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Imagine being a homemaker for Sevika.
You hearing the door open, heavy footsteps echoing through the halls. You walk through the house to see her, before smiling and reaching forwards to take off her cape and hang it up. You kissed her cheek with a ‘Welcome home baby,’ in such a sweet tone that it makes the worse of days better.
You let her shower and freshen up, the sight of her in her nightly attire stroking a heat inside you. You let her sit on the couch before handing her a glass of her favorite liquor and then straddling her, stroking her cheek.
“Hard day?” You asked, looking at Sevika with sympathy in your eyes. She takes a swing of the drink, before replying ‘Somewhat’ with a gruff tone in her voice that made you feel.
“You should allow me to make you feel better,” You pouted, rubbing her shoulders and leaning in seductively. Sevika smiled wickedly as you slid off the couch and onto your knees. She allowed you to tug on her waistband, before lifting her hips up so you can pull her pants down her legs. You let the underwear slide down as well, now revealing what you really wanted to see.
Sevika spread her legs, you waiting for her permission, unbelievably turned on. She lets out a gruff, “Go ahead,” and you not wasting a second before opening your mouth so you can lick at her slit. She hisses above you, letting out a hitched breath when you latch onto her clit, sucking like it’s a piece of candy. She grabs your hair with a tight grip, as her orgasm approaches. She finally cums on your tongue with a gush, your reflexes allowing you to lap her up until she pulls you away from in between her legs.
“Fuck,” she looks down at your disheveled figure, your lips and chin covered with her slick; a trail of wetness connecting her folds and your lips. She released you, as you wipe your mouth; you being so very proud of yourself and smiling before saying;
“Dinner’s ready, I don’t want it to get cold.”
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“Saint, I’m a sinner”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gorgon Ambessa Medarda x Blind Reader
cw : ‼️ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ // dubcon-ish // loss of virginity // breeding // rough to soft // soulmate au
i went unhinged 🥶 got an absolutely marvellous idea for gorgon medarda x blind reader but i’m kickstarting this concept with downright sin 🥲
Tumblr media
Ambessa Medarda was taking a luxurious soak in the pond, languidly nursing a chalice of decadent wine, when, to her irritation, the moment of tranquility is rudely interrupted by unwanted visitors.
It was not unheard of for people to venture into her abode. At the same time, she only received visitors once in a blue moon. Some, lost souls gone astray, and others, foolish enough to come for her possessions, but whichever of the two they might be, they were led to the same fate. Doom was bound to befall whoever stood before the gorgon.
Medarda had always been comfortable in her own skin, and being a gorgon did not change that. As a former warlord, it was entertaining to her when people tried to challenge her. Of course, on the other hand, to a warlord like Medarda who had mastered the art of war, very few could come close, not to mention, rise to her calibre. Still, even poor rivals were infinitely better than no rivals. So, she indulged them, because by indulging them, she was indulging herself.
In the shadows, she moved, and from afar, she struck. Tactics and stratagems were usually used to quickly conquer an opponent, but she found herself using them instead to prolong the fight. She was confident in her craft, proud even, and rightfully so. Given her background in addition to her new abilities, as soon as the gorgon made herself seen, everyone would be descending into their inevitable downfall.
Although she had been forced into this new life, she had little trouble with it, but having said that, there was one thing that she found a pity. As a gorgon, Medarda could no longer partake in debauchery. Alcohol was not an issue, having enough to last another millennia. Sex on the other hand, now, that was where the inconvenience stemmed. Her new body had come with interesting modifications, so to speak, but she lacked any real specimens to experiment with them on.
Many fair maidens had come to her lair but none had left. Now, they stood lifeless amongst the many statues decorating her residence. Turning them to stone had not been her intention. In this life, some things were out of her reach, and as someone who used to attain whatever or whoever she desired, it exasperated her, to say the least.
A lover of fighting though she was, the gorgon did not take kindly to having her fun spoiled. So, without stalling time like she usually would, she had made a rather quick work of petrifying the trespasser. One out of the pair because, to her bewilderment, the lass remained standing. You were evidently, peculiarly immune to the gorgon’s presence.
She slithered towards you, and upon closer inspection, discovered that your eyes were a misty grey.
“I should kill you for your husband’s audacity. In fact,-”
“He’s n-”
Oh, how dared you cut her off!
Her jaw flexed, and her command was sharply snarled through gritted teeth.
“Interrupt me again, and vision will not be your only impairment.” She spoke with a low, languid lilt, smooth at the same time like liquid silver. She circled you, studying you as if a predator would a prey, and in fact, you were, she corrected herself. You were her prey, fidgety on your feet as a cornered animal should.
“As I was saying, you would already have perished if not for your defect. Your flaw is what saved you.“
You shook like a leaf in a hurricane, accompanied by a small squeak when your chin was seized between two cold fingers and a thumb. “Then again, it’s not every day that I get a scrumptious little morsel delivering itself to me.” She made you dance to her demand, turning your head left, right, and finally, directed your eyes the colour of clouds onto her own. “And one who can stare me straight in the eyes no less. How convenient.”
“You have two options, little lass.” Thick unyielding fingers dug into your cheeks. “Give yourself up to me,-” The gorgon’s head full of snakes emitted a cacophony of hisses, small, smooth heads nudging, and tiny little tongues licking all over your face. She revelled in your shuddering breaths, red lips laced with sinister glee. “-or die.”
“Don’t both entail the same fate for me?” Your voice was but a meek murmur. “You will devour me.” It was not so much a question as a prediction.
She found you amusing. A curious creature. “Perhaps. But certainly not in the sense you’re thinking.”
From maintaining an unyielding grip on your jaw, ample fingers slid down, down to your delicate neck where immediately upon arrival, they latched on your soft flesh. A necklace designed just for you. A snug fit.
“Now, decide.“ She squeezed it a little, enough to make you wheeze.
Your fingers had found themselves on her forearm, supplication rather than rebellion. “I- I give myself up to you.”
Crimson lips stretched into a malevolent grin, displaying two evil-looking fangs. Eyes gleamed with a wicked, excited glint.
“Say no more.”
Fingers locking around a dainty wrist, she yanked, pulling you around as if you were a mere marionette for her to manipulate as she saw fit. Then, you were roughly thrown, but the bed that you fell into prevented the unpleasantness that was certain to come with the fall otherwise.
As immediately as her hands had left your wrist, they found themselves on your dainty waist, the soft, delicate flesh yielding beneath callously demanding digits.
“You see little one, even as a human, I’ve always had a healthy appetite for intimacy. It has only increased tenfold once I became a gorgon under the curse of a jealous god. The cause,…” Dragging you towards the end of the bed, she nosed your neck, felt the wild little flutter of your pulse on her lips. “…well, his prized possession of a wife cried my name in bed instead of his. Egotistical as gods are, this wounded his pride. My last dalliance was well over a millennia ago, and needless to say, I have so much pent up frustrations that are in desperate need of a release.” She did a playful nibble, fang poking skin, and you gasped, ambrosia to her ears. “And here you are. A timely arrival, I must say.”
As her lips hungrily trailed down your body, goosebumps blossomed in their wake. Her fingers fisted into your garments around your hips, impressive muscles rolling beneath skin the shade of dark chocolate, as the flimsy fabric was reduced to tatters in a wink of an eye.
“Oh little lass, to say I am ridiculously, positively ravenous is an understatement.”
Medarda spoke as she took you in, tiny and lithe, helpless and sprawled naked beneath her, a delectable little morsel offered to her on a diamond platter, all hers to devour.
Her tongue flicked, joined by her fellows as they bombarded your chest with an onslaught of tongues.
In a flurry of movements, she had positioned herself between your delightfully pretty thighs that came nowhere near the size of her arm. Oh you were so, so small compared to her, and the many visual evidences fuelled the gorgon’s already burning desire.
Accompanied by sickening sounds of sinews snapping and flesh parting, a new addition to her body emerged just below her hip. Long, thick, gooey and throbbing, the gorgon was positively aching to be inside you.
“Let me show you just what true vigour really looks like. I bet your twink of a husband did not do a good job at it.”
She rested her cock atop your folds, and the warmth it provided seeped into her. Flowing through her veins, it thawed her frosty heart.
“He’s- ah-”
Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!
It was maddening how your dainty little body writhed, small squeaks and soft whimpers dripping down your pretty, pink lips like syrupy poison.
Millennia. Millennia, that was how long she had waited. Medarda had done enough waiting. More than enough in fact. It was time for her to take, and oh, take, she would.
“You have willingly relinquished yourself to me. And I will do whatever I want with what is rightfully mine.”
Her tail thrashed wildly, excitedly behind her while you did the same beneath her massive stature, albeit pathetically, as her equally massive shaft pushed into your tight little cunt with an untamed desperation.
“It’s not- I- mngh!”
With a savage thrust, she bottomed out in one fell swoop. Immediately, she felt warm all over, like finally soaking in a warm bath after being drenched in a downpour. At the same time, she was not oblivious to the sensation of penetrating something that was not supposed to be there. Considering that there were day and night differences between the two of you, size for one thing, it was a given that you would tear one way or another. And yet, what she felt was entirely unexpected. A sensation both so familiar and unfamiliar, but one that definitely evoked a distant memory.
She was returning from war, another victory, and it was in a town that they had decided to rest for the night where she had seen her. A spark had ignited as soon as their eyes met. Hence, the green-eyed creature wounding up in the warlord’s bed later that night had been no surprise, but her lover for the night had bled on her sheets. After learning that it was her first time, Medarda had been more generous with her than she usually would, pampering the life out of the girl. Being the first to someone surprisingly caused in her an eruption of euphoria akin to conquering a war. Although she had enjoyed it tremendously, it had been her only experience with a maiden, and for millennia, it had remained so.
Until today, it seemed.
“I- I’ve never-” You whimpered, face contorting, and with a soft wavering exhale, continued. “-been with anyone before. And he was certainly not my husband.”
A voice so small coupled with tentative fingers roaming over her chest brought Medarda out of her little trip down memory lane. For a moment, she thought that you were going to punch her, claw her, push her back, anything, futile though they would undeniably be, but she definitely was not expecting you to only rest them there, holding onto her as if she was your salvation.
You were gazing at her, and even though Medarda knew that your eyes were not actually perceiving her, the gorgon felt miraculously seen which, after eons of no real eye contact whatsoever was a welcome sensation.
She watched as tears squeezed out of your eyes, running in thick, fat globules down your cheeks. An emotion so strong and so alien compelled her to console you, a thumb finding itself on your soft skin, gathering the endless leakage of salty droplets with a bone-melting tenderness that she thought had long been lost. And it had indeed. But you, oh beautiful, enigmatic you, who was adorably nuzzling her palm as if she had not been the cause of your suffering, brought these long lost feelings out of her.
“I- It’s not that I don’t want you. I do. It’s all I’ve ever wanted ever since I saw you for the first time.”
Puzzled, she questioned, “You can see?”
“In my mind’s eyes, yes.” And then, you added. “But I see only you, Ambessa.”
How do you know my name? , She wanted to demand.
Before she could get a word out however, dainty digits grasped her finger. Once again, she was distracted by the staggering comparison, thinking in her head that two of your fingers would not even make one of hers, when she suddenly felt something beneath her fingertips.
Letters. No, dots.
“It’s your name in Braille.” You explained sweetly. Plucking her forefinger between your delicate digits, you guided it down the length of your sternum, elucidating, “Am-bes-sa Me-dar-da” , as more dots appeared beneath her fingertip.
“I was born with it engraved on my flesh.”
In silence, she considered this new-found knowledge.
“I, too, have a name on my body.” Her fingers unfurled atop your sternum, resting betwixt your soft breasts. Your heartbeat was a delightful throb beneath her palm.
“It’s yours.”
A deduction rather than a statement.
