Frank’s stomach dropped, and his head filled with the most horrible thoughts, but he quickly shook them away. “Hey, hey, hey, I’m sure she’s okay, come in,” Frank took hold of your hand gently and pulled you into the house. “Let me just get dressed real quick,” he ran into his bedroom, and quickly threw on a pair of faded blue jeans and an oil stained grey t shirt, before finding you in the same spot as where he left you. Only this time, you had taken out your phone and had it constantly up to your ear, then into your hands, then up to your ear, then back into your hands before another sob escaped your lips.
“She’s not picking up, oh God.”
“Hey, listen to me,” Frank knelt down in front of you, taking your face into his hands, and gently brushing your tears away with his thumbs. “What we’re going to do, is go to that beach and she if she’s there. If she’s not, then we call the Police, but-“ he took hold of your hands when you began to cry again. “Sh, sh, listen, she’s a teenager. Teenagers do stupid things sometimes, she’ll be okay, I promise.”
Hearing Frank’s calming tone and words, you calmed down the slightest bit, your tears stopping slightly. You took a deep breath before nodding your head. “You’re right, you’re right, we’ll find her.”
You found her. Found her body. Well, the Police did. The second you saw the beach had been turned into a crime scene, you knew something had happened. Frank had to hold you back as you collapsed screaming, trying to run over to your baby sister, to hold her in your arms one final time. He held you as you cried, he held you at her funeral, he held you when you woke up in the middle of the night. He held you.
A shark. A fucking shark attack had killed your little sister.
One night, you found yourself sitting on one of Frank’s boats when you couldn’t sleep, looking out across the ocean, wrapped up in one of Frank’s hoodies.
“Hey, what are you doing out here? You’re going to catch a cold,” you heard Frank’s voice from behind you.
You had hardly spoken three words since Courtney had died, but you decided tonight was the night. “Are you scared of sharks, Frank?”
Frank took a seat next to you, wrapping an arm loosely around your shoulders and kissing the top of your head. “Afraid of sharks? No.”
“Yeah, never have been,” he then frowned, looking down at you with a frown. “Why?”
“I want to go after it. Get that motherfucker that killed her.”
“Y/N, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Why not?” you asked, suddenly getting angry. “Frank, I want to get it, kill it.”
Frank sat there for a couple of minutes in contemplation as the two of you looked across the ocean shore. “Let’s do it.”
You removed your head from his shoulder, looking at his face. “You sure?”
“Yeah, you and me, we can get that motherfucker. It’s out there somewhere. We just need to find it, catch it, and kill it.”
“So…” you said after a couple of minutes. “Where do we start?”
@pinkdiamond1016 @optimistic-dinosaur-nacho @coffeebooksandfandom @donutloverxo @patzammit @cevans-fics @lozzypoz321 @asiaaisa77 @princess-evans-addict @sylvie-writes 
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were-all-gay-and-ugly · a year ago
✿ playlists masterpost ✿
here’s every playlist i have at the moment!
this will be very long so...
playlists for the four seasons
"types of people - colours" playlists
"types of people - elements" playlists
playlists requested:
create your dreamland. - seeing the one you love in a dream
who are you when you’re alone? - a playlist for warm weather and dull days
she’s an angel - home is not a place, it’s you sitting next to me (a playlist for your best friend)
no regrets - the town that billy sunday couldn’t shut down (a playlist about chicago)
it’s over, isn’t it? - from "everywhere i go i just see you" through "she's got you mesmerised while i die" and "don't run back to me when you're done" to "i hope you're well"
if we could just pretend - i know better than to ever call you mine (let’s pretend that we’re in love)
¿ʎɥʍ - "he loves you and you feel like you've done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave in the dirt, and you're tired"
what if i never love again? - i hate worrying about the future, 'cause all my current problems are based around the past
say what you wanna say - i don’t fit in the crowd, but i fit in with you (a playlist inspired by just the thing by meredith o’connor)
soft and pink kinda feels - of all the stars, the fairest (not knowing if the girl you like is gay, but she makes you feel happy and pink inside)
let’s get out of here - last day of school kinda vibes
i feel useless - laying in bed, feeling too tired to do anything even though you know you should
a playlist inspired by two headed calf by laura giplin
romantic academia playlist - and you wish to be a poet; and you wish to be a lover
a playlist for writing poetry - instrumental music mostly
𝓼𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽 𝓪𝓼 𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓮 - far sweeter sounding than the lyre, far more golden than gold; (being in your first sapphic relationship; misty, foresty vibes)
goddess of spring - season of joy for the bee. the green will never again be so green, so purely and lushly
growing pains. - it feels so scary getting old (it feels like everything that i did or happened when i was young, only existed in my memory) 
are you here? - for those wandering at night; doesn’t the night go slow?
