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When you forget to eat
pairings: tighnari, alhaitham, kaeya, gorou, heizou x gn!reader (separate)
warnings: skipping meals
Tumblr media
ミ★ 𝘵𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘯𝘢𝘳𝘪 ★彡
You were chatting with Collei about what to do for dinner that night. The two of you had been hanging out for a few hours, and she had decided that she was absolutely starving. With a loud grumble, your stomach vocally concurred with your fellow forest watcher.
"I don't think I've eaten since-" You cut your musings short when you felt the familiar softness of your lover's tail flicking around your wrist.
"Go on," he instructed as your face grew a bit pale. "You haven't eaten since...?" He asked, his green eyes locking onto you as he moved around from behind you to look you in the eyes.
"I think I'll just go make some pita pockets!" Collei said quickly, shooting you an apologetic glance as she made her escape.
"Since..ah..." your voice was thin as you looked anywhere but Tighnari's stern face.
"I specifically remember making breakfast this morning and leaving some for you, with a note, telling you to eat before you set about your day. Did you fail to heed my instructions?" He asked. His voice was calm, collected as always. You bit your lip and shifted on your feet.
"I can smell it in your bag," he sighed, then grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards home.
"'M sorry, Tigh, I really meant to-"
"Save it, Y/n." He huffed, then launched into a long lecture about your diet, the importance of food to keep your energy up, how you need to be more attentive, etc. "I'll make your favorite, and I expect you to eat every bite." He hummed. You simply nodded in response.
ミ★ 𝘢𝘭𝘩𝘢𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘮 ★彡
"Y/n, was that your stomach? Again?" Kaveh asked as he passed through the living room, where you and your boyfriend were lounging about. "Archons, Alhaitham, did you forget to feed your lover again?" He quipped as he made his way towards the door. Alhaitham's head snapped up in annoyance, and he glared at his roommate.
"I did no such thing." He shot back, sitting up and setting his book aside. Kaveh simply rolled his eyes as he walked out the front door, closing it loudly behind him, causing you to start.
"Y/n, did you eat before you came over?" Alhaitham asked sternly as he pulled your book from your hands. You looked up at him in surprise, your face flushed bright red, and you stumbled to answer him.
"Well, I, uh, I guess I was in such a hurry..." You trailed off sheepishly, causing him to sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose.
"How many times need I remind you to eat. It isn't an optional activity, you know. One of these days you're going to collapse and I won't be around to save you." He sighed.
"Sorry," you squeaked, hiding your face in your hands. He shook his head and lifted you to your feet.
"Apologies are useless. You're better off telling me what you want for lunch."
ミ★ 𝘬𝘢𝘦𝘺𝘢 ★彡
"Dearest," your boyfriend called to you as he exited the acting grandmaster's office. You hurried over from your place on the bench where you had been instructed to wait for him.
"Kaeya! Is everything alright?" You asked the cavalry captain and he engulfed you in his arms. You reciprocated the gesture, smiling broadly as you nuzzled into his chest.
"Oh, yes, everything's fine. Although something was brought to my attention during that dreadfully boring meeting." He mused.
"What's that, love?"
"Well, you know the acting grandmaster often forgets herself in her work," he began. You nodded along, allowing him to lead you towards the exit of the Knights of Favonius' headquarters, his arm wrapped snugly around your waist. "It seems to me that Lisa was quite concerned for your wellbeing as well." He hummed, and your step faltered. Your boss was...concerned for your wellbeing?
"For what reason?" You asked, confused.
"She seems to be under the impression that you worked for 10 hours straight without hardly a crumb to eat." He informed you. Your eyes grew wide as you looked up at him, and you wracked your brain to try and remember the last time you had eaten. "I told her that there was no way my little nightingale could possibly be so careless, nor was there any way I would allow them to be." You chuckled nervously in response, and he glanced down at you, frowning. "Don't tell me I'm wrong now." Your stomach growled in response, and he sighed.
"My sweet, you must remember to replenish your strength, even in the midst of work. What would you like for dinner?"
ミ★ 𝘨𝘰𝘳𝘰𝘶 ★彡
The General knew almost right away when you hadn't eaten for an extended period of time. He was incredibly attentive towards you, always, and when your energy levels started dropping suddenly, he knew something was wrong. Though he couldn’t escape his duties as General, he periodically sent soldiers to check in on you throughout the day.
“Your Excellency! I was wondering if I might possibly request this time off to take my meal break?” Gorou asked after he and Kokomi adjourned a strategy meeting. Kokomi met the General’s eyes and nodded.
