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angelltheninth · 2 months ago
Arcane Characters + Aftercare
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Finn, Viktor, Jayce, Mel x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, hickies, scratch marks, aftercare, bathing, food and drinks, talking, soothing kisses, slow and gentle sex
A/N: Aftercare is really important. At least that's what I've heard lol. And there just isn't enough of it depicted in fanfics.
Tumblr media
Jinx would kiss and ask about every mark she's made. In the moment you liked it but do you like them still?
She'd wonder if she was too hard on you and carefully take note of every bruise she's made, gently brushing her lips over them, tracing them with her fingers and tongue, loving the way you sigh against her and arch your back further into her.
"That looks a like it hurt sweetheart. Was it painful? You should have said something then. You liked it eh? Well that's good, but if I ever go too hard you'd tell me right? I don't... actually want to break you. Tell you what, I'll kiss every single mark better? Sound good?"
Tumblr media
Vi loves to cuddle you after sex. No matter what the two of you did prior she will give you the absolute best cuddles afterwards.
She'd wrap her arms around you, low on your back and pull you close, your face on her chest, her lips kissing your forehead and the top of your head. She loves the way you nuzzle close into her and trail your fingers across her muscles, making her let out a pleasant exhale.
"Oh damn sweetstuff, you really went at it tonight huh? What's the matter? Felt pent up hahaha. Well truth be told I did too. And you know what I feel like right now? Squeezing you against me and never letting you go again? Food? I don't need that when I have a snack like you in my bed."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn would bring you what ever you wanted to eat and drink. She'd also memorize your favorites and cook them for you afterwards while you took a short nap.
For her keeping her strength and energy up is important for her job and she has the same attitude when it comes to aftercare. She will make sure you are hydrated and that you get to have your favorite snack while the two of you talk about your plans for the rest of the day, or the next day depending on when you have sex.
"Here you go darling, I brought you all your favorites. Why do I insist on this? Well I know you like them and I know that you're feeling quite happy right now, I just want to keep the energy going. Fine, yes I also want to make sure you have enough energy for... more, if you want."
Tumblr media
Ekko likes doing nice things for you as aftercare. He wants you to know that he will take care of all your hearts desires both in and out of the bedroom.
He'd make little gifts for you while you watch, always having something to work on in arms reach, bring you lots of soft blankets for you to cuddle up with, have your favorite fruits on hand and ready for the two of you to playfully tease each other while you eat and enjoy the afterglow.
"What do you want this time Firefly? Oh you know I can make anything, I'm very good with my hands as you've pointed on many times, and not just tonight I might add. I can bring you something to warm you up sure, wait here. Will these do? Ok, then just give me a little bit of time, I'll make you something pretty, just like you."
Tumblr media
Silco likes taking it really slow for the next round, slow kisses, slow sex, and the most gentle of touches that you can imagine.
Oh he's very aware that you love it when he's rough and just takes you like you belong to him, but he also knows how you can't help but melt into him when he's kissing your neck, his lips barely against your skin as he slowly and gently thrusts in and out, keeping you on the edge of an orgasm until he finally tells you to let go again.
"You were wonderful, my darling. How about something a little more... delicate this time around? Let me worship you hm? Take my time with you, slowly, savoring you. Easy now, I know you're still sensitive, I promise I'll make this worth your while."
Tumblr media
Sevika likes both giving massages and being massaged. Sex is a great way to release stress but she also needs something to slowly get rid of that post orgasm high.
Her body is always humming with energy after a good round of fucking, and she knows yours is too. You're shaking all over, and she wants you calm. She's start at your shoulders, working her way down, pausing at a few choice spots to tease you a little before moving on. As for herself getting the massage, she likes it when you straddle her thighs and massage her shoulders and her muscular back.
"You doing alright there sweetheart? Aww, you're shaking. That good huh? I know what you need. A little kiss. And a nice, long, deep... relaxing massage. Oh I know what you were thinking. Gods that's why I love you. Now try to relax for me. That's it. Still so obedient for me."
Tumblr media
Finn... is not good with aftercare. For him it actually happened on accident at first and then just became a habbit.
He was asking about the things you liked most, wanting to know how he can make you come undone even harder, asking if there was anything you'd like to try next time, or if you wanted him to do anything special for you. He wasn't really thinking of it as aftercare but you notice that he does become a little softer when he's asking these questions.
"You came a lot for me this time kitten, but I'm thinking... I can make it even better for you, make you scream louder, absolutely ruin you for everyone else. So tell me... how can I make that happen? What does my pretty toy want from me hm? Have a favorite position? Tell me all your dirty secrets."
Tumblr media
Viktor craves closeness and intimacy, so for him he likes to take a short nap with you, to recharge and back in the comfy afterglow with you.
He would whisper to you, telling all the things he wants to do with you, where he wants to go, the dates he wants to take you to, but his vice would quickly trail off into murmurs and then into soft snores.
"I'm feeling kind of worn out darling, and I see you yawning as well. How about a little nap before we take a bath and maybe get some food afterwards? You know, I have a few days off soon, maybe we can go somewhere? Where would you like to go on vacation?"
Tumblr media
Jayce loves talking to you after sex, about anything and everything, or just talking to you, or maybe even reading together and to each other.
He just likes the sound of your voice, its soothing to him and he knows that you like it when he reads a book over your shoulder, you holding the book for him while leaning against his chest, giggling every now and then when his words tickle your ear.
"Where are you going babe, I thought we were gonna... oh, haha, you just wanted to get the book. Do you like listening to me read that much? Really, even science books? Well I'm guilty of that too, I could listen to you for hours. Come here then, I need your pretty shoulder to lean on."
Tumblr media
Mel will shower you with endless praise and words of love and affirmation.
Weather it be about the things you did while you were having sex or just the things she admires about you in general she never runs out of things to like about you. While she's whispering sweetness in your ears she'll also softly trace patterns on your back, loving the way you melt from her touch and praise.
"You did such a good job darling, especially toward the end. I especially enjoyed that trick you did with your tongue. You always did have a talented mouth. And I'm not just talking about sex. You have a real way with words. Of course you do, I wouldn't have fallen for you just for your good looks."
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zomaeliet · 24 days ago
Sometimes I like to imagine what Viktor would be like absolutely RUINED.
NSFW, implied female reader but no pronouns mentioned (or just someone wearing makeup), oral, sexual descriptions
/If you see the asterisk (*), see the end for meaning or translation/
His usually unkempt hair matted and stuck to his forehead and the nape of his neck
His pupils blown wide in adoration and lust as he gazed at your form so perfectly perched between his thighs
Whimpering and stuttered begging in that thick accent that fans the flames in your stomach, thinking of the /other/ things he can do with that pretty tongue of his if only you merely mentioned wanting it
Viktor's pretty porcelain skin smattered in hickies, the shades of red and purple beautifully contrasting his paleness around his bobbing adam's apple
Lips bruised and swollen from your kisses and how hard he has been biting at them to contain himself
His beautiful, sculpted hands gripping onto whatever he can get them on, one buried in your hair and the other clawing at the sheets
Lipstick and love bites trail down his torso, peaking from his hastily unbuttoned shirt and pants
"моя любовь*, please - I'm abo - MMmph - about to-"
You don't let him finish what he's saying of course, you know you've teased and edged him for far too long and he's been just /so good/ for you, engulfing him in your mouth and sucking him off with new-found determination
The sounds he'd make would be absolutely downright UNHOLY. His groans are enough to make your knees buckle, your own hand working beneath you as you meet your end along with him
He'd sigh contentedly as his whole body relaxes from how tight he had been wound up, utterly exhausted from the whole ordeal.
He'd relax, that is, until he felt you atop him, your hips gyrating into his own, whimpering but truly he /loves/ the overstimulation - the way you manage to make it too much yet not /enough/ is his favorite thing in the world
His mind has been long wiped of the stress he carries with him when he returns from the lab, the only thing on his mind is /you./
You both know there is a long, long night ahead of you - and he'll love every second of it
*моя любовь or moya lyubov, means "my love."
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honeydazai · 7 months ago
perverted things the Arcane characters do
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Mel, Marcus
warnings: nsfw content, masturbating, dry humping + more
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
VIKTOR knows you're rather concerned about his wellbeing, which is why it only comes as a mild surprise when you offer him to take a quick nap while leaning onto your body. He's an opportunist at heart — his head is soon resting on your chest, his cheek against your soft skin, and he's not actually sleeping, not when his dick is straining hard against his trousers with how close his face is to your tits, but you either don't seem to notice or to care. Besides, he's so exhausted, so surely you'd never ask him to back off, right?
Another thing that he always enjoys is teasing you; it doesn't matter about what, really, as long as your face flushes with a lovely blush, your cheeks suddenly hot, and, god, if only he'd get to see that embarrassed expression while you're bouncing on his dick or kneeling between his legs.
“Are you quite sure you're alright with this, love? Ah—, well, then I must thank you. I could truly use a quick nap. Thank you for looking out for me. I appreciate it, I really do.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE has the unfair advantage of his height, so whenever he glances down at you, he's got a perfect view on your cleavage. He can't help but stare at your tits, especially when there's some lace from your bra showing. The sight alone has his dick twitching in arousal, and even though you've caught him staring a few times, you don't seem to mind it much.
It's not often that you and Jayce do sleepovers anymore, especially since he's a Councillor now, which is both a blessing and a curse for him, and also makes this one night a lot more special. He kind of missed the way he used to grind against you while you were asleep; it's not even on purpose, he's just too needy to control himself, and if your ass is pressing so nicely against his dick — really, he's sure no one would be able to resist.
“Haha, very funny, really. I wasn't staring at you — and especially not at your tits. You're just short, it's inevitable that I look down on you.”
Tumblr media
SILCO's lips quirk into a smirk when he 'accidentally' pushes an important document off the edge of his office desk. At this point, he doesn't even have to ask you to get it for him anymore — you bend over willingly, panties peeking out beneath your skirt, and for a moment he entertains the thought of you doing this on purpose to tease him.
He also enjoys making you beg for, well, anything, really; your whiny voice and your pouty lips get him hard almost immediately, his dick straining uncomfortably against his trousers. Whether it's for a raise or for his attention, Silco simply loves hearing you whimper and whine.
“What is it, dear? Ah, I see. So you're of the opinion you deserve a raise, hm? Honestly, I'm not quite convinced. Why don't you ask me again? Nicely this time. Mind your manners, will you?”
Tumblr media
The first time it happened was an accident, and that you were wearing a white blouse had been bad luck, but now VANDER has to be careful not to spill water onto your shirt too often — that'd simply be suspicious, even though he doubts you'd become wary of him that easily. The sight of your bra showing through your nearly translucent shirt is almost too much to bear for him, though.
One day, when he was looking for you and quickly glanced into your room during his search, he spotted a pair of your panties on your bed and, god, he didn't actually want to do it, but he couldn't help but take them. Now, he regularly jerks off with them in his hands, the delicate fabric wet with his precum as he grinds against it.
“So sorry 'bout that, doll, didn't see ya there. But hey, it's only water. No stain. Just wait here, I'll get you a towel — or do you want one of my shirts?”
Tumblr media
When VI suggests you exercise with her, you happily accept, though her offer isn't out of entirely pure intentions — she enjoys watching your tits jiggle while you're both out on a run, or seeing your ass in tight trousers when you force yourself to do another squat, despite how much you're already shaking.
