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Florence Pugh, Harry Styles & YN/YLN Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED
the one where HFR!verse answer the web’s questions
a/n: this probably has a lot of repeated words, I know, but I didn’t find any others so I think it turned out bad and I didn’t like the ending, maybe I’ll rewrite it but it’s just something I wanted to share soon!
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warnings: poly relationship - nothing sexual, just fluff - if you don’t feel comfortable reading it or anything mentioned in here, please, stop your read and no hates.
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Tumblr media
Fans have been in complete euphoria since it was announced that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh would be in a movie together, back in 2020. And it was no different when YN/YLN joined the cast of one of the most anticipated movies by the rockstar’s fans.
With every news that came out of the movie or the cast, it was a complete mess of feelings. Some went wild with everything, some didn’t like it and hated it, and some just didn’t give a damn. But most were the first part, following everything and speculating on what it would be like.
Aside from the movie, they couldn’t wait to see the three of them interview together.
Lucy was a fan of YN and was at this very moment watching the first interview that came out of her favorite trio. She was looking forward and excited to finally see them together on screen.
The video begins with the three of them looking at the camera and with amused looks and smiles, before Florence speaks up.
“Hey, I’m Florence Pugh!”
“Hi, I’m Harry Styles!”
“I’m YN/YLN and this is the Wired Auto Complete Interview!”
“I’m nervous.” Harry commented as they handed YN the board with the google searches.
“Why? It’s just your fans’ researchs, there’s nothing to compromise you.” The girl looked at him, squinting “Or does it?”
“Nothing to worry about.” Florence says laughing.
Lucy laughs looking at Harry’s half scared expression.
“Well, let’s get rid of this board.” YN says, throwing the board off camera - which accidentally hits the body of one of the employees.
“Oh my God, Betty, right on you. I’m so sorry. It was supposed to hit the ground.”
The video cuts to YN pulling one of the tapes while reading the question.
“What does YN/YLN do in her free time? Oh, that’s the first question? That’s funny.”
“That’s light, it’s not fair.” Harry disagrees, crossing his arms and pretending to be indignant.
“Calm down, honey, it’s only getting worse.” Florence answers him in an amused tone, looking directly at YN who pretends to be scared.
“Okay, what do I do in my free time? I sleep. Any chance I get, I’ll be sleeping. It’s just my favorite thing ever.”
“Oh my gosh, this is so true.” Harry comments. “I remember that-” He starts, looking at the two girls as if it was something personal before realizing and, apparently, changing what he was going to say. “I remember that whenever we weren’t filming, I would look for YN, she has a habit of disappearing, just like that, and whenever I found her she was sleeping. It was worrying.”
“Holy shit, yeah. I remember that one day I even had to call her mother because she wasn’t answering me and YOU WERE SLEEPING AND I WAS WORRIED.”
Florence agrees with Harry, remembering the day she spent hours trying to reach YN and the girl was just sleeping.
“It’s not that deep, folks. I’m just a sleepy person. NEXT QUESTION!”
“YN/YLN... and Har- and Harry Styles!”
“It started to get interesting.” Florence laughed.
“Who is Harry Styles?” YN starts, looking at the man, who was with the head thrown back and laughing too.
“Who is that guy?” Harry jokes.
“Okay, okay. Serious moment now. YN/YLN and Harry Styles, they’re very good friends. They share the same neuron.” YN answered, staring blankly at the camera and then bursting into laughter.
“They’re like two kids, they don’t sit still, it’s like they’re plugged into an outlet.” This time, Florence describes them as they really are.
Lucy, who seems to be having the time of her life just watching the three of them, laughs out loud, imagining her favorite actress acting like a typical 5 year old.
YN removes the third tape.
“What is YN’s most popular movie and TV show?”
“That’s a good question. Really.” Florence commented.
“I think my most popular movie is... The Devil Wears Prada, which I play Andrea Sachs and my most popular TV show is Stranger Things... I play Nancy Wheeler.”
