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Tumblr media
"If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girlfriend." Graffiti found in the Atrium from House of the Ara Maxima, Pompeii.
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♎︎ Libra in the Houses Keywords
Libra, represented by The Scales, is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Venus, Libra is commonly associated with emotional & intellectual connections, justice and equality. In a natal chart, the house where we find Libra energy points to what area of our lives this need for reciprocity, understanding, and connection resides.
My interpretations for how Libra shows up through the Whole Sign Houses is based on traditional & modern astro techniques, as well as my own personal experience through my studies.
1H: pretty pretty, graceful, charming, the mediator, fashionable af, “i’m playing both sides so i always come out on top” 
2H: values justice & equality, careers in law or social work, fashions are more collectors items, need to discern wants from needs  
3H: curious, classic luxury cars, private jets, not particularly exceptional in school, middle of the pack
4H: family dramas, involved with law/civil service, home may be a source of emotional extremes, ancestral gifts of understanding & mediation
5H: hot, charming, brings romance to even the casual, may prefer sports like fencing, debaters, may enjoy a little cat & mouse 
6H: social/civil work, paralegals & lawyers, quid pro quo, work/life balance is crucial, health suffers from lack of moderation
7H: romantic af, love the idea of love, poems, perfumes & pre-nups, shrewd business ppl
8H: may appear open-minded but definitely has their *opinions* about controversial topics, power of attorney over loved ones, pillow princesses, sex magic & tantric healing
9H: art history, criminal justice, sociology, enjoy travel that is easy & pretty (islands), connect with others via intellectual interests
10H: judges, critics, isolation/experiencing selfishness from others creates need for connection & attention, designers
11H: the friend who won’t take a side, may come off as two-faced/weak-willed, go hard for the causes they actually care about
12H: swinging from extremes, keeping up appearances is stifling, selfishness leads to isolation, seeking emotional/mental/spiritual balance is paramount
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- How to go about making/saving money
- what hobbies to prefect/learn
- creative outlets to do
- how you should style yourself
- Potential change in looks and style
- What your love life looks like
SUN - where you’ll feel the most confident
MOON - how you should feel about yourself and how you feel about your current relationships/ relationship status in the year
MERCURY - flirting and how you’ll charm others, your thoughts on love/your love life
VENUS - what pleasures and self care you need to focus on/ where you in a sense “glow up” in the year. How you might find love. Also can indicate how you’ll make money
MARS - what you want to work on physically and how you’ll approach sex
JUPITER - your luck in relationships and your luck in love that year
SATURN - what will be long lasting or limited in your love life and how you view yourself
URANUS - what potential lovers will find unique about you or a niche/weird thing you’ll come to appreciate about yourself. Could also indicate how you’ll appear on social media
NEPTUNE - illusions in love this year, types of people you might have crushes on or how might have crushes on you, your secret admires, can also indicate where you might glow up
PLUTO - karmic lessons in love/self love, the themes your shadow work might involve, where you’ll feel the most sexy/alluring this year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Main theme of appearance, where you’ll physically “glow up”/ what will change in your physical appearance
Pleasurable things/materialistic interests. These specific things could make you some money as well.
More insight to how you’ll charm, communicate and mainly flirt with others
4H/ IC
Loving yourself privately and what you need to focus on to build self love
How you’ll have fun and how you’ll look at flings/short term fun relationships. New hobbies you might find pleasing.
Pleasures and material things you’ll gain in the work place. How you’ll take care of yourself at work. How your co workers might be attracted to you/flirt with you
how your long term partnerships might see you during this transit. Someone with this placement might want a relationship with you.
How you’ll see sex this year. What you’ll want from sex. The main themes your intense/sexual relationships will have. More insight into the money you might make (specifically investments and inheritances)
Pleasures you’ll find in education/school/languages and traveling. The beauty you’ll see in certain book genres or educational subjects. How optimistic you might be about the idea of love or your current relationships
MC/ 10H
- a specific beauty aspect you have will be noticed more by the public. How the public views your style or aesthetic. How your reputation may effect your appearance. What you’ll love about your job this year.
- what your beauty will gain you this year, how your friends will see your beauty, pleasure duo and fun activities you should do with your friends this year. What social media might find beautiful/pleasurable about you
- what you may be insecure about this year, what you dream to have in love/ relationships, pleasurable things you enjoy in private/keep hidden from others
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Ta da! Done! Finally 😭 my Venus Return started around June and it’s themes have been pretty apparent. I haven’t looked at it in a while tho. What about yours? 💋
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Venus and Crescent  -  Greg Mort ,2017.
American, b. 1952 -  
Oil on canvas , , 40 x   30 in.
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Balloons Inflate Around Copper Forms in a Playful Reinterpretation of the Enigmatic Venus Figures
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Birth of Venus by Fritz Zuber-Buhler (1877)
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Aphrodite's Bedroom for Venus in Libra
💗 Twitter | ♎️ Instagram | 💖 Prints
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NO WAR Venus and Moon (Jun. 27, 2022)
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Naissance Rose by Arman
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Spotting beauty and attractiveness in the chart
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In this post I will mention some placements that usually indicate beauty / charm / attractiveness, of course they will only be some placements or indicators. In this post I will try to include something beyond physical beauty, also those things that can make you look attractive in the eyes of other people.
🟫Rising is something we should pay attention to since it is the main signifier of appearance. Both the sign, as the planets that are found there, degrees and the position of the ruler. The aspects can be of great help to know the type of beauty that the native can have.
🟤Fire rising have a beauty that draws attention from miles away. Their gazes are intense and reflect a lot of power without even trying. They are people who attract looks like magnets, their beauty is wild and extremely sexy. The confidence that they portray makes them look resplendent to other people. Many people may envy their brightness and how good they seem to be without anyone by their side.
