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Hotteok (Korean Pancakes)
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May I ask what would be the core differences between 을/ㄹ 수 있다 vs 잘하다/못하다 and 잘 하다/못 하다? Could you also make a chart to differentiate it? Thank you so much!!
Hi, thank for your patience! I actually already have a chart about 잘하다/못하다 and 잘 하다/못 하다 here! Go check that out first! I’ll also try to make a chart in the near future with -을/ㄹ 수 있다/없다 as well, so look out for that one too (I might edit the existing explanations as well to make them a little clearer) :)
As for the differences between those two and -을/ㄹ 수 있다/없다, that's a good question. According to this page, -을/ㄹ 수 있다/없다 implies that something it literally possible or impossible. 잘하다/못하다 and 잘 하다/못 하다, however, mean that you are good/bad at something, or that you could or could not do something at a specific time, rather than stating that something is possible/impossible in general. This is a lot, so let’s look at some examples!
저는 수영을 못해요. = I’m bad at swimming.
This means that you are bad at swimming. If my understanding is correct, you CAN physically swim, but you’re bad at it and do not swim skillfully.
저는 수영을 못 해요. = I can’t swim.
This means that you are unable to swim. Maybe you never learned how to swim, or you’re busy right now and cannot swim. If you were given lessons, or were not busy, however, it would be possible for you to swim. This is NOT a statement of how well you can swim in general, but just says that you are unable to swim right now.
저는 수영할 수 없어요. = I can’t swim.
This implies that it is literally impossible for you to swim and that there is no way for you to ever swim. The page I link to gives a better example:
인간을 날 수 없어요. = Humans cannot fly.
This means that it is literally impossible for humans to fly.
What about for 잘하다 / 잘 하다 / -을/ㄹ 수 있다?
저는 노래를 잘해요. = I am good at singing.
This is a comment on the overall quality of your singing -- you are a good vocalist. Maybe you’ve had vocal training for a few years and have gotten good at singing.
민지 씨가 대회에서 노래를 잘 했어요. = Minji sang well at the competition
잘 하다 means “to do [something] well.” This sentence means that Minji sang well at the competition. This does not mean that Minji is a good singer in general, but that in this particular instance, she sang well.
저는 노래할 수 있어요. = I can sing.
This means that it is literally possible for you to sing. Maybe your throat hurts, but it is still physically possible to sing.
I know this is all kind of a lot -- I too need a refresher about this sometimes! But I hope it was helpful anyway, and I’ll try to work on a chart comparing all three as well! Thanks for the question! 화이팅!
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Artist I Like Series 
Park Hang Ryul 1950-???? a Korean artist famous for his paintings and poems.He held a total of 31 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions around the world including Korea, the United States, Japan, Belgium, England and many other countries.
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Them!! The prince!!
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a christmas filled day here in seoul 🧸
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monolith: a comic for aapi heritage month 2022
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Henry Higgs x Eliza Dooley fan video
Happy 8th anniversary to Selfie (2014)! This show was ahead of its time and was gone too soon.
It’s a romantic comedy series starring Karen Gillan and John Cho. A modern adaptation of My Fair Lady created by Emily Kapnek (As Told by Ginger, Suburgatory). The same executive producer for Bridgerton also worked on Selfie. She’s the reason why John Cho was cast as Henry making him the first Asian male romantic lead in a U.S. romcom series. Everyone had great chemistry and not to mention Karen Gillan did an amazing cover of Chandelier. The cast and creator would be up for a revival if there’s an opportunity as well.
Release date: September 30, 2014 - December 30, 2014
Song: Dreamcatcher - Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
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Another day, another korean study session 🌱
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But also...
Yes x'D
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— ❀ koreɑn vibes ୭ ⌯ ( bios + heɑders )
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ☆ .ᐟ ⭒ Drᥱᥲm goᥣd ﹏ 웄 ՞
✿ ⭒ ᥣovᥱfooᥣ ୧ ⫾ ׅ ࣪ 웄 ՞
봄 𖣂 ۰ 여름의 사랑 ׅ ࣪ ๑՞
𖣂 ۰ 당신은 내 인생의 전부이고 나는 ׅ ࣪
۫ . 내 꿈이 아닌 당신의 꿈을 이루기 ׅ ࣪
۫ . 나 자신을 다치게합니다. ✿𝆬՞.
     ׅ   ֶָ֪  ֹ sᥕᥱᥱt storყ    ׅ   ֶָ֪  ֹ
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ 𖣂ㅤ  ︪︩   사랑  ✿𝆫 ㅤㅤ웄
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ
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♡ or reblog (don't repost)
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big masterpost of fun things to do this summer
hi :) i like to make a big list of things i want to do each summer, and i thought i'd share all the resources i collected this year with y'all in case you want to do any of these things too <3
learn a new language. 🦜
i've collected a bunch of resources for french, korean, and mandarin so i'll be making separate posts for those languages. but here's some of my favourite resources - most of them are based off of krashen’s comprehensible input theory which is why they are fun resources:
french: free grammar lessons and quizzes for all levels, watch french tv, read manga in french, a drive full of french books, a bunch of french culture podcasts, a list of french youtubers
korean: anki grammar decks for all levels, super in depth grammar explanations up to advanced level, a bunch of resources, reddit’s ultimate beginner’s thread, read korean webtoon, talk to me in korean
mandarin: a bunch of anki decks, grammar gamified, reading practice, chinese reading world, mandarin bean grammar points
japanese: core 2000 words anki deck, grammar gamified on renshuu
spanish: language transfer for spanish!
learn to draw. 🎨
this is more just a collection of art related resources. hope they help!
proko’s art library, a bunch of sketching and fundamental tutorials
the complete famous artists course
collection of art books and resources
alphonso dunn’s youtube channel
learn guitar. 🎸
i got a guitar last summer on a whim and have been having a really fun time learning it! here’s the main resource i’ve been using.
learn jazz piano. 🎹
similarly jazz piano is something i’ve wanted to get into for a while + improv. this person’s youtube channel is very cool!
write something and put it out into the world! ✍
i love to write and it took me a while to learn how to submit stuff to journals. hope these help you!
a bunch of resources on how to submit to journals
how to submit to literary magazines by doretta lau
publishing 101
chillsubs, an easy way to find journals to submit to
make your own video games. 🎮
by now if you follow me you know i love to make twine games. here are a couple of cool engines you can use for free!
twine, a text based engine
renpy or visual novel resources
take a free online course. 🧠
coursera has a lot of options, which i really like. i took Yale’s the science of well being a few years ago and it was great!
make your own music or learn how audio software works. 🎵
audionodes is a cool free browser software that lets you do this without downloading anything!
learn about personal finance. 💵
i feel like it’s hard to devote proper time to learning about personal finance so a lot of us rely on learning as we go, but there are some good resources and tools online that are quick and easy when you have 5-30 min to spare!
PBS Two Cents youtube short vids about personal finance
wealthsimple personal finance 101 (short videos. nicholas braun is in them for some reason)
mint - free budgeting and goals software
edspira - more technical side of finance, accounting, etc youtube channel
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I’m trans and abandoning Twitter.
Please teach me how to use tumblr again
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𓇻 ˖  ˚ 。 🐇 ◌ . ๋ 🥛 .  ゚ ⊹
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𓇻 ˖  ˚ 。 🐑 ◌ . ๋ 🍙 .  ゚ ⊹
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