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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
haitani ran x fem!reader x haitani rindou
summary: eight years later, you finally return to tokyo and find yourself caught in the middle of a violent gang war between the two most ruthless criminal organizations of tokyo’s underworld, forced to choose between blood and love.
genre: bonten timeskip, angst, forbidden romance, childhood friends -> strangers -> lovers, 18+ MDNI
warnings: fem!reader, gang violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, explicit smut, polyamory, profanity, MCD, unedited, MTBA
chapter warnings: threat of sexual assault, perjury, explicit mentions of class privileges/discrimination, court scene based off of US court of law
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“Is this the best idea?” 
Rindou’s fists were tight at his side, nails digging into his palms as he stood next to his brother, warily eyeing the group of older boys that stood at the mouth of the alley, blocking any possible escape route for the two of them.
Even as the words left his lips, Rindou knew the answer. It might not be the best idea but it was the only one. Kuroiwa and Shimada kept moving closer and closer into their territory, closer to you and your school and the penthouse and Rindou had a sick feeling about it. And he knew that to some extent, his worry was unwarranted--Miss Yua and Mister Ayato were driving you to and from school, to your skating lessons and back. You never went out alone--Rindou was always with you and Ran was hovering around in the distance watching over both of you but…
It only takes one slip up. 
The thought left a bitter taste in his mouth.
“Doesn’t matter,” Ran said and Rindou glanced up at his brother--he was sure that he had never seen him so serious before. Ran’s lips were pressed together tight and his eyes were sharp as he watched the group gathering at the entrance to the alley, more showing up as each second passed. 
Ran stepped forward. Rindou stiffened.
“Too afraid to face us on your own that you had to bring your entire gang, Kuroiwa?” Ran looked deceptively at ease as he mocked the president of Max Maniacs but Rindou knew better--he could see the way that Ran’s shoulders were tenser than usual and he could see the way his lip twitched in irritation.
“Relax,” Kuroiwa stepped forward, Shimada at his heels, a cigarette hanging between his lips, and Rindou grit his teeth at the lazy drawl. Fucking sleaze, Rindou thought to himself, “They’re only here to watch. You know how it goes, we need witnesses.”
“Witnesses are supposed to be neutral,” Rindou spit out and Kuroiwa turned his beady gaze onto him. He didn’t like it, it made his skin crawl. 
“There are no neutral parties in Roppongi,” Kuroiwa said, “Only us and you.”
Rindou exhaled through his nose, teeth grinding together, knowing that Kuroiwa was right. All of the minor gangs that had been littered throughout Roppongi and the rest of Minato had been absorbed into Max Maniacs. And while going to a gang from another ward was possible, the only other real option was the Black Dragons based in Shibuya and Rindou wasn’t even sure if they could be considered an option considering how unstable they had become over the past year. Rindou was pretty sure they had gone through a matter of three leaders in the course of nine months.
“Guess it’ll just be us by the end of the day, though,” Shimada was the one to speak up and Rindou’s gaze darted up, nose wrinkling as the older boy spit out a wad of saliva to the ground. “One way or another,” he added.
“One last chance to settle this peacefully,” Kuroiwa told the two of them and Rindou grimaced.
There would be no settling this peacefully. Rindou knew this, hands tight at his side, Ran knew this from the way his gaze darkened, Kuroiwa knew it from the amused smile twitching on his lips and Shimada knew it from the snort that ripped from his mouth. Even if they did what Kuroiwa and Shimada wanted, joined them… Rindou grimaced. There was already too much bad blood, he and Ran had fought with just about every member they had come across around Roppongi. It would not end well for them. 
“No?” Shimada’s voice grated against Rindou’s ears, hatred stirred in his gut. Ran would end up fighting the president, he would end up fighting Shimada. Unease hit him almost immediately. Shimada is bigger than him. A lot fucking bigger than him. And Rindou had training, yeah, but… He swallowed thickly. 
He’d have to fight smarter, be faster. One hit from Shimada could fuck him up bad. He couldn’t let the two of them gang up on Ran. 
Fight smarter, he reminded himself. Pretend you’re at the dojo. 
But he’s not at the dojo, this isn’t a supervised spar. They could fucking kill him, kill Ran. They could go after you once taking the two of them out. 
His heartbeat was racing and Rindou could feel the panic beginning to take hold. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, Breathe out.
Losing wasn’t an option. Fight smarter. 
He shared a look with Ran. Calm down, Ran told him silently, we’ll be fine. 
And for a second, Rindou was jealous, and it was for such a petty reason that Rindou didn’t even want to admit it to himself. But he just could never understand where Ran got all of his confidence from. He supposed that was a lie. Of course, Ran was confident, he was good at everything he set his mind to; a natural where Rindou had to put in hours of training just to even have a chance of keeping up. 
And Rindou hated it, he hated how when you were around watching them spar, your eyes would always follow Ran instead of him; he hated how Ran would always stay behind without him having to ask, knowing that Rindou was going to spend extra hours training; he hated how no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seen to catch up to Ran. 
Now’s not the time, he told himself, focus.
“Guess it’s a no then,” Kuroiwa said after a moment when neither of them responded to Shimada. He looked over at Shimada. “Let’s finish this then.”
Rindou stiffened, Ran’s lips pulled up in a thin, unfriendly smile, “Yeah,” he agreed, “let’s.”
Shimada was on him in a second and Rindou’s eyes shot open, barely dodging a fist aimed for his face. Focus, he told himself, lips twisted down. His eyes darted to the side, catching sight of Kuroiwa engaging Ran in combat.
Fuck, Rindou was more than capable of fighting on his own. He knew that. He did. He was confident in his fighting abilities even if he acknowledged Ran was better. But… it didn’t matter, he reminded himself, more insistently, focus. You won’t win if you don’t focus. Don’t let them gang up on Ran. 
Rindou grunted, taking a blow to the side as he took the opportunity to grab his arm, twisting it hard enough for Shimada to let out a sharp shout of pain before Rindou drove his fist deep into the man’s gut--once, twice, three times, and he was going for a fourth when he found himself flung back hard against the building on the alley.
His head hit the concrete with a painful smack and a loud crunch resounded from his left arm. His vision spun and the breath was ripped from his lungs as he desperately tried to stand back up before Shimada was on him.
“Y’know, we’ve been lookin’ for you fuckin’ douchebags,” Shimada spit out and Rindou wiped the blood from his mouth as he rose back to his feet, begging his vision to stop spotting. “You haven’t been in the alleys you usually hang around, f’months now.”
That’s right. Eight months, to be exact. It had been eight months since they had moved into the penthouse and Rindou still couldn’t get used to having a stable place to live with a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs every morning and every night, to having air conditioning when it was too hot and heat when it was too cold. Even when they had been stuck in that orphanage, they had to fight for food and froze at night during the winter with their flimsy sheets and broken windows. Rindou wasn’t sure there was ever a time before the past eight months that he and Ran were genuinely living and not just surviving.
Focus, he reminded himself again. Focus or you’ll lose it all. 
His heartbeat hammered in his chest. His throat closed up at the thought. He couldn’t. He couldn’t let them lose it--he’d never seen Ran so at ease before these last eight months, so content. He was always stressing about food and clean water and shelter and gangs. He had rarely smiled except for when fighting and even then they weren’t genuine smiles. He couldn’t let them lose it. 
“So we did some lookin’ into it, yeah?” Shimada’s words drew Rindou back to attention, and an uncomfortable feeling began to rise. “We’ve had our eyes on her for a hot minute, y’know? That pretty thing that always hangs around the two of you,” he said, “The Izanagi heiress.” 
Rindou’s heart dropped. “Well take them off her,” he spit out, and he hated the way that his voice slurred.
“Nah, don’t think we will,” Shimada said and the grin on his face was nothing short of lecherous and it made Rindou’s skin crawl. “After we put the two of you down, we might just take her for ourselves.” Rindou’s ears rang, the words echoing in his head, his blood ran hot with fury but Shimada just continued, “You get a piece of her yet? A bit young for my taste but bet she-”
A sickening crack cut him off mid-sentence and Rindou turned his attention toward where Ran was standing over Kuroiwa, face blank and blood staining his face. His eyes widened when he saw Kuroiwa laying limp on the ground, blood pooling around his head. 
Ran turned toward Shimada, “What the fuck did you just say?”
Shimada laughed but Rindou’s body felt cold because he wasn’t sure if he had ever seen Ran like this before, he went to step forward. “Fuck you-” Shimada began but Rindou could only watch as Ran was on him in a second, fist driving so hard into his face that it sent Shimada sprawling to the ground.
“Rindou, hold him down,” Rindou barely even recognized Ran’s voice, staring at him in disbelief. It sounded cold, empty, “Rindou, now.”
Rindou’s body moved on automatic, locking his arms and legs up so that Shimada couldn’t move, grimacing as pain shot through his left arm. He let out a grunt as Shimada desperately tried to kick him off. The laugh that pulled from his lips surprised even him--it was nothing short of cruel as Shimada let out a cry of pain, the joint-locking technique that their Sensei had taught him at the dojo taking effect as the older boy struggled against his hold. 
Ran was on him in a second and the laugh that had been on Rindou’s lips fell instantly catching the lethal expression that had crossed over his brother’s face as he drove his fist into Shimada’s face over and over and over again--blood splattering on his clothes, his face, spilling on the ground below them.
“Ran,” Rindou’s voice was weaker than he intended as he tried and failed, for the first time, to get Ran’s attention. “Ran!”
Ran ignored him and Rindou cringed when a loud crack echoed in his ears as Ran’s fist drove into Shimada’s face again. 
He knew. Rindou knew his brother better than anyone else in the world and he knew that no matter how much Ran tried to avoid you, no matter how hard he tried to push it away, no matter how often he brushed you off whenever you tried to talk to him, Ran cared about you. Rindou could see it in every stolen glance whenever you weren’t paying attention, every time he went out of his way to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself when he could have just let you fall, every time he’d rush finishing whatever they were doing to make sure they could get to your school before classes let out so they could make sure you got home safely. Ran cared about you, and if Rindou knew one thing about Ran, it was that he cared deeply--so deeply that Rindou was sure that it scared him and that was why he was so insistent on holding you at arm’s length.
“Ran, you’re gonna kill him,” Rindou said but he knew that his words weren’t getting to his brother and his hands trembled around Shimada’s limbs as they went limp in his hold, “Ran, we’ve gotta go, we won, we-”
“Oi! Hands in the air, back away from him!” 
No way. Rindou’s heart felt like it was lodged in his throat. He looked up, backing away from Shimada immediately as his eyes fell upon the cops lining the mouth of the alley, guns raised and pointed at him and Ran. He grabbed Ran by the back of the shirt, yanking him off Shimada and Rindou watched as clarity slowly began washing over his face, as his eyes darted between the cops and the dead end alley behind them.
Nowhere to run.
The cops were on the two of them in an instant, yanking Rindou away from Ran and making him let out a hiss of pain at the grip on his left arm. “Hey,” Ran shouted, “The fuck are you doing? Let him go!” 
The cops ignored him and Rindou grimaced as he cuffed his arms behind his back, “Hey,” Ran’s voice was louder, edged on desperate, and Rindou hated it. Ran never sounded desperate, “Let him the fuck go! He didn’t do anything!”
Rindou nearly stumbled to the ground as the cops jostled him forward toward the car, Ran shouting up a storm as they dragged him along. 
“Rin! Ran!” Rindou’s breath caught as he heard your familiar voice calling for them, gaze darting to the side to see you running down the street toward them, eyes wide, panting and still in your school uniform, “Hey! What are you doing with them? Let them go!” 
You pushed past two cops that tried to stop you from reaching them, failing to push through the third as he grabbed you by the arm, dragging you back, “Let me go! Hey, let me go right now!” 
“That’s the Izanagi heiress,” one of the cops holding Ran muttered as they pushed the two of them into the car, “The hell is she doing out here?”
“Ran, Rin! I’ll figure something out, I promise, I-” 
Your voice was cut off as the doors slammed shut behind them and Rindou wanted to cry because he was pretty sure they had just lost exactly what he had feared. 
Your feet padded against the white tiles as you took off down the halls of Izanagi HQ, sweating through your school uniform having sprinted halfway across Roppongi to get there. You ignored the secretary yelling behind you, telling you to stop because your uncle was in a meeting. 
You didn’t care. He’s avoided you since your parent’s funeral and you needed him now, so he would deal with you whether he liked it or not. 
You pushed open the doors to his office, catching sight of him talking with an unfamiliar man. You kept your chin high, trying to hide your shakiness as both of the men turned toward you, “I need your assistance immediately!” you said. Your voice shook, your lip trembled, it was not going well.
Your uncle raised his eyebrows, “Y/n,” he murmured, “You should not be here.”
“I need your assistance,” you repeated, and it wasn’t what you had been trying to say. You wanted to tell him that two of your friends, your only friends, were just taken by the cops, that you didn’t know how to help them, but all you could do was repeat yourself in fear that you would break down if you voiced aloud what had happened.
The blood, the limp body, had they killed him? What had happened?
Your uncle stared at you for a moment but it wasn’t him that spoke next, “You must be y/n, I was wondering when we would meet,” your attention turned to the casually dressed tattooed man lounging next to your uncle, he gave you an easy smile that nearly settled your nerves until the sight of the Haitanis covered in blood came back to mind, “My name is Sugawara Iwao, I’m your uncle’s friend. What do you need help with, little one?” 
Your throat was tight, your nails dug deep into your palms, “M-M-M-” you couldn’t get the word out, “My friends! They’re in trouble! They were taken by the cops, I think-” Ran’s bloody fists, Rindou’s ghastly expression, “I think something bad happened! I don’t know what to do.”
“By your friends, you mean the two boys that have moved into the penthouse?” your uncle questioned and you hesitated under his stare, unable to meet his gaze. You were uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t be uncomfortable because he’s your uncle, but you’ve only seen him once in your whole life and it was at your parents’ and sister’s funeral and it brought back bad memories.
You swallowed thickly, nodding. Your uncle’s lips tightened as he looked down at his phone before rising to his feet, sharing a look with Sugawara Iwao as he left the room, phone pressed to his ear, leaving you with the older man. 
You eyed him from the corner of your gaze, and the expression he directed at you had you shifting in discomfort--sadness? 
“Don’t blame Ichirou for his aloofness,” he murmured, “You look a lot like your mother,” his lips lifted into a wry smile, “Act like her too, from what I can tell.”
Your throat went dry at the verbal reminder of your mother, nails digging even deeper into your skin. You looked away sharply. Sugawara Iwao let out a sigh, “You’ll understand one day.”
And a part of you had wished that you had listened to your uncle’s secretary and waited for this stupid meeting to end because you couldn’t stand the pitiful look Sugawara Iwao was sending your way. 
It took your uncle far too long to come back and when he did, his expression was grim, “Your boys are in quite the situation,” he murmured and your blood went cold. He shared a look with Sugawara Iwao over your head before kneeling down in front of you so that the two of you were face to face. You nearly stepped back away from him but managed to stop yourself. “We should be able to help them.”
Relief hit you like a tidal wave--relief that disappeared very quickly as the ‘but’ came. 
“But I’m going to need you to do something if we want this to work.”
“Thank you, your Honor. I call to the stand l/n y/n.”
Rindou blinked, the helplessness that had been clouding his mind since the beginning of the one-sided trial fading for just a second. He wasn’t sure if he heard the name correctly but from the shocked whispers echoing around the courtroom at your surname, he figured he had heard correctly. He turned to look at Ran, who looked just as confused, before they both swiveled around to try to pinpoint where exactly you were.
Why were you even here? Much less being called to the stand?
It’s not like you could say much, not having been there when it happened. And Rindou was pretty sure there wasn’t much you’d be able to do even if you had been there. The prosecution had brought up half of the members of Max Maniacs as witnesses testifying against them, claiming that they had murdered Shimada in cold blood, beating him until he stopped moving, stopped breathing. 
Claiming, Rindou felt sick, wasn’t claiming because it was the truth. He glanced at Ran who was once again staring ahead blankly. He’d barely spoken since the whole thing had gone down but Rindou caught the guilty looks that Ran kept sparing toward him whenever he thought Rindou wasn’t paying attention.
35 years. They were facing a fucking life sentence.
“Will the witness please stand to be sworn in by the bailiff?”
He finally caught sight of you as you rose to your feet, sitting between two well-dressed men--one that he recognized from the pictures around your penthouse as your uncle, and the other who was unfamiliar, tattoos peeking out from underneath his dress shirt.
“Please raise your right hand,” Rindou watched as you swallowed thickly, raising your right hand, “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”
“I do,” you said and the bailiff nodded at you to come sit at the stand. Rindou watched, confused, as you slipped out of the bench and walked up toward the stand, smoothing out your clothes before taking a seat. 
And Rindou could see the anxiety in your eyes as your gaze drifted over them, not lingering too long before their lawyer asked you to state your name for the court.
“My name is l/n y/n,” you said, and your voice shook, and Rindou fisted his pants tight.
“Miss l/n, you were there at the confrontation between Haitani Ran, Haitani Rindou, Shimada Asahi and Kuroiwa Haruto?” 
“I was,” you said and it took all of Rindou’s willpower not to let his eyes widen because what the fuck were you doing? 
“Miss l/n, can you recount the events as you properly recall?” 
And he watched you hesitate. He watched the way your eyes flickered back toward your uncle and the other man, and he watched as you ripped your gaze from them to look at Rindou and Ran before looking back at the defense lawyer.
“I left school early,” your voice was shaking and Rindou was sure your hands were trembling on your lap as well, “I wanted to get home because I forgot my ice skates. I had lessons right after school and needed to get them.”
You were lying, Rindou’s mouth was dry. You never had ice skating lessons on Thursdays. What the fuck were you doing?
