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ham love 🫶🐹
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— to pass the kamisato standards .
synopsis !! kamisato reader introduces their lover to their siblings, ayato and ayaka! just hcs and brainrotting
characters !! thoma, diluc, childe, al haitham, gorou, kazuha
contains !! gn reader, written while sleep deprived please don't judge if it doesn't make sense huhuh, a bit of a character study on how the kamisatos perceive other characters!
note !! been posting more lately! im in a good mood and would like to share more content ☺️ i also have drafts saved up. also, have you checked out the @/yaepublishinghouse ? i've joined the writing team!
Ah, Thoma? You don't even need to ask. he's already part of the family!
the safest option, really. they already considered him family long before your heart started fluttering around the househelper.
"well, it's honestly about time. ayaka and i have long noticed your affections for thoma," ayato smirks as you two turn red, "don't think i don't know what's going on in my own household, do you?"
not much would change after having your relationship official; thoma might be the only one to experience the change in people's treatment of him as the three kamisatos encourage him to be more proud in his status!
"we're going to get married, don't let people trample over you like that!" you pout. surprisingly enough, thoma is quick to adjust to a "noble behavior" while still keeping his friendly boyish charms.
foreign nobility? for real? your siblings would worry, do you want to live away from them?
thoma might be the only one a little more open to the idea. sure, he's sad but he respects your choice and who you love.
"Mondstadt is a great place. I'm sure it'll be a home for you, just like how Inazuma became a home for me."
ayato is more or less suspicious. "I've heard... rumors," he says carefully, "That man is suspicious to say the least. I'm not sure I trust him."
all in all, with how closed off inazuma seems to be, the kamisatos would be most reluctant to send you off to another nation for some solitary man with a questionable schedule.
A fatui harbinger? Are you out of your mind!
no. no no no. you are not going all the way to snezhnaya for a fatui harbinger. love is fleeting, your affections will pass.
you really don't need him -your siblings would try to convince you- he has money? the kamisatos have money too. he's someone of rank? so does your siblings. what do you mean you love him so much?
"He's a family kind of guy! He's really sweet!" you'll plead and they'll still shake their heads no.
In fact, Ayato would go on a thorough investigation about exactly what the harbinger has been up to. From the incident in liyue to the homicidal tendencies.
unless you decide to elope, there's no way your siblings would give their blessing.
the scribe of the academia is a fine man, but some call him a... lunatic.
this one is a 50/50.
admittedly, your siblings are content with his status and background. he works under sumeru's government, just like the kamisatos, and was nominated for the highest ranking position only second to an archon.
he works rationally too! smart and efficient. that's great— but why is he such a blunt smartass?
Throughout the meeting with him, Ayato has a plastered smile on his face. Each conversation seems like a landmine, waiting to explode, trying to best the other with words.
Ayaka is more or less nervously sweating beside them, but you suppose you're glad that they're getting along!
oh? the general of watatsumi? an interesting choice!
ayato considers it a political win. with the kamisato name tied together with the general of watatsumi island, this could lead to better peace relations! and the kamisatos would be the head of it all.
being a general is no easy task, thats something ayato could greatly respect. meanwhile, ayaka and gorou are already familiar friends!
it's a little sad that watatsumi is on another island, but at least you get to stay in inazuma! you're also happy that you get to contribute to inazumas progressive politics as part of the kamisato household, living up to your duty.
the wandering samurai. . . ? are you sure?
while a good friend of the kamisato household, kazuha has already left the noble lifestyle of the kaedeharas.
it's not that your siblings want you to marry into nobility, it's just that they'll feel more comfortable if you were in a familiar environment.
meanwhile, kazuha is constantly on the move, never staying at one place. they trust him immensely but are you sure you're up for that change?
kazuha is a good choice, but a worrisome one nonetheless.
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taglist !! @absolut-wildflower @boundedbyfate @sadlonelybagel @eissaaaa @ladycoleigh @nejibot @milkypompon @bloodreaper08 @irethepotato @x-zho @mich-cola @mxsomn @ackrylik @nicebonescomrade @starforecasts @stygianoir @yuminako @eccedentesiast-sapphic @nebulaera @nuttytani @klutzkat @shizunxie @bluriie @aestellia @abyislan08
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manhandling sagau childe,,, treating him roughly and gripping his waist hmm
word count. 368
୨୧ — ��� cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive thoughts/behaviors, religious + cult themes, sagau + cult au, g/n reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
୨୧ — ꒰ a/n. sorry i haven't been posting that much recently, been very busy irl with health related issues (both my own and family), so it's been hard for me to focus on writing!! anyway, ik this is short, but i just rlly wanted to post something xbfhysg
Tumblr media
Childe is loud. That's how he's always been.
