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Unholy (NSFW)
Tumblr media
(Or, one of the many, many times that Father Silco has committed direct-blasphemy in the privacy of a confessional, in his own place of worship.)
2,400 WC - Oneshot -  AO3
Warnings: Priest!Silco, secret relationship, implied sex-work, fingering, P in V, breeding, slight use of ‘Daddy’, dirty-talk, mutual feelings/pining?
A confessional made in candlelight... nothing else in this mortal-coil had ever been so sinful. Except, perhaps, in the knowledge that this was not a confessional of transgressions, nor even of action, thoughts of impurity that would bring shame in the name of their Father.
This was a confessional of the flesh.
Flesh that is reddened, pinched by nails, and growing with bruises from his blessed hands - truly, every mark is a new mark against him, a new tally on his list of sins. A list that, thanks to you, is growing and growing.
However much the Father will pray for forgiveness at a later time, with clasped hands and commit to private penance for his transgressions, he cannot regret what happens in the moment. The moment where - forgive him - God amounts to nothing, and sin is only a matter of temporary, mortal shame.
May the afterlife have mercy on his damned soul, but when you gasp out his name so horribly, sinfully sweetly, Father Silco couldn't care less about the indignity, the shame.
Because when you breathe out his name, his title, it makes his future-stay in Hell all-the-more worth it.
"Father, oh, father...!"
"Shall I pray for you, dear girl? You seem, hm... quite incapable," He purred against the tip of your spine, his huff of laughter tickling the hairs at the base of your neck. You gasped - both from that sensation, and that of the pads of his long, calloused fingers, so used to coursing through pages of a Bible, exploring the soaked folds of center as you quiver in his grasp. "How will God hear you, if you don't speak his name?"
"H-his means nothing to me. Only you, only ever you, Father," You gasp, one hand reaching up from where you're held captive against his chest, spread wide in his lap, finding his face behind you. Cupping against the ruined-part of his face, Silco managed to bury his nose and mouth against your hair before the way he hums in approval, in bliss, becomes audible. "I only know your name, Father. It’s the only one I want to pray to, the only one I need-"
Based on how loud you cry-out, and writhe in his lap with a string of babbles that loosely resembles his name, Father Silco imagined you didn't need any kind of God, as you needed his fingers plunging straight into your soaked cunt just-so.
His other fingers come up to curl beneath your chin, trapping lips that part in a cry beneath his index and middle, so as not to have your moans of need echoing in the confessional-booth.
"How blasphemous," He says mildly, pumping his fingers within you with a growing tempo, in direct contrast with his slow-words. "Worshiping idols is bad enough, but to worship a fellow mortal? That irreverence could damn you, girl."
A sharp curl of his fingers, pressing sharp and fast like a strike against your inner-walls, has you quivering with a broken sob against his fingers. You reach desperately towards him, like someone indeed damned reaching towards the light, with your own fingers tightening on a grip on his hair-
Leverage, Silco realizes too late, as you jerk his head down in time with yours coming up, mouth pressing against his throat heaving-out a breath before you drag your tongue along the line between skin and clerical collar, "We're all damned, Father."
And God knows he is.
He is, but he can't find it within his conscious to care, not as he feels the scrap of your teeth against his skin with a gasp, the curl of his fingers pressing firmly against a spot that has your body go rigid in his grasp, as still as one of the grand-statues within the worshiping-hall.
Admittedly, Silco would not be ashamed to pray solely to the image you make now, this picture of ecstasy that deserves his worship.
When your body releases its marble-like tension, it does so with a loud, low moan spilling between your lips and his fingers. It leaks from you as your juices do, filled with murmurs of his name like devotions and a desperate canting of your hips as you chase after your orgasm, perhaps seeking another.
Lust, and gluttony. Two unforgivable sins, and one the Father punishes swiftly by smoothly removing his fingers, dragging the pads along your inner-walls just to feel you twitch, and hear your mournful whines.
"Scripture tells us that silence can help us avoid sinning," He murmured in warning as your head rolls back against his chest, a shuddering exhale escaping as you watch his dripping-fingers be raised towards his mouth. "Damned we may be, but are you truly prepared for the nine-circles, dear?"
Hoarsely you speak, though whether it's derived from the pleasure, or from the sight of him delicately lapping, quietly slurping the evidence of your ecstasy from his fingers, Silco is unsure. "Y… you know exactly what I'm prepared for, Father."
He does.
The way you're turned in his lap, facing him with eyes hazed, cheeks still dark with a pleasure flush, is nothing short of a practiced movement, one that's been done many,  too many times prior. Equally, it's almost second-nature with how quickly the clergyman thumbs open his dark trousers as you loop your arms around his shoulders.
Both for security, and to keep from falling off of him - you're trembling, Silco realizes, and he slows.
"Something to confess, dearest?"
Another pant, this one partially mixed with laughter. Your forehead brushes against his when you lean in, inhaling before words flow out with a slow exhale that brushes against his lips, "Just… never thought someone would be willing to be damned for me. It’s flattering, in a way."
Flattery, in the form of a sin.
“How romantic,” He murmurs, both as a reply and as a voice to his thoughts, at how curious such a remark was, made curiouser with the timing. “You see the fall of the holy as something amourous?”
“What could be more so, Father?” A hand snakes up, fingers carting and curling though the softer-hairs at the base of his skull. “What’s more romantic than a holy’s fall?”
The Fall. Surely, the logical endpoint for anyone once held in the good-graces of the Graced, and an endpoint any other in his position would fear of, trembling just at the thought of.
But Silco trembles for another reason entirely, and that is how your warm breath ghosts across his face as you sigh-out his name, an action that spurs him to move and quickly, frantically unbutton his trousers.
If he’s predestined to fall, there might as well be a good reason for it. And what better reason is there, than to coax his name to spill out in a barely muffled cry behind his palm, as he’s soon rolling his hips to feel you clench around him. “This isn’t romantic… human-nature at it’s finest,” He breathes against you, watching your eyes falter and roll with a pointed jerk of his hips, hitting a spot deep inside your walls that leaves you rigid.
Sliding his palm from across your mouth, he slides the saliva-slicked surface across your cheek. Fingers that are practiced with fiddling rosaries, or flipping pages of scripture, curl into your hair in order to give it a rough tug, soon exposing the expanse of your neck to his tongue and teeth as he thrusts up harsher into you, choking off your pleasure only with more arousing pain.
“Shall I bless this union?” He growls into your skin, pulling back only an inch to drag the flat of his tongue along your racing jugular, the chill of the confessional and his low, curious tone, leaving you to shudder. “Blessings come in a singular form, from what I know… Shall I bless you with child?” His palm comes to lay flat on your lower abdomen, low enough for him to stretch a long thumb further-down, and leave you wheezing at the careful thumbing of your clit.
The thought isn’t just damning - it’s an idea that would remove him of his collar entirely. Disowned and disavowed by the church, should they ever know… but the secrecy of the sin is already so heinously pleasing, when the images of past-meeting roam in his mind during times of prayer.
Seeing the evidence of the secrecy, in plain view, in the eyes of mortals and God alike… Perhaps it was some form of complex. Perhaps it was blasphemy in its purest form, to flaunt his misconduct in such a way, but it matters not.
The idea lingers, and with your desperate, hoarse plea, to fuck you until you’re full, until you’re bred, it’s an idea put into motion with a firmer, harsher grip placed upon your hips, and a biting grip of nails to hold you as he thrusts into you.
Striking perfectly with reckless, damned-near ravaging strokes against that perfect spot inside of you, Father Silco fucks you with all the disregard any Godless man would give - like this was simple human nature, and not a transgression that would damn his very soul, certainly shaming you forever.
That is, if the piercing, barely-audible shrieks you give behind bitten-lips is any indication that you hold no such shame, not even in the smallest atomic amount within your body. Eyes rolling-back as you rock in time with his thrusts, pleasure overwhelming, blinding, as the intensity leaves you mindless and unknowing to all but your new-god in human form-
Hell will be worth it, oh yes.
The burning pits, eternal torture and timeless agony will be completely and utterly worth every second, if only the Father could see the way your mouth parts and a whine of his name - his name, not even his god-granted title of a clergyman - releases like the sound of a breathless divine in her most holy form, brought to the most sinful form imaginable.
At such a revered sound, Father Silco finds his own viewing of the sight rendered interrupted as his eyes squeeze shut and his head falls back against the seat. Filth spills from his tight-teeth in the waves of his climax, syllables forming your words in slow prayers of your name as your walls tighten around him, and his release fills you as a heavenly fog fills his mind… it’s enough to forget, for a moment.
Forget that he is not just a man, but a vessel of God’s great words. Forget that said-God is merciless, and there will come a day where vengeance against his transgressions - not just of this evening but the many, many others that come before it - will one-day come swift, spiteful and even Father Silco can admit, justified.
“Silco,” You murmur against his jugular, after having grown lax and close to him in the euphoria of his climax, your soft pants warm against his skin. Licking his dry-lips, he parts them for a moment in preparation of a rebuke, a stern reminder… and only ends up with a quiet chuckle, a rolling sound that leaves you to shudder.
“Father to you, dear… perhaps a title that will have more than one meaning shortly, Gods-willing,” He muses with a short roll of his hips, leading a sharp exhale to leave goosebumps over his skin. You echo his sentiment, more of a weakened taunt than a true prayer to the holy, before you ease yourself upright, staring down at him with heavy-lidded eyes and parted lips.
Lips that beg to be captured, and with a sudden, stern reach up to curl his fingers beneath your jaw, he does so with a quick collision of tongue and teeth.
A more perfect sin would be to stay here. To remain in this moment, still within you and seed inside, in the process of bruising lips and perhaps even beginning a second-round within this box meant for confessions. To perform a second confession of flesh - it’s a tempting thought, but the time of giving into temptation has passed, in time with the local tolling of bells.
“Pity,” He murmurs after releasing a bitten lip from his teeth, pulling back to observe the swollen flesh before his gaze travels up to yours. There’s a flicker of regret - no, disappointment in your eyes - but it’s coaxed away by his hand reappearing from the folds of his dark-robe, producing a small-leather pouch resting in the center of his palm.