don’t you know how much i adore you? - always, and with devotion — but i have no words for how i love you (a playlist about secret, edwardian era gay lovers)
l o s t - i want to feel wanted, instead of feeling broken, and isolated (feeling left out, even next to your best friends)
a walking denial - so tell me do you hate me, or do you wanna date me? (rivals to lovers trope)
he was a skater boi - “dude” but make it romantic (two skateboarders falling in love)
baby you’re so cruel - enemies to lovers trope
we’re all just runaways - a playlist for leaving your life behind, just getting on a bus and never looking back
you don’t know what it’s like - why would you put up with me? (when you know your friends want to help, but you feel like they can’t)
love has no language - you’re really cute, but we don’t speak the same language (mostly just a collection of love songs in different languages)
do you like or like-like me? - you're out here with your cute smile driving me insane but i don't want to ruin our friendship... unless you feel the same
i would’ve been ok as a gf but she was more like his wife - i’ve given up on you
book soundtracks (+ tropes/genre)
kasie west - love, life and the list (best friends to lovers; contemporary romance)
kiera cass - the selection series (royalty, friends to lovers; romance)
sarah dessen - along for the ride (friends to lovers, night adventures; contemporary romance)
julie buxbaum - tell me three things (secret admirer; contemporary romance)
penelope douglas - punk 57 (enemies to lovers, best friends to lovers; romance)
playlists inspired by moodboards
she has kissed me. all is shattered. - moodboard by @lovecherub
la vie en rose - i got my red dress on tonight, dancing in the dark in the pale moonligth - moodboard by @mediocremicrowavemeal
favourite songs by different artists
alec benjamin
bea miller
conan gray
glass animals
harry styles
peach pit
the 1975
the neighbourhood
twenty one pilots
collection playlists
instrumental music i enjoy
study session - music to help me focus (mostly lo-fi beats)
non-english songs i like
songs that are so beautiful it feels like a slap in the face
5+ hours of trashy 90s and 00s music
hungarian songs i enjoy
oldie but goodie
songs from musicals i like
upbeat Angst™ - angsty songs that sound happy
songs that fit together (based on sound/genre etc)
🦋 groovy 🦋 - mgmt, frank ocean, peach pit, willow, wallows, clairo, between friends, rex orange county, benee, jack stauber, glass animals etc
soft purple neon lights - the 1975, lave, the band camino, lany, peach pit, flor, oh wonder etc
a n g e l s - sasha sloan, phoebe bridgers, julien baker, lucy dacus, mitski, taylor swift, fleurie, sharon van etten, daughter, muna etc
a story
1. heartbreak - the end of something important. something that was the most important. “the future is scary, who will i be and will you be with me? i need to learn to be okay if the answer is no.”
2. confusion - finally reaching a tender acceptance, on the verge of completely moving on… but they return. “you just want what you can’t have” and “if you’re gonna leave, better leave, better do it fast, can’t live a little longer sitting on your lap, ‘cause you know what you’re doing when you’re coming back and i don’t want to have another heart attack.” and “why can’t we laugh now like we did then? how come i see you and ache instead?”
