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What about Childe just got out of the shower and you suck him off? Omg I can’t-
I like how your brain works Anon!
Pairing: Childe x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, blowjob, teasing, praise, cum swallowing, facial
A/N: I don't know exactly where he would rank among my favorites but he's definitely somewhere up there.
Tumblr media
To your dismay he's not a big fan of sex in the shower or the bath
Sure every once in a while he might agree, even admit it feels nice to be in the bath with you while you're cockwarming him but in general he doesn't initiate them much
However you know how much he likes blowjobs, so you thought of a little surprise for him, a compromise
"What are you smiling like that for babe?" Childe is still wearing only a towel when he steps out of the bathroom, his hair still wet, droplets of water running down his macular body and disappearing into the towel
Childe has quite a few scars, each one he wears like a badge of honor
You've spent a lot of time worshiping his scars but tonight you want to give him a different kind of worship
His face is curious but amused when you push him onto the bed, "Don't know what you're trying to do but I need to dry off or I'll get everything soaking wet." You smirk at the choice of his words, already knowing you're gonna be soaking wet before this is over
His cock is soft when you take the towel off him, realization dawning on his face when you take it into your hand and start kissing and licking along the underside
"That's what you were after? Aw. babe. I you wanted to get a taste of my cock you should have just asked. I would have washed up faster. Record time even!" And you know how Childe is when he's being challenged
Your lips wrap loosely around the tip, only providing warmth not sucking just yet, your hand however is very much being put to work, running from the base of his cock almost all the way up to your lips
Childe was never a very patient man but he learned to let you do your own thing, especially when it came to things like this
Sure he would love nothing more than to have his entire cock in your warm mouth all at once
Despite that he enjoys the slower pace that you set, how you trail your finger up his cock, how you get little drops of his cum on your tongue whenever you lick along the broad head and then pull away, how you hollow out your cheeks when you take him in all the way
His groans get more frequent the more attention you pay to his swollen tip
"Looks like I'm gonna have to get a little more hands on here." Hands on he was, he lay his hand on top of yours and guided you to the pace that better suited him while his other hand cupped your cheek, lightly tapping whenever you fell out the rhythm he wanted
You got the message, he was getting needy
When he gets needy you can either accommodate him or keep teasing him which then leads to him throwing you over and surface that's nearby and fucking the living daylights out of you
Usually a good tactic for when you want it deep and feral and rough from him
Tonight you wanted to make him relax, so you in turn relaxed your throat and took in as much of him as you could without gagging
"There's my good girl. I don't even have to use words, you know what I like. Didn't I say we were a perfect team hm? On the battlefield and certainly here." His hand pushed you further down, his cock throbbing from pleasure in your mouth
He pulls you back quick, warm shots of cum spraying along your face and on your tongue as you open your mouth to gulp down what you could
Warm hands cup your face and pull you into a kiss, spit and cum still on your face, but Childe doesn't care, he likes tasting himself on your tongue
It makes him feel happy that you'd wear his cum like he wears his scars, like a badge of honor
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
ham love 🫶🐹
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part two to this <33
your first week as Dottore's assistant was... interesting. interesting in the way that you'd never seen his lab before this, as the only people allowed inside were himself and the scarce few subordinates he trusted enough to not mess anything up, and interesting how Dottore's segments loved popping up out of nowhere and giving you a good fright.
you learned to listen for footsteps really well afterwards.
other than that, being Dottore's assistant wasn't exactly a joy. Pantalone had been reluctant to give you, one of his most level-headed agents, over to the mad doctor, and now you know why. Dottore was unpredictable and morbidly curious about the world's inner workings, and his segments often started bickering with each other, leaving you to run around trying to complete all the tasks they were supposed to do, not to mention that you're not exactly why you're here in the first place- Dottore hasn't said a word about the strange beast who hugged you in the hall, only making sure you're out of the lab by a certain time.