🟤Earth risings have a sophisticated beauty and give too far to reach vibes, they seem to be out of your league. They stand out for having beautiful, well-defined features, a very impressive way of dressing and a natural glow. Their beauty lies also in the shape and texture of their hands, a beautiful nose and enigmatic and fixed eyes. Their determination and ambition make them hold themselves to the highest standards of the people.
🟤With a playful and mischievous look, a charismatic and somewhat detached attitude, the Air Risings have a knack for intriguing the people around them. The way they communicate is key, they have a beautiful voice, a very attractive figure and a very attractive way of thinking. The charms in their treatment, in their individuality and in their graceful appearance make them a mixture of dangerous but appealing charms.
🟤Water rising are highly magical before the eyes of other people, people perceive in them an ethereal beauty, unique and very attractive. Their eyes are expressive, their lips are very beautiful, and there is a mystery that becomes the main reason for other people's curiosity. Their beauty arouses very intense emotions and feelings in other people. They have an otherworldly aura and alternate between intensity and calm, eye-catching duality.
🟤When your rising is Venusian, that is, when it is in Taurus, Libra or Pisces, your beauty lies in your tender gaze, your lips which become very attractive and the protagonist of the play regardless of their size. Your skin is usually something that many consider attractive.
🟤Having a rising Marsian, [Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn rising] makes you have a very pronounced, appeal-oriented beauty and a slight hint of intimidation. Your power, your strength and your simple presence is able to echo in a room, you attract attention in a more fixed way. Your gaze captivates and makes any person who dares to cross yours tremble.
-Small thing I want to say, I added Pisces and Capricorn since those are the signs in which the planet it's exalted and it does play a huge role-.
🟤Pisces and Sagittarius risings have too much beauty and charm, it is likely that they have dimples or some complement that makes their smile something beautiful and very appealing to people. The color of your skin can be something very unique and beautiful, something that you are proud of and that people admire from afar. Their vibes are usually very nice and that makes them more appealing to people.
🟤The presence of the Sun in the 1sth house makes your appearance radiant, you draw attention very easily even if you are a very reserved or introverted person. You have a natural charm, and both your personality and your body is something that many people easily love. Your hair is something that stands out, you may have a fashionable por unique way of dressing and your eyes may have a daring quality in them
🟤Moon in the 1st house makes your features become more tender and delicate, people feel an instant attraction to you and a sense of sweetness almost immediately. Your beauty lies in your sleepy, melancholic or extremely attractive look. You could have round and cute features. Your lips can be pompous and you may have cute cheeks. 
🟤Mars or Venus in the 1st house greatly increase a person's sex appeal, they are usually people in whom many people tend to have crushes and there is something in them that leaves everyone amazed. Venus, on the other hand, makes many like the native, they find him charming and he can meet the beauty standards of many people. While Mars causes the native to easily turn on other people, they always find themselves in the spotlight of other people and are seen as sassy, ​​fearless, sexy and very interesting.
🟤The presence of Neptune in the 1st house causes a bewitching effect on the native, they can have the person they want with their eyes on them, since they have a unique and magical charm. They can feature polka dots in key places that make them appear among a mixture of graceful and sexy.
🟤Pluto in the 1st house make beauty take on the most fiery, mysterious and captivating tones. There is something in their eyes, in the way they arch their eyebrows, and even in the way they walk that makes them irresistible. Their beauty lies in their powerful and intense vibes that intoxicate you just having seen them once. After one time, it will be difficult to look away or think that just one time seeing them was enough.
🟤Scorpio degrees in the rising [08°, 20°] makes there is something in you, be it your body or the way you present yourself to your surroundings that makes you irresistible.
🟤Something similar happens with the Leo degrees [05°, 17°, 29°] that, in addition to making you stand out in a crowd, will highlight your attractive qualities. You will not only get unparalleled beauty, but also the ability to earn the respect and admiration of people.
🟤Ruler of the 1st in the 5th house or vice versa gives you a playful charm. People are mesmerized by your vibes, enchanted by the shape of your body and highly attracted by the genuine way you interact with others.
🟤Ruler of the 1st in the 7th or vice versa makes you a very harmonious person in all levels of the word. Your body has a naturally attractive shape, very defined curves, small details that add more charm to you, and in addition to that, you can be seen as very elegant or very classy.
🟤Ruler of the 1st in the 8th house or vice versa It increases sex appeal to great levels, makes your features something hardly forgettable. You remain impregnated in the mind of whoever has fallen under your trap. Your beauty is dangerous and fiery, no matter if Moon is involved, there will always be a sexy quality in you.
🟫Midheaven it’s also an important thing to look at, this since it’s the first impression that you have on somebody. 
🟤Taurus in the 10th house often reflects that the native is seen as very sensual. Points such as the way you dress, like your neck or hands, are seen as elegant. They give the impression of being an expensive person, someone who spoils themselves and knows their own worth, and there is nothing more attractive than that. The accessories they wear, such as necklaces, glasses or coats can make them look very attractive.
🟤Leo in the 10th house makes the native be seen as a person with a lot of security, a lot of sexiness and with that "I want it, I got it" attitude. They usually give vibes of being royalty or just a very important person. Because of their appearance and mentality, they can allow themselves to charm the person they like.
🟤Libra in the 10th house are people who easily seduce strangers or people they just met. Very likely to be the crush of many different people. They present themselves as very elegant, balanced and very glamourus people. They project themselves as experts, their powers of attraction dazzle whoever crosses their path.
🟤Scorpio in the 10th house has something wonderful in its favor and that is that without even wanting to and without even looking for it, they leave very strong impressions, attract attention and are seen as very good-looking and magnetic. From the way they talk about what they think and feel, to their way of being with strangers, everything about them can seem like a lethal spell to many. Their physical beauty is something that leaves you breathless.
