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How They React When You Fight (Tokyo Revengers)
pairings: mikey, draken, baji, chifuyu, mitsuya, kazutora x fem!reader synopsis: reader gets into fights with people warnings: fighting, violence, and swearing
He doesn’t remember how the beef between you and this girl started, and he doesn’t really care about it. So when you tell him one night that when you see her in person you were gonna quote unquote “whoop her ass” he didn’t take you seriously. Mikey just nodded his head as he mindlessly scrolled through his social media then went off to sleep that night.
It’s not until you and him were walking out of a restaurant after having lunch together that Mikey should have believed in your words. You spotted the girl from the internet walking with a friend of hers. The two were both giggling with each other over something, but you didn’t give two shits. All you saw was red when you saw her. She didn’t notice you charging towards her, and neither did Mikey notice you leaving his side, until you shouted, “RIKA!” and then slugged her. Your closed tight fist landed a strike on her left cheek.
“Y/N!” Mikey shouts, but it’s too late. You were already punching the girl in her face again with a left hook and kicking her in the stomach. Mikey was stunned to say the least as he stood there watching you climb on top of the girl, straddling her then wailing your closed fists on her.
Mikey took a step forward when her friend tried to pull you off of her, but to his surprise again you took her on too. “You want some of this too bitch?!” you yell at her and shove her away from the unmoving body of her friend. The friend was going to say something back to you, but Mikey snuck up behind you, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you away from the scene. You were flailing your arms, yelling at him to let you go.
“If I let you go, you’re gonna have a murder case on your hands babe, not happening.”
Draken should have seen this coming from the moment he stepped into the club with you. He remembers you telling him that you were a hot-head, and had little patience for bullshit. Draken took steps into not pissing you off or making you angry in your two’s relationship. A few arguments did happen between you two here and there, but never did they result in any physical violence.
However, nothing could prepare him for when some drunk woman spills her bottle of liquor over your new dress. The liquid stuck to your skin like glue, and the drunk woman had the nerve to laugh at you. You weren’t having that. “Excuse me, but you just spilled your drink on me.”
“Yeah, I did, and?”
“You got three seconds to apologize to me, bitch.”
“Bitch, get the fuck-”
She didn’t finish her sentence because you had secretly grabbed an empty bottle of beer that was sitting on an end table near the corner of the club and whacked it on the side of her head. Glass shattering when it made contact with the woman’s head. She screamed and you began to slug your fist at her face. She backed up, falling to her feet when she slipped on the broken shards of glass on the floor.
Draken saw all of this happening from the booth he was in and he immediately got to his feet. He pushed through the crowd of dancing drunkards to get to you. “Babe, it’s not worth it, it’s time to go.” He yells into your ear, and grabs your upper arm, tugging you away from the incapacitated woman. “You’re lucky my man is here or you would be dead.”
“That’s the last time I’m letting you out of my sight again, Y/N. Damn!”
Baji knew that when it came to an argument with you, he knew just to let you have the last word and think that you’ve won. When he first got into an argument with you, Baji ended up talking out of his ass and that got him three things: 1. slept at his momma’s house for a week, 2. no pussy for a week, and 3. a knot on his forehead. His mom asked him what happened for him to get the knot, and he was truthful with her, to which his mother told him never to argue with you again. And he didn’t.
So, in conclusion, Baji learned just to let you have the last word and the impression that you’ve won an argument with him. Now that didn’t necessarily mean that his friends knew. No, they sadly didn’t. It happened at a house party at the Haitani Brother’s house. You were in the kitchen grabbing a beer for you and Baji to drink on.
That’s when Rindou entered the kitchen and was talking to you about your attitude. “…I mean like you’re in my house and you didn’t even say ‘hey’ to me when you walked in. You just gave me a disgusted look like you don’t even fuck with me. What’s up with that?”
“Rindou, shut up and get out of my face, now. I greeted both you and Ran, now leave me the fuck alone.” You sneered, gripping the can of beer in your right hand tighter.