The only time he has ever silenced himself is when he's been ordered by the Tsaritsa, and if he stands to gain something by keeping the quiet. But the Tsaritsa is nothing compared to you— barely deserving of even a modicum of your attention— and quiet can so easily be displaced, don't you think?
Your arms are warm against his waist, palms burning with heat against his abdomen. His mind is already drunk before you touch him, bleary thoughts of you breathing into his mind and mixing with his desire. You only looked at him with intent, but it was enough for his knees to buckle underneath his weight.
Childe bites his tongue when you run a finger over the chiseled skin of his stomach, his back arching. He makes a sharp, muffled noise, his chest heaving and lurching forward. He barely makes sense of the sudden taste of iron invading his mouth and coating the insides of his cheeks; his senses entirely numbed and dizzy, only capable of focusing on you.
You are all he ever wants to feel. You are all he ever wants to touch.
"Don't hurt yourself," you murmur against the naked back of his neck. Your hot breath has his head spinning, and he leans backward to feel more of it before he can think to stop himself. He makes a small hum of understanding, adjusting himself so he can ingrain your appearance in his mind.
Through the thick curtain of fog that drapes over his mind, he makes out a pulsing pain coming from his mouth— but his thoughts trip over themselves, unable to twist away from you. You're all he cares to think about, and as your grip turns hard, nails biting into his skin, he's sure you only ever will be. Even if he was dead, his body would still go through the motions of worship.
Now that he's gotten a taste of you, no matter how minute, no one will ever be able to compare. You are what all life aspires to be. No matter what inferno awaits him, it would have been worth it to have been touched by you once.
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If you're accepting requests at the moment, can i please have characters in "rejecting you through text part 2" reacting to being left on read after they write to us ? 💀or maybe reader rejecting them back this time 🗿
Them reacting to you leaving them on read
characters ; Childe, Scaramouche, Venti, Hu Tao
Warnings ; reader is gn, characters are ooc, etc?
Notes ; i decided to change the characters here CUZ I can't imagine the characters in my previous post reacting to reader leaving them on seen, IM SORRY OK BUT VENTI IS HERE SO EVERYTHING IS FINE ALR. THIS IS PROB WHAT U DONT EXPECT BUT I CHANGED THE PLOT OK LIKE IDK
them rejecting you through chat with kazuha, albedo, venti, xiao
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
They are making a snowman⛄️
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What about Childe just got out of the shower and you suck him off? Omg I can’t-
I like how your brain works Anon!
Pairing: Childe x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, blowjob, teasing, praise, cum swallowing, facial
A/N: I don't know exactly where he would rank among my favorites but he's definitely somewhere up there.
Tumblr media
To your dismay he's not a big fan of sex in the shower or the bath
Sure every once in a while he might agree, even admit it feels nice to be in the bath with you while you're cockwarming him but in general he doesn't initiate them much
However you know how much he likes blowjobs, so you thought of a little surprise for him, a compromise
"What are you smiling like that for babe?" Childe is still wearing only a towel when he steps out of the bathroom, his hair still wet, droplets of water running down his macular body and disappearing into the towel
Childe has quite a few scars, each one he wears like a badge of honor
You've spent a lot of time worshiping his scars but tonight you want to give him a different kind of worship
His face is curious but amused when you push him onto the bed, "Don't know what you're trying to do but I need to dry off or I'll get everything soaking wet." You smirk at the choice of his words, already knowing you're gonna be soaking wet before this is over
His cock is soft when you take the towel off him, realization dawning on his face when you take it into your hand and start kissing and licking along the underside
"That's what you were after? Aw. babe. I you wanted to get a taste of my cock you should have just asked. I would have washed up faster. Record time even!" And you know how Childe is when he's being challenged
Your lips wrap loosely around the tip, only providing warmth not sucking just yet, your hand however is very much being put to work, running from the base of his cock almost all the way up to your lips
Childe was never a very patient man but he learned to let you do your own thing, especially when it came to things like this
Sure he would love nothing more than to have his entire cock in your warm mouth all at once
Despite that he enjoys the slower pace that you set, how you trail your finger up his cock, how you get little drops of his cum on your tongue whenever you lick along the broad head and then pull away, how you hollow out your cheeks when you take him in all the way
His groans get more frequent the more attention you pay to his swollen tip
"Looks like I'm gonna have to get a little more hands on here." Hands on he was, he lay his hand on top of yours and guided you to the pace that better suited him while his other hand cupped your cheek, lightly tapping whenever you fell out the rhythm he wanted
You got the message, he was getting needy
When he gets needy you can either accommodate him or keep teasing him which then leads to him throwing you over and surface that's nearby and fucking the living daylights out of you
Usually a good tactic for when you want it deep and feral and rough from him
Tonight you wanted to make him relax, so you in turn relaxed your throat and took in as much of him as you could without gagging
"There's my good girl. I don't even have to use words, you know what I like. Didn't I say we were a perfect team hm? On the battlefield and certainly here." His hand pushed you further down, his cock throbbing from pleasure in your mouth
He pulls you back quick, warm shots of cum spraying along your face and on your tongue as you open your mouth to gulp down what you could
Warm hands cup your face and pull you into a kiss, spit and cum still on your face, but Childe doesn't care, he likes tasting himself on your tongue
It makes him feel happy that you'd wear his cum like he wears his scars, like a badge of honor
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★ 【__Noi】 「 childe 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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#”What are we?”