She also loves the way you smell — whether your signature perfume is a rather floral or a musky scent, she's enamoured with it. Whenever you hug, she buries her head in your neck, and she even bought the perfume you use one day. Now, she regularly sprays it onto her pillow whenever she gets herself off — it simply reminds her so much of you, it's almost like you're there, laying next to her.
“Hey, come on, babe — you can go a little lower than that, can't you? Your squats need some more work, that's for sure. Lucky for you I don't mind keepin' an eye on you while you practice.”
Tumblr media
JINX is rather short, so, if you're taller than her, she uses this to her advantage and lays her head onto your tits while you're hugging. The gesture looks innocent enough, and it's perfect for her to inhale your scent, whether it's your natural smell or a signature perfume.
Whenever you're talking to her while focusing on something else, Jinx can't help but occasionally touch herself to the sound of your voice. While you're saying something completely innocent like what the weather is like, she's curling two fingers inside of her, another one drawing circles around her clit while you mention how your new coworker totally sucks.
“Hm? What did ya say, sugar? Ah—, sorry, 'm just a lil distracted by your voice, fuck. No, no, continue, darl. Go on. Wanna hear you talk more.”
Tumblr media
EKKO feels disgusted by himself when he slides a hand into his trousers to grasp at his already hard dick, precum leaking onto the fabric. His gaze is on your sleeping form, your expression so so peaceful, and his fingers close around his cock at the sight, almost making him moan. He simply can't help but jerk off while you're asleep, and it really isn't his fault that you're so intent on cuddling close to him, your ass against his hips.
Whenever you two playfully wrestle, he pins you down with one hand pinning both of your wrists to the ground, a smirk on his lips. It's not his fault that heat curls in his stomach at the sight of your flushed face and wide eyes, your hair splayed out around your head like a halo and your lips opened just a little.
“You're so easy to defeat. You really need to practice some more to make this exciting, you know? Or, wait—, now you're starting to make me think that maybe you just like having me on top of you.”
Tumblr media
It's no secret that MEL enjoys buying you things you want — though she also can't deny that she, more often than not, picks the skirts, dresses and trousers she buys you a size too small, if only to see the fabric stretch tightly over your chest and hips, accidentally drawing more attention to the area. When you keep tugging at the cloth, self-conscious, she chuckles while complimenting you — even if your top is sheer enough to clearly show your bra.
Similarly, Mel enjoys watching you change; no matter if you're elegantly stripping yourself of your clothes or if you're awkwardly fumbling with the zipper. It's the intimacy of the act that has her wetting her lips with her tongue as her eyes roam over your form.
“There's no need to be shy, baby. You look as beautiful as always; I can guarantee that all gazes will be on you tonight, so quit worrying your pretty little head and trust me, alright?”
Tumblr media
MARCUS claims that he wants to walk behind rather than in front of you for safety reasons, though he honestly just wants to steal a glance at your panties underneath your skirt. If you're more prone to wearing trousers, the view is just as good — especially since the fabric stretches nicely to hug your curves.
Despite being embarrassed by it, he also picked up the habit of watching you shower. He's not trying to be creepy, seriously, and he respects your privacy — well, or at least that's what Marcus tells himself while he stares at your naked form, your face flushed because of the hot water, steam obscuring his view. One of his hands grasps at his own cock through his trousers and, fuck, he really should leave, but you are showering at his house, in his bathroom, he's not stalking you, and that makes it a lot less weird, right?
“What? The only reason I insist on walking behind you is that I care for your safety. You should know that by now — I told you often enough that I don't want to risk anything happening to you.”
Tumblr media
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1mxg1ne · 9 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Vi NSFW
// here is my girlfriend, I don't know why so many other people request her when we are clearly married but oh well
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): She gets nervous , worries about having hurt you, will fret over you, are you okay, are you comfortable and when she is done she'll wait for you to tell her how good she was, she wants the praise, for you to tell her how much you love her and how good she fucks you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Arms, it's arms , the moment your hand even brushes her biceps she is flexing ,you can tell even if she tries to play it off casually. As for her partner, this girl is pussy whipped, i just know it, there are definitely other things she likes about you, your lips, your eyes, and she'll spend hours simply telling you, but she is pussy whipped, she'll slide her fingers in you and moan almost as if it hurts her how good tou feel. You could turn her into a yes ma'am purely by not letting her touch you when she is this worked up.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): I just know that she wants you to cum straight on her face, if she could go out without washing her face after eating you out she absolutely would. The type to casually scratch her nose after fingering you.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): She'd be absolute game with a roleplaying scene, doesn't want to ask because she is still quite embarrassed and doesn't know how to go about it, but she has definitely thought of you in several scenarios, they are all cheesy but she'd die a happy woman if you just indulged her.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): She is a virgin, prison didn't let her explore much so the second she is out ,and she has someone she likes, she is ready to pounce, whatever she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She wants to see your face, she wants to be able to look into your eyes , wether you are riding her or she is above you she won’t let you hide away.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): She can and will absolutely laugh with you, sometimes she can't help it, she'll be trying to look cool, and accidentally hit her head or twist you in a weird position that makes you yelp in pain, and after applogising, you'll both giggle but the mood is definitely not ruined, she'll kiss the spot you were hurt , look at you through her eyelashes and ask for you to let her make it feel better.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): Doubt she ever cared about shaving, might start trimming if her partner asks, bur nothing more, she'll try shaving or waxing once and complain so much about the pain/itchiness.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…): She is so whipped, she'll encourage you and praise you and coo at you ,she'll plead with you to give her one more orgasm ,how she knows you can take one more baby, she can feel it ,she'll kiss your cheeks and moan against your mouth when you finally cum once more.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Did it purely out of frustration and boredom ,but it definitely wasn't something she did out of pleasure.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks); Roleplaying, She also has a thing for stockings and thigh highs and stuff like that, would rather rip a hole through your nice black stockings than have you take them off.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere you'll allow her to have you, she'd be pulling you in some small alley with a cocky grin ,but if you are actually game she gets so flustered, but she won't back down, and even if some poor soul happens by she'll yell at them to fuck off.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Anything really after being away for so long. But especially playing with her hair, this small and gentle gesture has her in a puddle honestly. She'll let you drag your nails against her scalp for a bit and then pull your hand off of her head to start kissing your fingers before pulling you for a kiss.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs): Degrade you, anything like putting you down, she can't bring herself to do it and it's also something she wouldn't handle with you doing to her.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): She could honestly get herself off just with you against her mouth, another big fan of, no no break it it's fine when it comes to face sitting, she'll hold you against her tongue until she gets light headed at which point you have to get up.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Fast and rough, she always feels like she has to make up for all the time she spent locked away, so she needs to be guided into something slower, she can definitely do so, her eyes will watch you carefully roll your hips against her ,her hands slowing to grab handfuls of your body.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Hell yeah, goes with the fact she feels like she has to make up for lost time.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): She'll be a bit cautious but if you ask nice enough she is happy to indulge you in anything you come up with.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…): You know she has so much pent up energy, that even after you both cum she is still up to keep fucking you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): At first she won't get the point of them , you have her she can do an equally good job, but she is open minded enough to try out things.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): Not much of a tease ,mostly because she hasn't figured out how to deny you yet, she doesn't feel like doing so though, if she is honest.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, she whimpers and moans and curses and there is a lot of praise and a lot of 'yes princess' 'i love you' 'so fucking good for me' etc.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): While i think that she absolutely tops ,she would not mind having someone who takes charge once in a while, she'd be staring up at them riding her all breathless lost in the pleasure on their face. Pin her wrists and she won't move them from that spot even when you pull back because she just wants to see you enjoy yourself.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): This woman has so much pent up sexual tension ,she'd cry the first time you two fuck, after that though she is nonstop ready for you.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): She'll fall asleep quite fast, i know those prison beds weren't good and she takes any opportunity to sleep in a good comfortable bed ,she snores too ,really loudly //like her dad.
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saeneryis · a month ago
random quick viktor nsfw headcanons
Includes: Viktor x Reader (gender neutral) Warnings: nsfw, sex, role switch, dom, risky sex, gn reader, libido, horny, public sex, smut
Tumblr media
viktor loves when you're noisy. it's kind of a guilty pleasure- you'd think that because of his reserved personality, he would be the same in bed-- although, that isn't true. viktor is an entirely different person when he's horny; hearing you scream, moan, and make all kind of squirms is his favorite thing, of course, as long as it's his touch the one you're breaking under.
he's really flexible when it comes to sexual positions, willing to try anything you're into. his favorite one so far is when you take a much more active role in bed, using him to your pleasure. how heavy his breath gets as he's begging for you to let him cum, his desperate kisses, and shaky hips crumbling below you-- he loves it all.
on the contrary, what does normal sex look with viktor? well, let me tell, you, being with him is never a boring experience. going for risky flings in the lab, sticking his hand under you as the theater function begins, and even desperately pulling you aside mid-conversation into the darkness, this man has a huge libido.
his focus is always to make you cum, but, on ocassion, the more selfish side of him will surface, commonly after a long time of not having sex and being incredibly horny; he will fuck you, and i mean, fuck you for as long as he has to, multiple rounds, and dominating the heck out of you.
Tumblr media
Writer's Note: this is my first post, still tryin' things out... feedback isss... welcome :D
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buttermynutter · 2 months ago
art to pair with my Angel!Jayce one shot (smut with plot so click at ur own risk)
it's pretty vanilla since I already have some more nasty things in the works
masc version
fem version
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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enforcermoss · a month ago
Tumblr media
description. you have to understand, you're renata's pet, her favorite little thing <3
pairings. renata glasc + f! reader
minors dni. lowercase intended, nsfw content, sub ! f ! reader, dom ! renata glasc, clothed sex, mirror sex, fingering, mommy kink
Tumblr media
you stood in front of the floor-length mirror propped up against the wall in renata’s bedroom, tugging awkwardly at the lingerie to find a way to cover yourself with only your arms. you had no luck, quietly sighing and whining under your breath, heart racing as your thighs squish together. the panties of the underwear set were tight, putting just enough pressure on your clit to make your cheeks flush a darker color.
“move your hands darling, see how gorgeous you look.”
you felt like you were going to pass out, the leather armchair shuffling when she stood to walk to you. hands coming around your waist as she appeared in the mirror, her chin resting on your shoulder, taking a hold of your hands and pull them to your side so the lingerie was visible.
“you need to understand that you’re,” she stopped for a second, savoring your flustered face when her hands pulled the top part further apart on your cleavage. her hands roam your body before loosening your laced panties, pushing them slowly aside. glowed fingers spreading your wet folds, without a warning squeezing two fingers inside you, a smug grin plastering on her face as you moan.
“mommy’s to look after.” she continues, adding another finger, increasing the pace of them and your knees buck. your hand reaches forward, finding leverage on the mirror while the other one falls on her hand that was working away in you. a loud moan escaping you as she curls her fingers, begging her to go harder and faster.
silly little thing you were, thinking she wouldn’t do just that without you asking, you were her precious little pet, mommy’s favorite thing to play with. herself loved seeing you on the peak of your lustful high, stuffing your cunny to the brim, your squirming form as her ministration was becoming too much, sobbing, and asking her to stop because you cannot take it anymore.
