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sweetindisposition-daily · 2 days ago
If I don't like her why do I want her to like me??
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weaver-z · 7 months ago
Ngl I think it's strange that a lot of people IRL are so kneejerkingly terrified of being weird or even associated with being weird. I say this as someone with relatively normal fashion/speech patterns, not even as a member of a particularly crazy subculture.
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loved-ones · 10 months ago
The most attractive thing to me is effort. Someone who really wants to talk to me, wants to see me, wants to make me a part of their day.
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geltears · a month ago
thinking abt casual fuck buddy!Ran who swears you're just a quick fuck every now and then but he still calls you baby in that sweet tone that always has you shimmying out of your panties for him. he likes to think there's nothing more to it but he knows he's lying to himself because strangers don't remember girls' favourite perfume or the day their favourite store is having a sale and then again, he doesn't regret buying you that necklace because he thinks it looks really good when you're on him.
fuck buddy!Ran who subconsciously drives to your place when he's hot and bothered and just can't stop thinking about you. he doesn't need to knock because he's got a key and that's reason #3 why he thinks there's just a little more to this and you think so too-- at least, you do when he's got your knees folded into your chest and you're moaning yes yes all for you- just you, Ran.
And he's got a little soft spot for you so he always fucks you slow, cock achingly hard as he rolls his hips into you. he keeps his hands on your hips, rubbing slow reassuring circles into your skin because he's gonna take care of you.
Ran who's a little rough when he's just got into a fight and he's yet again, walking into your room with a bulge in his pants. he fucks you up against your wall, blood-stained hands dragging you back and forth on his cock while he mumbles nonsense into your ear because he knows you like that. he's going "baby- you like that?", not because he cares..he just likes the way it rolls off his tongue. and when he feels your cunt clench around him and your arms fly to his neck, he finally lets his hands roam to find your clit and rub circles into it.
"C'mon baby, make a mess on my cock", he tells you but you're already too fucked out to process his words. "Ran- Ran," he hears you moan and now his hips are slowed, cock still hitting that spot that has you digging your nails into his shoulders but he doesn't mind because he's a bit sensitive himself: tip throbbing and leaky, ready to give himself to you. "you're so fucking wet," goes his groan and really your slick is running down his balls but he loves it- so messy, just for him.
He's the only one you're with so you're always slightly eager to feel his cock stretch you out and though he'll never admit it (because you two just aren't together like that), he's not fucking anyone else so he always gives it to you raw and hard, letting you feel his hot and throbbing cock as he fucks into the wetness of your cunt. "You feel that baby? 'S all for you, so hard just for you."
But no you're not dating
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heavqn · 2 months ago
steve harrington,,,,,breeding kink,,,,
"You're gonna look so good, yeah?" Steve's pace was intense as he repeatedly slammed into her. "God, I can't wait."
She didn't have any time to respond to him because he just wouldn't slow down for one second. "Gonna be such a good mom, aren't you honey?"
She let out a moan in response, about to cum soon if he kept this up. "Yeah, you gonna carry my kids? All six of them?" He smirked as he said that, the shock of his words evident on her face.
"Six?!" He laughed at her reaction before speaking again, "Six little Harringtons. One right after the other. You won't be able to catch a break from me, honey."
"You want that, don't you? Want to be the one carrying my kids. Wanna prove to me how much you love me so you let me fuck you however many times I want until you're full of my cum."
"Steve - please." Her whining only spurred him on more, determined to get her to finish before cumming inside of her.
Though it wasn't long before they both had finished, him pulling up her underwear and telling her not to let a single drop of his cum slip out of her.
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senvurii · 3 months ago
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subconscious-thoughts · 4 months ago
The damage has been done. It's time for you to focus on healing.
Subconscious Thoughts
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philosophybits · a month ago
You can discard most of the junk that clutters your mind — things that exist only there — and clear out space for yourself: by comprehending the scale of the world; by contemplating infinite time; by thinking of the speed with which things change... the narrow space between our birth and death, the infinite time before, the equally unbounded time that follows.