“I was halfway home when they cornered me--Shimada and Kuroiwa, I mean. And-” your voice wavered, Rindou watched your bottom lip wobble. You were going to cry, and Rindou wanted to scream and shake you for trying to get up there and lie for them under oath. You were shit at lying and you were going to get in trouble and- “They were saying awful things, and-and I couldn’t run because they had me cornered and then more of them kept showing up. I-”
“She’s lying!” One of the members of Kuroiwa’s gang was on their feet in a second but one of the cops in the room was on him in a second, forcing him back in his seat.
“I was scared,” you ignored the interruption, “I-I didn’t know what to do and then they showed up,” you nodded at Rindou and Ran, “They fought them to help me but Shimada just wouldn’t stop. He kept making vile threats toward me and them, he kept getting back up.”
And Rindou could only stare, your words barely registering in his head as the lies spilled from your lips like second nature. And a part of him wondered if this was really you, because you were an awful liar--you couldn’t even hide surprises or gifts from them, they always had to pretend to be surprised whenever you finally showed them, but right now, if Rindou hadn't been there himself…
Even as the prosecution rose to begin the cross-examination, the tears spilled over your cheeks but your story didn’t waver. Half of the juries wore aghast expressions, the people attending the trial were whispering amongst themselves, and for a second, Rindou couldn’t understand it. They had been against them--him and Ran, that is, before you had taken the stand. They hadn’t taken anything they said into consideration, believing the word of the prosecution and their witnesses over him. 
So why…
He caught sight of the gleam of expensive jewelry decorating your wrist and neck, the tears streaming down your pretty face, the way your body trembled and your eyes kept darting back toward your uncle. 
He realized very quickly why the tides had shifted in their favor so quickly. It had been the word of two against many at first, but now it was the word of you, a girl with an influential and affluent family name, versus the word of a bunch of delinquents. 
They didn’t stand a chance.
And Rindou couldn’t help the giddy feeling that swept through him as the prosecution concluded the cross-examination, realizing they might not actually be facing as severe of a sentence as originally believed but at the same time, a heavy feeling settled in his chest when he noticed the expression on your face as you stepped off the stand after being dismissed by the judge.
The giddiness disappeared completely when he realized what exactly you had done for them. His throat felt tight.
He watched as you made your way back to where you were sitting with your uncle and the unfamiliar man; as your uncle squeezed your shoulder and leaned down to murmur something in your ear; as you looked up at him, eyes wide and an unreadable expression on your face; as the unfamiliar man patted the top of your head as the judge ordered the bailiff to take the jury to the jury room to consider their verdict. 
And as your uncle looked away and the guilty expression on your face shifted into a more validated one, Rindou had a sick feeling that something had just fundamentally changed.
“How outdated,” you said distastefully, nose wrinkled as you eyed the surveillance cameras that yours would be replacing, “No wonder crime has skyrocketed so high. How do you expect to catch criminals with… this?” 
“How pretentious,” a familiar voice drawled in response and you nearly rolled your eyes as you looked over your shoulder to face the droopy expression of Yamamoto Takuya, the head of Izanami’s research and development branch. You shot him an irritated look, his lips lifted into a lazy smile in return, “The technology isn’t half-bad, you’re just used to ours.”
Your brows furrowed as you eyed the camera again, shooting a suspicious look back toward your old friend, “You’re late,” you said as he came up behind you, looking over your shoulder to inspect the surveillance camera.
“My flight was delayed, and you asked me to stop and talk to Yamagishi,” he said, he picked one of the cameras up, lips twisting down as he examined it, “maybe they are pretty bad.”
You snorted, actually rolling your eyes this time as you turned to face Takuya, taking in the bags underneath his eyes, “No sleep?” 
“We had a breakthrough in segmenting on the new surveillance cameras--we’d been having trouble successfully separating speech signals from, y’know, regular ambient noise. It wasn’t too extreme but it was enough that it was reducing the effectiveness. Pretty sure we were able to pinpoint the issue though. Been spending the past few days trying to figure out how to fix it without having to redesign the whole program. Will probably go for another two before I crash.”
And you knew better than to try to scold him, or ask him to try to sleep. You had known Yamamoto Takuya since high school and he had always been an overachiever--driving himself into the ground to keep up with you academically, he had chilled once the two of you went to university, you had gotten into the same one abroad and had become friends while studying together there, being the only people each other knew, and when you had built Izanami, he was right at your side working with you on research. 
He had chilled, yes, but you knew he still had the capability of going nights without sleep when he found something that interested him and you knew this issue had been bugging him since the initial development of the new software and the problem arose. 
“Don’t even start,” Takuya said and you rolled your eyes.
“Wasn’t planning on it,” you said, glancing around the open area before turning around to fully face him. Considering your words as you leaned back against the table that the old surveillance technology was resting on, you finally asked, “What did you find out about Bonten?” your voice was quiet, little over a murmur. You were certain you were in a secure location, and that there was no one around to overhear but you couldn’t help but hesitate.
Takuya eyed you curiously before shrugging half-heartedly, “Not much. They’re good at hiding--was able to learn a bit about Kokonoi Hajime, though. Real rich, until you came back to Tokyo was pretty sure he was the richest person here. Surpassed your uncle a couple months back. Has some major footholds in the tech and pharma industries. Was going after Fujitsu Limited to try to secure his place in the tech industry over your uncle.”
Surpassed your uncle, you raised your eyebrows, letting out a low whistle. Impressive for someone that started with nothing.
You let out a huff, “I’m gonna be spending a shit ton at this event, aren’t I?” you muttered, tilting your head up to look at the glass ceiling.
“Oh yeah, a fuck ton,” Takuya agreed, “Doubt it’ll even be because of Kokonoi Hajime though. This auction is apparently a real big shot in the underworld of the east, was hosted in Vladivostok last year--gonna have shady organizations from all over tryna get their hands on the weapons.”
You let out a huff, letting your head drop down, face tilted toward the floor, “‘m gunna have to liquidate all my assets in the Philippines.”
Takuya snorted, “More than that, probably.”
You let out a groan, “Man, I hate it here,” you said, tossing Takuya a withering look when he nudged you.
“Why’re you even doing this, y/n?” Takuya asked quietly, “you hate this shit. I can see it in your face, I know you…”
You tuned him out, you already knew what he was going to say. Takuya hated when Izanami started getting involved with the shadier part of the world, and he knew you hated it too but… you were in too deep to back out now. And it was no one’s fault but your own. And now it wasn’t just you at risk--Ran and Rindou were at risk because of you, you and your technology.
You felt sick to your stomach. 
You shouldn’t have gone to your uncle for help. You should’ve taken the loss, the embarrassment, the failure but-
“They know, Takuya,” you said, cutting him off mid-sentence. Takuya paused, looking at you. You couldn’t meet his eyes, “They know about Munich.”
Takuya’s expression dropped, “How?” he asked and you opened your mouth to respond but hesitated when you heard a pair of heels clicking against the ground, approaching you from behind. 
You looked over your shoulder, a frown tugging at your lips when caught sight of the smooth, silvery pink bob cut of Kawaragi Senju, dressed in a neat, dark suit. “Is it time already?” you asked, pushing off of the table after shooting Takuya a look. He nodded once, making his way deeper into the building to take over overseeing the new installations. You would have to talk to him later, figure out how to approach the situation--figure out if there was a way to find out if Sugawara had any physical evidence on you or your uncle’s involvement in the Munich incident. 
“Almost,” Kawaragi said, “Hanma is out in the car waiting. He can keep waiting though. I wanted to talk to you.”
You raised your eyebrows, waiting for the other young woman to elaborate, “The weapons--when we acquire them--you have a secure place to store them?”
You, you noted, narrowing into her wording of the sentence. 
Interesting, you considered her curiously, did she not want you to hand them over to Sugawara? It seemed that way. 
But you couldn’t help but hesitate.
Why? Because she didn’t trust Sugawara with them or because she was trying to set you up? 
Or are you just reading into it?
You didn’t know, you hated not knowing. It made you anxious.
You had to confirm. Or try to at least. 
“I do,” you finally said, “Is there not a place that all of you use to store… items?”
Kawaragi stared at you for a moment, face conflicted as if she wasn’t sure how to respond. Finally, she decided on, “There is,” her voice left no room for question. So there is a place, but she’d prefer the weapons not be stored there?
Ah, you realized, interesting.
“I see,” you said, “in that case, yes, I do have some place to store them.” 
She nodded once, “Good,” she said, green eyes flickering back toward you momentarily, “Be sure to stick with Hanma or me during the event, there’s bound to be a hit on your head while there.”
She motioned for you to follow her and you did so, smiling thinly, “Having a hit on my head is something I’ve become used to over the years,” you said wryly but your mind was still on overdrive, nitpicking every word of the conversation that both you and she had spoken. Had you been reading into it? No there was no way, the way she worded it… but still… there was always a chance, “Men really do seem to hate women in positions of power.”
Kawaragi snorted, “That they do,” she agreed, holding the door open for you. Your eyes fell on a sleek dark car parked on the side of the road with its window rolled down. Hanma Shuji lounged in the back, raising one hand up in a half-hearted wave before looking back down at his phone. 
Kawaragi didn’t seem inclined to continue the discussion, only walking with you toward the car and slipping into the back seat after you. As soon as you took your seat between them, Hanma leaned in uncomfortably close, “Y/n-chan, nice seeing you again,” he murmured, and it took all of your self-control not to turn to face him, knowing if you turned you’d be bumping noses with him, “You don’t look at all bothered, it’s about to get exciting, y’know? Figured you’d at least be sweating knowing there’s gonna be people after you in there.”
You turned to look at him, eyes cold and so close you could smell the faint scent of smoke on his breath, noses nearly brushing and a slow smile curled at his lips. 
“There’s always people after me,” you said flatly, “Why are you so close to me?” 
And Hanma laughed, not even bothering to move back. Kawaragi spoke before he could say anything, “Because he has no awareness of personal space,” she said dryly.
“Clearly,” you responded and Hanma gave you a mock pout.
“Look at you guys, ganging up on me like that,” he complained, leaning back against the window, eyeing you so knowingly that it had your hair on end. The wide smile shifted into a sharper smirk, “I guess I should’ve expected you two to get along, lotta similarities there.” 
Next to you, Kawaragi stiffened and your eyes narrowed onto Hanma, trying to figure out what exactly he had meant by that. 
It could just be that you’re both women and executives in the organization, you tried to convince yourself, but a heavy feeling settled in your chest--one that made you feel as if it weren’t that simple. 
You decided to ignore the comment, “What’s the game plan for the auction? We have to stay there the whole night or can we leave after we get the weapons?” 
You did not want to stay the whole night--especially if there was a chance that the Haitanis would be there. 
You felt ill. 
Bonten would be there--Sugawara is certain that they’re going to send executives to acquire the weapons. And if they’re there and if Sanzu is one of them, Hanma will recognize the pink hair from how you described in the meeting, and they’ll see the Haitanis with him and realize that they’re all together. The Haitanis would be outed as Bonten executives and there’d be nothing you could do about it.
And for a second, you hated yourself for not giving up the scarred, dark-haired one instead. There were millions of dark-haired men in Tokyo, you could have found a way to work with that to keep the Haitanis’ position in Bonten safe. But now, if Sanzu is there, you’re all but fucked. 
“Sugawara is pretty insistent on us ID’ing the Bonten executives while we’re there,” Hanma said, “Wants us to take out their wallet too, if we can--would cripple them real good.”
“Mm, I’m sure they’re trying to do the same to us,” you said flatly, “How are we going to pinpoint who the Bonten executives are? There’s gonna be a bunch of different organizations there, yeah?” 
Hanma only smiled, eyes dancing with mirth. Dread pooled in your gut. 
“You just leave that part to me, y/n-chan.”
Was it on purpose? 
Rindou didn’t know. His grip was tight around his phone as he glanced down at the message you had sent for what seemed like the millionth time since you sent it before turning off the screen, leaning against the wall and letting his hand drop back to his side, eyes sliding shut as mind raced.
He didn’t know, Ran didn’t know. No one knew. 
And Rindou wasn’t sure if he wanted to know.
He wanted to believe it was just a coincidence. That you really just got caught up with work and were letting them know what was going on, unintentionally saving their asses from going out and getting ID’ed by your newly installed biometric technology that was being put up around the city. 
But a part of him hesitated. 
Because ever since you had left to go to university abroad, since you founded Izanami and made your way into the big league industries, you had become less than forthcoming with information toward them. Legitimate explanations had turned into, ‘sorry, gonna be busy, can’t call later,’ until you just straight up ghosted them. 
And this was out of character, going into detail about what exactly the business you were dealing with involved to let them know why you wouldn’t be around. And yes, it might be because you genuinely wanted to reconnect with them, that you wanted them to know you weren’t just blowing them off for nothing--it would be the most logical explanation, Rindou knew that.
But something didn’t sit right with him.
It made his skin crawl. Because why would you be warning them? How would you know they needed to be warned? Did that mean you knew they were in Bonten? How did you know that they were in Bonten? None of it added up and it made Rindou sick to his stomach because he didn’t want you to know that he and Ran had gotten involved with this, how low they had fallen.
He didn’t want you to know. It must have been a stroke of luck. He repeated it over and over again, desperately trying to convince himself.
“We shouldn’t even be here,” Kokonoi said under his breath, “we should have just sent fuckin’ Shion and his guys again.”
“Mikey wanted us to secure it, plus we can plug up their money stream by taking out whoever’s funding them,” Sanzu drawled, “stop bitchin’, Koko.”
Kokonoi shot Sanzu a lethal look, “We’re putting targets on our heads,” Kokonoi hissed, “We’re here to take out their wallet and I’m sure they have the same goal with us. And guess who that is? Me, I am our wallet. I’m the one-”
“Shut up already,” Sanzu complained, “your voice is grating.”
Kokonoi looked as if he were about to slap the shit out of Sanzu and Rindou wanted to blow his own brains out, head already pounding. 
“It would look bad on us if we didn’t show,” Kakucho murmured, in agreement with Sanzu for once, “There are higher-ups from a bunch of different organizations here. Would’ve been a sign of weakness if we sent our men.”
Rindou wasn’t too sure of that, he fought back the urge to tug at the high-collared turtleneck he had on, face flushed from heat and the three drinks he had gone through already. And even so, who gives a shit about appearances when their lives are on the line? 
“How will we even know who they are?” Ran asked, “There’s a fuck ton of people here. They could be here already and we have no idea.” 
“Just keep your head on,” Kokonoi said, “We’ll be able t-”
“Oi,” Rindou turned to face Kakucho at the unusually sharp tone from the younger man, lips tugged down, “Think we’ve got company.”
Rindou followed his gaze up toward the balcony, frowning as his eyes fell upon people standing at the edge of the balcony--none other than Hanma fucking Shuji right smack in the middle, leaning on the railing, sin and punishment hanging over it on broad display for everyone to see.
Kawaragi Senju stood right next to him, gaze trained sharply in their direction and Rindou would have looked back to check Sanzu’s reaction had he not physically faltered catching sight of the woman who just approached on Hanma’s other side.
His brows furrowed and he swore his heart faltered, what the fuck?
His head snapped to the side, trying to spot Ran to make sure he wasn’t seeing things but Ran was in just the same state of shock, taking half a step forward, lip parted, eyes wide and aimed on you--you, who was standing next to Hanma Shuji, head tilted to the side as he leaned in close, murmuring something in your ear. 
Rindou’s body was on fire and he shoved his hands into his pockets to hide the way his fingers had started trembling. 
A coincidence? he thought desperately, but the sinking feeling in his chest only grew as Hanma Shuji nudged his nose against the side of your head before nodding in their direction. Rindou watched as your face turned, following Hanma’s eyes down toward where Rindou was standing with Ran, Sanzu, Kakucho and Kokonoi.
Your expression didn’t even shift once, no sign of acknowledgment, or recognition, a sort of stone cold emptiness that had Rindou’s heart in his throat, “That can’t be them,” Rindou didn’t even recognize his own voice as he shook his head, “It must be another group.” 
“It makes sense,” Kokonoi said, voice low, “I don’t know how I didn’t put it together sooner. Of fucking course it was Ichirou that’s been funding them, he’s really the only one that can compete with me financially.”
“No,” Rindou said but even as he spoke, he knew he was only trying to convince himself, “It can’t be, she’s not involved with this shit. She-”
“Rindou,” Kakucho cut him off and Rindou hated the half-pitying look that Kakucho shot in his direction. 
“Don’t fuckin’ look at me like that,” Rindou spit out, mind racing as he looked back at Ran whose lips were twisted into a frown and whose eyes were dark as he looked up at you, Hanma Shuji and Kawaragi Senju.
There was no way, there was just no way, Rindou refused to believe it because he knew you, and he knew you’d never get involved with this life.
Unless you had no choice, a darker voice reminded him and he still tried to argue, no, you wouldn’t-
You had done shady shit in the past--lying on the stand when they were going to be sent to juvie to get their sentence lowered, threatening South at the detention center, you were capable of it but-
But Rindou couldn’t bring himself to believe it. 
Even if he was looking right at you.
His gaze darted back toward Ran again, trying to figure out what the fuck he should do but Ran couldn’t seem to tear his eyes off of you, “Ran,” Rindou muttered quietly, trying to get his attention but his brother didn’t respond, the only sign of acknowledgment being the downward twitch of his lips. “Ran,” Rindou repeated but again got no response.
Rindou’s fist curled tight in his pocket, eyes darting back up toward where you were talking quietly with Hanma, dressed in a dark suit and standing too close to the man for comfort. Or, his comfort at least, you looked more than comfortable half-leaning into Hanma Shuji, whispering to each other like teenage girls at a lunch table in high school.
There’s no way, he thought, teeth grit together tight but he couldn’t even convince himself because Kokonoi was right. They should have known that it was your uncle funding the organization that kept stepping in Bonten’s way at every turn. He was the only one that could match Kokonoi financially, and they should have put together that the moment the tides started shifting into Bonten’s favor, you came back to Tokyo--not to oversee the acquisition, not to see them, but to deepen your uncle and that group’s wallet.