🟤Venus in the 10th house or conjunct MC indicates that the first thing a person spots you is your physical beauty. It is very likely that you leave many strangers with their mouths hanging open or have them thinking about you all day. You have a very charming way of treating people you just meet, you can do it either very familiarly giving them the feeling that you already knew them before or in a simply friendly way.
🟤Pluto in the 10th house or conjunct MC leaves people speechless just by walking past them. They exude incredible appeal and strength. People often first notice how little they care about other people's problems, their focused and mysterious attitude draws the attention of many. They seem hard to get and that’s something that people find very sexy.
🟤Moon aspecting the MC is something that gives the native's appearance delicate and delightful vibes. There is an aura of tenderness in their smile, they even seem to smile through their eyes, it is sparkling and very captivating.
🟤Uranus aspecting the MC causes there to be that something in the native that remains impregnated in those with whom they interact. There is something unique about their personality and physique, they attract a lot of attention. Their attitude and unusual way of interacting with others makes them seem very beautiful and unique to other people.
🟤Libra degrees [07°, 19°] favor a very alluring and desirable appearance, regardless of gender. Beyond giving a wild or sexy beauty, it is something much more sophisticated. Their features seem to be too perfect to be true.
🟤Ruler of the 10th in the 5th house or 8th house become widely recognized for their physical beauty and charm. There is something in them that leads them to be highly desired by the public, the mixture of charisma, confidence, independence and a touch of flirtiness make them the nightly desire of many people.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🟫Venus is the planet of love, so it was obvious that it would be here. Your aesthetic is described not only by the sign and house where it is located, but also by the aspects it makes with other planets.
🟤Venus in Aries or Scorpio despite being in exile are often considered two of the most attractive placements. They do the most interesting things, they are an extremely tempting and very alluring challenge, people love to see how these natives are so indifferent to the idea of ​​making a good first impression, they are honest with others and with themselves and that is what fascinates about this placement.
🟤Venus in Taurus or Libra are signs in which Venus is at domicile, in other words, comfortable, thus giving natives a physical beauty impossible to miss. They are extremely attractive people both in things as simple as their mannerisms, way of sitting down to more significant things such as how they dress or their features. They are very sensual and can be lethal when it comes to flirting.
🟤Venus in Pisces is a dangerous placement, since it is tender, compassionate and its beauty is captivating, like a siren's melody. However, there is a quality in them that makes them addictive to the eye, many people can become obsessed with their beauty and tenderness, and this placement knows it very well.
🟤Venus in a house of domicile [2nd or 7th house] means that the native has been graced by Venus energy, making them charming, glamorous and fascinating. As attractive points they usually have the shape of the body, hair and lips. The softness of this placement is not only felt on your skin, but also in that way of connecting with others. Their way of treating people makes them seem flirtatious with everyone, even when they're just nice. They are sensual and desirable.
🟤Venus in the 8th house makes the natives, despite not noticing its beauty so much or being somewhat self-critical with it, shock and attract people, since their appearance is radiant, extremely attractive and sexy. This placement is one of the most common in people considered attractive by different groups of people. Their beauty can make them attract some strange and obsessed people.
🟤Sun conjunct Venus usually have a lot of charisma and the words that people usually use to describe them are attractive or pretty. There is something very beautiful about these natives both in the way their body was sculpted to the forms their personality took. They are interesting and very charming before other people.
🟤Venus-Mars aspects have a very unique ability and that is how quickly they amaze other people. Their sense of humor, the way they look, and their social charms make them very likeable. Their sex appeal is very strong and leaves many stunned. They have that kind of beauty that you don't know why in such a short time it got so stuck in your core.
🟤Jupiter aspecting Venus makes the beauty of the native expand, since these are the Jupiterian qualities. The native's legs are usually one of his most attractive points.
🟤Venus-Pluto aspects make the native unforgettable for that fascinating and sexy appearance. They usually look very attractive with tight clothes and in shades such as black, red or purple. They know how to play and flirt, they can be very good at it and best of all they know how good they can be at it.
🟤I have noticed that Venus in Gemini degrees [03°, 15°, 27°] are often perceived as too attractive. The way they communicate is simply bewitching and irresistible. Their beauty is so changeable and they can make an image of themselves worthy of praise.
🟫Next, I will comment on some things that I cannot include in any of these sectors, but I have noticed that they give a lot of power of attraction and an extremely attractive aura.
🟤Moon in Libra are usually very attractive people, they have something that makes them win people's approval and love. Their features are symmetrical, their gaze is between a mixture of tender and seductive, and they are people with a multifaceted charm, capable of capturing anyone no matter how different they are from them.
🟤Moon-Mars aspects [especially trine and square] usually have something that captivates and easily catches people. The balance of feminine and masculine energy in these natives is usually something that generates a lot of interest in other people. They naturally come across with enormous strength and a lot of confidence in every step they take, and that is what many may find attractive.
🟤Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, Cancer, Libra or Pisces are people who can amaze many, because they are very interesting people who can have a very strong and decisive effect on other people. They radiate so much energy and positivity that people wonder how such a person could exist. They can be surrounded by many people even without meaning to.
🟤Moon aspecting Neptune, specially harsh aspects [Conjunction, square or opposition] have a rather delightful and tantalizing beauty. People tend to praise and adore them, this for their doll-like appearance, for their delicate and alluring features and for their mystical and unique personality.
🟤Jupiter in Libra is a very literal example, since Libra rules over aesthetic and Jupiter is expansion, it makes everything bigger. So people with this placement are really attractive in the eyes of other people. Its beauty is something that, like wine, becomes better with time.
