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Genshin Impact + Tumblr Text Posts (Part 1)
Currently spreading the meme making to more and more fandoms
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Tumblr media
"So... how do we get him down from there?"
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itto lounging
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Uhhh Kissies
I want kissies rn so I write kissy hc lol. I'm putting a lots of character bc that's how badly I want kissies rn
Includes: Arataki Itto, Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Lisa
Arataki Itto
Enthusiastic kisses, not incredibly intimate, but full of love, passion and excitement. He kisses you when he's happy. He kisses you when he's excited. He kisses you after seeing you again after being separated, even if you saw each other two minutes ago. He kisses you when you do something so endearing that he can't help doing anything but kiss you. He'll pick you up to kiss you and swirl you around excitedly. He'll basically tackle you with kisses, even if that means you both fall to the ground (though he'll make sure you don't get hurt). He peppers your entire face with kisses. He loves to kiss you, he wants nothing more than to kiss you all day long. He takes so much pride in the fact that someone so wonderful will kiss him. He'll brag about it to anyone who'll listen. He loves you so much and his favorite way to show it is by kissing you.
Soft, gentle, loving, intimate. These are just some of the words to describe how the former Geo Archon kisses you, his beloved. He kisses you as a "Welcome home," or "Good morning." He kisses you in those soft, intimate moments. He kisses you for comfort, whether yours or his own. He kisses you when he misses you. He kisses you when he's in need of your presence. He much prefers kissing you in the privacy of your own home, so he can display as much intimacy as he wants. He softly pulls you close to kiss him, arms wrapping around your waist. He gently cups your cheeks to kiss you. He presses his forehead to yours, smiling lovingly before he kisses you. He gently strokes your cheek with his thumb and tucks your hair behind your ear as he kisses you. His kisses are full of so much love and intimacy that it leaves your knees weak and heart aching. You are the one he holds dearest to his heart, so he holds you so softly, kisses you so gently, for the last thing he could ever want is to harm you in any way. His love for you is so deep, so full of commitment and trust, and breaking that trust, to him, would be like breaking the most important contract. He would never forgive himself if he broke his unspoken contract to you.
Fiery, passionate, desperate kisses. He kisses you like it's the last time he ever will. He kisses you like he's never felt affection in his life. He kisses you to apologize. He kisses you after a dangerous mission. He kisses you when he's tired. He kisses you when he hasn't seen you in a while. He kisses you to show he cares without having to use words. He prefers to kiss you in solitude, away from any prying eyes that might gossip or use it against him. He holds you so close, terrified of the slightest prospect of ever losing you. If anything happened to you because of him, he'd never forgive himself, wallowing in his self-hatred. So he hides you and your love away, protective and perpetually worried. He does not take your kisses for granted, making sure to hold onto them as long as possible each and every time, for if he ever does lose you, he wants to be able to remember every curve, crevice, and bump of your lips. He'll kiss you as much as he can, wanting to love you as much as he can in the little time he has between all the work he has. He loves you, his biggest strength, but also his greatest weakness. You truly are an enigma in his eyes.
Deep, suggestive, passionate kisses. He kisses you every possible chance he gets. He doesn't care where you are or what prying eyes may be judging you. He craves your lips, craves the feeling of your soft lips against his own. His kisses are deep, almost rough, leaving you breathless. He kisses you so long, so deeply, so passionately that your lips are sore by the end. He shoves you against a wall to kiss you, pushes you onto his desk, pulls you into his lap. He kabedons you, leans in like he's going to kiss you, whispers some flirtatious line before he pulls away and smirks at you. He ends up kissing you anyway, but only after he gets to see your adorable face pout at him. He just can't resist kissing you, especially not with that face. His hands constantly roam your body as he kisses you, as if he's unable to find a place to rest them. The amount of intimacy in his kisses definitely inappropriate to display in public, but he does not care in the least. In fact, he enjoys it when others see you. He gets a kick out of them getting flustered and awkward. Of course, he'll lay off if you feel uncomfortable. It's not as enjoyable if you're not enjoying it too.
He doesn't deserve kissies/j
Playful, teasing, but passionate and needy. The 11th Fatui Harbinger's kisses are sure to leave you breathless, as if you've just run a marathon. He kisses you whenever he feels like it, almost turning it into a competition, who can steal the most kisses. He's always finding excuses to briefly step away from his work just so he can kiss you more. And when he's away in other countries, the first thing he does upon his return is seek you out and kiss you again. Kissing you is so exciting to him, especially when you play along with his kissing competition. And while he does love winning, in this particular competition, he loves it oh so much more when you do. He loves the feeling of you needing him, wanting him. It fills him with so much pride and joy and most certainly fuels his already inflated ego. He'll place a hand on the back of your head and grip your hair to kiss you. He likes to pick you up and push you against the wall. He likes gripping your hips as he kisses you, holding you in place so he can kiss you better. He likes to tease you with his kisses, giving you a short and light kiss before pulling away before you're satisfied, giving you that infuriatingly sunny smile. He doesn't care who's around to see when he kisses you. He wants the whole world to know that you're his and they should stay away if they know what's good for them. He wants them to know that you're with him, the 11th Fatui Harbinger, and that he'll have no mercy if they ever try to harm you. Or take you from him. He has no qualms with giving any of those people the slow and painful death they deserve.
Soft, sweet, loving kisses, but also a bit flirty and teasing. Lisa's kisses are nice and light and soft. When she kisses you, it might feel a bit tingly. She likes to kiss you as an excuse to take a break from work, or she might kiss you to distract you from the fact that she's not working. She likes to make you blush and get you flustered before she kisses you so she can see just how adorable you look as she kisses you. She'll softly pepper your face with kisses when you're sad and she'll give you a little kiss on the nose when she's in high spirits. She likes to hold you against her chest then gently cup your cheek to look at her and lean down to kiss you. She loves kissing you when you're laying in bed together. Sometimes she'll brush her nose against yours before kissing you gently. Sometimes, when she's in a more teasing mood, she'll lean in like she's going to kiss your lips, then kiss you on the cheek and pull away with a giggle. Sometimes she'll tease you like this all day, just to see you pout and whine at her. But, by the end of the day, she'll giggle softly, tell you just how adorable you are, then softly pull you in and kiss you.
Hey!! If you like what you see here, how about buying me a coffee? I'd really appreciate it and it helps me keep doing this!
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ol mc aether had a farm, e i e i o
// i made these way before hyv dropped that vid of all of them as animals and forgot to post them lmao
// these are also stickers that are up on my shop btw!! so if yall want some 👀👀
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so true 🤧
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Zhongli x Reader x Itto- NSFW
Tumblr media
summary: you get hit on at a bar and they are not happy about it. they also have an unrelated secret bet on who makes you cum more so why not take advantage of the situation-
cw: poly relationship, double penetration, oral (f! receiving), praise, cream pie, possessives + a bit of rivalry for good measure
word count: 4k
commission for @tinyyellowtoad 💕
Tumblr media
It was a wonderful evening, considering that you managed to convince both of your lovers to come with you and enjoy some drinks in a new bar that opened not too long ago.
You were excited to finally spend a night out after an exhausting week. Zhongli wasn't too happy about it at first, arguing he was well past the age of going out to places where people get hammered beyond remembering their name, but as it always goes, you only needed to bat your eyelashes a little and coo at him before he eventually comes around.
It wasn't all bad, considering that he really liked the high-end beverages that will make his wallet cry fat tears by the end of the night. He was more of an observer still, apart from engaging in conversations with any poor soul that seemed to be drinking something he found interesting.
Itto was another story, he was down before you even finished your sentence, he only needed to hear the words 'we' and 'bar' as he went on and off about how he was gonna get 'fucking wasted'. He secretly couldn't wait to see you all dolled up and pretty. He was ready to show you off to anyone willing to look.