He ignores your warning and presses on, “Put my beer back in my refrigerator then woman, and then I’ll get out of your face.”
As Baji was about to tell Draken and Mitsuya a story from their childhood, he heard the sound of loud pop and all of a sudden the living room got quiet. Followed by a sound of a man screaming and a woman hollering.
“Shit, Y/N!” Baji hisses as he rushes out of his seat to race into the kitchen. Behind him were Draken and Mitsuya, both men curious to see what was going on. The three of them saw Rindou with a bleeding head, clutching it in his hands and kneeling on the floor. Towering above him was you, holding a damaged beer can in your hand. “Y/N what the fuck did you do?!” Baji says.
You turn your body to face your boyfriend, “I told you I didn’t wanna come to this shitshow of a party. Let’s get the fuck out of here Baji, we’re going home!” You throw the can of beer into the sink ignoring Baji’s shouts for you to come back.
He likes spending time with you and especially when you come around to hang out with him and his two little sisters. They couldn’t get enough of you. So when Mitsuya invited you to the playground to help him babysit, you couldn’t refuse. You and him were on the bench, seated and your eyes were glued to the screen of his phone as he showed you sketches of clothes he had made. The two of you were laughing and smiling when you heard the heartbreaking cry of a little girl and shuffling of feet.
Mana came over crying with her Luna holding onto her as she sobbed. You and Mitsuya were worried as the two sisters walked together and you asked what happened. Luna explained that a boy on the playground pushed Mana off of the swing and took it from her. “Mana, it’s okay big brother is here.” Just then you stood up and walked away from the three siblings. Mitsuya notices and he blinks, “Y/N where are you going?”
You ignored Mitsuya. You went up to the little boy and crossed your arms at him. “Hey little boy, who are you with?” He looked up at you, stopped swinging his legs, and pointed over to a woman. “I’m with my sister,” You tell him that you wanted to talk to her and he calls her over. You tell the sister that he had pushed your boyfriend’s sister off of the swings. You were being polite and explained to her that he should give the swing back to her. “I don’t see a problem here, this is just kids being kids, so if you don’t mind just leaving us alone.”
“You don’t see a problem? Your spoiled little brother just pushed off my boyfriend’s sister from the swing! She could have gotten hurt!”
“Well she’s not hurt is she? No, they’re kids.”
You had enough of reasoning with the woman, so instead you shoved her to the ground. “You know what you’re right. They’re kids, and that makes us adults. So let’s settle this like adults then.” She looked up at you in horror, “Get up, we’re gonna settle this.”
Mitsuya shook his head as he sat on the bench and watched you shove the woman to the ground. “Luna and Mana, you two stay right here okay?” He tells the two girls before rushing over to your side. You had your arm cocked back ready to punch the girl, but your boyfriend stopped you before you could touch her. “Y/N, this isn’t the time or place to do this right now. Let’s go get the girls some ice cream.”
Reluctantly you lower your arm and jerk your body towards the woman. It scares her causing her to grab her little brother by his arm and pull him away from the swings and out of the playground area. “Pussy,” you mutter under your breath and Mitsuya shakes his head.
“What am I going to do with you?”
“Yeah there’s been some girl harassing Kazutora for his phone number at work.” Chifuyu blurts out in the living room of you and Kazutora’s apartment. Your eyes widened and you don’t remember your boyfriend telling you that a girl was bothering him. “Who’s harassing Kazutora?” you asked Chifuyu. That’s when he knew he fucked up. He stammered on his words, trying to explain that the girl was just a customer at the pet store and she wasn’t anything to worry about. “No to me it sounds like there is something to worry about.”
Kazutora enters the living room after exiting the bathroom and overheard part of the conversation. “What are we worrying about?” He questions, his eyes drift from Chifuyu to you and you immediately ask him. “Who’s the girl that’s bothering you Kazutora and why haven’t you told me this?”