Fuck, Rindou was going to have a panic attack as he slowly realized what this all meant--he could feel his chest tightening and his body was searing hot, it felt like his skin was melting right off his bones. Calm down, he tried to tell himself before he spiraled. The last time he had to deal with this was…
His eyes darted back up toward you and Rindou’s mouth went dry when your eyes met his. He waited for any sort of acknowledgment, or any sort of hint that this might not be what it looks like but all he got was an empty stare in response--cold, calculating, void of any emotion that might soothe Rindou’s growing anxiety.
The means they know anyway, Rindou’s mind was racing, you saw them all at the club--him, Ran, Sanzu, Kakucho, Kokonoi--with the tattoos on broad display, there’s no way-
The hit.
Rindou’s world stilled, the hit, there’s a hit on their wallet--there’s a hit on you, you’re the one funding them, you-
“Sanzu, call off the hit,” Rindou’s voice sounded far away even to his own ears, and he didn’t even know why he was doing this. You left them, you were on the other side, so why- “Sanzu, call off the fucking hit.”
Sanzu didn’t respond, gaze dark and trained solely on Kawaragi Senju, Rindou snapped his attention to Kakucho, “Kakucho, call off the hit,” Rindou hissed. “Call it off.”
Kakucho wouldn’t look at him, “I can’t do that, Rindou,” he murmured and Rindou stepped closer to him, fist tight and arm shaking.
“Kakucho, I’ll fucking kill you, that’s y/n, call off the fucking hit,” Rindou was speaking before his mind could catch up and Rindou knew, he knew that he shouldn’t be saying this--defending you, who seemed to be in league with Bonten’s enemies, it was tantamount to betrayal and he knew that you didn’t deserve his defense but Rindou couldn’t stop himself.
“Rindou, we can’t-”
“Hi!” your familiar voice met his ears and instantly, the anger disappeared and was replaced by confusion. He turned to face, eyes falling upon the wide smile pulling at your lips. If Rindou had been anyone else, he would have fallen for the excited look and bright-eyed gaze you directed toward them.
Or, Kokonoi, actually, he realized once he noticed who your gaze was trained on. Hanma Shuji and Kawaragi Senju followed behind you, the former eyeing you curiously while the latter looked confused.
“You must be Kokonoi Hajime!” you said loudly, pressing a palm to your chest and Rindou’s brows furrowed ever-so slightly. You had met Kokonoi the other night, why… ”It’s a pleasure to finally meet the man that has backed my uncle so neatly into a corner! I must say I’m impressed, the fact that he had to call me back into town to handle you is quite the feat, if I do say so myself! He’s not one to ask for help, you know?” 
“Handle me?” Kokonoi raised his eyebrows, and your smile widened and Rindou wanted to scream. He looked over to Ran, still unsure as to what to do, but Ran was only watching you, frowning deep, eyes dark. 
“Oh, is that what I said? A slip of the tongue,” you laughed it off but for a second, when your gaze darted toward Rindou, the smile didn’t reach your eyes. It was not a slip of the tongue, Rindou recognized, throat tight--you were brought back to help take down Bonten. But you lied like second nature, so well that Rindou barely even caught the lies--all of your old tells long gone, and Rindou wondered just how much you had changed over the years. 
You held your hand out toward Kokonoi.
“L/n y/n,” you introduced, and Rindou watched, an uncomfortable feeling stirring as Kokonoi took your hand and you immediately leaned in close, face inches from him. “But you can call me y/n,” you said, tossing him a wink.
Kokonoi, to his credit, did not look uncomfortable at the sudden proximity, “Call me Hajime,” he said, and your eyes turned up at the words as you finally took a step back. The uncomfortable feeling slipped away as fast as it came. 
“I’m going to go make some rounds, I hope we get the chance to talk again later, Hajime!” 
Rindou hated the way you said his name. He hated the way you didn’t look at him or Ran once. He hated the way your eyes glossed over them as if they weren’t there. He hated the way he could feel Ran’s discomfort even from several feet away. And he hated the way you didn’t even bother to look back as you and Hanma Shuji and Kawaragi Senju started to make your way to the front stage.
“Y/n!” another voice called, accented--German, maybe?--and Rindou watched as your expression dropped, eyes cold and unwelcoming, lips tight. Rindou followed where the voice had come from, eyes falling upon a young blonde man with dark eyes, “It’s been forever!” 
You paused midstep, barely turning your head to look over your shoulder, eyeing the man from the corner of your eye. Hanma’s brows furrowed as he looked between the two of you, Kawaragi’s lips dipped into a frown. 
Your face had drained of color and a heavy feeling settled in Rindou’s chest as he looked between the two of you.
Something was wrong. He was sure he’d never seen you so… scared. You looked fucking scared and it made Rindou’s skin crawl.
“Man, I think the last time we talked was in Munich! Can you believe it's really been six years?” 
wordcount: 8.6k
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darling-i-read-it · 9 months ago
The Contract
Matt Murdock x fem!reader
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: violence, insinuations to smut
Author’s Note: i like to sit down and write matts name and see what comes out also FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER HALLELUJAH
Summary: A look through the moment you met Matt to the moment you found out he was Daredevil.
I don’t own these characters. They belong to author/director/creator
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
Foggy Nelson was hilarious. Did he ever really make sense? No. But that was okay because you were both in college and who the hell made sense around here. You sat at the bar counter, spinning around in your chair, laughing heartily.
“Don’t you have a test tomorrow?” you asked him through giggles. Foggy lifted his head, sweat falling off his forehead. His hair was sticking up in all sorts of places and his hand was lazily wrapped around an empty shot glass.
“Yeah but I’ll just cheat off Matt.” Laughter bubbled in his chest and spit out in a subconscious fit of giggles. Him laughing just made you laugh more. You were leaning over the counter, your heads almost touching. Foggy thought he might kiss you but even drunkenly he was able to hold back.
“Matt! All of this talk about the infamous Matt! When do I get to meet Matt?” Foggy shook his head, lifting his chin so that you were eye to eye.
“You aren’t gonna meet Matt,” he said, staring you down.
“Why am I not gonna meet Matt?!” you asked drunkenly.
“Because all the girls love Matt and you’re not allowed to be in love with him,” Foggy said. He pointed a finger on your chest. You looked down at his finger, shaking your head.
“I won’t. I promise. I wanna know what the fuss is all about!”
“You will.”
“How the hell do you know that?” you questioned. Foggy sat up all the way. You did so as well, mockingingly. His face went neutral and he waggled his finger again.
“Because you might be the only person Matt would love right back. I can’t risk that.”
“You’re making him sound far more intriguing then I’m sure he actually is.”
“If he and I are going to open up Nelson and Murdock together I cannot have you mess that up!” Foggy announced. He stood up, stumbling back on the stool. You put your hand over your mouth, watching his drunken escapade through emotions.
“Wait wait lemme get this straight,” you slurred. “I’m not allowed to meet Matt because you think we’ll get along so well we’ll get married?”
“Yup, pretty much.” You were quiet for a beat before bursting out into laughter.
“I don’t wanna get married Fog! Let alone to this random guy named Matt! Come on. Please?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Franklin Nelson!”
“Don’t pull out my full name like that!”
“This is Y/N.” You shook Matt Murdock’s hand for the first time with a small smile on your face. There was a crisp chill in the air as you stood outside of the building he and Foggy were living in. Matt’s hand was firm. He was facing you with a small charming smile on his face.
“Nice to meet you Y/N. I’ve heard an obscene amount about you,” Matt said, sliding his hand out of yours gently. Damn, you thought. Foggy was fucking right.
“And I about you.”
“We’re Foggy’s only friends.”
“Law school does that to a person.” Foggy shook his head, grabbing your arm.
“See? You’re already ganging up on me. I’m taking her away and you won’t be able to tell where because you’re blind.”
“That’s actually cruel Fog,” Matt said, pivoting on his foot to the direction Foggy was attempting to drag you.
“Hey, bite the bullet Nelson. I promise I won’t jump his bones within the next 24 hours.”
“So the 24 after that are open for negotiation?” Matt questioned.
“Oh you’re good.” Foggy let your hand fall. He opened up his over the shoulder bag, pulling out crumbled papers. Matt straightened his back, leading you to believe he knew what Foggy was pulling out. “Is it a marriage license?” Foggy shook his head quickly, handing you the paper.
“A contract.”
“Oh?” you asked, laughter bubbling out of your lips.
“Saying you two won’t date.” You looked down at it. It was three pages long, front and back.
“Did you do this for one of your lawyer classes?”
“Yeah that’s beside the point. Look, the last page is in braille hand that to Matt.” You handed it over. You started to read, though he had glossed most of it over with fancy lawyer talk. You turned it around, reading the back.
“You put a date on this. You say here that we can date in exactly two months,” you said.
“That’s more of a guideline. The mock assignment had time restrictions.”
“It also says we are not allowed to get married ever. If we can’t date then how would we get married?” Matt questioned.
“I’m making precautions. I’m thinking ahead, you two should try it.” You pulled a pen out of your purse.
“Matt be a dear and turn around.” He turned. You put the paper on his back and signed it.
“May I borrow a pen darling?” Matt questioned. You handed it to him and turned around for him. He signed the paper in the middle, not bothering to find out where the line was. You handed the papers to Foggy.
“I’ll be filing this somewhere secret.”
“You do that,” you said, laughing. “Can we go get those drinks now?” ===
Your finger trailed down Matt’s bare chest. He was facing the ceiling, breathing evenly. Your head rested on his shoulder. You tried to match his breathing, counting the careful movements in and then out. Your finger made random patterns onto his pecs. He had his arm around you, landing on your hip.
“What is today?” he asked. You shrugged, writing his name into his chest. It seemed to be the only thought on your mind.
“January something. Why?”
“Check please.” You let out a sigh and turned around, his hand slipping off you. You checked the calendar on the wall that had all of Foggy’s test dates.
“January 16th.” You turned back to Matt. He had a hidden, mischievous tug of a smile on his face. “What? Why are you making that face?”
“We get to tell Foggy tomorrow.”
“Huh?” “The contract. We signed it on November 17th.” Your eyes went wide, returning your head to it’s rightful spot on his chest.
“I forgot. I just figured we were gonna be sneaking around the rest of our lives.” Matt opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it again. You watched his face turn focused. He had this determination in his brows as he listened for something.
“Foggy’s back early.”
“Fuck!” You jumped out of his bed, looking around for your clothes. “Where are my clothes?” “Is this a bad time to remind you I’m blind?” “You sure don’t act like it,” you muttered, the memories of twenty minutes ago flooding your stomach.
“I can imagine the smile you have right now.”
“Are you not gonna help?” He sat up.
“It’s too late.” You had on your shirt and underwear when the dorm room opened.
The entire room stopped. Foggy saw you before he saw Matt in bed but his imagination finalized the picture of the room. You slowly stood up, like moving slower would cause you to be invisible. You cleared your throat, holding pants in your hands.
“Those are mine,” Matt said.
“So now you wanna remember where the clothes are in this room?” you asked. “Hey Fog…”
Foggy didn’t say anything. He walked past you to the desk by his bed. He opened it up and shuffled through the multitude of assignments. He pulled out a paper.
“You couldn’t wait, one more day?!” He flashed the contract in your face. You winced, rubbing your arm.
“Actually…” Matt started. You jumped onto his bed, covering his mouth.
“Oh you fucking assholes,” Foggy said. “When did you start sleeping together?!” You slowly removed your hand from Matt’s mouth. You shifted so you were sitting beside him. You looked down at your hands.
“Well do you remember when we went out to the bar last November-”
“The night I had you sign this contract?!”
“No, we just kissed that night,” Matt explained.
“In my defense,” you said. “Uh I signed your name Foggy.” Foggy paused, processing the information. He looked down at the paper.
“Matt, you didn’t even sign this. You scribbled on it,” Foggy said.
“Yeah well my heart wasn’t exactly in it.”
“Yeah, no, your heart was in my friend's vagina!”
“It wasn’t his hea-”
“Are you in love?”
There was a loud silence in the room. You and Matt hadn’t talked much about your feelings. He had been a gentleman ever since the night you met. You kinda knew Foggy was gonna be right. Foggy wasn’t wrong often. You were in love with him. You eyed Matt, trying to read his emotions, willing him to speak first. Foggy waited impatiently.
“Yeah,” Matt said finally, quietly, preparing for whatever hell Foggy was about to reign.
“And you?” Foggy asked, gesturing to you with the contract.
You expected a string of cuss words, followed quickly by more yelling about everything. But Foggy just sat down on his bed across from the two of you and was quiet. He tossed the contract onto the floor.
“We didn’t want to hurt you,” you promised.
“You’re really lucky I slept with Marci Stahl today otherwise I would be a hell of a lot madder.” Your face lit up. Matt couldn’t help the chuckle that rose in his chest.
“Marci Stahl?” Matt asked.
“I don’t know either.” Foggy met your eyes. You scrunched your face, putting your hand on Matt’s thigh. Foggy nodded.
“I fucking knew you two were gonna be soulmates. You’re not allowed to be the receptionist at Nelson and Murdock.” You leaned against the wall, giggling. Matt put his hand on yours. “No in office romances.”
“What do you want to talk about?” Foggy asked as Matt shut the door to the office. “Because if it’s about this case, I refuse to bend. We need to make sure she pleas out.”
“It’s not about the case.”
Foggy nodded, pushing his hair behind his ear. He leaned against the wall.
“Okay then what’s so urgent?” Matt paused, seemingly thinking. His fingers drummed his pocket. Foggy crossed his arms, waiting. Finally Matt pulled out some papers from his pocket. He handed them to Foggy. “What is this?”
“I wanted to renegotiate the contract.”
“The contr-” Foggy paused, laughing. “You kept his?”
“Yeah. It had sentimental value.” Foggy shook his head, reading through the words he had written all those years before.
“I was really awful at writing contracts,” he mused. “What is it you want to renegotiate? You and Y/N have been dating for years.”
“Page two of Y/N’s page, paragraph seven.” Foggy turned it over and his eyes scanned the page. He raised his head, the words sinking in.
“Are you serious?”
“Hey, I figured I would ask you before I popped the question.” Foggy put his hand over his mouth, shaking his head.
“Yeah. Yeah, go ahead. Holy shit dude.” Matt adjusted his feet, his mouth twitching.
“Do I need to re-sign something? Revise the contract?”
“No, I think you’re okay.”
You knocked on the office door, not bothering to wait for them to answer before walking in.
“Hey, can we go? I wanna get food before that Chinese place closes down Matthew.” He turned, nodding. You sensed the tension in the room and straightened your back. “Everything okay in here?”
“Yeah,” Foggy said. “Just revisiting some legal contracts.” You nodded slowly. Matt held his hand out and you took it. The weight of his hand in yours was comforting.
“Don’t work too hard Nelson. We still on for drinks tomorrow night?”
“Yes ma’am. Can’t wait to wheel you two drunk messes back to your apartment before foreplay starts,” Foggy said. You gave him a sarcastic smile.
“Foreplay starting and regular flirting ending is a blur my dear Foggy,” you said. Foggy rolled his eyes.
“Go on you two or else I’ll throw up.”
“I actually told them they couldn’t get married.” You chuckled softly, resting your hand on Matt’s. He had his hand on your thigh, though you could barely feel it on your skin through the thick white dress. Matt shook his head, facing Foggy’s direction.
“Maybe making him my best man was the wrong idea,” he muttered, turning his head to you so that most people couldn’t see his lips moving. You snorted.
“I’m kinda eager to see where this is going,” you whispered back.
“I had a crush on Y/N when we met.” Your eyes went wide. You had no idea about that. You tried to think back that far, remembering the nights where it was just you and Foggy at the bars. It seemed like a lifetime ago. “I actually brought…” he pulled out a piece of paper. “This contract. It is the one I had the two of them sign the day they met. Right here is the signature of my dear friends at the fancy table. It says they aren’t allowed to get married. Clearly they broke that rule.” The guests laughed gently. “Poor taste for my lawyer friend.” Matt smiled his charming smile, the one that had made you fall in love with him in the first place. You raised your hand and brushed his lip for no particular reason, your finger brushing his stubble.
He really was the prettiest man you knew.
Matt grabbed your hand and kissed it.
“Look at this. They’re absolutely adorable. It’s disgusting.” You turned back to Foggy, having almost forgotten he was speaking. “Yes I’m still up here, doing the thing I was asked to do.”
“I never asked,” Matt said.
“Well it comes in the best man contract.” “We are very loose about contracts here,” you said, patting Matt’s hand. Foggy rolled his eyes.
“Matt could probably break every law and she would still be backing him up.”
You sat on the couch, tears pricking your eyes.
“I told you not to date a lawyer,” Matt whispered. He was laying down on the couch, shirt off, cuts lining his chest. You had your hand on his bicep, staring at his face like you could will him to see how hurt you are.
“This has nothing to do with you being a lawyer and you know it,” you whispered. “Does Foggy know you’re Daredevil?”
“No. You’re the only one.” “How long did you think you were gonna hide it from me?”
“Honestly about a week.” You scoffed, wiping the tears from your eyes. You took your hand off of him and he visibly moved, wondering where you were going. He tried to use his senses, trying to find out what you were doing before you did it but he was so clouded by worry that he couldn’t really figure it out. The not knowing pained him.
Finally your hand hovered above his chest. You took a deep breath and very gently, almost not at all, outlined the fresh cuts.
“Do you know what I told Foggy when I convinced him to get us to meet?” you asked, voice far away.
“No,” he breathed.
“I told him I didn’t want to get married, let alone to some random guy named Matt.” He would have laughed if he wasn’t so scared. Was this the end? The end of his great love story? He tried to save those screams in Hell's Kitchen but at what cost? He had thought about telling you and Foggy. Foggy would be scared but he wouldn’t back down. But you...he couldn’t tell with you. Did you love him enough to stay? “But I did marry you.”