3. goodbye - not being able to return to their heart, not without betraying yourself. being forced into the mirror image of the beginning and having to be the one to end it this time. “if i can’t have you, at least i’ll still have me”
concept playlists
i want to be monstrous. i want to be desired. - being a woman is performance art
melancholy evenings - not sad about anything specific, but the night is always a little lonely y’know?
if a man looks at u, kick him in the teeth (aka. listen to this if you’re walking alone and want to feel scary so men leave you alone)
just a little wicked - songs that make me feel like a villain
this is what pure love sounds like
fUCKing fIGht me bitch - boost my energy so high i could fight god herself
horror movie vibes - am i the main character or the killer? 
coming of age teen movie soundtrack
foggy wheather 
skater aesthetic - loose clothes, pinky promises, laughing with your friends, colorful bandaids, watching the sunset, messy hair, m&m's, impulsive decisions, resting your head on their shoulder
feel the moonlight on my skin - the moon is a lesbian and i love her
please could you be tender - falling for the wrong person; sitting on the roof with someone you trust; late night conversations; 
abandoned mall - exploring at night with your friends, your voices echoing down the halls, pointing your flashlights in random directions, trying to see as much as you can
late night drive - good or bad, the dark of the night will keep your secrets
good vibes and all that crap - let your heart do the smiley emoji
black coffee in our mugs - sitting in a cozy cafe, the smell of baked goods and tea and coffee in the air, feeling warm and content. 
people write songs about girls like you - what can you do with a girl like that?
i can’t move ‘cause he’s comfortable there - soft love songs
i’ll tell the stars about you - i’m soft and gay and girls are pretty
third eye - songs that make me feel things i didn’t know i was capable of feeling
cottagecore sapphics - baking pies; birds singing in the morning; living peacefully with your wife; hearing her humming in the next room; chamomile tea; blossoming garden; walking bare feet on fresh grass;
tired on the subway - the odd melancholy and exhaustion of the evening when you're on your way home
𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓡𝓸𝔂𝓪𝓵 𝓗𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 - songs a modern princess would listen to
some people are just better than others - playlist inspired by blair waldorf
good morning - songs to start your day 
it’s in the yearning - fellas is it gay to love someone from afar? - yes it is.
songs that belong in a romantic comedy
after the rain - no storm can last forever
when the party’s over - i guess it’s time to go
summer evening - life was full of fun, full of love, full of hopeful smiles
𝖇𝖆𝖉 𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 𝖛𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖘 - s t u p i d  b o y  t h i n k  t h a t  i  n e e d  h i m
vintage filter - songs that feel older than they are
sad music, but make it Cool™
primadonna girl - a playlist to hype you up, while getting ready to go out
windy weather 
! fun ! - songs that make me go !!!!!
cuffed jeans and finger guns - music by The Gays™
songs i play with friends to seem cooler than i am
music that feels like sunshine
cherry good friends - the official I LOVE MY FRIENDS playlist
i want a ticket to anywhere - roadtrip playlist
she likes beginnings - songs for watching the sun rise
hopeless romantic - i’m so glad you exist
even when it hurts - people are people, and sometimes it doesn’t work out
cuddle me - songs for getting cozy
time to cry bitch - some of the saddest songs i know
music for rainy days
nighttime. - i’m staring at the sky but i can’t tell which way my thoughts are traveling
well fuck you too - honestly just shut up // angry playlist
all about broken friendships
music video material - for when i want to feel like the main character
<3<3<3 - absolute loves of my life // some of my favourite songs
every song i like
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svltairs · a year ago
Tumblr media
*   🥀  𝒅𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒚 𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈
* samantha logan, cis woman + she/her  | you know darcy king , right? they’re twenty-five, and they’ve lived in irving for, like, seven months? well, their spotify wrapped says they listened to solo by frank ocean like, a million times this year, which makes sense ‘cause they’ve got that whole half scribbled thoughts in a tiny black notebook hastily shoved into your purse, feeling alone in a crowded room, finding peace at the bottom of a bottle thing going on. i just checked and their birthday is june 7th, so they’re a gemini which is unsurprising, all things considered. 
trigger warnings: death mention, car accident mention, alcohol abuse mentions
*   🥀   ABOUT  DARCY  .
character inspiration: jen lindley ( dawson’s creek ), marissa cooper ( the oc ), peyton sawyer ( one tree hill ) 
darcy was born and raised in santa barbara, california, daughter of a retired basketball player and a retired model, who moved themselves out of the chaos of los angeles to start a family. they had promised to be devoted to that cause, but frankly, couldn’t stop chasing after the highs of their careers. both were unfaithful. both were still focused on earning all that they could, even though they had enough for a comfortable life. and so, their family was lost in the shuffle. 