So, all three of you sat at the bar, you and Itto catching a breath after dancing and being on your feet for a large part of the night. You were surprised to see that Zhongli got a tiny bit tipsy while you were gone, judging by the way his words slurred just a bit with longer sentences. He was watching you from his seat the whole time, entranced by the way Itto spoon you around, with your skirt riding up only slightly to give him a tease of your plump thighs, and every time you caught him staring, you would just have an innocent smile on your face.
Sometimes it felt like Itto did it on purpose, ghosting his hands daringly under your skirt once in a while, shooting him a mocking grin. Yeah, it was definitely on purpose, yet it didn't tip Zhongli off as much as it did at the beginning of the relationship. He welcomed you with a kiss to your cheek and a few heartfelt compliments, some more sinful hushed into your ear discreetly, his hand reaching out to linger on your lap for a brief moment before the three of you settled into a conversation.
But imagine their surprise when out of nowhere, the bartender set a drink in front of you, pointing at a guy on the other end of the bar. You looked his way and immediately you got a wink in return. You were flattered, really, but definitely not looking for anything, which you thought was obvious to anyone that happened to have eyes. It's not like any of you were shy with affection. You smiled politely but set your drink aside for now.
In the corner of your eye, you saw the man getting up from his chair, making his way toward you.
Itto stared, dumbfounded when the man nudged him aside, leaning his elbow on the counter top.
He greeted you politely, introducing himself. It turns out he knew your close friend and the two of you actually met once a long time ago for a short few minutes.
"Nice to re-meet you then, I'm Y/N, thank you for the drink, however, I'm taking a little break from alcohol, wouldn't want these two to have to drag me back home" you motioned to your company . A small chat wouldn't hurt, wouldn't it...especially with your boyfriends right next to you.
So after talking a bit about the usual 'we just met and most of our conversations lead back to our common friend ' stuff, you noticed that Itto was uncomfortable in his seat, downing a glass of what appeared to be something strong considering the frown he had on his face. Zhongli was stealing quick side glances at the guy, pretending to be focused on a game at the pool table. He was still listening carefully, silently wishing that the man would just walk away soon. He wouldn't peg himself as the jealous type, but his jaw was shut tight, and his fist secretly balled up in his coat pocket.
After a few more minutes of you laughing at the man's stories, they finally thought it was over when he moved his hand off of the bar.
"I'd be happy to take you home if these two are too busy for you later" he tried to reach for your hand to kiss it, but Zhongli grabbed his hand abruptly, quickly followed by Itto who placed his arm in front of you.
"She's taken" they both say in unison, glaring daggers at the man who yelped at the pain of Zhongli's grip.
"Hell if she'd go with you bozo, you have some balls to say that to my girl right in front of me!" Itto groaned, grabbing the man by his collar and pushing him away, making him stumble into the crowd that gathered.
"We're leaving Y/N" Zhongli commented, taking out his wallet and placing some money on the table to cover their tabs.
You shot the bartender an apologetic look as the man went back to his seat, cussing at all of you until he was out of ears reach, clearly not that stupid to start a fight he won't be winning. Everyone was looking your way suddenly, so you were eager to get out of there now.
You grabbed your bag and rushed after Zhongli, motioning for Itto to follow. You were slightly uncomfortable by all of the stares on your back as you walked, but kept your cool until all three of you were outside of the bar.
For some twisted reason, the butterflies in your stomach fluttered, the blush on your cheeks evident as both of them grabbed at you possessively. Mostly Itto, who wrapped his arm around your hip, practically gluing you to his side.
"The nerve of some people " Zhongli muttered
"I knew there was something off about that dude, I just knew it man" Itto complained, nuzzling your neck. "I'm gonna kick his ass when there's no security to save his dignity. I'll avenge you, love, just you wait!"
"We don't have the money to bail you out Arataki"
"That's why I said I'm gonna do it with no people around!"
"Whatever, I was ready to go home anyways... I should've returned the drink."
"Maybe we don't make it obvious enough?" Zhongli pondered, trying to recall all of the times either he or Itto made someone aware of your relationship. All he could conclude was that the man probably knew, but chose to ignore it to mock them. Either that or he was oblivious beyond reason.
Zhongli pulled you by your hand, tugging you into his chest as he towered over you, shooting Itto a grin as he caught your lips in a kiss. As if to distract you from the whole scene.
You melted in his hold, standing on your tippy toes to push against his mouth. His hands kept you secure, placed tightly on your hips as he dipped you backward.
Your face flushed as his tongue slipped between your lips, licking the inside of your mouth, humming at the faint taste of alcohol on his buds.
He peaked to look around, and once he confirmed no one but Itto was close by, he slipped his hands lower, teasingly hicking up your skirt, giving Itto a clear view as he squeezed gently, slipping his leg between your thighs.
You held onto the front of his coat, mewling at the small nibbles of his teeth on your chapped lips, your quiet moans swallowed up by his mouth.
"Not cool bro!" Itto whined, pulling you from him and grabbing your hand.
"Nothing wrong with getting a headstart on our deal" Zhongli smiled, putting his hands in his pocket.
You were tipsy enough to have that comment slip your mind as you leaned against Itto's shoulder, continuing the trip to your home.
You fiddled for your keys and you welcomed them in, locking the door behind you.
Zhongli placed his coat on the rack, loosening his tie along the way. He didn't notice it until now but he felt choked up for a while. Anticipation was getting to him and he was eager, biting the inside of his cheek as he followed you two to your living room, giving Itto a knowing glance. He wasn't happy about him having the first choice, but he only has himself to blame for agreeing to have that decided by a few games of rock paper scissors.
Itto continued where Zhongli left off, impatiently claiming your lips as his, pushing you back carefully until he found the light switch to the room.
Your face was red, cheeks burning under Itto's gentle thumb.
"Old man here and I had an idea you might like" he whispered, untucking the shirt from your skirt and plastering his large hands on your hips.
"Hmm?" you murmured past his lips, eyes lidded as you waited for him to continue.
"I'm positive you'll enjoy it darling, but not telling you what it's about is one of the agreed rules" Zhongli added, now coming behind you, pressing his body flush to your back and moving his hand under your shirt, placing it right in between your breasts to pull your closer.
"I'm not being a part of your little competitions!" you whined as Zhongli slid his fingers to grab at your chest, his cold hand making you yelp.
"Aren't you happy that we agreed on something " Itto mused, smoothening his palms over the sides of your covered thighs.
You were about to protest but Itto pressed a finger against your lips, ushering you and Zhongli to the couch. Zhongli sat you on his lap, facing you away from himself, but turning your chin around. He leaned to graze your neck with sweet but possessive kisses, feeling the way you swallowed the lumps in your throat under his starving tongue.
He slipped his hand to your front, nudging your legs apart with his own. Itto all but drooped on his knees in front of you, watching as Zhongli fisted your skirt in his hand, pressing it out of the way.
Your breath hitched once he spread his legs even further apart, the embarrassment making your thighs twitch in an effort to hide yourself, especially when you can feel a hot breath against your skin now, deep and vibrating as your other lover can't seem to keep his hands to himself.
"Look at our pretty girl..."
His thick finger glides along your clothed slit, dipping inside until he can feel the fabric eating up the wetness that pooled at your entrance, spreading it around and shamelessly leaning closer to mouth at it.
Zhongli let go of your chin, letting your gaze drop between your trembling legs as he moved to massage the inside of your thighs. The bulge against the small of your back is stiffer, and you can't help but wiggle your hips around a little, trying to press against it harder. You held onto Zhongli's sturdy arm with both of yours, hugging it tightly.
"I think you like our competition for now, no?"
"I still don't know what it is!" you roll your eyes, right before Itto decided to pinch you over your underwear only slightly to get you to look back at him.