“Of course, Gorou. Take whatever time you need.” She replied, waving her hand to dismiss him. With that said, he practically scrambled from the Sangonomiya Shrine, only to be met by you practically stumbling into him on his way out.
“Gorou!” You huffed, breathless from the climb up to the shrine, which he knew you hated so much. “What gives?” You asked your partner, panting a little heavier than usual.
“Y/n! What are you doing all the way up here? I was just on my way to see you!” Gorou replied, grabbing you by the shoulders to steady you. “Easy now, don’t exert yourself too much! You don’t have any fuel in your body to keep you going!” He harped, his voice halfway between chiding and panicked. What if you had fallen on the way up? Or passed out? The thought of you tumbling all the way to the bottom-
“Is that what this is all about?” You sighed, leaning your head on your boyfriend’s chest. “‘M fine, bub. You worry too much.” You mumbled, wrapping your arms around his slim, yet chiseled figure. He immediately wrapped his arms around you in turn, pulling you into himself and tucking your head under his chin.
“Well, if you insist…But at least come have lunch with me. We can have a picnic on the beach, and bring all your favorite snacks.” He all but pleaded. You smiled into him, eternally grateful for your dopey, doting, caring boyfriend.
“Okay bub.”
ミ★ 𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘻𝘰𝘶 ★彡
“Y/nnnnnn,” your boyfriend called out in a sing-song tone. You looked up from what you were doing and furrowed your brows at him, confused. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?” Heizou asked, resting his chin on his hand as he gazed at you.
“Um…no?” You replied, even more confused now. Although the look in his eye and the lily in his voice suggested to you that you did indeed have something to tell him, even if you weren’t aware of what it was just yet.
“Tell me, dear, do you know what time it is?” He asked. You looked over at the clock on the wall.
“It’s 4:30.”
“And can you tell me what it is you had for lunch?” He asked, his voice light and innocent as the color rose to your cheeks.
“I, uh-“
“No? Oh dear, then can you inform me on what you ate for breakfast this morning?”
You squirmed in your seat, avoiding his gaze as it burned a hole in your head. You hated it when your boyfriend went all detective on you- usually it meant you were in trouble for whatever reason. “I didn’t,” you mumbled, shifting your eyes towards the floor.
“What was that? Speak up doll, mumbling is so unbecoming.” He replied, raising from his chair and walking over to you. His finger found its was under your chin, and he lifted your head up, forcing you to meet his gaze.
“I didn’t eat.” You answered, your face now violently red. He tutted at you, shaking his head.
“Let’s go ahead and fix that, shall we?”
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chastiefoul · 14 hours
seeing you cry for the first time
characters: xiao, zhongli, scara, cyno, alhaitham, kaeya.
tags: fluff and comfort
a/n: idk why writing this makes me sad, like sad sad | also if you notice that it gets noticeably shorter as you go on, no you don't!!
Xiao is everywhere but also nowhere. It’s pretty hard for him to keep you at arms-length when he’s always up and about doing his duty to protect a nation—not that you couldn’t handle yourself, he’s just worried. Although no matter what, he always succeeded in finding you with the biggest smile on your face, greeting him when he returns. So when one day the Wangshuu Inn felt a little quiet, he spots you with your hands on the railing, little whimpers filled the silence.
Is that animal noises? He thought while approaching you when he saw your shoulders shook lightly. “Hey,” he spoke, scaring you out of your skin. You thought he wouldn’t be there that day, you’d just wanted to feel the night breeze until this wave of sadness and exhaustion gushes over you. It felt comfortable there, like Xiao was with you, and to think he’s actually there.
“Xiao!” You claimed, without turning your back unsure that you could keep it together at the sight of his face. Xiao who’s been expecting to be greeted by that smile of yours, teleported right beside you in a flash. You quickly wiped your tears and offered him a little smile. “You’ve been crying,” he said, unconfident on his own tone. As if confirming the event that’s clearly just unfolding right before his eyes.
He timidly hold your hand. “Why?” He peered, worriedly. “Oh it’s nothing, I’m just tired,” the same smile was on your face, yet it strangely made the yaksha’s chest ache. For you who’s always smiling so happily, isn’t it fine once a while to be sad?
“I’ll listen if you want to talk,” he said, a bit awkwardly if you may add. At his clumsy kindness you could not help but chuckle. “Thank you, Xiao.”
As warm and gentle as the sunshine. Perhaps that’s a phrase he will use if people asked him what kind of person are you, as we all knew, the former geo archon has a knack for exaggeration. One peaceful night as he made his way to his usual route of his daily walk, he spotted a familiar figure on the docks looking far ahead into the view of the moon.
