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JINX 馃挘馃挜
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芦聽What did you do to her ?!聽禄
This is so old鈥 (April damn鈥) never posted before because didn鈥檛 think it deserved to be officially posted but oh well鈥
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feat. Jinx and her pretty pink eyes (part 6/?)
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Fandoms: "Ugh, I'm so tired of all this drama & toxicity! Why can't I encounter more positive folks in this fandom?"
Heavily ignored Small Fan Creatives who are already being pummeled into oblivion by social media's wretched Algorithms: "ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU?!!"
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Inktober Day 1 - Gargoyle
Unfortunately, I won't have time to do the Inktober challenge, even if I wanted to make an Arcane edition.
Too much work and not enough free time, but I wish you all a great Inktober ! Can鈥檛 wait to see all you creations.
This challenge a good way to be diligent, but I will see next year.
Anyway, I haven't progressed enough in 6 months to be able to draw once a day for a challenge that I'm not up to.
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By Elye
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馃悎鈥嶁瑳 Ichigo Momomiya - Tokyo Mew Mew | ARCANE redesign AU
鉁 (BIO) Ichigo grew up as a dreamer in Zaun, daydreaming about a life in Piltover: the glamorous events, the fancy dresses and the romantic love stories that a girl could鈥檝e had up there, away from the dust of the City of Iron and Glass.
That is why she couldn't have never guessed that she was going to meet the love of her life鈥 right there, in the muddy streets of Zaun, when Aoyama Masaya, the handsome son of a powerful member of the Piltover鈥檚 Council, stumbled on her, one rainy day.
So, when the corruption of Zaun and Piltover become insufferable and the two groups risk an open war, Ichigo will be the first to speak up against it, wishing to protect both her family in Zaun and her loved ones in Piltover. She鈥檒l meet again with her old friends, Retasu and Bu-Ling and she鈥檒l join the Project Mew. The DNA of the Iriomote cat will empower her senses, giving her catlike reflexes, agility and strength, so she鈥檒l be able shoot powerful energy spheres with her HEXTECH weapon.
Character sheet on ArtStation (SOON)
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Caitlyn: Why are you burning our marriage certificate!?
Vi: Good luck trying to return me without a receipt.
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LoL Runners Vol 2 and two more val charms up in the store today!聽
If you've already ordered from the first set, you can leave a donation for $12/each and comment the charms you'd like to add!
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This moment was, perhaps, one of the saddest
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My art for the Jilco Zine @zaunsmosthated !
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Spirit Blossom Ahri by 闁冩檪
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League banner designs I did for Team Fish Taco!
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隃搬磸蕗 蕶蕗岽囜磤岽嬯湴岽隃贬礇
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How Arcane Characters Would Eat You Out...
Summary: A balanced diet usually consists of three meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Which will you be joining us for today?
AN: The premise of these headcanons is that the standard three meals a day are synonymous with a corresponding intensity of sex. That intensity goes up as the day goes on. Breakfast is on the vanilla end of the scale, whereas Dinner is on the kinkier side.
Word Count:聽1.2k
Warnings: 18+ MDNI, cunnilingus, oral (f receiving), mild praise kink, pet names, fingering, reader is def a pillow princess :), somnophilia,聽 shower sex (is lowkey dangerous/do not try this attempt at home)
Characters: Fem!Reader, Caitlyn, Viktor, Vander, Marcus
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In the early morning, when the sun has just barely peeked from behind the horizon, Caitlyn would have you upon a mountain of Piltover's fluffiest feather-stuffed pillows. She鈥檇 carefully lay you back, and you would sink right into them, enough so you couldn鈥檛 quickly get up without her help but not so you wouldn鈥檛 have a view of the show. Caitlyn would maintain eye contact, delicately pressing kisses down your sternum, abdomen, and pelvis before finally making contact with your velvety lower lips. Both of you moan loudly and let your eyes slip closed as she buries her tongue in your folds. Caitlyn begins to nibble and suck at your clit. It feels like a delightful ascension to heaven every time she buries her face between your thighs. As she makes a meal of you, she also has a habit of wrapping her hands over your inner thighs, kneading and massaging the sensitive flesh. It also served the purpose of holding you steady as you become more riled up and sensitive. When she knows you're close, she鈥檒l take two fingers and thrust into you roughly as she sucks on your clit. She鈥檇 goad you on, using her smooth voice to tip you over the edge.