Itto was bashfully looking up, winking at you as he twirled the fabric of your panties with his index finger, pushing them to the side.
"You can guess baby, you're smart."  Zhongli praises while his hand sneaks down to rub against you a few times, settling his two fingers on your clit, torturing it with long lazy circles that send jolts along your back any time he presses a little harder.
Your pussy clenched around nothing, the ache in your legs from how far Zhongli has them spread making you cry out. You would be ashamed if you didn't hear the low growl coming from Zhongli as Arataki settled his face between your thighs,
You smell fucking delicious to him, and as blood rushed to his ears he thumbed at your hole for a moment, eating up the squelching sounds that filled the room.
"I have 20 guesses and each can be equally possible with you two!" you complain, arching your back.
Itto's and Zhongli's fingers bump and push against each other until your whole cunt is slicked up thoroughly, and that's when the Oni gives the first long lick. You lean all of your weight onto Zhongli while his sharp black nails dig into the back of your thighs, using them to ground himself as he starts lapping at your cunt.
For someone that had all of the time to chat and tease when his mouth was empty, he blabbered the most with his mouth full, whispering, begging and praising against your cunt all the same.
Almost always he looks like he lost every single thought in his head, and just a few brief minutes of touching you, end up with him acting like you intentionally starved him for ages.
Zhongli's breath hit your ear, a shudder rumbling through his chest when your pliant body starts humping against the Oni's tongue, chasing your slowly approaching release, unintentionally bringing him closer to his. Your hands finally found purchase on Itto's horns, pressing his tongue as deep as he can possibly get it, his jaw slacked as he lets you fuck yourself with it.
The older man gives a few taps to your clit before placing both of his hands on your scrunched-up skirt, leaning over your shoulder to look at the man drooling over your cunt.
"Does it feel good love? I'm sure I'd do a better job don't you think? Those teeth must feel terrible down there" Zhongli muses, and just at that moment, Arataki closes his lips around your clit, tucking his teeth as he starts to suckle on it. You move one hand from Itto to pinch at Zhongli's arm, not having enough air to scold him.
He bites back the comment about Itto's long nails once he sees your toes curling, deep breaths vibrating through your chest.
Itto had a point to prove, and he could barely hold back his grin once you started writhing in Zhongli's lap, unable to stay still.
Your thighs ache to close, the overwhelming sensation on your pussy making your legs twitch to wrap around his head.
The feeling is too much and too direct, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes.
Soon after Itto starts humming against you, you feel the rope in your tummy tightening, threatening to break loose. You turn your head to the side, hiding it in Zhongli's shoulder as he coos behind you, moving his hands to hold your legs.
You think you'll cum embarrassingly fast, but with the devouring pace Itto sets, you don't have the luxury to focus against it. Zhongli whispers things that might not go with his character at all to anyone that knows him, the filthy praises and curses ushered behind you causing you to choke up on your own words.
You almost slip from his lap, your high crashing against you and your legs snap out of his grip, closing around Itto's head as you ride out your first high, small thrusts mushing his nose, the air deliciously taken from him.
"That's a pretty girl..." Zhongli sighs, thrusting up to pathetically try to ease up the tension in his pants, impatient for the Oni to let go of you so that he can selfishly have his turn soon.
Your body lies pliant and relaxed for a few brief moments, and once Itto releases your clit with a loud pop, he lets the spit gush from his tongue and pool at your hole, his finger carefully pushing it inside you before he gets up, catching his breath.
He already unzipped his pants but he massages the bulge in his underwear, his length throbbing under his palm.
"What's that about you doing it better old man?"
Your huff of disapproval makes him chuckle, stepping back to sit on your coffee table, tugging his pants lower.
"Will you two ever shut the fuck up please!" you complain, sitting up on shaky legs so that Zhongli can unbuckle his pants and take them off along with his underwear.
Zhongli lowers you back down with ease, pressing his length against your pussy.
"Can I take a break first-" you try to protest halfheartedly, giving no resistance whatsoever.
It's so warm and welcoming, his tip hooking up at your entrance while he slips one arm around your waist. He's teasing you, slicking himself up to cause loud wet sounds to echo in the room. He spreads your legs back open, leaning your body a little so that Itto can have a perfect view of his cock prodding inside. You're already nice and wet for him, swallowing him almost whole in one go.
It sends shivers down Itto's spine, who's now shamelessly stroking his cock while he tries to stop himself from pouncing on you.
You whine when you feel the first full push of Zhongli's length, sinking into you in one sharp motion, making you paw at the hand around your waist.
"There you go love, you're doing so well..." the gentleness in his voice makes you whine out, head falling back. His hips work slowly, the slick sound of your other lover jacking himself off spurring you on to rock your hips harder,longingly glancing at him, as if pleading for him to get closer.
Zhongli's focus was now completely on you, pressing gentle kisses to your cheek all while his hand teased your pussy, spreading your lips wide apart with two of his fingers.
The pad of his finger finds its' way to your clit, ghosting over the nub with care, tiny circles matching the pace of his thrusts.
"Does that feel all right?" he whispers, teasing another finger where his cock strains at your cunt.
His palm presses on your lower belly, trying to feel the motion of his cock through your skin. There's something shamefully erotic in the way Itto's body is curled up as he works his length, a frown on his face. His teeth are hooked on his bottom lip, his tongue bit back as he fucks his fist. As if to snap you out of it, Zhongli starts thrusting harder, trying to fuck the thought of Itto out of you. It doesn't work, he doubted that it would but it was worth a shot.
It's not like he didn't know how you got with their roles reversed, but a little part of him will always try to prove that he was better.
"Please, my God...more...Itto please !" you cry out for him, trying to motion for him to come closer. Zhongli slams his hips up sharply, jealous of the way you moaned his name while he's the one fucking into you, but he calms down for your own good. Almost all of their rivalry disappears when you ask for something and even Itto doesn't brag too much as he walks closer, resting his knees between yours and Zhongli's legs.
"So greedy...you really need both? Are you sure baby?" he watches as Zhongli slows down, dipping his fingers along his cock to see if it's even possible.
"It can fit!" you reassure, balancing yourself on one hand as you reach the other one to stroke him, tugging him closer.
It's certainly not a rare thing between the three of you and Zhongli hums once he manages to stuff two more fingers comfortably, pulling out halfway as he waits for the Oni, who generously spits in his palm, leathering his dick up.
Even so, the push stings briefly, and they have to talk you through it, Itto's mouth pressing against yours as you hold onto his arms, sitting down on them inch by inch.
They feel like they can barely move inside, but Itto is the first one to try, hissing as his cock slides over Zhongli's. He settles for deep, slow thrust against your cervix, letting Zhongli match the pace, pushing and pulling out whenever Itto does the opposite, causing the constant feeling of fullness to cloud your head.
"If she cums like this, you know that I technically win?" Itto smirks, kissing you cheekily, quieting down your cries.
"As if..." Zhongli dares, picking up his pace again.
"I'm pretty sure I'm the one winning" you struggle out breathlessly, sitting your ass flush onto Zhongli, while hugging Itto to your chest.
The pace is broken up, but both of them continue to ram into you, Itto's head falling on your shoulder, his mouth slightly open as his sharp teeth press against your neck. His hands frantically claw at your hips, kneading your skin as he feels his release nearing.
Zhongli can practically feel the spasms of Itto's cock, followed by your muscles tightening. He's not gonna last either and every idea of slowing down is thrown out the window once you whisper out that you're close, begging them not to stop. They are both so deep that every pound into you makes Itto's pelvis bump against your clit and you're not sure if it's enough at first, but as he speeds up you can feel that high building up. Fast.
"Hah~, there...harder- please" you cry out, gripping on the belt of Itto's open shirt, your fingertips turning pale.