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2dmanlover · 5 months ago
Crestfallen | NSFW Shieda Kayn x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
5.5k words
CW// graphic description of violence, explicit sexual content, big angst, war(?)
A/N- this is my once in a blue moon hyperfixation fic ! soz 4 any typos i cba reading the entire thing it makes me cringe. i get that post-fic clarity sometimes yknow.
this one goes out to my vato @queenofruneterra 🤞🏽
The sounds of war pierce the air as you land on the beach. Looking inland, the troops tore through the small Navorian village. You trudge through the bloodied water towards the shore. Bodies littered the beach, some Noxian men, some innocent Ionians. The sight made you sick. 
I should have just stayed in Demacia, you thought. While Demacia didn’t exactly like your kind, they wouldn’t have drafted you in some fucked up invasion. For a while you thought of Noxus as your new home, that was until they decided they wanted your magic for war. 
You were a one of a kind shadow mage; the perfect assassin. Years of training led you to be their most lethal weapon. The militant rulers of Noxus saw you as their prized possession– a femme fatale who could slaughter any major political figure in the blink of an eye; and of course leaving no trace. The only thing that kept you from murdering your boss was the benefits.. and the sweet justice that was brutalizing corrupt leaders. On the best of days you weren’t a fan of these aristocratic figures that knew of nothing but money. The thrill of the kill then had a reason, but here– it was nothing but greed. You feared you were turning into the thing you lived to exterminate. 
Making your way onto solid land the din of battle became more struggled. This was completely out of the ordinary, especially considering this village should have been an easy mark. Among the blood shed and screams of soldiers, a dark fog ring shrouded the street. You began approaching the village, sidling up against empty market stalls. The closer you got, the battle sounds waned. Soon, the fog dissipated, revealing a single soldier, falling to his knees, then to the ground. A clang, a thud, then, silence. 
You scanned the plaza. Not a single Noxian remained alive and the remaining few villagers had already fled. There was someone or something greater in this place that feared no bloodshed to save the village. You turned to head back towards the ship as there was no point in attempting to advance. The ship was gone. They had left you.
God damn it.
Phase zero of the eastern coast invasion, one that was supposed to be a safety phase, would turn out to be a fluke. But, it’s not like it mattered anyway. Might as well just make a new home in Ionia, until whoever decimated your troops, would soon return to end you. A habit of a nihilistic mind; a result of a lifetime of walking the fine line between life and death. 
For a moment you allowed your mind to fade away at the monotony of the crashing waves. Waking you up was a hand with a firm grip across your chest and the chill of cold steel against your throat.
“Looks like I forgot one…” your assailant taunted. The voice was feminine, but a bit on the deeper side. Before you could process, you were blinded in a ring of smoke, appearing the same as the one from earlier. Before the attacker could strike, you threw your shadow. You dashed to it, leaving the shadow in the arms of the woman. Your safety would not last long. A kunai soared by, missing your face, but slitting your ear. It landed in the support beam of the empty fruit stall behind you. She appeared a little bit shocked, but didn’t let your trick draw her attention away from the fight at hand. 
“Come on little Noxian, show me your tricks…” The woman said, audibly smiling. You could now fully see your attacker. She wore a green top, with matching tobi pants, and bandana that covered half of her face. Her skin was tanned and her muscles toned with a left arm covered in cloud tattoos.  In one hand she held her kunai, and the other a kama. She seemed to be a shadow assassin like you, so maybe you weren't one in a million like you were led to believe.
Another kunai came flying, you dashed to the side and threw your only weapon. You didn't realize she caught it until a flash of light reflected off the blade. The blade was thrown right back at you, but you couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. It sliced through the side of your thigh. Not quite mortally wounded, but surely brought you to your knees. You looked up expecting your last glimpse of life; but she had once again disappeared within a cloud of smoke. 
She let you live… Why? What sort of torture or living hell lies ahead of you? Better question– What the fuck just happened? Though you had many questions left unanswered, the day was waning and your wound was left unattended. 
You rifled through the med kits left on the bodies of the medics. Suture, needles, and gauze, just what you needed. Back in Noxus, oftentimes you’d leave battles tattered and torn and since you were technically a wanted criminal, you couldn't really go to hospitals. These mishaps gave you experience in home-remedies and self treatment. As you explored the village, you found that most houses and shops were completely vacant. It didn’t seem as if people were scrambling to escape as most necessities were gone and everything seemed orderly. They must have known. The general must underestimate the preparedness of Ionia, You thought. 
With the strongest spirits you could find, you made your way back to your temporary home. In the bathroom, you sat on the floor; bottle in hand and a rag in your mouth. A deep breath in, then a muffled scream. A tear fell down your cheek as you looked down at the mess of blood and alcohol. With shaky hands you poured the spirit over your wound for a second time. You cried out once more, slouching further down onto the floor. Though the worst of the pain was over, tears still streamed from your eyes as you stitched the gash shut. 
Orange light flooded through the window and the sun began to set; the warmth washing over you and lulling you to sleep.
You woke up in the dead of night to the door swinging open and slamming against the wall next to it. Through your blurry, sleep-filled eyes, you could make out a figure in the doorway. He stepped forward, and a sliver stream of moonlight illuminated his frame. He was a tall young man, with long black flowing hair, and a blue tendril that fell beside his face. His skin was pale and his arms were covered in black tattoos, similar to yours. You sat in the corner, purely defenseless. Your dagger was somewhere outside and you were in no condition to fight. 
“Nowhere to run…” he said with a sadistic smile. You locked eyes with him and held your gaze as he closed in on you. As the distance dissolved, you began to close your eyes and relax your body. It’s over- your life has finally come to an end. One. Two. Three.. Four… Five? You finally opened one eye only to see your executioner, idle, leaning on his weapon; an ornate scythe which emanated blue light from the base of the blade. He examined you, brows furrowed, and eyes drawn to the tattoos that covered your arms and chest. A single tear rolled down your cheek. A slew of emotions and thoughts ran through your mind and your consciousness began to catch up. The realization of the situation began to set in.
“What an interesting girl you are… Whatever shall I do with you…” He taunted. You looked up at him with eyes begging for mercy. 
“Please don’t send me back to Noxus…” you choked out. He looked at you with a face lacking any readable emotion. He seemed unamused at your plea. 
“Poor thing…” The words fell through the pitiless smile that formed on his lips. With inhuman haste, his scythe pressed against your chin, tilting your head back. 
“You are coming with me,” He said, crouching down to you. “If you don’t comply, I will take joy in letting that pretty little head of yours roll.” The ultimatum slipped through his teeth as he firmly pressed the scythe into your throat. You nodded and 
He stood up and offered you his hand. You took it for leverage. As you stood he spun you around and slammed you against the wall, tying your wrists together.
“You could have just asked me to turn around,” you said with a sharp inhale. 
“Shut your mouth.” He demanded in turn. Lord knows what he would have done if he saw they way you rolled your eyes.
He held you by your elbow and walked you out of  the village, and through some woods. After walking for sometime, you were led up some steps to a small but grand looking temple. In the center of the temple, a tall man with white hair stood staring at you with piercing eyes. 
“Kayn. You’re back, with the Noxian, I assume,” said the man. 
“Good evening, Master Zed,” Kayn greeted, shoving you forward onto your knees. Your eyes shifted from Zed to Kayn, who looked vastly different compared to the last time you looked at him, which hadn’t been too long ago. Rather than looking pale and cold, he looked more human-like. His hair was tied back into a long braid, and his right eye glowing red, surrounded by a scar. His right arm matched the corrupted appearance of his eye. The scythe he wielded changed too- the orb that had emanated blue before was now a round red eye. You had recognized the scythe from a book about the darkins of Runeterra you had read as a kid. 
“Rhaast…” you muttered under your breath. The attention of the men snapped to you. It had seemed to you that maybe you knew more than you should have.
“Who are you?” said Master Zed. You looked up at him, confusion still written on your face. 
“On a good day I’d say your worst nightmare but I’m sort of tied up right now,” you huffed with an awkward laugh. 
Kayn’s scythe swiftly hooked your neck, forcing your chin up. 
“Answer the damn question,” Zed returned. You spilled your whole shtick. You told them you were a shadow assassin for the militant rulers of Noxus who also happened to know nothing of the invasions. You emphasized the fact that you were only killing corrupt politicians and aristocrats and that you did not agree with any of the general’s invasions in Ionia. You rambled a bit, spilling almost all of the information you had, simply because you knew Noxians would assume you had perished in the failed invasion. 
“And- I’m sure you know the girl in green– could you tell her I’m sorry- I was really only just defending myself-” you stumbled over your words before Zed cut you off.
“If you didn’t agree with what the general had in store, why did you come here?” He asked.
“I do what I’m told, sir,” you responded simply. Zed looked at Kayn who shrugged in return. 
“I-I’m sure I could help fight off the Noxians– I am a shadow mage too, you know. I’m just like you- I really could make a great asset to this order you got going on here.” you said, flashing your shadow switch as proof. The fact that you could have easily escaped but instead put yourself back in bondage proved how desperate you were to showcase your innocence. At this point you were merely just trying to escape death; the last thing you wanted to do is die on the imperialist hill of Noxus. If you were to succeed, you wanted to at least have shelter and food, as you probably wouldn’t live for long otherwise.
“Take her to the quarters,” Zed said to Kayn. “We shall test her ability in the morning.”
Kayn furrowed his brow and shot Zed a look of skepticism. He yanked you by your wrists and untied the knots with little care. You rubbed the red marks that were left on your wrists. Kayn had a firm grip on your arm as he walked you down the hall. He pushed you into your room without opening the curtains and left before you could utter a single word. You could hear him talking to Zed around the corner of the hall. 
“You’re really going to let this little Noxian girl who tried killing Akali stay?” Kayn said in a tone of disbelief. 
“I told you to find her and bring her back, this is not your call Kayn.” Zed retorted. “She’s marked with the Tears of the Shadows. She possesses the lost magic of Ionia, there is something about her that doesn’t belong in Noxus.” Zed's voice was calm and low, almost too quiet for you to hear. 
“Don’t say I didn’t tell you so when she turns on us.” Kayn responded firmly, followed by a single pair of footsteps that quickly dissipated. You heard the creak of the second pair, but these were slower and methodical. They hesitated for a moment in front of your room before walking away. You tiptoed to the cot and quickly fell asleep under the thin covers.
You woke up to the sound of your name outside your room. You scrambled out of bed and walked down the hall and into the main room of the temple. In the center of the room was a low table where Zed, Kayn, and Akali sat. Next to Kayn there was an empty space with a bowl of rice porridge, where you sat down and ate in silence. 
“We are going to test you today,” Zed broke the Silence. You looked up and nodded.
“Yes, Master,” you said hesitantly. Zed nodded and both Kayn and Akali looked at you briefly before looking at each other. Akali slid you a bundle of clothes for you to change into. 
“Akali, will you please show her to the bath,” Zed said. Your face flushed as you realized the state of your hygiene. You were caked in blood and dirt, and reeked of alcohol. 
Once you were sure you were alone, you stripped and waded into the hot water. Relishing in the warmth, you took a moment processed everything that had happened in the past 48 hours. One moment you’re on a boat heading for the south eastern Navorian shores, the next you're being taken in by a group of shadow mages who may or may not also want to murder you. 