“Go with my blessing, girl,” He murmurs, offering the barely-there tilt on his lips to compare against the grave, somber tone his profession demands. “In both moral, and physical sense.”
“You mean monetary sense,” You murmur, but take it nonetheless. The weight of your hourly-rate is heavy in your hand, not only with the respectable due a lady of your nightly-profession demands, but here's an enjoyment in her presence he’s not eager to lose.
A decent tip of a tithe to sweeten the deal of sinning, is more than enough to keep you returning.
And perhaps even more unholy, there’s another reason you return consistently and routinely to pleasure the holy-man with reckless abandon. The Father dared not to speculate - the one line he dare not cross, even as actions, words and thoughts prove his penchant for sacreligion, Silco dared not to truly desecrate his holy mind with the one, singular theory he had in regards to you. A forbidden line of thought, that voicing was impossible, and confronting was even more sinful than every action he had taken this evening, all that came before and all that will come after.
You, however, have no such restraints with pushing the limits of your transgressions with your reverence, and lean forward to kiss the Father of the church with reckless, impious abandon.
Most sinful of all, you kiss the priest almost lovingly, fingers coming up to curl into the soft, short hairs above the clergy collar that, for a single moment, Silco wants nothing more than to rip off the evidence of his holy-restraint from kissing you back in such a way.
“Pray for me, Father?” You murmur upon his lips, in way of a goodbye.
A request he is bound to comply with, though he doesn’t just pray for your already damned soul - he prays for his own, and most sacredly of all, that you would return to him in-time.
Neither of you deserve it.
But he prays, nonetheless.
Tumblr media
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Hey! So ummm, I have a bit of a weird request… I don’t know if you know what League of Legends: Arcane is (if you don’t I highly recommend watching it it’s amazing!) And I was wondering if you could write something like Vi Jinx and Ekko finding a child and taking them in? Idk, I haven’t seen a lot of fics like that and I am absolutely in love with your writing style, but I totally understand if you don’t want to
I love Arcane! I’ve rewatched it like soooo many times. I’ll admit, this is defiantly different from what I normally do, but I’m willing to give it a shot at least. Although I apologize in advance if it turns out badly… 😅
Taking You In
Vi, Jinx, Ekko & Child!Reader
(I’ll say this takes place maybe a year or two before the events from the timeskip, if that makes sense)
Warning: Themes of child neglect, abandonment and abuse are present, please read with caution (if there’s anything else I might’ve missed please let me know)
You may have pushed your luck a little too far this time, but that dumb guard deserved it. You glare at the ground as you’re basically being dragged along the guards saying something about not wanting to waste extra space just for your punishment. Finally arriving at a cell, you’re a little confused when a guard exits it but don’t have time to question why as you’re tossed inside.
“Enjoy your new punching bag.” One scoffs as he walks away, you knew he was talking about you as you brace yourself for whatever happens next. You’re surprised when they start talking to you.
“So now they’re keeping kids here too? Geez, you look a lot younger then I was when they brought me in.” You look up at the pink haired girl, she defiantly looked like she’s seen better days, having a black and bloody eye and busted up lip. “So what are you in for?” She asks, you don’t say anything, unsure how to respond. “What? Don’t like talking?” It sounded like she was mocking you with her tone, but you couldn’t be sure. You slump to the ground, bringing your knees up to your chest as you try not to cry.
“Hey.” Her sudden softer tone draws your attention, seeing her shuffle a bit closer. “Are you alright?”
“Wh-what do you care?” You manage to say, and try as you might to sound tough you couldn’t hide the shake in your voice.
“I know how it feels to be mistreated, I’m here for something I didn’t even do. They dragged me away before I… never mind.” She sighs, a looking worried or scared about something when she finally sits down across from you.
“I bit a guard.” Now you’re the one pulling her attention, raising a questioning eyebrow. “I’ve been here for a while. All the guards are jerks and keep pushing me around, so I bit one of their hands hard and now I’m here.” You explain. It goes silent between the two of you until you hear quiet chuckles that quickly grow louder.
“Not bad kid, not bad.” She adjusts herself into a better sitting position and extends her hand towards you. “Call me Vi.” She introduces. After a second you hesitantly accept the handshake.
“I’m (y/n).” You greet back, feeling just a slight bit more comfortable.
“Really? From what I can tell you’re more of a Spitfire.” Vi half-jokes, you playfully stick your tongue out at her with a glare. “See, I knew I was right.”
Despite your bleak situation, the both of you had found a new reason to smile.
You sit back and twiddle your thumbs trying to think of something to do, sitting around in one area could get boring really fast but you didn’t really know where else to go either. A loud BOOM pulls your attention over to people stuttering away from a blue hired girl twirling one of her braids in one hand and lightly tossing a small device in the other. She spots you and struts over to where your sitting, you stare up at her curiously.
“Well, hiya.” She greets with a large smile.
“Hello!” You greet her back with a smile of your own. She tilts her head at you curiously, you copy her, she tilts her head to the other side and agin you copy her. This causes her to chuckle a little.
“Most people who see me usually run the other way.” She comments, dispute the happy tone there was a slight shake in her voice.
“Why would people do that? You look fun!” You beam at her, completely forgetting about the people who ran away earlier. She seems surprised by your words, but quickly bounced back with a sly grin.
“Well thank you, I think I’m plenty of fun too. Here, why don’t you try?” She hands you the small device she was playing with earlier. You look over the little doohickey tracing your finger along the painted lines. “All you have to do is pull this pin and throw.” She points to the pin holding the divides “mouth” in place. You give it a big tug and it springs to life making a chattering sound, following her instructions you toss it as hard as you can, watching it skid across the ground a bit before it suddenly explodes a colourful cloud of smoke trailing behind. Your eyes sparkle in wonder at the display.
“That was so cool! Can we do that again?” You ask, looking at her expectantly. Her own eyes light up at your excitement.
“Yes! But first I wanna know something, why are you here all by yourself? What, did someone just… heh… drop you off and leave you like weren’t worth their time anymore? Hehe…” There was a mix of curiosity and nervousness mixed together, though not exactly directed at you.
“I don��t know, my mama and papa leave me here a lot when they’re busy and don’t come back for a long time, if that’s what you mean.” You say a bit too casually. The girl frowns for a second but brightens up again as she picks you up. “Whoa! What are you doing?” You look at her confused.
“You wanted to see more cool explosions right? So I’m taking you with me.” She says matter-of-factly.
“I do! But I’m not supposed to go with strangers.” You deflate a little.
“Well, my name’s… Jinx. What’s yours?” She looks back at you with a side smile.
“I’m (y/n)!” You chirp happily.
“See, now we aren’t strangers anymore and you can come with me.” Jinx states proudly. You nod in agreement and let her carry you away.
You were just glad you had more excitement in your life. As for Jinx, a part of her preyed she wouldn’t mess this one up.
You limp as far from home as you could ignoring any pain you felt, stupid Shimmer making things so much worse then they already were. Once you feel you’re far enough you sink to the ground to catch your breath, coughing a little as the air felt thicker here. There’s murmuring a short distance away that gets louder as whoever’s talking approaches your location. You shuffle closer to the wall and use any trash nearby as cover from the mystery person, listening in on what they’re saying.
“We need to be fast and strategic about this. Catching this dealer should put a dent in Shimmer distribution, but we can’t…” You leaned over to hear what was being but end up leaning too far, causing your trash over to topple over and expose you. You stare in shock at the pile then slowly turn your head upward to look at several masked figures staring back at you, one steps closer making you cower away.
“Hey, hey, it’s alright. We’re not going to hurt you.” He says calmly holding a hand out for you. After a moment of not seeing any hostile movements from any of them you hesitantly take his hand, letting him help you to your feet and instantly noticing your limp. “Are you okay kid, that injury doesn’t look too good.”
“I’ll… I’ll be okay, just need to rest a little.” You mumble.
“How did this happen to you?” He asks, kneeling down to match your height. You shuffle awkwardly in place, not really wanting to answer. “It’s alright, I want to help.” He takes off his mask letting you see his face and looks at you with gentle eyes. “I’m Ekko, this is my crew,” he gestures to the people behind him who give a short wave. “What’s your name, kid?” You take few breaths to calm yourself.
“I’m… (y/n).” You finally say. “Umm you-you said something about Shimmer dealers?” You ask looking at him curiously. He raises an eyebrow at you.
“I did. You know anything about that?” Ekko questions.
“A little. My uhhh, my dad sometimes makes me pick up his… orders…” You admit, unsure why you’re telling these people this. Ekko’s face twists in disgust, not aimed at you.
“Is that why you’re hurt? Did he do this to you?” His firm tone makes you tense and shrink a little, seeing this he softens his expression. “Hey, it’s alright. We want to and put a stop to this once and for all, you could help us.” You stare at him questioningly. “You had to collect from these dealer before, right? So you could help us identify them.” He explains.
“I don’t know… they aren’t very good people…” You shudder at the memories.
“Don’t worry, from now on, we’re here to protect you.” Ekko promises, once again offering you a hand. There was something about these people that you couldn’t help but feel safer around, especially Ekko, so with a bit more confidence then before you place your hand in his. Ekko lifts you into his arms, reliving the pressure on your injured leg, adjusting you so he could carry you with one arm and signal his group to continue.
You were both nervous and hopeful to what new future awaited you.
That’s all for now, what did you guys think? Should I write more for Arcane? I’m curious what you think 😁
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Night at the Bar - Chapter 2 (Sevika x Reader)
Tumblr media
A/n: PART TWO IS HERE! This is definitely developing into a series :) Some warm and fuzzy moments are squeezed between the reader and Powder/Jinx. This story is happening in Act 1 of Arcane for now. There are a few creative liberties sprinkled here and there 👁👄👁. Sorry, it took like a month and a half for this part. I am severely depressed and unmedicated. Hopefully, it won’t be another two months for the next part. Thank you for your patience.
Sevika X Fem!Reader, Younger Sister!Jinx x Older Sister/Cool Aunt!reader
Summary: You’re the sweet new bartender at the Last Drop, and you’ve seemed to catch the eye of one of the regulars. (This story is set in Act 1 of Arcane). 