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (9.32)
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ariereii · 11 months ago
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euphorictruths · a month ago
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Big Thinker Contemplating The Light- Adrian Cox; 2018
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sweet---despair · a month ago
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loved-ones · 10 months ago
To everyone carrying a heavy heart in silence, it’s gonna be okay someday
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geltears · 22 days ago
stoner bf Hanma
stoner bf !Hanma who has a bad smoking habit (everyone knows this). There’s nothing Hanma loves more than you and cigarettes and he loves you even more because you don’t smoke but you’ve always got a lighter on hand in case he needs it. And even though Hanma’s got his own, he always lets you light it for him; he gives you the sweetest murmurs of praise for it.
When Shuji’s high he’s something of a mess of long limbs tugging at your smaller hands. You let him have his way with you because you’re Shuji’s sweet girl and he absolutely adores that about you. His kisses are somehow rougher and deeper when he gets like this and you actually like it— though you won’t admit it. Even if he’s a little buzzed he remembers where you like him to press soft kisses & his fingers are still as adept as ever.
stoner bf!Hanma who only has half the mind to tug you to the nearest surface where he props you up and knees your legs open for easy access. He doesn’t care enough to take your panties off, just pushing them to the side to shove 2 digits into your drenched hole/ or eat you out of he’s really feeling it. He doesn’t stop until he’s knuckle deep and he’s got you moaning as you tug his hair. Shuji doesn’t mind though because he kinda finds the way you knot your fingers into the mix of black & blonde waves soothing— even more so when you let soft praises of ‘right there Shuji’ & ‘just like that’ fall from your lips.
He listens for when you start keening and that’s when Hanma curls his fingers inside you to press harshly against your g-spot and his cock gets impossibly harder in his pants as your mouth opens in small gasps. Shuji kisses you sloppy while your cunt flutters around his fingers, moaning your name into the kiss and grinding his clothed cock against your leg.
And you’re barely able to process anything but you let Shuji drag you towards the edge of the table (desk—whatever). He’s sweet enough to kiss you back to your senses; smirking stupidly into your neck while he asks you “Ready baby?”. It’s only then that you register the feel of his throbbing tip as he rubs it against your slit and you just wrap your legs around his waist, a silent prompt for him to stop his ministrations and bury himself to the hilt inside you. His pace is almost animalistic— and he only gets like this when he’s high out of his mind— as he fucks into you roughly with a bruising grip on your hips for leverage.
He hasn’t even bothered to properly shove off his pants and you think the sound of his belt hitting your ass is embarrassing but Hanma couldn’t be bothered: he’s too caught up in the squelching sounds your pussy makes when he pushes back into you. It makes him fuck you harder.
He’s nasty with it too. He often gets annoyed by your panties and opts to rip them off mid-fuck, his cock suddenly throbbing inside you at the sight of your drenched cunt. “Rub your clit for me baby,” he tells you softly, slowing his thrusts to kiss at your wrists before he opens his mouth for you to stick your fingers in. You watch amusedly as Shuji sucks and moans around your fingers and when he pulls away, your cheeks heat up at the string of spit connecting your fingers to his lips. From there it’s just both of you being desperate to cum. You rub at your clit with your wet fingers (courtesy Hanma) and he hurries his face into your neck, mumbling about he’s ‘gonna fill you up so good’ and ‘so in love with your pussy’
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violette-lewis · 7 months ago
I think in the end, all I want is to be held by someone while looking at the sunset. To be slightly touched on the arm while attending a party. To eat a dish they have cooked using my favourite spice. To genuinely smile when they play with my hair while reading. To sigh with relief when our hands are holding on a walk. To chuckle when they tell me an absurd story. To hear my heart beating at a crazy rate when they look at my lips with intent. To grin when they ask how my stressful meeting went. To linger in bed on a Sunday morning because I feel safe. To exchange a look worth a whole conversation at a family meal. To put their keys in their bag, because they always forget them.
I believe it is the most natural thing in the world, and yet it seems to be the most difficult one to find.
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nemfrog · 3 months ago
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Thinking, feeling, doing. 1895. Book cover.
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