🟤Stellium in the 1st house are always seen as attractive, their strong and authentic personality draws anyone's attention, and they can fulfill what different people perceive as beautiful. They are adaptable and multifaceted people who shine in any type of clothing, no matter how much they differ in style.
🟤Stellium in the 2nd house usually have a very handsome face, their hands are usually a very attractive point along with their voice. Especially if Venus is in the mix. Their aesthetics are luxurious.
🟤Stellium in the 10th house always have at least one person behind them. Perhaps it is the harmony of their figure, how powerful they project themselves or simply that social charm that they have developed over time that makes them look so attractive to many people.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Moon and Venus in the violet night sky 
l Betül Türksoy l Turkey, Dec. 2021
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Venus stranded on her 70’s waterbed. Painted by Adolph Hirémy-Hirschl (1860-1933)
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Venus Observation
Tumblr media Tumblr media
based from the people i’ve met
🤍 venus aries natives are impulsive. they crave excitement and likes people who are energetic as they are. being boring and dull is a turn off for them. they tend to rush in relationships. falls quickly. they like to wear baggy clothes than fitted ones
🤍 venus 6h people have a “clean look” to them. they have healthy looking bodies and rarely get acnes. their skin seems to be glowing all the time. they prefer to tie their hair alot. they take their hygiene very important and are often picky with everything they use
🤍 venus in taurus natives are very soothing to be around. they have this calming energy that makes people feel safe in their presence. they are nonconfrontational and can rather seem laid-back. cozy vibes. likes to be spoiled
🤍 venus 2h natives have a “sweet” high pitched voice. their laughs are so cute. i could listen to them for hours. they’re also good at comforting
🤍 venus sagittarius people hates being tied down in any way. i noticed that most of them have a great desire to move out early and be independent. they are blunt and opinionated
🤍 venus-pluto get stared at alot. there’s just something eye-catching about them. they can grab everyone’s attention easily 👀 this can take a turn and people may start to gossip or obsess about you
🤍 venus-uranus hard aspect may not like the idea of marriage. commitment issues. my cousin has this and she plans on being single w her pets forever
🤍 venus-saturn people i’ve met were distant. they don’t like showing affections and this is often because of the insecurities in their youth. they have a hard time being too close with someone and always have their guard up. although, they are loyal and committed people
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Astrology observations pt.5
Tumblr media
- I’ve noticed that many of the people who have an alcohol addiction or drink A LOT when they go out, are Pisces moons
- people with Saturn in the 2nd house may have felt that they always had the less fortunate family when it came to money and way of living, and admired other richer families for being able to afford things they wanted (may have had trauma regarding poverty)
- Lilith in 3h/9h people may have felt insecure when it comes to an academic setting or situation meaning they probably felt dumber than others or afraid to express their true opinions. They may have had teachers or siblings who tried to make them feel stupid or treated them badly.
- Taurus moons have very complicated relationships with food. Some of my friends have this placement and they can go from having a serious eating disorder and struggling to eat anything to later overeating, always bringing food with them, always making sure they eat well, etc
- i feel like the sign in your 5th house shows your opinion on wanting children or how you would treat your children in the future. Ex: Taurus/cancer in the 5th house people may want to nurture and care for their child and look forward to having one. Sagittarius in the 5h may prefer their freedom and don’t really plan on having kids that early on.
- Pluto-Venus aspect people really bring out the scorpion energy in relationships imo. They can go to extremes with their possessiveness and jealousy over someone they love and can sometimes even feel that they love so deeply and no one matches their energy or others don’t care as much as they do.
- On that note, Having 8h synastry with someone is SO FUCKING INTENSE. Especially if one of you has your moon in the other person’s 8h. The moon person feels more imo and they’re the one that gets easily obsessed over the other person and stalks the hell out of them/watches their every move. I feel like it then takes the house person more time for their obsession to grow and to realize how much they need/love the moon person.
- This is a weird observation but Cancer risings have moments where they just randomly talk in a baby voice for no reason lol (unironically or ironically)
- If you have mars trine/square/sextile Pluto you’re def the hottest person in the room
- I feel like gemini men are more “pick-me” and brag more than Leo men. Like they just love talking about themselves lol
- People are so naturally attracted to sun-jupiter aspects and Leo rising people. Like they just draw people in and make friends so easily. They just have some sort of energy to them where they could be sitting in a room and people come up and talk to them automatically.
- Mars in 4h people easily get upset and annoyed by people in their household
- Individuals w Moon in the 8h May inherit mental illness from their mother or their mother could already have some sort of a mental illness that made their life very difficult
- Women with their ascendant in square or opposition to Lilith could likely be hated on by other females or women are naturally jealous and envious of them because they possess such a raw and sexually attractive energy
- Virgo moons 🤝 giving people their unsolicited opinion when no one ever asked them for it
- Venus in Capricorns will remember the smallest and I mean the TINIEST details about you If they’ve ever liked you. Even if they got over their crush on you, you 2 could be having a normal conversation and they will mention the most detailed thing about you that you didn’t even remember about yourself. It’s scary
- Libra mercuries on the other hand, actually have trouble remembering most details. They might forget things like your birthday here and there but the most ironic thing is Libra placements pick and choose something specific you did to remember and maybe even hold a grudge on, and you’ll never have a clue as of what it is.
- Mars in Gemini are so funny when they’re upset. They have the best insults and roasts which gives them no shame in absolutely destroying you with words
- A developed Capricorn woman’s confidence is the equivalent of an Aries man’s confidence (so they’re really loud and proud)
- Don’t ever fuck with someone who has Neptune or Jupiter in their 12th house cause the universe will be BREATHING down your back for anything bad you do to them
- Idk why everyone says all Aquarius are introverted and antisocial when tbh they’re some of the most confident, laid-back, and extroverted people you’ll ever meet. Many of the Aquarius I’ve met always tell me they’ll never miss an opportunity to go out and are very social
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celestialtinkerbell · 28 days ago
.˳⁺⁎˚Aphrodite (1388)˚⁎⁺˳ .
