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可愛い ♡
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it's jennie kim ♡
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like or reblog if you use or save <3
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But you その笑顔は残酷ではありません 🥚👞🦋
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☆ % 𝗡𝗜𝗖𝗞𝗡𝗔𝗠𝗘𝗦 # ୨୧
Tumblr media
﹅ . ⁕  ۫ ५ 𝗸𝙽̶𝗶𝙵𝗲 𝗴𝙰𝗺ə̅𝘀 🦇`
᎔ ☠️★⸃ 𝘁𝗿ׁᥙִɘׁ ᥣ𑄘𝘃𝗲 ✹ 𓈊 ˑ  ִⱺ
★̲   🥋 ،، 🐩 ᥣo𝘃᤻𝗲᤻s  ꭑιყ𝗮  𖦹   ˖ ࣪ . ✶
⸰ֺ⭑« ⚑ 𝗯𝗹ᥙ𝙴 𝕭𝙾𝘆 𖣯 𓄹  ࣪ ִֶָ 🕸️  ࣪
ᨎ ៵🦷   ̨𖥔 ℒιt𝘁𝗹𝕖 › 𝗹𝗮͠mb ✫᎔
 ᳝🎱`⫘  ֗𝗵𝚈𝗽ꮻ𝗰𝙷𝗼𝙽𝗱𝚁𝗶𝙰𝗰𑁤
𖣂 ᳝ ˑ 𖣗 . ᏼ𝗮⃔͜ꭰ 𝗯ꮮ̶ׁꮻִꮻׁ𝗱 𐑺 .  ִ♡゙
. ࣪˖ . 🔌ゃ 𝗽𝗿ι𑜑ᥴ𝗲𝘀s ᥴɐ͟𝘀tᥣə ꐦ.
ꐚ   ׅ𝘁ɑֹryׅ𝘂ֹ☆𝗮ׅnnֹ  ☠️︕
૪ ࣪˖ 💉 𓄴 𝘄𝘄w.𝗻ɔαׅ𝗵.𝗰ֹᦅ̶۪ꭑ ᨒ🔬
ꉂ ◍࣪ 𓈒ᐢ🕷ʾ ִֶָ𝗮𝗻gᥱᥣ 𐭅f dᥱ︢𝗮𝘁h
𖥔 ݁ ˖ 𖥔🧛🏻‍☆𝐄͟𝐌͟⩇̸ ⸃ 𓈒 𝕭𝐎̶𝐘 !
𒀭𝐏͟𝐇✶̸𝗕͟𝟭𝐀 𖥻ֹ💢ִ ֹ ֹ
✶ 𝗮𝗻⋆𝘁𝗵̶𝗲𝗿 🎸 𝖽⍶ч ⌑
.❕𝐃̶͟𝟰𝐑͟𝐊 𝐎͟𝐔𝐓 ‣ 🐄
★ ﹫𝗯𝟺𝗱ⲓ𝖽ǝ⍶ ❗
𓆩 ❕𝗺ִ𝙰𝗹𝙻ֹ𝗴ִ★͟𝘁ֹ𝙷❗ 𓆪
🕷️ 𝓛. ᱺ 𝗺͟ɑ𝗻͟ⲓɑ͟𝗰 ▬▭
★ ִ𝐂ִ𝟭ִ𝐁ִ𝐄ִ𝐑ִ › 🦴 ⩇⩇'
𝐒̶.﹙𝟵̶̸𝟕̶̸﹚ 💢 ̷̸̶  𝐌̷̸𝚰̸̸̱𝐍̸̶𝐆̸̶︫︬𝐇̸̲̲𖧫̸𝐎̶̷̸  ﹅̷̸̷̷̸̷̲  ⚠︎ 
  𓃨̸  ✇   𝕻𖧫̸̷̣𝗥̶̸͠𝐊  ★̸̶︭  𝐑̶̅𝐎̶̷𝐒̷𝚺̸̲   📛  ⇄
  𝟵̶̸ 𝟓̷   ﴾ ♨️ ﴿  𝐒̶𝗘̵̶̷̲𝐎̶̷   𝗝̸̷̶𝐎̶̷𝐇̶̲𝐍̸̶𝐍̸̶𝐘̶ 𝄒   𓃠
𝐑︫︬☹︎̸𝕮𝐊  ★  ( 𝐒̷̳ )  𝐇̷𝐎̸̷̶𝐒̷𝐇̷𝗜̶͠ ❜❜   🚫  ¡!
  𝟬̸̷̶𝟭̸̸̷̶  ⏅̷̸̷  ː  𝐒̸̷𝐇̷𝐈̶𝐍̸̶  𝐑̶̷̶̷͠𝐘̸̶𝗨̸̷̶𝗝̸̷̶𝐈̶𝐍̸̶  ،  ⛔  ꩟
🧾🕸️  ★̷  𝐊𝕺𝚯̸𝐊 𝕮𝐀̷̷̸𝐓 𝕭𝐎̸𝐘  %
🔪 ٫   (𝐘̸̶)   ✶  𝐒̷☹︎𝐖𝕺𝐍̸    𒉺  私 !
¡📡!  ☹︎̸  𝐇̷𝐘𝐔̳𝐍𝐉𝐈𝐍̸̸̶ 𝐋𝕺𝐕𝟑̸  ★☆ 
𝐘𝐔̶̸𝐓⩓̷̸   𐎙  (  𝕹  )  𓄂̸̷̶   ♟️  ᮂ  ⚠︎
: %  𝐓𝐀̲𝚵̸̶𝐇𝐘𝖀𝐍𝐆̸̶︫︬   ─̸̸̸̶̷   (🎱)  𓅇̸̷̲ 
(🕷️ ̷̸̶)  ◭̶̷   𝐃𝐎̸̷̶𝐘𑁍̸̷𝐔𝐍𝐆̸̶︫︬ 𒑏  𝟗̶̶̶𝟔❗
𝕵𝐔𝐍̸̶𝐆 ﹅̷̸̷̷̸̷̲   𝐉𝐀̶̸̸𝐄𝐇𝐘̶𝐔̶̸𝐍  / 🔬 𐎙
( 𝟗̶̶̶𝟕 )  ⍣   𓁡 𝐋ּ𝐈̶𝐒̷𖧫   ⻝   ★̷   📽️ ̷̸̶
𝕻𝐄̶ׂ̲𝐓𝐈̸︫︬𝐓 𓄂̸̷̶   𝕵𝐄☹︎̸𝐍𝐆𝐈𝐍̸̶   ─̸̸̸̶̷ 🏴‍☠️ )
🜲̸ /  𝐇̷ : 𝕵𝟏𝐒̷𝐔̳𝐍𝐆  ★̷  ( 🔪  ) ★̷
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I wish you would - J.WY.