He felt himself smiling at the sight of you. Ah, what a funny thought. When did such childish feelings had harbored so liberally in my chest?
Yet, he stopped his step abruptly when he saw you wiped your eyes with the back of your hands. The leisure steps he’s taken quickly turns into a hasty one in approaching you. “Dear?” He cautiosly called. It was obvious that you didn’t really want people to know what you’re doing. There was a solid minute of silence with your back still facing him. You hoped to god—though it’s futile since the ‘god’’s standing right behind you—that he didn’t have an idea that you’ve been crying and he’s just calling out to you because he saw you here. “Zhongli? What brings you here?”
He sighed at the response, seeing that you rather chose to hide your feelings before him. “It’s rather uncouth to not see the other party face when speaking, no?” He said, although he made no effort whatsoever to force you to face him. You turned your back unwillingly, wishing that the dimness of the moonlight hid your expression. You glanced at him, eyes still wet from tears. Zhongli would have to be stupid if he did not realize you’ve been crying.
He took of one his glove, the tip of his finger wiped the tears residue on your bottom lashes. He saw your bottom lips quiver and he felt a scratch on his heart. “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked gently, bringing you into a warm embrace. “Maybe later.” You hugged him back, closing your eyes at the comfort. “Of course, anything for you.” He said, consoling. And as the nightfall continued, Zhongli just stayed with you, kissing your temple and the top of your head as a constant reassurance.
Contrary of the nice breeze as you’re sitting on a peaceful field at the outskirt of Sumeru, your feelings that evening were in disarray. You lied down, letting the tears fall freely as you cover your eyes with the back of your arm. You bit your lips, preventing any further sob coming out from out of your mouth. You heard a gentle rustle beside you, guessing it was some small harmless animal was your best guest. Then you went to uncover your face, you saw a familiar face sitting beside you.
“Cyno?” You sat up immediately, recalling if you promised to meet him that day. He said nothing for a while then brought your head to his lap. “Cry it out if it makes you feel better. I’ll be here.” His gentle smile washes over your worry, you cried once again but somehow the slight smile on your face refused to leave your side. He did not say anything else after that, he didn’t need to. You know he’s there, as he comb your hair back occasionally, probably telling you to take as much time as you need.
He can be pretty out of touch with people’s emotions, however seeing your crying face somehow put a horrible itch on the inside of his chest. He brought you to his arms, “Why are you making such an ugly expression?” Contrary to the harsh words, his hold was the gentlest as it’s ever been, his right hand led your head to lean on his shoulder. “Just don’t get snot on my clothes.” He added, as if to distract you from the kind gesture he just did. “I.. already did,” you sobbed softly. “Damn it,” he cursed, although it’s obvious that was an empty bark, since he kept patting your back slowly like consoling a child. Like something he managed learn from someone, once.
He really wasn’t sure what to do, but one thing for sure that he was willing to do anything to stop anything that makes you cry like this. He kissed the tears away gently, hovering a second longer before pulling away, “Who?” He asked curtly, though you understood what he meant. You shook your head, “No one,” another tear escaped, Alhaitham cupped your cheek with his palm, his thumb wiped the under of your eye. “Then what?” He continued. You nuzzled into the touch of his palm, putting your own hand atop of his. “It’s nothing too, just stay with me for a while,” you said. He calmed down, hearing the urgence of your voice. His heart throbbed, at the thought of not being able to do anything as you cried the sadness away. Truly, he hoped to never experience it again.
“What’s hurting?” He said gently, while rubbing a soothing gesture on your back. “I don’t know,” you manage to answer. “Seems like my lover has had quite the rough day,” he kissed the crown of your head, continuing to say sweet words to cheer you up throughout. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” He kept repeating in whispers, he didn’t leave your side even for a second.
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trannyctophiliac · 2 days
you're a mean one, mr. grinch.
them being mean to you </3
christmas masterlist 🎄
{TW!!: all of them dom, exhibitionism, degration, overstimulation, a TEENY TINY bit of darcphilia, throat-fucking, finger-fuck all CONSENSUAL}
characters: diluc, rosaria, and kaeya
Tumblr media
diluc loves you. more than you will ever know. however, he loves you even more when his dick is lodged in the back of your throat while he's serving customers. what looks to be just master diluc on the job, giving out drinks, actually seems to be much dirty behind closed doors. when the final customers leave and bid him a goodbye, he can hardly say a farewell back until he's shoving his dick in the back of your throat. your tears only edge him further, his eyes rolling and his knuckles turn white from gripping the table as harshly as he did. although no one will ever know what happens after angels share closes for the night, it's better to keep the beautiful sight of your tear-stained face with cum running down your mouth to himself.