until one day he beckons you towards a door leading deeper into the lab with an ominous smile, opening the door a crack and shooing you inside, the words "He's calmer today." hissing out from underneath the bird beak-shaped mask. you hesitantly step inside, a deep sense of foreboding blooming in your chest.
then the door slams shut and your heart drops.
you know there's no point in begging Dottore to open the door- when he wants to test something, he'll see it to its conclusion no matter what- but when you hear a familiar growl you almost consider pleading anyways. instead you press your back against the wall, pulling out the small blade all Fatui agents are given even though your hands are shaking with fear. perhaps if you're quick and smart, you'll get out of here with only an arm or leg lost.
claws scrape on the floor as the monster approaches, familiar crimson mask and horns coming into view. but when its- his gaze settles on you, the angry growls from before immediately die into concerned trills, head lowering to your height. you watch, astonished, as the creature clicks affectionately to you, snuggling into your stomach, and you slowly lower your knife and allow it to drop to the ground. tentatively you begin petting the fluffy ginger hair before you, and the beast begins purring contentedly, much like the day you met him, now nuzzling into your lap and forcing you to slide to a sit. but you don't mind, and simply continue running your fingers through his thick coppery hair, a nervous smile twitching at the sides of your lips.
is... the monster crying?
the door suddenly swings open and you snap your head towards Dottore as the monster bristles and growls, leaping to your defense. the Harbinger simply chuckles and places a hand on your shoulder, wide grin showing razor-sharp teeth, and the creature balks, a fearful whimper slipping from his fanged maw as he obediently backs into the furthest corner, single eye trained on Dottore's hand. you hear more than see the Harbinger's smile when he speaks,
"Wonderful, the first experiment with Tartaglia was a complete success."
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What Song Are You
The songs you think describe your relationship with them versus their opinion
Ft. Alhaitham, Childe, Dottore
Disclaimer: most of my music taste is Taylor Swift so I apologise for the lack of diversity
Tumblr media
"Oh, he's definitely Mr Perfectly Fine. Except we never dated because I'm smart enough to know he's awful in every sense of the word."
And you stood by that, you detested him and his apathy towards everyone
Yet, by some unfortunate miscommunication, he was under the impression you were dating
"A song to describe us? I suppose True Love by P!nk should sum up their feelings about me well enough. I can't say I'm very fond of their way of showing affection, but I can at the very least say with confidence that I'm always on their mind."
Bastard's smirking as he says it, he knows he's infuriating
"I Think He Knows, Taylor Swift. Have you seen him? He's the definition of boyish charm."
He's eavesdropping on your answer because he simply cannot stand not knowing what song you think he is
Barges in with a "Hell yeah!" as he goes straight in to kiss your cheek
He can't decide on a song and absolutely tries to steal your answer
He's the softest sap and deserves everything
"Would it be cliché if I went with Lover or Paper Rings? Yes? Well that's not changing my answer anyway."
"I don't recall you being that paranoid."
"No, I mean you."
He'd be more offended if it weren't you
That and you were right in a way
In his defence you knew exactly what you were getting into with him
He very much wants to give you the cold shoulder after that but he also very much craves your attention
"Don't Blame Me."
"For what?"
"No, the song...well that and I've cancelled everything in your schedule for the day so you have no reason to leave me alone."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @myluvkeiji @aqui-soba @favonius-captain @tiredsleep @raincxtter @gensimping-for-all @irethepotato @almond-adeptus @mx-kamisato @yuzuricebun @chaosinanutshell @heizours @haliyamori @callmemeelah @sadlonelybagel @plinkuro @thevictoriousmoon @mastering-procrastinating @missesclaus @cxlrosii @miss-fantazmagoria @astrequa @kokomist @lemonswriting @eowinthetraveller @ajaxstar @boundedbyfate @the-lost-anime-dad @ash-astrophel @moonbyunniee @greyrain23
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i just think they're neat
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High-school AU
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The youngest & orangest son of the family 🍊✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
reference joke:
A carrot
Tumblr media
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Before reading, please check series masterlist to read the warning(s), disclaimer, and to make sure you’re on the right chapter. Minors do NOT interact.
