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Disney Content Showcase APAC 2022: ‘Loki Season 2’ Trailer Shows Mobius Back In Action With Trickster God(s) | Geek Culture
Things are brewing in the multiverse, and a new trailer for Loki Season 2 shows just how hectic the action will be. During the Marvel panel at the Disney Content Showcase APAC 2022, the House of Mouse graced the show floor with a fresh look at the six-episode series, which also teases the return of a familiar face: Mobius M. Mobius.
Tumblr media
The trailer starts off with the opening of an elevator door, showing someone flipping through the pages of a book. Loki walks into the frame, but wait, something’s off — as it turns out, the individual is the Trickster God himself, who soon finds himself glitching.
Having travelled through time and different multiverses, the Loki variation says that he has seen awful things, and reveals a statue of Kang behind a wall. The Conqueror makes his highly-anticipated entrance, and is seen with Mobius, previously believed to be dead, who now has a new haircut.
In a similar vein, the characters from the first season, Ravonna, Sylvie, and Hunter B-15, also make a reappearance as Loki warns of war. Multiple variations of the God of Mischief take to the battlefield to stop the war together, with Mobius returning to the fold and lending his aid.
With Kang finally arriving to the Disney+ series, Loki Season 2 will have a lot to live up to, especially for the comic book fans. The sequel is slated to debut sometime in mid-2023, with Everything Everywhere All At Once star Ke Huy Quan (best known for playing Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) starring in an undisclosed role. Marvel is expected to release this latest trailer in official capacity soon, but a specific date has yet to be announced.
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The Selection || Chapter Five ||
Hello everybody and welcome back to your weekly instalment of The Selection! I hope the wait hasn't taken you away from the story, it is only beginning!
Chapter Four || Masterlist ||
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @lokisgoodgirl , I'd say that this is kind of a present to you too! An update on your birthday!
Tumblr media
Sophia was the first to be sent home. After her scheduled date with Loki, she had returned to the room that you twelve had allocated as the room where you would all gather for one reason or another in tears. Her eyes were puffy, and she was shaking as she muttered that she was the first to be sent home. The other eleven of you swarmed her and tried your best to comfort her, even Lorelei rushed in since Sophia was in her group.  
Two hours later, Sophia was pulled in for her leaving interview and wasn’t seen afterwards. Now that there were eleven of you, the game started to feel more real than it had before. You realised that even the sweetest of girls can be sent home in this brutal game for the Prince’s heart.  
That night, huddled in Katerina’s room, you and your group mourned the departure of sweet Sophia De Mareen. Katerina huddled up into Phoebe’s side and wasn’t talking to anybody as she thought about what she had just seen. Regan had been roped into a game of poker with Cleo. 
“It’s a shame,” Regan whispered, her eyes shining with tears as she made her move against Cleo. Her hair hid her face as she began to cry. “Sophia was the nicest out of Lorelei’s group. Lorelei should have gone home first.” 
“You forget that this is all for the public’s entertainment as well,” you whispered, your head firmly laid in Phoebe’s lap as Katerina massaged your scalp, “if Lorelei was to go first then the public would lose their entertainment in a way. Lorelei is the bad egg and the public feasts best on drama.” 
The room went quiet before everyone nodded and agreed with you. Cleo sighed and ceased her game with Regan with a firm, “I best go to bed.” 
“Same,” you replied, moving out of Phoebe’s lap and smoothing down your dress with a deep sigh, “I have a date with Loki tomorrow so I need to be up and ready much earlier.” 
The girls all said their goodbyes and you headed down to your room only to spot a familiar figure standing outside your door and you released an irritated sigh before walking to your door and twisting the doorknob before turning your head to the side, “our date is tomorrow, Loki, what do you want?” 
The Prince eyed you with a pleased smirk, his posture relaxed and unbelievably attractive. “I need to speak with you, my lady,” he responded easily, his accent wrapping around your brain and squeezing so much that you lost sense of the language you registered what he said and you opened your door, walking inside and hearing it shut behind you. 
“My lady!” came the call of Madysin as she approached you and then her eyes drifted to Loki and she gasped as she dropped into a low bow, “my Prince.” 
“Madysin, I’ll ring the bell when I’m ready for you and Charlotte to come get me ready for bed, okay?” you whispered to her, helping her back to her feet and you watched her nod and rush into your bedroom, ushering Charlotte through the servant’s entrance through a secret door. 