When I was on Twitter, I followed this user named @taisoleil and I remember she had this cool concept of combining tarot with astrology to read for people. She called it tarotstrology. I'll be using this to interpret the Aphrodite Asteroid.
My paid services are still open, if you'd like to book, then click here 🌌
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First House
Natives with this placement have a beauty that's uncommitted to any societal standards. Their charm isn't based off of their physical features like their face or body, it's an energy that's unconditionally magnetizing. They're able to pull off anything in terms of style, charm, desirability, and appeal, even if they substantially have a change in their appearance or aesthetic, both intentional or unintentional, their allure still has a powerful grip on most people if not all. These individuals could be prone to an ambiguous lifestyle which makes sense due to Aphrodite's origin starting with the death of Uranus. They may not have fixated tastes at all and every person that they have met may have uncommon perceptions of them. Very complex personalities that are quite difficult to summarize because they aren't meant to be tied down to just one category. This is going to sound weird, but maybe when people mention those who have these placements in conversations, they won't need to specify any characteristics due to your iconic ambiguity, your identity and presence just holds that much weight. 
Second House
These individuals are very lucky when it comes to money, they can't stay consistent when it comes to saving it though. However, that's the power in this placement, they naturally have an abundant mindset about not just money but in other facets of their life. Money comes and goes, people come and go, but when it comes to a moment that could be very treasurable for them, they will not just let that go. Charm isn't only just used for attracting people, these Natives have a charm that effortlessly attracts new opportunities. Their mistakes could lowkey not be mistakes at all, but intuitively made decisions that lead them their lavish desires, and it doesn't have to necessarily mean something extravagantly materialistic, luxury is what you make it to be. People with this placement could also have a gift for giving things meaning, but also the curse of making people more than what they are. This placement could also indicate someone that doesn't stick with just one job, they could continuously change their career until they find one that meets their needs while also giving them the recognition that they deserve for their work and talents.
Third House
Natives with this placement are highly intelligent and pragmatic, but most importantly, they are crafty. They're keenly persuasive with others by utilizing what they know, regardless if it's with good or bad intentions. This placement could also indicate someone that doesn't ever plan on losing an argument or a debate. This could be a self sabotaging mechanism because of the obsession with winning, but also the foundation to what makes you guys stand so firmly with having a mind of your own. These individuals are talented at networking and assuming leadership roles when it comes to speech, even if they aren't the designated star of a stage, they stand out with anything that relates to vocal expression, especially activism. I'm getting that you guys could "steal the show" often, if you have siblings, then you could be child that gets the most attention. When it comes to auditioning for roles related to theater or singing, you're more likely to be the main attraction.
Fourth House
Those who have this placement are very opulent, therefore, attract a lot of people that only want them for what they could add to their life. This could be many scenarios, like maybe others could see you as the perfect person to make a home and raise children with or this could also look like people depending on you as their entire support system and expecting you to take care of them and only them. This placement could evoke jealousy in other people for what you have naturally. Aphrodite in the 4H can either make having children a strong want of yours or could make you push the thought of having children, away. However, the way that you nurture people is very healing, moreover, babies and children could be more receptive to your care. Natives with this placement could also be given a purpose to break generational curses by being the first to not partake in traditions that were passed down in their lineage.
Fifth House
I'm hearing "hypervigilance". Maybe people with this placement could not be fond of social gatherings or crowds of people that they don't know because it tends to always result in someone offending them or overstepping their boundaries. Romance and sex could be a muse for what these Natives create. A lot of you could be into writing eroticas or making erotic art that have a high potential for generating a lot of wealth. I'm seeing a push and pull, where if you're not being a heartbreaking Casanova, then it's you being heartbroken by your romantic interest(s). I feel like this placement could indicate being pulled into love triangles or situations where someone feels strongly for you, but you don't feel the same way about them. You could be always searching for a new hobby to take interest in or not tied to the same methods of where to seek fun, which could be reckless at times because I'm seeing that you guys could maybe bargain and take risks a lot to experience something for the thrill. Aphrodite in the 5H, could also increase the probability of having twins for children or raising a large family.
Sixth House
Natives with Aphrodite in the 6th house could want absolute control over their daily endeavors and could be deemed as very picky. I feel like these individuals are the type to prefer their own home cooked meals, from scratch, with careful precision on where they get their ingredients from. They prioritize having a stable and comfortable lifestyle and could attract the best of the best when it comes to finding the right person to service their needs. Luxury is again, subjective, but I feel that these individuals are able to obtain high quality things and refuse to settle for anything less. A dirty bathroom could be one of their top pet peeves. The way that they live and how they carry themselves could provoke a lot of envy in others or the way that Natives with Aphrodite in the 6th house, pride themselves could be offensive to others. It may look like you're being a snob, but you guys are just very comfortable with what you're familiar with and are particular about how you're being catered to. The roles can also sometimes be reversed, you could be offended by people who suggest that you make a certain change in the way that you do stuff.
Seventh House
In your close relationships, you could be showered with love, affection, and attention. Natives with this placement could be viewed as very dreamy and euphoric by their romantic interests, but there's this distance here that makes them feel like you're unobtainable. I think of this placement as the painting that illustrates the birth of Aphrodite, where she's standing on a clam shell in the middle of the ocean with people surrounding her. You're the center of attention in your love interests' lives, it's almost as if you steal them in a way from their own personal endeavors as you powerfully draw them in while they simultaneously could go to extreme lengths trying to intimately reach you. This could look like people maybe resorting to manipulative tactics in order to keep you or trying to match your energy by being the one that stands out the most among your suitors as if it's an actual battle that they seek to win. Jealousy could be prominent in both roles, even if you aren't remotely interested in a person but see them withdrawing their devotion to you to give to someone else.