"Fuck"," Shit", "Close"  you don't know who it comes from anymore but you can only agree at this point.
You feel the heat in your core, rope after rope of cum leaking into you, both men's lengths repeatedly burrying to the hilt with violent, sharp slams of hips, causing you to tip over the edge, arms and legs going weak as they fuck you through it.
"So perfect sweetheart, hold onto me like that" the Oni purrs, throwing his head back, his chest heaving as Zhongli wraps his fingers around your throat, kissing you sloppily, his tongue invading your mouth so as to swallow any loud whine you have left. He keeps you still, grounding your thrashing hips.
Your hands fall to your sides and Zhongli takes one of them, lacing your fingers with his. You can taste him in your throat, swallowing around him so that you can breathe. They rock their hips slower, coming down to a stop once you start tapping on Itto's shoulder, the pressure unbearable now.
You can't move yet, your legs cramping when you try to close them. Itto is the first to carefully pull out, tapping the head of his cock over your sensitive cunt before straightening up, stretching his arms before sitting next to you.
Zhongli pulls out a second later, grunting as his and Itto's cum coats his length. He soothes your legs, helping you up and grabbing Itto's pants, placing them on the bed.
"Here, sit on this until I come back" he's out of the living room before he can hear Itto yelling "Yours were even closer, you-". He grins in victory, taking off the rest of his clothes in the bathroom and grabbing a towel, cleaning himself up before deciding if he should bring Itto a new one. Even a grown man like him can be a little childish at times. He takes one for you and throws the other at the Oni, acting clueless when Itto opens his mouth, mortified.
"See, getting along isn't that bad" you turn to Itto who only stares at you, his eyes turning glossy.
Tumblr media
A/N: I pretended that my cooch would survive those two monsters and so will you.
tip yar🍥: Ko-Fi
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Tumblr media
POV: You're on a date with Itto
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♡ A diagnosis of love♡
Edited! (✯◡✯) 100 LIKES FOR PART 2
Tumblr media
You look to your clipboard, holding it tightly. You were assigned patients outside of the safe zone. After a year of working with patients, your boss moved you to more difficult patients. Your bosses secretary, Albedo, did not seem to like this. As he caught hold of your wrist in the middle of the hallway .
"Y/n these patients seem to be extremely dangerous according to my experiments, please BE CAREFUL."
"Albedo, we've worked with each other for years. You know how good I am in the field!"
"If any patients lay a hand on you, let me know. I'll be sure to take care of it"
As they continued to walk, Albedo had taken a turn around the corner to continue his work, entering his labrptary doing his usual tasks such as drawing multiple sketches of his sweet Y/N.Meanwhile you decided to take a look at your first patient. Y/N was nervous yet excited, her first real job!
This patient is currently being diagnosed. It seems he has a complex where he needs to save people. Claiming he killed many people to save the people of Liyue. It seems he seeks revenge on them, even though they didn't harm him but others. Be careful and don't get on patient 8016's bad side. An additional documented photo of patient 8016 is attached on the next page. This patient can't control himself most times due to something he calls Karma.
Y/n was so distracted reading the clipboard while walking to room 207 for her first patient that she didn't realize she bumped into her boss.Falling back before he caught her.
"Ah, I'm so sorry, mister Dottore!"
"It's okay, just be sure to be careful next time Miss.Y/N" your boss said.
His hand still holding your back as you looked up to him, he still hadn't let go just staring into your eyes. All of a sudden, he snapped back to reality, quickly letting go and walking past her without saying a single word
𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒐𝒅𝒅?
The door was in your sight as you looked through the window. Seeing a young man. He seemed to just be sitting down looking at the wall blankly.
Tumblr media
Almost as though he sensed you looking, he caught eyes without you, and it shook you to the core. All patients had some form of necklace or choker that controlled their powers and that they couldn't touch it. It was designed by Doctor Dottorette. You wondered how he experimented and made sure it would only detect their fingerprints. But you didn't fret on it too much. As you took out your ID card for your wallet, unlock the door and walk in, closing it behind you. The CLICK sound to show the door locked automatically when you closed it.
"I thought after I killed the last one they wouldn't send anymore, so the experimentation on me as punishment was for nothing?!"
Xiao ran so quickly that it was almost as though he teleported, grabbing Y/N by the throat and slamming her against the wall.Causing Y/N to gasp for choked breaths grabbing his hands on their throat to try and remove them.
Tears forming in your eyes, unexpectedly he let go, realizing the consequences doctor dottorette might make him face if he killed them. He hope they wouldn't tell.
"Keep this between us only."
Eventually, your breathing was regular, and you sat down and got Xiao to sit down at the table.It started off with Y/N asking Xiao basic questions like his name and age and his hobbies He seemed to really like fighting. Y/n tried to remain calm and look unfazed, but Xiao could see through her.
"There is nothing better than seeing people get what they deserve when I strike my spear through their skull"
Y/n was slightly shaken from this, and Xiao noticed changing the subject to liyue.
"So you've never been to liyues festivals before?!I should bring you a lantern to wish upon one day!"
Honored by Y/N caring but not letting it show "There's no need for such childish things"
As time went on, ypu swear even if it was for a second after hours of talking you saw him smile. You learned about his favorite dish and many stories of his travels.
Your watch rang, RING RING, realizing it was time to go you gathered your belongings. But as you got up and walked to the door, saying goodbye, he suddenly pushed y/n backward. Her head landed on his chest.
"Tch- if it was because of how I acted earlier, that is no reason for you to leave without my permission."
Xiao was confused, this is the one doctor he had who hadn't hurt him or hit him. Yet what hurt the most was watching her leave.
"But I must be going now my other patients-"
His sharp clae like fingernails dug into her skin, causing her to flinch. He simply sat down.Still, holding her he pulled her onto his lap.
"Stupid bunny's like you should be eaten alive by snakes. You should be grateful to be alive in my presence human"
Xiao didn't let you go until hours later when you had to reassure him you'll see him soon and that you had to go home because it was midnight.
Tumblr media
The next day, after getting ready, you made it to work, but instead of being able to head to straight to work. An announcement went off.
"Y/n report to Dr. Dottore's and Secretary. Albedo's office this instant"
Upon opening up the door, you were now in your boss and his secretary's office.
Tumblr media
It almost startled you when you stepped into the room. Albedo slammed the door shut. Locking it when you asked why he claimed it was for "privacy reasons," and Dottore just laughed wickedly. It was the kind of laugh that picked you apart one by one.
As you walked up to the desk of dottore, he grabbed you by your shirt collar.
Y/N was startled
While you were leaning towards him, from him holding your collar, you felt someone hug you from behind. It was Albedo. Now your face inches away from Dottore.
"I hear you have been misbehaving. Do you think you can abandon your patients like that?"
"No, who cares about that, darling? we haven't seen you all day"
Dottore was suspecting she figured out about the mistreatment of the patients and that she fleed he was planning on how to kidnap her and take her back all day.
Albedo was thinking about how to punish her all day for leaving him. She made him worried the least she could do is accept her punishment.
Dottore's voice was a raspy voice one that shook you to the core. Albedo, still hugging you from behind.
"You really gave us a fright Y/n disappearing like that has no excuse."
And behind you, you felt something prod into your skirt. It was long and hard, and only then did you realize what was happening face becoming flustered a bright red.
"We have longed for you while you were gone dear Y/N"
"Your contract says here that if you ever leave your shift, you will have to face a suitable punishment, ah, and it even has your beautiful signature on it darling"
Y/N could feel albedo rubbing against her, and it was starting to make Y/N feel hot and way too flustered. Y/N accidentally let out a breathy moan.
"W-wait a second!Please think of some other punishment p-pl-e-ease!"