Part: one
Word Count: 4.2k
Tags/Warnings: NSFW+18, MDNI, mild-noncon, Dubious Consent, Alcohol consumption, Illicit drug consumption, Shimmer (appearance/mentioning), Blood, Poorly written fight scene, Swearing, Partial nudity, Objectification, Descriptions of injuries, Groping, kinda Shy!Reader, Inexperienced!Reader, Sex workers, Catcalling, Kissing, Canon typical violence, Pet names, Sevika still has her arm 0.0
Tumblr media
Before he left you alone, you asked Vander if you could use the bathroom before you headed back onto the floor. He directed you to a small, cluttered half-bathroom before leaving you alone with a small smile. 
When you closed the door behind you, you let out a deep sigh and your knees almost buckled beneath you. You lean against the closed door for support. Whatever happened, you were far tenser and more wound up than you initially thought. 
“What was that,” you briefly closed your eyes, bringing your hand up to rub the cinch in your brow. When you close your eyes, you’re suddenly back in the booth. Sevikas dominating presence was once again looming over you. 
Sevika’s hand is cupping your cheek, and her other has you pinned to the partition of the booth. 
There would be no escaping her here.
Her lips are tilted upwards, a dark smirk adorns her face, and you realize that she’s only getting closer. She’s moving to kiss you again, and almost every part of you wants her to. 
Right before her lips have the chance to meet yours, you open your eyes and shake your head vigorously. What the hell were you doing? Some nerve you have, fantasizing like a schoolgirl in your boss's bathroom over someone you barely know.
You sluggishly move from the door to the sink. Once there, you turn on the cold water and let it run for a few seconds. You use that time to examine your face in the mirror. Your cheeks had deepened in color, and even now, you couldn’t wipe the bewilderment from your eyes. 
You sigh and then cup your hands beneath the cold water, letting it pool up in the palms of your hands before bringing it to your face. 
When you close your eyes, again, Sevika’s there. She has you pinned, in the booth, with her face buried in your neck. You can feel the tip of her nose brushing up against your jugular. She stops behind your ear, and you can feel her breathe you in. 
“Where does the little bunny think she’s hopping off to?” Sevika’s words cause an eruption of goosebumps to collect along the back of your neck and heat to pool in your core. 
She pulls back, so now your foreheads are mere millimeters apart, with hers just barely hovering above yours. You feel her warm breath on your top lip, her lips looming slightly above yours. She’s still teasing you, even in this weird, made-up fantasy. You can see it in her eyes. The pure mischievousness dancing around beneath her half-closed lids was the same you saw before she kissed you earlier in the night. 
Real or not, you almost cave under the weight of her steel eyes. You wanted to say sorry for whatever you did and that you would do anything to make up for it. You want to tell her you wouldn’t run from her even if you could, that you would willingly stay here forever if possible. You wanted her lips on yours again so bad. Like, really bad. 
The moment’s cut short before any of that could happen. 
“Hello? Are you okay in there?” followed by soft, insistent calls of your name could be heard on the other side of the door.
 It was Powder. 
Vander must’ve sent her to come and check in on you. ‘Oh great, how long have I been in the bathroom’  you sigh.
 “Yeah, I’ll be out in a second. Don’t worry,” You try to reassure Powder. You quickly scramble to dry your face and hands off.
You open the door to a rather glum-looking blue-haired girl. Powder was leaning against the wall adjacent to the door with her arms tightly crossed around her chest. She was holding what looked like a stuffed rabbit. Her bottom lip was sticking out in a pout, and her bangs covered her eyes, casting a shadow over her face.
“What's up, Powder?” Whatever you were just feeling is overwhelmed by worry. All thoughts of Sevika vanished. Although you hadn’t known Vander’s kids for too long, it wasn’t a stretch to say you had a soft spot for the young girl. She reminded you a lot of yourself, very shy but always eager to help those she loves. She's just a bit clumsy. 
“I slipped up during a mission today, and now everyone’s mad at me,” she huffed, pushing herself from the wall with her foot. “Vander asked me to come to check on you.”
“I’m okay, just finishing up in the bathroom.” You give her a soft smile, pointing back towards the room you’d just left. “You want to walk me back?” 
“Sure,” She grumbled. The frown on her face doesn’t move. 
'she's not very hospitable is she?' you wince are her shortness.
Suddenly you have an idea of how to cheer the younger girl up. 
“I’ll make you a mocktail when we get to the bar,” you promised with a light tone and a bright smile. 
At that, Powder's face lit up like a light. “Really!?” 
You nod brightly, and she begins leading the way with a slight pep in her step. She has you by the wrist, with her stuffed animal in her other hand. 
“You’re always so nice,”  She sighs as you make your way down the corridor. “Everyone’s always so mean to me, especially Mylo. It’s not like I’m trying to mess up our missions on purpose.” You can hear her roll her eyes, despite her back facing you.
“You’re just a little clumsy, that's all.” You pick up your pace so you can drape your arm over her shoulder, pulling her into a half-hug. “It’s not fair to you, but I’m sure they all had things they struggled with when they were your age.” 
“That’s what Vi said, but-“ Powder tries to interject, but you don’t let her.
“I disagree with their methods, but they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they have. They’re trying to teach you a lesson, so you aren’t hurt in the ways they were,” you continue.
“It doesn’t make it right, but I know your sister and Vander love you, and their intentions are to protect you.” You stop at the door, and like Vander did earlier that night, you gently place your hands on Powder‘s shoulders. 
“BUT!” A wide smile covers your face, and unlike Vander, you hold her at arm’s length and shake her shoulders lightly. “That doesn’t mean you should let Mylo or Claggor walk all over you. They deserve a good ole’ knuckle sandwich once in a while.” 
Powder smiles brightly at you; her mood seems to have brightened since you began your trek from the bathroom. ‘Great!’ you think to yourself. 
“Let’s go get you that drink now, shall we?” You push the door open for her. 
“Yeah, let’s go!” she says excitedly, hurrying to the barstool closest to the door. 
The second you walk through the door, your body becomes keenly aware of why you left. A shiver runs down your spine. You can feel Sevika’s eyes on you immediately.
You try your hardest not to look in her direction as you make your way to the bar.
“Aye! Hun, Welcome back,” Vander offered you a small smile. He was too busy mixing drinks to notice your nervous demeanor. 
“Hi. I offered Powder a mocktail for her excellent guide services,” you say, rubbing your elbows skittishly. “Then I’ll be back to busing drinks out to tables?” 
“Sounds like a plan to me, hun.” 
You turn your back to Vander and bring your attention back to Powder. 
You two decide on a virgin piña colada. You begin making it right away. As you start, it’s hard to ignore the looming stares from behind. You feel so bare and so seen under Sevika’s intense gaze. 
At some point, you go to reach under the counter for a can of pineapple juice, and on the way back up, you accidentally lock eyes with her.
You wonder what she's thinking about. Because if she's looking at you, she's definitely not thinking about cards. Is she thinking about you the same way you are her? Did she long to touch you again? Why even did she do that? Does she make a habit of doing this with every waitress she meets? If not- Why is she teasing you? Is she being cruel on purpose?
Sevika's not even attempting to hide that she’s staring at you, practically undressing you with her eyes in front of everyone. Flustered, you quickly look away with a high-pitched squeak, like a child that's been caught misbehaving. 
“Is everything okay?” Powder asks, noticing your stiff composure.
“Hm? Me? Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’m fine,” you try to deflect as you compile all the ingredients into a small blender with some ice. “I’m okay, p-promise.” you stumble a little over your words, but she seems convinced enough.
You turn the blender on and watch as all the ingredients come together. It emulsifies into a creamy yellow slushy, and you pour it into a deep chalice, topping it with a small, purple drink umbrella and a cherry. 
“There you go!” You smile. 
Tumblr media
The rest of your shift went smoothly. Constantly being watched made you anxious, but you somehow managed to focus your attention on other customers at the bar. Powder had left shortly after finishing her drink, leaving you with the promise to speak again when you work next. Sitting and mingling with people helped you occupy more of your time. You load up on drink orders every time you go to the bar. Overall, you kept yourself distracted.
Sevika left maybe two hours before closing (which your nerves appreciated greatly), but begrudgingly, her group of subordinates stayed until well after closing. Vander almost had to throw them out. They just wouldn't leave. The man Sevika threw out the door earlier had recovered and had rejoined the group. His left brow was bloody, and his nose was crooked- no doubt broken. They were all shitfaced and could barely hold themselves up on their way out. After about an hour or so of helping Vander clean up, you finished and were able to leave yourself.
Vander asked if you needed someone to walk you home. He even offered his older daughter, Vi. You politely decline, not wanting to bother Vander or his family for help anymore that night. Vander also agreed not to tell Babatte what happened, mostly because he feared what might become of him should he inform her he let Sevika get anywhere near you. 
You’re on your way back home. It was freezing and, if possible, darker than it was when you had started your shift. The streets were empty except for the occasional drunk asleep on the side of the road. You were sporting an old, worn-out jacket and a pair of cotton gloves that poorly insulated your hands. Collectively, they were doing very little to keep you warm. You tried to keep a brisk pace to make up for it. Thankfully, the brothel wasn’t too far from the bar, so you didn’t have too far to go. 
You were maybe two blocks away from the brothel, about to pass an alley, when suddenly, three of the men from the rowdy table emerged from the dark. The man with a broken nose stood at the forefront of the group, the leader. He had a sick, vile smirk plastered on his face. 
“Where does the pretty lady think she's going this late at night? Hmm?” His friendly tone did little to hide his sinister intentions. 
“P-please, I’m just trying to get home,” You whimper, attempting to back away, but before you can, his lackeys grab you and stop you from running. 
"Oh no, you don't!"
“You got me in trouble with the boss lady. I think you deserve to pay. Bring her into the alley,” He motions for them to follow him into the alley. 
You begin thrashing in their hold, panicked about what's to come.
“Please, I didn’t know she’d do that-  and I-I didn’t even ask her to! Please let me go!” You’re desperate not to find out what he has planned for you.
“Don’t worry,” When he deems you far enough into the alley, he turns around. This time you notice a distinct, almost animalistic purple hue to his eyes that wasn’t there before. “This will only hurt a lot. Undress her boys,” The men holding you begin doing as he says. Frantically they start ripping your clothes from you, starting with your jacket. 