I appreciate the likes, replies, and reblogs! Thank you so much. You can buy me a Kofi to give me tip for my writings (no pressure!) I’ll forever be grateful to u! <3
Tumblr media
Fingers curl around the glass of red wine, tilting it slightly to stir the liquid inside. Your other hand supports your head while you are busy in your inner thoughts—the voice of an amber-eyed man resounded like a prayer.
"That's not possible, because the one I love is you."
The palm of your hand is placed on the cheek, hoping that the cold will reduce the heat that creeps up on it. You still remember how it instantly bewitched you to freeze instantly. Zhongli takes no offense at your lack of response; he just smiled, reached out, and offered to escort you to your chamber as if he hadn't just professed his love for his childhood best friend.
Since when exactly? Why have you never taken the slightest hint of that? Has Zhongli always been this good at keeping secrets? You shouldn't be surprised, considering he's the only person who knows you still have the ability to see the future.
You shifted your gaze to the draped window. It is late—if you don't try to sleep, you're sure to have trouble concentrating in the morning. That's not a good thing, since tomorrow is the first day of the hunt, and you won't be able to avoid interacting with the nobles and guests as much as you did today.
You're about to set your glass down on the table when a terrible headache strikes. Your fingers grip the sofa material as your coping mechanism.
A vision.
Your heart is beating fast. You find a familiar figure kneeling in desperation in front of the Divine Tree. Childe. This is exactly what you saw before your vision suddenly changed. He was reciting a prayer in a murmur that you still couldn't quite make out.
Before you can process it, your vision changes to display two figures. One was Zhongli, while the other was an unknown woman in hanfu.
However, this is the first time Zhongli has smiled so broadly in your prophecy.
Your mind returns to reality before you can get answers about what and who. You control your breathing and your pounding heartbeat. Then you glance down at your glass and realize you've spilled it. You get up to retrieve a tiny cloth from your drawer to clean it up, though you're still left wondering.
Who is she?
And Childe.. what was he doing there? Why has everything changed so quickly?
Before you find the answer, a knock on the door startles you. You stayed silent, assuming it was probably your hallucination, but when it came again, you pondered who could have visited you so late at night.
Although a little hesitant, you stepped your feet closer to the door. Fingers curled around the cool doorknob before turning it after hearing another knock.
As soon as it swings open, your eyes widen in surprise as you recognize who is standing in front of you. Slightly tousled ginger hair, messy worn shirt, and.. a stupid blushing face smiling at you.
“Ajax?” Without realizing it, you slipped out his birth name.
Blue eyes light up from your call. “(Y/NNNNNN)!!” You can smell the alcohol on his breath as he stumbles forward into your arms.
Supporting his bigger body, you almost fell to the floor if it hadn't been for him regaining his footing. He holds you close, the warmth radiating from his body feels foreign and familiar at the same time. You feel your heart beating against your ribs. A bittersweet embrace.
You want to stay in the moment until you realize this fleeting sweetness will only bring you new heartache. Although you were uncertain that you could break free from the hold of a man who was obviously stronger, you tried your luck hoping the alcohol in his system would make him less alert.
“Ajax, let me go.”
Your attempts to wriggle free only made him tighten his arms around you even more. “No! Don't go!” He says.
From how desperate his voice sounded, you wonder if the sober Ajax could say something like this. As if he doesn't want to let you go, as if he doesn't want to lose you. As if he wasn’t the one who refuses to leave the woman he loves for his wife.
Once again, you have sprinkled salt on your still-open wound.
"I have to close the door." You make excuses.
Childe shook his head he buried in your shoulder. "I don't want to."
"We can close it together." Childe insisted.
You furrow your brows, “And how are we supposed to do that?”
To answer your question, he moves his unsteady leg backwards, taking you forward. You shook your head inwardly, not understanding why he was so reluctant to let you go. It's as if you were his life support, something he couldn't live without and would die without.
The drunken Childe is ten times better than the sober Childe.