“I remember.”
“Shut up Matt.” He closed his mouth, determined to never speak again. “Those people, they hurt my husband.” You shook your head, looking down at the scratches from knives far too sharp. “They hurt my husband's glorious chest.” Matt smiled a little. “They’re bad people?”
“Very bad.” You took a deep breath. You put your head on his arm and he took a leap of faith, reaching forward and putting his hand on the back of your head, thumb rubbing your hair.
“If I lose you I don’t know if I can come back from that.”
“Let’s make a new contract. Say, if I die, you get to spit on my grave.”
“Mhm and if someone takes me hostage to get to the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, you get to never remarry.”
“Deal.” You kissed him. He breathed relief into you, hand cupping your cheek. You could get through this together. You didn’t break that contract for no reason.
Marvel Tag List: @dpaccione, @demonchick1, @karasong, @elisaa-shelby, @lov3vivian, @russian-soft-bitch, @alexxavicry, @valentina-luvs-u, @demigirl-with-problems
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One Piece Incorrect Quotes pt. 2
Tumblr media
Author's note! These are from perhance.org incorrect quotes, the website can be found here and I just match them to One Piece characters since I can't brain atm-
Several characters included! Reader involved! Part 1 here
Warnings! random topics, dark humor, curse words
Tumblr media
POV: It's the zombie apocalypse and Y/N is driving a car and then met Sabo on the streets.
Sabo: Let me in!
Y/N: Who the hell are you?!
Sabo: Oh, you know my sibling! They worked at Wendy's.
Y/N: Oh yeah, Ace! How are they doing?
Sabo: Oh yeah, not too good. He has been dead for the past month.
Y/N: What the hell, he didn't tell us!
Tumblr media
Sabo: Where's Ace?
Luffy: Don't worry, I'll find them.
Luffy, shouting: Y/N sucks!
Ace, distantly: Y/N is the best person ever! F*** you!
Luffy: There he is!
Tumblr media
College AU! Where Ace and Law are friends of Y/N, and Y/N has a crush on them both. [Calling myself out, I have a crush on them]
Nami: Y/N, you'll be working with Law and Ace.
Y/N: Alright! My fantasy threesome!
Everyone else: *blank stares*
Y/N: ...Of people on a team.
Tumblr media
Usopp: We might have gotten into a bar room brawl back in the city.
Law: Well, that was entirely predictable.
Bepo: One of them punched a gang member.
Law: Mugiwara-ya?
Nami: Zoro, actually.
Law: Great, that was going to be my second guess.
Tumblr media
Zoro: Are you a masochist or a sadist?
Law, deadpan: I’m a Libra.
Tumblr media
Ace: Alright, listen up you little s***s.
Ace: Not you Luffy. You’re an angel and we’re thrilled you’re here.
Tumblr media
Jinbei: What does “take out” mean?
Luffy: Food.
Sanji: Dating.
Robin: Murder.
Zoro: It can be all three if you’re brave enough.
Tumblr media
Y/N: If you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be?
Sabo: Maybe a bit tipsy?
Zoro: Drunk.
Law: Wasted.
Ace: Dead.
Tumblr media
Y/N: What’s your favorite color?
Sabo: Stop asking stupid questions. Ask me something logical and mature.
Y/N: How many moles of sodium bicarbonate are needed to neutralize 0.8ml of sulfuric acid at STP?
Sabo: My favorite color is pink.
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Silver Bullet Au World Headcanons
Tumblr media
Silver Bullet AU by @jackplushie
Since I've been hyperfixating on this au for a long time I have a lot of headcanons and just random ideas that I wrote down to add to the creative pile.
Warnings: Drugs, Gang Violence
The World
The world of the Silver Bullet Au takes place in a large city called the Grim Court it is split down the middle by a large river flowing out to the sea. It has two sectors one is Royal Sword Academy and the other is the Night Raven College. It has all the other lands of the official map like the Queendom of Roses (etc.) The different races like beastmen, and fae also still exist.
Magic-Its in the form of a drug that grants the user powers. It is under strict relegations to how its used, but of course the criminal world gets its hands on it developing more dangerous kinds of the drug. The overdose on the drug is called an overblot where the user collects to much of the negative effects and goes on a rampage that the user usually dies from.
Backstory-In the past the city of Grim Court was founded by the Great sevens of each sector. They established their own sectors and colleges to help the next generation use magic to benefit the city. In the beginning both sectors didn't like each other, but still tried to keep the peace. After a large incident and the loss of Night Raven Collage the sectors despise each other and peace between them seems like only a dream.
Royal Sword Academy
Tumblr media
Royal Sword Academy is a thriving college town where many of the worlds students go to get a proper education in magic and history. To hopefully use their skills to better the future and use magic in a beneficial way for everyone. They have museums along with grand libraries and gardens that their residents can enjoy to their hearts content. It is the safest sector to live in, and is the headquarters for the RSA force. Many of the people live in peace, and usually stay clear of NRC, however there are some brave residents who dare each other to cross the border once in a while.
RSA Force- Are the overseers of the laws surrounding magic and its use. It has a long history of not getting along with the Night Raven College sector and has a strict surveillance on the area. Though no matter how hard they try the Night Raven sector is still brewing with gang violence and illegal magic usage.
Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Night Raven College is no more after a tragic incident that left the Grim Court split in two. With the once old campus now abandoned the youth of the sector now turn to magic to help with their own agenda instead of helping their sector. A place riddled with crime and distracts owned by the seven biggest gangs in the sector based off the old dorms of the college. However it is dangerous, the sector is known for its jazz clubs, casinos, and big rewards one could win if they are lucky enough to take the chance. This sector has some basic rules and guidelines that others should follow unless they want to end up in an unmarked grave. The only neutral territory for all criminals to come and relax is downtown where the abandoned campus of Night Raven College is located. The area has been turned into night life district far from the learning environment that it was made for. That is where the run down Silver Bullet bar resides.
The Gangs
Old Gangs-Specialties Crows-Run by Dire Crowley(Unknown) The Dogs-Run by Divus Crewel(Surveillance/discipline) Beasts- Run by Ashton Vargas(Hired mercenaries) Shadows- Run by Sam (Black Market) Nine Lives- Run by Mozus Trein(Poisons/Knowledge)
They make sure order is in place when it comes to the sector, but have since retired and stay in the background. They are less active now, but people still know to follow the rules among crime world, or they might get a visit from them in the night. 
New Gangs-Specialties
Heartslabyul -Tactical Strategy
This gang is best known for the strategic battles they had been able to achieve by their cut throat gang leader Riddle Rosehearts; being the youngest to ever lead a gang in the sector. They follow in the footsteps of the famous mobster the Queen of hearts who helped establish the sector with the rest of the great seven. They run their district with an iron fist, but are far more friendly to the residents then the other gangs might be. Everyone knows to never get on Riddle's bad side for his quick temper and deadly punishments. Its not uncommon for heads to roll in his distract on a bad day.
Savanaclaw-Fighters/ Mercenaries
The ruthless gang of Savanaclaw is known for its fighters and mercenaries that always get the job done no matter what. The leader Leona Kingschalor is a run away prince wanting to rule his own kingdom after he was denied the throne in the Sunset Savana. His gang can be protectors but at a high price, and at the end of the day its always Leona who calls the shots. His pack stays in line and knows what happens when the king isn't pleased. They can do heists, and hold many illegal fighting rings around their district. They can be a fairly unruly bunch regular people do their best to stay away from any members they see out on the street, the members will never shy away from a fight.
Octavinelle- Business/Information/Blackmail 
Established in a richer part of the sector the Mostro lounge is a grand club, casino, and hotel. Its one of the best businesses in the sector that even RSA residents come to visit. Its run by the Octavinelle gang who is known for making wishes come true with a price, and extreme cases of blackmail. Azul Ashengrotto hides his true intentions behind a sweet smile and is known to trick powerful people into life altering contracts. Everyone does their best to get on his good side in hopes he will do them a favor, and not become the object of his ire.
Scarabia- Money/Drugs/Assassins
A successful gang of loan sharks known for their thoughtfulness. The leader Kalim Al-Asim is the heir of a wealthy family who wanted to dip their toes into the criminal world. Scarabia offers many services from burrowing money, producing drugs, and having their own group of assassins that have been serving the Al-Asim family for years. The leader is a odd one in terms of people one would find in the sector and many get thrown off by his carefree nature and the parties he always graces his guests with. However they always remember to pay for the gangs services for fear of being another grain of sand lost in the desert.
Pomefiore- Poisons/Spies/Drugs
A rather prestigious gang that use beauty has a cover for their crimes. Vil Schoenheit is a well known celebrity in the world. He runs many theaters in both districts along with a fashion line. His gang specializes in spying, making addicting drugs, toxins, and poisons that are worth a lot on the black market. Many people scramble for Vil's own personal brand of skin care items infused with magic that seems to stop ones age, even if it might have painful side effects. They might fool you with their good looks, but one will always realize too late when they are in their trap.
The Shroud family as always dealt with death. It is said that they come from the underworld itself with their unique features and strange fascinations. They run an organization based on their magic research and the development of high end technology. The leader of this gang is a successful hacker and his weapons are always high on the market. Idia Shroud is rarely ever seen, but he makes sure that his targets know he is always watching. The members of the gang are all skilled in technology and developing new weapons that they can combine with the magic drug for even greater power. They are able to keep tabs on anyone, even those that think they are well hidden. They deal with helping people disappear and create cover ups and false footage to fool the authorities. Ignihyde is responsible for helping out with some of the biggest cover ups in the crime world, and they will make sure to take their secrets to the grave.
Diasomnia- Magical prowess/Fighters/Drugs
A gang run by the biggest creators of the magic drug and similar substances. Its members being descendants of the powerful fae of old. They are the best when it come to handling the magic drug, and have produced create fighters for their gang with these talents. They are run by the Draconia family who have been an established gang for hundreds of years. The leader is Malleus Draconia to his families criminal empire. He isn't seen much, but when he is the witnesses don't live long to tell the tale. Malleus is rumored to be ruthless and cold being able to freeze someone on the spot with just his stare. He is a true prince of darkness and is often what people thing about when it comes to the most powerful gang in the sector. They are a mysterious bunch and its members are usually not seen unless something big is about to go down, and if that happens people know its time to run.
I hope this makes sense, thank you for reading this all the way through. Its nice to finally get out some of my ideas and I'm always open for questions if anyone needs clarification of what I wrote.
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Dugouts & Deathclaws??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was pretty inevitable, wasn't it.
Individual images on my Twitter (tanaleth_tweets); alignment chart & analysis under the cut!
Disclaimer: YMMV on any of these interpretations. I tried to avoid repetition and the temptation to multiclass, which is why I limited the number of characters to the base game. (Strong fought Cait for the Barbarian slot and lost.)
I also stuck to core D&D 5E archetypes and backgrounds… except where I didn’t. Call it my Chaotic streak.
Acknowledgements: Hat tip to @bigbraincel for a lot of these ideas (like warlock Deacon). Thanks also to @theggning, @minuteminx, @third-rail-vip, and everyone else who's mulled this over with me on Discord.
Alignment chart
All the characters I drew, plus a few extras:
Tumblr media
Why the little arrows: a lot of the characters’ arcs or core conflicts could be represented as a tension between squares on the alignment chart. Not all of the characters are comfortable in their alignments or even destined to remain static where I placed them.
Character breakdown
A couple more notes on alignment in general:
As I'm using it here, alignment is first and foremost a roleplaying tool that guides a character’s choices and actions. FO4 has a great cast of companions with really rich characterization—richer, I think, than fans sometimes give it credit for.
The lack of clear-cut LG and CE characters among the companions is notable and I think it reflects the writing's deliberate tilt to ambiguity and shades of gray. You could argue for CE among the raiders, etc., but the Fallout universe really isn't one that lends itself to LG characters. It’s very hard for a character to be both Good and Lawful in a world where institutions are all basically corrupt.
It's not entirely crapsack either, though; there’s reason for hope and there’s goodness and resilience among all the muck. Very few people or even factions are all good or all bad. (Except the Legion. All my homies hate the Legion.)
Once again: YMMV! Even where canon agrees on a character’s actions, you might interpret their motivations differently or weight the consequences differently. It’s all for fun. (Please don’t leave me nasty notes. That is not a Good action.)
Also, can I just say that formatting this kind of post for Tumblr is a pain in the butt. Tumblr is Chaotic Evil.
Lawful Evil - X6-88
Pretty much a textbook example of this alignment. X6 is driven by loyalty to authority in a way that many of the other Evil-aligned characters aren’t (e.g. Gage, who I’d put as comfortably Neutral Evil).
Equally driven by a desire for order, but less willing to commit atrocities for it is Danse.
Lawful Neutral - Danse
Danse aspires to be a Good guy—he tries really hard to be one—but when we meet him, we see him actively suppressing his own, more humane instincts in service of the ideals of the Brotherhood.
Here are some possible adjectives describing lawful neutral characters: reliable, responsible, truthful, orderly, loyal, respectful of authority, regular, structured, rigid, neat, methodical, and precise. (source)
Yep. That’s him.
Chaotic Neutral - Hancock, Cait, MacCready
Cait and Mac are solidly Chaotic Neutral. Cait is a little further south on the Good/Evil axis, but neither of them are bad people: their focus is on them and theirs. Survival first, everything else second. A very Neutral attitude.
This one is going to be controversial, since I think a lot of people read him as Chaotic Good, but I’d put Hancock over the border into Neutral too. I think his intentions are good, but he does a little too much stabby-stabby and overlooks a little too much gang violence to be Good; really, his character is all about the contradiction between his ideals and his (in)actions.
Actually, Danse and Hancock are good foils for each other. They're almost polar opposites on the law/chaos axis, but in terms of morality land at about the same place: both want to be good guys, but—at least when we meet them in FO4—neither of them are doing what they would need to to be Good guys.
But someone else is, and that's...
Chaotic Good - Deacon
Deacon was a really interesting character to ponder. I actually suspect his original or “natural” alignment is something closer to True Neutral… but he’s dragged himself into Chaotic Good by virtue of his actions and his desire to atone for past mistakes. (Looking at it in that light, when we meet him in FO4, he’s still “balancing out” that dip into Evil in his youth. Aiming for a lifetime average of Neutral??)
Neutral Good - Preston, Curie, Codsworth, Nick, Piper
The busiest square in the chart!
Within it, Nick and Piper lean Lawful and Chaotic respectively, but I’d argue that they both still fall within the bounds of Neutral Good. Piper opposes authority because it’s corrupt, not because she believes in fighting authority for its own sake; Nick supports order in general but also recognizes the potential for the abuse of power.
Codsworth might be a little lower on the Good/Evil axis than the others, I think (some of his commentary is hilariously/alarmingly violent) but overall, he’s pretty committed to being a good bot.
Preston and Curie are comfortably Neutral Good, in my reading. Both are very concerned with doing good and improving the world; both will defy an unjust law but also disapprove of unnecessary shenanigans.
And last but not least, on an alignment chart all his own:
Good Boy - Dogmeat
You know it's true. ૮ ・ﻌ・ა
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neo-shitty · 3 months ago
GAME OF SURVIVAL — collab masterlist
Tumblr media
❝ Who’s in the shadows? Who’s ready to play? Are we the hunters? Or are we the prey?  ❞ — Game of Survival, Ruelle
Below is the compiled list of entries for the collaboration. Last updated: July 1, 2022.
Tumblr media
summary. born into the underworld, crime was all you’d known your entire life and was practically in your blood - murder, drugs, money, power, and everything in between. in spite of your father leading one of the two major gangs that dominated asia, you managed to keep safe. but all that changes once the rival gang has bad blood to settle with your father, and suddenly a vendetta’s being pursued against you. writer. @lisired​ genre. crime!au, thriller, angst pairing. bodyguard!yuta x female reader warnings. graphic violence, mentions of drugs/drugging, character death, implied smut, implied misogynistic behavior, mentions of dv, one instance of attempted abuse(?), mc’s father is an asshole word count. 18.8k
Tumblr media
summary. in a game of trust, you and mark lee compete for 1 million dollars- just the right amount of money that could solve all of your problems. the rules of the game are simple: after completing three challenges, all carefully crafted to test your trust with your partner, the team that trusts each other completely, wins. you think you’ve got it all under your control and there’s no way you and mark aren’t the best candidates, however, you find out you’ve been wrong. because you know what they say– don’t trust everything you see. even salt looks like sugar. writer. @rrxnjun​ genre. dystopian, sci-fi, survival, action, angst pairing. mark lee x female reader warnings. mentions of death and near-death experiences, gore, the criminal law works differently in this universe because i simply said so! word count. 12.9k
Tumblr media
summary. you go to the middle of nowhere for a team building of a company you joined only a few weeks ago, but can there be other games involved? writer. @jaesqueso​  genre. co-worker!au pairing. co-worker!xiaojun x female reader (feat the rest of the lets play ball unit as other co-workers) warnings. strong language, suggestive but no actual description of anything, death, blood, descriptive murders, mentions of Squid Game, inspired by the movie “you’re next” word count. 5.1k
Tumblr media
summary. in which you plunged face first into the horrors of a world left abandoned for three centuries in search of your only friend, na jaemin, wondering how you’d fare in a world where the species perched on top of the food chain were no longer human. writer. @neo-shitty​ genre. angst, slight fluff, post-apocalyptic!au, childhood bestfriends to ???!au pairing. na jaemin x gender-neutral reader warnings. mentions of injuries and bullying, mutual pining, violence, slight gore, character death(s), mentions of injury, swearing, non-sexual nudity word count. 30k~
[ teaser link ]
Tumblr media
summary. after the second rebellion, an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow panem’s government, the districts are once again subject to the notorious hunger games. except, this time, the games have been given a little twist. now faced with the possibility of having two victors from the same district return home, two district 7 tributes are forced to overcome their life-long rivalry to make it out in one piece. writer. @doderyscoffee​  genre. angst, enemies to lovers, slow burn, love triangle(ish), forced proximity, hunger games!au, tribute!au, dystopian!au pairing. tribute!zhong chenle x tribute!fem!reader (oc) (ft. tribute!jung sungchan) warnings. language, major(ish) and minor character death, death, murder (descriptive), gore, blood, hives (on feet), mentions of suicide/ideation, death threats, hunting, mentions of cannibalism (non-descriptive), mentions of throwing up, mentions of being cut, mentions/implications of ptsd, bittersweet ending, Y/N and Chenle are both 16, Sungchan is 17, Y/N and Chenle both kill, Y/N has a scar on her leg, some inaccuracies for sake of plot
[ teaser link ] [ part one ] [ part two ]
Tumblr media
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cool-island-songs · 7 months ago
Craig Tucker Character Analysis: Canon Overview, Pt. 2
Tumblr media
This is part two of my character analysis of Craig Tucker, beloved fictional 10-year-old and devoted nose-picker. You can find part one here. This section begins by juxtaposing Cartman and Craig and goes on to cover the emergence of Craig and those guys (hereinafter CATG) as a rival gang for the main four, and further developments from there.