darcy is the youngest child in her family. her eldest brother attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps and make it to the nba. he played college basketball for one year at ucla. celebrating after a big win, her brother got behind the wheel of a car after having too many drinks. he lost his life that night. the middle child in darcy’s family got the hell out of dodge, got a sensible accounting degree and settled in the suburbs, wanting nothing to do with his family. and darcy, the youngest, was left behind with all the shattered pieces. 
darcy was still in high school at the time of the accident and really had nowhere to put her grief. she started acting out, skipping classes, falling in with the wrong sort of crowd. maybe it was all a cry for help, but her parents never seemed to be listening. instead, she was sent to live with her grandmother in the suburbs of charlotte, north carolina. 
she got her act together on the surface, for her grandmother’s sake, but the pain was still there and it was easier to drink it away and forget for a while, rather than face her grief head on. at her family’s insistence, upon her high school graduation, she enrolled in school at north carolina central university. instead of diving into her classes, she reveled in the freedom of not being watched for the first time in a long time. she got caught up in party culture and could not keep up with her classes. 
 without telling her parents ( but after consulting her grandmother extensively ) darcy dropped out of school and moved back in with her grandma, picking up some different retail and restaurant jobs while she figured out what it was she wanted to do with her life. 
at this time, she started keeping a journal. at first, she’d just write out what she was feeling, letters to herself, a young woman who was on the brink of falling into darkness. eventually, her writings turned into poems, lyrics maybe, but they were something more and getting those words out on paper did more for her than anything else ever could. 
she finally reached a point where she felt stable enough in herself to move away from the only place she ever really called home, not too far away, but far enough to where she felt like she was really on her own. she still has her bad habits, but she’s trying to build a new life for herself in irving. it’s a fresh start, something that she hasn’t been given since she was sixteen and she blew it. 
she’s got herself a roomy apartment in the port apartments thanks to her nifty little trust fund, but she doesn’t walk around with the air of someone who has inherited money. her day job is at kahlo’s cafe. so far she’s been in town for seven months and while she doesn’t feel at home yet or like she’s really found what she’s looking for, it’s a start and for that she’s grateful. 
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callmepippin · a year ago
ok so i was tagged by the lovely @lexiklecksi for the 11/11/11 tag, the rules are: answer the 11 questions she asked me, make up my own 11 questions and then tag 11 ppl to answer those (so if you want you can skip to the questions at the bottom lmao). however as a fair warning: this got Way too long probably bc im rambly today. i tried to limit the stream of consciousness but….
1. current musical obsession: Frank Ocean and related sort of neo-r&b stuff - while writing this im also discovering Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” (and also the song Golden Brown, but not bc im listening to it but bc im learning it on both guitar and piano)
2. 3 things i always take with me:
- wallet (or at least my id)
- phone (&earphones)
- cigarettes&lighter
3. what (or who) i miss most in lockdown: i dont rly remember? im so used to the situation by now that i kind of forget to miss what i did when things were “normal”... but i guess going to bars w/ friends, and just being able to go shopping when i need smth
4. pick: either only read 1 book or only read books picked by someone else: i wouldn’t be able to only read one book for the rest of my life! so definitely the second option (esp if i can pick the person who picks the books)
5. why i found your blog/followed you and if i intend to stay: uhh you followed me and when i checked your blog i liked the vibe i guess? also you were v nice in the tags of my music stuff! also ya i like it here, so im staying for a while
6. when and why did i last cry: i genuinely dont know for sure.. the last time i specifically remember crying was my granddad’s funeral, which is three yrs ago this month, but i do know ive cried once or twice since then, i just dont remember for sure when and why.
wait i do remember, i think the last time was when i saw Richard Says Goodbye (live music and movies or books are basically the only reason i rly cry, im not an emotional crier, dont know why).