鈥淗ow beautiful! Piltover's finest pillow princess~鈥 She鈥檇 say, the vibration of her words only adding to the weight of her ministrations. You鈥檙e already tipping over the edge when she pulls away to give you the command to come undone. Your walls squeeze tightly against her fingers, you can鈥檛 keep from grinding your sensitive clit against the palm of her hand, and you release the most ear-shrilling moan of pleasure as she encourages you on, 鈥淭here, there. Cum for me, Darling.鈥澛
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Most days, Viktor woke well before the city. He would carefully kiss your forehead and quietly leave for the lab without disrupting your sleep. On the rare occasion he鈥檚 unmotivated to leave bed before you wake, he will 100% use the opportunity to wake you with his mouth. He鈥檒l assure you鈥檙e sound asleep on your back, gently moving you if he has to. Once all is right, he simply goes ahead with spreading your legs and gently removing your undergarments. The chill of the early morning air against your warm cunt causes you to stir, but not enough to completely wake you. With a clear path, Viktor wastes no time burying his face between your legs. He moans in delight, savoring your taste. His large hands hold your lower belly flat and still as your body starts to jerk with pleasure. A knot in your core tightens as sweet consciousness begins to consume you, and you burst awake as Viktor begins trusting his long fingers into you. Your skin is on fire, and by the way your toes curl, he can tell you鈥檙e close.聽
鈥淐um for me, my sweet.鈥 聽He鈥檒l hum into you. The sweet reverberations send waves of pleasure coursing through you. You鈥檙e moaning loudly at this point, trying everything you can to gain your sweet release. You grind hard on his face; feeling the tip of his nose brush against your clit is everything you need. You cum hard and fast. Your mind blanks, and you see white as you come down. 鈥淕ood morning, love.鈥澛
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Vander, most mornings, can be found polishing glasses before the Last Drop opens in the late afternoon. Usually, this is also when he restocks the tap and cleans up any mess from the previous night. Most mornings, Vander has no trouble finding work for himself. But, when he鈥檚 not too busy, and you鈥檙e accompanying him, there鈥檚 a good chance you鈥檒l found bent over the bar counter. Your fists tightly grasp the countertop, grounding you as Vander makes himself useful, licking your wet cunt clean. His thick tongue fucks in and out of your lower cavern, devouring every drop of pleasure you have to offer. Vander is more intoxicating than anything you could serve at the bar, your head spins, and your walls clench tightly around him. Just when you think it can't get any better, he鈥檒l remove himself from you momentarily, leaving you cold and empty. You whine at the loss of his warm mouth, but you aren鈥檛 barren for too long. He experiments by thrusting his thick index finger into your entrance, and you tightly pulse around him. Once he deems you ready, he replaces it with another finger, stretching you delightfully.聽
He fucks you hard with his fingers, and it鈥檚 not long before you feel ready to cum. Vander can feel it too. He leans down and continues to suckle and lick your clit until you topple over the edge. The simultaneous stimulation is too much for you to bear, and you arch off the counter as something in you snaps.聽
鈥淚鈥檝e got you, hun,鈥 Vander sweetly comforts you through your blissful orgasm. His free hand comes and massages your ass as you come down.聽
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Marcus was never one to skip a shower, especially since his job often found him in the filthy trenches of the undercity. As sheriff, he had to be up pretty early, so it was rare you joined him in the mornings. When you do, however, it鈥檚 usually for a morning shower. Groggy and heavily afflicted by morning wood, it wouldn't take long for one thing to lead to another. With his back facing the shower head, Marcus would hold you up so your sopping cunt was level with his mouth and your thighs rested on his shoulders. Beads of hot water splashed down on him, but that did little to deter him from savoring his morning coffee. His large hands drape over your thighs. One of them finds itself massaging a handful of the delicate meat of your thigh, and the other鈥檚 thumb circles your clit as he fucks you with his tongue. He moans deeply into you, savoring you. Your own hands find themselves tied up in his dripping hair, trying desperately to pull him closer as you find yourself climbing that familiar peak.聽
鈥淐ome on. Cum for me, baby,鈥 He mutters into your cunt. The hand massaging your thigh drops suddenly. You immediately miss the warmth, but the disappointment leaves you when you feel his fingers come to circle your entrance. Two beautifully thick fingers push into you, massaging your gummy inner walls. You squeeze tightly against them, only serving to encourage your partner. Marcus fingers you faster, and you can feel yourself falling over the edge. You let out a blissful scream as your orgasm comes washing over you, Marcus only slowing his pace to help ease you down.
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Next part: For Lunch - includes: Jayce, Silco, Cassandra, Vi
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Buy me 鈽 http://ko-fi.com/catsig
Read more by searching arcanecats on my tumblr!
C u next Saturday!
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