Only your bra shields your torso from the chill in the air when a fist collides with the ringleader's face. His body flies back, and his head makes contact with the brick alley wall. 
“Boss?” One of the men asks for some sign of life. After a few seconds, he stands up, less phased by the blow than he should’ve been. 
“You would’ve survived longer if you had just stayed down,” You jerk in the direction of your savior's voice.
“If you had pretended to be dead, maybe you would’ve lived to see tomorrow.” 
A cigarillo was hanging from her mouth, and she wore a dark expression. She was angry, but you couldn’t read her face past that. It shouldn’t have been the case, but Sevika was almost more frightening than the impending doom facing you moments ago. 
“Heh, I’ve got a little pick-me-up this time around,” The ringleader says, wiping blood from his nose. Like a fool, the man readies himself for a fight, taking a sloppy boxer stance. He extends himself so that his forearms can protect his face and torso. He looks awkwardly slouched at best compared to Sevika’s intimidating stature.
“I think I can take you this time,” he snickered. 
Was he out of his mind!? Even his men look at him incredulously, like he had some sort of death wish. 
“I’m getting tired of you,” Sevika grunts. “Talking big and touching things that don’t belong to you.” She briefly glanced towards you. Despite the inappropriate timing, you can feel your face flush. 
“You mean this pretty little thing?” The man takes you by the wrist from his men. It’s hard not to feel like your brain is just loosely bobbing in your head now. You can hardly believe what’s happening.
“I don’t see your name on her anywhere.” He slumped over you, examining you like a predator might its prey. 
“Never mind that- I can change that,” You could hear her teeth grinding together from where you were. Her deep voice sends chills down your spine and butterflies to your core. You aren’t sure you want to know what she means by that. For now, you ignore it as she continues. “You gettin’ up this next time around is gonna change as well.” She chuckles, rolling her shoulders back and cracking her neck simultaneously.
“We’ll see about that,” The man pushes you back into his men, charging at Sevika. The men cushion your fall, but they don’t wait for the fight to continue to scatter. They seemed to know the outcome of the battle already.
You wonder if you should do the same. You could run to safety from here, the brothel wasn’t too far away, and the two seemed distracted enough with each other to not worry about you. 
You imagine Babette is already pacing the entrance worriedly. When you arrive, she’d likely greet you with a slap on the wrist for worrying her. She’d then get a good look at you and pull you in for a hug. You would finally be safe for the night. 
However, when you go to stand, your legs are frozen, unyielding to your direction. Your body was too overwhelmed with fear to move.
 ‘Come on, now is not the time to not work.’ You hit your thighs with balled fists, hoping you’d be able to encourage your nervous system to function correctly.  Instead, it seems you’re stuck on the ground, forced to witness the outcome of this fight from your knees. 
When you finally give up on your legs, you zone back into the fight. Initially, you couldn’t tell who was winning or losing. The man had Sevika pinned to the ground, but it looked like more blood was coming from his face. He also seems to be more desperate for air than she does. 
He went to hit her, but she overpowered him and redirected his punch. Sevika shoved him off of her, but before he could get away, Sevika picked him up and threw him up into the alley wall. You could hear his bones crack and shatter when he made contact.  Whatever ”pick-me-up” he was referring to earlier either wasn’t strong enough or was starting to wear off. 
The man fell to the ground, and it became clear who the winner was. Every part of this man looked defeated. His pointed hair had fallen, his left brow was purple and swollen, and his right one had caved in earlier in the fight; neither of his eyes was visible. Blood and mucus spewed from his nose. 
Just when you think it can’t get any more unsightly, Sevika approaches him. She looks at him like he’s worth less than a speck of dirt, spits on him, then brutally kicks his stomach, knocking him back into the wall. Whatever he last ate is now on the ground beneath him. He coughs up bile. It unceremoniously mixes with the other fluids in a small puddle beneath his face. 
The man appeared to be faintly breathing. However, he wasn’t getting up on his own anymore, if at all. 
“Pathetic. You know I should kill ya’ for how you’ve behaved tonight,” Sevika sneered, harshly pressing her boot onto the man’s skull. You grimaced, watching the man wince in pain. “I should’ve killed you there in the bar- made a point out of you then.”
Suddenly she looks over at you, and you gasp. The look in her eyes is so intense and bloodthirsty. She turns her attention back to the man far too soon. 
“I didn’t wanna scare the pretty little thing away,” She crouched to his level. On her knees, she grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him up so that he was kind of (maybe) looking her in the eyes. “It’s a real shame you made me do it anyway.” 
She drops the man's head abruptly. It makes a rather comical ‘splat’ noise when his face hits the ground.
She turns to you. 
Now it’s just the two of you again. 
“I didn’t anticipate our next meeting to be this way,” She grumbles.
She starts to approach you. Your legs are still jelly, so in a miserable attempt to keep your distance, you push yourself back with your hands. 
“You’re getting yourself all dirty,” Sevika slows her approach when she realizes how frightened you are, but she doesn’t stop. “Earlier at the bar should be proof enough. I don’t want to hurt you,” she scoffed.
“Hey!” You halt and let out a high-pitched squeak. Sevika chuckles, and at the same time, a gust of wind reminds you that your torso is still bare, and you’re still unsure of where your shirt is. You wish you could cave in on yourself and disappear, but you suffice with just shyly covering yourself up with your arms. 
“Let me help you up,” She says. She's closer now, so you can see her appearance better. There was a small cut on her cheek, and her bottom lips split. You could hear in her breathing that the man probably got a good hit on her rib cage. Aside from that, however, Sevika seemed to be just fine. 
“I can do it!” You timidly state. In an effort that fails, you try to push yourself up, having regained some feeling in your legs. You’re far too shaky to support yourself, so had Sevika not been there to help, you probably would’ve fallen. 
“Uh-huh, sure,” She snickers, supporting you with an arm wrapped around your waist. You’re red as a tomato. You can just feel it. 
“I need to find my shirt,” You mumble shyly. Your jacket had all of the night tips in it though. “Oh my god, and my jacket!” 
You try to scramble forward, but Sevika’s got you in a tight hold. “Wha-what are you-“ You stop halfway through your sentence when you meet her steel gaze. 
Sevika is looking down at you through half-closed lids again.
 “As much as I’d hate to agree with that filthy sack of shit,” she starts slowly. You swallow hard.
 “He had a point,” She takes her unoccupied hand and rests it firmly at the base of your clavicle, holding you in place almost.
'Did he!?' you're freaking out internally.
Her thumb brushes against your jugular. “There’s nothing on you saying I own you.”
“Not yet, at least,” She chuckles. 
“What do you mean?!” you frantically ask, now trying everything in your power to pull away, only for your previous fear to be confirmed- there was no escaping. 
“W-Wait!” You try to reason with her, but it’s no use. Sevika leans down regardless of your fighting. At first, her lips brush against your neck gently, much like in your head earlier. Sevikas lips delicately brush along your neck vein, peppering small kisses in their wake. You can feel goosebumps rise along the back of your neck. 
“Just hold still,” She whispers. “I won’t hurt you too much, you pretty thing.” 
She drags her fingers down your exposed spine. It truly didn’t take much. Just like that, you’re entirely enamored and under her spell. Your eyes start to close slowly, and you just feel yourself loosen up, becoming entranced in her. 
She starts nibbling but shortly moves to suckle a spot at the base of your neck. You know it’s bound to leave a mark, but it feels so good. She begins to suck harder, and you poorly attempt begging her to stop. “Mmhm, please. P-please stop.”  
To your surprise, she only continues suckling a little longer before she promptly stops and pulls away.
 “There,” She wears a smug look on her face. “It's not too big, but everyone’ll know not to touch you.” 
You are unsure how to feel about her predatory nature, especially considering you've just met her. You don’t hate how her attention makes you feel; the feeling is quite intoxicating. You’ve never felt anything like it. You're not quite sure you want her attention to stop. 
“I- Thank you?” 
You can tell she enjoys playing with you too. She chuckles, releasing your waist and patting your backside to begin guiding you out of the dim alley.
You found your shirt in scraps on the ground, but you were more grateful to find your jacket. Sevika insisted on walking you back to the brothel. ‘There goes keeping this whole thing a secret.’ 
Despite the anxiety eating you alive, the walk home was peaceful. Sevika’s hand stayed at your waist the entire time, but it didn’t feel forced or like she had ulterior motives. You felt safe and protected- no one would approach you out of the dark while she was with you. 
As you walk in the door, a familiar warmth engulfs you. A light in the corner cast a dim red hue throughout the room. As expected, Babette is there pacing the floor. You can see a small ring where she's been walking on the carpet.
“Where have you been? Your shift ended an hour and a half ago!” Babette was quick to pull you away from Sevika. So quickly, she didn’t see Sevika at first. She examines you thoroughly to make sure you’re alright.
You are convinced for a moment that Babettes died when she spots the hickey on your neck. Babette finally sees Sevika, and all color drains from her face. 
“W-What a surprise!?“ Babetta quickly ushers you to stand behind her as she continues to exchange pleasantries. “Sevika! Thank you for bringing my daughter home safely.”
 “It was no problem, but you should keep an eye on this one Babette,” Sevika still had that smug air about her. It doesn’t help that she looks down on the two of you. 
Babette releases a curious hum in response. 
“She has a way of making people at the bar go crazy,” Sevika looks past Babette and at you as she speaks. You shudder and wrap your jacket tighter around yourself. Babette, of course, notices all of this. 
And thank the gods she does. 
“Well, dear, why don’t you go off to bed? You look rather cold and tired.” Babette pushes you on towards the housing quarters. You try not to sprint away. You can still feel Sevika staring at you as you leave. 
Once you get to your room, you close and lock the door before you collapse against it. You hoped some privacy and time alone would allow the weight of the events to roll off your shoulders. But it doesn’t- you can feel every ounce of exhaustion in your bones bring you down. 
‘Maybe a shower?’ you contemplate. ‘But I am so tired.’ 
After fighting and losing the battle with yourself, you decided you should get up and shower before bed. ‘I've already lost this much sleep. I guess a little more can’t hurt me.’