Kazutora wants to kill Chifuyu right now, so he glares at the man before returning his attention to you. “She’s a customer that shows up on the weekends, begging me for my phone number and socials. Don’t worry about her though, baby, I’m not entertaining her.” You grunt, “I still don’t like this, so I will be showing up at your job to make sure she doesn’t try anything.” Kazutora goes to interject, but you shoot him a stern glare. “I mean it Kazutora.”
And that is how he finds himself working the front counter at the pet store on a Saturday afternoon. You were in the office of the store watching the cameras waiting for that girl to show up so you could surprise her. She did. You took note of her outfit, seeing that she was a college student. She smiles sweetly at Kazutora and tucks her hair behind her ear. “Hey there Kazu’baby. How are you doing today?” He clears his throat and ignores her. He waves his hand dismissively at her, trying to get her to leave, but she reaches over the counter and pulls him down by the collar of his shirt.
Oh hell no. You sprung up from your seat so fast, the Flash would be impressed. You stormed out of the office and hollered, “Hands off of him!” before you pushed the girl away from Kazutora. “W-Who are you?” She shouts, looking at you and Kazutora. “I’m his girlfriend you little slut! Now hands off of my man, before you end up in a cage like these animals!”
Your boyfriend sighs, running a hand down his face, “I told you that I had a girlfriend, and I told you that she’s crazy.”
You were at home just doing some house cleaning when your phone went off with notifications. You stopped sweeping and wiped your hands on your apron as you entered the living room to grab your phone. You were getting messages from Baji, Kazutora, and Draken asking where you were. You were confused until a message from Baji said that Chifuyu was getting into a fight with some girls on the way to your place.
You knew that none of the guys would ever fight a girl. None of them were raised to hit a female. A sigh left your lips as you took off your apron and high tailed it out of your apartment to go find your boyfriend and his friends. As you turned a corner you saw Chifuyu getting smacked by a girl and off to the side stood the other three men just watching the situation happen.
“You fucking idiots you aren’t gonna stop her? What kind of friends are you?” You yell at him as you near the scene. Kazutora replied, “She said if we jumped in we were gonna get it too.” You rolled your eyes at the three of them and snatched the girl by the collar of her shirt.
“Listen here bitch,” you hissed and before she could utter a word you slammed your fist against her face. “Don’t, fucking, touch, my, boyfriend!” Each pause you punched her in her nose. The nasty sound of bones cracking and a loud screech came from the girl. By the time you were done with her she was laid out on the alleyway crying and holding onto her broken bleeding nose. “You try to pull some shit like that again, and you won’t be leaving with just a broken nose.”
As you were walking back to your place with the boys you asked them why she randomly fought with Chifuyu. Your boyfriend answered, “At first she told us she wanted to rob us for our money, but then she said I looked like one of her friend’s exes and she just started fighting me. I didn’t wanna fight her because you know, we don’t hit girls.” You hit Chifuyu in his arm, “Next time don’t just get your ass beat, stupid, at least block her hits or something!” Then you looked at the guys, “And you three, should be ashamed of yourselves, if this happens again pull the chick away from ‘em don’t just stand there!”
The trio chorused, “Yes ma’am!”
a/n: i think im going to make a part two with other tokyo revengers characters. coming soon!
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“30 days with Baji“
Part 1. D0 - D9
part 2 | part 3 |  Final part
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hanma: are we fighting or flirtling?
draken: im literally pinning you against a wall with my hand wrapped around your neck-
hanma: your point?
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if draken and emma's child suddenly know how to say swear words then its all uncle mikey's fault
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A letter from Baji spoilers, Ryusei better not fucking die and Toman needs to hurry up and appear.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Day Twenty-Nine - Ken "Draken" Ryuguji {11:00am}
A/N: The taglist for fluffvember is officially closed, but you can find all of the pieces that have already come out below with the masterlist link. Thank you all for sticking around for our fluff times this month. 🥰
Word Count: 0.7k
TW: jealousy, but everything else is just fluffy and lovey-dovey
Fluffvember Masterlist
Tumblr media
The memories of his last girlfriend had been lingering in your head for far too long. You couldn't help it. The two of you spent so much time with his best friend that you always ran into her. And what made it worse was exactly how close Draken and Emma had still been.