As you were putting on your clothes you heard footsteps draw near. You panicked and covered your chest with your arm as you only had your pants on. Kayn walked into the room but quickly realized the mistake he made. You froze and locked eyes with him. Kayn, flustered at first, tried to put on the most stoic face he could muster with his pink cheeks. 
“Zed wants you outside, quickly,” He said before hastily turning and walking away. You were left pink all over and a bit unsettled. 
You put on your top and shoes before making your way outside. There stood Zed with Akali and Kayn on either side of him. You greeted them with a bow. While Akali greeted you with a slight smile, Kayn only looked at you sternly. You could feel the warmth crawl up your neck in the slightest bit while talking to Zed, as you could still feel Kayn’s eyes prodding at you. 
“I want to see your hand to hand combat,” Zed said, “And do not be afraid to use your magic”. You nodded in response. Zed had designated Kayn to battle with you as he stood to the side with Akali.
The tattoos on your arms began to darken and morph as you focused your energy into your magic. You looked at Kayn just as he lunged at you. You dodged his attack by dashing to a shadow you had thrown. Kayn turned back to you and stood southpaw beckoning you to attack him. This time, it was your turn to dash at him, but he dodged you. He used a shadow step to put himself behind you, and locked your neck against his chest. His thigh was placed in between your legs, completely immobilizing you. Despite how uncomfortable the friction was, you planted your feet on the ground, and used all your strength to flip Kayn over you and onto the grass. Though he may have been flat on his back, his grip on you remained. You phased out of his arms leaving a shadow, which you would then dash back to, positioning you over him. It was clear Kayn didn’t expect your skill and ability, leaving him vulnerable to your tricks. You grabbed him by his wrists and pinned him down, looking at him in the eyes. He returned the stare, with red anger flaring in his face. Seeing the tension, Zed interjected.
“Very well,” he said, putting a hand on your shoulder. You stood up and offered Kayn a hand, to which he ignored, getting up from the grass on his own.
“You better be glad Master Zed is here to prevent me from killing you,” Kayn said in a hushed tone before walking into the temple and to his quarters. 
As weeks passed, you continued training with the Order of the Shadow. Eventually Zed trusted you to help fight off the Noxians that would come trickling into the nearby villages. Your kind and humorous manner would help you in gaining the trust of Zed and Akali, but Kayn stayed cold and distant. While you were kind, you only gave enough comradery to him to keep you from getting killed in your sleep. But, sometimes his coldness would leave you visibly crestfallen, as Akali would begin to point out to you. 
After a particularly grueling training session, you and Akali relaxed in the bathhouse. This was the one place you two could really talk.
“I can’t believe I survived on my own here before you got here,” Akali admitted. “It’s nice having a gal friend around.”
“It’s nice having a friend, period,” you scoffed.
“Glad I could be of service,” she said with a satisfied smile, slouching into the water. 
“What’s up with Kayn?” you broke the silence. Akali furrowed her brow and turned her head to look at you. 
“Erm, Kayn... is, for a lack of a better word, a megalomaniac,” Akali thought for a moment. “All he wants is to fulfill the fullest potential of his power and will cut off anything and anyone that will distract him from that.”
“Interesting,” your voice was tinged with sarcasm.
“Trust me, it’s a constant battle with that boy,” she laughed. 
It was a fine day out so you were outside the temple doing tai chi. Your calm was interrupted by a frantic man approaching you.
“Help, please! They’re here!” He yelled to you. You grabbed him by the shoulders and spoke calmly hoping he’d emulate your bearing.
“Who’s here?” you asked.
“The Noxian ships, th-they’re coming,” He synced his breathing with yours in an attempt to calm himself. The rest of the order had come outside to investigate the commotion. 
“The village,” you said to the three, who then rushed inside to gear up for battle. You told the villager to stay outside for a moment while you and the others would get ready to defend for them. 
You had never seen Zed in his battle garb before; he wore a red hood and shawl, secured with metal bladed armor and a matching red and silver helmet. Akali gave you a bandana to hide your identity in battle and prevent you from getting captured and executed in Noxus for treason. 
The villager led you to the battlegrounds where you could spot a medium sized group of soldiers jump from a ship and onto the distant shore. 
“Tell all of the villagers to leave. Now,” Zed commanded the villager. He ran off and banded the small group of residents before leading them into the safety of the valley. 
“Stay hidden, until we come back,” you advised.
You and the Shadow Order strategically hid yourselves from the Noxian unit, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. 
“Check every house, and kill every resident,” you heard who you believed to be the leader of the squadron saying. One by one, the Shadow Order picked off the soldiers, silently. But only a few were killed, and several still remained. You waited to strike again. The soldiers came in after a bit, searching for the men who had gone in and not returned. Here– you made your escape, and climbed to the roof, where you scouted for the rest of the men in the village. You nodded to Zed, who silently did the same on another rooftop. This was your signal to catch the few that remained outside out. 
The two of you dropped onto the ground and used your shadows as a distraction. As they were turned, you swiftly struck them with lethal force. Zed used shurikens to execute, whereas you used a katana. As the soldiers within the house ran out, Akali and Kayn emerged from the shadows. A bloody battle would ensue, leaving most of the soldiers dead. The Shadow Order would be left relatively unscathed. 
Zed ordered you, Kayn, and Akali to make sure no soldier remained in the houses. You all had checked almost every house but one. The task was left to you. Stepping in you were swiftly grabbed by who must have been a soldier. He covered your mouth with one of his hands and held a knife to your throat with the other. 
“I know your little shadow tricks you have,” the man growled. Anti magic runes were tattooed onto the arm he held you with. The runes made your head hurt as you struggled in his grip. Your arms were pinned to your sides and your feet were just barely lifted off the ground. You were completely trapped. 
The man moved his knife from your neck, and traced it down your chest and to your stomach, ripping through your clothes, and leaving a bloody gash in its wake. You winced at the pain and tears ran from your eyes. You could feel him smiling as he spoke through your hair into your ear. 
“Consider this payback, darlin’.” His caused you to shake with rage. Your face was red with emotion and tears wet your cheeks. 
He pressed one of his fingers passed your lips and you bit down as hard as you could, breaking skin and eliciting a crack from his now twisted joint. He dropped you in shock and reeled in pain. You had fallen to your knees and scrambled away from him, unsheathing your blade in the process.
“You little bitch!” He yelled. He walked towards you, backing you into a corner. He lunged at you, but stopped mid movement. A scythe ripped through his neck, decapitating the man. His head fell to the floor and his body slumped before you, revealing your savior, Kayn. He rushed towards you and examined your injuries. 
“Are you okay?” he asked in a panicked tone. You were dazed and losing blood fast and all you could do was nod weakly just before passing out. 
You woke up in a bed, beside you Kayn, who had been sleeping in a chair. He had a look of unrest about his face. You lifted the gown that you were dressed in to see the wound the man had left, but you were met with a fully sealed scar that stretched from your collarbone to your abdomen. Part of you wondered how long you’d been asleep, until upon further inspection, you found the scar was still riddled with the scent of healing magic. You rubbed your eyes and stretched out your limbs.
“Kayn?” You said in a sleepy voice. The sound of his name woke him and he immediately turned to you. 
“You’re awake. Are you alright? Does it hurt?” He pelted several questions at you, not letting you answer them as he cut himself off to explain what happened when they brought you back to the temple. Akali had bathed you and cleaned your wounds, and a woman named Karma had come to heal your wounds with her magic. You cracked a smile. His attention to your well being would have been expected out of anyone else but Kayn, which left you confused yet pleasantly surprised.
“Who are you and what did you do to Kayn?” You interrupted. Kayn’s face flushed but then brightened as you joked; the humor telling him you were still in your right mind. But his smile only lasted briefly as he had remembered what he’d been waiting to say to you. 
“I’m sorry,” he said, looking at you with pure remorse and guilt written all over his face. There was no need to elaborate, as he and you both knew what he was referring to. He had realized that you meant a lot more to him than he knew and it wasn’t until he saw you stare death in the eye when it hit him. The potential of losing you was too much to bear and he swore to Zed and Akali that he’d spend night and day by your side making sure you wouldn’t slip away from him. 
You got out of bed and stood up in front of him to give yourself better access to his face. Looking up at him you reached for his jaw. You cupped his face and rubbed your thumb against his cheek to comfort him. You too were realizing how much he really meant to you; the reason you felt so dejected every time he’d return nothing but stone to your kindness. The emotions that traveled from the back to the front of your mind left you dumb. You hurriedly wrapped your arms around his torso and buried your head into his chest, holding on like this would be the first and last time you’d ever get to embrace him. Kayn stood a little confused for a moment before melting into the hug. One of his hands held the back of your head, while the other wrapped tightly around your shoulders. His response quelled your anxiety.
“I accept your apology,” you said into his bare chest. He loosened his grip and you pulled back and looked up at him. He wiped a tear from your eye just as it was falling and pulled your face towards his own. Your eyes widened as his lips connected to yours, but they’d soon fall closed as you relaxed and leaned into the kiss.
It was hard and brief and left you pining for his lips when he pulled away. 
“I don’t think you understand how badly I’ve been waiting for you to do that,” you said with red cheeks and pupils agape. The words left your mouth before you could process the thought itself. All the nothingness Kayn had given you the past several months had culminated into this single action. 
“Maybe if I had been nicer to you, you would have gotten it sooner,” He responded with a smile.
“Hmm, maybe I like it when you’re mean,” you teased, subconsciously biting your lip. The taunt lit a flame of lust within Kayn.
“Is that so?” he countered in a growl, which had been completely foreign to you. His mouth crashed into yours with unmatched intensity. His strength left you no choice but to let him take control. To this, he bit your lip and tangled his fingers in your hair. You mimicked his movements as he slipped his tongue past your lips. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around him without breaking apart and he quickly supported you by grabbing onto the back of your thighs. You were practically begging for him with every movement you made.
You pulled back for a breath and looked at his beautiful face that had yearning and desire written all over it. He lowered your back onto the bed, making sure not to break the contact. His arms caged you against the mattress, allowing him to dive into the crook of your neck. He nipped at your pressure points, making your face and body grow even warmer. The mews you let out at bruises he was sucking into your skin were making his erection increasingly difficult to hide.
His hands began to roam as he continued to bite and nip at different spots on your neck and chest, leaving you with an ever-worsening ache between your thighs. The thin material of your nightgown didn’t do so much as to cover the hardening buds of your breasts. Through the fabric Kayn brushed against your nipple before clamping his thumb and forefinger down on it. The sudden shock of pleasure with a tinge of pain sent your head reeling. In return, you ran your hand from his chest down to the valleys of his abs. Your touch caused the tent in his trousers to twitch and you slipped your fingers just past his waistband. 
“So needy… You know I’ve been serving you all night, pet.” Kayn said with a tantalizing tone in your ear. He knew exactly what he was doing to you and you went straight for the bait. You begged, quieting your voice to a mewl and making sure to look up at him right into his eyes. 