With that, you slowly crawl to your bed to get ready for a shower. You gather a spare change of clothes and a towel before heading on your way.
Tumblr media
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cheeriecherry · 2 days ago
May I please have cooking with Viktor 😃 and dancing in the kitchen while the food is going??
The smell of steaming broth fills the kitchen while you chop vegetables, dumping them bit by bit into the large pot on the stove. The weather has finally cooled off; sweaty summer days giving way to comfortable breezy autumn. Otherwise known as Stew Season. You knew Viktor enjoyed the season too, if only for the delicious meals you made, and you thought he might enjoy the surprise -given his recent stress levels and sub-par mood.
You hear the front door jiggle and creak open, followed by the telltale tap of a cane on the hardwood floors, and you can’t help the smile that breaks across your face. A few moments later, your beloved boyfriend wanders into the kitchen to offer you a tired ‘hello’ and a kiss on the cheek.
“What’s all this?” he asks, sneaking a peek into the pot. You delightfully inform him that the temperature throughout the day was finally low enough to be considered Fall, reveling in the way his eyes light up. “Stew?” he wonders, excitement bubbling up beneath his exhaustion. You confirm that yes, you’ve made one of his favourites, and he immediately gathers you up in his arms.
“Viktor!” you laugh, as he holds you close and absolutely smothers you in kisses. You squirm halfheartedly, and he just as easily wrangles you back into a warm hug, setting his chin on your shoulder. You find yourselves gently swaying back and forth, to no rhythm besides perhaps the beat of your heart. “I love you,” he says softly, nosing at your cheek, and you tilt your head slightly to bring your lips together.
“I love you too,” you whisper back to him, and release him from your hold. He looks like he wants to complain, and possibly try and convince you to give him some more affection, so you scoot over from your spot at the counter and hand him a potato. “Since you’re home so early, you get to help me chop vegetables.” He glances down at the root, and with a quiet huff of a laugh, quickly finds himself a spot beside you.
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tweek-tweak22 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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everafterfics · 2 days ago
What Do You Know About Love? [Viktor x Reader]
This was just a quick fic cause I was having some feelings recently that I needed to get out. It’s about 650 words and I wrote it kinda fast. There’s no use of Y/N at all either by the way.
Viktor says that he loves you but you aren’t sure what love feels like.
Warnings: Nothing explicit. I don’t want to say it’s angst but the reader does question themselves about love
Tumblr media
Viktor cupped your cheeks gently in his hands and he brought your face close to his own. “I love you.” he whispered before placing his lips upon your own. It was a long drawn out kiss, passionate without going over the edge. He pulled away slowly but when he opened his eyes the last thing that Viktor expected to see were tears streaming down your face. He hesitantly placed a single hand to your cheek and lightly wiped away a tear as he spoke. “What’s wrong?”
“I-I want to…” Your voice caught in your throat, unable to complete your sentence. 
Viktor cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. He spoke with a voice like honey, one that could soothe anything that was wrong. “You want to? What is it that you want my love?”
“I want to say it back. But I-“ You backed away from his touch and wrapped your arms around yourself. “I don’t think I know what love is.” You sniffled and felt your throat grow tight. You hated crying in front of anybody, but something about crying in front of Viktor felt even worse. You didn’t want him to pity you, not for something as mundane as this. And yet you continued to cry, your sobs growing louder and more intense with every sentence spoken. “I’ve never… been with anybody before, so how can I possibly know when I’m actually feeling love. I don’t even think I mean it when I say it to my parents. I just- I don’t want to say it and not mean it. How can I tell if I mean it?!” 
Viktor took you by the shoulders and pulled you into a tight hug. “Shhh. It’s ok. You don’t have to say it back.”
“It’s not fair to you.” You sobbed into his chest and he began to lightly stroke your hair.
“Then let me ask you, how often do you think of me?”
You thought for a moment before answering in a pitiful and hoarse voice “…Everyday”
Viktor hummed in response, a small smile working it’s way onto his lips. “And when you see me, does your heart flutter? Does the sight of me put a smile on your face?”
A smile cracked onto your own lips at his questions. “Yes.” Came your answer, muffled from your face in his shirt. 
“Would you be devastated if I were to die?”
You pulled away from him at his suddenly dark question. Your face was riddled with despair. So much so that Viktor felt terrible for even asking such a thing. “Viktor, please don’t make me think of things like that.”
“I’m sorry dear.” he sighed and ran his hands down your arms until they were grasping your own. “I do have one more question though. When I tell you I love you does it warm your heart?”
You looked at him with tear-filled eyes and gave a warm smile. “It does.” you answered.
“All of those thoughts and feelings… that is love.”
“It is?” 
He smiled warmly at you. “It is. But you don’t have to say it. I’ve known that you loved me for quite some time.”
“You have?”
Viktor leaned in to touch his forehead to yours. “Mhmm. I’ve known from the way to bring me food when you know I haven’t eaten. And from the small gifts you give me, just because you saw them and thought of me. From the long nights you spend by my side just so I am not alone.” With each new example he gives your smile grows wider and wider. “You don’t need to say you love me because you show it instead.” He leaned his head back up and looked into your eyes, still puffy from crying but now scrunched in the corners from your wide grin. “And so you don’t forgot, I will tell you once more. I love you” 
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givemebeansnow · a day ago
It's me
Found this old thing hanging around my "rejected" folder and freshened it up a little.
From a discarded m!OC x Silco fic, now brought to you as a oneshot.
Silco x gn!reader, angst, break up, dissociative behaviour, implied death at the end but there's technically a follow up
It's me
Silco and you had broken up ages ago, right around the time he started developing Shimmer with the doctor. Your relationship would “prove an unnecessary distraction from his plans should it continue” as he had put it so eloquently. In good old Silco fashion your break-up had essentially been another of his endless monologues; very one sided, no point left for discussion. 
 He was simply done with you, and that was that.
He’d always been a right bastard but you never would have imagined him kicking you to the curb, not after everything you gave up for him and the Children of Zaun, especially not after supporting him through Vander’s betrayal. 
 You had spent weeks curled up by his side in that dank, grimey cave Peter called his laboratory back then, before the warehouse, watching him recover. Somehow, by miracle, or rather by curse, the doctor had managed to save most of your boyfriend’s mangled face, but the events had still left Silco scarred; in more ways than one, Vander had torn away and drowned chunks of him.
And as you lay awake each night, to the sight of that withering eye and necrotic flesh wrapped in loose bandages, you wondered just how much of Silco you would be able to save, how much of himself he would choose to keep.
 You were apparently not one of those parts worth keeping.
It stung, that betrayal, because that’s what it was. It broke you, having the man you loved more than you had ever thought yourself capable of discard you like you never meant anything to him to begin with. 
 All the years of fighting at each other’s side, running from  Enforcers in the complicated architectural structures you called home, bonding over what you had lost and everything you wanted to fight for, growing closer with each wound you stitched up for the other. 
Stealing that first chaste kiss in the narrow, collapsing mine shaft he took you to, to show you where he’d come from, to reveal another part of himself to you.
All the kisses that followed, the love you chose to share with each other whenever an opportunity presented itself. 
Now it all suddenly meant nothing to him, this new man he had forced himself to become.
You wanted to hate him for it, tried to convince yourself into believing that he really had been replaced by a ruthless monster with a heart of stone and no capacity for any sort of love left inside. For a while you did. 
 But more than anything you hated yourself, for not being worth keeping, worth loving. Not even a monster could love you.
You had given everything you ever had, ever been to Silco, your heart and soul, would have gladly given your life for the cause you both believed in. 
 To come to the realisation your love had been so one sided – it broke something deep within you, more than you were willing or able to admit.  
Yet still, you stuck around. All the years of fighting, of rebellion, all the dozens of lives lost along this path of war; if you left now it would all have been for nothing. 
Silco may have decided he didn’t need you by his side as a partner anymore but you were still a weathered rebel, a true Child of Zaun, like all the others who had decided to join him. He still needed loyal people to fight for the cause and you were still willing to give your life. 
For the Nation. For Silco. 
With time, it began to heal, that bleeding socket where your heart used to be. You weren’t only trying to get over a breakup, you realised a couple of weeks into a depressive episode, but mourning. 
 Mourning a dead man, a ghost that you were forced to still see every day.
He had said it himself, Vander had killed a lesser man. For all intents and purposes, your Silco was dead and you had been left with nothing but your own heart to bury.
The years went on, the doctor made steady progress and soon, Shimmer would be ready for distribution. The time of waiting would be over and Vander would pay. Oh, how he would pay, him and all of Topside, soon enough. Just a bit more time.
What was consuming you, slowly, gradually wasn’t simple grief or anger. You couldn’t quite place it and by the time you realised you were losing yourself to it, it was too late to turn back.
It was still holding together, the flesh construction that was you. Holding on, just another day, another week, you kept telling yourself. Silco’s plan would succeed and all the suffering you had gone through would be worth it. 
It didn’t matter that you were barely a person anymore, wrung out, tired and broken. Just another day, any day now, just another week or two.
Then one morning, the hinges to your bedroom door creak faintly.
“It’s me. I need you to do something for me”, his voice was as cold and distant as ever but there was a hint of something familiar in there if you could believe it.
He handed you an envelope, blank, no address or name on it. Fingers connecting briefly, warm digits lingering a moment longer than necessary, then gone.
“What is this?”, your own voice, foreign to you. You had resigned yourself to speaking little, only when necessary. Waste of energy, energy you would need soon. Just a few more days.
He was pacing around you with long strides. Hands usually folded behind his back were swinging gently with each step, just barely brushing past your waist with how closely he rounded you. 
There was a familiarity in his predatory stalk, gaze boring into you but not making eye contact, no, it lingered on the envelope you were holding between index and middle finger, like he’d just passed you a cigarette. 
He still smelled of the tobacco you used to steal from a shop near the Promenade, the same kind Benzo was selling these days. Nowadays you went to get it alone and Silco didn’t share anymore.
“Take it to the red alcove by the elevators at 3pm sharp. An Enforcer will be there taking his break. His name is Marcus. If he has any questions, you tell him to do what the letter says and they’ll be answered” 
A curt nod before you pocket the object in your pants. He’s still not looking at you and there is still something different you cannot place. One of his hands comes to rest on your shoulder and it nearly jump starts your system. It’s the first time he’s touched you gently in what feels like decades, not a harsh shove to the side or kick to the shin when you were blocking his way. 