Tumblr media
summary: you're used to your friend Wooyoung flirting and teasing you ruthlessly, and he seems to enjoy your failed attempts to play nonchalant, your stammering and red cheeks to the point of amusement. until one day you get sick of it, and it's not funny anymore.
pairing: Wooyoung x Female reader
genre: smut, friends to lovers
warnings: Dom Wooyoung. Wooyoung is dirty, his mouth is dirty, everything he does is dirty. A shit ton of teasing and sexual tension, handjob, blowjob, making out, dirty talk, slight manhandling, fingering, unprotected sex. Wooyoung is terrible, but he does it so well he's extremely hot.
word count: 7k+
a/n: okay not sure if this is good or not, but still, hope you enjoy it, feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
“Come on, it can’t be that bad,” Doyeon says, placing her hands on her hips, narrowing eyes trying to focus on you before she gives up and covers them with her hand, protecting herself from the rays of the sun.
You cross your arms over your chest, sighing.
“It is that bad.” You affirm. “So bad it’s causing me inner drama and making the rest of the guys suspicious.”
You’re standing in your school's parking lot, waiting for your best friend to come and pick you up. Having this conversation with your female classmate wasn’t in your plans, but she’s the closest you have to a girl best friend and you were needing desperately to vent. 
“But I thought you said it’s always been that way when it comes to him?” She questions, clearly confused as she tilts her head to the side.
“Yes, but, it’s like- It’s like it’s getting worse.” You explain hopelessly. “He’s always been flirtatious, but it’s crossing the line and I’m having mixed feelings.”
“Maybe he likes you.”
You let out a sarcastic laugh, shaking your head.
“Wooyoung? Like me?” You ask again. “Nah, he’s just… Wooyoung.”
Exactly. Wooyoung. That’s the name of the object of this conversation. One of your close friends, bubbly, funny, and charming in his own way. He’s been in your life for a couple of years now after San introduced the two of you at the library. Loud and way too confident to talk to you as if he had known you for years. He never cares about what people think and it could rub in the wrong way, but being the social butterfly that he is by nature, it didn’t take long before he managed to charm even a loner like you. He's sweet and fun, always making you laugh when you most need to.
He would often facetime you at nights when you had to stay up to work on a project, helping you to get rid of stress and just telling you everything would be fine. He was company when Seonghwa couldn't, he was there to smile at you even on the darkest days. He gets you random stuff he knows you like just because he saw them and thought of you, or let you claw your nails into his bicep whenever you go out to watch some of those scary movies the boys like but you absolutely hate.
He learned your favorite colors and food, is the first one to call you in your birthday when the clock marks midnight, and even decided to read about signs to try to understand some of your mood swings. He helps you cook or wash the dishes, even making Seonghwa think you'll replace him with Wooyoung at some point.
But that could never happen, cause you can't see Wooyoung the way you see Seonghwa, and your heart hurts, because Wooyoung is so good to you, and so fucking handsome, but everything's just a game for him, and you wish it wasn't, cause you don't wanna play.
He’s very particular, true to himself, and extremely authentic. It was a bit of a shock that he seemed to flirt with anyone anytime, but somehow you did not expect him to do it with you, especially for so long.
You’ve gone through different stages when it comes to this situation. At first, you got extremely flustered, then proceeded to laugh it off, and then you just ignored it. Starting off with small things such as him drinking from the same straw, tucking your hair behind your ear while you spoke, wiping the corner of your mouth with a napkin when you got messy. It wasn't bad, indeed, you thought it was sweet. It was all good, and you started taking it as part of his personality and not some kind of special treatment.
But not long ago, let’s say, a couple of weeks ago, it started to become worse.
He would move from just flirtatious remarks to light touches, lingering or stolen stares, and invading your personal space with some random clinginess you’re not sure where came from.
It shouldn’t be much of a problem. You could just shove him off and he’d eventually take the hint to stop. The issue is, you don’t ever stop him, because you don��t want to.
Having a crush on a guy like him won’t ever be helpful at all, and you’re well aware of it. That’s exactly the reason why whenever he’s closer to you than to the rest of the people, you feel special even when you know you’re not. Your heart races, your cheeks burn, and your hands sweat. It’s ridiculous, the way you can’t stop your own body from reacting like a high schooler to something you know isn’t more than just playful teasing.
The more he attempts to flirt, the more you feel. And certainly, the more you feel, the more it’s gonna hurt whenever he stops playing around and goes to someone who will really be special.
“Then maybe the problem is you. I mean, I would just push him away or something.” Doyeon shrugs. “Do you like him?”
Your cheeks burn at her question, opening your mouth to admit that yes, you do like him, and you want him in ways no friend should be wanted.
But before any sentence leaves your mouth, a pair of arms wrap around your waist and you’re pulled against what seems to be a strong chest.
With a yelp escaping from your lips and your heart practically in your throat, then you hear it.
Your eyes widen at Doyeon’s puzzled look before you turn your head and see the man beaming with his face on your shoulder.
“What the fuck, Wooyoung? You scared the hell out of me.” You say, releasing yourself from his hold and slapping his arm. He just chuckles, typical of Wooyoung.
You don’t see her, but Doyeon finally realizes, smirking before saying:
“I’ll go home now! See you on Monday!” 
With a small wave and a wink to your way, she walks away before you can even process the words to reply.
You finally turn to face Wooyoung, and you almost instantly regret it judging by the way the sun glows against his features and make him look like some sort of walking masterpiece, with his tanned skin and his black locks falling over his eyes, yet subtly blowing in the wind. However, you clear your throat before he notices you staring.
“What are you doing here? Where’s Seonghwa?”
“He asked me to pick you up. He had some urgent errands to run, so he let me borrow the car to take you home.” He says, lifting his hand and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, your eyes following the simple action as if it was in slow motion, mentally cursing at your heart for jumping in response to something so small. He looks at you, still with that tight-lipped smile that makes his dimple show up. “Aren’t you happy to see me?” He asks then, a pout forming on his lips.
“I just wasn’t expecting you to pop out of nowhere and almost give me a heart attack.” You say then, averting your gaze from him and hoping your attempts to look uninterested are good enough.