“What a good girl,” he said in a low rumble, dripping with lust. You let your knees fall apart and he firmly planted his hips between your thighs. The air felt cool against your heat as he began grinding into you at a frustratingly slow pace. His elbows were at either side of your head, giving you room to pull off your dress. As you tossed it to the side he caught your hands above your head and pinned your wrists to the mattress. You looked at his face in wonder and watched his eyes grow dark as he ran his other hand down your body. The feather light contact sparked a shiver down your spine and left goosebumps. He circled your entrance and spread your wetness between your folds, causing you to gasp and buck your hips into his hand. Your head fell back and he dotted your neck with kisses and nips once more. He slipped a single finger in, then a second, curling them, sending out waves of pleasure with every movement. He rubbed your clit in slow tormenting circles with his thumb. With every breathy moan you let out, his cock grew harder. Realizing the unfairness of the situation, he broke away and stripped himself of the cloth that separated the two of you, kicking them to the side. You sat up and gawked at his length, which he held at the base to showcase to you. He was decently long and thick, with a perfect blush tip, and absolutely rock hard. 
He pushed you back onto the bed and kneeled between your legs. 
“Are you sure you want this?” He asked, with an ambiguous demeanor. It was almost a double entendre; while he was taunting you he was also making sure he wasn’t doing anything you didn’t want. The attention he’d been paying to your wants and needs drove you crazy. All you could do was nod in response and hum in approval. Kayn gripped you by your thighs and pulled you towards him. Starting from your clit, he pressed his tip into the soft skin, then dragged down, lining himself up with your entrance; wasting no time he slid himself in with a groan. The pleasure made Kayn’s name tumble from your kiss-swollen lips. He pushed in halfway, before taking a small pump, then bottoming out. You arched your back, making him reach spots that were unimaginably deep. He leaned over you, groaning in your ear, slowly thrusting in and out of you. You pressed your hands to his chest as he rocked his hips with yours. His elbow supported his weight beside your head and the other hand to gripped at your jaw. He pulled your head down to look at your face and see the pleasure in your eyes. 
“God, I’ve been wanting to see you like this since the day you first fought me,” he said between grunts. “I felt so defeated, but now you’re finally under me.” Your eyes fell half-lidded as he trailed his tongue down to your nipple.
“I really thought pushing you away would stop me from fucking you, but you proved me dead wrong,” he continued to babble about his fantasies, as they manifested on a silver platter in front of him. 
You couldn’t help but think back on the moment you were on top of him. The tension then was almost as tightly wound and tangible as the coil in your core was right now. Kayn’s lewd thoughts weren’t unrequited, as you would often find yourself imagining the obscene acts on your own in the dead of night. 
The reminiscing spurred a new vigor within him and he picked up a merciless pace.
With every pound, you felt yourself stumbling closer to the edge. Small kisses were pressed to your lips which condescended the tempo he had set between your legs. 
His strokes became more and more uncoordinated and with your lips barely touching, he pulled you close and came with a groan of your name.
The stimulation gave you the final push into your climax. Clawing at his back, you fell into pure ecstasy and came around him. He slumped to the side of you and pulled you close into his chest. Nuzzling into him, you let out a satisfied sigh.
“Thank you,” you hummed into his chest. 
“What for?” he asked, smoothing over the hair on the top of your head. 
“Taking care of me,” you responded, lifting your head out of his chest to look up at him.
“Thank you. You should get fatally wounded more often,” he teased as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you back into his chest.
“Shut up,” you said with a muffled giggle. 
Akali ran through the curtains with great panic, before stopping and sighing with relief.
“Oh good, I thought you two were killing each other. Come out and get breakfast while its still hot,” she said said with a smile. You and Kayn were wide-eyed Akali began to walk away. 
Mid step she froze, 
“Wait,” she turned and looked at the both of you. “Oh my God.” She said, eyes widening and face turning red. 
“Sorry!” her voice cracked with raw embarrassment, running out of the room with her hands over her eyes. 
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I see you 📸
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buttermyother · 2 months ago
Knocking On Your Skin | Angel!Jayce x Fem!Reader
Click for masc version
Warnings: NSFW (Oral, penetration, etc.), cursing
Summary: Your search to find a wish-granting fountain gets you stuck in a mountain cave with an angel supposed to guide your way to the top, but a different desire of yours ends up getting fulfilled.
A barrage of lighting rolled through the air again, the sound of thunder so close it was taunting you.
The sudden noise caused your footing to slip, but you didn't dare to look down, not that the clouds below you would've permitted sight of the ground. You and your guide had been climbing for nearly the whole day; it was dark when you had set out, and the moon was once again in the sky.
You were surprised he even heard your shout above the storm, his own response barely audible. 
"What? Is something wrong?"
"Are you sure you can't just fly up, even just a little bit? We should scout for a resting area, at least!"
He turned away from you and although you couldn't hear it, you were sure he scoffed.
"It could start raining any moment, and besides, I don't plan on becoming a lightning rod anytime soon," he yelled, motioning to a burnt tree that was toppling by, no doubt struck down from higher up.
You grumbled to yourself, trying to steady yourself against the growing winds. The both of you were climbing on all fours for as much stability as possible, Jayce's wings folded back with one brought forward to shield his face, the feathers facing the weather like fluttering blades of ivory. 
The journey continued in mutual silence for some time, only the howling storm and occassional clattering of a rock or branch accompanying you. 
"There!" Jayce suddenly exclaimed, the gales so fierce now that you could barely see his pointing hand through the clouds of sediment. "I think it's a cave, but the mouth is pointed away from us so I can't be sure. That means it's pointed away from the storm too, though, so we should at least check it out!"
You would've rolled your eyes if they weren't squinted so tightly, and you stopped to look more closely at the mound of stone he had signalled towards. 
"You've already called a boulder a cave two times," you replied, not bothering to hide your frustrated tone. Even so, you started making your way to him.  "If this is another one, then I might as well push you off the side of this mountain."
His laugh blended with the rumbling of another incoming wave of thunder, though it was bitter. "If you had enough strength to do that, we wouldn't have to find a place. What're you going to do, wish for an extra set of lungs?"
You could see him more clearly now, though you weren't sure whether that was a downgrade or a blessing. His smile shined even through the rolling pebbles and dust - that infuriating, captivating smile. 
The pair of you had been travelling together for almost two weeks now, though your itinerary had been planned around only one. You had been set back by an injury when you were only a few days into your journey, as a creature had torn through your shelter, your bag, and your ankle. You had laid there for at least an hour or two with only a roll of bandages put to use before Jayce had arrived - needless to say - terrifying you.
After a few deep breaths and more than a few questions about his unusual form, you came to an agreement. He would guide you to the top, and you would make a wish for him. Then, as he had said, you never had to see him again.
You had embarked with the fountain in your mind as only a fable, but a fable you desperately needed. However, seeing Jayce cemented your belief in it, and there was nothing you wanted to do more than see even a sliver of the legendary crystal clear waters, ever-gleaming marble, and flowers of every color that was said to sit upon the flat top of the mountain.
Unfortunately, the trip leading up to it was much less harmonious than the location itself, and your companion didn't happen to make it any easier.
He constantly bickered with you, and there was more than one instance where you had to remind him it was your wishes he was relying on, as he had been cursed to live the way he did, never to leave the mountain or harvest anything from it. He had found out long ago that the statement included the fountain. 
Jayce would frown whenever you asked him why it had happened - well, to be fair, he was always frowning - not to mention that the only time he smiled was when teasing you. 
However, that didn't stop you from noticing the little things about him, the things that were so habitual to him that there was no chance he could hide them: the time he uncovered a plant from a landslide and watered it with creekwater from careful cupped hands, the small animal that you had caught him petting in the early morning when he had woken long before you. That was leaving out the more indulgent factors, the way his shoulders flexed with each movement of his wings, how their feathers gleamed in the sun, the fact that he looked near perfect from wading through a river to in the midst of a storm. 
You supposed you couldn't be too hard on his ways, he knew the path much better than you did, after all. Plus, there had been moments of kindness - concern when you skipped a meal, reminders of when to drink and when to sleep, his efforts to make sure you were comfortable as possible even when it didn't benefit him in any way. 
Gross, you thought to yourself. I'm falling for the bare minimum.
Even with the notion, you couldn't help but remember the feeling of his coarse hands brushing against your collarbone as he clasped the top button of your blouse one morning, the spark that came from it only intensified as he brought his midnight eyes to yours. 
"Your shirt," Jayce had mused, glancing at you from his position perched on a stone while you washed your hands in a river.
"My shirt," you had responded tiredly, still half-asleep. You weren't ready to put up with a snide remark so early in the morning, and braced for the start of the barrage.
Instead, he had merely slid off of his seat into the water in front of you, your astonishment stealing any words form your mouth. Without saying anything, he buttoned the top of your blouse, leaving you flustered and confused.
"Hey! Are you listening?"
You were torn from your memory, slightly disoriented while calling back, "Sorry, what is it?"
Your limbs were moving without much thinking as you followed him, the mound of rock ahead slowly growing larger.
"Turns out it's a cave after all, you can see the mouth right there!"
You paused, expecting a snarky comment to follow, but none did, so you decided to take matters into your own hands.
"Good, we've finally found a mouth bigger than yours."
Jayce didn't reply, but you brushed it off, figuring the storm must have suppressed your voice.
The effects of entering the cave were almost instant, and you sighed with relief at the lack of calamity. The winds only whistled outside the entrance, and the interior was both relatively flat and smooth. Most importantly, it was dry, and you nestled your satchel between two rocks after retrieving your sleeping bag from it, debating which area was the most level. 
Your partner stretched leisurely, his wingspan reaching almost from one side of the cave to the other. The sheer volume of his wings never failed to amaze you, and you marvelled at him for a moment before tossing a blanket at his face, breaking his yawn. 
He simply stared down at the cloth in his hands before looking up at you, asking, "Are you alright?"
"Hm?" you responded, already settling onto the floor.
"It's the first storm we've had so far, and a lot rougher than I've ever seen, are you alright?"
You narrowed your eyes at him, wondering if this was a ploy of his, but as far as you knew, you had only heard this tone one other time - when he had first found you.
"I'm fine, are you?"
He coughed nervously and turned away from you, his wings peculiarly folded as their tips intercrossed between his calves. 
"Yeah, of course. I'm not the one the one causing trouble."
You were almost relieved at his jab, though his demeanor was much less confident than usual. Shrugging to nobody in particular, you chalked it up to the probability that the storm shook him. After all, he did say it was the strongest he'd experienced.
Pushing and prodding at the sleeping bag, you made yourself as comfortable as you could on the ground. Even after many nights of sleeping on the mountain, there was still a clear different between laying on dirt and stone. 
There was a bit of shuffling to your side as Jayce did the same, and you felt the gentle breeze of the blanket as he laid it down on the ground. The day he found you, he had told you that to accomodate his wings he simply slept with his chest to the floor while propping up his chin in his arms, using the feathers for warmth. 
You smiled at the thought, staring up at the dimly lit stalactites of the cave.
"Hey," Jayce whispered, "are you awake?"
Sighing, you answered, "Why wouldn't I be awake? It's barely been seconds since we've lain down."
There was a pause before you heard, "I don't know, just checking. Are you sure you're okay? We don't want those pretty hands of yours hurt."
You were suddenly thankful for the dark, hoping it adequately masked your blushing. "I'm sure, Jayce."
There was a moment of pondering before you decided to repeat a question you had asked many times before to no avail. You weren't sure why, there was just something about the atmosphere that made you think things would turn out differently.
"So why were you cursed?"
You steeled yourself for a harsh retort or a groan, but instead came only a heavy exhale.