Monstadt Version / Inazuma Version / Sumeru Version
How would the Liyue men react when you ask them what your relationship is?
Warnings: none
Characters: Zhongli, Childe, Xiao
Note: Xiao is such a complex character to write. It’s hard to capture his personality because I haven’t had the same experiences as him. I’m still biased towards him nonetheless XD
He’s a 6,000+ year old archon, he notices things such as nervous behaviour. I mean, he literally ruled over Liyue. I’m pretty sure he noticed your skittish behaviour.
He’s a gentleman, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t bring it up. Still, the topic does come up eventually when you ask him.
His immediate reaction is to smile, place down his teacup, and try to reassure you. A true gentleman haha.
“Although this decision is yours, it would be no greater honour then entering a relationship with you. If you would, that is.”
And it would be no greater honour to you then to accept his proposal.
“Shall we consider this outing as our first date, dear?”
Surprisingly good at read body language. It must be from all the fighting and Fatui missions he’s done. After all, he needs to pay attention to his opponents body language to avoid being injured.
He does bring it up, but cautiously as not to scare you off.
Childe reacts similar to Kaeya, but he gives off an air of cofidence unlike the captain.
“We’re a couple of course, what else?”
Why do you love this overconfident harbinger again?
“We weren’t together before? Surely you jest.”
Doesn’t even notice that anything is wrong. After all, Xiao doesn’t particularly care for mortal contact. So, he’s not the best with emotions.
As soon as the question leaves your mouth, he scoffs and turns to you with furrowed brows.
You receive no answer from him and you think you’ve been ignored, so you go to leave. He only speaks as you go to walk off the balcony.
“I suppose, you do make me feel this weird sensation I’ve never felt before. Does that mean anything?”
Clueless Xiao is so cute! And yes, it does mean something, Xiao.
“Love? Tch, I have no need for titles such as this. But if it’s from you, I’ll accept it.
Tumblr media
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#. synopsis! — sweet, domestic moments involving various kisses .
#. characters! — zhongli, tighnari, alhaitham, childe, diluc, dehya, thoma .
#. warnings! — none .
#. alt accounts! — @ddollipop (nsfw) @yyolkchi (reblog/spam) .
#. others! — navigation & masterlist .
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ ZHONGLI !!
Zhongli, who presses his lips to your knuckles, letting his mouth form to the dips and peaks. His kiss is warm and tender, stirring butterflies in your stomach. He's so gentlemanly that it catches you off-guard every once in a while, no matter how long you've been together. It doesn't hurt that his princely gesture is more-often-than-not accompanied by a loving stare, his gaze catching yours in time with your pounding heartbeat. He mumbles something that you don't quite catch, peppering a few more pecks to the same spot, as if doing so for good measure. Upon leading your hand away, he's sure to lace his long, slender fingers in between your own; letting his thumb smooth over the edge of your hand in slow, repetitive strokes.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ TIGHNARI !!
Tighnari, who places feather-light kisses on the tip of your nose just to hear you giggle and see your eyes crinkle into little crescent moons. Your soft laughter in those moments is like music to his ears, —stirring his heart in ways he never thought to be possible before he met you. He matches your lovesick grin with one of his own, unable to control the smile that pulls at the corners of his lips. If you're lucky, he might just pepper a few more kisses along your face, brushing his way across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Though it's a bit silly in practice, it means the world to you. It's Tighnari's way of being casually affectionate, —a skill he hasn't quite mastered yet (according to himself.) He's working on it! But really, you're content with things as they are now, and if it's any consolation to him, you don't think he needs to change a thing.