"Oh, so you'd like more than just Albedo, darling. You are so greedy to want both of us"
When it was time to get back to work, you had to leave your mind to rest as you looked at the next patients file. Calming down from the flustered events that occurred in the office table. Your legs were numb and sore, you went in the office at 8am and they didn't let you go of until 2pm, your voice was hoarse from the intense moaning . Before you stopped by your patients room you took a sip from the water fountain.
Patient number 6082 tends to be very delusional. He was known to be involved in many gangs. His murders were very sadistic in nature. Despite his bright personality, the murders were very brutal. He's easygoing and listens well compared to most patients, if his ego doesn't get I the way at least.
𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒘𝒆 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒓𝒐𝒐𝒎 6082....
Unlocking the door with her keycard and then entering and shutting it afterward as it clicked, ensuring her that the door was locked. She was in a mess, and her legs were numb from the events of Albedo and Dottore, and her hair was messy as well.
Tumblr media
"Woah, hey there doc you don't look too good!". Itto said
You reassured him that it was fine but he insisted on fixing you up.
"Please let me just help. I can't let an angel like you walk around like this!" Itto said
"I said no, thank you, it's alright!"
"I don't think you understand, I said 𝕝𝕖𝕥 𝕞𝕖 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕞𝕖"
"Nobody's a better hairstylist than Arataki Itto after all!" Itto smiled, pulling a comb out of thin air.
You weren't even sure if he was allowed to have that, but he dragged you a chair and forced you to sit down on it, brushing your hair and even playing with it.
Itto was confused. No doctor had ever let him be this friendly with him they all saw him as a monster. Matter afact last time he was friendly with one, (Dottorette) he was used as a test for the collar that prevented their powers. Each time, Dottorette would force him to try to take it off, threatening him with a knife. And each time he tried, he'd get shocked. He swore in that moment the next time Dottorette would do test him like that that he wouldn't let his own strength go to waste.
The two of you kept talking as he brushed and stroked her hair.
"What? You've never seen an inazuma beetle fight!?"
You nodded your head, giggling. Oh, that laugh that precious sweet laugh of yours was like a melody to his ears
As Y/n sat down, she noticed Itto run his fingers through her hair, grab a strand of it, and kiss it . Itto definitely was touched, starved, so. Y/N sat there quiet. He was treating her like he was his pet. Stroking and petting her head and telling sweet words.
"Good girl" he would pet and strok your head, now hugging you from behind. As the two of you sat on the floor
Just in time, your watch rang, and you were saved from this predicament. You grabbed your clipboard, telling him you had to go, trying your best not to make it look like you were trying to escape.
When it was time to go to your next patients room, Itto refused to let you go. That is until you told him that if he kept this up, you wouldn't let him touch your hair again.
He could tell you were in a rush but he wasn't sure why, was it because you were scared of him?
No, you love him. That makes no sense!
Today was an exhausting day you had one more patient to go.Flipping the pages of your clipboard, which you always made sure to take with you everywhere, it lead you to your next patients file, and you began to read it.
Patient number 5923 is known to work for the mafia organization of Fatui. The number of people he has killed his not countable. He claims that debt should always be repaid no matter what. This patient tends to be very two-faced. Many of his victims died for not paying his debts.
Unlocking the door and entering, the door closed on its own, and the all to familiar click was heard .
"Hey there, girlie!"
The man was extremely tall and a ginger with blue eyes.
Tumblr media
"Come sit over here!"
You walked up to the table and sat down and greeted him with that smile. Oh, that smile, you had no clue what that did for Tartaglia. None of the doctors ever smiled at him nonetheless, a pretty girl like you.
"Please just call me Childe girlie!"
"Okay then, Childe!" Your name rolled off his tongue .
He was lovestruck it reminded him of someone from the past, his first love in high school, but that's not possible. You can't possibly be Y/N!
"My name is Dr. Y/N L/N!"
"I-its so great so meet you again oh how I missed you girlie!" He stood up immensely from his seat, running over to you and pulling you into a hug"
He remembered how you and him would hang out at the park together, sneak out you two were the best of friends. But then you switched schools . You left him. He remembered when you told him the news.
It was after school, and the classroom was empty, and with tears in your eyes, you told him you were switching schools . You were crying, and you obviously didn't want to leave him! He was just helping you by locking the classroom doors and cuddling you no matter how much you were shaking it was because of how cold it was in winter, of course!
You left him when he fell asleep, cuddling you that day in the classroom. You asked him to let go and begged him. But he couldn't he can't let you abandon him. Hugging you tight as you fell asleep. When you woke up, he was still asleep, and you ran outside of the school, waking him up as he chased after you
You left him. Alone.
The hug became suffocating, like a bear trap squeezing her as if absorbing every last part of her body.Y/n was confused.It was minitues later that Childe finally let go. And she gasped for breath barley being able to breathe when he hugged her.
"I'm sorry, what?"
"You-you don't remember me?"
Tartaglia was heartbroken his eyes widening as he grabbed onto your wrist.
"It's me, Childe!Your best friend??"
It struck him when you stayed silent. You didn't remember him? All he could think about when he was stuck in here was YOU.
"I'm sorry but I hope we can be good friends, I promise we can!" Y/N said in hopes to get him to loosen his stinging and tightening grip.
Mabye, there was a reason, maybe she just forced herself to forget ...
When he did let go, he saw he left a mark on her wrist.
"I'm so sorry girlie!!I swear I didn't mean it!" He said, kissing you where he left a bruise.
After a while of talking and chatting, Tartaglia kept trying to get Y/N to remember. But she couldn't, and she could tell he was growing frustrated as he started to raise his voice and yell if she remembered after every single story.
So that's when she started lying, saying stuff like oh I remember that you were so cool back then!His eyes glistened, and you did remember you did care!You did love him! You didn't mean to run away that day it was just an instinct! So he wouldn't bring that up. Of course, he didn't want his girlie to remember that for a second, she didn't love him!
Stalling time until her watch rang.RING RING! He was satisfied that Y/N remembered him. She did care, and she was thinking about me all along! Tartaglia let Y/N go before one last suffocating hug.
◎(╥ꞈ╥)◎ This took 3 hours, so 100 likes for a part 2 mwhahaha
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bubtans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"How was that!? Were ya s c a r e d ?"
Arataki Itto in "Version 3.3 - All Senses Clear, All Existence Void" Trailer
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waraable · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Itto in school 😆
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originalgenshinscenarios · 20 hours ago
Helloo! I woke up this morning and chose violence, so here is my request! 🤭
Could i ask for an angst to comfort with itto, gorou, heizou, thoma and maybe scaramouche if possible where their s/o gets lost in a domain and what feels like hours passing by in the domain is actually years in real time, so once they manage to get out it's been a few years and they've been missing for a long time and finally get reunited with the boys?
I hope i explained it well enough! Hope your day is lovely!
Also I'm not writing for Scaramouche for now but I can make a part 2 with him if you'd like once I start writing for him!
Itto, Gorou, Heizou and Thoma with S/O who got lost in a domain that timeskips
Reader here is gender neutral
Arataki Itto
When you discovered a new domain he told you that he could help you out. After all even if he might not always be good with puzzles he sure is great at taking care of any bad guys that think it's a good idea to approach you.
But in the end you decided to enter alone. He saw you off but when you went in the door started to disappear and you didn't notice it on time.
He tried to run after you but he was just a step away... And still didn't get in.
To say that he panicked was saying a little. He tried to calm himself down and thought he should just wait for you.
He stayed there for some time (and that some should be counted in days) and there were no signs of you.
So he decided to do more than just wait around. He gave you enough time to get out on your own terms so now it was the time for your hero to come and save you.
He got the gang to help and they all began investigating... While Shinobu posted a commission hoping someone with actual adventuring experience can help.