7. who holds the key to my heart: my partner of five (and a bit) years, whom i love Very Much! (although ofc my heart is not locked, i have so much love to give, just romantically i am very much taken)
8, pick one: star wars/star trek, dobby/gollum, white/black magic, flying/teleportation, time travel: past/future?
- Star Wars
- Gollum (even though i have read hp but still havent read lotr, ive read the hobbit like 4 times tho)
- i think the hard dichotomy btwn white/black magic or like light/dark and good/bad in most fiction is often v flawed bc thats not how the world works, everything is grey areas (e.g. the Jedi are not better than the Sith, both have deeply flawed philosophies). the Force (or any magic for that matter) is not inherently good or evil, it just is. nature isnt abt good or evil, isnt abt opposites but abt balance.
and especially if you work with the occult and magical, i think thats all abt walking the edge between light and dark, life and death, night and day, good and bad etc…
so to answer the question: grey magic lmao, its all abt balance
- teleportation i think, bc while flying is very cool, i think teleportation has more practical uses (although also has danger involved, such as what happens if you teleport into a space that is already occupied by a person or an object? but for the sake of argument, prolly teleportation)
- do not even get me started on time travel.. the implications of time travel to the past are…… complicated to say the least (it only works if you believe in hard determinism, which i wholly do not). so in a practical sense, def to the future (although that is also Problematic within the constraints of our four-dimensional universe/experience).
in a philosophical sense though, ignoring all the paradoxes and laws of time and space, id still pick the future (or maybe no time travel at all), bc i think the past is the past for a reason. we remember it, we learn from it, but ultimately we must leave it behind.
my philosophical problem with traveling to the future is more that you cant just. skip life. so if you travel to the future, it has to be way beyond your own life and direct influence, or youll interfere with yourself and your own future, and thats scientifically, psychologically /and/ philosophically a v bad idea all round, i think.
9. which thoughts keep me awake at night: almost never specific thoughts, but quite often anxiety abt the near future. but theres no like, lingering issues that keep me awake.
10. what id do with you if we were locked up together for 24hrs: i think i’d really like to write with you! make poetry, song lyrics, make art! bc we could rly learn from each other i think and also we could just rly pick each others brain abt mundane, important and transcendental stuff ya know?
11. ask anything: do you have concrete, long term plans for the future, maybe even backup plans? a clear vision of how the rest of your life is going to go? or are you more the type to do what makes you happy now and figure it out as you go along?
my own questions (large variation in vibes and weight, i know):
describe your favourite colour using other senses (like what sound, smell, feeling or w/e do you associate with it)
what’s the best thing that happened to you in the last week, last month and last year?
what’s the one thing/what are the things that help(s) you get up in the moring and keep putting one foot in front of the other?
are you a leftie? (warning: there is a correct answer)
do you play/have you ever played a musical instrument? (and for the sake of completeness, yes i am counting singing as well)
do you have one thing (e.g. a song, movie, book or smth else) that never fails to bring you joy?
do you have one (or more) person(s) you feel you could still hit up after ten yrs of radio silence and you’d still vibe?
what’s your favourite song lyric/line from a poem/quote? and why?
who was your first celebrity crush? (if you’ve ever had one obvsly)
what’s smth you’re looking forward to? could be specific, could be a general thing like a driver’s licence or your own apartment or w/e
this one is specifically to feed my curiosity, indulge me: why did you follow me?
congrats, you’ve managed to reach the end! again, very sorry for the rambles, thanks for sticking around. im tagging @alt-heidi, @terdiscussie, @a-soul-to-cling-to, @ontvreemd, @sarahhnghae and i guess whoever fuckin feels like it? i literally can’t think of 11 ppl on this hell site, so if i forgot you its not personal. if we’re mutuals you’re especially tagged.
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gypsydanger01 · a year ago
THE STORM - Part twenty-five
Fandom: The Boys (Amazon prime tv series)
Pairing: Black Noir x OC
A/N: So sorry for the wait!!!! I'm back and ready to write! Here's part twenty-five, hope you enjoy✨ it's a bit of a fluffy/filler chap but it leads into the rest ;)
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Boys, only my OC characters and certain pieces of au plot. I don’t own “Thinkin bout you” by Frank Ocean.