After Craig’s canon character analysis is complete (only one part remains), I intend to do the same for Tweek before diving into their fanon portrayals throughout the years, and the way their relationship dynamics have generally changed over time within fan works. For now, more Craig:
Tumblr media
Craig vs. Cartman
While still in his bird-flippin’ phase, Craig is pitted against Tweek by the main four in “Tweek vs. Craig” because they both get in trouble often and the boys want to see who’s tougher. Here, as in “Pandemic” (S12E10) later on, the irony is that they themselves are far worse-behaved than Craig. He’s a discipline case, but the main four (and Cartman in particular) have committed far more egregious acts.
They know when they’ve done something wrong and, often at Cartman’s behest, take the extra steps to stay out of trouble. By contrast, Craig seems to have genuine difficulty with impulse control and with adapting his behavior to what’s appropriate for the setting; consequently, he is unable to keep himself out of trouble in the same way the main four can, so he looks worse on paper.
Cartman often knowingly engages in immoral acts that he rationalizes to himself because he’s always the hero in his own mind, a process thoroughly detailed in “Fishsticks” (S13E05). Episodes like “Toilet Paper” (S07E03), “Casa Bonita” (S07E11), “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow” (S09E08), and “The Magic Bush” (S18E05) provide a different explanation for Cartman’s mindset when keeping out of trouble; in these, he’s shown to have serious problems with empathy and only understands he’s done something wrong in the sense that he knows he’d get in trouble if anyone were to find out he was responsible.
Analyzing Cartman would have to be its own extremely long post, as his characterization re: his bad deeds is hardly consistent. Sometimes his ego requires him to believe he’s the good guy, he’s got a hot beefcake bod, everyone really likes him (see: his speech at the end of “Breast Cancer Show Ever”, S12E09); and sometimes he’s Tony Montana in the speech from Scarface he recites in the talent show in “Erection Day” (S09E07): “You need people like me! You need people like me so you can point your f*cking finger and say, ‘That’s the bad guy!’”
Tumblr media
By contrast, Craig is arguably amoral and somewhat violence- and anger-prone on his worst behavior, more of a neutral, uninvolved party most of the time, and a rational, compromise-minded problem-solver at his best in terms of his treatment of others. He’s not motivated by doing what he thinks is most morally righteous, like Tweek, Kyle and Jimmy are (all three of whom put lawful as their alignment in their character sheets in TFBW, while Craig put neutral).
In the amusement park scene in “Put It Down” (S21E02), this difference in motivations causes the tension between Tweek and Craig to boil over. It becomes clear that Craig considers being rational and even-tempered his highest virtue (though this isn’t an entirely accurate self-perception as he’s fairly easily provoked at times), and he’s frustrated when Tweek’s lack of positive response to his reasoning makes him become more emotional, like Tweek.
Tumblr media
He also encourages Jimmy to compromise with Cartman in “Fishsticks” (S13E05), and disagrees with Kyle over whether it matters that Cartman didn’t actually write any of the joke. Tweek’s line in TFBW about justice over evil is comically melodramatic, but also reveals a greater truth about their dynamic – not that Craig is evil, but that he’s not driven by the pursuit of the most moral good. Craig is more of a utilitarian and a pragmatist.
Tumblr media
In “Le Petit Tourette” (S11E0), Cartman and Craig both think Tourette’s syndrome (or, more accurately, having a swearing tic) makes you cool as hell, but Cartman uses his (limited) knowledge of it to put forth a mockery of Tourette’s for his own gratification (like being able to degrade Kyle’s mom to her face with impunity). By contrast, Craig is so genuinely enamored of Thomas’s ability to swear without getting in trouble that he wants nothing more than to bask in it vicariously. The joke here is that Craig is such a messed-up kid, he truly just loves swearing for its own sake. He’s gay for swearing.
Tumblr media
Cartman manipulates Craig for his own gain in “Tweek vs. Craig”, all of the main four use him for his birthday money in “Pandemic”, and Cartman mimics and exploits Thomas’s condition for his own sick pleasure in “Le Petit Tourette”. Craig wouldn’t think to do any of those things and he wouldn’t get a kick out of it in the way Cartman does. He’s more of a simple schoolyard bully, at least in the early seasons. He’s shown to be a gossip in “Bass to Mouth” (S15E10), seems to want to keep abreast of developments in “Breast Cancer Show Ever” in that he is instrumental in gathering and relaying information to the involved parties, and is often petty - but he’s not manipulative. Even if he wanted to manipulate, he likely wouldn’t have the necessary people skills to pull it off. He will, however, engage in a Cartman scheme when it benefits him, even if it’s wildly immoral, as in “Crack Baby Basketball Association” (S15E05).
Emergence of Craig as Stan’s Foil, CATG as Rival Group
Starting in “South Park Is Gay”, Craig becomes more of a foil for Stan and is shown to have his own clique like Stan has in Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Stan and Craig look similar and both lead their respective groups, and in “Lil’ Crime Stoppers” (S07E06), the black-haired kid leading the rival gang of “FBI agents” introduces himself as Agent Tucker.
Tumblr media
This kid is clearly not Craig, as he has a different hairline and puts on some kind of old-timey detective voice that, frankly, Craig could never pull off. Craig doesn’t have a lot of range in terms of vocal expression, and none of those guys are CATG members. Nevertheless, the show sets the stage for a recurrent rival group, and then we get them just two episodes later in “South Park Is Gay” in the form of these fab metro boys:
Tumblr media
Craig is sometimes an antagonist and sometimes an ally to the main four, but he is not one of the main four, and the show is by and large told from their perspective. This may be why Craig is sometimes actually a dick, and sometimes inordinately reasonable and 100% correct in his very blunt assessments of the situation at hand. South Park’s characterization also isn’t terribly consistent and Craig began as a background character, so these appearances in season 7 and 8 may have been attempts to situate him (and some of the other children) in some relation to the main four so that they could be used to create conflict and drive plot lines.
As an antagonist to the main four, Craig can be quite aggressive and combative in his tone. In “Quest for Ratings” (S08E11), Craig is socially dominant, acts confident and assertive, and seems to thrive off of one-upping Stan and his crew (which notably includes Jimmy, Butters, and Token). Stan’s group is similarly motivated by the desire to one-up Craig as they immediately lose interest in doing their school news show once they beat him in the ratings. At one point in the episode, Craig approaches Stan and his crew at Whistlin’ Willy’s in effect to mock them for their show having been canceled and to brag about his “overall deal” with the school. Similarly, when Stan and his crew acquire ninja weapons in “Good Times with Weapons” (S08E01), they immediately head to Craig’s house to brag and show them off, which triggers Craig’s competitive nature and ultimately leads to the Legendary Battle of Tokugata.
Tumblr media
The dynamic between the two groups is competitive on both sides, but this dynamic does not remain antagonistic for very long. Several season 9 episodes feature Craig (and other boys in the class) working with the main four in some capacity, such as in “The Death of Eric Cartman” (S09E06) when all the boys ignore Cartman for being such a dick all the time, in “Marjorine” (S09E09) when all the boys work together to infiltrate Heidi’s sleepover to obtain a cootie catcher, and in “Free Willzyx“ (S09E13) where the boys all work together to get that space whale back to his home on the moon. Craig is also as unenthusiastic about baseball as all the other boys in “The Losing Edge” (S09E05), though he does still take the opportunity to yell at Stan, but this shift in the dynamic between Craig/CATG and Stan/the main four holds steady. The antagonism that rears its head between Craig and the main four at various points in the series, notably in the “Pandemic” two-parter (S12E10-11), seems based more on ideological differences. Craig objects to the way the main four get themselves into increasingly more ridiculous situations and refuse to examine their own role in escalating such situations.
Tumblr media
He hasn’t been a real antagonist since the Black Friday trilogy (S17E07-9) (and even then, he was arguably just a catalyst for the real conflict to emerge among the main four), and is now more of a reluctant, naysaying ally to the group. He will join up to have something to do, as seems to be the case in the games, or if it’s something Tweek wants or needs, such as in “Splatty Tomato” (S21E10). He now also has his own episodes with Tweek (i.e., “Put It Down”, S21E02) or B-plots within episodes (i.e., “Buddha Box”, S22E08), ever since “Tweek x Craig” (S19E06) when they became a canon couple (in at least some capacity, depending on one’s interpretation of the ending).
Craig Tucker: Dick Supreme
Even outside of the dynamics between their groups, Craig himself takes issue with much of what the main four do and periodically objects to the way they approach problems generally. The way he expresses his disapproval varies depending on the degree of social power he has over the boys at the given moment, though also depending on whether Craig is in his nemesis or his ally era. In “Quest for Ratings”, Craig is quick-witted, responding immediately when Stan tells him his idea took “this much thought” that that’s still “this much more than [Stan] had.”
Tumblr media
On the other hand, in “Professor Chaos” (S06E06), Craig clearly fails to join in on the “playful” insults the main four engage in regularly, adding “Oh, uh – you guys are dumb” after Kyle and Cartman exchange their typical “fatass” and “stupid Jew” epithets. It seems likely his ability to insult people is contingent on his actually feeling negatively towards them, and in this episode, he is trying to join their gang.
Tumblr media
Later on, in the season 12 episodes “Pandemic” and “Pandemic 2: The Startling”, Craig is highly effective at putting down the main four, but he’s not even really insulting them. He’s just telling it like it is, and this becomes a central feature of Craig’s character that fans seem to enjoy and connect with, and (perhaps for this reason) is subsequently incorporated into his character more often.
For example, he calmly and matter-of-factly shows Stan up for thinking any 80s music is going to be “cool” and kickass in their search for Ike in “Splatty Tomato”. As in “Pandemic”, where Craig’s critique of the main four is ultimately aimed at the show itself, his criticism in “Splatty Tomato” also serves as a meta-critique on the trend of popular contemporary franchises set in the 80s using “cool” 80s music rather than what was actually on the radio at the time.
His well-loved “Peru” one-liner two episodes later in “Elementary School Music” (S12E13) similarly breaks the typical cartoon format wherein plots from episodes past are typically forgotten in the episodes that follow. It is also funny for the same reasons his criticisms of the gang in Pandemic are funny; they actually were in Peru - he’s just stating facts.
Tumblr media
In the “Pandemic” episodes, Craig serves a similar role to Frank Grimes in the Simpsons episode “Homer’s Enemy” (S08E23), in the sense that he forces the viewer to consider whether the main characters are just, and whether the viewer is justified in rooting for them. But whereas Frank Grimes is incensed throughout the episode that Homer has such a good life despite his unbelievable sloth and stupidity, Craig acts as though he is merely inconvenienced by the main four’s inability to disengage from outlandish situations.
He expresses his displeasure in slow, monotone statements that only cut deep because they’re true (“you guys are jerks” is not exactly roast material), and because we never considered they might be viewed unfavorably by their peers. Craig is also a vehicle for the show’s own self-critique, and the show churns out increasingly more outlandish twists to prove him wrong, in a way.
Nevertheless, he remains unflappable (”Okay, now there's sparks shooting out of my eyes.”), and maintains that none of this stuff is normal and that the main four are the common denominator. When it turns out Craig is part of an ancient Incan prophecy, they argue that he’s actually responsible for some of this nonsense, not them, but he keeps his cool and, in essence, chooses to opt out.
Tumblr media
That was part 2! Thank you for reading - I was surprised at the big response to part 1, but because people seem willing to read long posts in a way I hadn’t anticipated, I’ve made changes to the course of my analysis after this canon Craig series.
My initial plan was to do canon and then fanon analysis of just Craig, but I’m really interested in how Creek has developed as a ship. So, as I mentioned at the start of the post, I will do a Tweek canon character analysis next and then get into how their fanon portrayals have evolved over the years - as individuals, and as a couple. I’m glad to make this change bc canon Tweek is instrumental in the changes Craig’s character has undergone in canon and in fanon. And also I just love him, ok???
Part 3 - coming soon to a dash near you, maybe - covers Craig’s characterization in the mid-late teen seasons and in Stick of Truth, and then gets into his character development in “Tweek x Craig” and going forward from that point.
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misschifuyu · a year ago
General relationship headcanons with Inui and Hakkai
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: inui seishu + hakkai shiba
genre: fluff
warnings: none
Tumblr media
inui is someone who is very careful when it comes to expressing his feelings. he much prefers to keep a neutral stance whenever speaking to those he cares most about, simply because it helps him not develop too strong of a bond with the other person. he's afraid to follow the path of koko, so he's especially careful when it comes to love
so it came as quite the shock when you came into his life. no doubt, he found you attractive at first glance, but even after just a few words exchanged here and there, he had started to wonder - and, frankly, worry - why he wanted to continue listening to you, to get to know you better
as he started to connect the dots, he quickly recalled just how his friend would act with his sister. and it frightened him.
he was falling and he had nothing to grab onto, to stop himself from sinking into the one emotion he had been running away from - love
when you confessed, since he most definitely not put himself in that situation seeing as he was trying to control his growing affection towards you, he would be left absolutely stunned. of course, he reciprocated your words, but it would take him a few minutes to explain to you that he was scared of a relationship
but, don't worry. you understood him, and were willing to take things as slow as he needed. after all, there was no need to rush into everything all at once
give him a few weeks, let's say two. during this time, he would visit you much more often, hold your hand when he knew no prying eyes were around and, all around, start warming up to you. of course, he knew you well enough by that point, but it still took him a little to get used to the whole relationship status
he will, undoubtedly, come to koko whenever he had any doubts. he wants to improve himself for you, trying his best to become the partner you deserve. his friend may be not always be of the best help, but anything was better than nothing
once he has fallen into a comfortable state around you, you will quickly notice what he had been deprived of all these years. he turns into a very affection person whenever he's around you, mostly when you're either at his house or yours. expect to be followed around quietly by this softie
hugs from behind are his personal favourite. feeling you so close to him, your arms holding onto his as he bring you into his chest and rests his head on yours. it's very comforting for him, so expect him to do so quite often. he may be silent as he does so, but the way his heartbeat will slow down will be enough to tell you that he feels safe with you
play with his hair whenever the two of you are cuddling, trust me. your fingers running through his soft locks will be enough to send him off into a good, hour-long nap, no questions ask. he's a pretty deep sleeper, so you can tie his hair up into a bun. he will be oblivious to it all until he walks past a mirror upon waking up, groggy eyes fixating on the little mass of hair on the top of his head
one thing that will truly make his heart flutter is whenever you pepper his face with kisses. although he may not mention it, he's a little insecure about his scar. but this will quickly change when you tell him how all his features are absolutely beautiful, placing little, butterfly kisses on his soft skin as he lays on your lap, facing you from below
you truly are his source of comfort, of love. he won't brag about you, but by the way his lips would turn up into a smile when he knows he'll see you after a meeting is more than enough to let the other members of the gang know just how much he loves you
a closeted lover boy, let's say
he will, on occasions, turn up at your house during the late hours of the evening with a a flower or two he picked up on his way to your place, or even a box of your favourite snacks. anything that reminds him of you, really. and if you gift him something, you best believe he will treasure it as though his life depended on it
one thing that you hadn't expected from him was his liking towards taking pictures. he's always been fond of snapping pictures of sceneries here and there, and he just so happens to have one of these polaroid cameras
your wall - and his, for that matter - will be filled with selfies, random pictures of him you'd take and some of yourself that he'd keep on his bedside table. he deemed it a way to remind him of how much the two of you have been through and the importance you held in his life
of course, his phone wallpaper is a picture of the two of you when you went to a summer fair, where he most definitely didn't spend the best part of half his change on trying to win you a prize that had caught your eye
afterwards, you had insisted on trying to win him something too; however, he had assured you that there was no need, he was more than content with seeing you get a prize instead
inui will be very cautious when it comes to your involvement with anything related to the gang. if you happen to be also member, he will stick by your side just as much as he does with koko, and will not hesitate to throw himself into a dangerous situation if you were ever at a disadvantage
he's a little reckless when it comes to this. he acts without thinking when it comes to your safety, so more often than not, others will have to get involved if things get ugly. he may not look like much of a threat, but he will completely change his demeanour whenever those he loved were involved
he just can't afford to lose another person again. having found someone he could fully trust in, and show love to, he isn't about to let some punk take it all away from him. so he will put his own life on the line
but it's mutual, between the two of you. undoubtedly made for each other, it would take some doing from the enemy to actually knock one of you out. truly a couple that any gangster would wish for, that is an indisputable fact
Tumblr media
the baby of the shibas. he may act all tough and strong when with toman, but it's a given fact that he has a very soft, vulnerable side. it's really what comes with such a conflictive childhood; but he will constantly try to put all of that behind him, building himself up to stand up to those who looked down upon him
this strategy of his, however, won't be very effective when he was introduced to you. a close friend of mitsuya's, he had thought the two of you might get along quite well. right off the bat, hakkai had to take a few seconds before actually coming to the decision of what to say to you upon first seeing you
he couldn't exactly tell you how attractive you were on the first day, now could he?
as the two of you would get to know you better - fulfilling mitsuya's expectations - he would start to notice that he looked forward to seeing you each time there was a meeting. this would lead to a timid suggestion of hanging out either before or after the next meeting, receiving a content response from your behalf
his crush will go anything but unnoticed by his sister. yuzuha will quickly notice how he would come home a little quiet, lost in his thoughts although not in a gloomy state. he actually seemed to be a little happier now
she would be the one to push him to confess to you, after having heard his considerably long rant about you that he accidentally came out with whilst he was talking to her. she was over the moon to hear that her little brother was finally crushing on someone, and would walk him through all the key points to not scare you off or come off as weird when he told you about his feelings
luckily enough, her strategies proved to be successful, and before he could even register it in his mind, hakkai had achieved a relationship with the one that had been flooding his thoughts for a good few months now
although he may not be entirely experienced in the whole dating area, he will be anything but shy when trying his best to be the perfect boyfriend. he may not show much pda, mainly because he still tries to upkeep his strong persona even around you, but his lingering will not go unnoticed by the other members. wherever you were, hakkai was never too behind
he just loves being around you, to be able to call you his partner. you're like a little - since this guy is ridiculously tall - beam of light that he wished he could keep by his side at all times. behind closed doors he will be much more affectionate, to the point you would actually wonder if this was the same person you would attend toman meetings with
being the soft giant he is, he absolutely loves engulfing you in his arms. spooning you, hugs from behind, laying you on his chest, you name it. he can be awfully cheesy at times, too, so expect to be showered with the most sappy comments ever. you're convinced he keeps a list of them.