You knew that you had nothing to worry about. You knew that Draken wasn't the type to ever do anything to hurt you, especially something like cheating. You knew that his relationship with Emma now was nothing but friendship, but that didn't make the sting any worse.
You had been out with them all day, hitting the town for a little shopping and some lunch and when you got home it had felt like a weight was lifted from your shoulders. You wouldn't lie, you loved spending time with the two of them, but there was something that always made you uneasy about it at the same time.
Draken could sense the weird tension in the air as you all got inside, his arms wrapping around your waist from behind as you both stood in the hallway. "Come on baby girl. Talk to me. You've been weird for a few hours now. What's going on?"
You shook your head, trying to ignore it. The last thing that you wanted to do was have to have the same talk that you had been having for months and months. Your fear that having to have it again would make him want to leave and not have anything to do with you ever again. "It's nothing, don't worry about it. I'm just tired, Kenny. I just need some rest."
Draken huffed, kissing the back of your head. "I know that's a lie. I know you better than you know yourself, don't forget about that, my love." That was when it hit him, something that he could never blame you for feeling, something that he would never ever hold against you. He was just happy that you felt comfortable enough to go out with them all and not even complain about it, especially given their history. "I know what's going on and I'm going to tell you again that I love you more than anything in the world."
You tried hard to hold back the smile that painted your face, not wanting to seem too giddy about it. "You don't have to do that, Kenny. I'm fine. It's not a big deal, I just need to get past it. That'll come in time."
His large hands grabbed your waist and spun you around to face him, giving you one of the widest grins that you had ever seen him wear. "Then let me help you speed that process up a little, yeah?" Draken kissed the tip of your nose and beamed at you, your cheeks warming at his touch. "I'll remind you again... tell you everything that I always do when this happens. And know that I mean every single word of it."
Draken placed a hand on the back of your head protectively and pulled you toward him, placing your forehead against his own. "I love you more than anyone and anything in this world and nothing will ever change that. You're the one reason that I get up and try to be the best person that I can be every single day. You're the reason that I work as hard as I do. So that I can give you everything that you want in this world."
You felt your eyes welling up as he praised you, barely able to contain your emotions as you listened to him continue. "You wanna know the most important part, sweetheart?" He watched you nod at him quickly as you listened even more intently, pushing his lips out to touch yours gently before answering. "You're my everything. You always will be. Until the day that I take my last breath everything that I do will be for you and for whatever family we bring into this world."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @bakubabes-tatakae @simps-and-scribbles @southside-otaku @foggyblazewitch
Tumblr media
©️2022 drakendaydreams, please do not repost/modify without my permission, please do not use my work as ASMR without my permission
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louder !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
── boyfriend!Draken x fem!reader
── porn with no plot.