Loki watched the interaction with a hum and then he strode past you, dropping into a chair by the window, gesturing to the one opposite him to signal you to sit. With a huff, you followed his order and sat in the opposite chair. Your eyes roamed over the Prince eagerly, taking note how his leather trousers hugged his thighs just right in a way that made you imagine how it would feel to ride yourself to completion on them and a shudder visibly shook your body. 
“See something you like, pet?” came the teasing remark from the Prince that shook you from your stupor. His emerald eyes were shining with satisfied mischief and your cheeks heated red as you thought about him smirking at you like he was when he was above you, marking you as his wife. 
Wait, what? You blinked in surprise at the thought that went through your mind before you saw Loki’s smirk grow wider and realisation dawned on you. “Stop that!” you yelled, hiding your face in your hands as Loki released a deep chuckle that had your core throbbing more than it had been before.  
“Stop what, pet?” Loki asked with a victorious smirk on his face before he leaned back in the chair and spread his legs. The space between his legs looked so inviting but you fought against the urge to jump in between them valiantly. 
“What did you want?” you demanded, crossing your arms and putting on your best angry face as you felt the slick between your thighs gathering quickly under the immense power of Loki’s glare. You were so ready to drop to your knees and give him everything he wanted but you didn’t want to go home so soon. 
Loki seemed to break out of his own trance at your words and he smirked as he shrugged and widened his legs just a tad more, enjoying how his teasing affected you. “I am here to ask you how you feel about our date tomorrow,” he spoke up finally, glancing at his nails with a bored expression, “we haven’t seen each other since our kiss two weeks ago.” 
“And why do you think that is?” you scoffed, raising an eyebrow and watching Loki chuckle and his smirk widen. 
“You’ve been avoiding me,” Loki drawled, frowning at you with clear disappointment and you bit your lip as you frowned. The God leaned forward in his seat, his brows pulled together as his glare became more intense, “why?” 
You sighed and fiddled with your fingers, observing the subtle look in Loki’s eyes that signalled to you that he was truly upset. “I’m getting homesick,” you replied simply, walking away over to the window to gaze down at the city below Asgard’s grand castle, “now that Sophia has gone home, it starting to become real and… when will you send me home?” 
The God frowned and tilted his head, looking at your stance and the signals that you needed comfort. “I told you,” he whispered as he approached you with a frown, his fingers gently grazing down your bicep, “I will keep you here as long as needed, I have no intention of giving you up so soon.” 
“Is this what you have told all of the girls?” you scoffed, twisting away from his comfort as you glared at him, “is this what you think of me? As easy and uninterested as the girls here for your hand?” 
“You’re interested?” Loki whispered, his eyes shining with innocence and what seemed to be hope.  
You stared at him as if you were stricken and your mouth opened and closed repeatedly as you struggled to find an explanation. Relenting, you sighed and nodded, “yes, I am interested, that doesn’t mean that I wish to be your wife, Loki. I just want stability and right now with these girls here, I can’t have that.” 
The Prince nodded and smiled at you, a rare smile that you hadn’t seen before and made your heart race. “Now that one of the girls has left, there shall be an interview this afternoon with the remaining eleven and also with me,” he said, looking into your eyes and you were suddenly reminded of how powerful this God was and how small you were compared to him, “I trust that it shall be most enjoyable for the girls who are… not interested.” 
“They’ll fake it ‘till they make it,” you mumbled and your cheeks heated as you heard Loki’s agreeing chuckle.  
Stepping forward, Loki pressed his lips to your forehead and gently held your hand, bringing it up for a kiss. “I look forward to your shining review of me tonight, pet,” he grinned, his teeth perfectly shining but also subtly threatening, “until tonight.” 
“Until tonight,” you breathed, watching Loki depart from your room before sliding down the wall and hiding a smile. Until tonight, you thought with a grin, a blush covering your cheeks as you remembered the kiss Loki had given your forehead. “I’m in deep,” you whispered, hiding your face in your hands. 
The ballroom was different when you walked in with your friends. The lavish ballroom now held what looked to be American bleachers set up and a vast array of cameras set up with one person testing his mic. Just across the room, you spotted Prince Thor with his Princess and you gave a soft smile, thinking that maybe there is a small possibility that Loki will someday be like that with you. Shaking your head, you guided the group up the steps and claimed the back row for yourselves, much to the distaste of Lorelei and her group.  
“I’m so nervous,” Cleo whispered to you, instantly intertwining her fingers with yours as she looked out to the small crowd on the other side of the ballroom that got exclusive access to this interview, “what if the public dislike me? I wouldn’t know what to do then!” 