“I’m sorry.” He pouts again. “Come on, I’ll treat you bobba on the way.”
With that, you look back at him and try to hold back a smile, before starting to walk.
“Alright. Move your ass and it better be the big one.”
Wooyoung starts following you then, tucking his hand in his pocket and pulling out the car keys.
Tumblr media
Around an hour later, you finally arrive home, carelessly opening the door and tossing your bag over the counter, kicking your shoes off without an ounce of grace. Wooyoung walks right behind you, closing the door before taking off his own shoes. 
“As much as I don’t trust you not to burn my apartment, I have to take a shower. Take a seat and watch tv or something.” You say to him, lifting your hair up in a ponytail and tying it with the headband around your wrist. You glance at the man from over your shoulder, just to find him already looking at you with a cocked brow.
“How am I supposed to burn your apartment while watching tv?”
You hold back a chuckle, shrugging. 
“Knowing you, you’d find a way.”
“Rude.” He says, rolling his eyes. “Go do your thing, I promise I won’t burn down your apartment for now.”
You smile.
“You better.” You add, making your way upstairs to disappear into the bathroom.
The warm water helps you relax instantly. You hum contently as you carefully wash yourself; if you could spend the whole day in the shower, you gladly would.
But you have to pay for water, so much to your disdain, you leave the shower and grab a towel before you notice you forgot to take your clean clothes with you, again.
With a groan, you wrap the towel around you and open the door that leads to your bedroom.
And then you see Wooyoung on your bed, scrolling through social media without a care in the world. And you scream, and that makes him turn his head to look at you.
“What are you doing here?!” You cry out, holding onto the towel tightly. He looks confused, before he notices there’s only a white piece of fabric covering your modesty.
He stifles a laugh.
“Why’d you scream? It’s not like you didn’t know I was here.” He reasons, sitting up and tossing his phone to the side. 
Your cheeks burn, probably tinted in red at the embarrassment. Knowing your voice will leave your throat in a high-pitched tone, you gulp before continuing.
“I told you to stay downstairs! I just got a shower! Did you really think it was a good idea to come to my room?”
Wooyoung shrugs.
“I mean, normal people usually get dressed in the bathroom.” He says. “Calm down, it’s not like you’re naked.”
“Only half!” You whine.
He chuckles.
“That towel looks good on you, by the way.”
“Fine, fine.” He lifts his hands in surrender, standing up. Your gaze follows his movements, hoping he will just walk out of the room, but instead, he grabs the hem of his shirt and quickly pulls it over his head.
A rush of heat runs throughout your body, pupils blown in surprise at the sight of his naked torso. Sun-kissed and well-built, muscled, delicious.
“What t-”
Your eyes can’t help but roam all over him, until his voice snaps you back.
“Here. Now we’re both half-naked.”
“Oh my god, get out of my room!” You finally say, pushing him to the door. He only laughs out loud, ignoring the way your hands burn at the contact with his soft skin. You finally close the door and lock it, pressing your back against the wooden surface and letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
Your stomach is flipping around as you bring your hand up to your cheek to touch the overheated flesh, knot in your throat, pulse hammering, and knees wobbly. 
He’s gonna be the death of you.
Tumblr media
Time goes by and in a blink of an eye, some of your friends are gathered in your living room, a pile of snacks scattered across the coffee table and the carpeted floor, lights dimmed and a loud movie you’re not really paying attention to is playing in the background.
The awkward encounter you had a couple of hours ago with Wooyoung back in your room keeps replaying in your head. The way his eyes were lit with so much mischief and his bare chest on full display for you to touch, looking so tempting and forbidden at the same time. It shouldn’t be affecting you this much, but it is, and he’s acting as if nothing ever happened and that somehow angers you even more.
Luckily for you, your friends arrived before you had time to face him alone when you exited your room, helping you avoid an even more uncomfortable conversation that you know for a fact he wouldn’t have taken seriously.
He hasn’t stopped, whatsoever, giving you glances in hopes you’d meet his gaze so he can continue teasing you, but since you know him so well, you keep avoiding eye contact despite the feeling of his dark orbs all over you.
Sitting between Seonghwa and Mingi, you feel more at ease, both large frames being enough coverage for you. You’re getting bored, and your head is leaning against Seonghwa’s shoulder. You had promised to scold him as soon as you saw him for putting you into the lion’s cage, but that was long forgotten with all the circus running through your mind.
You don’t realize the way that you absentmindedly scan the room, too deep into your own head as your eyes find their way to the man across the room, who’s sitting on a loveseat with San between his thighs. He looks oddly focused, invested in the movie with seriousness plastered across his face, fingers resting against his chin as you don’t seem able to miss the way the artificial light illuminates every feature, every beauty mark of his. Your eyes then move down to his lips as he presses the tip of his digits against the soft flesh. Your mind goes running, the plumpiness is so inviting, looking as soft and smooth as a marshmallow. Why are you suddenly wishing those weren’t his fingers, but yours instead? Or even worse, why are you wishing those were your own lips?
Your gaze is apparently heavy enough for him to feel it, and he whips his head in your direction. His expression shifts ever so slightly and you notice the way the corners of his lips move upwards. You have been caught staring, and you know he won’t ever let you live this down.
You’re quick to look away and back to the tv screen, clearing your suddenly dry throat as your leg keeps bouncing anxiously.
Your best friend notices, placing his hand on the top of your knee. You move your head away from his shoulder and look at him, his brows are furrowed.
“Why are you so anxious?” He asks in concern, and you wish you could tell him, but you can’t even bring yourself to do it. Not here with everyone, with him around.
You smile, shaking your head.
“It’s nothing, just a cramp.” You lie, and he doesn’t seem to buy it, which only makes you even more anxious, so you stand up. “I’ll go grab something to drink.”
“Do you want me to go with you?”
You shake your head, “I’m okay.” You add, walking away and finding shelter in your small kitchen.
You rest your hands against the counter, leaning forward and sighing. You want to pull on your hair and slap yourself back to reality, scold yourself because you can’t be acting so weird for something so small. If only you didn’t like him, if only you hadn’t been fantasizing over him for months, you could’ve just shrugged the whole incident off. Stupid head, stupid hormones, and stupid heart. Stupid Wooyoung with his stupid witty remarks, with his winks and those beautiful piercing eyes that you often lose yourself into. Stupid Park Seonghwa for making you spend time alone with someone so dangerous for both your heart and your body.