Your free hand closes the door, then you are caged once again in his arms. Your nose brushes up against the fabric of his clothes, picking up a smell other than alcohol. You furrowed your brows at the faint scent of sweet perfume.
A punch to your heart comes along with a question, had he just met Lumine?
"Can you let go now?"
Childe shook his head again, his curly strands tickling your ear. "No." He answered childishly.
Childe tightened his embrace even more, though in his mind he was still making sure it didn't suffocate you. You're not sure whether to like it or not, knowing that he wouldn't be doing this if he hadn't drank a dozen bottles of liquor.
".. don't want to.." He muttered nearly in hushed whispers. ".. I don't want you to go."
Even though you know it's the alcohol talking, it feels good to hear someone asking you to stay. For a moment, you feel enough.
You know Childe. You're not what he wants, you're not what he needs. Believing something that is fleeting— let alone from someone who is unaware of the words that come out of their mouth—is the stupidest thing a person can do. It hurts to see your hope wither away, therefore you will no longer hope.
“..to him..”
“.. What was that?” You didn't quite catch what he was muttering.
Childe hugged you even tighter, this time you could feel your bodies sticking to each other without any distance. Some days he feels as warm and comforting as this, and other days he’s a raging inferno that burns you mercilessly.
"Don't go to him." He said, leaving you confused as to who he was talking about. "Don't go to Zhongli."
You froze. Your heart seems to stop and so does your mind.
Why did he bring up Zhongli all of a sudden? You can't make a guess. Does Childe know about his love confession to you? How? You keep wondering until you realize that nothing will change the fact that he knows.
Was that the reason he was this drunk?
You bit the inside of your cheek. Stop, he doesn't care that much about you to drink all kinds of liquor just because of that. After all, there's nothing for him to worry about anything that might happen between you and Zhongli when he already has his mistress.
"I was simply going to fetch you some water." You gently pushed him away from your body. Scanning his somber face, his expression reminds you of a stray puppy.
"Are you going to leave me again?"
Again? Hadn't he been the one doing that all along?
Before you said anything, he opened his lips again to continue the words in his drunkenness,
"You are so cold to me."
Childe said, and you looked up when you detected the tremble in his voice. The next thing you find are blue eyes filled with tears. You stood in agape, unable to believe what you're witnessing right now. Not only the fact that he's crying—he's crying because of you? Alcohol makes him a... different person.
A sob, “I don't want you to go.” He says and you're starting to believe that his drunken brain is seeing you as Lumine.
"I'm not Lady Lumine, you know." You mutter under your breath, luckily he didn't catch it.
A fat tear fell from his eye, you clearly didn't expect this. What happened between him and Lumine to make him this way? Something in your stomach twists knowing he was able to act like this because of her.
Childe sobbed, "I don't want you to go." He really does look like a golden retriever puppy now, minus the ears. " Don't you realize what you've done to me? You drive me insane, Princess. So, please don’t be cold to me, don't be warm to men other than me. If you did, I would be furious."
You remain silent.
So what he said was directed at you? The warmth in your chest is here for you to curse. Only a fool takes the words of a drunk and now you're not sure if you're one of them or not.
You want to believe you aren't.
However, even though his words were so sweet, somehow they were received bitterly on your tongue. Maybe because you know the sober Childe would never say something like this, or even anything close. You hate his drastic changes in his character—you hate how he can act like you are his world and then act the other way around the next day.
"You really are drunk." You said, slapping away his hand around your wrist to break free, he was taken aback by your sudden action. "I'll fetch you some water so you can at least sober up a little."
You walked to the table, poured water into a glass. When you turned around, you couldn't help but sigh as you looked back up at him.
“(Y/N)..” He was still with his puppy ​​eyes.
“Please sit on the bed, Your High—”
“Ajax!” He corrects loudly it startles you.
Another obvious sigh escapes you. "Alright, Ajax, can you sit on the bed?" You feel like you're teaching toddlers.
Much to your surprise, he obeys you. Childe sat on the edge of your bed with sagging shoulders. He waits for you to stand in front of him, gives him the glass and supports his hand to keep it from slipping.