But as time passed so did interest in helping. Of course he still could count on the gang since they wouldn't want to leave you either but any outside help wasn't something they were going to get.
No matter what he didn't lose his spirit. But he definitely missed you greatly. To cheer himself up he'd just start thinking of the tales you'd have when you get back. After all you were missing for months now so surely things are getting interesting in there!
As the first year came around he hoped for a miracle and decided to wait by the domain like he did on the first day. He was on guard the entire time so even if he fell asleep he'd still be able to see the doors should they appear.
You didn't appear before him. But it's not like he was going to give up now.
He started thinking of what you were doing before you found it. And with that he started repeating it.
You could call him desperate but he didn't feel that way for sure. No matter how many times he failed he was still determined. A little tired, but still determined.
His determination however was slowly turning into worry with each additional month. He tried to not let it show but he just wanted to see you again. Maybe if you didn't talk him out of going in there too at least you wouldn't be there all alone?
And when it's been years he only then started thinking of a possibility that you won't ever come back.
As that thought was settling in a portal opened. It was in a different place than where the domain doors appeared but you jumped out of it and he caught you immediately.
He was too happy to ask questions. You were a little surprised he was that excited to see you "I wasn't gone for that long" you said which caused him to stare at you "Since when 6 years is short??"
You honestly thought he was pranking you but when the gang saw you and even Shinobu was acting similarly to the guys you knew it wasn't a joke.
You were shocked and you honestly had no idea how to process it. But Itto stayed optimistic and he made sure you'll make up for the lost time.
And of course the Arataki gang hosted a celebration for your return... It wasn't as grand as he wanted it to be though... Because celebrating your return by going to prison right away didn't sound like the best idea.
Somehow your paths always cross when you need his help. But this time you weren't aware of the danger.
When you saw the doors to the mysterious domain you just had to go in. You weren't ready however for the consequences of it.
Before you opened the door Gorou happened to walk in this direction. He didn't completely stop you from going in he just wished you luck, normally he'd enter with you but he had important business to attend to.
Everything was normal until the door disappeared in front of him. He was surprised but hoped it wasn't the first time for you and the door will reappear and you didn't just vanish in front of him.
He decided to for now keep his cool and not think about it too much. But it was extremely hard not to.
His mind wandering off did make hard to complete any task, but as soon as he was done he went to look for you, few hours had passed after all. By that time you were sure to come back.
At first he didn't ask for help and looked on his own. Then, after he was unable to find you after yet another hours pass so he decided it was time to involve more people.
There was a dedicated search team looking for you. And Gorou spent most of his time patrolling and literally finding any excuse in the book to go look for you.
Of course as time went on and with information that a domain was behind your disappearance, the search team had disbanded thinking it'd be for the best to just wait.
To him it was unthinkable. Who knows if you weren't in danger while being stuck in there!? He needed to find that door. There's no way he'd even consider leaving you behind.
He didn't have anything against the people who dropped out though, he had little to no clues as to where and how to find you so it was normal to think it's better to wait.
When it's been over a year he was actually slowly giving up hope, but for your sake he tried to avoid such grim thoughts.
But your disappearance did have a major impact on him. Although he was usually serious, he was few times that. It was clear he didn't get enough rest too.
He tried to take care of himself but at the same time he worried everyday about you.
A lot of fellow soldiers started feeling bad for him and they sort of forced him to take care of himself for the day. In the meantime they'd do whatever he was supposed to do. After a lot of convincing he agreed.
He found it hard to sleep but that was what he wanted to catch up with first. He was laying by a tree that happened to be by where he last saw you.
And it ended up being a place of your reunion. After so many years. You just jumped out of the portal and were right by his side.
He was really asleep though, so instead of waking him you sat down and layed his head on your lap as you pet his ears.
When he finally woke up he was surprised to see you so he sat straight up. He honestly thought he was dreaming. He was so glad you were okay and basically tackled you as he hugged you "Y/N! You're finally back!"
"I was just gone for a few hours, surely you didn't miss me that much!" and when he looked at you with a serious face it was almost like he wanted to determine if you were joking or not.
He quickly came to realize that for you the time went by differently. And now that you took a closer look everything including him looked different.
It made everything feel strange. So Gorou did his best to help you catch on. His friends did cover for his duties in the meantime, but even if they didn't you were the most important to him now. So he'd be dammed before he left you alone with all this.
Shikanoin Heizou
You often went out by your own to explore and on some occasions you didn't go back for a day or two. So he wasn't exactly worried at first.
You had an agreement that whenever either of you goes somewhere where you have no idea when you'll be back you tell each other where you're headed.
That way if either of you gets worried you'll have at least one clue to find the other one.
He's patient, so it takes him about a week before he starts to worry. And what else would he do than look for you himself?
At first he asked around your friends, since perhaps you weren't missing but you just didn't have the time to stop by and say hi.
But after he talked to everyone it was clear that you were really missing.
He went to his only clue, the location you said you found a strange door on Watatsumi island. Ah, yet again he would be occupied with work instead of getting to enjoy the scenery.
Jokes aside he did worry for you, but he didn't let it interfere with his deduction. For if he allows himself to be desperate even a regular rock could look like a clue to him.
So he approached it calmly. He knew that you could take care of yourself so he was only hoping you weren't in some odd circumstances.
There are many possibilities but he mostly thought about the doors you mentioned. Because he went exactly to the location you mentioned and scouted the area looking quite literally everywhere, but he couldn't see any doors. Or anything resembling them for that matter.
After months had passed he still couldn't find even one clue suggesting that the door existed in the first place. So he was running out of ideas.
It was frustrating but he really did try everything to find you without any results.
He just never thought you could disappear without a trace like that. Or rather he didn't want to believe that he's failing at finding you.
How could he call himself a proper detective when he couldn't find someone so important to him?
He was really running out of ideas. But like I mentioned earlier he tried his best to not let desperation mess with his mind.
You definitely weren't kidnapped because he'd definitely find a trail by now... Same if you were murdered... So at least he doesn't have to worry about that.
So all he could bet on is a weird occurrence. Or maybe you found some portal that teleported you away somewhere... Maybe he just needs to wait. You could've been teleported to a different nation after all so getting back here could take a while.
But as the year passes, so his theory. He was slowly out of ideas as to what he could do.
He didn't give up on the investigation but he had different cases to solve too. So he was really distracted and something that would take him a moment, now gave him troubles.
He managed to pull himself together but it was tough. He wasn't used to being that uncertain about something.
With more years he felt more despair in his heart. Although he was acting a bit more normal to his usual.
As he was filling out some paperwork his thoughts were somewhere else. He could only wonder what you were doing... And before he knew it you quite literally fell onto his desk after a portal opened over it.
He was shocked to say the least but before he bombarded you with questions he made sure you weren't injured.
After you pulled yourself together from the fall you told him that it was the longest you've been in a domain and he said "No kidding. I don't think there are many adventures who were gone in one for years. But you definitely didn't break the record there" you were confused.
You tried to correct him but he quickly connected the dots and said that it seems that both of you were right.
After losing you like that he became a little protective of you. It wasn't that visable because everything is done without him putting much thought into it. He'd go on expeditions with you more often or sometimes even suggest to go later if he's unable to go with you right away.
In the end he probably also just wants to make up that lost time...
He made a habit of seeing you off whenever you wanted to enter a domain. Of course he felt a little uneasy that you'd be the first to "test it out" but to you that was the most exciting and fun part.
So he wouldn't take that away from you. I mean that IS what you signed up for when you decided to become an adventurer.
But this time wasn't like any other. He had a bad feeling about the domain but as always he didn't stop you from entering.
He regretted it the moment the doors disappeared. He was the only one who witnessed it and it felt so unreal. He actually thought that he was imagining things for a moment.