Then, her hips shifted involuntarily. For a moment, the fact that she was entirely sheathed inside you completely slipped her mind.
The slightest of movements had you gasping sharply, helplessly, brows collapsing, and only then did the gravity of the act truly register. Not only had she acted like a savage, her frustration was only fuelled, she admitted, when she had seen you with that twink of a man. She was rightfully unimpressed by the fact that you, who was so pleasing to the eye, would even be with that…whatever that was.
If she could, she would definitely have you for herself, and she was confident that you, too, would not be immune to her. They never did. So, once she had learnt that she could truly, truly have you, her long frayed restraint had snapped, bottled-up emotions reaching to a boil until they bursted. Having said that, the way she had taken you had not been ideal, especially not at all for your first time.
Perhaps, she should rein in her demanding desires for now. Medarda had waited for almost an eternity. What difference would another day or two make?
“I will pull it out, but it’s still going to hurt, little one.”
“No- I- I want you to take me.” She felt your legs closing around her hip, caging her in. When she gazed down at you, she found your cheeks a pretty peachy pink. “I want you. Please- Just- hah- give me a moment please.” Your pleas were a dangerous thing, and unable to resist any longer, her powerful hips did a playful wicked nudge.
It had a pleasant effect of knocking the breath right out of your lungs, “It’s- mngh!” , those saccharine lips falling open in a soft, little gasp.
Alright, Medarda decided, she could be merciful to you.
She trailed kisses up your body, purposefully licking the bulge that was visible on your belly, and you shuddered beneath her, little frame quavering in her hands. Her snakes thrummed and hummed with exhilaration, practically buzzing with excitement as she was.
Meanwhile, as massive hands held you on your ribcage, her lips gingerly caressed the tenderness of your breasts, teased the soft flesh with her razor-sharp fangs. Your nipples were like ripe, plump, berries ready to be plucked and eaten. She closed her lips around one, sucked it into her mouth, and you jolted, back arching, heals digging into her hips.
Once she had given ample attention to your chest, lavishing it with kisses and bites, nibbling the soft succulent flesh of your breasts that tasted as tender and delicious as their tantalising appearance, she noticed the faintest of movements in your hip. Deep inside, your folds fluttered around her, and the gorgon took it as a sign to start moving herself. Simultaneously, her hand found home on your delicate thigh, ample fingers sinking into silky smoothness, as she split you open with her cock. Your back arched into a delicious curve, chest pressing into her own, and she held you against her, strong arm looped around your back.
Medarda had seen a great many things in her life, from splendid renaissance paintings and sculptures to dazzling diamonds, glittering gold and mountains and mountains of jewels. And yet, this little fallen angel in her arms with her opal white eyes and forbidden fruit for lips put them to shame.
She had tasted many a delicacy, from different local cuisines to other more scandalous tidbits, but none of it compared to the heavenly flavour that lingered on her tongue after she had kissed your lips sanguine.
Likewise, as a warlord, she had won a great many battles, and yet, as absurd as it might sound, touching the parts of your body that no one else had touched, reaching into the depths of your body that no one else had set foot before, was a triumph like no other.
Delicate digits furled and unfurled on her chest while she pushed and pulled, each thrust sharper, harder, deeper, more invasive and more demanding than the last. Enveloped in your silky heat, and ravished by an explosion of sensations, it did not take long for Medarda to erupt inside you, pumping your little body, her sweet little mate, full of her copious essence. She could feel every twitch, every flutter, every throb, every little detail, and it was maddeningly overwhelming. Truly an out-of-body experience.
Even though the gorgon was yet to be satiated, for you were sapped dry of stamina, she had decided to let you rest. Without her even realising, her motive along the way had shifted from using you to her heart’s content to claiming you hers. Now that it had been accomplished, the idea of just lounging in bed did not sound too bad especially now that she had her little fallen angel in her arms.
However, when she saw a mixture of her essence and your blood oozing out of your cunt as she shifted to pull out of you, she did not like it, a snarl pulling her lips taut. Medarda wanted as much of her essence staying in her sweet mate as possible. So, she scooped it all up with the tip of her cock and quickly slipped herself back inside. You whimpered weakly, but almost instinctively, she cooed into your ears, and instantly, you calmed.
Whilst her tail coiled protectively around you, your dainty frame was cradled close to her bosoms. A pleased hum that flied past your lips tumbled like candy down the canals of her ears. When your lovely little face tucked into the nook of her neck and nuzzled her pulse, body melting into her embrace, the gorgon decided right then and there that she was never letting you go.
You were unquestionably, irrevocably hers, evidenced by the branded name lying atop your very heart as well as her potent seeds nestling deep inside your womb.
Tumblr media
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COLLEGE HAREM AU feat. jinx, caitlyn, renata glasc, mel
Tumblr media
please be aware that every character is over the age of eighteen in this au and there will be sexual themes across the whole au- minors do not interact.
content warning. lowercase writing intended, sub ! afab ! reader, dom ! characters, oral sex, cunnilingus, strap-ons, cockwarming, tummy bulge, cunnilingus, hair pulling
Tumblr media Tumblr media
JINX, vice-president of the engineering club
Tumblr media
jinx can be found in the engineering club room from the morning to the late afternoons even between classes, enjoying her big pen display monitor and drawing plenty of designs for contests, improving the technology around the school, sending emails back and forth with viktor about prototypes and such. when the creative block gets to her, she likes to have you on her lap with either her free hand inside you or one of the strap-ons that she has around the club room for who knows what reason. her strap stretches you so deliciously, a little bulge forming on your tummy, and whenever she shifts to be closer to the screen it feels like something is pinching inside of you.
"come on toots! i'll fuck you good i promise but you have to stop squirming so i don't have to re-do my pen strokes!"
Tumblr media
CAITLYN, president of the campus patrol
Tumblr media
if not in class, caitlyn can be found in the patrol's own little building, scribbling away on pink slips to validate hall passes, enveloping green slips for the people reported by sevika who needed to be seen by the student council. all that work really tires her, looking at all these papers and reading how everyone on here can't keep themselves to some easy rules really baffles her. luckily she has you, a good girl who is kneeling under her desk, head sinking deep into her dripping cunt. her skirt is only rolled up so that you can comfortably eat her out, but she can't see your pussy drunk face so she pulls on your hair, yanking it out from her skirt to take a look at your pretty, messy face with a pleased grin on her face.
"that's a good girl, pleasing me with obeying every word. you are so much better than all those empty-headed rule breakers."
Tumblr media
MEL, president of the student council
Tumblr media
mel is a very busy student, one of the busiest on campus because of all her duties. smoothing out the issues between the staff of the school and the student body is a very difficult task and she often loses track of time while writing her arguments up. lately, she had been more aware of time, checking her watch time and time again even if a second passed by, waiting for you to finally answer her text that you are at her dorm as she asked you, and when you do- she can't be more excited. she pushes you through the door, onto her bed, and takes no interest in saving the skirt/pants you were in that day, just tearing it down if she can and hiking her own skirt up to sloth herself against you. she takes a hold of your shirt, pushing it up and asking you to play with your tits, her lips sucking love bites to anywhere she could as you did.
"you are the definition of the model student dear y/n, we should put you on display like a doll so they could see an amazing example."
Tumblr media
RENATA GLASC, chemistry and economics professor
Tumblr media
you have noticed that professor glasc has taken an interest in you, making you sit in the front, asking you to give an example for this and that, and always having you as her partner for experiments. you think nothing of it, thinking it is only because you might have said something you can't remember until one day after class- she pushed you up on her desk in the darkened auditorium, pushing you flat against the hardwood surface. her pace is ruthless, lips connecting to your nipples as she sucks your chest. your panties crammed into your mouth to smother all those attractive sobs she loved to hear. she had to be fast, she had to make the best of it because in between classes there wasn't too much time and if anybody had found out what the two of you were doing, it would be a scandal she doesn't have time to worry about.
"come on darling, the number one rule in my class is that you have to be quiet. there is no place for being smart, that won't get you extra credit."
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Arcane Characters Waking Up With Your Head Between Their Thighs
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Viktor, Jayce, Mel, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, dirty talk, cunnilingus, blowjobs, handjobs, hair pulling (for Reader), praise, slight somnophilia
A/N: I don't know how this one came to me but it did.
Tumblr media
Jinx would probably close her legs around your head on instinct. Given how many times you've eaten her out before it's not that odd that she'd have a few dreams about it too.
Seeing you eating her out first thing in the morning sure as hell doesn't make her wanna get out of bed any sooner. Oh there are things on the agenda for the day sure, but feeling your mouth on her makes all those thoughts fly out the window.
"I see someone was was having the same dream I was and decided to make it a reality eh sugar? If this was your plan to wake me up and get me to get out of bed it's working very poorly. I'd much rather spend the morning riding your pretty face."
Tumblr media
Vi has never had this happen before and actually her first instinct was to try and kick you. Oh she saw you make your way down there but she thought she was dreaming, so when she actually felt your lips on her she tried to kick at you. Luckily she missed.
Once she heard you yelp she was more than awake and aware of what you were trying to do. She found it really sweet but maybe next time wait until she's fully awake. Like... right now for instance.
"Fuck, shit, I'm so sorry! I almost broke your nose sweet stuff. Now that'd be a damn shame wouldn't it? I don't wanna ruin you wonderful face. Nah, I think it's damn cute what you tried to do. Go ahead, then, I'm fully awake now and... well you made me all wet already."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn would moan, so loud and wonton the moment your lips make contact with her cunt. Her hands would be in your hair before you know it, her eyes still a little hazy as she relaxes more into the bed.
She loves being woken up like this, especially since the two of you don't get much opportunity for morning sex. But by gods she can't get enough right now, of your tongue poking and prodding into her cunt, spreading her lips with your fingers and diving in further, making her turn her head into her pillow to muffle her cries of your name.
"Darling ah-! You're really going to do this? Hmm... you're very good for me aren't you? Fuck. Am I gripping you too hard, does it hurt? Then could you put your tongue in please? Yes! Gods! Just a little... there! Gods, darling, I love you!"
Tumblr media
Ekko would be a little spooked but not because of what you're doing but more out of fear of someone walking in on the two of you. Gods know none of his friends would ever let him live it down.
After a little convincing, most of which is done by you kissing and sucking along his cock he can't help but lay his head back onto the pillow, his hands gentle threading through your hair, encouraging you to keep going, nice and slow, he wants to enjoy this wake up call for a good, long while.
"Firefly! What are you- oh! Hmmn! What if someone walks in? Don't worry about it? Well... but... gods your mouth... ok, ok. Go slow, go slow. You can keep going, just go slow, I want to enjoy this properly cause when the fuck are we ever gonna find the time to do this again?"
Tumblr media
Silco is the last person who's gonna complain about you sucking his dick first thing in the morning. In fact he thinks it should become a regular thing.
He'd curl his first into your hair, not tugging or pushing, just keeping it there as you bob your head up and down. He might tell you to go a little faster if he has something more urgent to do for the day, but otherwise he's happy to enjoy a slow, and horny morning with you.
"Enjoying yourself darling? Don't be shy, get back to it, I quite liked it. Is this your new way of waking me up hm? If not maybe it should be. And don't worry, once you're done I fully intent on returning the favor."
Tumblr media
If you surprise Sevika by giving her cunnilingus first thing in the morning don't expect to leave her apartment for the whole day.
You can leave the bed but she will either drag you back fairly soon or follow you where ever you went and have sex with you again. You can expect a few scratches along your back early in the morning as well as her pushing your head closer as she rides your face, urging you to go faster, deeper.
"Where are you off to sweetheart? You didn't think we were done already did you? Fuck work, you can't tongue fuck me and think that'll be the end of it. Now come back here, or maybe you wanna do it somewhere else? Come on tell me. Showers, couch, table, wall, I'll fuck your brains out today sweetheart, you can bet on it."