── petnames (bunny, baby, babe, and darling) , Cunnilingus, dry humping, clit play (if u squint) ────────────────────────────────────────────
"Oh shit.." you mumbled, making sure that your boyfriend, Ken couldn't hear. The air was filled with sounds of your cunt being lapped up by Ken. You don't even know how you got into this mess in the first place. Legs spread, pussy dripping, and a guy in between trying to make you moan. You never moaned, why? you thought it was embarrassing to moan. The thought of being a moaning mess in front of your boyfriend made your face 10x redder than it already was. You also thought that if you ever moaned in front of Draken, he would find it "weird". None the less, here you were, trying to keep your voice silent while Draken ate you out like a animal. The sensation of Ken tongue-fucking your cunt while rubbing your clit, just made you want to scream. Draken is experienced when it comes to eating pussy. He knows all the ways to make anyone cum on demand but, you're different. Ever since you and Draken have had sexual intimacy, you have never moaned, all that came out of your mouth was little whimpers. At the time it was enough for Draken to go ballistic on your body but, not anymore. He needed more, he needs to hear moans come out of you. Draken quickly rose from your cunt and stared at you. His eyes were filled with lust and a bit of annoyance. "Babe, why don't you moan? I'm I doing something wrong? Are you not satisfied?" His face was filled with concern. He really wanted to hear you moan. Just to hear that sweet noise come out of your mouth would make his ego big. "What? no, you are satisfying me, it's just that I'm nervous, you know?" you sighed, you didn't know that not saying anything during sex would have made him this insecure. Guilt arose from within you, you didn't want Draken to feel bad. "Fine, I'll moan but, if you find it weird I'll stop, okay?" a smile slowly formed on your boyfriend's face. moments after you told him that, his lips bashed onto yours. You've always liked the way his lips felt. You quickly climbed onto Draken's lap to make it a bit more comfortable. The warmth of your cunt on his boxers almost made him cum on the spot. Draken wanted to test the waters, he really wants to see if you will carry out with what you said. So out of excitement, he rubbed his clothed cock against your wet cunt. For the first time, Draken finally heard you moan, it was a whiny moan. "Fuck! Bunny, that's what I'm talking about!" He screamed. Your face was filled with embarrassment as he kept grinding into you. As minutes passed by, the room was filled with moans. You couldn't stop moaning. "Baby, I'm going to cum! Oh my God I'm gonna cum!~" your voice was starting to crack from all the screaming you have been doing. "Fucking cum bunny, cum on me!" he groaned. He was also close, and you could sense it. a few seconds passed and you both came. You were so happy that you were finally comfortable to moan around your boyfriend. "Thank you Draken,," you shyly said. Draken wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you close. "Next time I want you too be even louder than tonight, okay?"
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Just seen that the Tokyo Revengers Christmas showdown arc will stream exclusively on Disney plus in January and I swear this better be a joke. We did not go through all that trauma for Disney to stream it 🙃
It's Takemichi or Takemitchy not Takemickey 😂😂😭😭
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo revengers low quality manga pannels <333
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how people found out you were dating
—tokyo rev
Tumblr media
mikey started hanging around you more often
draken started holding your hand everywhere
mitsuya.. no one guessed it until he referred to you as his s.o/girlfriend/boyfriend
baji just started talking a lot about you but denied any relationship but they all knew
kazutora— the gang was waiting for him infront of his house and when the door opened, you came out
chifuyu did not shut up about it. talked about you like you were a trophy
smiley,, the gang caught y’all on a date
angry, smiley caught y’all on a date then told everyone😭
hakkai has a split wallpaper of you and mitsuya. or he made you both take a selfie then made it his wallpaper idk. anyways mitsuya was the first to know
seishu often gave you kisses on the cheek regardless of where you were
koko, people were notching the amount of gifts your were receiving with the tag from haji
rindou— accidentally called you by your pet name. it was embarrassing
ran just happened to make out with you when he got excited when he saw you in the middle of a fight
sanzu and you probably did some wack shit on your date and it got onto the news
shinichiro, people started noticing a certain person always visiting the shop for lengthy amounts of time.
izana has no filter, he told everyone straight up
wakasa was extra clingy around you
takeomi would make you sit on his lap when theres crowds
Tumblr media
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ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ʀᴇᴠ ʙᴏʏꜱ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴇᴀʀ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ɢᴀɴɢ ᴜɴɪꜰᴏʀᴍ!
Tumblr media
Request from:@arawas6518
he walks over to you,slowly,his hollow eyes following yours,it sent chills down your spine and you wondered if maybe you shouldn’t have been wearing his jacket.You closed your eyes,scared of what would come next.However,he just stares at you blankly,before swiflty wrapping his arms around your waist and hugging you.his soft breath hitting your ear as he softly whispers “Never leave me.”