"It has to do with the fountain. I heard the wishing capacity came from its waters, so I wanted to bring it down and share it with others."
Share? You were surprised he even had the word in his vocabulary, and you shifted on your side to look at him as he continued. 
His black eyes shone even in the dark, his head already facing towards you. "Turns out that the whole point of this mountain is supposed to be a trial, I suppose. Seems a bit traditional to me, I don't want tests that I can still read in storybooks. I only got a few steps with just a bottle of the water before getting pulled into the fountain, and when I woke up, I was like this."
He motioned to his back, wearing a demeanor of disgust, and you gave a sympathetic smile, saying, "I don't know, I like them."
His feathers rustled, and you could swear his face turned a tint redder.
"Well, I would too if the other part of the deal didn't exist. When I came to, I was still in the fountain, and I spent a while figuring out how to fly, which isn't the most convenient when you're doing it downhill. It took me ages to get to the base of the mountain, and my only reward was finding out that I can't step off of it."
The sound of light splatters of water let you know it had just begun to rain, and you pulled the front of your sleeping bag up a little more.
"Either way, it's nice to have somebody here with me. Even if that person is you." He added the last phrase furtively, and you caught a flash of nervousness on his face. "I've gotten a little tired of just talking to trees and bears. This place is big, but that only makes you feel more lonely."
Jayce's voice trembled slightly, but you could tell he was trying to hide it as he audibly swallowed. 
You sat up and sidled out of your sleeping bag, sitting cross-legged in front of him. He didn't move a muscle, his eyes the only thing that shifted with your actions.
"I'm glad you're here, too. If I didn't have anybody to save me, I would either be back at the bottom or in some animal's stomach. Even if that person is you," you mocked, lightly pushing his shoulder.
Unexpectedly, he grabbed your hand as you did so, keeping it pressed to his bare chest. 
You tried not to breathe too heavily as he propped himself up, his warm skin taut beneath your fingertips; you hoped he couldn't feel your heart beating through your palm. 
Almost every part of your brain was melting with the sensation of his hand closed firmly around your wrist, but you held his eye contact. 
"You act like you don't know that your teasing doesn't make me... aggressive." 
He said the last word softly, the diction so distinct that you could almost see the word falling from his lips.
You felt a sudden heat travel to your crotch, no doubt a bit of wetness beginning to pool between your thighs. 
Without even thinking, you asked, "Why didn't you want me to know? The curse thing, I mean."
You immediately cursed yourself for the question, feeling the moment slip away between your fingers. 
The look in his eyes suddenly became very far away, and his lips pressed together. His grip loosened, and your hand dropped with your heart.
"I think that I just wanted to be as secretive as possible. The wings get in the way of a lot of things."
The way Jayce said the line made it seem very cryptid, and you couldn't help but ask, "What things?"
"My shirt, for one."
"Unfortunately, not your pants."
His eyes widened, and you weren't sure whether it was you or him that was more surprised by what you said, your mouth becoming very dry. 
"Not my feelings for you, either," he said in a hushed tone, fully sitting up.
You could barely register the moment between what he said and the pressure on your lips, his hand cradling your chin as the other rested beside your hip, his wings crossing behind your back in a second embrace. 
Your senses were overwhelmed, from the gentle feathers brushing your neck to the slight scratching of his stubble your chin, and you felt yourself become only more slick as you deepened the kiss. You parted your lips slightly and immediately felt his tongue enter once you did so, yours coming to meet his. He left your lips wet once he tilted his head downwards, his eyelashes softly brushing your cheekbones.
Brain still going haywire, you sputtered, "How do you keep your lips so soft? It's so dry up here." 
You winced at the question as soon as the words left your mouth, but none of the tension was broken as Jayce laughed. He smiled widely, the most genuine one you had seen so far. 
"They stay that way in case I ever met someone like you."
He looked up at you as he pressed his hand to your navel, and you could only hold your breath, not daring to move. 
With a salacious grin, he slowly dragged a finger around under your waistband, the other hand undoing your zipper.
You whimpered slightly, moving to do it yourself in your urgency. 
He quickly clasped a palm to your mouth, shushing tenderly with a glint in his eye.
"I've told you what to do up until now, and that's not going to change."
You glared at him but still removed your hand, spreading your legs a bit from their crossed position. 
Jayce saw the motion and pushed them open before fully unbuttoning your pants, quickly pulling them off. He dragged a finger up the wet spot on your underwear, the only thing between your cunt and his hand. He pulled down its waistband a bit more quickly, his heavy breathing indicating his own impatience. 
His hair draped messily over his forehead, the muscles in his chest tense and his wings shuddering slightly. 
The both of you exhaled as he yanked the fabric off, your lips already glistening with secretion. The sudden exposure to cold air caused you to twitch as Jayce stared, his mouth slightly agape. 
"Look at you," he muttered, running a finger up its folds. You tilted your head back and stiffened, on the verge of begging for more contact. "Every part of you is perfect."
He laid his thumb on your clit, asking with a distinct gentleness, "Is this okay?"
You nodded furtively, leaning forward to rest your forehead on his shoulder, his body noticeably warm. 
"Come on," he teased, pulling his hand away. "I want to hear it."
"Yes," you gasped, one of his wings coming to rest on your head. "It's okay, it's so good, please, more."
You could barely get the words out as he resumed the contact midway, rubbing slowly while tugging at your collar with the other hand. Understanding immediately, you hurriedly began unbuttoning your blouse, Jayce almost mewling at the sight of your chest.
"Nothing under?"
You shook your head and he carressed your cheek approvingly, pressing a wet kiss to your collarbone. Out of the blue, he stopped and sat back, causing you to disappointly look up at the loss of touch. You watched Jayce's chest heave as he brought his hand up to his face, licking the lubrication off his thumb. 
You only felt the heat between your legs grow at the sight, Jayce still smiling throughout it all. 
"If you want more, you have to earn it," he drawled, standing up.
The bulge in his pants was evident as he sat on a nearby rock, palming himself and beckoning you towards him.
You began to stand, but he clicked his tongue, pointing downwards. 
"I like the way your ass moves on all fours, I couldn't get a good view when you were crawling in the storm today."
Making your way over to him slowly, you rested your hands on his thighs as you got on your knees, his hand still resting on his crotch.
You removed it delicately, fingers trembling as you undid his pants.
"So beautiful," he muttered, cupping your cheek while rubbing the spot behind your ear in circles with a calloused finger.
His cock sprang up immediately as you yanked down his underwear, the shaft running with thick veins, so long it nearly touched your nose from where you kneeled.
You took it tentatively in your hand and stroked hesitantly, watching his face intently. He bit his lip as he muffled a sigh, his hand moving up to grab the back of your head, his wings closing around you again.
"You bring out the devil in me," he chuckled, tightening his grip.
As he did so you brought your head forward, giving his tip a small lick. The saltiness of his precum mingled with the saliva in your mouth, which was flowing so much you were surprised you weren't drooling. 
Jayce groaned and pushed your head down a bit, smothering you at the base of his cock. You felt his feathers shake as you took it in your mouth, feeling a drop of what you guessed was precum hit your cheek. 
He moved a hand under your chin to tilt your head up, and you lazily licked a stripe of his shaft before taking his tip in your mouth and sucking lightly, feeling bolder. 
He cursed and thrust upwards, pushing deeper into your mouth. You lowered your head, trying to take him as deeply as you could, feeling your own fluids trickle down the inside of your leg. 
Jayce continued grinding into you, his thighs clenched tightly around your shoulders.
"Stop," he gasped, the sudden absence of weight on your back letting you know that his wings were folded back behind him. 
You looked up quickly, afraid that something had gone wrong, but his hand continued carressing your face.
"You're so pretty with my cock in your mouth," Jayce sighed, leaning forward. 
Suddenly, he stood up and hooked his arms under yours, whisking you up onto the same rock he had sat on. He hastily removed your pants, pulling you towards him by the hips. 
You moaned as he pressed his crotch to yours, even the slightest sensation exhilarating. 
"But you'd look prettier with it in your pussy."
Jayce lifted you up with one hand beneath your back, the other still on your hip. He leaned forward to take a nipple in his mouth, sucking delicately as his tongue circled it. You gasped as he bit very lightly before giving the other the same treatment, straightening up with a very satisfied look.  
Eyes wide, you kept your eyes on him as he ran a hand down your thigh, tracing his finger up and down your slit. You could only whimper as he smirked at you, pressing your leg down. You saw a drop of precum fall from his cock as he lowered it towards your pelvis, pushing only the tip in. You scowled and thrust your hips upward, but the hand on your leg firmly pushed you back down. 
He pressed into you agonizingly slowly, a wing sidling beneath your neck to prop up your upper body as he took hold of your waist, causing you to instinctively wrap your legs around him. You raised your hands to clench the feathers as he entered you, breathing heavily as you tried to adjust to his size. You felt yourself tighten around him as he began to move, deliciously stretched to your limit. 
"I never want to pull out," he groaned, already thrusting faster. Each slap of his hips against your thighs sent a wave of elation throughout your body, and your moans only increased as he sped up.
He made sure not to ignore your clit as he moved, each thrust matching the rhythm of his circular massaging. Jayce grunted as he slammed into you with more and more force - each vein, each glan became part of you. 
"Shit," he mumbled, barely audible over the sounds of his skin meeting yours. "You don't know how badly I've wanted this. You don't know how many nights I've spent with my cock in my hand while you're sleeping, thinking about what noises you make when I touch you, when I fuck you."
"Tough talk," you gasped, melting into euphoria with the feeling of him entering you so rapidly, "for somebody who can't fly because of a couple clouds of dust."
His eyes glinted dangerously, and the wing left its spot behind your head as he pushed you further up on the rock while still inside of you, clambering onto it himself. Jayce shoved his tongue through your lips, his breath hot and urgent. The hand on your clit left its place, and he brought it up to your mouth, gripping your chin as he slid his index and middle finger in.
You immediately began sucking and he resumed thrusting, his dark curls of hair bouncing as he did so even more vigorously than the previous position, the pleasure that was crashing into you knocking any thought of retorting from your mind.
You could feel yourself getting close, but before you could even open your mouth to mention it, Jayce huffed, "I'm going to cum. Fuck, I can't decide if I want to see it dripping out of you or down your face more."
The rumbling of his rough tone sent you over the edge, and you were barely aware of anything but Jayce's grunts and his coarse hand on your face as you finished in ecstasy, still holding onto the edge of one wing.
The sight of you doing so seemed to do the same to him, as a hot substance was suddenly flowing into you once he gave a final groan, his thrusts slowing, but still as deep as before. You felt the cum slowly drip out from inside of you, no doubt already mixed with your own. 
You closed your eyes when Jayce stopped, resting completely inside of you. Your legs stayed wrapped around him as he heaved you up, his wings folding under you as support. 
He slid out slightly from you as he laid you down and you rolled on your side, but quickly pressed back in once he was in the same position.
You gave him a questionable look, to which he only said, "I wasn't kidding about never wanting to pull out."
Once again, he donned an easygoing smile. A wing cloaked over you caused you to return the grin, and you wrapped your arms around him, basking in the synchronization of his breaths and heartbeat. He was noticeably more relaxed, and you felt a soft kiss pressed to the top of your head. 
"I'm sure you've already figured out my wish was to release the curse. Naturally, I still want to, but I'm happy it was in my life. Otherwise, I never would've met you."