Tumblr media
Viktor is a little surprised by how bold you are but he's not gonna tell you to stop, not even he's already so painfully hard for you.
He doesn't hold back his moans or his whimpers as he watches you with hooded eyes. He tries very hard not to make a mess of you but he can't exactly help it, your mouth and tongue and hand feel so wonderful. He needs to come, he needs to watch his cum dripping down your chin.
"Good morning darling, did you decide to have an early snack? Haha, sure, go ahead, I won't complain. Hmn! Slow down a little! I'm trying to hold back, I really am, but you... shit! Fuck, I'm sorry darling, it seems like I made a bit of a mess of you haven't I? Well we can always get cleaned up together."
Tumblr media
Jayce would think he's dreaming at first. He'd grab your hair and fuck you rough, just like he does when he's really dreaming. Only when he realizes he's awake he would stop immedietly.
He'd go apologize only for his apology to turn into a long moan as you wrap your lips around his cock again, your eyes pleading for him to hard again, to fuck your mouth till he's content. He's a little hesitant at first but he can't say no to that needy look in your eyes, to your little whimpers.
"Keep going babe, take my cock, faster, come on, take it fucking deep in your... oh! Oh! I... I'm sorry! Are you... uh... that was... I thought I was dreaming. You doing ok? I can get a little rough when I'm... oh fuck! You wanna keep going? You do huh? You want me to talk dirty to you while you choke on my cock? Yeah? Go on then, it's all yours to suck."
Tumblr media
Mel welcomes it for sure. She's not used to waking up like that, mostly because she wakes up quite early and is usually the one to have to wake you up.
She would wrap her legs around your shoulders while slowly running her hand through your hair, scratching at your scalp when you hit that sweet spot inside her. Might try to hold back her moans but will eventually stop holding herself back and scream your name as loud as she needs to.
"This is quite a nice surprise darling? Is it a special occasion or do you plan on making it a reoccurring thing? I certainly hope it's the second option. If you get back to it right now I might have time to give you a surprise as well."
Tumblr media
Ambessa thinks it's quite brave of you to go down on her so early. She knows that you know how she can't get enough of you, and this certainly isn't helping.
She would pull you into a kiss, flip you over on your back and then straddle your head. You need to finish what you started, and if you do a good enough job, not only with you get to have your fill of you but she'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week.
"Sweetheart I admire your boldness but you should have known I won't let you off easy. Lay down, give me your tongue, nice and deep now. Good, you're being so good. Keep going, and when you're... hmm... when you're done I'm gonna make sure your can't walk straight after. Again, haha."
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wolfishwriting · 4 months ago
arcane + you're not wearing any underwear
Tumblr media
ft. Viktor, Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, Vander, Silco, Sevika
cw: fem!reader, pet names, slight smut, public setting, slight mommy/momma kink in sevika's, cunnilingus, daddy kink in Silco's
It had been a busy day for HexTech, not allowing Viktor a single moment to spare to have lunch with you at home or the nearby café. You understood well enough, things happen, and Viktor is usually kept pretty busy. You admired your husband for his hard-working spirit and tenacity.
Deciding to surprise him at the lab, you bring three lunches (Jayce gets pouty when left out) and two glasses of cold sweet milk to keep him going. There was an extra surprise Viktor would soon find out. You weren't wearing any underwear.
"Good afternoon, honey!" You greet as you enter the lab. "Hello Jayce!" You pass Jayce his lunch first.
"Oh, wow, for me?! Thank you!" Jayce grins and rushes off to sit at his desk so he can eat.
Viktor turns around in his chair, goggles strapped to the top of his head pinning down the luscious curls that frame his face.
"G'morning, love. Sleep well?" He pecks the corner of your mouth, tugging you to him as he does until you're nearly straddling his thigh. His eyes widen slightly in realization as your bare cunt brushes against him. He jolts his knee up, pressing into you fully, fingers finding your clit. His mouth coming to swallow down your sudden cry.
"No panties, solnyshko? How bold. Keep quiet, we wouldn't want Jayce to see your pretty pussy after all, would we? Ohh~ I felt you clench at that. You're a naughty little thing, aren't you?"
Jayce was just beyond the other side of the wall, listening to his music, after all. But, what's life without a little risk?
Viktor unbuttons his slacks far enough to free his red and dripping cock, head flushed pink and eager. Taking his cock in his hand, pumping himself to full mast. "Sit on it, then, darling."
You'd stopped by to drop off his forgotten lunch--which was very sweet of you! It made him feel all floaty and loved whenever you do absolutely anything for him. It makes him incredibly happy! You're always thinking of him and he really appreciates it! :)
Today he notices you're being a bit... Funny, for lack of a better word. He can't quite place his finger on it.
And then you sit down at his desk to have your lunch with him, legs parted, and Jayce now understands why you've been acting so strange. He cranes his neck, looking towards Viktor's general direction before 'dropping' his fork on the ground.
Jayce's hot breath fans over your dripping cunt, tongue licking an eager stripe up your folds making you gasp-- thankfully you're obscured by a wall and his desk if Viktor were to ever get curious and look over.
"Gods, babe. You taste so fucking good." Jayce growls, nose nudging at your clit. Using two fingers, he collects your essence on the two digits, pushing them deep into your walls. He devours your cunt like it's water and he's parched.
Your hands weave through his short black locks, an encouragement. You two wouldn't be leaving anytime soon and hoped Viktor remained none-the-wiser.
It's not uncommon for you to tease and flirt with one another even beginning to date. You'd two had known one another as kids and then teens, but hadn't had time to really get to know each other as adults yet due to Vi's imprisonment.
With her return to Zaun, all those feelings you thought you kept locked away came flooding back and it seems like you weren't the only one feeling this way.
Things established rather quickly. Something neither of you minded for having known one another for so long. It did not take long for the two of you to grow intimate when time finally allowed for a bit of peace and respite.
Vi had been working hard, so it was only fair to reward her, yes? It's been far too long since the two of you had done anything intimate and you know just the thing.
"Hey babe, I'm home!" Vi calls from the front of the apartment, frowning slightly due to the quiet nature of the house.
"In the kitchen, love!" You call, smiling to yourself as you finish placing the vegetables you'd bought from the Piltover market into the boiling water for tonight's stew.
Vi walks in and nearly drops everything she's carrying. She fumbles for the items carefully setting everything on the countertop before she moves, fluid like water, to inspect your outfit of choice. Bare-ass naked except for the flimsy little skirt and a frilly little apron with cat ears headband she bought as a gag gift.
She swallows thickly, cheeks as pink as her hair and she picks at the frills with curiosity. "Did.. did you have to add the kitty ears, kitten...?" Vi reaches to tug at the collar around your neck, swallowing as your tendons shift and move beneath taut skin. Blue eyes wash over the bare expanse of your back, how your naked tits press tight to the chest of the apron.
"I figured you'd like a treat. You need to relax. You've been working hard, Vi." You grin at your girlfriend. Vi cups her head, sitting back on the stool adjacent to the countertop.
"M'so dizzy. Cupcake, you really are gonna be the death of me. Ya know that?" Vi lifts the edge of your skirt to peek beneath. Yup. Bare and absolutely begging to be fucked.
She hauls you into her lap, two fingers teasing your entrance. Vi smirks, circling at your clit.
"You're so good to me, baby. You said I need to relax right?" Vi smirks, you nod mouth drawn open in a pretty moan. Her fingers slip inside easily. "Then, let's see how many times I can make you cum today, pretty thing."
Honestly, she never expected you to be so bold as to not where any underwear around her parents. The night had begun slow, the two of you sitting at the table with Cait parents making idle small-talk when you take your girlfriend's free hand and slip it beneath your skirt.
She stills, cheeks turning scarlet as her long fingers brush against something wet, warm, and oh-so familiar. Swallowing thickly around her bite of food, she shoots you an annoyed look when her parents are too wrapped up in their own conversation to witness their daughter have a mini panic attack.
"Not now, princess. I'll deal with you later." Caitlyn hisses behind her glass of wine loud enough for you to hear. Her actions defy her words as her fingers never leave your skirt, knuckles skimming the soft folds of your cunt until she eases a finger in smirking into her drink as you cough suddenly and clear your throat. Two could play at this game.
He was none the wiser when you stepped down from the staircase onto the main floor of the bar. Vander was preoccupied with serving customers at the counter anyway, it would be a perfect way to set your plan into motion.
"'Ello darlin', come to give your ol' husband a hand, hmm?" Vander grins, drying off a shot glass with a rag. He bends down to exchange a brief kiss before he's off to check on the next person. "Whiskey on the rocks, darl!" He calls the order, voice echoing above the boom of music steadily shaking the walls of The Last Drop.
"On it!" You grin, keeping yourself out of view of the customers, and bend down to grab a bottle off the lowest shelf. There's a clatter behind you and Vander's frantic apologies. Vander sends you a sour look, one you knew that meant you were gonna get it later.
The minute the last customer exits and the doors are locked, Vander traps you between the counter and his muscular body, one leg hooked over his thigh with his hard cock sliding against your bare, slick walls.
"Can barely contain myself, darlin'. Lookin' ." He grins, kissing you lovingly as he pushes in fisting your pretty little skirt in his large hand.
He barely glances up from his paperwork the moment you come strutting into his office. Pen still scratching away as he signed his name on document after document.
"What is it, darling?" Is all that Silco offers when you come to sit on his lap, his arm instinctively curling around your waist to keep you hoisted there.
Only by your continued silence, Silco finally looks at you and the outfit you wear. A red button-up with gold-trim obscured by a vest made in a similar fashion to his and a blood red skirt. The bowtie choker you wear is black and silky, constricting around your neck ever so lovely. Silco itches to wrap his own hand around your throat instead.
Silco tsk's. "My, don't you look inviting, love? Beautiful as ever." He hums satisfactorily, calloused hands dipping beneath your skirt to rest on your thigh. The sharp inhale is all you need for Silco to realize you've gone commando. "I see that my darling has forgotten her underthings. Quite bold of you, no? Perhaps, I must teach you some manners." His slanted teeth nip at your ear. "Go on, tell Daddy what a bad girl you've been."
She has known and been with you long enough to be able to tell when you are up to something. The skirt alone tells her that-- not that she doesn't enjoy the view. Sevika would prefer to have you all to herself and not risk anything whilst in public, much less, around her cohorts she's forced to be civil with.
Clipping the end of her cigar, she places the other end in her mouth. Her hands cup around her lighter as fire ignites and smoke swirls out her mouth like a dragon. She'll wait to ask you when you're alone, the bar closed and empty.
"C'mon, doll, don't need to try to be cute." Her boot taps at your ankle with a dull thud. You step forward, turning around so your back was to her and plop yourself down on her lap. Her hands grip your hips tight, finger flicking at your knee. "Spread 'em. Let me see what's got my baby all worked up." Sevika sneers around her cigar, blowing smoke away from your face. She's quick to bunch up the flimsy skirt and expose your slick wetness to the tepid air. "'Atta girl. Keep 'em spread, but I ain't touchin' ya yet, pretty. Wait til momma's cigar is done."
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honeydazai · 7 months ago
randomly moaning into their ear — Arcane
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Sevika, Ekko
warnings: nsfw content, exhibitionism, punishments, spanking, rough sex, oral sex
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
The moment you move to stand next to him in the lab, VIKTOR knows you're up to something. Still, he has to concentrate on refining the Hexclaw, which is why he can't help but jump a little when you stand up on your tiptoes and a moan leaves your lips right next to his ear. His cheeks flush just the slightest bit — Jayce is right there, damn it — and he awkwardly clears his throat as you whimper yet again, the noises nothing but lewd.