“Nancy... She’s a legend.” Harry says.
“Oh, thank you darling.” YN smile at him, eyes shining.
The fan can’t help but notice the cute interaction Harry and YN share - many of Harry’s fans ended up thinking the singer was in a relationship with one of his co-stars but this was never confirmed. And never denied. For Lucy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea, seeing as they both made a nice looking couple.
“Florence, it’s your turn!” YN announced excitedly. Her questions weren’t the ones that would make extreme news in the tabloids, but for sure in the next hour would have a few articles about her and Harry’s joke and how Florence labeled them.
“Let’s go. Not afraid.”
“Sure?” Harry asked. She nodded.
“First question is... Florence Pugh...” The blonde removed the tape. “Valentino dress- wow. This dress is famous, isn’t it?”
“That dress is epic.” Harry said.
“I loved that dress.” YN said.
“People made so much noise about this dress, I mean, not the dress but because I wasn’t... in a bra. They treated it like boobs were something otherworldly, in a bad way.” She responds, looking straight at YN and Lucy remembers that day - it was crazy mess in Florence’s fandom. “But those comments didn’t affect me in a harmful way, you know... Obviously, it’s hard for a woman to receive disgusting comments about our bodies and it wasn’t easy to see - not the comments about “oh, why isn’t she wearing a bra? ”, “why did she dress like that?”, no, but the... You know. The fact is, I was fine and comfortable and it’s just boobs. I mean, it scared so many people.”
“That’s why I admire you.” YN smile at her, squeezing her hand and caressing her fingers.
“Thank you.”
“You guys are adorable and I’m feeling left out.” Harry speaks up, breaking the moment between YN and Florence, who laugh.
“Sorry, man. Next question is... Florence Pugh and Oli- okay, next question.”
Harry and YN look at each other before laughing nervously and Florence caps the question with the tape again.
“Florence Pugh... Yelena Belova!”
“When will she come back?”
“I don’t know... Soon... Or not.”
“Don’t kidding me.” Harry says.
Florence smiles and then reveals the fourth question.
“Florence Pugh... Cooking with Flo!”
“Oh my God, I miss your series. I always loved to watch it.”
“Me too. It was funny watching you cooking.” He comments, the three of them knowing that not long ago Florence cooked for them. The last time being last week.
“Who knows, maybe I’ll come back.”
“Can’t wait.”
“Darling, it’s your turn.”
“And we won’t have a second “Help me, Jeffrey” here.”
“Oh, shit. Okay. Let’s start.”
Harry read the first question or sentence and laughed.
“Harry Styles... grammy. Wow, wow, wow. It was one of the best night of my life, I still can’t believe that.”
“Flo, we have a grammy winner next to us.” YN whispered like it was a secret, making Florence roll her eyes.
“Don’t boost his ego.”
“Hey! I’m here!”
“We see it. C’mon, next question.” Florence says.
“Okay. Um... Harry Styles... girlfriend.”
YIN and Florence looked at each other before looking at the guy between them. He seemed to be preparing and calculating a fugitive and not obvious answer.
“Girlfriend? I think I don’t have... Or I do?” Harry glanced between the two of them, shifting in his chair and frowning.
“At this very moment you caused a part of your fans to have a heart attack, the other part died and the ones that are left are now looking for clues about it.” YN said and the all crew laughed about it.
“Last question! Last question! What does Harry Styles’ cinema song means?”
“I think music is self-explanatory.” Florence answers.
“No, it is not.”
“People? How do you not know? It literally has a verse giving meaning to the song.”
“Okay, okay. That’s over. Goodbye. Watch Don’t Worry, Darling in theaters.” Harry screams, leaving the scenario.
“STREAM HARRY’S HOUSE!” YN and Florence says it together before the video ends.
Lucy finishes watching the video with a smile on her face. It was strange how three people she didn’t even know could make her feel good and happy in just a few minutes.