Just a hand, resting on your shoulder and the world stops moving for the fraction of a second, before Silco speaks again. 
“Another thing”
Another turn of the globe, time set back into motion. And his eyes meet yours, seafoam green and hellish red swirl and they’re just as gentle as his touch.
“Though I feel I do not  have to stress this: Don’t mess up. Everything hinges on you getting this letter to Marcus. Our timeline has moved up, this is the last puzzle piece and you’re the only one I can trust not to disappoint me” 
It’s manipulation then, you conclude, flattery. He believes he has to bribe you with insincere affection to ensure your successful delivery. Yes, that’s it. The floodgates to your emotions stay closed for now, you’re still just another pawn to be placed. 
Why Silco would need to puppeteer you like this when you’ve already sworn your undying loyalty to him is beyond you, but not for you to judge. 
“Of course, Silco. He’ll get it” 
His touch leaves you wanting, despite your better judgement, despite knowing better than to expect anything more than whatever this was. And then it leaves you altogether when he withdraws his palm unhurriedly, fingertips grazing over the holes in your worn collar, sending small electric shocks into your spine.
 But you don’t fold, not a shiver escapes you. You won’t fall to his tactics, you don’t have to, he’s already got you.
 “Good”, the floorboards creak when he turns on his heel and leaves you standing in the dimly lit room. 
In the end, most things went according to plan. You delivered the letter with Silco’s instructions to Marcus and everything fell into place. Benzo’s death was brutal, if a bit swift for your liking, Vander was retrieved and given a choice by Silco. Of course, he chose wrong.
Wrong, wrong, oh so very wrong was everything that followed from there. 
You could barely hear the shouts of Locke and Dustin over the ringing in your ears. Something about Sevika was all you could decipher before your hearing was lost to you completely. Sight wasn't faring much better, mostly reds and oranges of the flames licking at your immovable limbs. 
How did you end up on the floor again? What is that dull pressure on your left flank? 
Your hearing returns to you in time with Locke���s arms scooping you up and out of the rubble, something metallic tearing from your abdomen. He shouts your name over the chaos, the metal walkways collapsing around you, and you cough up blood in response. 
You hear your name again moments later, being carried outside into the raging downpour, but it’s not Locke’s voice. Someone less panicked, calm, collected. And you realise then you’re no longer being held in bulky, meaty arms but slender, wiry ones, the shivering cold of wet concrete and rainwater cooling your singed legs. 
Despite your best efforts, your eyes refuse to focus on the face looming over you, blood and dust obstructing your vision, but you can nearly make out a shape that’s been etched into your memories with a searing knife. 
High cheekbones, thin, scarred lips, high forehead and sharp jaw. A single speck of green in an otherwise blurry orange inferno. 
Then again, an utterance of your name, with more urgency this time and the face shifts, still out of focus but clearly stricken with worry. Silco. It’s Silco. Your SIlco. Holding you in his arms and saying your name.
Suddenly, all at once you’re reeling back into reality. Pain, inexplicable pain is the first feeling you’re overcome with, every surface of your skin exposed to the air and rain burning like hot acid has been poured over you. Fire, you correct your racing mind. You were burning alive just a few moments ago.
An agonising wail gets stuck in your throat, choked up with blood and phlegm and Silco shushes you. He gathers your burnt body closer to himself until you can feel his pounding heartbeat beneath the layers of clothing and his face finally comes into focus. 
His eyes are darting back and forth wildly between your own, brows knitted together tightly. 
Your mind is reeling in confusion and pain. It seems surreal, for so many different reasons that SIlco is cradling you so closely. 
Feelings left locked away and barricaded for years crash in on you in a cataclysmic wave, memories of better days, laughing in the rain, holding each other and nearly empty bottles of suspicious liquor at the banks of the Pilt. And suddenly it isn't only raindrops falling from your cheeks.
Then he says something unintelligible to you, while you just stare back up at him widely, holding yourself together, just another minute, just another moment. When he doesn’t get the reply he expected he starts to repeat himself, but the croaked words you’re forcing through your failing throat interrupt. 
“Is it you, love?”, a question asked in dimly lit rooms, from atop stained mattresses into the darkness when the hinges of a bedroom door creak in the middle of the night. 
Now in a voice that is so clearly yours, yet so infinitely far removed from yourself, and it isn’t answered with a soft sigh, softer words and yet softer kisses; instead there is a pause during which SIlco, your Silco gapes at you with his chipped front teeth trapping his trembling lower lip, 
Then a softening of his features, a mask crumbling before your tired, heavy eyes, allowing a brief glimpse at another man, a younger man with compassion and love reserved for you. 
And as the edges of your vision creep in darkly once more, the weight of your drenched and charred body dragging you deeper into the enticing calm of nothingness you hear your heart speak from above you once more.
“It’s me”
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sapphic-woes · 21 days ago
How it be all the time sometimes.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 3 months ago
Hey i see that asks are open again. Nice love your stuff. Can i ask for some arcane girls or guys.thinking there s/o left them after there first time but they are just down stairs making them some food or so ? Thanks anyway ❤️
I'm so happy to hear you like my writing. Thanks for the wholesome ask Anon!
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Marcus, Jayce, Viktor, Mel x Reader
Tags: mild-smut, developing relationship, morning after, kisses, making breakfast, hugs, neck kisses, shoulder kisses, flirting, teasing, slight dirty talk
A/N: My cooking skills aren't that good but I'd try for these characters.
Tumblr media
Jinx is very cuddly in the morning so when she wakes up and finds that you're not there after the amazing night you spent together she's a bit hurt at first. The voices are taunting her about you leaving of course and she's quick to shut them up.
She tries to shrug it off, after all you're not exactly exclusive yet so she can't afford to be too jealous. She throws her clothes and gets ready for the day. When a scent of something burning catches her nose she things she set something on fire over night. However what she finds is you in the kitchen wearing only a shirt and your underwear as you struggle to make breakfast on her fire hazard of a stove.
"Ah there ya are sweet stuff. Almost thought ya left me. That'd be pretty fucking crappy don't ya think? If ya don't wanna be an item just tell me, no need ta sneak out. And trying to burn my place down too? Tryin ta get rid of the evidence or something? Ya... wanted to make me breakfast in bed? And ask me ta be your girlfriend? Oh... I uh... may have jumped the gun a little... I can make it up ta ya with a kiss."
Tumblr media
Vi can't lie and say that she was more then disappointed when she woke up to an empty bed. She may be tough on the outside but you managed to break into her heart, so she can't just pretend that it was a one night thing.
After all she took you on quite a few dates before this and thought that the two of you were on the same page about the relationship. Clearly not. She wants to blow off some steam. However just as she pulls her hoodie over her head she hears someone humming. It turns out to be you, back turned to her while making food. Vi grins and sneaks up on you, startling you for a moment as she hugs you to her front and tilts your head to kiss your neck, right over the kisses and bite marks she made last night.
"Morning sweetheart, though you left me but... this is a nice surprise for sure. I had half the mind to march over to your place and give you a piece of my mind for toying with me. Glad I don't have to. Food looks good. Oh and the pancakes too. Hold still, I want to have a little taste, the pancakes can wait. You bet your sweet ass I'll put you on the table, I might be from Zaun but I eat my food at the table."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn is surprised to find you gone in the morning. After all you'd have to sneak off through the window and she's pretty sure she would have heard you.
She absolutely wants to have a talk with you about leaving after having sex for the first time. You seemed pretty happy last night and didn't make any move to leave why she fell asleep. She can't think of any reason you'd sneak off. But before she goes to confront you she needs to eat something since she's pretty spent from last night. Caitlyn makes her way into the kitchen only to find you laughing and talking with her dad as you make food for her and the other Kiramman's.
"For a moment I thought you snuck out on me darling. Glad to see that wasn't the case. What are you making? Hm... sounds good. And did you put my dad up to helping you or was he already here? You're learning the secret Kiramman recipes? Well I know we've been doing pretty well but a marriage is going a little too fast don't you think, plus I don't even have a ring for you. A kiss? Sure I can do that for you, but I fully expect you to make this up to me with a date at a later time."
Tumblr media
Ekko was a bit glad when he didn't find you in bed the next day. He does enjoy your company but he's part of a rebellion so it might be best for you to keep your distance.
However when he washes up and gets into the kitchen he finds you already sitting at the little table, waiting for him as you divide the breakfast and coffee you made. He's a bit at a loss for words at first because the last thing he expected after a wild night of having sex was for you to have the energy to get up before him and make all this food for the two of you. He's still not sure if you should involve yourself with him so closely but he can't fight the warm feeling in his heart as you motion him to sit down and eat before it gets cold.
"Color me surprised Firefly, you got more stamina than I gave you credit for. Have you been holding out on me last night? No, I'm not complaining about it, couldn't you tell I had fun? Did you... did you run into anyone while getting the ingredients for this? I'm not embarrassed, I just... I'm a little worried for your safety alright? I don't want you to get in trouble because you're associated with me, we're not exactly popular in Zaun at the moment. Yeah I know you can take care of yourself, but you can't stop me from worrying about you, not now or ever."
Tumblr media
Silco is used to sleeping alone so getting to fall asleep next to someone for the night was refreshing. He wasn't really expecting you to stay either so he goes about his day when he wakes up.
Upon opening the door however he's met with Jinx who tells him that you're in the kitchen and that you're... not the worst choice for a partner. Confused Silco makes his way to the kitchen where he finds you cooking for three. You see him and forget the food for a moment as you cross the distance between you and give him a big kiss and tell him good morning and you hope he's worked up an appetite since last night. Silco chuckles and is about to kiss you back when Jinx barges in commenting on how gross you're being so early in the morning.
"So uh... darling, I think we should eat, after all you went through all the trouble of making breakfast, it'd be a shame if it went cold. Jinx you be polite, they're a guest. No, not because... nevermind, eat your food. Why are you laughing for? My façade? I have no such thing darling, you've seen all of me from the start. Including last night. Right, sorry, Jinx you eat here, we're gonna take our food upstairs. Come darling. Sorry about her, she's a good kid I promise. No she won't try to kill you. I promise. Hey, wow, what are... oh... I was serious about the food but... I could work up a bit more of an appetite."