Despite his initial embarrassment, he definitely finds a way to pay you back. Only a few moments later, his fingers stealthily move underneath your skirt and into your panties, and even though Jayce could look up every second, he doesn't stop until he's knuckles-deep inside of you, his thin fingers stretching you open, and you press your lips together tightly to suppress any noises from leaving your mouth. Viktor's only response to your suffering is a smirk — you really had this coming.
“Oh? What's the matter, my love? Weren't you so keen on teasing you a few moments ago? Where did all that attitude go? And look at you, blushing, even though you were acting like a whore a moment ago — pathetic.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE doesn't expect anything unusual when you lean down to whisper into his ear during a meeting, which is why he's even more caught off-guard when you suddenly moan; a needy and high-pitched noise falling from your lips, followed by a whisper about how much you need him. His cheeks flush with heat and he stutters as he tries to explain to the rest of the Council why exactly he's blushing this much while shooting you an angry glare.
After the meeting has ended, he bends you over the closest flat surface and pushes your panties down, only to thrust first three thick fingers and then his dick into you. He groans while fucking you at a near violent pace, and even though he knows that's exactly what you wanted, getting to pound into you like this until you're a moaning and drooling mess doesn't feel like a defeat to him.
“Fuck, oh my god, princess—, you're so damn tight around me. Can't believe you'd be such a slut in public; am I not fucking you well enough, hm? Fuck. You almost would've embarrassed me in front of the whole Council—, fuck. You're so hot.”
Tumblr media
It's no surprise that SILCO has no knowledge of popular pranks, which is why he's absolutely unaware of why you're sitting down on his lap during a meeting with the Chem-Barons of Zaun. The moment you lean closer to him to moan into his ear, your face a lewd grimace, he frowns at you, obviously irritated. He knows you're only doing this to rile him up; he's not stupid, which is why he won't immediately act on the urge to punish you.
Later that day, however, he bends you over his lap, his palm coming down hard on your ass, and he relishes in the way you whimper and moan. Even if you get turned on by the spanking, it doesn't matter — he's not above denying you your orgasm for the next hour, if not the whole day.
“Oh? What are you saying, love, you want to come? Ah, what a shame. I don't think you've deserved that yet. Maybe I'd be open to changing my mind if you beg me some more.”
Tumblr media
Honestly, VANDER is simply confused when you suddenly gasp into his ear how much you need him during his shift in The Last Drop. He genuinely has no idea that you're doing this solely to rile him up and that it's a prank — still, his reaction is oddly heartwarming.
Since he doesn't want to leave you hanging when you so obviously need him, he immediately orders someone else to take over his place at the bar, only to pin you against a shelf in some empty storage room. You don't even get the time to explain the prank to him; he doesn't want you to be unsatisfied, which is why he quickly thrusts into you, making you moan and whimper for real this time.
“Ya don't have to ask for more, darl, don't ya worry; I'll make you feel so good. Fuck, I really didn't mean to ignore ya for too long, wanna take care of you, babe.”
Tumblr media
VI's eyes widen in surprise when you quite literally drape yourself over her form, though she huffs out a laugh when you whimper into her ear. She raises her eyebrows at you, her head tilted to the side in a playful manner, and she pats her lap as in invitation.
It's no surprise that, only a few seconds later, you're grinding against her thigh, your dripping cunt leaving stains on her trousers, and she cooes praises and insults alike into your ear while you make a mess of yourself. You're gasping, saliva running down your chin, though Vi doesn't even think about indulging you yet.
“Fuck, you look so hot right now, darl. Get yourself off on my thigh, then I'll fuck you, alright? Be a good girl for me. That's it, yeah, you can do it.”
Tumblr media
As a needy whine falls from your lips at an absolutely uncalled for situation, JINX can't help but be surprised. However, she's on board with it almost immediately — alright, you're in public, so what? She abruptly stops tinkering on the bomb she had just been holding to instead grab your hips, and she wouldn't be Jinx if she didn't have some kind of toy with her.
Only a few moments later, you're pinned against a wall as she pounds into you, her strap-on nudging against what you swear is your cervix with how big it is, while her teeth scrape over your throat. Her breath is hot against your neck while she degrades you for being this much of a slut — honestly, can't you even go an hour or so without her dick? That's pathetic.
“Damn, sugar — look at that, you're dripping wet already! Couldn't even wait for me to fuck you, could you? And now we're even doing it in public; you're so shameless! Such a cute little slut.”
Tumblr media
The second you lean down to moan lewdly into SEVIKA's ear while she's busy playing poker against a few guys, she scoffs, an eyebrow raised. Honestly, she hadn't thought you were this dumb or daring, but she won't complain about this sudden turn of events.
She pulls you down onto her lap almost immediately, ignoring the way you cry out in surprise, and even though you might protest, she's not shy to thrust her fingers into you right then and there while continuing to play — and win — her game. This is purely your own fault, really, and the way you blush and hide your face against her thigh is just adorable.
“Look at you, acting all shy now. Come on, weren't you quite literally begging for me to touch ya only a few moments ago? Just entertain us a little with your cute lil' noises while I'm finishing this game.”
Tumblr media
EKKO simply stares at you in utter bewilderment for a moment after you've moaned into his ear in public. The noises you just made are almost enough to get him to blush. Then, however, his lips curl into a smirk — really, you're that desperate for him? In public even?
He's not one to deny you, which is why he quickly steers you away from the other Firelights and sinks to his knees in front of you; soon enough, two of his fingers spread your glistening folds open while he draws lazy circles with his tongue around your clit, and you gasp and whimper, your thighs trembling.
“Fuck, look at you, babe. You're literally drooling. Missed my mouth on you so badly, didn't you? Bet that was why you were so desperate for me. That's almost adorable.”
Tumblr media
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sunricecake · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
💭 pussydrunk vi is such a menace. (and i have evidence to back that up. remember that scene where she's fresh from the prison and eats undercity food for the first time in a while? yeah.) she's loud, she hums, slurps, spits, groans, and talks against your pussy, loving the way your body shivers from the vibrations of her voice. she shakes her head and dives into your cunt like it's the last thing she'll ever have, rubs her nose against your clit and teases her tongue in and out your hole the way she knows you like. she's all about pleasing you, coaxing the prettiest sounds from you and watching your body writhe and tremble. because to vi, seeing you unfold beneath her, gush against her tongue and yell out her name in pure pleasure, is more than enough to make her cum too. she gets lost in the way you moan unabashedly, all inhibitions thrown out the window as you take in all the pleasure she's giving you. vi is a messy eater, and she won't stop until she has your arousal squirting all over the both of you and onto the sheets, glistening on your stomach and dripping down her chest. and oh is she a sight when she gets up from between your thighs as you come down from your mutiple highs, tongue slightly out in a pant when she's done ravaging you, her abs becoming prominent as she sucks in air, biceps flexing as she pushes her hair away from her face and wipes her sweat.
Tumblr media
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pixievi · a month ago
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── *:・゚ SWEET DREAMS II.・゚:* ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮
Tumblr media
╰── part I here
𓆩 summary ° 。 vi returns the favour
𓆩 warnings ° 。 nsfw, somnophilia, needy top! vi, bottom! reader, masturbation, thigh riding, dirty talk, praise, slight dumbification, marking, biting, kinda rough but mostly soft
𓆩 wc ° 。 1,7k
𓆩 disclaimer ° 。 this is a work of kink fantasy/fiction. within the world of kink and bdsm, consent is of upmost priority (also in general). even if the consent is not explicitly stated in the work, know and be assured that it is always given beforehand between all participants.
minors, men and ageless blogs dni
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── ༺♡༻ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯
Vi couldn’t stop thinking about that night. She basked in the warm memory of it the morning after, while you deeply slept by her side. With no clothes separating your bodies. She’d never heard of that before until you, doe eyed, suggested it. But she trusted you enough to try, even so. The idea of it thrilling her. She traced the marks you left on the soft skin of her thigh contently. She was asleep when you left them. Leaving her with a pleasant buzz as she discovered them shortly after waking up. She still buzzed from it. So much so, that once the sleep left your eyes and your vision focused on the morning sun painting the room, Vi thanked you from between your thighs.
The memory of it followed her throughout the day, stealing her attention away from the mundane. In those rare moments where Vi thought she could finally focus on something other than your fingers deep within her, as she drifted between the floaty state of being asleep and awake…..your lingering touches sucked her right back in. Because it was not only Vi’s mind that was having trouble focusing. You yourself, could not shake the images of her slumbering form bucking into your pleasuring touch and her sleepy moans. But what gripped you the most, was how she moaned your name even when asleep. The memory never failed to leave you smiling stupidly. And with the strong urge to squish her cheeks while planting kisses all over her face. Or fuck her stupid. You still haven’t decided. Vi however, has decided. But it wasn’t either of the urges currently arguing within your head.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Vi waited, impatiently, for a few days. She was practically itching to do the same to you. To hear your drowsy moans, to feel your walls clench around her fingers hungrily as you still dreamed, to see your sweet expressions as she took you in such a blissfully unaware state. She found it harder to fight the urge as each night passed while you slept beside her. But still, she waited. She wanted it to be a surprise for you. And a surprise it was. As the sun lazily drifted beneath the horizon, Vi was restless. She knew you’d be in bed already before she got home, painstakingly trying to stay awake until she was back in your arms. But more often than not, sleep won. Vi wasn’t focused on where she was going and nearly slipped off a couple of rooftops on her way home, but still managed to get back without any major injury. Silently, she crawled through the window and pulled off her boots. Placing the trinkets she picked up for you safely in a nearby bowl.
Her mind raced as she briskly made her way to the bathroom, intending to get rid of her wraps and the grime of the day off her skin. Once she finished, she bounded to the bedroom, quietly swinging the door open. Finding you sprawled comfortably on the bed with a dejected looking book that dropped from your fingers as sleep took over. Excitement brewed in Vi’s stomach, because not only were your legs bare, but you were wearing one of her t-shirts. Shrugging off her jacket with a smirk, her eyes raked over your sleeping form. A pool of wetness already forming in her boxers. She kicked off her pants and crawled up to you, kneeling beside you. Vi traced her fingers up the length of your warm thigh, pulling up the shirt in her wake. Revealing the colour of your panties to her. Biting her lip with a smile, she peppered soft kisses along your neck.
Gently, she moved you onto your back. Her fingers leaving goosebumps on your skin as she carelessly threw your panties to some corner of the room. She wasted no time in thumbing your clit in a circle, hooded eyes trained on your face. She settled between your thighs, her other hand greedily grabbed a hold of your breast. Pinching and squeezing the soft skin, beckoning the bud to become taut. Wetness began to coat her thumb from her ministrations but you hadn’t moved or made a sound yet. Teeth grazed your nipple, followed by the warm and wet caress of Vi’s tongue. Her thumb on your clit picked up the pace as she sucked, earning herself a small groan and slight arch from you. The sound flew straight to her core.
“Fuck…”, she muttered, swinging her leg over your thigh.
Using your thigh while you were busy with other things was a common occurrence for Vi, so using your soft skin like this was a growing need that she didn’t even try to ignore. She couldn’t help it. She was greedy. With her soaked cunt now bare, she lowered herself to your warm skin. She bit her lower lip and sighed, spreading your wetness all over your pussy. Paying special attention to your entrance. She teased it, the tip of her finger dipping in and out of it. The thigh under her jerked and she gasped, throwing her head back as pleasure gripped her. She couldn’t take it anymore. Vi leaned over you, placing her free hand by your head as she plunged two fingers inside your hole. Watching the way your eyebrows furrowed in response, hearing your breathing get heavier. She pumped them slowly at first while she circled her hips, teasing herself. She moaned your name breathlessly.