You finally stand up straight, moving to the refrigerator and taking different beverages. You place them on the counter, only keeping a can of coke you open and take a swig from.
The door then swings open, and as if life wasn’t playing enough for you, Wooyoung is the one who enters. He runs his fingers through his hair and a subtle smile forms on his face at the sight of you.
“Hey. You good?”
“Hey. Yeah.” You respond, looking down to your feet as you take another swig of your coke. “What brings you here?”
Wooyoung smiles but looks confused, as he stretches his arms over his head. His shirt rides up right at the moment your eyes move to take a glimpse of his tummy. You press them shut and choke on the sweet liquid. The man hurries to gently pat your back.
“You okay? What’s gotten into you?” He chuckles, and you finally stop coughing and place the can on the counter, hand flying to your chest as you try to choose the uncomfortable feeling.
“Nothing.” You say, clearing your throat. “It went down the wrong way.”
He doesn’t move, though. He stands right next to you, inches apart with one of his hands on the edge of the counter at your right side. He doesn’t speak, just looks down at you, and you have no choice but to look up.
“I see.” He finally mumbles. “You composed yourself rather quickly, though. I wonder how many times you’ve choked.” He adds, moving his other arm and finally caging you. The small of your back pressed against the countertop, heart hammering as he leans in, a smirk now plastered on his face.
Your teeth are sinking onto your lip so hard it could draw blood, but you’re too dazed to notice until he grabs your chin with his right hand and presses the flesh out of your bite with his thumb. Your eyes stare up at him through your eyelashes, and if it was possible he looks even more beautiful from up close.
“Wooyoung, what are you doing?” You whisper, and he hums.
“Don’t bite your lip, I might think you’re nervous.” He teases. “Your lips seem so soft, it would be a shame if they got hurt… Unless...” He continues, running his thumb over your lower one.
He leans even closer, and you can feel his breath against your mouth, his nose slightly brushing with yours as his taller frame presses against your small one. Your eyes widen at first, breath hitching in your throat at the sudden proximity. You want to say something, anything, but no words come out. Your hands move up to his chest, pushing him away being your intention, however, your fingers only curl onto the fabric of his shirt.
He’s about to kiss you, you can tell by the way his eyes continue moving from your eyes to your lips and back up. You don’t have the will to stop it, and you really think you want it to happen, so you don’t move. But  Instead, he just steps away from you, one of the drinks in hand as he smirks.
“Came here for a drink.” He says, winking.
You look at him in disbelief, cheeks burning hot and blood boiling in your veins. He takes a sip of his drink and you just want to punch him in the face.
“What the fuck.” You mutter through gritted teeth, and he laughs.
“You thought I was really going to kiss you, you should’ve seen your face.” He says, still chuckling as he chugs on his drink. “You panicked.”
You inhale, fists balling at your sides.
“Fuck you.” You spit, moving to walk out of the kitchen, but he stops you with his hand on your shoulder.
“Hey, what’s wrong? You really got mad?”
Looking at him from over your shoulder, you scoff. Because you wish he would’ve really kissed you.
“You’re an idiot, that’s what’s wrong.” You say, shrugging his hand away and going back to the living room.
You plop yourself not so subtly back on your seat, Seonghwa’s eyes flying to you.
“Why did it take you so long? Where are the drinks?”
Fuck, you totally forgot.
You’re about to answer, but then Wooyoung appears in the room with all the drinks.
“Here.” He says, handing one to Seonghwa as he looks at you, but you don’t look back at him, so he proceeds to give the rest of the drinks to the rest of the boys before he sits back on the loveseat.
“Hwa.” You call, your best friend turning his head to look at you. “Next time, send San to pick me up.”
His brows furrow once again, but sensing your discomfort he decides not to push and keep quiet. He’s no stranger to the dynamic between you and Wooyoung, practically used to you getting annoyed, what he’s really oblivious to this time, though, is how serious your feelings are this once.
Tumblr media
Around midnight the movie is over, the lights are on and the boys are diligently cleaning up the mess before they leave. You’re washing the dishes in the kitchen, with San by your side telling you about his day, and you smile because you really needed someone to get you out of your head.
You haven’t spoken with Wooyoung, and he’s sitting at the dining table with his phone in hand as you ignore his presence. But then San goes back to the living room to see if they need more help, and you’re left alone with him again.
You hope he takes the hint and doesn’t approach, as you try to focus on the task at hand. 
But you should’ve known that’s not how Wooyoung works.
He stands up from the seat and walks towards you, leaning his back against the counter. You don’t say anything, but feel his eyes on you right away.
“Are you still mad?” He asks, you don’t respond, which makes him sigh. “I was just messing around.”
“Seriously, why are you so angry? It’s not the first time I play with you like this.”
You keep quiet for a brief moment, collecting your thoughts before you finally speak, still not looking at him.
“Have you ever stopped to think for a second and consider that maybe people don’t want to play that kind of game with you?”
He frowns, ready to speak when you finish with the dishes and dry your hands with a towel, but that’s right when Seonghwa walks in.
“Okay, I made sure everything was left clean.” He says, walking to you and draping his arm around your shoulders, side hugging you. “You sure you don’t need anything else?”
“Other than a good sleep? No, I’m good, Hwa.”
Seonghwa nods, then looks at Wooyoung.
“Then let’s go, Woo.” He says. “Where did you put the keys?”
“Counter next to the entrance.” Wooyoung says, eyes still glued to the side of your face in hopes you’ll look back at him. “Go ahead, I’ll take an uber after.”
“You don’t have to.” You’re quick to say, turning your head to glare at him.
Seonghwa, now puzzled, senses the tension between the two of you and asks.
“Is everything okay?”
You glare at Wooyoung again, and Seonghwa is now even more confused.
“We just need to talk about some stuff.” Wooyoung addresses, crossing his arms over his chest.
“No, we don’t.” You retort.
Seonghwa watches the two of you contradicting each other, looking at you.
“Is this why you asked me to send San instead next time?”
Wooyoung snaps his head in your direction, expression filled with disbelief.
“You did what?”
Seonghwa’s eyes fix on the younger male, a stern expression on his face.
“What did you do, Wooyoung?”
“I—” He begins, but you cut him off.
“It’s nothing, Hwa. Really. He’s just being annoying and I’m not in the mood.”
Wooyoung keeps staring at you as you speak, then Seonghwa continues.