"you wanna know what's the best thing in my life? it's the first word of this sentence"
"hakkai...you realise that just works better written down, right?"
definitely an avid enthusiast of making you think over why you were with him in the first place. of course, you loved him and everything that came with the youngest shiba, but sometimes you truly wondered where he got his personality from
speaking of family, meeting his siblings will be an experience in itself, to say the least. yuzuha will be ever so welcoming when you first went over to their house, offering you food and sitting you down to get to know you better. she knew you were a perfect match for her brother, and she's delighted to have you as a sister-in-law
now...taiju may be a little different. just by appearance, he's quite intimidating. you did know about him, but you had never actually spoken to him in the entirety of your life. hakkai will stand nearby when you eventually meet him, just in case something got out of hand.
however, surprisingly enough, the eldest sibling gave you a friendly pat on your shoulder, thanking you for finally giving his brother a chance at a relationship. the way it came off sounded like he believed hakkai to be almost unlovable, but you supposed it was pretty good coming from such a scary individual
needless to say, your boyfriend had a few things to murmur about when his brother left. you reassure him that it was alright, though. truthfully, you had expected it to go another way even
dates with hakkai will be quite an often occurrence. apart from his duties in toman, he doesn't have much to do. he attends online school, so as soon as he slaps his laptop closed, he's usually on his way over to your house. he will always take you out on a ride on his motorbike, around the busy city filled with people and commotion
you want to go out for lunch? he knows the best places. want to go shopping? the guy brought his wallet for a reason. he's such a sucker for you that he will drive across the city for even the smallest thing for you, he didn't mind. if it meant he could see that smile of yours, he's absolutely willing to do anything
he's also a perfect shopping partner. he hangs out with mitsuya a lot, so he's picked up on some knowledge on fashion and is more than happy to help you pick out outfits. he will always offer to carry your bags, too. truly the perfect boyfriend, wouldn't you agree?
just be sure to shower him in love and kisses once you get back home. he will happily receive each and every one with a wide smile, lifting you up into his arms as he tells you, once more, how much he loves you
some may say the two of you are too soft and sappy for a couple involved in the gangster world, but neither of you could care less. not everyone could say they fought alongside their partner that they would, afterwards, spend quality time with, no matter how bruised up you were
you always had a laugh after a fight with other gangs; both of you would always mock the rivals, saying how they never really stood a chance in the first place
the two of you are like a pair of old women when it came to judging people neither of you liked; if anyone happened to listen in, they would automatically think you were simply best friends by the way you would speak
needless to say, hakkai will be both an amazing boyfriend as much as a friend, and you can always count on him if you're ever in need of a mood booster, because he will rush over to your place as fast as he can
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lordhelpme0-0 · 3 months ago
Crossover - MDZS + Twisted Wonderland
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Twisted Wonderland Part 1:
Backstory: the MDZS cast was transported to the twisted wonderland world by a talisman or from a gathering nighthunag or with an ancient artifact. Though, when they get back it’s where they started so it’s a pause on their world. This will be taken place after all the over logs actually. ENJOY!~~
P.s: this is my first so no hate!!!
Headmaster Crowley:
This bird man will absolutely get disliked immediately
He has the same vibe as Jin Guangshan and they irresponsibility similar to Wen Chao
Lan Qiren will most likely lecture on his way
Bird and Goat be murdering each other with eyes and remarks
Lan Xichen will be smiling but fuming inside
He does not tolerate such horrible behaviors to kids who overblot or the qi deviation but with black goo
Crowley has to be careful of these men who will not hesitate to throw hands
He gonna be fried one way or another
Gonna assigned them to ramshackle dorm where they help Yuu and possible terrorize Grim—
Crowley be watching his back cause flying whips, a ghost general, demonic cultivation, Lan magic spells be crawling up his back
Divus Crewel:
He gonna click with Jiang Cheng
These two blasted dog lovers!!!
Both be whipping so gonna be besties
Wei Wuxian will run and disapprove
I doubt he survives the savanna law canine students
Crewel appreciates the aesthetic of Nie Huasiang so they click
Fans galore it will be!!!
He will most likely be intrigue by the Lan spell
I’m betting he gonna ask how to do it since seeing Lan Wangji doing it at a bad student
Crewel with his whips and degrading names will soon be equip with silencing spells and body freeze
Mozus Trein:
He has a cat so he Wei Wuxian approve book
Probably be displease with Jin Ling or Lan Jingyi one way or another cause they be like the aduece duo
Trein will VIBE with Lan Qiren no doubt
I can imagine these two complaining and just having a sophisticated tea meetings
These two will go on ages on fussing Crowley in respectable mannerism and literature with history
Old man acquired—
Ashton Vargus:
Most likely will do sparring with the lans cause abnormal Lan strength
Will make Nie Huasiang miss his brother cause Nie Mingjue and this egg fanatic will click
He be crying and seeking solace from afar
Wei Wuxian will prank this man cause he is very gullible
Jiang Cheng will be neutral on him
Lan Xichen gonna reminisce with Nie Huasiang
These poor babies be missing the passed Nie Sect leader
Lan Qiren ain’t gonna be impressed
Like eating so much eggs for what?!
He be confuse but chickens
I imagine Vargus be having pens of chickens and now a scene of Lan Wangji giving Wei Wuxian a chicken
Chicken be a marriage gift lmao!!!
Jingyi will be ecstatic and will hang out with Vargus
He can and will catch up cause Jingyi be doing handstands while writing them rules down
The cultivators will be concern about the ghost ngl
Lan Xichen will be concern and will rethink he practice demonic cultivation when Sam is not a demonic cultivator like Wei Wuxian
Both Wei Wuxian and him will click like-
Both be advertising stuff either pats or present
Cause Wei Wuxian be selling radishes during those sad sad years
They gonna click about the annoying voice on ghouls and ghost
Lan Wangji be concern to the max—
He be selling fans and all art to Nie Huasiang that his room be loaded to the max
Like why—
Jiang Cheng be suspicious of him for a whole 2 months before calming down to trust him a bit
Just a bit
Cause ya know what be happening back those dark times
Ramshackle Dorm:
Yuu/ MC:
Another duckling been acquired
Yuu will be under the care of Wei Wuxian cause he attracts children in the most good and bad ways of all things
I imagine that Yuu will get along with the Junior Quartets cause they be similar to the first year gang
Yuu and Sizhui be vibing and bonding on their friends chaotic energy
They will be protected by the adults no matter what
Cause Lan Xichen be guiding
Nie Huasiang be decorating
Lan Qiren making sure that Crowley does what a responsible guardian does
Qiren will have a soft spot, Yuu be reminding him on his little nephews
Jiang Cheng teach sec defense while may threatening to break legs
But we all know he won’t~!!!
Wei Wuxian be teaching bad stuff
Yuu will get to ride spiritual swords instead of brooms or walking to get to class
Cause these adults will escort the poor magicless child to class
That will be Wen Ning cause Wen Ning a good boi and Lan Xichen or Jiang Cheng
If girl?
These sect leaders and veterans of losing their precious female members will go on to PROTECT YOU!
Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian will be reminded of their deceased sister Yanli-jiejie
Cause Yuu be pulling Mickey Mouse and being a mediator hike fixing all these emotional teenage boys trauma
Yanli be doing the same—
Wen Ning will be an older brother or uncle figure
Wei Wuxian will be momma bear and pull flutes to chase bullies with hordes of fierce corpse or ghost
Lmao! Being girl will give extra points
Just discipline and mannerism
Qiren be scary while Jiang Cheng be threatening
Grim better be good if he wanna walk or speak again
Will be poked fun of and forced to do things by Jingyi and Zizhen sadly
Wangji be pulling the silencing spells
All in all, Grim better be good or else~
These ghost will chill and cause a few mischief
The cultivators will have to get used to these well-meaning ghost
Will be warned that ghost are different form ghost of the MXTX world
Yes. MXTX world. We be having the SVSSS and TGCF as part of the MDZS world
Ghost will help out and will be intrigue by the music cultivation of talking to ghost
Lan Qiren better not qi deviate so much—
Hope you all enjoy!! This is my first HC and crossover. But bold but who asking? This is just part one as the dorms will be next. I tried to include the characters that are alive. And yes, I ain’t adding sect leader Yao cause who likes that stinky guy. Also if you don’t know either Twisted Wonderland and MDZS. It’s alright!~
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bee-ackerman · 10 months ago
Whats in the AOT Gangs Bag Modern AU Part 2
A/N: This is in my seaside city AU. Marley characters will be in the next part. I tried to keep reader as neutral as possible ~ Connie's part is my fave lol he's so chaotic, PLS why am I so mean to Jean I luv him~ REBLOGS ARE WELCOMED 💕
TW: Implied age gap relationship, mentions of alcohol
Part 1 - Includes the Vets
This part includes the 104 - (Y/N) aka YOU 😌, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, Connie, Jean, Ymir, Historia
Tumblr media
Certified gamor gorl 🙈
Broke his 4th phone cause hes a degenerate and now his dad refuses to replace it
Broke bitch but also rich bitch
Sketchbook for option art class - plays switch during lectures
Went to university cause his dad made him but really he wants to be a streamer
Majors in finance at seaside city uni
Works part time at Levi's tea shop because of an incident that he'd rather not talk about
Has called Levi dad by accident more than once. Jean will not let him live it down.
Loses his bag a lot
Ends up watching video game streamers in class instead of paying attention
Has actually flown to LA for a meet and greet of his fave streamer just for said streamer to cancel 😔
Gets in a lot of trouble at Levis tea shop cause he's so short tempered, he's so bad at customer service.
Tried to arm wrestle a costumer once so Levi has sent him to work in the back instead
Tumblr media
Handkerchief - never gave it back after getting it from historia
Doesn't like social media so flip phone is the vibe (still has it but it's on his ipad)
Intern for Hange
Studies bio and hopes to become a marine biologist
Lives in the same building as Moblit and Hange so he also has a key to Hange or Moblit's place just in case they pull an all nighter
Has mostly ocean pictures on his camera but also pictures of friends and a certain blonde who hes crushing on... *coughs* Annie
Is clumsy and awkward but gets serious when focusing on what he loves
Accidentally forgot water once while he was out on the boat with Hange and Moblit tryna study whale sounds and he was so parched he thought he was gonna die(dramatic). Hange forgot to bring water then chugged moblits. Lets just say their sea day trip was cut short.
Now religiously brings water in his bag wherever he goes
Mikasa, (Y/N), Jean, Connie, Sasha, Ymir, Historia after the cut off
Tumblr media
Over the shoulder bag
Carries a wallet because Eren is always forgetting his so she carries his money too
Sea shells Armin gave her
Lives with Eren
Carries food for after her gym sessions
Make up for that same reason
Takes notes on her laptop
Majors in finance with Eren
Works part time at Levis tea shop as well
Has a scholarship due to her incredible athletic abilities
Is on the tennis team
Calls her parents everyday without fail and even calls Eren's parents so he and her can say hi
Knows that Jean is copying her mint brand but doesn't mind. Asks him for mints so that he doesnt have to eat them cause she knows he actually doesnt like mints.
Always has food for the gym but also for a Sasha emergency.
Has matching handkerchief with Historia because they saw them when they went shopping. They dont use them much but its the memory and thought that counts.
Tumblr media
Whats in my bag sticker given to you by Mikasa
Mikasa, Eren, and Armin are your childhood friends
You got the airpods as a birthday gift from Eren
The keys are Sasha’s cause you’re staying over at her, Connie and Jean’s place while you find a new place to live.
Yes it does get super chaotic and you sometimes have to go to Eren and Mikasa’s apartment to get some quiet time
Usually you go there when they both have a shift at the shop
You and Jean are both pre-law poli-sci students so in first year you meet the rest of the 104 through Jean and become friends quickly
You use a laptop for your notes
Your camera is full of pictures of your friends and candid shots of Levi that he has zero idea about and you will never tell him cause he’s gonna delete them.
He knows about them he just simps so hard he doesn't say anything.
Theres one picture of him climbing a fence like a pro because you both decided to sneak into the universities tennis court so he can drunkenly show you his tennis skills at 3am.
You got treats for Connie’s cat who literally has no name so everyone has different names they call him. Yours is Captain grump.
The dandelion is from Sasha cause she wanted your sandwich and she offered to trade with you. Obviously not a fair trade but you love her so you did it anyways.
Tumblr media
Cute and weird wallet phone case is really her vibe
Does not use the case as a wallet tho
Collects random rocks she thinks look like candy. The first time she encountered one she ate it... seriously, Jean had to take her to the doctor to make sure she's ok.
Always has food... ALWAYS
Messy make up bag but she always has a hair tie
Has a switch so she can game with the bois during break
When you and her get annoyed at their bickering over the games you just end up playing animal crossing together. Sasha always steals fruit from your island
Pranked you once by stealing ALL the fruit from your trees
Takes notes on her ipad and unexpectedly has really neat well taken aesthetic notes
A game boy for when she sneakily plays while on shift at Levi's shop
Majors in psychology, and wants to become a child therapist
On the University archery team, she's actually a archery prodigy and was offered a scholarship for it like Mikasa
Roommates with Connie and Jean
Tumblr media
Actually rents a locker cause he does not fuck with back packs
If he needs to carry stuff he puts on his cross body fanny pack
What he can carry in his fanny pack: vape, adhd meds, gameboy, snack for his cat, polaroids he cherishes, a pencil and eraser, peice of gum, keys to his apartment and some cash, lastly his ipod and phone.
Keeps his switch in his locker till he goes home
Has a 6 month old drink in his locker he doesnt care to take out
Keeps textbooks and notebooks in his locker also but carries around one notebook while going to classes which is a bad idea cause he keeps losing them.
Thankfully he has permission to record his lectures so he keeps some notebooks in his apartment
Found a four leaf clover and i'm convinced this is why he hasn't accidentally flunked out cause hes so forgetful about everything. *cries* my poor child
Actually has good grades
Majors in psychology with sasha and bertolot and peick
Tumblr media
Has a pink phone cause he likes rose gold
Says he doesnt believe in wallets but really doesnt have one cause the one he truly wants is like more than 1k
Has the same key chain as Mikasa cause they went to buy it together. Awe... SIKE bb is delusional cause it's more like everyone went as a group and he just got the same one she did ahhaha
Also gets the same brand of mints as Mikasa so he can start a conversation.
Keeps seashells armin gave him as well ( not cause mikasa does it but cause he loves armin also )
Keeps cat treats for Connies cat who he calls snuggles 😳. He will NOT say it in front of anyone but snuggles
Got a blue and red switch so he wouldn't match Eren's switch, cause gawd forbid they match like the besties THEY ARE.
Secretly has reading glasses but refuses to wear them near Mikasa cause he is self conscious about how he looks in them
Is a majoring in poli-sci and is hoping to go to law school - thinks of levi as his mentor and asks lots of questions when levi pops by the tea shop.
Jean stops by the shop a lot because he is visiting (stalking 👀) Mikasa and "studying".
Can surprisingly cook well so he cooks dinner most of the time for Sasha and Connie
His mom gave him that hanker chief. Secretly a mamas boy so he treasures anything she gives him 🤧😊
Tumblr media
Got the phone case as a prize at the seaside city festival but has grown to really like it so he refuses to change it. Boi is emotionally attached like don't even touch it or breathe near it.
Unlike jean he actually doesnt believe in wallets - he gave zero reason’s
Has reading glasses and wears them often - they're actually full time glasses but he doesn't realize it. Jeans tried to tell him but Marcos too sweet he doesn't wanna upset him that he needs to wear them always. They hurt Marco's nose.
Journals every detail of his day
Photography major
Carries around polaroids of his closest friends
Only can finish half his food cause hes a really light eater (pls don't come for me cause of this joke)
Sasha gave him those rocks and he claims he forgot to clean them out but really he treasures them
Tumblr media
Does not fuck with air pods or any ear phones cause they hurt her ears, she will blast her music and everyone lets her
Bought another matching hankerchief as Mikasa cause Armin committed theft and stole the other one. She holds a grudge secretly.