Tumblr media
Alhaitham, who is all too skilled at making your heart skip beats as he places the side of his index finger just below your chin, the pad of his thumb just below your bottom lip, —guiding you into a sweet kiss. He can't stay for long; there's almost always somewhere he has to be during daylight hours, someone who needs his attention for matters far outside your area of expertise, —but he never fails to make the most of fleeting moments when they involve you. Even if it's little more than seeing you in passing, you can always expect to be led around the nearest corner, only for him to remind you that although he's a busy man, his thoughts are never void of you. His kisses are deep and passionate, lingering for a little longer than he knows they should for the settings they often take place in. There's definitely more where that came from, but alas, it'll have to wait just a bit into the future.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ CHILDE !!
Childe, who takes every opportunity to press his warm lips to the back of your neck, sending shivers along your spine. His hand smooths along your shoulder, fingertips all but dancing over you as he dots kisses all around as if mapping out new constellations on your skin. He loves the way you hum in content, making his way to the place just below your lobe, offering a few pecks there before he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. You love the way his gentle breath fans ever so softly against the shell of your ear, reminding you that though Childe can be much too reckless and wild, he knows when to wind himself down and put his position as your lover first. In truth, he'd kill for this to be his every waking moment, if only the spirit inside him didn't yearn for exploration and destruction.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ DILUC !!
Diluc, who will seemingly never tire of taking you into his arms after a long day, —pressing his lips to the crown of your head. There is never a time when you feel safer than when you're here in his warm embrace, wrapped in his loving arms. A hard day's worth of weariness clings to his bones, but he dare not lie down to rest until this deed has been done. He looks forward to this, —to coming home and pulling you in, sharing in your comfort. He mumbles little things about how he hopes your day went well or about how you smell nice. His large hand finds its way to the small of your back, lithe fingers rubbing gentle circles there. If you say anything, you may just need to repeat it on account of how disengaged he is from everything else; focusing solely on the way your warmth seeps into him, offering healing that he wasn't even aware he was in need of.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ DEHYA !!
Dehya, who all but stumbles in after an annoyingly long day, quiet desperation weaving through each move she makes to pull you close and place an affectionate kiss to the apple of your cheek. You give her a typical greeting, —albeit one she only acknowledges with an equally as typical hum before burying her face in the crook of your neck. Her even breaths ghost along your skin in heated tufts as she drops her guard completely. To her, this is the safest place she can imagine. There's no one to impress, no one to micro-manage, and she lets herself relax fully into your loving embrace, nuzzling into your neck even further. Bonus points for later if you play with her hair while she's there with you, —and even more bonus points if you place a few kisses of your own to her head while she recharges her energy in your arms.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ THOMA !!
Thoma, who never fails to greet you with a bright, happy smile and a kiss on your forehead. As a housekeeper, he's known for being meticulous, and that extends far into his relationship with you. There has not once been a time when it slipped his mind to give you his version of a "proper" greeting, —which always includes that much-needed forehead kiss and that signature smile full of genuine cheer. No matter the struggles of his day beforehand, seeing you never fails to brighten his mood and give him something positive to focus on. When it comes down to it, Thoma is always genuine about his hardships with you, but much prefers to start things off on the best note possible, and your heart always beats a little faster the moment his lips touch your cheek.
Tumblr media
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Genshin Boys x Rapunzel!Reader
Characters: Kazuha, Scaramouche, Childe, Albedo, Tighnari, Mika, Bennett, Lyney
A/N: This comes from my first request so, @swivy123 I'm sorry if it's not what you asked for. 😭
Tumblr media
Kazuha thinks your hair is really pretty, but he does get a little worried though because your hair makes you easier to find than hide. He would (try) to braid your hair (even though he's not that skilled at it) so you could walk around more freely. He also even took you to Liyue so you could experience the Lantern Rite Festival for the first time since he knew you really wanted to see the lanterns! Overall, hes very nice and polite and even carries your hair when it starts to get annoying.
You piss him off. Well not you, but your hair. Your hair annoys him because he tripped over it while he was walking through a forest one time. He was pissed, but that quickly turned into confusion once he realized it was hair he tripped on. He followed where the hair led and he was brought to you. You annoy him a little but he still likes you. He just has a hate/love relationship with your hair. (He also finds it funny how you use a frying pan as a weapon)
He thought the tower you were living in was abandoned so he decided he would explore inside so that he could maybe find some souvenirs for his siblings. Although... getting hit with a frying pan was not on his bucket list. You thought he was an intruder so you decided that you'll protect your home and face him yourself. Imagine the amount of confusion he had when he woke up tied to a chair. When he saw you for the first time he was quite amazed at how much hair you had! (Is this even possible??) He tries to gain your trust and explain that he thought that the tower was abandoned which eventually led to you hesitantly untying him. But you shouldn't have ever done that since he would never escape your side, he is interested in you more than ever!