"Drink it." He stared at you with wide eyes as you ordered him.
Childe did what you told him without thinking twice. He brought the glass to his lips and drank it, his Adam's apple bobbing with every gulp. Once the glass is empty, you take it from him then put it on the nightstand.
You opened your mouth, “You should—”
Before finishing your sentence telling him to return to his room, a pair of strong arms have found their way to wrap around your waist. You got goosebumps from the sensation of his fingers touching your back. Childe brings you closer to rest his head against your stomach while he closes his eyes.
"Don't force me to leave, please."
A voice that sounded fragile, as if he would die if he spent even a second away from you. You think it couldn't be further from the truth. Whereas in reality, he didn’t long for heaven any more than he wanted to stay here with you.
Childe hugged you tighter, you could feel the warmth of his cheeks against your thin nightgown. Instead of letting your hands hang awkwardly by your sides, you rest them on the top of his head, caressing strand after strand of his ginger hair. Everything will be forgotten the next morning, as if it never happened.
"Don't go." he repeated.
"I'm not going to." You reply with either a promise or a lie.
"I've left her." He says.
You furrowed your brows, “What do you mean—”
"I've left Lumine."
As soon as it was said, it has the magic to keep you frozen without moving a muscle. After your brain processed it, your eyes darted to the top of his head.
He had left Lumine?
You don't know what to feel. Childe had said almost the same thing before, and it ended up being a promise he broke. However, you repeated the vision you recently had—a drastically altered image that doesn't show anything about Lumine being pregnant with his child or your divorce from him.
Fate has changed again. You can't help but assume it's linked to their split.
Though this doesn't mean you can trust him right away—especially after everything he has put you through. You also don't know for what reason he knelt in front of the Divine Tree. Even if this is one of his improvements, it does not mean he has entirely changed into someone who will never hurt you again.
The hands around your waist loosened. You glanced at him and saw that he was fast asleep. Slowly, you pushed him onto the bed, then tucked him in.
Childe, Zhongli, and destiny.. all of this overwhelms you.
Tumblr media
Whatever this sound he was hearing, it irritated him. Still with his eyes closed, Childe let out a grumble—which then made the noise stop. However, once he recognized it, he no longer had any intention of continuing his sleep.
The sound of a group of people trying to speak softly but failed. He never found it in every morning waking up from his sleep.
The eyelids opened wide, showing blue irises that then squinted from the sunlight that fell right on him. He was even more confused when he found an unfamiliar room arrangement—obviously not his. Just as he was about to shift, he felt his skin brushed against what he assumed was silk.
Not only did he find himself shirtless on someone else's bed, but he also noticed four pairs of eyes staring back at him.
“Your Highness.”
Your voice greeted him in a foreign manner, but he didn't protest because he was distracted by his confusion. Your ladies-in-waiting are standing behind you, assisting you in getting ready by fixing your hair and putting make-up on your face. If it hadn't been for the awkward circumstance, Childe would have taken his time admiring how stunning you look.
“(Y/N)?” He looked at you in surprise.
Still with a flat expression, your hand gestured for your ladies-in-waiting to stop their work, saying the make-up was enough and asking them to leave the room leaving you and Childe alone.
After the ladies left, he broke the silence between you by asking: "How did I get here?"
You walked closer, standing some distance from him. "Don't you recall? You came into my chamber unexpectedly last night." You said.
Childe widened his eyes from hearing your answer. He doesn't remember anything about it, just how drunk was he last night? More importantly, what had he done in those few hours which he couldn't remember?
Swallowing hard, he mustered up the courage to ask again, "Did I say or do anything strange?"
Now, it's your turn to be silent, it doesn't help the anxiety in him. Did he tell you what made him drink so much liquor that he forgot everything? Even worse, did he profess his newfound love for you on that very night? Oh, if that's true then Childe doesn't know what he's—
You were too fast and blunt in your response to tell him that you still treated him coldly.