“If the public disliked you, Cleo, then you would know about it,” you replied smoothly, stroking along her thumb with your own, “trust me, we’ll be fine.” 
Katerina soon joined in and smiled at Cleo. “Not to worry, Cleo!” the girl whispered loudly, patting the girl’s shoulder gently, “if anyone will go next, it will be Lorelei. Even Prince Loki dislikes her.” 
“Really?” you chirped up, tilting your head curiously, “she seems like a good fit for him.” 
Phoebe laughed and held her belly as Katerina giggled with her. The two girls took ages to compose themselves but when they did, Phoebe whispered, “poor Prince Loki, saddled with Lorelei for the rest of his days. That would be Hel!” 
You giggled and shrugged as you grinned. You hadn’t expected Lorelei to be so terrible at the charade that Loki began to dislike her. Then again, it wasn’t that hard to believe that she would turn away this golden opportunity for money and status just because of Loki’s reputation. You stopped for a moment and then turned to Phoebe and whispered, “have you ever seen Loki outside of your designated dates?” 
The girls looked bewildered and then they realised why you asked so they all whispered to you, “meeting in Katerina’s room after this. Tell us everything.” 
You grinned and turned to watch as the cameras started rolling, the intro playing on a TV screen along with a screen showing when the presenter should start speaking. You didn’t know the presenter; you didn’t really have time for TV neither here nor in Brekstad due to your work.  
“Goooooooood evening, Nine Realms!” the presenter began with a bright grin as lights surrounded him and made him seem like he was the centre of the universe, “I am Juniad Clayton, and I am here with the eleven remaining contestants for The Selection! We will be interviewing every contestant today, folks, so sit tight! Tonight, we are joined by the royal family of Asgard!” 
The cameras panned over to the family and the moment you saw Loki in his formal armour, you knew you were in deeper than you thought. He looked perfect. How could any of the girls be denying this man all their being, firmly staying here just for the money.  Were you also just here for money or had that dissolved into an unsolved dilemma of being in love? 
Lorelei was called up first as the date between her and Loki was sure to cause a stirring of curiosity in the population, wanting to know if Lorelei was as terrible as she seemed on that date since Loki hasn’t asked for her since that day. 
“Lorelei Russodottir! First, a warm welcome to the Selection and second, all of us outside of the palace are wondering just why you turned down Prince Loki?” Juniad asked with a bright smile, handing Lorelei her own mic and shaking her hand. 
Lorelei sat down in the comfy seat and held her head high as she sighed and grazed her nails down her knee. “Prince Loki is known as the Dark Prince for a reason,” she began, her voice high and fake, “he doesn’t care about any of us. Katerina was taken to the rose garden but he has not taken any other girl there! He is disrespectful and dishonourable! It is custom to bring a bouquet to a date and yet he could only conjure a single rose for me. Says something about how he thinks of us.” 
You pinched the bridge of your nose as you listened to the girl speak, already fed up with her fake voice, digging for sympathy. Lorelei had also caught the attention of Thor, you noted, since the God of Thunder looked utterly offended and ready to beat the girl to a pulp but his beloved was holding him back. 
“Can you tell everyone what you thought when you heard that lady Katerina had made it to the rose garden and not you?” Juniad asked, his eyes shining with sympathy for Lorelei and her lies. 
Lorelei looked up at the lights and wiped away a fake tear with her handkerchief before looking back to Juniad, “I was hurt. He was so much affectionate to Katerina than to me. And he sent Sophia home! Sophia! Sweet Sophia, she did nothing wrong and he sent her home.” 
Nodding in agreement, your eyes drifted over to Loki, and you froze when you saw that he wasn’t even looking at the interview. He was looking at you! He wanted your opinion and the rage that raced through his eyes signalled that he had caught you nodding. With guilt swarming your belly, you turned your eyes back to the interview even though you felt his gaze burning into the side of your head.  
One by one, the girls took their interviews and one by one, they gave a different account of how they saw Loki. For some, he was closed off and uncaring but for some, he shared their love for education and magic and their love for their families but for two girls, they sung his praises romantically.  
“He was the sweetest,” Adriana sighed dreamily as she clapped her hands together, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. “He read poetry to me once while we walked and we almost kissed.” 
“He joined me in the library,” Isabel whispered with a small smile, a blush rising on her cheeks, “we spent a good two hours discussing our favourite authors and novels. It was the perfect date.” 