In the end it was all very much real. Because you were gone. He called out for you and yet he heard nothing back.
He was rather surprised but he stayed positive. Perhaps you'd be back when you solve some puzzles so for now he decided not to focus his entire mind on worrying.
He was a little distracted when doing work at the Kamisato estate. But the housework managed to calm him down.
So after he was done with everything he went to see if you were back. He asked around, looked around and eventually went back to where he last saw you.
Not even a trace of you was left anywhere. So he decided to report you missing.
He didn't know if he rushed with it too soon but at the same time he didn't wanted to risk it.
There were a few adventurers that were willing to go for it but little did anyone know it wasn't something that would get solved quickly.
After first month he was slowly out of ideas on how to get you back. But it didn't mean that he tried any less.
He really missed you. And while he wasn't really alone due to his friends trying to cheer him up what he really worried about is if you were totally alone in there... Other than occasional monsters.
Even thinking of monsters got him panicking a little. Sure, you weren't weak. At the same time he has no idea what kind of circumstances you're in.
He actually quite literally worried himself sick. Well, technically he got sick while he was investigating on his own and he didn't prepare himself for that night to be so cold.
But as he recovered he realized that it might be for the best if he just puts his trust in you.
In the end he accepted that he could only wait. Because no matter how much time had passed he didn't even want to consider a possibility of you being dead.
And his mind kept at it for more months untill months changed into a year and then one year into another.
He was staying positive and even started thinking of plans with you. In the end you probably miss him just as much if not more.
So once you get back he definitely has to spoil you rotten. Being gone for this long in an unknown place alone just calls for all the care in the world once you get back. Maybe a full celebration too.
It was good to see him not so depressed but some of his friends did think that his hope was a little foolish. But he didn't care about what others think or say.
He of course wasn't always staying positive, he had his moments where he wondered if he wasn't just delusional. In the end he managed to calm himself whenever such doubts entered his mind... But it was hard without you.
One day when he was occupied with such thoughts he saw a portal open. When he saw someone fall from it he didn't even have the time to recognize it was you before he ran up to catch that person.
And when he noticed it was you he hugged you tightly after setting you down "I was so worried..!" he said "Yeah I didn't expect the door to disappear like that either but I managed to create a portal after a few hours of doing puzzles" you explained with an exhausted sigh.
But when you saw his expression you asked him what's wrong and that's when he explained that you were gone for years. Not hours.
It was tough to realize that you lost so much time... Even though you don't feel like you lost anything at all.
But his plans weren't any different than when he waited for you. He wanted to make you feel special, and if you didn't wanted to think of it as "You missing for years so now he wants to shower you with love" you could consider it him just feeling a little romantic.
~Mod Lisa
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koideres · a day ago
Tumblr media
sketch comm for @libra-xy
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langascatmaid · a day ago
Fluff ABCs: Arataki Itto
Warnings: Mentions of starting a family, injury and nightmares, but theres nothing too graphic :)
A(ffection): Itto shows his affection for you by hugging you and kissing you, and always wanting to be near you. He’s always up for a cuddling session, and he loves to give you kisses all over your face.
B(ody part): Itto’s favorite part of your body is 100% your thighs. Any size will do for him. All he asks is that you let him lay his head in your lap while you play with his hair. It’s pure heaven for him :)
C(uddling): Itto’s favorite position to cuddle in looks kinda like this:
Tumblr media
D(ates): Itto’s dream date is to take you onikabuto fighting, but he know’s it’s not everyone’s thing. He desperately tries to make the perfect date for the two of you but it always ends up failing somehow. Maybe he tried to set up a nice picnic, but he just so happened to set up underneath a beehive. Something silly like that.
E(motions): Itto wears his heart on his sleeve, and you’ll never have to guess how he’s feeling. If he’s upset about something, he’s very pouty. If he’s happy, he’ll be bouncing off the walls. When he sees you, his eyes turn into hearts. He is so obvious with his feelings, he absolutely CANNOT hide them from you no matter how hard he tries.
F(amily): Itto would 100% want to start a family with you. He’s great with kids and he would one day like to have one to call his own. And if you’re not able to have a child he’d be more than happy to adopt one. But if that’s not your thing, he’ll respect that. What makes you happy makes him happy :))
G(ifts): Itto is a bit clueless when it comes to getting you gifts (or anybody for that matter). So he just assumes that what he likes, you like. He gets you playing cards and the biggest onikabuto he can find. He also buys you a lot of sweets (he ends up eating most of them on the way home lol)
H(and holding): Itto does not shy away from PDA and will hold your hand wherever, whenever. He wants everyone to know that you two are together and that he loves you soooo much.
I(njury): When Itto finds out you’ve been injured, he starts to see in red. He can’t stand the thought of somebody hurting his precious s/o. He demands to know who hurt you, but when you tell him that you’re okay, that it’s just a tiny scratch, he turns pink and says “Yeah, I knew that…”
J(ealous): Itto gets VERY Jealous VERY easily. He assumes that any other person talking to you is flirting with you, and he needs to make sure they know he’s your boyfriend. Is that toxic? Most likely. Do you think it’s cute? Most likely.
K(isses): As I mentioned in A, Itto loves to give kisses all over your face. He just thinks you’re the cutest thing ever and deserve all the kisses in the world. But when you two are cuddling, he likes to give you neck kisses. He knows it makes you ticklish, and he thinks it’s cute to see you squirm :)
L(ove language): As you’ve probably guessed, Itto’s love language is physical touch. He NEEDS to be holding your hand, NEEDS to be hugging you, NEEDS to be cuddling you.
M(emory): Itto’s favorite memory of you has got to be the time you went on your first date when he challenged you to a hot pot eating challenge. You really thought you stood a chance against the One and Oni Itto. He’ll never forget that precious look on your face when he scarfed down his entire bowl in the span of two minutes.
N(ightmare): If you were having a nightmare, Itto would shake you as hard as he could until he woke up. “Are you okay?” “Y/N, I’m here for you.” “You know I’ll always be right here.” Despite his strange ways of waking you up, Itto is really good at comforting you.
O(pen): Itto is probably the most open boyfriend in the world. He tells you everything on his mind. What he did that day, how Kujou Sara was being a pain in the butt, how much he freaking loves you. This man doesn’t have a filter. He just says exactly how he’s feeling.
P(et names): Itto’s first instinct would be to call you his little bug, but you quickly explain to him how you don’t want to be compared to an insect. He then decides to call you “babe” and “baby,” but that’s not his style. He settles on calling you “Baby McBabyface” and “Babes McGee.” You like the last two as well :)
Q(uality time): When you two are alone, he likes to talk and cuddle under a blanket. He also likes to go on walks throughout Inazuma with you. Just the two of you :)
R(omance): With Itto, he’ll always be lovey-dovey around you. Always making sure that your comfort comes first. He’d carry you around forever if you asked him too. He’s just the sweetest :)
S(urprises): Itto would give you the best surprises if he didn’t give himself away every time. Poor boy is too clumsy for his own good :( He’ll try to surprise you with redecorating your house, but you hear him trip over his own feet when you open the door- and oh look! The new carpet he got is poking out into the hallway.
T(ime): Since Itto doesn’t technically have a real job, he has all the time in the world to spend with you. Every day is a new adventure when you’re traveling with Itto. At least no date is ever the same!
U(nique): I don’t think I really need to explain what makes Itto unique. He looks all big and burly, but he’s a child at heart. His entire being is unique, and you love her about him.
V(alues): In a relationship, Itto needs you to be there. He’s so scared that you’re gonna leave him like everyone else. He’s so used to people turning him away that when you accepted him for who he was, he had to make sure you were always gonna stay. Not in a creepy way, but in a way where he was always going above and beyond as to not give you reasons to leave. So in your relationship, the one thing Itto asks for is availability.