The comments on twitter and other social media were booming, some commenting on how they were the perfect match, how their friendship was fun and cool to look at and others, paying more attention to the way they acted towards each other.
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Tumblr media
Sylvester Stallone photographed by Tom Wargacki while spotted at the Regency Hotel in New York City, NY - February 05, 1983
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The Master Post
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⠀✺ .⠀QUE...⠀os anéis de saturno me expliquem como teu sorriso me tira de órbita.
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Tumblr media
e.e. cummings, “in the rain” (from Tulips), Complete Poems: 1904-1962
[Text ID: “a single star is uttered,and i
think           of you”]
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Tumblr media
Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer (1990)
(via 2001hz)
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Tumblr media
happy foundations of decay day
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A Colossal Interview: Heidi Gustafson Recounts How She Established an Archive of Hundreds of Samples of Humanity’s Oldest Art Material
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17 free and helpful things, that everyone can take advantage of
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library They send an age appropriate book once a month if you have a child younger than 5.
Project Gutenberg Lots of free classic books.
Library Genesis A great place to look for and download college/university textbooks for free, as well as other books.
Scihub Endless Free college books. (and peer-reviewed scientific publications that are otherwise hidden behind a paywall)
Khan Academy Free knowledge that you can use to clep out of university courses, or to simply invest your time in a worthwhile topic.
Openlearn UK’s Open University - free courses for all levels of study, samples of university materials, study skills and tie-ins to BBC documentaries. Everything under Creative Commons licence so you can use it as you see fit.
Duolingo The Green Owl of Languages. There are a few hundred that it teaches and the mobile app makes it easy to do anywhere while waiting (!warning! only good for Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Esperanto, and English. with anything else it gets very low-quality and short.).
Codecademy An awesome site to learn how to use some programming languages. Doesn't get into the really advanced stuff, but it's good for a start.
Photopea Completely free Photoshop clone that has all the basic features of Photoshop, using basically the same interface.
Gimp Another free version of Photoshop.
Unsplash Stock of free photos of just about anything, provided by the photographers themselves, to do with what you like.
Futureme You can write letters to yourself (or other people) in the future! You can also make notifications and reminders of a +doctors appointments or anything else important.
Heavens Above You can look up all the satellites flying over your house tonight, including the ISS, Hubble Space Telescope, those pesky Starlink satellites, and whatever else your heart desires, complete with star maps and precise timing. And there is an Android app, but unfortunately no iOS one last I checked. (For iOS you can use “Sputnik!” which is free and tells, when ISS and Hubble passes overhead.)
Night Sky Other astronomy app for iOS. If you hold your phone to the sky the app tells you what you're looking at (or point it at the ground for a view from the other side of the planet). Zoom in with two fingers and tons of deep space stuff is revealed.
Freecycle its literally people giving away stuff they don't need/want any more that they can't/don't care enough to sell.
Nexus Mods Has thousands of video game mods (for 1,509 PC games), made by independent content creators, available to download at no cost.
Archive The Archive aka Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and so much more... For example a lot of DOS games (classics like Prince of Persia, Oregon Trail, DOOM, Monkey island, Rayman, Turtles), directly playable through the browser.
My earlier list
More things to do
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。° ˚◝͙ 。° ˚◝͙ 🍸﹑🚬﹐🦴 ◜͙˚ ° 。 ◜͙˚ ° 。
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Comic Archive
cover part 1  part 2 (spanish | french) part 3 (spanish) part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8
Chapter One
coming soon!
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Aya Takano / Summoning her owls, she looked yonder. The buildings shone. (details) / 2007
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tundras are soooo pretty aand beautiful to look at smears of best ever colors on flat and muted greens and yellows.... hard agree with los campesinos like yes take a body to tundra for real......
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Tumblr media
Krista Tippett, “Krista Tippett Wants You to See All the Hope That’s Being Hidden”, interviewed by David Marchese for The New York Times [transcript in ALT]
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