Vi pumped her fingers faster with her hips following the delicious pace she set. Sweet moans began to pour from your lips while you still remained asleep. They spurred her on, lowering herself onto her elbow and curling the rough fingers inside your dripping pussy. She slid back and forth easier on your thigh now, thanks to her arousal coating your skin. Hot breath tickled your ear. She murmured filth to to you, hoping to debauch your dreams the same way your body.
“So pretty like this”, she whispered. “You’re clenchin’ around me, princess”
“Taking my fingers so well”
“Like it when I use your thigh like this? If only you could see the mess I’m making, doll”
“Gonna cum all over my fingers? And not even know? Poor thing”
Her voice sent shivers down your body, bringing you closer to the surface. You could feel her familiar touch, hear her voice…all while pleasure blossomed in your core. You smiled in your sleep, enjoying the dream that was gifted to you. Vi chuckled, pecking your lips. Then decorated your neck and shoulder in marks and faint bites. She buried her face in your neck, getting closer and closer to tipping over the edge. You arched again, whimpering. Vi cursed and rolled her hips faster. Fingers trailed along her spine. She jumped, snapping her head to you. Your eyes were still closed but your fingers still caressed her.
“Hi Vi…”, you trailed off groggily.
She kissed your cheek, smiling. “Hi baby”
Your eyes struggled to open as you lazily turned your head to her. Scratching her scalp as you began to wake up in waves. Vi’s weight on your leg was the first thing you noticed, then her staggered breaths by your ear, then the heat between your legs and the pleasure that flowed through your veins, the dim warm light of the room until finally the gentle blue of Vi’s eyes met your own. She brought her lips to yours. A moan escaped and she eagerly swallowed it, grinding faster on the slick of your thigh. You pulled away from the heated kiss, finally seeing what she was doing. Vi sat up with a proud smirk. Circling her fingers in you teasingly as your eyes raked over the sight on you.
Fuck. It almost made you cum. Vi’s hair was tousled, with most of it pushed back out of her face. Sweat shined across her forehead and down her neck..and on the arm that was still pumping into you. Your thigh shone with her wetness, which she continued to rub against as your eyes followed hungrily. However, her tank top still covered most of her. Which would not do. You slid it off, throwing it carelessly so you could feast on the sight of her properly. Her abs heaved as she watched you drink her in.
“You cum yet?”, you asked, tracing the firmness of her abs.
She shook her head. “I’m close, though”
“Good, I wanna cum together”, you said, resting your chin on her chest.
She pushed you back down, keeping you there with her hand. You gasped at the stretch of a third finger being added before she pumped them roughly. Following along with her hips. They curled, drawing you into an arch with a wanton moan. She smiled down at your desperate expression, loving how you pleaded with your eyes. Gripping her hip you guided her along your thigh. Wet sounds filled the cozy room, almost overshadowed by Vi’s and your whines. Her thrusts were sloppy now, both on your thigh and in your pussy. The force of her weight pushing you down had the poor bed squeaking in protest.
“You feel so good”, you choked out, tears welling up in your eyes.
“Yeah? You like it when I fuck you like this?”, her voice was heavy, sweetly laced with lust. “Like it when I use you like this?”
You tightened around her, nodding desperately. Vi lowered herself.
“C’mon princess, wanna feel that pretty pussy of yours cum all over me”
You cried her name as pleasure washed over you, rolling in waves as Vi reached her own peak with a gasp. She still pumped into you, exploring your new wetness. Gathering it. You groaned softly as she pulled them out, still rocking back and forth rigidly through her orgasm. Until it was too much. Wobbly, she moved to sit on your lap as you chased your breath. Eyes boring into yours, she popped the slick covered fingers in her mouth. Sucking on them loudly with a hint of a smirk on her lips. Vi admired her work as she tasted you. The shine in your eyes, the blush decorating your cheeks and her marks that she left all over the side of your neck. Which you won’t be able to hide. Her chest swelled at the thought.
You beckoned her down to your chest, which she wasted no time in laying on with a sigh.
“I do okay?”
“Perfect”, you replied, still breathless.
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── ༺♡༻ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯
pixie’s notes - pretty sure this is the first fic I’ve done with top!vi, definitely want to do more of it because she’s great as a bottom but her potential as a top is also great
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
tags -
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zomaeliet · 2 months ago
Sometimes I like to imagine what Viktor would be like absolutely RUINED.
NSFW, implied female reader but no pronouns mentioned (or just someone wearing makeup), oral, sexual descriptions
/If you see the asterisk (*), see the end for meaning or translation/
His usually unkempt hair matted and stuck to his forehead and the nape of his neck
His pupils blown wide in adoration and lust as he gazed at your form so perfectly perched between his thighs
Whimpering and stuttered begging in that thick accent that fans the flames in your stomach, thinking of the /other/ things he can do with that pretty tongue of his if only you merely mentioned wanting it
Viktor's pretty porcelain skin smattered in hickies, the shades of red and purple beautifully contrasting his paleness around his bobbing adam's apple
Lips bruised and swollen from your kisses and how hard he has been biting at them to contain himself
His beautiful, sculpted hands gripping onto whatever he can get them on, one buried in your hair and the other clawing at the sheets
Lipstick and love bites trail down his torso, peaking from his hastily unbuttoned shirt and pants
"моя любовь*, please - I'm abo - MMmph - about to-"
You don't let him finish what he's saying of course, you know you've teased and edged him for far too long and he's been just /so good/ for you, engulfing him in your mouth and sucking him off with new-found determination
The sounds he'd make would be absolutely downright UNHOLY. His groans are enough to make your knees buckle, your own hand working beneath you as you meet your end along with him
He'd sigh contentedly as his whole body relaxes from how tight he had been wound up, utterly exhausted from the whole ordeal.
He'd relax, that is, until he felt you atop him, your hips gyrating into his own, whimpering but truly he /loves/ the overstimulation - the way you manage to make it too much yet not /enough/ is his favorite thing in the world
His mind has been long wiped of the stress he carries with him when he returns from the lab, the only thing on his mind is /you./
You both know there is a long, long night ahead of you - and he'll love every second of it
*моя любовь or moya lyubov, means "my love."
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daphnedirose · 8 months ago
Better Boyfriend
Vi x f!Reader | Modern AU | NSFW +18 | wc: 3.8k | After your current boyfriend cheats on you, Vi decides to leave the party with you and keep you all to herself for the night, doing all the things he never sufficed to complete.
Warnings: mention of smoking, alcohol, fingering, oral, thigh riding, praising, back-scratching, hickeys.
A/N: FINALLY WROTE SOMETHING FOR VI. I love her okay? And 'boyfriend' by Dove Cameron made me do this. I'll post something for Viktor next week. Anyway, enjoy in horny jail <3
Tumblr media
It would be a lie to say you didn't see it coming. You were a magnet for jerks, too many heartbreaks leading on fantasizing about the bare minimum anyone could do for you. This time seemed a bit different, not because you didn't expect a break-up, but because he wasn't the one you wanted to hold dear.
You didn't notice it at first, but someone else sure did.
No heartbreak shook you, just the empty feeling of disloyalty and betrayal implanted deep inside your chest. Fidelity and devotion were qualities you valued: broken trust meant cutting ties.
Music echoed through the wall you laid against, volume loud enough for you to listen clearly from the second floor of the house. You would be down there, dancing and having the time of your life if you hadn't caught your boyfriend shoving his hands down another girl's skirt, making out on the dancefloor.
You chuckled in irony, amused by your intuition predicting how things would pan out. However, that empty feeling stayed, and you hated it.
You didn't smoke often, yet it was the only distraction you could come up with. Cigarette between your fingers while searching in your pockets for a lighter, disappointed by not finding any. Your now-ex didn't have one either, he never did anyway, and you didn't intend on going back to the first floor to borrow one.
Your disappointed sigh got lost by the music as you rested your head back on the wall and placed the cig between your lips, eyes closed while trying to send your thoughts away.
Somehow, you successfully stopped thinking about him when you felt someone leaning beside you.
"Hey cupcake, need a light?"
An unconscious smile appeared on your lips when you heard her voice, finding her closer than you thought when your eyes opened. The flame from the light glowing on her icy iris as she smirked. You replied with a knowing look, leaning until the cigarette's tip touched the fire, eyes never leaving hers as you inhaled a bit of smoke.
"Thanks, Vi."
Vi was sure something, catching your eye in the university's hallways more times than you'd admit. You met through mutual friends, yet the subtle glances you shared never seemed to be noticed by anyone but you; although neither could do much about it since whenever she was single, you were already dating someone and vice-versa. Regardless, you got to know the other better, fun complicity blossoming between you both.
She saw you take another puff before speaking again.
"Mind sharing?"
You arched a brow. "I thought you didn't like smoking. What changed your mind?"
She shrugged as her hand reached for the cig.
"There's a first time for everything."
You never saw her smoke before, but the unbothered look on her face as smoke escaped her mouth became one of your favorites. She tapped the ashes when finished like she'd done it before, locking eyes with you again.
"Yeah, this shit is not for me," the lightly disgusted grin she made sure was new for you as well.
"Then give it back!" you laughed as she handed you the cig, mimicking your laugh.
Her hair shook a bit when she scanned the room, confused.
"Where's this boyfriend of yours anyway? He's always glued to you."
Her eyes gave you a worried look when you didn't reply, nervously fidgeting with the cigarette between your fingers before breathing it in again. She knew you enough to guess what had happened.
"He's down there, isn't he?" You were caught off guard by the anger hidden in her voice, an irked tone underneath each word. Her bandaged hands turned to fists by instinct. "Come with me."
You would've asked where if she hadn't dragged you down back to the first floor, almost sprinting. Her hand intertwined with yours guided both through the thick sea of people dancing until your ex appeared in sight, making Vi curse under her breath when she saw him still kissing this other girl. She didn't waste any time and pulled him back by the shoulder, punching him right in the nose before he could complain, slamming him to the floor.
"Vi!" you yelled above the music as she shook a bit of blood off her knuckles. Everyone present couldn't help but giggle and whisper how good of a punch that was. You nervously chuckled along, glad everyone agreed he deserved it.
Vi turned back to face you, the grip on your hand softly tightening. You expected a cold gaze from what just happened, but the playful smile she gave you was enough to take your breath away.
"Wanna leave this place?" A mischievous spark lit inside her eyes, playfully captivating to yours.
Your eyes replied with the same emotion. "You don't even have to ask."
Her smirk made you smile back, ready to go to the door.
"Where the hell do you think you're going with my girlfriend?"
Her thick eyebrows frowned as she turned back, looking down at your wounded ex, who bluntly wiped the blood from his nose. She would have laid another punch aimed to his eye, but tonight time was worth more than gold.
"You lost the pleasure to call her yours, asshole."
You saw her motorcycle parked right in front of the house. Vi sat on its seat and threw you the only helmet she had, which almost slipped from your hands when you caught it.
"Are you sobber?" you asked her while accommodating the helmet on your head, it fitting quite loose.
The bike roared along her smirk appeared. "Completely, angel. So, am I taking you to your place?"
"No!" perhaps it was the lonely feeling inside your chest that made your tone almost beg, so you regained the lost composture. "I... forgot my keys."
Bulshit, you just needed an excuse to stay near her. She saw through your lies but kept a quiet smile; she knew you better than you gave her credit for and didn't plan on leaving you alone tonight.
"My place then?"
You nodded as you walked towards her, sitting right behind her. You planned to hold onto the back of the motorbike, but your plans changed when Vi grabbed your wrists from behind her, wrapping them around her waist.
Her cocky smirk appeared as your arms pulled you to her, the leather from her red jacket warmingly welcoming your touch.
"You might wanna hold on tight, angel," she warned, leaning towards the handle as the motor roared harder.