Loves green tea in all forms so she's a regular at the shop
Ymir won her the lil plush at the seasode city festival cause she thought it looked like historia
Journals religiously to the point she cant hear anyone else when shes deep in journal heaven
A history major who doesnt really know what shes gonna do after undergrad school
Thinks she might go to law school or grad school and become a professor
If you ask anyone else what she should do the answers would vary from “marry me” to “model or become famous”
Unknowingly she is one of the campus it girls
Sorry boys but shes a BISEXUAL QUEEN in a relationship with a woman - broke many boys hearts when her and Ymir were caught kissing during the university end of year party
The boys are still simping
Takes all her notes on her ipad and at first she tried to be aesthetic like Sasha but got bored and now just takes neat notes.
Has had Erwin as her prof a couple times and at first it was hard to pretend she didn't know him on a deeper level (her friend's boss who they sometimes party with)
Tumblr media
Not a uni student
She joined a cruise when everyone was in their first year of uni as a singer/performer
Hopes to become a movie director and music producer
For now works at zekes music studio as an intern
Has an old ass carrot 🥕 in her car but cant find it and doesnt know where the smell is coming from
Her and historia have to drive with the windows down because of the smell
Vapes pretty religiously
Her and Eren are surprisingly really close. They love pranking Zeke and Eren takes all the blame when they get caught cause Zeke can never be mad at his precious baby brother 💀
Loves making juice, especially the aesthetically pleasing ones she sees on tik tok when she's on historias phone
Isn't upper middle class unlike most of the 104 so she only has a flip phone and ipod so she can listen to music ~illegally~
Was able to buy a switch off Zeke for a low price cause it wasn't the colour he wanted so he was practically giving it away (rich man tingz 👀🏃‍♀️)
Now she games with the boiiis and WINS 😎
If you read it all I love you have a cookie 🍪 , forehead kiss and a good day!
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mlm-writer · a month ago
Unforgettable Day (Chris Smith x GN!Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Husband!Chris Smith/Peacemaker x Gender Neutral Reader Rating: PG-13 Words: 1231 POV: Second Summary: It is your one-year wedding anniversary. Chris tries to do something special. It blows up (duh). Note: Sorry I forgot Eagly existed. Tags: fluff, unintended explosion, reader has a gun, Adrian is here and domestic fluff
The house was eerily quiet, as you pushed through the door with a case clutched to your chest. As far as you knew, your husband did not have plans for that day, but you would not be surprised if he decided to go out on a whim with Adrian. Still, you kept your ears on high alert, while moving through the house with the case. When you passed your favourite picture on the wall, you stopped for a second to admire it. 
A smile painted itself onto your face, when you looked at the picture of your wedding day, taken exactly one year ago. It was a beautiful disaster. The whole 11th Street Kids gang was there, your friends were there. Chris’ friends brought guns. Yours brought flasks full of strong liquor. Some people took shots, some got shot. Your suit now has a permanent red stain on it and you were still not sure if it was wine or blood. It was truly an unforgettable day. 
You let out a contented sigh, before walking on. With a huff, you lifted the case onto the dinner table. There was still time for making a romantic dinner, but you would much rather order in to save on clean-up time. You stared at your fridge, contemplating the pros and cons, when there was a loud explosion from your backyard. This would not be the first time Chris brought his work home, so you ducked underneath the table and crawled towards the half-wall that separated your kitchen from your living room. You opened the cabinet under the sink that rested against the wall and got your firearm out. The dove of peace was engraved on the grip and your name with ‘Smith’ as the surname on the barrel. 
You peeked around the corner getting a view of the backyard through the mirror hanging on the wall in the living room. It was still cracked from a former incident, but still usable. The backyard was full of smoke. You squinted as you watched it all disperse, until two figures were visible standing on your back porch. While they were still obscured by the smoke, you dashed and hid behind the couch for a clearer and easier shot. A glance back at the mirror revealed the identity of the two men in your yard. You sighed and stood up. “Adrian, what nice of you to join Chris and I today,” you announced, half joking, before slipping through the door leading to the back porch, trying to keep the smoke out of your living room. 
You coughed and waved some leftover smoke from your face. “Happy anniversary, my bestie-in-law!” Adrian ran up to you, covered in soot and hugged you tightly. You sighed and hugged him back. 
“I wished you would stop bringing explosives with you,” you complained, even though you genuinely enjoyed having him around. 
“This time it was not an explosive! Well… it did explode, but this time we did not mean it to.” “Is that true?”
You grinned as you let go of Adrian and turned to your husband, just as covered in soot. “It was supposed to be your anniversary present," he replied. You looked down at the contraption on your back porch. There was a broken metal tub, a sort of pump, several hoses, an exploded whatever it used to be and a shittonne of burned rose petals. 
“Well,” you started, putting your hands on your hips as you stared at the mess, “it sure is… artsy.” You tried to hold your laughter, but a little escaped you. It was just so typical Chris. Screw the flowers and chocolates. This was perfect. However, when you looked up at your husband, you could see the disappointment on his face. You smiled kindly at him and stepped closer so you could kiss his cheek. “Oh don’t look like that! I love your art. Even your ghost of peace, remember?” He visibly cheered up a little. 
“It was supposed to be a hot tub. You really liked it on our honeymoon, but I could not buy one…” 
“I offered to steal one from a rich asshole,” Adrian interjected. You looked back at the mess, figuring the metal tub was supposed to be your hot tub. 
“Well… we have a bath… why don’t you draw me one of those?” “On it boss!”
Chris kissed your cheek and ran off inside to fulfil your request. You looked at Adrian, who was smiling at you like his divorced parents just told him they were getting back together. “Adrian…” You started. He replied by saying your name back. “Usually, you’re always welcome here, but today I would like you to leave. Would you do that as an anniversary gift?”
He looked a little disappointed, but you were immune to those sad puppy dog eyes. “Well… Since I’d do anything for you guys, fine,” he sighed. It took him a good 5 minutes to make his dramatic exit though, hoping you would invite him to stay anyway; it was not happening today. 
When you entered the bathroom, you saw the tub already halfway filled with plenty of bubbles. Chris was carefully putting some candles around the room. You smiled and held the case up you had brought home. “I think you have well-deserved an anniversary present as well,” you said to catch his attention. Chris looked up from his task, eyebrows raising. 
“Damn right I have,” he replied, clearly trying to not show how excited he was to open his present. You had not bothered wrapping it up, figuring the case was enough. Chris didn’t seem to even notice the lack of wrapping paper and ribbons. He put the toilet cover down and placed the case on top of it. When he opened it, he officially failed hiding his excitement. 
As if he had never held a gun before, he picked up the shiny new semi-automatic you got him, the dove of peace engraved right next to the words ‘Till death do us part’. “Wow, this is perfect,” he exclaimed, before engulfing you in a big hug, accompanied by several kisses placed all over your face. 
“I know… I know! You’re getting soot all over me, stop!” You did not really make any attempt to escape his embrace. “Ok now I really need a bath. Can you order us some food?” Chris finally let you go and put the weapon back in its case. 
“The usual?” He asked as he stared at you getting undressed for your bath. You hummed and stepped in the hot water, turning the tab off, before you spent the rest of your anniversary mopping. The smell of your favourite bath bomb surrounded you. You closed your eyes, enjoying the warmness, the scents, the calm after an explosion. 
You didn’t realise you fell asleep, until you almost drowned after waking up in an almost-cold bath. You coughed out some water, while Chris held you up by your arm out of the water. When you could breathe again, you looked at him. “How often am I going to save your ass?” He asked, though you could see he was genuinely concerned. 
You shook the last of your sleep off. “Yeah, yeah, just help me out, get showered and feed me,” you sighed as you patted his chest with your free hand. The bath was getting really cold. 
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gold-pavilion · a year ago
Character and language notes
A compilation of impressions I get and notes I’ve mentally made on certain characters when translating them. For each of them, I’m also including a sample dialogue + its original in JP so that those familiar with the language can get a good feel of the way they’re originally speaking.
Focused on characters from the Decay of Angels arc for now, since they’re the ones I’ve dealt with the most: Fyodor, Fukuchi, Teruko, Tachihara, Jouno, Tecchou, Sigma and Bram.
▶  Fyodor Dostoyevsky:
- Speaks juuuust like a japanese language student, with the full and neutral forms we all are taught to use, not many shortenings or very complex forms. Very fitting for his foreigner status, but also seems so distant and mechanical that it can get either usettling or kinda gap moe.
- Think something like an english learner going “I’m very thankful”, which is perfectly correct but a tad stiff, instead of going “cool thanks a bunch”.
- Proper, generic, plain way of speaking, though the content itself is elevated and complex.
“僕は何もしていません。僕はここに座って祈っただけ、祈りは神に通じるのです。” / “Boku ha nanimo shiteimasen. Boku ha koko ni suwatte inotta dake, inori ha kami ni tsuujiru no desu.” / “I’m not doing anything. I have just sat here and prayed, and my prayers have reached god.”
▶  Fukuchi Ouchi:
- The character could very well be a writer; he speaks beautifully, poetically yet clearly.
- Of course, he uses some outdated manners of speech at times, but it’s just some quirks of his, it doesn’t make him hard to understand.
- Very clear and straightforward voice for orders and for threats, very verbose and impressive voice for diplomacy and public speech. He can deliver both the rawest and most beautiful lines.
- He’s a silly old fart sometimes tho, and will say befitting things DGSDF.
“若者よ。魂に悔いの残らぬ道を進め、いずれ死に滅ぶ魂ならば尚更。” / “Wakamono yo. Tamashii ni kui no noboranu michi wo susume, izure shi ni horobu tamashii naraba naosara.” / “Young men, walk the road that leaves no regret in your soul, and may whoever perishes, perish all the more in spirit."
▶  Ookura Teruko:
- Archaic language forms that give her speech a classical, though difficult flair. 
(- Funnily, before knowing her ability, I’d complain to my editor that she “speaks like an old lady” at times. Made more sense than I thought!)
- Even though she can sound anything from old-lady-like to princess-y regularly, when she’s angry, she can drop all refinement and speak in a very uncouth/brash language.
- Very confident tone. 
- Her classy language can be really scary when she’s threatening people but also a very funny contrast when she’s throwing tantrums. Yes, she speaks the same way at those times.
”恐らく手に入れたのじゃ。逃げ惑う逃亡犯が何より欲するモンをな。” / “Osoraku te ni ireta no ja. Nigemadou toubouhan ga nani yori hossuru mon wo na.” / “I dare say, we already have what those fugitives running about would wish for the most.”
▶  Tachihara Michizou:
- I’ve already written about him in detail but, in short, two language styles that mix and overlap.
- He has a good vocabulary and can speak smartly and formally.
- He also has an absolute punk talk befitting of a gang member, which is how he talks when he’s taken off-guard, very relaxed, or alone. The vocab level and social awareness level stays though.
- Welcome to the list of BSD characters who can say “fuck”!!
“やっぱ英雄のするこたあ俺には想像もつかねえわ。” / “Yappa eiyuu no suru kotaa ore ni ha souzou mo tsukanee wa.” / "Ain't that right, I can't begin to imagine the way ya heroes do your thing."
▶  Jouno Saigiku:
- Proper, formal, even pleasantly polite language.
- Yet he’s such an asshole. It’s just that he’s an ass while phrasing his ass-ness nicely and properly.
- Uses a lot of condescending or teasing language, like instead of saying “you’re in trouble” he’ll say “oh we’re in trouble now, aren’t we?”, always poking and probing at his victims.
- Uses lots of little additions, I’m not sure how to call these, but things like “my, my”, or “now then”, or inserting a “you see”, a playful speech style that comes off as mocking and mean.
- He’s awful, unbearable, I love him so much!!
“おやおや。今の心音。。。君探偵社の知人縁者ですね?” / “Oya oya. Ima no shinon… kimi tanteisha no chijinenja desu ne?” / “My oh my. This heartbeat now… you are someone related to the detective agency, aren’t you?”
▶  Suehiro Tecchou:
- Blunt and clear.
- Not uncouth or improper though. As expected of a high-standing soldier, he IS adequately formal. Just blunt and honest.
- It should be noted that, while it’s abundantly clear he’s not the brightest lightbulb around, he can speak confidently about things like civil rights, arrest limitations and the processes of the law, since it’s stuff he knows.
- Since he seems to have some emotional intelligence, understanding others and having a fruitful conversation isn’t a problem even if he’s not an extensive talker.
- He saves himself words whenever possible, doesn’t pipe up a lot and is brief when he does.
“彼女は一切の罪に問わぬ。我らにはその権限がある。” / “Kanojo ha issai no tsumi ni towanu. Warera ni ha sono kengen ga aru.” / “She won’t be charged with any of her crimes. We have the authority for it.”
▶  Sigma:
- Probably the most normal speaker on this list lmao. No particular or strong quirks in his speech, just regular japanese of the polite kind.
- An expert at courteous, honorific language when speaking with his guests and customers too. Can sound very charming and endearing when in his role as the perfect casino manager.
- He does have a certain gentleness though, all in all; he’s the type where I could simply never write him using strong cuss words or such.
“こちらの不手沢大変申し訳ありません。宜しければ次のゲームは私自らデイーらーを。” / “Kochira no futezawa taihen moushiwarearimasen. Yorokoshikereba tsugi no GEEMU ha watashimizura DIIRAA wo. ” / “I deeply apologize for our ineptitude. If you’d like, I myself will be the dealer in your next game.”
▶  Bram Stoker:
- DEFINITELY OUTDATED. Speaks like a grand lord of the past, for sure!!
- Unintentionally ends up sounding kind of dramatic, like a character in a fancy novel. Among others, his speech is the one that’d stand out the most.
- Struggles with both modern language and modern concepts; so he’ll explain and express simple things in a grandiose, strange way, like explaining 4 days as “the time in which the sun has risen and roosters have crowed 4 times”.
- He speaks thoughtfully, it’s clear he’s someone that spends a lot of time in his own head and can express himself well.
- He’s so unadapted to modern conversation that it’s cute tho???
“知らぬ。我が眠りは大いなるもの、不遜なる愚民に愚民に呪いあれ。” / “Shiranu. Wa ga nemuri ha ooi naru mono, fuson naru gumin ni noroi are.” / “I do not know. I am a being that sleeps much, may the insolent ones be cursed.”
This is all I’ve compiled for now. Keep in mind these are personal notes and impressions, not absolute truths. I’m not a japanese language expert, just a reader paying as much attention as my level allows to Asagiri-sensei’s dialogue work!
Still, I’m putting it up it’s interseting and helpful for dialogue writing. Writing things out and contemplating them like this making me want to write better dialogue myself.
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instructor144 · 7 months ago
I dont want to get butchered in the comments. I'm pretty ignorant or neutral I guess , bit of both. I'm Canadian and I see the point in the trucker rally because I don't think the government should be able to take people's jobs away if they don't want to be injected with something. I'm not anti Vax, I have all 3 vaccinations and wear a mask , I would prefer people to get vaxxed I just think it's better all around for everyone. But if one day the government wants to inject us with something none of us are okay with they shouldn't be able to force us or put our backs against the wall by banning us from our jobs. So that's why I'm for the trucker rally in that sense. I do have alot of sympathy for the people who have to deal directly with the noise or find the crowds kind of scary. I dont go to protests even if I support them cause that's too many people and noise for me. I actually live in Ottawa and I was there one night downtown for unrelated reasons to the rally and it was loud and very boisterous. But if the rumors I'm hearing are true and that the police are becoming antagonistic or my country's prime Minister is planning a 12hr media black out ... like that's taking away our freedom of speech , how can he do that? How is that possible. I'm anxious. What's next ? Like the truckers are annoying forsurw but I definitely don't want to lose my freedoms and choices. I want to be vaxxed I think most if not all people should be vaxxed but, I 100% don't like the idea of the government being weird like this. It gives me handmaid's tale vibes. Like what if martial law is next? That's terrifying. Please no one be offended by any ignorance on my part. Try to understand what I'm saying , Im not trying to be harmful or dismissive by what I'm saying. I just don't know what better group of people I could pose this concern to, you all have helped me alot in the past with various issues before & here I am again.
Followers, please no ganging up on Anon, please. If you have something constructive to add, do so. Otherwise, stand down and shut up.
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tokyo-fukushu · a year ago
Hi! Idk if you do oneshots or drabbles but if just do headcanons thats alright! Could i request a angst draken x reader, where just like emma, you get hit and draken and the others are all upset and shocked
;; draken’s s/o gets attacked
🥛 — ryuuguji draken ken
🧾 — gender neutral, third pov (they/them), angst, hurt no comfort, post-canon, scenario
✉ — hii! so i changed the scene a little bit because i don’t want to completely copy tokyo rev and because i love emma and at least don’t want to disrespect her memory sdfkjsdf this is set years after touman’s disbandment in the latest future in canon.
🔖 — similar works is my hold on for me series
Tumblr media
Ryuuguji Ken can’t help but pace back and forth, brows creased in worry. It was late in the evening, way later than the usual time his S/o usually comes home. He can’t help but bite on his lip, glancing again and again at the door of the apartment they shared. They would have called if something came up.
So Draken has to assume that the worst had fallen on them.
Cursing, he tries calling them as he slips in his coat. The door locks behind him and Draken wastes no time in running, tracing the usual path S/o usually takes. The call goes to voicemail and he tries again, hoping for better luck. The cold wind does deter his walk and gaze shifting on every spot he could see.
Only a few people were staggering around, the late hour bringing in the dark shadows and urging everyone to go home. Only the drunkards and those with bad intentions would linger around at this time of the night.
And he was stupid enough to not act any earlier.
Then, he hears it.
A familiar voice forming a scream that echoed in the empty alleyways. Draken bolts before he could even think of what he was doing.
He stops, eyes wide, feeling as if the whole world had stopped before it came crashing down on him.
