amberilia · 3 days
If you're accepting requests at the moment, can i please have characters in "rejecting you through text part 2" reacting to being left on read after they write to us ? 💀or maybe reader rejecting them back this time 🗿
Them reacting to you leaving them on read
characters ; Childe, Scaramouche, Venti, Hu Tao
Warnings ; reader is gn, characters are ooc, etc?
Notes ; i decided to change the characters here CUZ I can't imagine the characters in my previous post reacting to reader leaving them on seen, IM SORRY OK BUT VENTI IS HERE SO EVERYTHING IS FINE ALR. THIS IS PROB WHAT U DONT EXPECT BUT I CHANGED THE PLOT OK LIKE IDK
them rejecting you through chat with kazuha, albedo, venti, xiao
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chuuyas-hat · 2 days
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#”What are we?”
Liyue Version / Inazuma Version / Sumeru Version
How would the Monstadt men react when you ask them what your relationship is?
Warnings: none
Characters: Venti, Diluc, Albedo, Kaeya
Note: My Kaeya bias kinda shows at the end haha
He had noticed the way you were acting today. The nervous fidgeting and the way you turned your gaze away from him.
But what he never expected was for such a heavy question out of the blue.
His first response to “What are we?” was a small giggle, followed by a serious expression.
“I won’t force you to make a decision, but do know that I have had feelings for you for quite some time.”
That answer was enough for you to make up your mind on what the two of you were.
“Guess you’re mine now, windblume, and I’m yours in return.
He asked you why you were acting so awkward that day, only to receive a serious question as an answer. (Nothing gets past this man, I swear.)
To say the least, he was surprised. I mean, who wouldn’t be? You just dropped a massive bomb on him that, with the wrong answer, would inevitably explode in his face.
He literally froze, turning to you with a small, shaky smile.
“We’re- I mean,” a sigh, “I’d hope my feelings are returned.”
You reassured him that, yes, his feelings were indeed returned.
“I suppose this means we’re dating, yes?”
Immediately noticed something was up with you. His observant nature as an alchemist comes in handy in situations like this.
Something that it can’t prepare him for however, is a question asking what your relationship with the alchemist is.
Albedo was silent for a moment after you asked, still doing whatever he had been. But he answered quite bluntly some time later.
“I assumed we were together. People do say we act like a couple.”
Ah well, there’s your answer.
“Weren’t we already together? No? I suppose we are now, correct?”
Similar to Diluc and Albedo, he zeroed in on your odd behaviour that day. However, he didn’t mention it. Everyone has there secrets, yes?
When you asked him your question, he smirked, his eye sparkling.
He, of course, hadn’t been expecting it. But he was a bit pleased by the question. Why? Because your question meant you were interested in him. And what luck! He was interested in you as well.
“We can be whatever you want us to be. But judging from your question I assume you want to date me.”
He was correct, funnily enough.
“I definitely wasn’t expecting this today, my dear. But it is quite the pleasant surprise.”
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"Let me take a closer look"
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wheatcak3 · 2 days
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the sound of rain hitting umbrellas >>> ☔️🤩✨
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The uncrowned king of mondstadt
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Look. We all love our cute little Venti the bard who gets drunk and is adorable.
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sonyaneko · 1 day
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Venti 🍃
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osteichthyens · 19 hours
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that one text post but it's modern au venxiao
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supreme-cheesecake · 10 hours
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Genshin art alert! Im thinking. Hard.... about coming back on this website. I have so many great memories of my time here. It has not been the same on here since the purge. I stayed for a while until life got too overwhelming. In the past year though I can say my solace would be playing this game. It’s peaceful, beautiful, inspiring. Out of the few pieces of art I made this year, the majority of them has been Genshin impact themed, I think it reflects just how this game influenced me and my art. To the many friends I made while playing <3 Love yall 
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luuciidaasimon · 22 hours
Silly venti doodles
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faela404 · 12 hours
☆ The Library ☆
kazuha x gn! reader
prompt: - you and kazuha attend the same university, him being a english lit major and you being a person in stem😎 your paths never crossed until that day in the library…
*this is an smau so please do expect a lot of twitter posts and messages to read, there will be proper writing too but, it will mostly be that!!*
warning! mentions of boxing, swearing, v short-
masterlist - prev | next
☆ leave me alone ☆
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a/n - ahhh ik it’s so short, but dw the next few chapters will make up for it! thank ya’ll again for your continued support on this series, ya’ll are incredible truly! take care of yourselves <3
taglist - open! @kazuhaprnt @ryhie @scaraapologist @thissoulisnotok @kazuhalvrr @rifran @sleepyhamster1001 @mccnstruck
(bold = your blog couldn’t be tagged, sorry😔)
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squabill · 2 days
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look at the glass on her dress.....i spent time on that..... and also a variant of faruzan thats less.. bright bc some of these sumeru characters are getting real old with the paper/bone/glue tones
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asiearts · 17 hours
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[Old Art about Bough Keeper: Dainsleif World Quest] Tag yourself, I'm Aether
It was pretty awkward hearing Dainsleif's revelation about the gods destroying Khaenri'ah, because I'm a Venti main and he was in my party /covers his ears/
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I am craving for some Lyney content. C'mon y'all, I can't be the only one writing for him. 💀
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draemyr · 2 days
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Aeventher Week Day 1 - Flowers
it was fun drawing this!! hopefully i can find time to draw a few more prompts this week :'D
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piikoarts · 4 hours
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anemo squad
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