Now, it was your turn. You rose from your seat as Cleo and Phoebe gave you pats on the back and you ventured down the stairs and over to Juniad, holding the skirt of your dress tight to attempt to soothe your nerves. As you sat down, the roaring of cheers from the crowd suddenly registered in your mind and you stared at them in shock. 
“Lady Y/L/N! I must say that this is beyond an honour! You are the contestant that the masses are standing behind!” Juniad gushed, handing you a microphone as the crowd cheered and clapped for you. “A dance between you and Loki is surely what the Realms remember about you and they never stop talking about it!” 
Curious, you thought as colour rose to your cheeks, I’m the one they are standing behind? 
“I am beyond honoured to even be here!” you replied with a bright grin, fumbling with your mic as you looked at the crowd and then the cameras, “Asgard’s palace is truly a spectacle, and the ball was beyond magical. Donna, Milly, if you’re listening… you shouldn’t be, go to bed. But before you go, it is more than we dreamed about, I wish you were here.” 
Juniad cooed and clapped his hand, and the crowd mimicked him before the man turned to you and asked, “are they your sisters?” 
“They are!” you responded with a smile, your eyes shining with emotion as you remembered your sisters and how eager they were to get you on The Selection, “my two little sisters! Donna Mae and Milly Sarah!” 
“You must miss them, hm?” Juniad asked with a smile, enjoying learning more about you now that everyone has bet that you’ll be the winner, “how would they feel if you did become Prince Loki’s bride?” 
You stared at him for a moment before laughing and shaking your head, “oh, I would owe them a lot of money, that is for sure! Milly was so excited when my name was pulled.” 
The crowd laughed and you smiled brightly as you smoothed out your gown. Juniad allowed the crowd to settle before he asked you, “and do you see yourself winning? What is Prince Loki like in your opinion?” 
“Oh,” you whispered, trying to figure out how you felt about Loki and how it would look to the public, “I am certainly going to try my best to win, that has always been my mentality here, but I feel like I am the only one actually trying right now. As for how I feel about the Prince? He is misunderstood, quiet and very smart. His magic is powerful, and he is very intimidating to people on his bad side. For me, I think that Loki is perfect husband material.” 
Once you realised what you’d said, you quickly said goodbye and waved to the crowd before quickly leaving through a side door and hastily walking to your bedroom.  
Slamming the door behind it, you sank to the floor and covered your face with your hands before groaning and shaking your head. You’re so stupid! You thought, digging your nails into your scalp, why would you say that on live television?! 
“Perfect husband material, hm?” came the deep voice that haunted your dreams, and you raised your head to see Loki smirking at you and you sighed as you got to your feet. “Well, my dear, it seems as if I have won your heart,” the Prince continued with a smirk. 
“Shouldn’t you be at the interview?” you snapped, getting to your feet and pulling off your heels, stomping past him. 
“I am at the interview, my dear,” he replied easily, swiftly walking over to the TV in your bedroom and turning it straight onto the channel where the interview was being broadcast. “A simple duplication spell,” he explained boredly, gracefully sitting in your sofa before angling his head to look over at you, “come sit, we have much to discuss, my dear.” 
You sighed and gathered your skirts before walking over to the sofa and sitting on the other side of it, unwilling to sit closer in fear of temptation. “Why are you here, Loki?” you asked, ignoring how surprised he was that you addressed him so informally, “why don’t you do this with other girls? Why don’t you turn up at their doors and barge in? Why me?” 
“Why not?” the Prince asked with a small smile, watching as your blush rose on your cheeks and you looked away from him. With a chuckle, Loki shuffled closer to you and bravely took your hand in his with a small whisper, “you allowed me to court you properly, my lady, and I would prefer someone in my top three to have the upmost privacy for dates.” 
“I don’t want you,” you snapped, watching Loki’s genuine smile drop into a knowing smirk. 
The Prince hummed before he cupped your chin and brought you closer to him, his lips so close to yours. “Oh, darling,” he cooed with a smile, “you have no idea how much desire shines in your eyes when I hold you like this.” 
“It is not desire,” you spat, pulling yourself out of his grip and edging away from him as you tried to take the blush off your cheeks, “you annoy me.” 
Loki threw his head back and roared with laughter as he shook his head, rewinding the interview to yours and he never looked away from you when it was clearly stated ‘husband material’ and he watched as you slid down in the sofa with your hand covering your face. “I don’t think I annoy you, darling,” the Prince purred slyly. 