Eighth House
The eighth house rules over shared resources in marriage, this placement reminds me of the notorious girdle that Hephaesteous crafted for his wife, Aphrodite. The girdle had a variety of magical attributes, from immensely increasing the wearers attraction to making people fall in love with each other and even with couples who fell out of love with each other. Seduction is truly an art form for the Natives with this placement. They have very vixen-like auras, high potential of becoming sex symbols, but also prone to being sexualized unwarranted. Sex for them is not just sex, it's a very mystical exchange. These individuals are treated like deities in sexual encounters. Like offerings, they could gift you something that meets your desires and in return whether it be adoration or literal materialistic things, and in return, you help them heal through sex. There could be a lot of drama surrounding your intimate life and your belongings. Makeup sex could be a high for you and others could feel entitled to who, what, when, where, and how much you have sex.
Ninth House
Aphrodite in the 9th house could indicate successfully charming others to reform their mindset about a philosophy or religion and to let go of traditionalism. These individuals are likely to become major figures that people seek for insight and direction to understanding what their own beliefs are or the epitome of a religion. However, this placement seems exhausting for these Natives because they could be heavily projected on or put on a very high pedestal that they didn't ask for. This could also indicate attracting people with cult-like behavior. They may abhor closed practices, closed minded people, or closed marriages. They could also be prone to polytheism. Natives with this placement could be highly drawn to traveling to places where there's a lot of water. Although they love to help, and  being a teacher is a natural gift of theirs, freedom is what they value the most. Could be drawn to pacifism, and obsessed with tropes relating to love overcoming everything.
Tenth House
People with the Aphrodite 10H placement could be involved in a bunch of public scandals, especially with romantic partners, but are loved enough by the majority to maneuver around them. One thing about Aphrodite is that she's like an original because she's one of the oldest of the Olympians. Therefore, individuals with this placement could inherit a lot of star power or easily attain a strong and good reputation. Although you're adored by many, your privacy could be invaded a lot by others and you could find yourself in situations where the people close to you are spreading your secrets and plotting on your downfall. You could even have scenarios with "friends" trying to humiliate you to knock you down a peg, but it doesn't keep you down for long. I honestly see a lot of people seething when it comes to your accolades and the more success that you build for yourself. You could also be admired by your beauty and your social media pages could be very aeshetically pleasing to the eyes.
Eleventh House
Natives with these placements take friendships very seriously and are loyal to a fault. You could be the glue in your friend groups and are able to mediate any conflicts within them to keep the peace. You're so supportive, tender, and you're an excitement to be around, however, I feel like people with this placement could often be third wheels and deal with friends who neglect them so that they can focus on their romantic relationships. You could also be caught in the middle of a lot of disputes, especially regarding politics. I feel like because of how you much you genuinely invest in your connections, you could have a bunch of supporters or a huge following. You guys could be great and blogging or should look into doing podcasts, if you don't already, because people love to hear your point of view and reasoning. You're passionate about what you speak up about but also, there's actions behind your words that really draws in the trust of many people.
Twelfth House
This placement reminds me a lot of the malice Aphrodite had towards Psyche. You could have experienced a lot of heartbreaking betrayal relating to cheating or people trying to cheat you out of what's yours. You could even deal with a bunch of one-sided competition. This, to me, is similar to Aphrodite in the 1st house, there's a divine beauty that these Natives carry that's not seen with the naked eye, but is quietly yet heavily admired unlike the 1H placement. These individuals flourish in their own solitude and benefit more when they worship themselves instead of worshipping others but they could often restrain from this by choosing stay humble. Despite their humility, they could have a significant amount of secret admirers that create artistic tributes for them. People could also be prone to fantasizing about you a lot.
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truevedicastrology · a month ago
Having Venus in houses 1-12
What is Venus in Astrology?
In astrology, Venus is associated with love, beauty, harmony, and balance. It is also associated with the qualities of femininity, such as grace, charm, and sensuality.
When Venus is well-aspected in a person's chart, it indicates that they will be attracted to beauty and harmony in their lives. They will also have a strong sense of personal style, and be able to express their femininity in a gracefully confident way.
However, when Venus is poorly aspected, it can indicate that a person may be overly concerned with their appearance, and may be attracted to people and things that are superficial. They may also have difficulty expressing their true feelings, and may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness.
One of the most important things to remember about Venus is that it is never alone in the sky. It is always either in conjunction (aligned with the Sun), in opposition (opposite the Sun), or in some other aspect to the Sun.
This means that Venus is always affected by the light of the Sun, and its energy is always filtered through the Sun's rays. For this reason, the sign that Venus is in will always tell us something about how a person expresses their love and affection.
Venus in Aries
People with Venus in Aries are passionate and impulsive in their affections. They tend to fall in love quickly and easily, and are often attracted to people who are exciting and challenging.
They enjoy the thrill of the chase, and are often drawn to people who are hard to get. They like to be in control of their relationships, and may have difficulty showing their vulnerability.
Venus in Taurus
People with Venus in Taurus are very sensual and earthy in their affections. They tend to be attracted to people who are stable and reliable, and who can provide them with a sense of security.
They are often very loyal and faithful partners, and are often attracted to people who are good with money and who can provide them with material comforts. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being cold or distant.
Venus in Gemini
People with Venus in Gemini are attracted to people who are intelligent and quick-witted. They enjoy having stimulating conversations and being around people who can keep them entertained. They may have trouble committing to one person, and may be attracted to people who are also flirtatious and changeable.