Albedo thinks you are very nice and likes that you are also interested in the outside world. He's also very interested in your hair because is it even possible for hair to grow that long, like???? You would ask him lots of questions about his discoveries or experiments and he would gladly answer them. He's pretty happy that someone actually takes interest in his work.
You worry him a lot since you like to wander into dangerous places and you use a literal frying pan as a weapon. He literally panicks whenever you just dissapppear on him but quickly calms down when he sees your hair leaving a trail. Thank the archons for your long hair because without it he would be a nervous wreck wondering where you are.
Mika thinks you're really pretty which made him too nervous to go up to you. You were the first one to nervously strike up a conversation with him and it was a little awkward at first, but he slowly got used to you. He loves your hair and even carries it to make it easier for you to move around. You make him nervous though because danger always seems to follow you so even though Mika is not much of a fighter, he still does his best to protect you.
He's probably tripped over your hair more times that you can even count. You kinda feel bad since somehow it always seems to happen and he just brushes it off stating it's just his bad luck. You even considered cutting your hair so he could stop falling face first into the floor, but he quickly refused saying that you don't have to do all of that for his sake. You still feel bad though.
He finds you intriguing, he probably met you during an important event or festival in Fontaine. He was the first one to come up to you and ask you to dance with him. You hesitantly accepted and you eventually started to tell him a little more about yourself. During this, he was studying your features, he already loved everything about your features like your hair or eyes or anything really. You would make an interesting puppet for one of his upcoming performances.
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Tumblr media
*insert maniacal laughter*
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"What's your favorite thing about me?" he'd asked that jokingly, expecting you to laugh or blink confusedly at him in that sweet way you always did, and he'd get to savor your flustered expression. but instead you tilted your head, thinking for a moment before you lit up with a smile. "Your hands" then it was Childe who laughed in surprise, curious and intrigued with your answer. his hands? what were so special about his hands? he didn't particularly like them, with how much blood they've spilled and how many scars litter the skin, only hidden by the gloves he always wore. so he asked you why, playful grin hiding keen, genuine interest, then wavering slightly when you intertwined one of your hands with his. "Because I can hold them!" oh, how his heart had melted, your gentle hold on his fingers softening even the most battle-hungry of the Harbingers, and he'd thanked his lucky stars that he'd been blessed with someone like you. now his claws shiver from chill and fear as you stand before him, unable to meet your gaze as he's filled with shame. it's his fault he's like this- how could he be so careless? how could he become stuck in this form, it's as bad as throwing away your love because obviously no one can love an Abyssal monster like him, and Foul Legacy whimpers, hiding his hiccupping sobs behind his talons. delicate fingers wrap around said talons, pulling them carefully away from his face, and Childe looks up into your soft, worried eyes. with two hands you cradle one of his, gently massaging the back of his bruised knuckles, trying so hard to not let your tears of concern fall. "See...? I can still hold your hands..."
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zhongrin · 1 day
Fatui!Darling with their Yandere
Within the palace walls, bloodshed is the norm, so why should we think their love would be anything but?
QUEEN YOU ARE A GENIUS capitano sure is blessed hehehe
the harbingers all make for a scary yandere hskdjskd i wouldn't wish for a normal civilian to catch their attention.... but a fellow fatui member with dubious morality and perhaps just a little unhinged too? everyone move away we have a power couple right here.
"ajax, what happened with my attendant?"
"why are you asking me, babe?"
"because his corpse is literally right there?? in your office??"
"i'm sorry baby are you mad? :("
"*sigh* over one insignificant death? look, just.... help me search for a replacement, will you?"
":) consider it done~"
he sends you his water clone lmao
or a fatui!reader with non-fatui!characters? hmmm... oooh imagine a double spy, secretly dating relationship with kaeya. the honorable knights of favonius cavalry captain with a harbinger of the infamous fatui? if words ever leak out you would both be put in a precarious position, but you both love the thrill that comes with it.
he feeds you all the intel he came across using the kof’s resources and you tip him with various information you manage to gather from the fatui’s vast intelligence network.
and if you’re ever discovered? well... it just means you’ll have to move up the plans a bit.
after all, kaeya has long since convinced you that as long as you have each other, nothing else matters.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fem chibedo doodle dump...
Ajax got her the dress 😚
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
to preserve the species he says
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duhaerith · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
gay people
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