You looked up at him, tracing his collarbone with a finger.
"Is that really worth all the years it was a burden?"
He took your hand, intertwining your fingers with such fragility it was like he was handling glass. 
"I forgive it. I know I haven't been the nicest to you, but I haven't felt like this for as long as I can remember, even when I was still on the ground. I would do a lot of things for you. But, most importantly, I would spill every last drop of myself for you, from my blood to what's running down your leg right now." 
Slightly embarrassed, you laughed, burying your face into the crook of his neck.  
"Who knows, maybe I'll just wish for you to like me," he said with a joking sigh. 
You raised your head to furrow your eyebrows at him, hitting him lightly on the chest. 
"Do you think I'd let an idiot like you do all that me if I didn't like them?"
His smile only widened, and you felt his cock prod a bit deeper as his wings shuddered again. 
"What did I say about teasing me?"
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queenofruneterra · 6 months ago
NSFW Sett oneshot o.o - 832 words
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: This is the first oneshot i’ve written in a very long time, so i apologize if it’s not very good. Constructive criticism is always appreciated!!
Sett x Fem Reader
Tws: rough oral
“What if I want them to hear us?” There was a growl to Sett’s voice as he spoke, one hand tightly gripping your waist while the other snaked its way up from between your legs to your lips. His fingers were covered in your wetness, and as you licked them clean you locked eyes with him, causing him to groan and bury his head in your neck. He bit you softly, then began sucking at the delicate skin, marking you as his. He scolded you when he heard you hiss at an especially hard bite-
“Quiet doll, don’t forget who you belong to.”
Sett ran his hands across your body roughly, allowing his mind to return to earlier that day. His blood boiled when he caught one of his men flirting with you, looking at you in ways only he should. You felt him press his body against you, warmed by the heat radiating off of his bare chest. He was rutting against you now, drunk off of lust and jealousy.
Suddenly, you felt yourself being lifted onto his office desk and whined at the cool air that met your core when he spread your legs. He began to drag his lips across your body, grazing past your cleavage and stopping at your stomach. He looked up at your wanton, desperate expression, admiring how pretty you looked waiting for him to please you. Your mind went blank as he dipped his head between your legs, the feeling of his tongue lapping at your clit reigniting the fire that burned within you a few moments before. Your face quickly grew hot, your shaking breaths returning to loud whimpers and pleads. You laced your fingers through his hair, feeling your body tense at the skilled movement of his tongue between your folds. “Sett, please…”, you begged, throwing your head back and grinding against him, desperately chasing your release. He moaned at the sound of your broken voice and the vibrations finally sent you over the edge with his name on your lips.
Sett rose from his place between your legs, licking your cum off of his lips with a smirk. He pressed his body against yours and kissed you softly at first, only deepening the kiss when he felt your hand drift towards the tent in his pants. “So… needy…” he said between moans, quickly pulling away to undo his belt. You scanned his body, admiring how his muscles tensed and glistened, and felt chills when you saw his eyes low, predatory, and focused only on you. “What, like what you see?” he teased before removing his pants.
He sat back in his office chair, stroking himself lazily. “Come. I want to see those pretty lips around my cock.” You didn’t hesitate, quickly hopping off of his desk onto your knees. As you fit yourself between his legs, you stared at his length, head flushed pink and aching for your touch. You replaced his hand with yours and began working him, quickly finding a steady rhythm, allowing each breath to ghost his tip. His legs soon quivered with every stroke, and you looked up at him, his face red and overwhelmed with pleasure. Slowly you began gliding your tongue around him, which elicited a low groan that motivated you to do more. A few more languid licks had him moaning softly, and a beat of arousal shot through you as his hips began to buck. You hollowed your cheeks and began bobbing around him, savoring the string of curses leaving him as his hand gripped the back of your head. “Fuck,” he muttered, thrusting himself into your mouth. You could feel him at the back of your throat and your eyes were watering, but you needed to please him. You allowed him to find a steady rhythm and whined as his hips snapped against your face. “So, so good for me, aren’t you?” he gritted out, earning a shameless “Yes sir,” from you.
“I can’t hear you with your mouth full, doll.” He teased before pulling you off of his cock. “What was that?”
“Yes sir.” You repeated, looking up to meet his lustful gaze. He stared at you, enjoying what a mess he had turned you into. Saliva coated your lips and dripped down your chin, your mind was foggy, and all you could think of was his taste on your tongue. “Good girl.” he praised before shoving you back onto his length. You gagged when he buried himself in your throat, but you loved letting him use you. You knew he was close when you heard his breath hitch and felt his rhythm become increasingly erratic.
“Look at me.”
You obeyed, once again looking into his eyes.
He groaned your name as he came, grabbing the armrests and bucking uncontrollably. Your body shuddered in satisfaction when he finally emptied himself into your mouth. He pulled out slowly before allowing you into his lap, kissing and praising you before helping you clean up.
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angelltheninth · 3 months ago
can i rq headcanons for how loud arcane characters are during sex 👀
Oh this is a really good one. I really like this one.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Finn, Jayce, Viktor, Mel x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, office sex, hook-ups, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjobs
A/N: This was really easy to write. Probably because I've spent some thinking about this for a few of these characters due to the smut I had to write for them lmao.
Tumblr media
Jinx never shuts up in bed. If she's not moaning then she's praising you, telling how good you feel, how good you're making her feel, how much she wants you to stay in bed with her all day. She never bothers to even try to stay quiet, if she's feeling good she'll let you know loud and clear and she wants the same from you too.
Tumblr media
Vi tries not to be too loud but damn she just can't help herself when she's with you. Especially when you're an entire finger deep in her, slowly dragging out those lovely moans and grunts from her. She's not gonna last long like that. Eventually she does give in, letting you hear her, letting you know just how much she's enjoying her time with you.
Tumblr media
Caitlyn bites her lower lip when she's trying to keep quiet. She's pretty good at sneaking around with you so naturally she's also pretty good at keeping quiet when the two of you are having sex. She actually has a tougher time when she's the one who's fucking you than the other way around, you just feel so good, you look so beautiful, she wants to shower you with endless praise no matter who in the manor hears.
Tumblr media
Ekko is pretty quiet most of the time. He lets out an occasional grunt or moan when you're sucking him, or while he's inside you, but he likes to hear you more. He will talk dirty to you but he doesn't get too loud. He wants to keep the intimacy just between the two of you.
Tumblr media
Silco would give you the impression that he's quiet, given how he's always calm and collected but that is not the case at all. He loves fucking you in his office and lets everyone know how good it is, moaning his release with his head thrown back, his teeth clenched and the broken calls of your name.
Tumblr media
Sevika is loud. Really fucking loud, no matter if she's giving or receiving. She's actually pretty famous for being a screamer, if you can't make her scream and growl while you're having sex then you're doing something very wrong. But don't worry, she'll show you exactly what she likes.
Tumblr media
Finn curses a lot more than anything. He's not exactly loud but once he gets going it's hard to make him shut up. Not that you mind. Being called names, being both praised and insulted while he fucks you in every position possible, you don't care how loud or quiet he gets about it.
Tumblr media
Jayce doesn't know how to not be loud in bed. He'll sing your praises, he'll moan and groan and whimper from the feeling of your hand, your mouth, everything you have to give him. And when he's fucking you? You better be ready for a ton of praise, a ton of loud, sloppy kisses across your back, and a very prolonged moan from him when he comes and spills his cum inside you.
Tumblr media
Viktor can be a bit of both depending on his mood. If he's tired you'll barely get more than an occasion groan of pleasure from the man. If he's not however he loves to talk dirty, call you lots of cute nicknames and moan into your ear.
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't get loud easily, its a whole mission to get her to scream. Most of it is sighs, praise, words of affection and affirmation and a whimper here and there. If you're patient with her though, if you take your time with her, you'll learn exactly what makes her moan your name to high heavens.
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honeydazai · 7 months ago
when you catch them jerking off — Arcane
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Caitlyn, Mel
warnings: nsfw content, masturbating, mentions of oral sex, pet names
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
The moment VIKTOR's gaze meets yours, he raises his eyebrows, surprised. He didn't expect you to be at the lab this late, though you had probably come back to look for him. It's almost impossible to miss the way your gaze roams over his body, greedily drinking in the sight of his exposed upper body and abdomen, as well as his hard dick, flushed a pinkish colour and curving against his thigh.
Viktor smirks, his eyes sparkling with mischief, and he slowly picks his pace up again, his hand moving up and down his cock, his thumb feathering over the head to gather some precum, and his head drops back to reveal the pale expanse of his throat. Heat curls in your stomach at how pretty he is, how good the low moan he lets out sounds, and your knees wobble just a little as he offers you to join him with an amused chuckle.
“You're staring an awful lot, dear. What, do you want to join me? Feel free to. You must have noticed I was thinking about you anyway, I'm certain the way I moaned your name was proof of that. Or should I do it again, hm?”
Tumblr media
Honestly, JAYCE is a mess when you walk in on him jerking himself off; there's sweat shining on his forehead as he thrusts into his own fist with almost frantic movements, his grunts are low and throaty, though it's the more high-pitched whines that make you squirm.
A lovely blush colours his face as he stares at you, all wide eyes, but he can't stop, not when he's this close and now you — the person he's been fantasising about — are here. Precum drips from his dick, making it glisten obscenely, and he's groaning out an apology, but he's too needy to possibly pause. Jayce keeps his forceful thrusts up as you can't help but stare, but he eventually breaks when he gets too impatient and begs you to just help him out.
“God, fuck, I'm sorry—, didn't want our first time to be like this, but please, babe, please help me out here, 'm so close already. Please, just—, just gimme your hand, your mouth, anything, please.”
Tumblr media
It's rare for SILCO to masturbate, though, of course, the one time he succumbs to his body's needs, you enter his office without knocking first. It seems bad luck follows him around like a curse, especially whenever it comes to you. He's blushing just a little as his eyes meet your wide ones, though he tries to play the uncharacteristic shyness off with a confident attitude.
When he notices the way your gaze flicks from his face down to his cock, still hard and dripping precum, he smirks. Ever the tease, he mocks you, especially when you unconsciously squeeze your trembling thighs together.
“How can I help you, dear? Don't tell me you came just to see me. Though you do seem a little distracted right now — staring is hardly polite. Why don't you get over here and help me out for once, hm? I'd really enjoy having you on your knees right now.”
Tumblr media
When VANDER notices you standing in the doorway, he pauses his movements, though it's difficult for him to do so. He clears his throat, caught off-guard, and the thought that you had just witnessed him getting himself off while groaning your name is awkward. Still, he offers you a comforting smile.
Then, though, he follows your gaze, and, oh, his dick is still curving against his thigh, hard and flushed and with precum beading at the head. He hesitates, frowning, but eventually asks if you'd like to help with an almost shy smile.
“Hey, doll. Didn't expect ya to be here this early — sorry. Just offering, but I wouldn't mind it if you'd, you know, help me out here. Bet it'd feel a lot better if this was your hand instead of mine.”
Tumblr media
The second your gaze meets hers, VI gasps with how much your sudden appearance scared her. She had been biting down hard on her bottom lip to stifle a moan of your name, especially since she knows you're only one room away, but she just couldn't help herself — and now you've caught her while she's drawing tiny circles around her own clit, her other hand lightly squeezing one of her hardened nipples.