Venus in Cancer
People with Venus in Cancer are attracted to people who are caring and nurturing. They often need a lot of emotional support, and may be attracted to people who are also very sensitive and compassionate. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being clingy or needy.
Venus in Leo
People with Venus in Leo are attracted to people who are confident and self-assured. They enjoy being around people who make them feel special and important. They may have difficulty being emotionally open, and may come across as being arrogant or vain.
Venus in Virgo
People with Venus in Virgo are attracted to people who are down-to-earth and practical. They often need a lot of security and stability, and may be attracted to people who are also very reliable and hardworking. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being shy or reserved.
Venus in Libra
People with Venus in Libra are attracted to people who are diplomatic and fair-minded. They enjoy being around people who are harmonious and who can provide them with a sense of balance. They may have difficulty making decisions, and may come across as being indecisive or wishy-washy.
Venus in Scorpio
People with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to people who are intense and passionate. They often need a lot of excitement and adventure, and may be attracted to people who are also very mysterious and enigmatic. They may have difficulty trusting people, and may come across as being jealous or possessive.
Venus in Sagittarius
People with Venus in Sagittarius are attracted to people who are fun-loving and adventurous. They often need a lot of freedom and space, and may be attracted to people who are also very independent and free-spirited. They may have difficulty committing to one person, and may come across as being fickle or changeable.
Venus in Aquarius
People with Venus in Aquarius are attracted to people who are unconventional and original. They may be attracted to people who are also very independent, and who have a strong sense of individuality. They may have difficulty committing to one person, and may come across as being aloof or detached.
Venus in Capricorn
People with Venus in Capricorn are attracted to people who are ambitious and hard-working. They may also be attracted to people who are traditional and who have a strong sense of responsibility. They may come across as being serious or reserved.
Venus in Pisces
People with Venus in Pisces are attracted to people who are compassionate and romantic. They may also be attracted to people who are creative and who have a strong imagination. They may come across as being dreamy or unrealistic.
1.) Venus in the first house
When it comes to astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money. So, it's no surprise that having Venus in your first house would be a pretty great thing. The first house is all about new beginnings, so this placement of Venus indicates that you're likely to start off your life in a pretty good place. You're likely to be a natural beauty, and you're likely to have a lot of luck when it comes to money and love.
Of course, every placement of Venus has its own unique meaning, so you'll need to consult an astrologer to get a more detailed reading of your specific situation. But in general, having Venus in your first house is a very positive thing. If you're looking for love, you're likely to find it easily. If you're looking for financial success, you're likely to find that as well. And if you're just looking for a general sense of happiness and well-being, you're likely to find that, too.
2.) Venus in the second house
When it comes to astrology, there are a lot of different things that can affect a person’s life. One of the things that can have an impact is the placement of Venus in a person’s birth chart. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money, so it’s no surprise that its placement can have a big impact on a person’s life.
If Venus is in the second house of a person’s birth chart, it can indicate that they are someone who is very materialistic. They may place a lot of importance on money and possessions, and they may have a strong desire for luxury items. Venus in the second house can also indicate that a person is very generous, and they may enjoy giving gifts to others.
While Venus in the second house can have some positive aspects, it can also have some negative ones. A person with Venus in the second house may be someone who is very greedy and selfish. They may only care about themselves and their own needs, and they may not be very generous towards others.
If you have Venus in the second house of your birth chart, it’s important to try to balance your materialistic desires with your need to be generous and giving. Try to find a middle ground where you can still enjoy the finer things in life, but also be generous towards others.
3.) Venus in the third house
When it comes to love and relationships, Venus in the third house is all about communication and connection. This placement is all about finding ways to connect with others and to express yourself in a way that is both loving and authentic. Whether it is through writing, speaking, or just being in each other's company, Venus in the third house knows that communication is key to any lasting relationship.
This placement also speaks to your ability to be a good friend. If you have Venus in the third house, you are the type of friend who is always there for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. You are supportive and loyal, and you always make sure to keep in touch. You may even find that you have a talent for writing or speaking, and that you use these skills to help others in your life.
No matter what your Venus in the third house placement is, you always know the importance of communication in any relationship. Whether it is with a romantic partner, a family member, or a friend, you know that connection is key.
4.) Venus in the fourth house
When it comes to our personal lives, Venus plays a big role in determining how we experience love, pleasure, and beauty. But Venus also has a hand in our domestic lives, as well as our relationship with our mothers. That's because Venus rules the fourth house of the zodiac, which is associated with these things.
If you have Venus in the fourth house, you're likely to have a beautiful and comfortable home life. You may also have a strong bond with your mother, and you may find that your love life is closely intertwined with your family life.
Venus in the fourth house can also indicate a need for security and stability in your relationships. You may find yourself attracted to people who can provide you with a sense of safety and security. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's important to be aware of your need for security so that you don't become too dependent on your partner.
If you have Venus in the fourth house, you're likely to have a strong appreciation for the beauty of your home and family life. You may find yourself spending a lot of time and energy making your home a beautiful and inviting place. You may also enjoy decorating and entertaining guests in your home.
Fourth house Venus also indicates a need for emotional security and stability. You may find yourself attracted to partners who are reliable and supportive. You may also find yourself drawn to family-oriented activities and situations.
5.) Venus in the fifth house
When it comes to love, Venus in the fifth house knows what they want and they go after it with confidence. This placement lends an air of drama to relationships and those with this placement are often attracted to creative or unconventional partners. They enjoy the courting process and are often drawn to partners who can keep them guessing.
While Venus in the fifth house can be a bit self-centered, they are also generous lovers who enjoy giving and receiving affection. They take pride in their appearance and often use their looks to attract the object of their affection. They are also passionate lovers who are not afraid to experiment.