"What do you mean by tha—"
A high-pitched yell scraped your throat when Vi drove off at full speed, her laughter echoing on the empty streets and fading amidst the night as she felt your arms hugging her for dear life. You weren't used to experiencing adrenaline, not because you hated it, but because the chance to didn't strike often; but your heart racing alongside hers and the shot of joy spreading from your veins and showing in the form of cheerful howl as the street lights passed by in a blur... Damn, it was addictive.
Her apartment wasn't far from the party, so you arrived within minutes. The place was rather small, enough for a college student to live in, but cozier and warmer than imagined.
"Wanna wait for me in my room? I tell you, the couch is not comfortable," she said as she unraveled her bloody bandages.
The bedroom door was right in front of the kitchen, so you had no problem finding it. A lamp lit the room from the nightstand as you sat right at the edge of the bed, surprised at how soft the black bedspread was. Through the door, you saw her hands stretching at twitching once the bandages were off, which made you frown.
"You got hurt?"
"From throwing a punch? I'm not that weak, angel." She cocked a brow in your direction as she opened one of the kitchen cabinets. "Down for a drink?" She approached you and sat next to you, tequila bottle in hand and two shot glasses in the other.
You chuckled. "You don't drink at parties but here, huh?"
She poured the two glasses full, icy eyes piercing yours kindly as she grinned proudly.
"Well, I only do when my companion is worth the shot."
You grabbed the shot from her hand, eyes still locked while you chugged it down, blaming the burning feeling of your cheeks on the alcohol and not on her words. She seconded you and refilled both glasses again.
"So, wanna talk about what happened back there?" She looked concerned, knowing what getting cheated on felt like from past relationships.
You adored the warmth inside her eyes as she asked. She genuinely cared about how you felt, making your heart heavy.
"Is there anything left?" Your fingers carefully played around the shot in your hand, eyes glued to the floor. "You saw it yourself, sorry for making you cause a scene."
She chuckled at your response, "To be fair, I wanted to punch the bastard long ago."
Your frowned, confused. Vi didn't know him at all and never really got to talk to him at campus, just rolled her eyes whenever she saw you two together.
She discreetly scratched the back of her neck, no reply coming from her mouth as she chugged her drink down instead.
"Are you hurt?" She still avoided your question.
"Disappointed, not hurt tho. I'm aware he wasn't big of a deal."
Her icy eyes beamed intrigued, raising her scared brow as her hand carefully reached for yours, her warm familiar touch was softer than you remembered. When was the last time you held hands?
"Then why did you keep dating him?"
Yeah, why did you keep dating him?
Maybe because Vi was already dating someone else —who she broke up with a week after, perhaps you hoped her reactions when she saw you two together existed out of jealousy, or you just wanted the feelings for her to go away since you couldn't have her.
However, you just drank another shot. No reply came from your lips, just a sufficient smile that left Vi's mind wandering.
"Was he at least a good lay?" She mockingly asked.
"Oh, fuck no." You laughed under your breath, not realizing how fast you answered. "He's just like the rest of the people I've dated."
That seemed to pique Vi's interest, especially after your hand kindly stroked hers and your head fell atop her shoulder. Having you right next to her sure was making her mind a mess. She put both your hands on her lap, rubbing the back of yours with her thumb.
"So, none of your partners ever made you cum, cupcake?"
You shook your head, aware you would probably regret getting all talkative after drinking. "All of them cared more about their own pleasure, they forgot mine was also important." You left out a heavy sigh, subtly rubbing your cheek on her red jacket. "The good part is I become a master at faking it."
"That's not how it's supposed to be, (Y/N)."
Her voice was low but assertive, the mention of your real name took you by surprise since Vi had a fixation on calling you by different nicknames.
Pet names, almost.
Her hand grabbed your chin, making your face her. Blue eyes scanned your face as she pulled you close. Your foreheads touched just enough for you to appreciate all of her features: from the scar on her eyebrow to the tattoos on her face and neck... and that damn scar decorating her upper lip.
She gave you time to pull away, to escape if you wanted. But it was Vi, you would never pull away if it came to her.
"Wanna hear a secret, cupcake?" Her thumb traveled from your chin to your lower lip, gently pressing it down as you nodded, unable to speak. "I could be a better boyfriend than him."
Her lips almost brushing yours were all you could think about, eyes darkened looking right at yours, catching your view on her lips.
"Fuck, I could be better than all of those fuckers. I'd do the shit they never did." Her nose nuzzled yours, smiling when she noticed your breathing getting heavier. "I wouldn't quit until I had you begging for more, sure, that's if you let me."
Your eyes glued to hers, daring and honest, expecting for your consent to proceed. The all-mighty Vi, who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, awaiting permission from the girl that drove her insane since day one.
"You think you have enough stamina for that?" you teasingly asked, aware of the answer.
"I think I can handle you, hot stuff. I'm a boxer..." Her hand dropped to the back of your neck, playing with the hair he could reach. "My fists aren't the only thing I know how to use."
"Then show me."
Anyone would have laughed if you told them Vi followed someone's orders, you would have even. But any possible laugh died on her lips as she devoured yours. She tasted like tequila and danger, you noticed it from her smug smile whenever your lips parted, just collide them back together. It was roughly soft, something you both were dying to taste for longer than you could put into words.
She froze for a second when you took control of the situation, sitting on her lap and hugging her waist with your thighs, letting her witness the heat that burned inside your body from beneath your skirt; but she didn't fall far behind. A dense gasp left your mouth when her teeth grazed your lower lip, generously bitting it after.
"What's the hurry, angel?" Her hands slipped under your shirt, the temperature difference delightedly contrasting on the skin of your back as her fingertips and nails skimmed it up and down, glad to notice you weren't wearing a bra. "I thought I'd be the impatient one."
"That wouldn't be new."
Your fingertips traveled from the side of her face to her neck, tracing the tattoos that continued down her back and arms, hidden by her clothes. You got to view them shortly once at the gym and wondered what the big picture would look like ever since.
"Wanna see the rest?" Her eyes yearned for your all, impatient as she's always been whit the things she desired.
You replied by sliding her jacket down her arms, throwing it to a corner of the room to follow the paths of tattoos down her arms. All those hours she spent practicing and competing at the ring sure paid off.
Her smug smile appeared as she helped you remove her white shirt as well, revealing more of the black ink and a chest covered in bandages just like her hands were before. You would have unraveled them if Vi didn't switch positions, hands on your hips as she turned your back to the bed, calmly crawling atop your physique.
"Trust me, (Y/N). I'd love you to undress me completely. But tonight is about you and only you." Her nose brushed the crook of your neck before a kiss in the spot made you shiver. "We'll have another night for me later. okay?"
No time for a reply was allowed when she took your shirt off, almost ripping it from your body, followed by her pants, leaving her in underwear and bandages only. Her eyes wandered all over your exposed torso, admiring every single part of you: the way your uneven breathing made your breast tremble, the wet path of kisses glistening on your neck down to your collarbone, how your still-on skirt hugged your wist as it rode up your thighs...
"You're beautiful," she whispered breathless, one hand right beside your face as the other helped her take off your skirt and remaining clothing. Such tenderness never showed inside her eyes until now, hypnotized by the sight of your now naked self underneath her, "I mean it, every part of you."
Your hand caressed her cheek as she lowered her face to yours, brushing her 'VI' tattoo with your thumb. "You'll make me fall deeper for you."
She guided your hand to her lips, placing a kiss on your palm, then the inside of your wrist. "I better, (Y/N). I fell long ago."
Her lips took possession of your flesh once again, kissing and sucking every part they found, leaving red marks on your neck down your cleavage that screamed you were hers. Her mouth stopped on one of your breasts, tongue circling your nipple as her hand fondled the other, her big palm from fighting and callous fingers from fighting, somehow soft going over your flesh, stroking it as she enjoyed the faltering panting you tried to keep to yourself.
Yet she wanted to set them free.
Her free hands brushed your belly and slid slowly between your thighs, flattered to find you dripping wet by her caresses. Your cheeks burned when you noticed, you didn't remember anyone who could get such a reaction from your body, but Vi's touch felt like burning heaven.
"Pretty receptive, I see." She smiled proudly, her fringers generously tempting your entrance.
A whimper escaped your lips as she continued her teasing, barely grazing your pussy for a couple of seconds before inserting one finger, taking advantage of how lubricated you were already, followed by another finger curling up inside you. It felt nothing like touching yourself, it was livelier, more intense. You couldn't help but moan to her touch, hands clenching to the sheets as your legs opened slowly to give her more access.
"You sound so sweet," Vi teased.
"Shut up."
Make me was the response you expected, but her mind plotted something different. You wanted her mouth shut? As you wish. Mischief bloomed in her eyes as she carefully put your legs over her shoulders and buried her mouth in your dripping cunt.
Your brain stopped functioning there.
She knew what she was doing, fuck. She really did.
Her mouth ate you out masterfully, tongue swirling around your pussy, sucking onto your clit while her fingers fucked you skilled, taking a fancy on hitting and curling them on that soft sweet spot that drove you crazy.
Your eyes rolled blank and your back arched to her pace, toes curling as she continued. She loved the view you gifted her, all control lost out of the window while your hands clutched to her hair and your thighs trembled around her head, mouth ajar, 'more' being the only coherent word you could form in between panting and whining delighted by her attention.
Your reactions were getting to her, aroused like never before, and Vi promised herself you both could enjoy many other nights you could return the pleasure she was giving you.
"Vi, please. I'm close," you cried, yearning for the orgasm that trained up inside you, waiting to be released.
"Keep calling my name, (Y/N)." Her words vibrated on your clit before she withdrew her mouth from you, replacing her tongue with her tumb, delighted by your louder begging. "I wanna hear you."
Your arms wrapped around her neck, pulling her to you as her fingers hustled inside, her lips barely brushing yours.
"Vi," you moaned, planning to keep going before her lips covered yours briefly. The sight of your eyes darkened by desire drove her mad.
"Cum for me."
Your body obeyed instantly, coming undone on her fingers, mumbling her name again. Vi hissed delighted by the sudden scratching on her back as you climaxed, right above her bandages; she didn't take you for one to enjoy it but smirked at the confirmation, kissing your forehead and waiting for your breathing to even as you still enjoyed the shadow of your orgasm.
Fuck, she was better than anyone.
She sat down and helped your —now— weak self get on top, her strong thigh in between your legs. The lovely overwhelming warmth of your skin atop hers provided comfort neither of you experimented often, but gladly could make it a habit.
"Tired already, angel?" she asked, cupping your face with her hand. You shook your head, sure you could continue for a while. "Then is your turn to take action."
Her thigh made you shiver as she brushed your already stimulated cunt, hands on your waist to help you move and grind as you pleased.
"You have no idea how many times I wished you were mine," she whispered as your hips move, your face hidden on the crook of her neck where your moaning died as you kissed all over it, "how I wanted to steal you from him, kiss you. God, you were all I could think about."
Your hips riding her thigh, constantly rubbing your most perceptive spots as she praised you made your mind hazy, only able to think about how good you were feeling from everything she gave you.
Vi didn't stand behind: your image lost in the thrill as you rubbed and moved your hips on it was more than enough to please her.
"I'm here now," you let out, arms around her neck and kindly scratching down her back as you continued, "yours completely."
You didn't notice the subtle blush on her cheeks, but the sound of her gentle laugh drove you to the edge. She noticed, of course, by your movements getting faster and your uneven gasps,
So you found her voice alluring, huh?.
"You're doing so good." her grip tightened around your waist, following the pace you marked. "You can't imagine how much I adore you."
You bit her neck and sucked gently when the orgasm overcame you, causing a hickey you knew you'd wear proudly, legs around her waist as she hugged you back, reminding you how good you were for her. You kissed her lips once again before your eyes started closing.
Vi chuckled. "Don't worry, cupcake. We'll work on your stamina later."