rosaria is, surprisingly, a woman of the church. as much as she couldn't care less for the ameno archon and his beliefs, she does love the events the nuns at the cathedral partake in during the holidays. especially she loves when she can finger you during the caroling at the church. she loves seeing your facade slowly break down from someone so pure and consecrated to someone so lewd and anathematized. trying to keep up the frontage of being calm was one thing, but singing as well? no no no, not singing won't do you good, she'll just finger you even fucking harder to show everyone how much of a slut you are for her. so do yourself a favor and wear something with a lot more... coverage.
kaeya is a cocky bastard. he holds himself in high regard but sometimes you wonder if that regard has limits. surely, it can't have limits? it doesn't seem like it when your being fucked on his oak wood desk while moaning out loud for anyone to hear if they tried hard enough. your legs shaked and spasmed after having the nth orgasm of the day, tears running down the stains your old tears made before. your expression looked blissful, as if you were given the biggest reward of your life. he presses light kisses to your back, pulling you back on his cock and having you supposedly, "warm it up" for him. regardless of how high kaeya thinks of himself, it must be pretty high to have you fully stripped of your clothing and cockwarm him in his unlocked office with all the pretty bruises and bites that cover your skin like a majestic masterpiece.
Tumblr media
an: im sorry im a tad bit late, i got busy today
like and comment if you enjoyed
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blahph0bia · 2 days
Tumblr media
from enzumeii on instagram and twitter
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dear-wormwood · 2 days
i know Diluc found out Kaeya wasn’t actually blinded in his right eye but imagine the guilt and grief he felt before finding out Kaeya wasn’t blinded. imagine Diluc sitting there with his head in his hands just absolutely heartbroken over the fact that he has /blinded/ Kaeya in one eye
Imagine how much he would’ve cried out of guilt reading Kaeya’s letters, thinking about what he has done and not being able to bring himself to respond to them because Kaeya should hate him, shouldn’t he?
ragbros have been on my mind for DAYS and hidden strife lore DIDNT HELP
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saeyoungchoismaid · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lol I forgot to post these on Kaeya’s birthday
Happy birthday to my hubby 💙
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regnniar · 3 days
Tumblr media
kaeya with food, a phone doodle series (jk its not a series i just happened to wanna draw and i only had my phone)
thai noodle this time 🍜😜
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milk3921 · 3 days
Tumblr media
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soulofseal · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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meili-sheep · 12 hours
Kaeya totally saw TCG, and his first thought was.
"Oh, my brother is a total fucking nerd he's gonna love this"
He was totally right, but forget in the process he himself. Is a fucking nerd. So while trying to leave clues for Diluc to take and break and play he got addicted himself.
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razorblade180 · 2 days
Venti:Who do you think is the prettiest girl in Mondstadt?
Aether:I know I’m dating Amber but even she would call me a liar when Eula clearly exists.
Mona:Plus we know you know Lisa.
Keqing:Is Beidou out to sea?
Aether:What’s with this negativity!?
Keqing:It’s a fact.
Yanfei:Practically a law. Also you said that a little fast.
Aether:Because you would say Yelan or Ganyu.
Ganyu:Which os wrong because Shenhe lives in Liyue.
Yelan:Damn Aether, you just don’t get to be right.
Ayaka:You’re wrong if it isn’t Shogun. Like your flattery is sweet but I’m not that. Then there’s Yae Miko!
Kokomi:Sara goes to war with eyeliner one.
Gorou:So do I.
Kokomi:I know and it’s both amazing and envious.
Aether:Honestly yeah, I’ll say Sara. That is on another level.
Nilou:Thank you.
Dehya:Wow, that’s how you feel Nilou?
Nilou:Your confidence is endless! Let me have this!
Candace:Dehya, let her have this.
Dehya:I’m kidding. Nilou is very beautiful. *hugs her*
Nilou:Thank yoooouuuuu
Amber:*hugs Collei*
Collei:!? Amber I’m fine. The only beauty I seek is in my handwriting and that is atrocious.
Collei:I’ve already kicked myself man, why do you gotta help!?
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chippipap · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Coats | They're judging him
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
shhhhhh do not rush
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abyssal-wonders · 3 days
Tumblr media
I want them to be happy again :')
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meltesh28 · 2 months
EN kaeya animation again bc.. him......
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