Despite the fact that he was relieved and certain that nothing had happened between the two of you last night based on the reality that nothing had changed from your treatment of him, Childe also couldn't deny that he felt a little desperate.
Childe broke out a bitter smile, "Is that so?"
You nod as if deaf to the melancholy in his voice. "You did nothing but sleep on my bed." His eyes widen from what you said. "Don't be worried. I slept on the couch.”
Why disappointment came to him? Does he secretly wish you'd let him hold you in your sleep?
The shame of desiring something he can't have consumes him. The woman who stood a few distances in front of him, who held heaven in her eyes and star dust in every strand of her soft hair. What must he risk in order for you to share part of your warmth with his dead soul once more?
This is karma.
In this silence, Childe uses it to look at your face, while you consider it nothing more than a waste of time. Today will be busier than usual considering it's the first day of the hunt.
"I requested that the cook bring you some hangover soup. You should hurry and prepare.” You said.
His lips part to say he wants to stay with you. In his heart, he hopes that maybe—just maybe— you'll give a little bit of your kindness to let him
“..Right.” But, he instead said this then got out of bed.
Childe didn't notice how his shoulders slumped like a defeated man. He shuffled his limbs, grabbing the doorknob with his hand.
As if he was following your orders, his body stopped moving completely. He turns his head to see you taking something from the drawer before walking towards him.
When you stand in front of him, Childe is again reminded how you are the most capable of taking his breath away. The outlines of the face he longed to touch, he wished he could trace it with his fingers—which now do nothing more than clench at his sides. Did you know that inside his ribs, his heart sings hymns creating thousands if not millions of melodies for you?
Blue eyes follow curiously as you reach out, revealing a handkerchief above your palm.
“Here.” You signal him to take it. “I made it for you while we were still in Zelenossosh. I should have given it sooner, but none of us seems to have found the proper time.”
That is quite true. Shortly after your return to the capital, you two got into the argument and you avoided him for a week.
Childe examined the gift in his hand. A yarrow flower was embroidered on it—compared to his mother's work, it was a bit untidy. However, what makes it special is this from you. Even if you simply embroider one horizontal line, it will melt the caverns of his almost frozen heart from your cold treatment.
Unexpectedly, a prince who grew up with the world's luxuries at his fingertips could hold a simple handkerchief with such care as if it would break if he dropped it.
You stared at him still fixing his eyes on your embroidery, trying not to wonder what he thought of it. Now that you have given it, there is no more reason for him to stay in your room.
"That is all. You are free to return to your chamber." You said, about to turn around leaving him.
His hand grabs yours suddenly. You looked at him with wide eyes, then examined his face, then his lips parted about to say something.
"Prey.." He uttered breathlessly. “What prey do you want?” He asked, then patiently awaited your response.
Ah, you are reminded of the last time you brought this up.
From the bad memory that followed later, you let go of your hand from his grasp—this time more gently, saving the pieces of his heart from thinking you rejected him.
"I have no interest in such things." You see something disappear from his eyes, yet you can't put your finger on it. Is he really waiting for your answer? If you ask for something, will he give you it?
On the other hand, Childe returned to melancholy. His hand was still outstretched as if he didn't want the remnants of warmth from holding yours to quickly disappear. It's so easy for you to slip out of his fingers, like sand on the seashore. The sunlight from the window mocked him for its ability to touch you without being swatted away.
Blue eyes widened when he heard it. He raised his head to meet your gaze.
You cross your arms in front of your chest. "But, you cannot capture them with arrows." You said. "I must receive them alive if I am to maintain them in the palace garden."
Childe processed what you said and you expected him to reject it. That's fine, after all you also don't expect anything from the start of the hunting competition. However, to your surprise, instead of considering your request strange, he actually hosted a wide smile that appeared too suddenly.
"Rabbits... alright." he said happily. "Alright." He repeated, you furrowed your brows.
A moment later, Childe turned the doorknob, swinging it out of the room. It sends shivers through your body seeing how his demeanor changes suddenly without warning. In your muttering, you hope he won't do anything stupid.