You woke up inside her muscular arms as her head rested on your chest. You never saw her as calm as when she slept, the though facade vanishing, physically exposing her kind heart in her sleep. Carefully, you escaped her embrace and got out of bed, looking for some clothes to put on in the mess you made in her room. You found your underwear, but none of your clothes was near to be found.
But Vi's red jacket was, and curiosity took the best of you.
You put it on quickly, staring at your reflection on the full-length mirror she had in her room. The scent of leather completely overshadowed by her own perfume on top. It felt good, comfortable even, just like the embrace you got out of.
Luckily you felt her strong arms wrapping you from behind as her chin rested on your shoulder, admiring your reflection wearing his favorite piece of clothing.
"Morning, cupcake. Told you my clothes would fit."
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sevikasfav · 2 months ago
pissed off sevika headcanons lol
CW: making Sevika mad (obviously), smoking, spanking, orgasm denial, overstimulation, crying, AFAB reader
You pissed her off for the final time, your eyes going wide when you felt her human hand cup your face harshly, making your cheeks squish together.
“I suggest you be quiet, and maybe I’ll have mercy on you.”
You couldn’t help but to clench your thighs together, falling back provocatively when she let you go.
Obviously you didn’t want her mercy, so you decided act up anyways
Laughing a bit too loudly at the jokes of another person at the table, flirting with people at the bar, feeling up on Sevika when tempted to.
Obviously she ignored you, known for keeping her cool in much more stressful situations.
But, you were going out of your merry way to push her buttons.
With a sinister smile on your face as you sipped on your drink.
That smile definitely disappeared, when you hit the door.
Sevika blowing a cloud of smoke into the air, a gruff reminder of, “You know what to do,” leaving her lips.
Your body rushed in excitement (and slight fear) as you undressed, stretched, and waited on the bed as she finished her smoke outside.
When she finally opened the door to your shared bedroom, she didn’t look you in the eye as she went to the drawer.
You screamed in your mind, knowing that this would branch out in three ways,
First one is your form being tied up with velvet ropes, your arms and your legs being raised and bound, leaving the bottom half of your body to Sevika and her torture.
You braced for another harsh swat to your rear end, the pain spreading from your ass to that side of your lower half. “T-thirteen.” You stammer, feeling your cunt clench around nothing. Another ‘smack’ rang through the air as another hit landed on your cheek. “Count louder.” Sevika commanded with a lack of tone. You obeyed her, raising your voice so that she could hear you. You groaned as she smacked your ass again,
“There’s no reason to yell baby, I’m right here.” She smoothed over your tender skin, before raising her hand and lowering it. “Ten more.”
Second one is having your hands held behind your back as her strap fills you up, without any movement.
You couldn’t help but to move, the way she felt inside you drove you crazy. You gasped when both of her hands roughly grabbed your hips; keeping you in place.
“What did I tell you about moving?” She grabbed your hair, pulling your head back so you met her steel gaze.
You whimpered, trying your best not to buck your hips in response to the stimulation.
“Not to.” You muttered, voice breathy and desperate. She let go of you, tears stinging at your eyes from her coldness.
And the third one is railing you so hard you can’t feel any part of your body
You cried out, your stomach caving as you felt Sevika reach deeper inside you. You already came three times, two by her mouth, and one by her strap. You couldn’t help but to let out tears, your body feeling as if you couldn’t take anymore. Your body bounced at the timing of her harsh thrusts, you moaning loudly at the way she was stirring your guts with her thick strap. She kept her thumb on your clit, rubbing it in small, controlled circles. You heaved, coming closer as you felt your toes and fingers become numb. You couldn’t help as fluid sprayed from you, making your legs close and your entire body shake.
Sevika chuckled, grabbing your legs and spreading them open once more. The wet sound of your fluids bringing heat to your face.
“Since you wanted attention, I’ll give you as much as you want,” She said as she lifted your legs and lower half into the air before continuing her assault on your pussy.
Of course just know she isn’t actually angry at you
If she’s denying you your orgasm, she’ll let you cum (eventually)
Afterwards she’ll take care of you
Whether that be cuddling, letting you rest after drinking some water, or running a bath for you
She take her time smoothing over any bruises or marks, helping you rub any cream where you need it
And then she’ll become soft and remind you of how beautiful and loved you are
Author’s note: I’m writing this at 3 in the morning, thank god I take afternoon classes
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insensity · 3 months ago
Imagine your man so obsess with your pussy and accidentally bites your pussy while going down on you
hanma, kyotani, terushima, south, baji, naoto, chifuyu, finn
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enforcermoss · 2 days ago
THIS EVENT IS SO CUTE AHHHH may i request coconut 🥥 with cassandra please? 😊
CINNAMON GIRL. moss' 100 follower event
Tumblr media
prompt. coconut 🥥 ;; " no, no, look at me darling "
Tumblr media
pairings. cassandra kiramman + f! reader
mdni. lowercase writing intended, nsfw content, fingering, office sex, dub-con, crying, scratching, semi-public sex
moss’ notes. THANK YOU !!! moss worked hard to make it worth the readers’ while :), thank you for requesting too. sorry this took so long, moss is very accident prone haha
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you were certain she was burning a hole into your chest, her caring eyes wandering between your face and breasts, but it didn’t matter when the door was open, and anyone could step inside at any moment. to think someone seeing you in such a compromising position with the councilor played a cruel game with your mind.
“no, no, look at me darling.” cassandra took your chin between her fingers, turning your head with a small smile on her face before leaning down to kiss the corner of your eye. her other hand was pinching the inner of your thigh, torturously slowly moving towards your dripping heat.
“please, councilor i don’t…” your voice faltered as her glowed hand came to toy with your clothed heat. your heart picked up another beat, so fast you already felt close to passing out by only her burning touch alone. you tried so hard to control your breathing to do not give lady kiramman a reason to continue, to let you go and tell you as she always does that you should meet her after office hours are at their very end.
“I love you.” she knew it was terrible of her to continue, to ease all the pent-up frustration out on you when you were this vulnerable. it was no secret, yet cassandra hate to admit that she enjoyed the power she had over you.
you nodded, her finger entering you quickly and moving in and out of you with the same pace as it came. “I… love y-you too!” you half screamed your answer, your hand coming up to grasp into her neck and your fingers digging into her delicate flesh. all this teasing through out the day, all this built up had you on the edge all day and she knew you were on edge, that you wished nothing but this to be over quickly, but she also knew you wouldn’t say no if she asked. “just one time, okay? no more, just one, then we gonna go home and do nothing, lay, read, eat, drink, yeah?”
you nodded once again, your head burying into the crook of her neck as she curls her fingers inside you. there were no words you could form with how tight the knot in your stomach was, knocking most of the air out of your lungs. you tried to fit a piece of fabric from her clothes into your mouth, having the little mind power to muffle the room shaking whine you were about to let out as your body was rocked by your orgasm.
cassandra smiled, her fingers slowing down on the assault of your walls. her head lay on top of yours, her other hand coming to caress the back of your head as she helped you down from your high. your body felt fuzzy, the tips of your fingers burned as your muscles weakened and your nails slowly retracted from the councilor’s skin.
“m sorry, ‘m sorry.” you cried into her shoulder when gingerly pulled out of you, hands hiding behind your back, guilty eyes gazing on the deep red claw marks on the side of her neck. you didn’t mean to, bruising her perfect skin knowing how she has to show up to those gatherings in perfect shape and a slip up like this… you hardly though you could get away with it.
“nothing to be sorry of, you did great, you were perfect.” her arms looped around your body, caressing your back before taking your hands in hers, her thumb rolling across your knuckles.
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angelltheninth · 4 months ago
Arcane Characters + Aftercare
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Finn, Viktor, Jayce, Mel x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, hickies, scratch marks, aftercare, bathing, food and drinks, talking, soothing kisses, slow and gentle sex
A/N: Aftercare is really important. At least that's what I've heard lol. And there just isn't enough of it depicted in fanfics.
Tumblr media
Jinx would kiss and ask about every mark she's made. In the moment you liked it but do you like them still?
She'd wonder if she was too hard on you and carefully take note of every bruise she's made, gently brushing her lips over them, tracing them with her fingers and tongue, loving the way you sigh against her and arch your back further into her.
"That looks a like it hurt sweetheart. Was it painful? You should have said something then. You liked it eh? Well that's good, but if I ever go too hard you'd tell me right? I don't... actually want to break you. Tell you what, I'll kiss every single mark better? Sound good?"
Tumblr media
Vi loves to cuddle you after sex. No matter what the two of you did prior she will give you the absolute best cuddles afterwards.
She'd wrap her arms around you, low on your back and pull you close, your face on her chest, her lips kissing your forehead and the top of your head. She loves the way you nuzzle close into her and trail your fingers across her muscles, making her let out a pleasant exhale.
"Oh damn sweetstuff, you really went at it tonight huh? What's the matter? Felt pent up hahaha. Well truth be told I did too. And you know what I feel like right now? Squeezing you against me and never letting you go again? Food? I don't need that when I have a snack like you in my bed."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn would bring you what ever you wanted to eat and drink. She'd also memorize your favorites and cook them for you afterwards while you took a short nap.
For her keeping her strength and energy up is important for her job and she has the same attitude when it comes to aftercare. She will make sure you are hydrated and that you get to have your favorite snack while the two of you talk about your plans for the rest of the day, or the next day depending on when you have sex.
"Here you go darling, I brought you all your favorites. Why do I insist on this? Well I know you like them and I know that you're feeling quite happy right now, I just want to keep the energy going. Fine, yes I also want to make sure you have enough energy for... more, if you want."
Tumblr media
Ekko likes doing nice things for you as aftercare. He wants you to know that he will take care of all your hearts desires both in and out of the bedroom.
He'd make little gifts for you while you watch, always having something to work on in arms reach, bring you lots of soft blankets for you to cuddle up with, have your favorite fruits on hand and ready for the two of you to playfully tease each other while you eat and enjoy the afterglow.
"What do you want this time Firefly? Oh you know I can make anything, I'm very good with my hands as you've pointed on many times, and not just tonight I might add. I can bring you something to warm you up sure, wait here. Will these do? Ok, then just give me a little bit of time, I'll make you something pretty, just like you."
Tumblr media
Silco likes taking it really slow for the next round, slow kisses, slow sex, and the most gentle of touches that you can imagine.
Oh he's very aware that you love it when he's rough and just takes you like you belong to him, but he also knows how you can't help but melt into him when he's kissing your neck, his lips barely against your skin as he slowly and gently thrusts in and out, keeping you on the edge of an orgasm until he finally tells you to let go again.
"You were wonderful, my darling. How about something a little more... delicate this time around? Let me worship you hm? Take my time with you, slowly, savoring you. Easy now, I know you're still sensitive, I promise I'll make this worth your while."
Tumblr media
Sevika likes both giving massages and being massaged. Sex is a great way to release stress but she also needs something to slowly get rid of that post orgasm high.
Her body is always humming with energy after a good round of fucking, and she knows yours is too. You're shaking all over, and she wants you calm. She's start at your shoulders, working her way down, pausing at a few choice spots to tease you a little before moving on. As for herself getting the massage, she likes it when you straddle her thighs and massage her shoulders and her muscular back.
"You doing alright there sweetheart? Aww, you're shaking. That good huh? I know what you need. A little kiss. And a nice, long, deep... relaxing massage. Oh I know what you were thinking. Gods that's why I love you. Now try to relax for me. That's it. Still so obedient for me."
Tumblr media
Finn... is not good with aftercare. For him it actually happened on accident at first and then just became a habbit.
He was asking about the things you liked most, wanting to know how he can make you come undone even harder, asking if there was anything you'd like to try next time, or if you wanted him to do anything special for you. He wasn't really thinking of it as aftercare but you notice that he does become a little softer when he's asking these questions.