In general, Venus in the fifth house is a fun-loving placement that enjoys the finer things in life. They are attracted to beautiful things and often have a taste for the luxurious. They enjoy the company of others and are often the life of the party.
6.) Venus in the sixth house
In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and money. It is also associated with art, music, and relationships. When Venus is in the sixth house, it is said to be in its "domicile." This is a favorable position for Venus, as it is in a house that it naturally rules. The sixth house is associated with work and service, so Venus in this house is said to bring good fortune in these areas.
Those with Venus in the sixth house are said to be hard workers who are also very attractive. They are often gifted with artistic talents and are said to be very romantic. They are also said to be fair and just, always striving for balance in their lives.
7.) Venus in the seventh house
When Venus is in the seventh house, we are attracted to others who are balanced and harmonious. We want a partner who we can share our lives with, and who will be a good friend as well as a lover. We are attracted to those who are loyal and trustworthy, and who have a similar outlook on life to our own.
We are also attracted to those who are physically attractive, and who exude an air of confidence and self-assurance. We want a partner who we can be proud of, and who will make us feel good about ourselves.
We are attracted to those who are successful and who have a lot to offer us. We want a partner who can provide us with security and who can help us to achieve our own goals.
However, we also need to be careful that we don't become too dependent on our partner. We need to make sure that we have our own lives and our own goals, and that we are not living solely for our relationship.
Venus in the seventh house is a strong indication of a committed and lasting relationship. If you are single, then you are likely to meet someone special who you will want to settle down with. If you are in a relationship, then you can expect it to be a stable and long-term one.
8.) Venus in the eighth house
When it comes to love and relationships, Venus in the 8th house is all about intensity, passion and intimacy. This is a placement that is attracted to the dark side of love, and is often involved in relationships that are intense, passionate and even a little bit dangerous.
For Venus in the 8th house, love is about power, control and manipulation. These individuals are often attracted to partners who are mysterious, dark and even a little bit dangerous. They are attracted to what they cannot have, and often push the boundaries in their relationships.
While this placement can lead to some unhealthy relationships, it can also lead to some of the most passionate and intense relationships. If you have Venus in the 8th house, you know that love is not always easy, but it is always worth it.
9.) Venus in the ninth house
In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. When Venus is in the ninth house, it brings these energies to the areas of higher learning, philosophy, and travel. This is a time when you may be attracted to new ideas and ways of thinking. You may also find yourself drawn to far-off places.
This is a good time to explore your options and to expand your horizons. You may be more open-minded than usual, and you may be eager to learn new things. This is also a good time for travel and for higher education. If you have been thinking about going back to school, this would be a good time to do it.
This is a good time to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. You may find yourself attracted to people who are different from you. This is a time of growth and learning, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
Venus in the ninth house brings a desire for knowledge and understanding. This is a good time to read books on topics that interest you. You may also be drawn to subjects like philosophy and religion. This is a time of expansion, so don't be afraid to explore new ideas.
This is also a good time for travel. If you have the opportunity to travel, you should take it. This is a time when you will learn a lot from new experiences.
Venus in the ninth house brings a sense of adventure. You may find yourself drawn to activities that are outside your usual routine. This is a good time to try new things and to expand your horizons.
This is a good time for travel and for higher education. If you have been thinking about going back to school, this would be a good time to do it.
You may also find yourself attracted to people who are different from you. This is a time of growth and learning, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
10.) Venus in the tenth house
When Venus is in the tenth house, it's all about career and public image. This is the time to put your best foot forward and show the world what you're made of. You'll be determined to make a good impression and be seen in a positive light.
This is an excellent time to advance your career or start a new business venture. You'll be confident and eager to take on new challenges. You'll be determined to succeed and will put in the hard work to make it happen.
Your public image will be important to you at this time. You'll want to be seen as successful and competent. You may dress more professionally or take on a more serious demeanor. You'll be eager to make a good impression on those in positions of authority.
This is a good time to network and build relationships with influential people. These connections can help you further your career goals. You may also receive help from others in achieving your goals.
Venus in the tenth house is a time of ambition and achievement. You'll be determined to reach the top and will put in the hard work to make it happen.
11.) Venus in the eleventh house
When Venus is in the eleventh house, she brings her charms and her love of beauty to the social sphere. This is a great placement for Venus, as the eleventh house is all about friendship, community, and networking. Venus here is outgoing and loves to be around people. She is attracted to those who are different from her, and she enjoys exploring new ideas and cultures. Venus in the eleventh house is generous and giving, always looking for ways to help out her friends and make them happy. She is a loyal friend, and her friends are important to her. Venus here is also very idealistic, and she believes in the power of love and friendship to change the world.
12.) Venus in the twelfth house
When it comes to the twelfth house, Venus encourages us to let go of what we no longer need in our lives. This may manifest as releasing old emotional baggage, forgiving someone from our past, or simply getting rid of material possessions that we no longer use or need. On a more spiritual level, Venus in the twelfth house can also help us to connect with our higher selves, and to access our intuition and psychic abilities.
In general, the twelfth house is associated with hidden things, and with the unconscious mind. Therefore, Venus in this house can also symbolize hidden talents or abilities that we have yet to discover. We may need to do some soul-searching in order to uncover these hidden gifts, but the effort will be worth it in the end.
No matter how Venus manifests in our lives, she always encourages us to express our love and affection. In the twelfth house, this may manifest as compassion for those who are suffering, or as a desire to help others in any way we can. We may also find ourselves drawn to solitary activities such as meditation or prayer, as these can help us to connect with our higher selves.
Venus in the twelfth house is a reminder that love is always present, even in the darkest of times. By opening our hearts and minds to love, we can heal our own wounds, and help others to do the same.
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the-evil-clergyman · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The Birth of Venus by Konstantin Makovsky (1900-10)
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