Ghostly pale face, eyes screwed shut, and haphazardly laying on the cold pavement. He didn’t see the attacker but he knew that someone had jumped on them, from the blood-
Dark red blood lay on the pavement, trickling slowly as if taunting him.
Draken kneels down, feeling for a pulse to find the faint ones. “S/o… S/o… Hey, it’s me,” he murmurs, trying to get them to wake up. There was a twitch of a finger and Draken almost let out a sigh of relief. He searches for his phone, the numbers to call an ambulance already in his mind.
He curses, his phone had fallen off somewhere along the way.
Draken picks them up instead, mentally counting how much time it would take for him to arrive at the nearest hospital. He shakes his head, not wanting to waste any more seconds before he hurries in a run, whispering encouragement to the person slipping in and out of consciousness on his arms.
“It’s alright. I’m right here. I promise. We’re almost there,” he repeats like a mantra, holding on the weak body. Helplessness filled him, but not hopelessness. He hadn’t lost hope yet. When you lose hope, you lose a life.
(Was this how Mikey felt when he held Emma for the last time?)
He rids of the thought, of the memories. It had been years already and Draken had grown up, he had learned and he had fallen in love all over again. It wasn’t like Emma, but he had loved them all the same. And at this moment, who he was carrying, who he loved, wasn’t a girl from the past. It was his S/o.
“Just hold on for me.”
S/o was a person in his present, and one he would love to see in his future. The same future that was slowly fading from his eyes the more time passes and he still hasn’t arrived at his destination.
He could feel their breath on the back of his neck and Draken sped up even more, running now.
The familiar white building of Shibuya General enters his sight.
The squeak of Chifuyu’s shoes gliding on the plain hospital floor echoes in the hallway that was painted in white. Draken could hear it even before he had seen the man. He had his head down, trying to hold in the tremor of his breath and trying to stop himself from clenching his fists too hard lest that it bleeds.
He could hear how Chifuyu stopped, most likely staring at him who’s slumped in a plastic chair, before averting his gaze to the now operating sign lit neon. Operating room 4 had been bustling with hurried surgeons and doctors, trying to keep one person alive. That one person was Draken’s dearest, his now and forever.
It had been three hours.
“Hey, man…” Chifuyu whispers, taking a seat beside him. He was cautious, slow and careful, like a cat shadowing after its prey. “What happened?”
His eyes don't even go wide, nor does he bother to look up. It was as if his head was heavier than usual, heavy enough that he couldn't lift it. He can’t even bother to look at Chifuyu anymore, still frozen and enclosed in an invisible block of ice.
He tries to dig in his memory of what could have caused this. S/o wasn’t mugged, her things were laying untouched in that alleyway when Draken had found them. They weren’t a bad person, they didn’t steal and they didn’t even cut in line. Draken was sure that they had never badmouthed anyone in their life.
The only plausible explanation was their relationship.
Draken was never a good person. He wasn’t going to be a decent man, he had realized that early on in his life. It was only fueled even more when he started fighting, when he got his tattoo, when he revelled in his schoolmate’s scared faces—looking at him with a mixture of awe, respect, and fear.
He knew that he was not going to be a law-abiding citizen when he first rode his bike at the tender age of twelve, not bothering to even forge a license. He ran away from cops and skipped classes, he grew up in a brothel. He was a gang member, a proud one at that. He fought people and he had hurt them with his own hands. He was far from a good person.
It was all the more reason for him to be targeted, for someone to have a grudge on him and decide to take away the only person left with him. (He had lost Emma, Mikey had left him behind. Was he going to lose S/o too?)
His head dips even lower, losing all the fight in his body.
Of course.
A quick glance at the closed door of the operation room burned his stomach, acid in his throat and darkness in his mind. The only reason why his S/o was even there in the first place was because of him.
Chifuyu places a hand on his shoulder, awkwardly patting him and yet doing it with so much strength and so much comfort as if he had truly meant the gesture. He probably did. Chifuyu was one of the most honest people Draken ever knew. He cried when he had to fight Baji, that kid. Refused to even punch him. Chifuyu was a good kid deep inside and when he comforted Draken with that small action, he meant it with all his heart.
He slightly looks up in gratitude.
It had been three hours, there were many more hours to come.
Mitsuya came next in the wee hours of the morning. Draken knew that he probably had work in a few hours but he didn’t dare to send him away.
He frantically searched around the room with plastic chairs before settling his gaze on the duo sitting side-by-side. Chifuyu had passed out, a frown on his lips and brows furrowed even in his dreams as if he was having a nightmare (or having a particularly disturbing memory of the last time he had been in a hospital, when someone else died).
Draken’s gaze met Mitsuya’s and the latter was immediately stomping on him. He startles as Mitsuya pushes a bag on his hands. “Chifuyu texted me earlier, I just woke up. Brought food as well knowing that you two probably didn’t even move.”
They hadn’t. Not even once. For Draken it had been four hours, for Chifuyu it had been one.
Draken accepts the bag, peeking inside to see packed food (bought from a nearby fast-food joint) and two cups of coffee—Mitsuya was holding his own cup, sipping eagerly on it. He takes a seat behind Draken, eyes still slightly drooping despite the attentiveness in those orbs.
He doesn’t take out any of the meal, putting the bag aside instead. He does pull out the cup of coffee though, relishing in the warmth of the liquid seeping down his dry throat. He hadn’t shed a tear, not wanting to, but his eyes and his throat had felt so parched as if he had wasted all the liquids in his body, racking with sobs.
“Mitsuya,” he calls after a few minutes of silence. Chifuyu was still having his bad dream beside him.
The aforementioned hums, putting down his cup on the seat beside him and leaning back while lightly closing his eyes.
“Am I cursed?”
“Why do you say so?”
Draken swallows the lump in his throat, looking up at the plain white of the ceiling. He hated that color. It reminded him of hospitals, of white sheets, of white dresses, of death, and of letting go. That awful smell of antiseptic still stuck in his nose and the cold limp body of one of the few he had ever loved still haunts him to this very day. To think that if things go south he would be feeling the same chill of a human’s skin doesn’t make things any better.
“Everyone I’ve ever loved ended up hurt or dead.”
Mitsuya sighs and Draken almost feels his heart drop. “Ken,” he starts and Draken tenses. It had been awhile since anyone other than S/o called him that, call him by his name. “At some point, everyone would experience that as well. You aren’t the only one who lost someone but that doesn’t mean that your ache isn’t valid. It just means that… Pain, sorrows, death… It’s all a part of life. You learn to accept it, or you swirl down because of it.
“Losing someone isn’t a curse nor is it a blessing. It’s simply how life is.”
For the first time that night, Draken let a few tears slip down his face, hands clasped together as if in a prayer.
“S/o is going to be fine. Believe in them, will ‘ya.”
He doesn’t need to turn to see Mitsuya’s grin.
Draken bows his head.
This is not the first nor the last time he’d been in a hospital. But he prays to god that tonight, he won’t be here to see the end of someone’s life but rather a turn instead.
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cyberheavens · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚universeੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚
-; ૢ✧∘*feat...ken "draken" ryuguji from tokyo revengers
-; ૢ✧∘*genre: fluff, hurt/comfort, gender neutral reader
-; ૢ✧∘*notes: timeskip! mid twenties! black-haired! draken
-; ૢ✧∘*words: 1.2K
content warnings: food warning (ice cream), drinking mention, existentialism talk, fear of future talk, law and order SVU mention, crying,
a/n: this is a personal story that I made to better understand my feelings about life and such. I've been thinking about it more since I watched eeaao, and that movie is a direct inspiration for this fic. I don't know what warnings to put for this, since it is a deep topic. I hope the ones I put help! this fic does reference the show Law and Order SVU, but only briefly about the characters
not beta read and prob has a ton of grammar mistakes
Tumblr media
You lounge about, to the familiar sound of something on the television. The chime sound effect emits from your phone, signaling a win in the game you were playing. Nighttime is always the best time for meaningless tasks like completing your daily missions on your favorite phone game or sitting around in your pajamas watching SVU for the millionth time, but it brings a sense of calm and a little bit of anxiety. 
What do you do? How do you go about your life? At these late hours, everything seems both more alive and even more mundane.
As you take a break from your phone to dig into your ice cream (your choice of a midnight snack), A jingle of keys at the door interrupts you. The door opens slowly, the person entering attempting to try and enter as quietly as they could, only to give up after seeing your silhouette.
“You’re home early, I thought you guys were getting drinks?”
Draken sighed at the question, taking off his shoes and putting his bike keys on a hanger by the entrance. “Every time I go, I end up having to babysit everyone. Left early.”
“But Draken, what if something happens to them?” You mock worry.
“Something probably will, but I’m off duty for tonight. It's Takemichy’s problem.”
You chuckled, digging at your ice cream.
“Why are you sitting in the dark? It’s bad for your eyes.” he chastised, now resting his forearms on the edge of the couch above you. You pat his arm.
“I see Dr. Ryuguji is in the house tonight.”
“Someone’s gotta check up on you babe.”
Draken looks off at the screen, and back at your ice cream. He leaves to the kitchen, grabbing a spoon, and the tub of ice cream in the freezer, before returning to you.
He sits next to you on the couch. You lean into his side, nestling the back of your head on his chest.
“What episode is this?”
“I dunno, I’ve been playing it in the background while I played games on my phone. I think it’s one of the earlier seasons though”
Draken hums in response before popping the lid off the ice cream tub and digging in. “Yeah, Elliot’s still there and Olivia has that bob haircut.”
“She looks so good with that haircut”
You join him, digging a bit into your ice cream. “Do you ever think about yourself in a different reality?”
Draken raised an eyebrow “What does that have to do with SVU?”
“Nothing! It’s something I’m thinking about now.”
“I have no idea what you mean.”
“Like, maybe there’s a universe where….you never joined a gang, never got tattoos, or or…”
You get up to face him, sitting with your legs crossed excitedly.
“Another universe where you went out with the guys tonight instead of coming home early.”
Draken scoffed, “If you keep thinking like that, your head is gonna explode.”
“Just think about it at least?”
He sighs, turning to his ice cream tub to think, before taking another bite. He hums, before facing you again.
“There’s probably one where I didn’t dye my hair back to black.”
“See!” You point your spoon at the tall man. “That’s what I’m talking about!”
“I can’t see the other stuff happening though.” he concludes. “That’s just the way my life paved out.”
You hum in response, getting a little more solemn. None of your emotions can be hidden from Draken, though.
“Babe, what’s going on?” he questions, putting down his ice cream.
You put down your ice cream as well.
“I guess…I’ve been thinking about the choices I made throughout my life and whether they were the right ones.”
“Like school?"
“School, career path, you know…” You trail off, trying to not get the mood too down. “Whenever I’m sitting here, doing my thing with my games and the tv…I feel like I’m wasting my life away.”
Draken doesn’t say anything for a couple of seconds. “You don’t feel fulfilled?”
“Yeah exactly! Sometimes I do, when I’m with you, or when I’m working on stuff. When I go to events, when we go hang out with everybody. When I’m alone, I feel like I’m taking a good rest….but.” You trail off.
“I still don’t fill like I fit, like I’m following the right path for me.” You sigh, rubbing your forehead. “Sorry, this sounds stupid, let’s just-”
“No, it doesn’t” Draken interrupts, grabbing your arm and pulling you towards him. You follow, settling his arms. He rests his chin on top of your head. “I get what you mean.”
“But don’t you think your life turned out the way you expected.”
“Sure, but there were times where I’d just goof off, not knowing what to do. Half the time I didn't go to school since I knew I’d probably won’t get into universities.” he said, shrugging.
“You don’t feel bad about it?” You mumble into his arm.
“I did, for a while, then I met Mikey and Mitsuya, then founded the Manji Gang, started working at the motorcycle shop, then…” he smiles down at you, brushing the hair out of your eyes. “I met a certain someone outside a coffee shop.”
You smile at the memory, you accidentally spilling coffee on a 6’2 man with a dragon tattoo on his head. Draken was as smooth as he was now, slying asking you to buy him coffee next time as an apology.
“Do you ever think about the whole universe thing though? Like how your life would’ve been if you did something different?” You ask again, leaning against him more.
“Maybe once in a while, but I feel like if I changed anything, we wouldn’t be there.”
“What do you mean?”
“This.” He gestures to the area around you both. The apartment you share, the collection of figures and trinkets by the tv. Plushies close to the coach, photos of you and Draken on the refridgerator, a collection of records in the corner of the living room you put on occasionally to try and get Draken to dance with you.
“All my choices lead to this, right?” He says, quietly into your ear. “Even though I went through shit, because of my choices, it led to where we are right now.”
You nod, immersed in what Draken was saying.
“Even if there are universes where I made better choices, where I choose a ‘better’ path, nothing could ever beat being here with you, eating ice cream at 1am, and watching SVU or some other drama you like watching.” He rubs your arm rhythmically. “You’re in that place where you’re thinking about the rest of your life cause you have enough ambition to go forward. Don’t worry too much, you’ll get there.”
Now you’re full on crying, and Draken looks down at your tear stricken face. “Wosh, hey did I upset you?”
“No..” You sniffled. “That’s literally the most romantic anyone has said to me.”
Draken didn’t say a word, though his blush on his cheeks and ears said all. He silently wiped the tears from your face, slowly smiling. Afterwards, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
“I love you, baby.”
“Love you too, Ken.”
Tumblr media
ty for reading <3 sorry if it's a bit of a mess, like I mentioned, it's a bit of a personal piece!
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honourablejester · 4 months ago
5e Homebrew Background
A functionary is a creature of lists and rosters, contracts, contacts and paperwork. They are the secretaries, the civil servants, the logistics officers, the clerks, the accountants and, occasionally, also the spies and the fixers and the numbers people of various illicit operations. A functionary is the person who knows who and what is supposed to be where and when, and can produce the paperwork (legitimate or otherwise) to back themselves up. Perhaps you were a court functionary, perhaps you were a city clerk, perhaps you were a noble’s secretary, perhaps you were a logistics officer for the army, perhaps you ran the accounts or the supply chains for a gang of smugglers. Whatever organisation you served and whichever side of the law you were on, you were a force of order (and paperwork) in the world around you.
Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from among History, Insight, Investigation, or Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit
Languages: Any one of your choice
Equipment: Common clothes, an ink pen, a bottle of ink, a ledger, and a belt pouch with 10gp.
You are adept at discerning the structure of any organisation or outfit you might be presented with. You know at a glance if an outfit is sloppily or tightly run, you know who likely runs the day to day operations, you know who to talk to about what or who is meant to be where (and how to arrange for either to be conveniently elsewhere), and you can get a sense of who is nominally in charge and who is actually in charge of any given area of responsibility. If permission needs to be gotten, you know where you’re likely to get it.
The essence of a functionary is the ability to work within and, if necessary, around a system. They need not be moral, they need not even be lawful, but they do know how to get things done within a particular set of constraints. They might admire the arcane, abstruse and complex bureaucracy they work within, or they might despise it, but either way they know how to work it. Perhaps they even know how to improve it, streamline it, or sidestep it altogether. Whatever their role, a functionary tends to be practical, detail-oriented, and adept at keeping tracking the rules and regulations that surround them, as well as sometimes the connections and methods necessary for expediting and/or ignoring them. They might also be fussy, obstructive, corrupt, crusading, or somewhat unmoored from reality, depending on day of the week and the system they happen to work within.
Personality Traits (d8):
I mutter constantly to myself under my breath, and neither notice nor care what anyone might think about it.
I like everything to be neat. Everything.
I make it a point to get to know someone useful everywhere I go.
I have a list of my favourite obscure and incredibly annoying rules and laws, ready to go at a moment’s notice.
I do my best to always know the location of the nearest good meal, good laundry, and fine paper merchant.
I hoard information of varying usefulness worse than any dragon.
If you are polite to me, I will do everything in my power to get you where you need to go. If you are impolite to me … well. Good luck.
I have a wooden stamp and a pad of red ink, and I greatly enjoy using it.
Ideal (d6):
Order. The system, as much or more than its intended purpose, is its own reward. (Lawful)
Purpose. Organisation, civilisation, exists to deliver the greatest amount of good to the greatest amount of people possible. (Good)
Loopholes. The lines exist so that you can have all the fun in the world hopping in, around and over them as easily as your skill and competence allow. Only amateurs need to outright break things to get what they want. (Chaotic)
Corruption. The rules exist to get me what I want, while preventing anyone else from getting what they want. (Evil)
Efficiency. The point is to get whatever needs to be done done as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Neutral)
Aspiration. I am meant for more than just lowly paper-pushing. (Any)
Bond (d6):
You learn things in my position. Sometimes you learn the wrong things, and then people try to kill you for them. Ideally I would like to avoid that. The being killed part, that is.
There has recently been a serious disruption in my supply and/or information chain, and I don’t know why, but I am going to find out, and I am going to fix it.
Nobody has seen more people hurt because of numbers on a piece of paper than I have. I’ve had enough. Someone needs to do something.
Over the last few months, I’ve noticed some inconsistencies in my employer’s correspondence. Some dangerous inconsistencies. I need to find proof of my suspicions.
Paperwork eats your soul. I need to escape, to do something different and more exciting with my life.
I met these people ten minutes ago and I can already tell that if someone doesn’t get this outfit organised and fed on time and a decent stream of income, they’re all going to die. So, I guess that someone is me?
Flaw (d6):
Do you know how little functionaries get paid? It’s not a lot. I would like it to be more, and I’m willing to be morally flexible in how I achieve that.
I am the most boring conversationalist on the face of the planet, and several people have tried to stab me for it.
If I notice some little thing out of place, I will not let it go, no matter where it leads me.
You know that saying about speaking truth to power? Speaking procedure to power often has similar results. Doesn’t mean I can turn a blind eye, though.
The problem with jigging the system as often and as casually as I do is that, sooner or later, the system does notice.
I have to keep records of things. Even things I really, really shouldn’t put in writing.
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