“Then let’s go, Woo. Leave her alone for now.”
Wooyoung shakes his head.
“Hyung, I already told you. Please go ahead.”
Seonghwa looks at you then, waiting for approval. You glance at Wooyoung and his pleading look, then sigh.
“It’s okay, Hwa.”
The eldest sighs then nods.
“Stop bugging her, Wooyoung. If she tells me you continued, I won’t hesitate to kick your ass.” He warns, moving towards you and wrapping you in a hug that you immediately reciprocate, burying your face in his chest and smiling. “Take care, call me if you need anything.” He says with a soft smile. “And I mean, anything.” He adds, glaring at Wooyoung.
You nod and pull back from his arms. He pats Wooyoung on the shoulder and finally walks out of the kitchen.
Everything stays quiet for a moment, the tension between you and your friend way too thick until you hear the front door slam closed, sighing and exiting the kitchen with Wooyoung following behind you.
“Did you really tell Seonghwa hyung you didn’t want me to pick you up?” Wooyoung asks without hesitance, as you take a sit on the couch, not saying a word. “Was it because of what happened earlier in your room? Or was it because of what happened in the kitchen?” He insists, taking the free spot next to yours, body in your direction as you keep staring ahead.
“It’s everything, Woo.” You finally speak. “It’s the way you can’t seem to stop with your stupid games.”
Wooyoung sighs, rubbing his hands over his jeans in what looks like wiping of sweat.
“Look, I never thought I’d make you upset. We’ve always had this kind of dynamic and I thought you were oka—”
“Well, you need to stop or one day someone is going to think you like them and catch feelings.”
His face twists in confusion.
You take a deep breath, finally moving your body to fully face him, your eyes stern.
“You just can’t be flirting and fooling around with everyone and get touchy and almost kiss people. It’s not a fun game and you can actually hurt feelings.”
Wooyoung processes your words briefly, then says:
“Is that your case?”
You scoff and roll your eyes.
“See? No point in having this conversation. You can’t be serious for five seconds or take my words seriously. You sure as fuck know how to push my buttons.” 
You try to stand up, but yelp at the sudden way he clasps his hand around your wrist and pulls you down.
“I’m not done talking.” He says, grabbing your face and forcing you to look at him. “I’m being serious now. Is that your case?”
“That’s not the point!” You retaliate, shoving his hand away from your face. “What do you care if it’s the case or not? You can’t play with people’s minds like that and not expect there to be consequences, I wish you would understand that.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”
“Because at first, I tried to ignore it. Think this was part of your personality!” You sigh, running your hands across your face. “But then it got worse and I got confused!"
“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, you’re my friend above anything.”
“I just wish you would stop acting like that.” You blurt out, instant regret washing over you at the loud and unbearable silence. He hasn’t even flinched, his piercing gaze just continues to be glued to your face. "I wish you would stop being so inconsiderate of my feelings, I wish you'd stop pretending you're gonna do something when you won't. To stop giving me everything and nothing at the same time. You don't even like me that way."
“Who said I don’t?”
“Woo, I’ve seen you around people.” 
“So you automatically assume that because I like teasing I get touchy and this close with just anyone?”
You shrug.
“It’s hard not to think so.” You admit.
Wooyoung keeps silent, and your eyes search for him until you notice the way he’s holding back a smile. You frown then, annoyed.
“I also wish you would fucking take me seriously.” You whine.
“You’re just too cute.” He chuckles, cupping your face with his large hands, and rubbing your cheeks with his thumb before planting a kiss on your forehead. You freeze, heart thumping and skin bristling at the sudden action. “I’ve just been trying to get you to make a move, sweetie.” He snickers. “At first I thought you weren't into me, but I knew better when you started getting shy and clumsy whenever I teased you.”
You push back and look at him in confusion.
“Wait, what?”
“You really thought I would cross the boundaries if I didn’t want you for real?” He asks, placing both hands on your waist and pulling you against him, arms later moving to wrap around your frame and press your body to his. He smirks, lifting one hand to run his fingers through your hair, pushing it back carefully. “Silly baby, if only you knew how cute you are in my eyes. I thought I liked it when you played tough and tried to blow me off, but I like it even more when you react to me.”
Your fingers once again curl in his shirt, faces so close yet so far from one another. His scent is hypnotizing, the sweetness of his cologne sending you to a frenzy right away. His words make you shiver, and you’re sure if you weren’t sitting right now, you would’ve lost your balance.
“What are you—” 
He chuckles again, eyes moving as his fingers dance from your cheek to your jaw, to your neck then to your shoulder, then slowly running downwards along your arm. He notices the shivers his touch elicits, and his eyes go back to yours, darker and mischievous.
And god, is he beautiful.
“Your skin is so smooth and soft, I just can’t stop thinking about running my mouth all over it.” He mutters as his hand finally reaches your waist. You whimper when his fingers dig on your skin, looking down between your bodies and then looking up just to find him biting his lower lip. Your temperature is dangerously increasing, your underwear becoming sticky with the lightest touches and just a couple of words from his mouth. Pathetic. “I thought I had been obvious all this time, but you still managed to get me wrong.” He smiles, leaning forward to brush his cheek against yours, lips ghosting over the shell of your ear and sending waves of electricity throughout your limbs. “My eyes were instantly drawn to you since the first day, surrendering to your feet, with that vanilla smell in your hair, those pink lips, and the sweet way they move whenever you speak.” He continues, his hot breath traveling down your neck as he places soft kisses along the column of it, and at the top of your shoulder. “Then I got to know you, and you got me wrapped around your little finger.” He hums, slightly pushing back and holding at your chin to make you look into his hooded eyes. “What do you think when you're alone, hm? Is it me?”
You consider pushing back and questioning him about everything, the insecurity and doubts wanting to find a spot in your brain that’s now too drunk on him to even let them in. So you close your eyes and sigh as his lips run over your earlobe and right below.
“Yes.” You mumble. “I’ve wanted you so much all this time.”
He lets out a breathy chuckle, placing another soft kiss on your cheek before pushing back just enough to look into your eyes.
"You wanted to kiss me so bad you got mad, baby?" He asks now, a teasing tone still lingering in his voice. He brushes his thumb against your lower lip, his tongue darting out to wet his own.
You pout, looking at him through your lashes once again, melting his heart. "Yes." You confess.