He walks over to you,and he chuckles at the sight of you struggling to zip up his red coat.”Here,let me help you.”He says,bending down so he can zip the coat up all the way to the top.He helps you flatten out the crimson material so it fits right onto your body.”You look good.”He hums softly,before kissing your forehead.He runs his fingers through your hair and smiles.”I love you.”
He slowly strolls over to you,trying not to laugh at how the large jacket barely fit you because of his tall size.Patting your head,he smiles at you and you wrap your arms around him,grinning widely.It took Draken by surprise,though he didn’t pull away from your embrace,he’d never admit it,but he wishes you would do it more.He murmurs softly,”God,what did I do to have someone like you?”
Baji looks at you,his fangs showing from his confused frown.”What are you doing with my jacket?”Assuming that means he wants you to give it back to him,you start unbuttoning the gold buttons delicately sewn onto the dark material.”Hey,I didn’t mean take it off,dumbass,you look good in it.”He spoke,taking you by surprise,though he was your boyfriend,he never seemed to act like it so this was probably the closest you’ll get to him acting like one.
“Hah,what’s this ♡? A lazy grin sat upon his face.”You look cute,but you’d look even cuter with no clothes on though-” “Shut the fuck up.”You cut him off before he could finish his sentence.He chuckles,”Whatever you say,it’s still true~“You sigh,turning to walk away from him,before you can,he grabs your shoulder and turns your head towards him.He kisses you before saying “If we’re not gonna fuck at least let me kiss you.”
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tsuy4n · 4 months
*[Y/n] and Mikey fighting*
[Y/n]: I’m so tired of you being so childish! I’m done! I’m packing my things and I’m leaving.
Mikey: Fine! Go ahead and take every belonging of yours!
[Y/n]: Get out of my suitcase!
Mikey: I belong to you too, so it’s only obvious that you’re gonna take me as well!
[Y/n]: You’re actually right! *proceeds to pack their belongings*
Draken: *having a headache* I swear to fuckin…I’m so done with you two.
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maehemthemisfit · 5 months
Y/N: I'm tired of your bullshit!
KISAKI: I'm tired of your bullshit
Y/N: Then fucking leave then!?
KISAKI: I'll fucking leave, tf is wrong with you?
KISAKI: I'll beat everybody tf up in here-
MIKEY: Who? Beat who up? *Puts dorayaki down*
KISAKI: Oh, no- Not you bruh...
DRAKEN: Hah? Then WHO??
CHIFUYU: Aye bruh, who tf is you gon beat up bro. who?
BAJI: Yeah, that's what im tryna figure out, who you finna beat up?
ANGRY: That's what tf we tryna figure out
SMILEY: Who tf he gon beat up??
MITSUYA: Bro, who is you talking bout?
KISAKI: No... no, I-I wasn't talking bout none of yall
IZANA: Man i heard you said you was gon beat up everybody ass in here, who bitch?
KISAKI: No no, not you Izana-
SOUTH: THEN WHO? You said everybody in here, you aint talking bout me.
KISAKI: Yo chill-
RINDOU: Ain't no chill bro who tf is you talking bout?
RAN: Awh wait, this bitch said he gon beat up everybody in here? BITCH WHO?
TAKEMICHI: AYO, yall figure out who he gon beat tf up? who? WHO BITCH?
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jacqln-li · 8 days
Tumblr media
draken hairstyles 🐉
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feitania · 5 months
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞
Tumblr media
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: cursing, mentions of violence
𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘: haitani brothers, sano manjiro, hanma shuji, sanzu haruchiyo, Kurokawa izana, draken, taiju shiba
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘: I talked with kill about getting my nails done for days now and I remember my friends having the funniest reaction to me turning up with wolverine claws so I'm gonna grace you all with that.
𝖘𝖚𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖞: they boys are idiots. That's it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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prettyboi-png · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ken “Draken” Ryūguji
CLICK for full res
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