Comments, reviews, constructive criticism, and other requests are always more than welcome!
I have your back
Tumblr media
[Next morning]
Luckily, the next day was Saturday and Sarah rolled over in bed with a content sigh. Lengthening her arms out to her sides, she patted the bedding beneath her: she had fallen asleep on top of the comforter. Suddenly, the evening before came rushing back and she stilled, a barely contained smile stamped on her face.
He must’ve carried her to bed, she realized as she stood and stepped out into the hall.
She padded into the living room where she found Noir scrolling through her mp3 player.
He didn’t need much sleep to function and had soon grown restless. First, he’d skimmed through the books she’d salvaged from her bookcase; two were charred beyond recognition but he appreciated the rest of the book collection. Then, he’d made his way back to the stack of picture frames she had piled in a corner. There was the picture of her in Tokyo, which he marveled at tracing the lines of her face; a few other pictures displayed rolling landscapes and he wondered if she’d taken them herself; another picture of a desolated beach sat at the bottom.
Finally, he’d fixated on her mp3 player.
He knew of her fondness for music and quickly scanned her playlists: a mix of rap, 90s rnb, and alternative rock were oddly bunched together.
Noir slipped her earbuds in, settled back onto the couch and let Dr. Dre, Ludacris, and Frank Ocean keep him company in the early morning hours.
Time passed, and soon he heard Sarah moving in her room. He waited for her to come around the couch, gazing at her as she went. She smiled, seeing that he hadn’t slipped his mask or gloves back on.
She enjoyed seeing his expressions, the emotions that seemed to flash in his eyes. It was like being granted a glimpse into another dimension, a version of Noir no one else was privy to. It felt intimate, like another line of communication they shared.
Sarah was surprised to see him holding her mp3 and she leaned in, checking the screen. Noir inhaled her scent and tensed at her close proximity.
“Hey, Kendrick,” she approved, “that’s a good one, it always lifts my spirits, y’know.”
He looked at the screen, printing the title, Alright, into his memory.
To his surprise, she plopped down next to him, pulling her legs up to the side and leaning into his side. He tentatively reached behind her, gathering her closer. Sarah grabbed one of the earbuds dangling from the device and slipped it into her ear. Gently, she took the mp3 from his hands and flipped through her playlists. Finally, she settled on one song.
A tornado flew around my room before you came
Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain in
Southern California, much like Arizona
My eyes don't shed tears, but, boy, they bawl
 She leaned into his side and let the mp3 fall back into his lap.
“One of my favorites,” she murmured, and he could avert the sleepiness in her voice. “Do you listen to music,” she asked.
He signed. A little.
Sarah glanced around for the notebook but assumed it had stayed in the kitchen. Too comfortable to go fetch it, she went with the alternative.
“Ok, I’ll go through some genres and you stop me when I hit the ones you like.”
With her close proximity, looking up at him through heavy eyelashes, he thought he’d do anything she asked. He knew he should feel concerned at the amount of trust he’d placed in her, the strong hold over him he’d allowed her to develop. But he’d chosen, and he felt liberated.
She was still waiting for an answer, and he simply pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
Sarah settled her head back on his shoulder, “Hmm…,” she mused, “Let’s see, rap and rnb.”
He pinched his fingers close together. A little.
She continued, “How about pop,” small pause but no response, “Rock music? Punk?”
The woman sped through a few more choices, ranging from trap all the way to gospel. Finally, she ran out of options and paused, thinking of other music genres she hadn’t thought of. However, she was pulled from her train of thoughts as he brought one hand forward, his fingers dancing close to his knee.
She quickly caught on, “You play the piano?”
He squeezed her slightly against him, and she took it as confirmation.
“So, you listen to classical music, I assume.”
Noir nodded. It had always soothed him to play the piano. It was comforting to excel at something so delicate and precise, when those same fingers could destroy anything they touched. It reminded him of the control he was taught to maintain ever since he could walk.
Sarah covered his hand with her own, her warm skin tone touching his.
I'm lyin' down thinkin' 'bout you (Ooh, no, no, no)
I've been thinkin' 'bout you (You know, know, know)
I've been thinkin' 'bout you
Do you think about me still?