He smiles, his teeth slightly grazing his lower lip. "We can't let you be upset over it, now can we?" He mumbles before he leans in to finally kiss you, and you feel like your brain could explode in pure ecstasy, knowing you're finally having what you've dream about for a long time. His lips mold with yours deliciously, tongue meeting yours for the first time and sending shivers down your spine, taking your breath away. You can feel your pulse hammering in your ears, your stomach flipping, your body set aflame.
When he moves back, still lazily brushing his lips over the corner of your mouth and jaw, he goes: “I think about you so much, always missing you. How can you think I don’t like you?” He asks, pressing his lips on yours in a chaste kiss. “How could that be possible…” He trails off, grabbing one of your hands and bringing it to his crotch, pressing your palm against his hard erection. “When this is what you do to me with so little?”
You gasp at the feeling, applying slight pressure and making him groan. At this point, there’s a mess between your legs, throbbing, clenching around nothing. As if on cue, he places his hand on your exposed thigh, moving it up slowly.
“Fuck, Wooyoung.”
“Do you want this?”
“Yes. Please, touch me.”
Wooyoung lets out a breathy chuckle, sliding his hand up and up until it finds purchase on your clothed core. He presses his slender fingers against the fabric, and you’re quick to mewl. 
“Yes, yes, please.”
He hums, rubbing up and down. It’s nowhere near what you’d feel without all the fabric, but it still feels delicious.
“I will give you what you want.” He says, planting a kiss on your jaw. “But after you make it up to me.”
He pushes back and you suddenly feel cold and confused. Furrowing your brows you look at him questioningly.
“Wait, what?”
He smiles and moves to sit straight and press his back against the couch. His legs spread, hands on his sides.
“You made me think I had fucked up and I felt guilty.” He says. “If you want me to touch you, then make it up to me.”
Your eyes flick from his face to between his legs. Gulping, you feel nervousness embracing you.
“I— uh, how?”
Wooyoung chuckles.
“Touch me first, silly.” He responds, motioning with his head for you to move.
Hesitant, you move to sit on your ankles, lifting your hands to unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down. With a lift of his hips, he helps you push them down along with his underwear before his cock finally springs free, slapping against his stomach.
Your mouth waters at the sight of his tip, leaking beads of pre-cum. You smear it down with your finger, hand wrapping around his shaft to start pumping. His muscles tense, and subtle grunts fall from his mouth. Your wrist twists, holding onto him tightly and applying pressure as you go up and down, slowly increasing the movements.
He starts cursing under his breath, and you notice the way his fingers are digging onto the cushions. You start feeling more and more aroused by the way he reacts to you, powerful, taking control. You’re suddenly not shy anymore as you grab his face with your free hand and make him look at you.
“Feels good?” You ask, and he chuckles breathlessly.
“Mhmm.” He smirks. “So pretty.”
Your change your hand to be able to play with his balls, which makes him moan right away. You smile, adoring his fucked out expression. More pre-cum leaking from his tip, you take advantage of the moment he looks at you to run your finger over it and bring it to your lips, pressing his arousal against your tongue.
His lips curve into a smirk.
“Fucking dirty.” He says. “Let me see.”
You stick your tongue out, and he can see the glistening of pre-cum you haven’t swallowed yet. But right before you can, his hand flies to your chin and he sits up, leaning forward and pressing his tongue against yours, followed by a kiss you were not expecting. You moan against his mouth at the idea of him tasting himself on you, and your grip on him only tightens, catching up speed. He breaks the kiss and pulls back to pant, moans, and curses filling the room before he grabs your wrist and halts your movements.
You look confused when he stands up and pulls his shirt over his head, tossing it somewhere in the room joined by his pants.
“Undress and lay down.” He orders, stroking his length lazily as you obey. His eyes follow every movement, devouring you with his gaze until you’re finally laying down on the couch. “Good girl. Now I’m gonna hover over you, and you’re gonna do what I ask you to, yeah?”
He straddles you then, one knee on top of the sofa at your side and the other leg stretched and supporting his body weight on the floor. He runs his fingers once again through your hair, smiling sweetly at you.
“Are you okay with this? Please, let me know if you’re uncomfortable with anything.”
You smile, grabbing his hand and pressing a kiss to his knuckles.
“I’m okay, Woo. I want this.”
He moves a little further up, one hand wrapped around his cock and the other one placed on the armrest. He looks down at you and smirks, you smirk back, dying to touch him. You could swear you’ve never seen something so erotic and delicious in your life.
“Lick.” He says. At first, you think he means his cock, but when he doesn’t move his hand away you know he means his balls, so you do what he says. You stick your tongue out again and lick a long strip, kissing and playing with them. Wooyoung gasps at the contact of your wet muscle, hips rocking and grinding onto your mouth. You close your eyes and enjoy, testing the waters and sucking as well, which gifts you with a long moan from his lips. “Fuck, you’re so good. Such a filthy girl, sucking my balls so eagerly, hm?” He says, pumping his cock at the rhythm of your tongue, the slick sounds that emanate from the movements of his fist, probably coating his own hand with his arousal as he uses it as a lube is making your head spin, so you moan against him. His breath is labored as he continues moving, having your tongue all over his skin and your mouth encasing his sensitive nutsack. He leans back just enough to swipe his finger between your folds, making you moan once again.
“Fuck, fuck, Woo.” You cry out when he applies pressure on your clit, rubbing circles as you try to continue your ministrations. It's salacious, filthy the way you're so wet it can make such loud sounds, embarrassing, but he adores it.
“So wet and warm for me.” He hisses. “Did you get so riled up over our little argument and a few touches?" He chuckles breathlessly. "Can’t wait to be inside you, baby, I'm gonna slide in and out with so much ease, my cock is going to drown in you.” 
He shifts position, tapping your mouth with the head of his cock. You stick it out for him, and he starts rocking his hips to rub his tip against your tongue for a moment, finally sliding his cock fully into your mouth.
You do your best to breathe through your nose as he slowly reaches the back of your throat. You gag, he pulls back, then goes back in, gently fucking your face with his dick.
“I knew you’d sound good choking on my cock.” He grunts as you swirl your tongue around his cock, hands still playing with his balls as you do so. He sucks a breath and continues cursing, praising you under his breath as you focus on his girth and his protruding veins.
"So big, such a yummy cock, Woo."
"You have such a dirty mouth, huh? Using it like you mean it."
His fingers are still rubbing your clit and you feel the knot in your stomach already forming your climax approaching. Your moans around his length only drive him closer to the edge, one final curse from his mouth before he pulls away from you, edging the two of you.