Tumblr media
Sevika is usually the one to leave, not the other way around. She didn't expect anything from the relationship, after all it was just a one-night stand. At least it was supposed to be.
Sevika takes a quick shower only to come back to the bedroom with you standing there holding a tray of food and wearing nothing but a shirt. She doesn't bother to hide the way her eyes hungerly trail over your mostly naked body. You fidget under her gaze and tell her you wanted to make her breakfast as a thank you for an amazing time last night. Sevika can't help but smirk and lick her lips before she takes the tray, disposes of it on a nearby desk, picks you up and throws you back on the bed, practically tearing your shirt with her metal hand and kissing a way down your neck, shoulders, chest and stomach.
"I appreciate the food sweetcheeks, but if you wanted to thank me you should have waited for me with your legs open. It was a nice gesture though, who knew you were such a romantic. Of course I plan to eat it, you worked so hard on it after all. But first I'm gonna have my fill of you. Huh, why do you want me to wait? You wanna do this again? Take to dinner? I don't really date. You'll bribe me with more food? As in actual food or... this. Hm... well if that's my treat I might think about a date. Now, let me hear you moan for me."
Tumblr media
Marcus doesn't have much time for one-night stands so that fact that had one with you was pretty unusual already.
He didn't expect you to say and thought you'd sneak out as soon you as you woke up. Instead however he found you in his small kitchen, laughing and talking with his daughter while she handed you various ingredients for breakfast. Marcus blinked at the sight, half convinced he was dreaming. The scene was just so... domestic, something that he hadn't experienced in a very long time with another person. You broke the spell when you called out to him and whished him good morning, a little awkward as you sat at the table. His daughter was quick to run up to him, take him by the hand and lead him to the table to eat.
"I see you decided to stay a while huh? I don't exactly mind. But we should talk more about this later. Mmm, this isn't bad. Did you help out too Ren? It's very good, yeah. Are they a good friend? Well yes you could say that, they're a very good friend. Isn't that right lovely? Yeah I know I need to get to work soon, but I'll eat this first, it's been a while since I had a meal like this. You can... make it again sometime, if you want."
Tumblr media
Jayce is pretty big on cuddles. He's cuddled with you many times but last night was the first time you had sex so of course he looked forward to morning cuddles, only to be sad when he fund you gone.
He sighed, oh well, maybe he misinterpreted your intentions. Last night was fun though he can't deny that much. Gathering his clothes and washing up he finally makes his way downstairs to make himself some breakfast, only to find most of it already made by you. To make things better you're making it while mostly naked, only wearing shorts that don't hide much and one of Jayce's shirts which is a bit big on you. He chuckles at the fast he was worried and offers to help you with the rest of it, but of course he does get more than a bit distracted by your thighs and the fact that you seem to be showing off his bite marks proudly along your neck.
"I'm glad to see you're still here babe. Hah, I was a bit worried yeah, I really like you so, I'd like this to be a reoccurring thing you know. Unless... you were just being polite, in which case forget what I just said. Oh thank gods, I thought I made things really awkward for a moment. Hey, careful with that! You're gonna burn yourself, and we can't have that, I won't have that. You need to pay attention. Oh haha, I might steal a few peaks at you but at least I'm keeping a firm grip. You are too? What do you... oh fuck! Right... right now? What about the food? Haha, you're hungry for something else? That makes two of us actually. Ok, but don't blame me if you can't walk later."
Tumblr media
Viktor doesn't sleep with many people and doesn't exactly know what the norm for things like this is. Usually his dates at least wait until the morning to leave so he was a bit baffled that you were already gone.
Just as he was stretching he hears the door opening and sees you carrying two bowls of food. You awkwardly wish him good morning as you walk over to the bed. Viktor brings the blanket around him, a bit self-conscious about him being the only one naked here. You chuckle and give him a quick peck on the lips before offering him the bowl of food. This was certainly different than his previous hook-ups, but he doing that he rather liked this change of pace. The food was delicious too.
"This is quite the surprise darling. I'm not gonna complain about someone as beautiful as you serving me breakfast however, that would be very stupid of me. I am curious however, what prompted you to do this? Just felt like it? Do you always do this for the people you sleep with? Well then I'm glad to hear that I'm special to you. I think you're quite special to me also, and I'd like to explore that further. Are you free tomorrow evening?"
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't bring many people to her bed, but those she does bring, she wants them to stay. If Mel brings you to her bed it means she likes you enough to give the relationship a try at least.
So imagine the disappointment when she finds you gone the next morning. Mel is pretty good at reading people so she thought she had your intentions figured out. She was definitely keen on giving you a piece of her mind next time she saw you. Little did she know that the next time would be very soon seeing as you're setting the freshly made food on the table right as she gets down the stairs. It was definitely a pleasant surprise for her. But she did still want to clear the air and make her attentions known in case they weren't clear earlier. She wants to date you.
"Good morning darling, I was looking forward to waking up to you, and yet you seemed to have different ideas hm? Don't get me wrong, I like the gesture, its incredibly sweet of you, but next time I'd appreciate a heads up. Yes, I fully plan on there being a next time. That is, if you'd like that of course, I certainly would. Good, I'm glad we're on the same page. How about we eat this and then go back to bed? I'd hate to let this food go to waste but I was fully ready to cuddle you until noon. And doing a few other things as well, and we're sure to be very energized after this no?"
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pixievi · 2 months ago
Sundress Season
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vi goes feral, disrespectfully. The second she sees you saunter into the room wearing that short and dainty dress of yours, her lower half begins to burn with need. You continue on with your innocent displays, acting oblivious to the way Vi’s eyes have darkened. Intent on driving her mad. She doesn’t hide her perverted gaze at all. The way the dress snugly hugs your tits, the way it ends just below your ass. She constantly palmed you, complimenting you and flirting with you. Smacking your ass so much that you could already feel the tingle of the marks forming. It was another while of your teasing before you showed her your surprise. You bent over in front of her, revealing your bare cunt. You didn’t even have a chance to blink before you were pushed against the wall, Vi’s tongue already deep within your walls. Her muffled moans reverberated within your warmth as the slick sounds overtake your hearing. Once would not be enough for Vi.
Caitlyn goes feral, respectfully. You sat on her lap, snuggled into her neck at her desk. She quietly worked while absentmindedly traced patterns on the skin of your thigh. Every so often, she’d steal a side glance down at your breasts. When you first appeared in her office, beaming and showing her your new dress, she immediately sat you in her lap. As much as she adored how you look, she was feeling possessive. Knowing that her colleagues had seen you too on the way to her office. So, she now had a firm grip around your waist and your neck was decorated in her marks. Your plan had worked. You’d always known how possessive and borderline jealous she’d get, no matter how much she denied it. Her sharp glare and increased attention giving her away. You loved it, thinking it was cute. But, you also loved how she treated you in these moods. It never failed to excite you. You mumbled into her ear, teasing her about your bare state and that maybe some of her colleagues saw that too. Which landed you on three of her fingers, being fucked in and out of you at a rough pace. Hot breath on the shell of your ear as she repeatedly reminded you that you’re all hers, no one else can fuck you like this…..
Sevika was working on her arm, the whirr and clamps of the machinery as she tinkered filled the room in its ambience. You sat on the desk in front of her, watching as she focused quietly. She knew you were there, having you sit close to her as soon as you came home. But she never looked ‘properly’. Too deep in concentration to notice the new flowery dress you wore. You didn’t want to disturb her, but you also did, on the other hand. Your thighs shifted together as your gaze fell on her lap. At this point in the relationship, Sevika was always packing. A new habit encouraged by the both of you, but especially you. Sensing your gaze, she looked up. Her eyes finally focusing on taking you in. She smirked, standing up. Your little ploy ended with Sevika bouncing you on her cock and her forcing more than one orgasm out of you, leaving your legs wobbly.
Ellie had just gotten back from patrol, throwing her bag as soon as she got home. You bounded toward her, almost knocking her to the floor in your hug. Ellie quickly noticed the dress, going silent as she devoured you with her eyes. Her grip on you had tightened and you could see the mental struggle going through her as words escaped her. You caught her off guard. So you make it worse and bring her hand beneath the skirt, placing it on your bare hip. Ellie had immediately caught on, eyes widening. She cursed and grabbed you, bringing you to the couch. With the skirt of the dress flipped up, she latched onto your core and lapped you up like a starved woman.
Tumblr media
I kinda sorta rushed this can you tell? 😭😭 Think I might do a part 2 with the rest of the ladies but I donno
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a-gal-with-taste · 13 hours ago
NSFW prompt: silco dirtytalking to reader😳
Send me a NSFW headcanon and I’ll write a 5 sentence ficlet about it
(More suggestive than filthy, so no read-more)
It's not necessarily the voice that gets to you... Anyone could be the voice, really, but Silco has a certain control over tone and speech, that leaves one to shiver.
Sometimes in fear, or in anticipation for something dreadful... you imagine it's the latter, but there's something delicious about the dreadfulness that Silco can inflict, just by way of lips pressing against your ear in these close, so close moments together.
Light and darkness mingle freely between low letters, baritone syllables transforming words of pure, unrestrained filth into the most extreme of carnal confessionals, all spoken too closely, and not close enough.
He knows his power, the bastard, and this is proven as he jerks your head back by the hair - pausing ever so briefly to lay claim on your neck, before trailing up those diabolical lips along the bruise-lined skin, up and up, so he may speak the most devastating-words of all into your ear, and leave you gasping for the night to come.
"I love you."
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wolfishwriting · 2 months ago
arcane + you're not wearing any underwear
Tumblr media
ft. Viktor, Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, Vander, Silco, Sevika
cw: fem!reader, pet names, slight smut, public setting, slight mommy/momma kink in sevika's, cunnilingus, daddy kink in Silco's
It had been a busy day for HexTech, not allowing Viktor a single moment to spare to have lunch with you at home or the nearby café. You understood well enough, things happen, and Viktor is usually kept pretty busy. You admired your husband for his hard-working spirit and tenacity.