Do ya, do ya?
 Or do you not think so far ahead? (Ahead)
'Cause I been thinkin' 'bout forever (Ooh, ooh)
 “I’ve always loved music,” Sarah began, and Noir immediately focused on her voice. “It’s what I need in every situation. Sometimes it makes me feel strong, invulnerable…” she trailed off before clearing her throat. “Other times, I’m just detached from everything and I need it to remind me I feel, and I’m human.”
Noir brought his other hand over hers, trapping it between his.
In the early morning, cream colored light filtered through the curtains and lazily traced their features on the large couch. After being up for three days, Noir was starting to feel the pull of sleep. And with her softly leaning into him, the mp3 playing soft music between them, he felt at peace. Utterly detached from the world outside.
He gently moved her so he could rise from his seat, passing his ear bud back to her. Sarah’s eyes widened and she stayed silent waiting for his next move. He’d spent the night and she knew he probably needed to head back to the Tower. Still, she felt an odd tug in her chest, like a string tightening around her. She settled down on the couch, stretching her legs out. Propped up on one elbow, she pressed back into the soft material.
She was surprised, however, when he began to dismantle his suit. She looked away flustered when she caught a peak of his toned stomach. Finally, lifting her gaze from the carpet, she found him stripping the last part of his chest armor, revealing a grey shirt underneath. He set the armor and weapons on a chair in the corner and returned, the top half of his armor gone.
Sarah stayed quiet, watching him as he laid back on the couch, facing her. He finally looked at her and wondered how it was possible to find such comfort in another person. She smiled and let him slip an arm under her head, the other one tracing lines down her sweater-clad arm. They were so close, she thought he could read her mind.
With the soft, hazy morning light filtering through the window behind him, the man appeared angelic.
She whispered, “I’m going to make you a playlist,” she promised, slipping his earbud back in place. Noir felt a shiver down his spine at her touch and reveled in the feeling. “And one day, I’d like to hear you play the piano.”
He nodded and his fingers began to dance against her arm, as if he were playing right then and there. She smiled again and snuggled against him with a deep sigh. In the enclosed space between the couch’s backrest and Noir’s body, she felt warm and safe.
And at that moment, he too felt himself slowly drifting off to sleep in the morning light.
 [A few hours later]
A few hours later, they finally woke up. While Sarah stretched, Noir quickly patched his armor back on and ducked into the kitchen where he gathered his gloves and mask. She watched him grab their notebook and jot a few words down.
I must go back
She nodded, understanding.
I will be back, he quickly added. He then mentally paused and wondered if that was a mistake. On the internet, he’d found multiple websites with dating tips where over-eagerness was something to avoid.
Sarah smiled at that, “You’re welcome to come over any time.”
He mentally sighed in relief. The silent man looked at her and reached forward to push a strand of curly hair behind her ear. She gazed at his pensive face and wished she could search his thoughts, understand what was bothering him.
He finally dropped his hand and took the pen back into hand.
Stay away from Homelander
Sarah stilled. She already knew to stay away from that man and avoid being noticed. She was supposed to blend in with everyone else. She already knew all of this and more, so why was he telling her this?
She frowned, “I know to be careful…” she trailed off. “Is something going on?”
He gazed at her for a long moment before cautiously answering.
He seems fascinated by you, she read. Underneath he added, Bad feeling
A shiver ran down her spine and she suddenly felt cold.
I will not let him hurt you.
She nodded more to herself than to Noir. They would need to accelerate the timing on her and Martha’s plan. They needed to finish before someone sensed what was going on. Before Homelander looked into her profile a little too closely.
Finally, she looked up at Noir and spoke with a hint of amusement, “You know I can hold my own, right?”
Believe me, I know, he wrote, and Sarah was surprised to see a mischievous glint in his eyes.
She laughed but quickly grew serious again and thanked him.
He had her back and she felt comfort in knowing it.
Noir slipped his dark, skull-like mask back on and quickly head out the back.
She watched him disappear and thought of his words. Her heart sighed at the idea of seeing him again, while her mind sharpened at the work ahead.
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