“What’s wrong?” You ask when you sit up, the back of your hand wiping the drool from your chin. Wooyoung says nothing, instead grabbing you by the waist and lifting you up his shoulder. You squeak as he takes you to your bedroom.
Closing the door with his foot, he throws you on the bed, climbing to hover over you, both hands at the sides of your head as he looks into your eyes.
“Would never fuck you on a couch for the first time, sweetheart.” He says, and you roll your eyes, chuckling.
He leans down, connecting your lips to a real kiss. You kiss him back eagerly, the feeling even better than you could’ve ever imagined. Your hands fly to the back of his neck, burying your fingers in his black locks as his right hand cups your cheek, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.
Your legs instinctively wrap around his waist, wanting to feel him even closer to you as his tongue continuously presses on yours. He grinds down on you, and you feel his hard cock against your stomach before he moves his hand down between your legs, not wasting time before he slides two digits inside you. You break the kiss with a moan, head thrown back that makes him start kissing on your neck, tongue lapping onto your burning skin, lips brushing up and down, along with light sucks.
He starts scissoring his fingers, pumping them in and out of you before twisting his wrist to curl his fingers and reach the spot that soon has you rolling your eyes back.
“Fuck, Woo, don’t stop, p-please.” You say, hands clawing onto his biceps. You feel his smirk against your skin as he increases his movements enough to have you begging for more with cries of his name.
“So tight, look at you losing it over just my fingers.” He mocks in between kisses. “How many times have you gotten off thinking of me, baby? Did you cry out my name like this?”
You nod, too fucked up to trust your own voice. He chuckles as he leaves kisses across your body, going lower, and lower until you feel his lips around your clit. Your eyes shot open, looking down at him, who’s already looking up at you as his merciless tongue flicks against your bundle of nerves.
“Fuck!” You mewl, back arching and hand flying down to grab a fistful of his hair. Your hips move on autopilot, grinding against his face as your thighs threaten to close around his head. Wooyoung is quick to spread you open again without stopping, and soon you’re breaking down, your first orgasm washing over you.
He rides you through it until you’re too sensitive and have to push his head back. He sits up and smirks, chin coated in your juices that he wipes with the back of his hand.
“So tasty.”
You place your hands behind his head and pull him into a hot, sloppy kiss.
“Please fuck me.” You mumble against his mouth, hand moving down to squeeze his cock. 
“Fuck.” He grunts. “Do you want me to wear a condom?”
You shake your head.
“I’m on birth control. I trust you.”
Wooyoung looks at you for a moment, a sweet smile that can’t compare to his previous smirks full of mischief adorns his face before he goes down to kiss you again.
He lines himself with your entrance, pushing in slowly. You groan, and so does he, breaking away from the kiss due to the urge to throw his head back. 
You can’t help but stare at him as he starts moving, hands holding onto your waist, veiny arms flexing under the dim lights. His tanned skin is covered in sweat that glistens as much as the chain hanging from his neck. The sound of skin slapping and moans harmonize the quiet room.
His hand moves to cup one of your breasts, thumb flicking the perked nipple. You’re in a daze, and you need more of him despite having him all to yourself, so you place your hands on his shoulders and pull him against you, wrapping your arms around him, digging your nails in his back, and moving your hips to meet his thrusts as you kiss his neck, lips and tongue running across his skin, leaving traces he will be able to see tomorrow. Wooyoung is losing his mind, the feeling of your warm walls engulfing him almost unbearable in the best sense of the word. The sounds you make are exquisite, and when he feels your nails scratching his back in pleasure when you start clenching around him so tightly, he’s pushed even closer to the edge.
“Ah, fuck baby. You’re taking me so well.” He groans, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “So crazy about you and the way you squeeze me. My pretty little thing, made just for me.”
His movements increase, hips snapping in hard motions when he finally reaches down to rub circles against your already sensitive clit. You cry out, clinging onto him for dear life as another orgasm approaches. Your walls spasming, clenching around Wooyoung so hard he feels he could burst a nut. Your fingers run up to tangle again in his hair, pulling at the roots as you moan against his ear. 
He goes feral, moans getting louder when he finally reaches his climax, and you reach yours. His hips continue snapping furiously as he shots his seed inside of you, riding the two of you out of your orgasms, chanting the other's name.
He pulls out of you, hands moving to support his weight at the sides of your head. The two of you try then to catch your breaths, your eyes glued to his post-orgasmic glory, mind numb as your mouth speaks on its own.
“I love you so much. I think I might be in love with you.”
Wooyoung looks up at you when you say that, and you think you may have ruined the moment. You want to take it back, but you know you can’t. Should you apologize?
His expression softens, and a small smile appears. He cups your face in his hand, leaning down to kiss you.
This kiss, however, is different. It’s soft, it’s sweet. This kiss is slow, he takes his time in making your heart swell. His fingers caress your face so gently you could try, and then you know he doesn’t really need to say the words back for you to know how he feels.
But he does.
“I love you too, baby. And I’m definitely in love with you.”
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꒰ bios ! ˖ ࣭ ࣪ ࣭
࣪ :¨·.·¨: ࣭ coque𝗍𝗍𝖾 ୧୨ . . 🗓️
‹ ✉ › Bonjour !? Sois le bienvenu ! . . ♥︎
。>‿< 。 . . w e l c o m e 💨
✦ :: 아기 𓂃 🥢 :¨·.·¨:
ʿ ֢ 💌 ׅ ࣪ blue candy 𓂃 ୨·୧ ˖ ˚
.∘˚˳ flower of love ᥫ᭡ 𓂃 ִֶָ
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jungkook random icons
like / reblog if u save please ! don't repost !
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are..you tryna seduce me rn? | J.J
Tumblr media
A/N: -haven’t wrote for my stinka butt in a min🥺 did not proofread this at all,, sawry lol but i hope you guys enjoy!! smooches
GENRE: smut + minors dni.
PAIRING: jaehyun x afab reader
WARNINGS: dirty talk, begging, unprotected sex, pull out method, choking if you squint, lmk if i missed anything!
Tumblr media
Feeling around the bed letting out a groan at the fact Jaehyun wasn’t next to you. Tossing the covers off you stood up wiping the sleep out your eyes letting out a good stretch.