He looked like he was about to say some more so you decided to take him by surprise. Quickly moving across the sofa, you pulled him close to you and sealed your lips in a hard kiss, your teeth clacking together with the intensity of your passion. The Prince seemed shocked but did not protest, his hands dropping to hold your waist while the both of you enjoyed the peace of the kiss. 
When you eventually pulled away, Loki’s eyes glinted with desire and arousal, but kissing was as far as he was allowed to go in this part of The Selection. Once it was down to six, more sexual acts could begin to be integrated. 
“Loki?” you whispered softly, catching his attention and emerald eyes locked onto yours and he softened with a smile. The Prince ran his hand down your cheek and his eyes darted down to your lips before going back to your eyes and he pulled you into a gentler kiss, feeling more vulnerable with this kiss than any he had with you. It was a confession. An admission that you wouldn’t understand. You were the top of his list.  
Once Loki left in a shimmer of green half an hour later, you remained on the sofa for a while as if hoping that the Prince would return to you. When he did not reappear, you gathered your skirts and stood from the sofa, departing into the bathroom to go through your nightly routine. 
Charlotte and Madysin joined you minutes later and they aided you in your nightly bath. Charlotte took care of your hair while Madysin scraped off the day’s nail polish and painted on some new colour that you didn’t look at. 
“I think I’m falling for Prince Loki,” you whispered into the silence of the bathroom and both servants stopped, looked at each other then began to giggle and cheer. 
“We knew you would,” Madysin chirped, ceasing her actions of buffing your nails to look at you with a large smile, “Prince Loki isn’t much of an annoyance after all, is he?” 
You blushed and tried to slip under the water, but Charlotte tutted and pulled you back up while whispering, “honestly, Lady Y/N, we’re surprised that it took four weeks for you to find out about it.” 
“There are so many lovely girls here for him, though!” you protested, huffing and rolling your head back into Charlotte’s gentle scalp massage, “why would he pick me?” 
“Perhaps because you’re exactly what he needs? Someone entirely different to what he’s used to?” Madysin suggested, her eyes not leaving your nails as she spoke, “perhaps how different you are to everybody else is the exact thing that he needs?” 
That suggestion stayed with you even after you got out of the bath and into bed. Perhaps... perhaps you did have a chance.  
“Love is a very surprising thing,” came a voice from behind Loki and he flinched and spun around before seeing that it was only his mother, and he held his hand over his heart and breathed heavily. “I apologise, my son,” Frigga whispered, joining him at the edge of his balcony, “I saw that you made an illusion go through what you were meant to do at the interview. You went to see Lady Y/N, correct?” 
Loki’s cheeks tinted pink, and he gazed out at the city below. Everyone was closing up for the night, the camera crews were leaving and heading back down to the inn where they all were staying, and Loki smiled faintly. “When did you know that father was going to choose you?” 
Frigga took a moment to think about what Loki asked before a small smile spread across her lips and she took Loki into her arms, running her nails through his hair and smiling at how he loosened up at the touch. “I suppose it was when we were down to the top 6... our dates had gone well, he’d taught me how to fight and we kissed a few times...” she trailed off, her eyes becoming distant as she became lost in her memories, “then he confessed to me, and the competition was over.” 
“So... I just need to confess to the girl I want to end the competition?” Loki mumbled shyly, appreciating the comfort of his mother’s arms around him and he smiled. 
The Queen smiled at her son and smiled as she pressed a gentle kiss to his brow, “if that is what you want. Have you already chosen the one that you want, dear heart?” 
With a deep chuckle, Loki pulled away from his mother’s arms and rested against the railing of his balcony. He thought of you, his number one, the one that he wanted more than anything right now. Then he thought of the other contestants and how he really hadn’t given them the same attention as he had given you and he smirked, shaking his head as his eyes raised to watch the movement of the constellations above the palace. 
“No, mother,” Loki replied after a pregnant pause, his mind totally fixed on the memory of your lips against his as he lied, “not yet.” 
“Then I shall leave you be, my son,” Frigga whispered, leaving a kiss on Loki’s cheek before departing from his chambers silently. 
Now alone, Loki walked over to his bed and magic shimmered around his body to shift his ceremonial garb into comfortable sleeping clothes and he slipped into bed. As he thought about you, a smile slipped back on his lips and he released another boyish sigh as he rolled onto his side, conjuring an image of you sleeping on the other side of his bed and taking it as comfort before his eyes closed and he fell asleep. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Always one of my favorite shoots
Tumblr media Tumblr media
InStyle - November 2017
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Finally, a date!! December 18th at 8:00 p.m.