Tumblr media
The first day of the hunt has begun. The participating nobles had slung their bows over their backs as they made their way towards the thick forest of Snezhnaya. Chins lifted high, a mark of pride and confidence in bringing home the most prey and winning the championship.
“Your Highness.” An all too familiar voice called out to you, making you turn to the handsome face of the Duke of Morax—the same man who had confessed his love to you the night before.
Instantly, your cheeks feel warm as soon as you realize that the amber still holds the same warmth for you. It's like a secondary sun, keeping you warm and dry when you're near him.
“Zhong—ahem, Duke Zhongli.” Despite your doubts, you addressed him in the same formality as how he addressed you just now.
When he smiles sweetly, you find it hard to maintain eye contact. Then you shift your look to the red line at the bottom corner of his eyes, then taking more detail on the brown strands ending with the ends that are the same hue as his eyes.
Did he approach you to ask for your answer to his love confession? If that's the case, what should you tell him—
Zhongli extended his hand and asked for yours to cup. You looked at him with wide eyes, while he was still smiling as if he knew very well what he was doing. There was no demands in his gaze, he was not waiting for any answer.
Although hesitant, you put your hand which he then stroked. " Would you be willing to wish me luck on my hunt?" he asked.
Biting your lip, you nodded slowly. "I... I wish you good luck." It's impossible for you not to stutter when he stares at you so deeply, full of love and adoration in his amber eyes.
His lips smile before they land on your gloved hand. Eyelids close before opening and glance at the source of the sound of footsteps beside you.
The hold of his hand on yours was too gentle and long for Childe not to burn with jealousy. Green looked disgusting on him. Seeing you fixing your fixated eyes on a man who knows he's touching his wife makes Childe want to pull you away.
However, Childe didn't want to blatantly show you that.
Zhongli straightened his back. “A white fox, would you like that?” he asked.
You nod at his offer without thinking, pleasing him with how adorable you look with enlarged eyes. Zhongli finally let go of your hand slowly, then turned to Childe to alert you of his presence.
“Your Highness Prince Childe.” Zhongli bowed.
Childe glared, “Duke.” A great sin if his lips say his name.
Zhongli turned to you, "Then I will take my leave." He said more to only you than to both of you. He twisted his feet, turning towards the hunting area.
Five seconds after being left alone with you, Childe opened his mouth, "You told me you wanted rabbits." He had no intention of hiding his annoyance.
“That I did.”
Childe tried to ignore your short answer and the shift in your facial expression that morphed into something cold. He continued his sentence again, “But, you asked him for a white fox. You know I'm capable of giving you more than that.”
You turned around and found him with a crumpled face—you're not sure which you prefer, him with his fake smile or him expressing his true feelings. Your chest rises and falls as you exhale from your lips. You turn your heels to approach him, watching his face turn from annoyed to confused and curious.
You stopped right in front of him. "The rabbits are enough." you said.
Childe flinched when you reached up to touch the strands of ginger. The blue eyes that widen from the sudden gesture capture more detail about you. This spring is no match for your beauty, the flowers in this garden are jealous of your eternal bloom. The depths of his heart screamed in his desire to be under your touch forever.
You brushed the flower petals from his hair, dropping them later. Yet, he was still glued to you instead of watching it swing back and forth before it hit the ground.
"Good luck on your hunt, Your Highness." You gave him a brief bow before walking away.
Even though you've drifted away from him to approach the other noble women, his attention remains fixed on you, observing every motion you make. Childe touches where you previously touched him as if he were collecting the pixie dust you left on him.
You've already arrived at the tea table, occupied by noble ladies. Rosalyne sat on your left, while Princess Ayaka of Inazuma is on the other side. The servants began pouring tea into cups, with others carrying out freshly baked pastries.
"My husband has to bring home at least one bear." One of the nobles said.
A smile as your response, allowing the other to reply. You bring your teacup to your lips. It would be a long, tedious time waiting for the men to return from the hunting grounds.