Even though she's blushing, she can't help but chuckle at the stunned expression on your face. Despite her initial shock, Vi smirks and tilts her head to the side in a playful manner as she simply asks you to join her.
“What're ya staring at, babe? That's not very polite. If you're gonna stay, get over here and help a girl out, yeah? Ah, I've been fantasising 'bout you, but having the real thing is way better.”
Tumblr media
You nearly drop whatever you had just been holding as you walk in on JINX getting herself off — her legs spread wide, facing the door, and with three fingers scissoring herself open. It takes you a moment to realise that it's your name that's falling from her lips and, god, she's staring straight at you now, her eyebrows raised in surprise.
Still, she's not bothering to stop or cover herself; if anything, her movements quicken while you blush, embarrassed, with your breath caught in your throat. Jinx is moaning unashamedly, whiny noises that vaguely resemble your name, and the smirk on her lips is a dare for you to join in on the fun.
“Ah, fuck—, hi, sugar! Want to help me out here? I've been thinking about you all day, can't stop imagining if it was your hand instead of mine—, so come on, don't keep me waiting, darl.”
Tumblr media
CAITLYN isn't sure who of you is more shocked when you walk in on her grinding her hips against one of the pillows on her bed, the fabric, as well as her panties, soaked with her arousal. Her face is burning red, and you're just as embarrassed, and she really should cover herself somehow since she's only wearing panties, but she's frozen in place.
Just as you begin to stutter out an apology, she regains her composure somewhat and beckons you over to her with a smile, though she still seems a little nervous. Given how your gaze seems to be drawn to her, it's obvious you're interested in helping her out — so why not simply ask you? Her smirk is almost teasing as she takes your hand and leads it to one of her tits, daring you to touch.
“I know this might be a little unexpected, love, but, you know, I saw the way you looked at me just now and, well, I thought that maybe you'd want to do a little more than just look?”
Tumblr media
EKKO freezes when your gaze, surprised and confused, meets his own. He hadn't heard your approaching footsteps, not over the sound of his own low moans as he jerked himself off, and, fuck, he only now realises that he had groaned your name.
He hurriedly covers himself by pulling his trousers up again, though the way his dick is now straining against the fabric is most likely even more indecent than him being naked. The sight has you wetting your lips with your tongue, because, fuck, the revealed skin, as well as the happy trail you're able to spot have your knees feeling weak.
“Fuck, babe—, I didn't want ya to learn about my feelings for you like this, but I guess I can't help it now. Uh, sorry, by the way; wait, what are you doing? You don't have to—, oh, you want to help me? Fine then. Been thinking about you anyway.”
Tumblr media
MEL can't help but be surprised when you suddenly barge into her bedroom without knocking, though she's quick to conceal her shock. She's laying on her bed with her legs spread wide, two of her fingers inside of her cunt, and your cheeks flush with embarrassment.
After a second of contemplation, she lifts her fingers, dripping with her arousal, to her lips and licks the wetness off; the action causing hot white arousal to curl in your stomach. When she notices the way you're staring, Mel smirks, amused, and offers you to join her.
“Oh? I hadn't expected you to find me in a state like this, but, ah, well, I can't say I mind this turn of events particularly much. Why don't you join me, hm? Come on, baby.”
Tumblr media
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1mxg1ne · 9 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Jinx NSFW
//finally justice for crazy girls with severe abandonment issues. I know i said Ambessa would be first, but i should not be trusted, i can not control myself.
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): She gets so clingy, she'll sit on your lap and get herself as close to you as possible, folding her body close to your chest and sighing happily.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Its her hair, she loves her hair, she loves having her hair brushed when you two sit together quietly after a hectic day and she loves her hair pulled when she is between your legs giggling while you whine about overstimulation. On her partner she loves their stomach, its such a vulnerable spot and she loves to leave deep scratches or love bites on the soft flesh there, it shows how much you trust her.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): Doesn't feel strongly either way about it, however if you cum in her mouth prepare for her to yank your head back and spit it in your mouth.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): No surprise she is quite sadistic, she won't go too far always afraid of actually hurting her partner, but if they end up crying before she can stop herself ,she always has to catch her breath from how beautiful she thinks they are, , she'll hold their face and lick the tears off their cheeks while moaning in their ear about how beautiful and stunning they are and how she doesn't deserve them.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): I don't think she is all that experienced, maybe even a virgin, she 100% needs to be attached to someone, and her attachment runs deep, so its kind of rare for her to care that much to bother with someone.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She wouldn’t mind trying anything more complicated but she always reverts to some of her favourite either you beneath her so she can see you and touch you as much as she likes ,you on her face or something that can have you face to face. 
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): Really goofy, you might be in the middle of the most passionate sex of your lives and her heart aches so much ,she gets all giggly and hyper active and ends up blowing raspberries on your stomach or tickling you, to show you how in love she is.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): She doesn't care much about it, i can totally see her as someone who'd like to shave cool shapes into it or dye it weird colours but otherwise doesn't care to shave or trim it. She'll let her partner shave her though if they want.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…): She might not come off as very romantic, but i know she thinks really hard of things to woo her partner with, she'll write 'I love you' in big colourful letters on the wall across their house , she'll wait for them in their room in the dark and try to slowly ease herself on them but immediately push them down mumbling about how she can't help herself and how much she loves them.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): After she gets a partner she certainly does it more often when she is busy and can't see them, she'll whine and call out their name repeatedly, and bite her fist in frustration because it's simply not the same.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks): Dacryphilia, Praise, Knife Play, Edging.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere really, she has totally tried to initiate something in Silco's office when he is gone, she'll giggle while sitting on his desk chair and whisper about how he doesn't have to know while patting her lap and batting her eyelashes innocently.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Cup her face and tell her i love you and she melts, she's yours and she'll immediately want to pounce on you.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs): She'd hate anything with degradation targeted at her and anything that'll have her bound in any way. Also don't try to get her jealous, it might work for a bit but in the middle of it she might start crying, worried about you leaving her.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): She loves giving, she'll have her head on your lap in public get bored and start mouthing at your pants. Absolutely the "break it it's fine" kind when it comes to face sitting, gets upset if you don't sit with all your weight on her. She'll smack your ass and growl about you not trusting her enough.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Fast and frantic, each time with her feels like it might be your last, she wants to feel you all over and cling to you and kiss you.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Absolutely, she wants to try everything out with her partner ,so the shorter but more often route works perfectly for her.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): Absolutely loves trying out new things with her partner. She'll try everything at least once, and is usually the one searching and suggesting things.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…): She has a lot of stamina ,she can definitely go on for several rounds, and often takes it as a challenge to see how much her partner can take.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): Yes, she'll even make things for her partner, if there is someone that would make and use something with a remote control its definitely her, but only when she is around to watch them.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): It goes hand to hand with her sadism and dacryphilia, she can get lost in your eyes when they are filled with tears pleading with her to let you cum, she almost forgets what she was supposed to be doing.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, she also talks gibberish a lot the closer she is to her climax, she also tends to say some very odd things in the middle of sex, she'll giggle and growl about how much she wants to eat you about how she simply wants to devour you if you simply just let her, how she wishes she could just open your chest up and crawl inside, she loves you and there are simply not enough words for her to properly describe how much.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): She is absolutely a switch but even when a bottom, she tends to be a power bottom ,she can't help herself from wanting to always be touching you and to be in control of the situation so she can have you in every way she wants. But if you try to dominate her she won't complain she'll simply growl "what will you do about it?" before kissing you roughly.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): Very high for her partner, especially when she is in a bad mood she'll seek them out and ask almost innocently for them to help distract her.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): She gets very energetic after so she doesn't sleep quickly, but won't mind cuddling up to her partner and hum a song to them until they are asleep, she usually ends up the big spoon too even if she is shorter.
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saeneryis · a month ago
spicy ezreal nsfw headcanons
Includes: Ezreal x Reader (gender neutral) Warnings: nsfw, risky, gn reader, loud, toys, experimenting, top!ezreal, bottom!ezreal, edging, smut
Tumblr media
he loves to boast about his size. most importantly, how long it is, and the things he can do it it. ezreal isn't afraid to use all of the tools at his disposal to please you. (he doesn't always know what's he's doing, but hey! he's read a couple books..) his d1ck is pretty slim, but very long and taken care off, just as his body; his favorite thing about himself is, well.. after his skills, his abs.
kinda' afraid to admit it, but he loves, and i mean, loves sex in random places, including explorations. especially when on explorations. after clearing dozens of void monsters and making sure the perimeter is safe, he will drown you in kisses down from your neck towards your belly and give you the best fuck you've ever felt.
"my g-god... you were this h-horny this entire time?" scoffs. "c-can't believe my trusty sidekick was the kind to wet dream while killing a bunch of monsters... don't get me wrong i- wait.. THERE'S ONEE OVER THERE AAAAAAAAA-"
whenever ezreal is close to cumming he'll begin getting really loud, as any words that try to come out of his mouth will end up as breathy moans showering you in praise about how good you're making him feel right know, and how much he loves you.
he loves to cum inside, over you, or in your mouth, as in his eyes, that's his way of marking you as his.
"can i p-please do it..-" ezreal lets out a moan. "-in-inside...?" he kisses you on the lips with such desperation that you can taste it. "i lo-love you, oh.. my.. my beautiful.. mine... and mine o-only.. ngh.." his breath began getting heavier and you felt his thrusts begin to get sloppier as he collapsed over you, flooding your insides with his cum.
he loves being on top, but isn't closed to the idea of bottoming for you, or even experiment toys. although he'll be hesitant at first. ezreal laying on bed, with his legs lifted, as you're eating his ass out all while jerking his lengthy d1ck off and making him extremely flustered.
he wants to cum so badly, but you keep denying his orgasms; edging him, as he's staring at your eyes looking so needy you don't want to stop.
his face is completely red as you're sucking on his dick while playing with his ass- he can't take it any longer. "i-i'm close..." he whispers, but suddenly, you slowly and gently introduce one of your fingers into him, and a burst of energy surges inside of him. he suddenly got harder. "i.. ngh.." before he could finish, a powerful orgasm struck him and had his legs spasming as cum began to slowly be released from his d1ck, dripping over himself. "ngh... oh... o-oh... that.. let's.." after a short breath. "do it again sometime."
Tumblr media
Writer's Note: well that was... fun! i've always liked ezreal, a true shame there isn't as much content about him here as i'd like.. i'm actually writing a longer story about ezreal as well! i'm going for the.. slow burn/eventual smut route >:) but i don't know when i'll get it done, have a great day~ i take requests! it's in my plans to write about most, of it not all, league characters.
Tumblr media
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insomniiyac · a month ago
Tumblr media
"ℑ 𝔴𝔦𝔩𝔩 𝔰𝔥𝔬𝔴 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔰𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔪𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔡𝔦𝔳𝔦𝔫𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔫 ℌ𝔢𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔫 𝔦𝔱𝔰𝔢𝔩𝔣.”
(Taking huge liberties here, so lets hope I don’t get dinged for a lil bootyhole peek 👀)
Incubus!Ekko is finished! Words cannot describe how proud I am of this piece rn 😭👏🏾
Enjoy! Will be posting the fic on here a lil later, but here’s the link to the AO3 version if you wanna read:
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insensity · 5 months ago
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