The link to the programme page is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001gc62
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headcanon of Loki have an ordinary and kind midgaurdian wife, reader please
Loki Ordinary Kind Midgardian! xreader Girlfriend Headcannon Fan Fic Request
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki is in a relationship with a midgardian girlfriend and what would happen
Warnings: none really just fluff
. Loki met Y/N on earth while helping Thor out and Loki ended up asking Y/N out and they end up dating and been together for a year so far
. Y/N teaches Loki about what they do on Midgard when it comes to buying stuff, Loki one time walked by a fruit stand and picked up an apple and started to eat it and Y/N shows him that people have to pay for an apple and puts the apple on her bill and Loki was never accustomed to that on Asgard but appreciated the tip
. Loki takes Y/N to Asgard to meet his mom and showers Y/N with gifts and dresses
. Y/N is nervous about not fitting in while at Asgard but Loki reassured her that she’ll be treated equally and that he loves her
. Loki knows Y/N is shy so he treats her very well and always makes sure she is doing ok
. Y/N knows Loki struggles with showing affection since his family didn’t show him much affection so Y/N shows him affection and Loki falls more in love with her
. Loki is the jealous type so whenever a guy looks at Y/N he gets jealous but Y/N reminds him that she loves him and only him
. After dating for three years loki asks reader to marry him and she says yes and they have a small ceremony with Thor and a few others there on earth and then goes to Asgard for their honeymoon where Y/N is made a princess in Asgard and whenever Loki and reader walk by someone reader always says hello and has a smile on her face which Loki adores
. Loki never loved anyone else like he loved reader and never wanted to be without her and she was really the only one who showed him affection and was soft only for her and Loki always looked at Y/N like she was an Angel and the most gorgeous woman in all of the land and would love her no matter what
Ok so this might not be my best one but I hope you enjoy it 🤍🤍🙂xx
@chrisevansdaughter @lokiandbuckysdoll
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Tumblr media
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Beat that you boring Avengers!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Happy Holidays Indeed
Public Service Announcement: Amazon is selling mango holiday tree ornaments.
Tumblr media
Just in case you wanted a reminder of this as you gather around the tree with family this holiday season. 😈
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston - Loki in The Avengers.
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Tumblr media
Knowing that he was acting like this while looking at an empty wall is mindblowing. 
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How would Loki react to developing romantic feelings for his best female friend?
He would be scared at first, scared incase he messed up what they already have.
He loves spending time with her, has done for years. She’s one of the few people he can confide in and she doesn’t see him as a monster for his past deeds like most do.
She is very open with him too, trusts him completely like he does her. They can often be found watching films or reading books together, just being in one another’s company.
One night while watching a movie, he had his arm around her and she was leaning into him which wasn’t unusual for them.
But for some reason he realised in that moment, as he got a whiff of her lovely scent from being so close, that he didn’t want to let her go.
His arm tightened around her, no matter how hard he tried not to.
Since that moment of realisation he would try and keep his distance a bit from her, not wanting her to find out he had deeper feelings for her.
But of course she noticed he wasn’t himself and was distancing from her. She felt hurt, wondering what it was she’d done.
So she confronted him one day, demanding an explanation to what it was that she did to put him off.
Loki was hurt at the thought of making her feel that way, when it wasn’t her doing at all.
He opened up, told her the truth. He couldn’t look her in the eye, knowing this would be the end of their friendship. He would lose her.
But instead he felt a warm hand on his cheek.
Looking up at her, his heart swelled to see her smiling. She then reached up on her tiptoes and pulled his face down towards her so she could kiss him on the lips. Stunning him slightly.
‘That night we were watching a movie and your arm around me tightened, I felt it then… I realised then what I truly wanted. I didn’t want you to ever let go.’ She admitted.
Loki felt all of his worries float away, a huge weight off his shoulders as he scooped her up into a big hug.
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BBC announces stage shows being broadcast this Christmas | What'sOnStage
The channel BBC 4 will also present award-winning comedy The Play What I Wrote, starring award-winning actor Tom Hiddleston, airing on 18 December 2022 after being captured at Theatre Royal Bath.
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vbecker10 · 1 day
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I really wish this was an option sometimes lol
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insanityclause · 1 day
Is this from the disney plus event from september?
No, it's from the Disney Content Showcase in Singapore that was held today.
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Not sure whether they mean runs June - August, or starts in either June or July or August, or just summer in general.
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