"Who do you think will be the winner this year, Your Highness?" Rosalyne asked you.
“Isn't His Highness Prince Childe the winner every year? Though I do hope my big brother will eventually defeat him this year.” Ayaka said before cutting the cake with a small fork and eating it.
Your under eyes crinkle from the fake smile you put on. "Wouldn't it be nice if there was a change?"
"Does this mean you wish for someone else to win?"
From their growing enthusiasm, you only answered with the shortest response, "Perhaps." You returned to sipping your tea.
Whereas in the hunting grounds, many arrows were fired at their prey. However, in stark contrast to the people making their way through dirt and puddles to reach the deeper parts of the forest for their worthy prey; Childe, the hunt's yearly winner, was busy stalking the rabbit hole with his confidant.
"Your Highness, if you want to catch bears or wolves, they aren’t near here." He said, raising the Prince's beloved bow in his hand.
"I know." Childe replied.
Dmitri widened his eyes, “Then what are we waiting for? Let's go there—”
"Shut up, you're going to scare them."
"Them?" Dmitri stares at her in confusion, clearly demanding an explanation which Childe responds by pointing his chin towards a herd of rabbits. “What—I’m sorry, Your Highness, but I’m afraid I don’t follow. Are you saying you're going to catch rabbits? Of all the many kinds of preys?”
From imagining you holding these little guys in your lap, Childe smiled before responding with: “Yes.”
"Surely you're kidding."
Tired of his rambling, Childe quickly dropped his beaming face. “Am not.” He stated as he took cautious steps towards the small creatures, effortlessly catching them with his hands. "Ha! You’re mine! Bring me a cage, Dmitri! A big one!"
Dmitri had been his confidant for years but, never in his life had he expected to find Childe—the fearful warlord ‘Tartaglia’—willing to dirty his shirt and gloves only to capture a few bunnies, and if that wasn't strange enough, he did it with a large smile on his face.
Oh, he's gone mad.
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forgot to make myself anonymous in the last request omfg AHHHHHHHHH but, if you don't mind, please expand on this one certain tag i very much live for angst <3
AKJDNAS i thought you meant to come off anon i'm so sorry i already answered the other ask ;-;;;;; but it's ok!!! now i will know you when i see you!!! :D (referenced post here!!!)
angst you say? well well *cracks knuckles* in your first ever meeting with Ajax, you knew him as the Harbinger Tartaglia, and as such had to tread your relationship with caution. he loved you, and despised the thought of you being in danger; you loved him, and hated when he came to your door wounded and tired. but somehow you made it work, even falling in love with his Foul Legacy form, and Tartaglia was more grateful for you than the sun in the sky- you were his sun, his light in the dark, and every day seemed brighter when you were around. so overcome with joy, the joy of being loved and cherished, was he that the famed Eleventh Harbinger loosened his own rules, allowing himself to stroll the streets of Liyue with you while admiring the warm glow of the lanterns at dusk
you had always loved Lantern Rite, back then
he hadn't even been quick enough to take revenge on the attackers, instead only finding you sprawled just outside the Harbor with a knife buried in your stomach. it was of Liyue make, that blade, and Tartaglia had known without a doubt that this was his fault for foolishly clinging to you in public, making it well known to the citizens who despised him that you were his beloved. he remembers so vividly the sensation of clasping your cold hand with his, pleading for you to get up, walk with him to the pharmacy to get patched up, and you had simply coughed, eyes clouded with pain. it was so obvious you weren't going to survive, so Tartaglia knelt over you and begged for you to say his true name, the name he had been wary of entrusting even to you, for he knew it was selfish to ask you not to go
how he wished to be selfish, so badly, when you mumbled his name and went still with a smile on your face, and Ajax felt a part of himself crumble and break. even after countless years went by, his memory eroded by time and Abyssal influence, he still vividly remembers the sight of you collapsed in his arms, the last thing you said being "Ajax"
so please, don't call him Tartaglia or Childe. he's Ajax, your Ajax, okay?
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