"You came a lot for me this time kitten, but I'm thinking... I can make it even better for you, make you scream louder, absolutely ruin you for everyone else. So tell me... how can I make that happen? What does my pretty toy want from me hm? Have a favorite position? Tell me all your dirty secrets."
Tumblr media
Viktor craves closeness and intimacy, so for him he likes to take a short nap with you, to recharge and back in the comfy afterglow with you.
He would whisper to you, telling all the things he wants to do with you, where he wants to go, the dates he wants to take you to, but his vice would quickly trail off into murmurs and then into soft snores.
"I'm feeling kind of worn out darling, and I see you yawning as well. How about a little nap before we take a bath and maybe get some food afterwards? You know, I have a few days off soon, maybe we can go somewhere? Where would you like to go on vacation?"
Tumblr media
Jayce loves talking to you after sex, about anything and everything, or just talking to you, or maybe even reading together and to each other.
He just likes the sound of your voice, its soothing to him and he knows that you like it when he reads a book over your shoulder, you holding the book for him while leaning against his chest, giggling every now and then when his words tickle your ear.
"Where are you going babe, I thought we were gonna... oh, haha, you just wanted to get the book. Do you like listening to me read that much? Really, even science books? Well I'm guilty of that too, I could listen to you for hours. Come here then, I need your pretty shoulder to lean on."
Tumblr media
Mel will shower you with endless praise and words of love and affirmation.
Weather it be about the things you did while you were having sex or just the things she admires about you in general she never runs out of things to like about you. While she's whispering sweetness in your ears she'll also softly trace patterns on your back, loving the way you melt from her touch and praise.
"You did such a good job darling, especially toward the end. I especially enjoyed that trick you did with your tongue. You always did have a talented mouth. And I'm not just talking about sex. You have a real way with words. Of course you do, I wouldn't have fallen for you just for your good looks."
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honeydazai · 8 months ago
Arcane characters when you're not wearing panties
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Sevika, Finn
warnings: nsfw content, exhibitionism | sex in public, spanking, degradation, praise, fingering
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
It really doesn't take a genius to notice you're not wearing anything below your summer dress, though VIKTOR honestly wishes you'd make it a little less obvious. It's obvious you're doing this to tease him, though he's been doing alright this far; somehow he had managed to not get distracted yet.
That is, however, until he accidentally drops a screw he had just been about to tighten, and you're not one to miss an opportunity; you bend over in front of him, revealing everything to him — the curve of your ass, your soft thighs and your cunt, already wet and glistening in the low lighting. Viktor's eyes narrow and, even though he won't outright show how much you're affecting him, there's a slight flush on his cheeks as his dick strains against his trousers.
Still, he's determined to get you back for being such a tease — instead of telling you to cover up, he instead pushes your dress up further, not allowing you to let it fall back down, and if Jayce turns around at the wrong time, he'll see you like this; you're in the lab, after all. Soon enough, he's steering you into an empty storage room, two thin fingers buried in your cunt as he works you open, and you're only able to whine and whimper in need.
“Oh, look at you, my love — already mewling like a bitch in heat. Is that why you didn't even bother to cover up, dear? Such a slut you are. If you want my attention this badly, you could've just said so.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE is fairly sure he's about to drop dead on the spot when you decide to sit down right in front of him, a teasing smirk on your face as you slowly but surely spread your legs, only to reveal that you're, in fact, not wearing any panties underneath your tiny dress. He blushes almost immediately, a bright red flush spreading from his cheeks down his neck, and his first instinct is to quickly pull you away from public.
By the time you've reached the closest empty restroom, he's panting, his hands roaming over your body on their own accord, and his fingers are shaking when he quickly locks the door before bending you over the sink. Jayce genuinely can't believe you'd do something this lewd, and he's not shy to voice his disbelief either — he scoffs, now feeling both angry and aroused, as he thrusts into you without much teasing, his hips slapping against your ass, and he's quick to move his palm over your mouth as you keen, loud and unashamed.
He really doesn't want anyone to notice what you two are doing in here, even though the thought is at least slightly tempting, given how you mewl his name, his title, so prettily.
“Ah, fuck, princess—, can't believe you'd do something like that, that's so damn lewd. Thought you were a lady — guess you're no better than some common whore, ah, fuck. You feel so damn good, please—”
Tumblr media
SILCO already knows that something's up when you strut into his office wearing a tiny skirt, though he hasn't figured out yet what exactly it is — well, that is until you sit down on his desk, your bare thighs and ass against the wood, and he scoffs. His immediate reaction is to scold you for being this much of a whore, his eyebrows raised and mouth forming a sneer.
A moment later, he's pulling you over his lap, his hand coming down hard on your bare ass, and you can't help but jerk forward in shock at the impact. Your thighs are trembling by the time you reach the fifth hit, though you're also dripping wet by then; your hips grinding against his legs with every slap. Of course, that's only another thing Silco mocks you for.
“Look at you, dear, you look like such a slut right now. This is supposed to be a punishment, and you're even dripping onto my thighs with how wet you are. Fucking desperate.”
Tumblr media
VANDER notices your lack of underwear on accident, though that doesn't make it any less shocking to him. The second he spots your cunt, obviously not covered by anything, peeking out underneath your dress, he's already got his hands on your thighs as he lifts you up to carry you away into privacy — honestly, it's almost as if he's acting on instinct.
When you're away from prying eyes, however, he can't keep his hands to himself anymore; it doesn't take long until you're bouncing on his lap, your cunt clenching around his dick as you mewl and moan in pleasure. Still, he later begs you to not repeat a stunt like that and simply ask for his attention whenever you want it. Vander is definitely worried about your safety — if he noticed you not wearing underwear, some stranger could have accidentally done so as well.
“Fuck, darl, you can't just—, fuck. Can't say you don't look so hot right now, though. God. Still—, come on, babe, don't do something like that again. Want you to be safe.”
Tumblr media
VI honestly can't believe her eyes when her gaze falls onto your ass, only to realise that you're, in fact, not wearing anything underneath that short dress of yours. For a second, she has no idea how to respond to this revelation, her cheeks colouring in a reddish pink shade, before she acts on her first instinct — to tug you closer to her, your back flush with her chest.
She's got an arm wrapped protectively around your waist as she guides you to privacy, her hand on your ass — not to grope you, but to make sure your dress doesn't accidentally ride up. She's the only one who gets to see you like that, after all. At the same time, however, there's a smirk slowly spreading out over her face; she genuinely can't believe you're this naughty, and she's obsessed with it. The second you're alone, she pushes you to sit on the closest flat surface and kneels down between your legs, her tongue pushing into your dripping cunt and her hands on your thighs.
“Damn, darl, you're so hot when you're this bold. Still, don't want anyone else to see ya like this. Just stay close to me, alright? I'm gonna eat you out so good the second we're alone, babe. Gonna make you come on my tongue.”
Tumblr media
You don't even get a chance to tease JINX with the fact that you're not wearing panties; before you have the opportunity to bend over and present your bare cunt to her in semi public, she pulls you over into a hallway at The Last Drop, only to order you to bend over. While these kind of unexpected inspections aren't unusual with her — they mainly serve the purpose of humiliating you, really —, you hadn't thought that'd happen today, though it's too late for you to backpedal on your decisions now.
Jinx hums as she flips your skirt up, a wide smirk curling her lips upwards when she notices that you're not wearing any underwear. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you try to explain why you didn't put on panties or if you put on a confident act; the second her fingers feather over your clit and eventually push into your soaking cunt, you're a mewling mess anyway. She definitely teases you over how much of a slut you are, and even mentions the thought of what would have happened had someone else noticed your indecency before she had.
“Damn, sugar, you're a brave one for sure. Such a naughty girl, too — like, imagine if some other guy had found you like that. Even though I bet you wouldn't have let them touch ya, right? You're mine, toots.”
Tumblr media
The gasp EKKO lets out when he sees you willingly bend over in front of him, your skirt riding up to show lots of revealed skin, more than what should be revealed, is one of a mixture of shock and arousal. He's quick to shrug his jacket off and wrap it around your waist to cover you up before ushering you back to your shared bedroom. His cheeks are slightly flushed, his chest heaving, and he can't believe his eyes when you smirk at him, all teasing and amused.
Even though he greatly enjoys punishing you out of playful fun — he's got you spread out on the bed, his lips closed around your clit and his fingers pushing into you at a steady pace, and now you're crying, because this is the third orgasm he's denied you —, he also asks you not to do this again; for your safety and his sanity.
“Fuck, baby, please—, god, you're gonna drive me crazy one day. Can't believe you, fuck. Now, don't cry — next time I'll let ya come for sure, don't worry, babe.”
Tumblr media
SEVIKA huffs out an almost disbelieving laugh as you bend over in front of her, your skirt riding up far enough to expose your ass — your bare ass. Honestly, she's not sure what exactly you intend to gain out of teasing her like this — perhaps you mistakenly believe that, since you're in public, she won't do anything in response — , but she's not one to be embarrassed just because you're behaving like a slut.
With one fast movement, she pulls you closer and pushes you onto the table she had just been playing a game of cards on, your skirt flipped up, and she scoffs when you whine in embarrassment, your body laid bare for everyone in The Last Drop to see. Then, her hand, heavy and calloused, comes down hard on your cheeks, and Sevika relishes in the way you whimper and flinch because of her spanking. It doesn't matter how much you beg her to stop, really; you wanted to be a brat and a tease and you'll pay for it accordingly.
“Come on, don't go hiding your face now. You've been so eager to show your pretty little cunt and that ass off to everyone by not wearing any panties. I'm just helping ya out here. And I guess some punishment is due, too.”
Tumblr media
FINN raises his eyebrows in surprise when his hand, which just moved under your skirt, meets your bare skin instead of the lace fabric of your panties. He had been pulling you down onto his lap deliberately to tease you, especially since you're currently in a meeting with the other chem-barons, though now you managed to catch him off-guard with your boldness.
Instead of possibly scolding you for being this naughty, he chuckles, his voice low and his breath hot against your neck as three of his fingers push into you, making you gasp and your back arch. He doesn't care if anyone notices what exactly is happening — no one would dare to touch you, anyway. He huffs out a laugh as you squirm, your thighs trembling when his fingers draw lazy circles around your clit, and he smirks against your throat as he teases you for being needy.
“Damn, doll, that's so hot. You're such a good girl for me, hm? Giving me easy access. Ah, come on, no need to get all shy now. I bet you look so pretty riding my fingers.”
Tumblr media
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sapphictemple · 3 months ago
Does anyone else sometimes imagine while laying down somewhere just....
Sevika over you, thrusting hard and deeply at a slow enough pace to drive you crazy because you want to be railed into next week but also she just feels SO GOOD.
And you can't help but stare at the sight of her above you, sweat slowly dripping off her face body, her hair a mangled mess from the work she's putting in and you grabbing it in pure ecstasy. Her tits bouncing freely, left un-caged and reverberating from her steady rhythm. Her eyes fixated on you, swirls of dark lust and want endlessly pouring into your mind as she whispers just loud enough how dirty you are and how you're just a fucking hole she uses and your whole being belongs to her and her ONLY.
You can't help but moan and utter her name over and over again, your voice almost hoarse at this point because she’s got stamina to no end.
She nears her finish and speeds up her pace, sending your mind into a crazed blur because it's almost too much and you can't control yourself anymore as she slams into you until her release. Your hands gripping her muscular arms as if you might fall if you let go.
She leans down, engulfs you in a deep but quick kiss as she pulls out. Despite everything you wish she'd stay just a bit longer. Grinning, she gives a hardy smack to your now tender area before walking away to clean up leaving you breathless and panting, your legs like jello unable to even close properly and your mind a mere puddle waiting to solidify.
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