Make up your side of the bed heading in the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. Drying your hands off on the hand towel, turning the light off and heading down the stairs. You smiled once you saw Jaehyun at the table typing away on his phone. “Morning” you mumbled pressing a quick kiss to his cheek “morning bab- woah” jaehyun had to do a double take at you. “woah what?” you questioned grabbing the mail from the table. “You look- so good right now” pausing in your tracks, eyes slowly looking up at Jaehyun's tall figure now towering over you. Is this a prank?
“shut up” you snorted, pushing him back. “You planned this, didn't you?” hands sneaking down to grab your ass a small yelp leaving your lips. “Plan what? you’re just a horn dog” giggling as he lifts you up on the table.
“That’s because you look so fucking sexy” you felt like you were on a episode of punk.
Is this a joke? All you had on was one of his shirts, your bonnet and panties. You were even positive your eyes still had dried up eye crust and your boyfriend thinks you’re trying to seduce him. “Jae all i did was wake up” “yeah and that’s enough to get me going”
Before you could get another word in, Jaehyun lips were already on yours. Tangling your hands in his hair, making him let out a hoarse moan at the slight tug. Jaehyun hand toyed with your clit a wet spot forming on your panties. Struggling to kiss him back you reached for his sweats attempting to rub him through his boxers “baby please”
You whined when Jaehyun's lips left yours, pulling you off the table, turning you around and pushing you forward with your body resting against the cool table. Tugging your panties down to your ankles hearing him let out a groggy groan at the string of wetness on your leg “so fucking wet” he rasped index finger rubbing up and down your folds “all this for me? hm?” he questioned, pushing his finger inside you gasp leaving your throat nodding “jaehyun please” pushing your ass back on his finger to get more friction. Pulling his finger from your cunt shoving it in your mouth as he slowly pumped his cock in his other hand.
smacking your ass as he slowly teased his tip in your pussy clamping down on your lip as you tried not to throw yourself back on his cock knowing jaehyun would stop if you pulled that. “please jaehyun- don’t be mean” jaehyun smiled at your needy pleads pulling his hips back before slamming into you a gasp leaving your lips gripping the table while jaehyun fucked you like never before.
“s-shit— baby” jaehyun rasped “always so tight— fuck” tossing his head back in pleasure smacking at your ass feeling satisfied watching it jiggle.
“jaehyun please” you panted searching for jaehyun’s hand jaehyun’s hand coming up to close around your throat your back now pressed against his chest as fucked you. your hand closing around his tears in your eyes from the grip on your throat “please what baby? what is it?” he muttered in your ear “i—” you started “j-jae i—can’t— plea-“ babbling out whatever words you could think of not being able to form a proper sentence. Jaehyun chuckled at you knowing damn well it’s his fault your words are incoherent.
“just” pulling his hand from your throat intertwining your fingers together “p-please don’t stop.. please” you were a whimpering drooling mess. Jaehyun holding your hand so sweetly and fucking you so hard at the same time had you seeing stars. you don’t think you’ve ever begged and pleaded this much during sex but it was so fucking worth it.
Jaehyun turned your face slightly to him squeezing your cheeks together “you fuck me so good” you mumbled out jaehyun smiling lazily “yeah?” humming in response clenching around his cock “fuck baby keep doing that” jaehyun let go of your face grabbing your hand again “i’m— fuck! I'm gonna cum!” squeezing jaehyun’s hand tightly climaxing on his cock jaehyun pulling out shooting long ropes of his cum on your ass.
Jaehyun mumbled something to you as he walked away, probably to grab a towel. You stood there with your eyes closed jumping a bit when you felt jaehyun wiping you down and cleaning you up. Trying to stand back up your legs felt like jello jaehyun catching you before you could fall. “You okay baby?” Jaehyun picked you up resting your head against his shoulder looking up at him through half lidded eyes.
“Gonna start wearing my pajamas and bonnet around you more often”
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jun // “limbo” choreo
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୨ 🦻🏻 (🌸)  ˖ ࣪  ♡︎. ٭   ⸝  @v6mpcat
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꣹ pls give me some salmon ﹅
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★ TXT reaction to their usually quiet s/o becoming talkative and excited to talk about their passion
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗ Soobin
I think he'll be like “Boyah?” (meaning “what?”). He'll be happy and shocked and confused to see you talk about your stuff. I see him giving you a small open mouth smile , he'll be taken off guard but he'll make sure to listen to you. He'll not interrupt you because this was a very rare sight , damn he thought it didn't exist ... But he would share your excitement and energy and enthusiastically nod and answer/discuss about everything you point out . He'll be very happy to see that side and proud tbh because he's the first one who got to see that side of you .
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗ Yeonjun
He'll laugh in adoration and just smile at you , At first I think he would have those wide eyes and puppy face , but soon it'll turn to adoration and he'll say “You like talking about this stuff . It's cute” . You might be flustered when you realise what just happened, but he'll tell you to continue talking anyways . He'll be smiling throughout the time you speak and will take everything you say to the heart (because his brain doesn't understand-)and responds perfectly(overly) but he just wants you to know he's attentive.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗ Beomgyu
Once you're done speaking some things , I see him saying “Woahhhhhhhhhhh-” well the woah is never ending so let's move on . He'll be shocked but at the same time he'll be very happy and excited .. because he heard you talking so much . He'll try to be goofy and respond you in ‘his’ English “Did you just speak so much , y/n?” he'll laugh and ask you to continue speaking . He'll try to understand what you're talking about while nodding simultaneously , maintaining eye contact
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗ Taehyun
I think he'll not interrupt you until you're done , but while you're speaking and he'll maintain strong eye contact, notice the small light in your eyes when you talk about your stuff dreamily. He'll actively participate in your discussions and even provide a good mental stimulation to your brain by asking you tricky questions , it'll be fun . In the end , he'll smile and say “I loved it when you discussed it with me. We should do it more often” . Please expect him to be researching your topic because he wants to talk about it more .
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗ Huening Kai
I think he'll stop what he's doing unconsciously, have to do a double take..and then he'll have that smile+shocked+wide eyes . He'll be shocked to see you talking so much and suddenly . At first he'll just nod , taking note of your excitement and talkative side until he comes back to reality and starts actually listening to you . He'll nod and listen to you , agree with your points and ask you if he has any doubts regarding it .. he'll participate in the convo and once it gets over , he'll try to bring up your topic again in the next few days .
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Fight right here 치고 받기도 몇번 🐍👜🥢 ㅜㅁㅜ
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— jennie (pink venom mv making film)
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jenchella 🧡
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