W(ild card): You are the only person that Itto lets touch his horns. He knows that you’re not going to judge him for them, and that you’re not gonna do anything to hurt him because of them. Sometimes he gives you piggyback rides and you hold his horns for support.
X(-ray): We all know that Itto’s a big goof, and that he’s probably not the best at reading you. He tries so hard to understand what you’re thinking but he just can’t get it. He needs you to say what you want out loud so he can be able to help you. He tries his best <3
(sa)Y(es): Itto wanted to propose to you the moment he met you, but Kuki had to explain to him that he needs to wait for the right moment to do something like that. He proposed to you after two years of being together. He did it in the spot you two first met, with a beautiful ring that you don’t even wanna question where he got the funds for it. Despite the suspiciously purchased ring, the proposal was beautiful. You (obviously) said yes :)))
Z(zz): Itto likes to sleep spooning you. Hugging you is one of his favorite passtimes, so why not do it while you’re sleeping? Again, Itto just wants to be touching you all the time.
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channamine · 2 days ago
Date at the Amusement Park ~
I started this post a while ago with a lot of motivation but RL and work consumed a hell lot of time and yeah... I'm not entirely content with how this turned out but anyway.
Genshin men and a day at the Amusement Park
And I haven't forgotten about Yandere Cyno, I just couldn't imagine any suitable scenario T___T
Feat.: Pantalone, Cyno, Itto, Childe, Scaramouche and Venti ~
mostly in for slot-machines as he finds the concept as interesting as brilliant - the owner gains a hell lot of money by exerting very little expenses as for there is only a limited amount of prizes - but an indefinite number of people coming around to try it out
definitely will purchase his own slot-machines for gaining profits. He is a Godfather of wealth after all ~
seeing you getting excited over the plushies inside those machines makes him weak. So Pantalone just keeps handing you the coins while you try to get at least ONE plushie out of this god damn machine. This whole time a carefree smile plays on his lips - he will contact the owner later to buy this machine off of him. But for now he enjoys seeing you happily get your plush more than anything else
Pantalone doesn't particulary like roller coasters, shooting booths or the like but he would hesitantly join you if you REALLY wanted to ride or try one of these attractions with him. If you try out a ride on your own he will patiently wait for you while taking care of your belongings
he loves sharing food with you. Not because it's cheaper but rather because it creates a kind of intimacy he deepy values, more than sexually connoted activities
everything at once if it was possible! With Itto as your company you certainly won't miss any attraction, booth, ride or anything the amusement park has to offer
challenges you to go on rides with him. How many times can you last in the roller coaster before throwing up? Itto won't admit his defeat though!
is unaware of what power he actually possesses so you have to apologize to MANY booth owners for what he accidentally broke. He will not give up until he wins a huge plush for you (and then for himself, claiming it's a present for Kuki)
a lot of food is involved. Be sure to go on a roller coaster BEFORE he makes his way to the food booths or... You both will regret it
if you need too many tries to win something out of a slot machine he will probably simply break it for you. It's the machine's unfair techniques that made him do it so he can't really be charged for it, can he...?
Itto has SO MUCH energy so be sure to wear comfy shoes, anything you can walk in for a looooong time. Although you find it embarrassing he will carry you around if you feel too tired
you will definitely never lose him in the crowd; not only his height but also his extraordinary horns stand out
after all one day with Itto at an amusement park is very exhausting but probably the funniest day you had in your life!
wins all the main prizes for you or chooses to help you win with a gentle breeze. Even if the cans and bottles only move slightly by the ball you threw they magically fall over ~
Venti has to show his (fake) ID anytime you two want to get on a ride as he doesn't look anything like an adult but he finds it more amusing than annoying. Some youngsters chuckle about how he can be your date if he still has to use a child safety seat - just as you are about to yell at them a strong breeze blows away their tickets for the roller coaster so that they have to go back to the end of the line. You are still mad as you watch them leave but Venti softly squeezes your hand, an innocent smile on his lips as if nothing had happened
not a single booth or food stand will remain unvisited! Such visits are a rare opportunity for him, therefore Venti makes sure to try as many activities as possible, preferably with you; memories he doesn't intend to drown in alcohol, for a change ~
way too serious with anything you come across. Since the battle with Nahida he has developed a drastic fear of losing and making a fool of himself and he will do everything within his might to prevent that. Therefore he definitely can't allow himself to not win the main prize for you at any shooting gallery or Coconot Shy
you have to repeatedly tell him that you still enjoy your date, that you don't need the biggest plushie from EVERY booth in this amusement park and that you simply appreciate his company. It takes half the day to convince him to take things a little bit easier at least
reluctant to sharing food as he feels incredibly embarrassed allowing such lovey-dovey nonsense, especially as a former god. Yet you catch him gazing at you dreamily while eating, only for him to turn away in embarrassment. Don't you dare telling him how cute he looks or he will strictly ignore you for the rest of your date
Scaramouche won't admit how much he secretly enjoys to spend the day with you. The times he had to endure the feelings of betrayal are deeply engraved into his heart and he swore to never let that happen again - yet he slowly, unconsciously begins to let his guard down again for you, surprised but relieved to find something different than rejection and abandonment
very happy to spend the day with you at an Amusement Park! Before you can suggest anything he has already grabbed your hand and taken you to the closest shooting gallery! He wants to show you how much he improved at archery and - of course - win the biggest plushies for you!
Childe skillfully wins every single main prize the shooting galleries have to offer for you, you can barely carry all those plushies with you! Therefore he sucks at Coconut Shy and commits himself to improve his skills before your next date
he visibly enjoys your time together to the bottom of his heart as he laughs wholeheartedly almost all the time! He may feel the most content whilst in battle but spending his time at such a lively place makes him feel like a child again. You never expected him to glow up like this!
looots of pictures, especially Selfies with you! As a Harbinger he spends a great amount of time travelling across the country so he cherishes such eventful dates even more. Looking at those pictures while not being able to see or meet you makes him feel less lonely
Cyno acts quite reserved and barely accompanies you to a ride but he will gladly watch your belongings and patiently wait for you. Not even once he would think of complaining, in fact he finds it very enjoyable to see you having the time of your life and every smile makes his heart skip a beat
reluctantly shares food with you but gets flustered about the sudden closeness, he didn't expect you to move towards him for getting your share. You catch him slightly blushing and averting his gaze from you while you both alternately take a bite off your shared Cotton Candy ~
jokes all the time as this new environment gives him plenty of ideas. Cyno will gladly explain his puns to you in case you don't get it. At the same time his vigilant eyes observe everything and everyone around you, he will not expose you to any danger. Whether it may be a thief trying to steal your purse or youngsters cutting in line, Cyno will punish all those criminals with the same strict severity.
this also includes slot machines that eat your money without giving you any reward. Breaking open the machine by ramming his spear into the coin slot, Cyno will hand you the prettiest plush as a reward for your efforts. Unfortunately you will be the one apologizing to the staff members for damaging the park's property as Cyno doesn't see any particular fault in his actions - fraud IS a crime after all. BUT! As he sees how much trouble he has caused you Cyno apologizes profoundly for his lapse, wearing a stern look on his face for the rest of your date. Even though you try to soothe his conscience Cyno cannot easily forgive himself for his ill thought out behaviour.
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canonical-transformation · 2 days ago
So you know how Ajilenkah Dash—the "trainer" we face off against in the Pokemon Fungus qualifiers—seems really young and immature? "I'm the fastest at everything! My Fungi are the fastest so I'll win!" (Paraphrased.)
I think the Ajilenkah Nut Gang (whose main activity appears to be eating candy all day) should become rivals with the Arataki Gang. They're all idiots. They'd love to be sworn enemies.
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