Deciding to surprise him at the lab, you bring three lunches (Jayce gets pouty when left out) and two glasses of cold sweet milk to keep him going. There was an extra surprise Viktor would soon find out. You weren't wearing any underwear.
"Good afternoon, honey!" You greet as you enter the lab. "Hello Jayce!" You pass Jayce his lunch first.
"Oh, wow, for me?! Thank you!" Jayce grins and rushes off to sit at his desk so he can eat.
Viktor turns around in his chair, goggles strapped to the top of his head pinning down the luscious curls that frame his face.
"G'morning, love. Sleep well?" He pecks the corner of your mouth, tugging you to him as he does until you're nearly straddling his thigh. His eyes widen slightly in realization as your bare cunt brushes against him. He jolts his knee up, pressing into you fully, fingers finding your clit. His mouth coming to swallow down your sudden cry.
"No panties, solnyshko? How bold. Keep quiet, we wouldn't want Jayce to see your pretty pussy after all, would we? Ohh~ I felt you clench at that. You're a naughty little thing, aren't you?"
Jayce was just beyond the other side of the wall, listening to his music, after all. But, what's life without a little risk?
Viktor unbuttons his slacks far enough to free his red and dripping cock, head flushed pink and eager. Taking his cock in his hand, pumping himself to full mast. "Sit on it, then, darling."
You'd stopped by to drop off his forgotten lunch--which was very sweet of you! It made him feel all floaty and loved whenever you do absolutely anything for him. It makes him incredibly happy! You're always thinking of him and he really appreciates it! :)
Today he notices you're being a bit... Funny, for lack of a better word. He can't quite place his finger on it.
And then you sit down at his desk to have your lunch with him, legs parted, and Jayce now understands why you've been acting so strange. He cranes his neck, looking towards Viktor's general direction before 'dropping' his fork on the ground.
Jayce's hot breath fans over your dripping cunt, tongue licking an eager stripe up your folds making you gasp-- thankfully you're obscured by a wall and his desk if Viktor were to ever get curious and look over.
"Gods, babe. You taste so fucking good." Jayce growls, nose nudging at your clit. Using two fingers, he collects your essence on the two digits, pushing them deep into your walls. He devours your cunt like it's water and he's parched.
Your hands weave through his short black locks, an encouragement. You two wouldn't be leaving anytime soon and hoped Viktor remained none-the-wiser.
It's not uncommon for you to tease and flirt with one another even beginning to date. You'd two had known one another as kids and then teens, but hadn't had time to really get to know each other as adults yet due to Vi's imprisonment.
With her return to Zaun, all those feelings you thought you kept locked away came flooding back and it seems like you weren't the only one feeling this way.
Things established rather quickly. Something neither of you minded for having known one another for so long. It did not take long for the two of you to grow intimate when time finally allowed for a bit of peace and respite.
Vi had been working hard, so it was only fair to reward her, yes? It's been far too long since the two of you had done anything intimate and you know just the thing.
"Hey babe, I'm home!" Vi calls from the front of the apartment, frowning slightly due to the quiet nature of the house.
"In the kitchen, love!" You call, smiling to yourself as you finish placing the vegetables you'd bought from the Piltover market into the boiling water for tonight's stew.
Vi walks in and nearly drops everything she's carrying. She fumbles for the items carefully setting everything on the countertop before she moves, fluid like water, to inspect your outfit of choice. Bare-ass naked except for the flimsy little skirt and a frilly little apron with cat ears headband she bought as a gag gift.
She swallows thickly, cheeks as pink as her hair and she picks at the frills with curiosity. "Did.. did you have to add the kitty ears, kitten...?" Vi reaches to tug at the collar around your neck, swallowing as your tendons shift and move beneath taut skin. Blue eyes wash over the bare expanse of your back, how your naked tits press tight to the chest of the apron.
"I figured you'd like a treat. You need to relax. You've been working hard, Vi." You grin at your girlfriend. Vi cups her head, sitting back on the stool adjacent to the countertop.
"M'so dizzy. Cupcake, you really are gonna be the death of me. Ya know that?" Vi lifts the edge of your skirt to peek beneath. Yup. Bare and absolutely begging to be fucked.
She hauls you into her lap, two fingers teasing your entrance. Vi smirks, circling at your clit.
"You're so good to me, baby. You said I need to relax right?" Vi smirks, you nod mouth drawn open in a pretty moan. Her fingers slip inside easily. "Then, let's see how many times I can make you cum today, pretty thing."
Honestly, she never expected you to be so bold as to not where any underwear around her parents. The night had begun slow, the two of you sitting at the table with Cait parents making idle small-talk when you take your girlfriend's free hand and slip it beneath your skirt.
She stills, cheeks turning scarlet as her long fingers brush against something wet, warm, and oh-so familiar. Swallowing thickly around her bite of food, she shoots you an annoyed look when her parents are too wrapped up in their own conversation to witness their daughter have a mini panic attack.
"Not now, princess. I'll deal with you later." Caitlyn hisses behind her glass of wine loud enough for you to hear. Her actions defy her words as her fingers never leave your skirt, knuckles skimming the soft folds of your cunt until she eases a finger in smirking into her drink as you cough suddenly and clear your throat. Two could play at this game.
He was none the wiser when you stepped down from the staircase onto the main floor of the bar. Vander was preoccupied with serving customers at the counter anyway, it would be a perfect way to set your plan into motion.
"'Ello darlin', come to give your ol' husband a hand, hmm?" Vander grins, drying off a shot glass with a rag. He bends down to exchange a brief kiss before he's off to check on the next person. "Whiskey on the rocks, darl!" He calls the order, voice echoing above the boom of music steadily shaking the walls of The Last Drop.
"On it!" You grin, keeping yourself out of view of the customers, and bend down to grab a bottle off the lowest shelf. There's a clatter behind you and Vander's frantic apologies. Vander sends you a sour look, one you knew that meant you were gonna get it later.
The minute the last customer exits and the doors are locked, Vander traps you between the counter and his muscular body, one leg hooked over his thigh with his hard cock sliding against your bare, slick walls.
"Can barely contain myself, darlin'. Lookin' ." He grins, kissing you lovingly as he pushes in fisting your pretty little skirt in his large hand.
He barely glances up from his paperwork the moment you come strutting into his office. Pen still scratching away as he signed his name on document after document.
"What is it, darling?" Is all that Silco offers when you come to sit on his lap, his arm instinctively curling around your waist to keep you hoisted there.
Only by your continued silence, Silco finally looks at you and the outfit you wear. A red button-up with gold-trim obscured by a vest made in a similar fashion to his and a blood red skirt. The bowtie choker you wear is black and silky, constricting around your neck ever so lovely. Silco itches to wrap his own hand around your throat instead.
Silco tsk's. "My, don't you look inviting, love? Beautiful as ever." He hums satisfactorily, calloused hands dipping beneath your skirt to rest on your thigh. The sharp inhale is all you need for Silco to realize you've gone commando. "I see that my darling has forgotten her underthings. Quite bold of you, no? Perhaps, I must teach you some manners." His slanted teeth nip at your ear. "Go on, tell Daddy what a bad girl you've been."
She has known and been with you long enough to be able to tell when you are up to something. The skirt alone tells her that-- not that she doesn't enjoy the view. Sevika would prefer to have you all to herself and not risk anything whilst in public, much less, around her cohorts she's forced to be civil with.
Clipping the end of her cigar, she places the other end in her mouth. Her hands cup around her lighter as fire ignites and smoke swirls out her mouth like a dragon. She'll wait to ask you when you're alone, the bar closed and empty.
"C'mon, doll, don't need to try to be cute." Her boot taps at your ankle with a dull thud. You step forward, turning around so your back was to her and plop yourself down on her lap. Her hands grip your hips tight, finger flicking at your knee. "Spread 'em. Let me see what's got my baby all worked up." Sevika sneers around her cigar, blowing smoke away from your face. She's quick to bunch up the flimsy skirt and expose your slick wetness to the tepid air. "'Atta girl. Keep 'em spread, but I ain't touchin' ya yet, pretty. Wait til momma's cigar is done."
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sevikasmainwhore · 7 months ago
Arcane characters as memes I found Pt 1:
Vi :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cheeriecherry · 2 days ago
Probably an odd request but! Viktor owning a cat?
For the 5 sentence requests!
Viktor walks in the front door, and is immediately greeted by the sound of distant jingling. Despite his bone deep-tiredness, and frustration gathered throughout the day, he can’t help the smile that appears on his face. Around the corner trots a round little tabby cat, who immediately starts shouting when she lays eyes on him.
He hangs his coat up just in time for the cat to start weaving through his legs, and he dutifully bends over to lift her gently into his arms. “I’ve only been gone for a day,” he says sweetly, kissing the feline on the top of the head, “did you really miss me that much?” As if she understands what he’s saying, the cat mews loudly at him and starts purring. Viktor sets the cat down, careful of her belly, and walks further into the house with her at his heels.
He’d only had the silly little creature in his home for a week now, but she’d made herself quite comfortable, and Viktor thinks he would like keep her around. Originally, when you’d shown up at his door in the wee hours of the morning, with a filthy brown cat in your arms and a pleading expression on your face, the arrangement had been temporary. “She’s pregnant,” you’d said, “and my landlord doesn’t allow pets.” He’d taken the cat in without a second thought.
But now he’s found that he feels a little better when he’s got someone to come home to, even if that someone is a nameless tabby. He can’t work as late as he usually does, and he’s had to take breaks to run home and check on her. Even his sleep schedule has improved somewhat, if only because having a warm, purring creature on his chest helps with his stress levels. Not to mention you’ve also come around more often, ‘to see the kitty’, you’d said, though you both knew it was a blatant lie. You wanted to see him. 
Like some kind of angel, the tabby had brought the two of you closer together, and in return she gave you both her love…and two weeks later, a pair of orange kittens that neither of you had the heart to adopt out. “I can’t take care of all three by myself,” Viktor had said, and you, with a bright, warm smile, had finally agreed to move in with him.
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tweek-tweak22 · 2 days ago
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you accidentally call them mommy/daddy (arcane preference)
a/n: the taglist is downstairs! sorry it took so long, I was having my finals. feel free to like, reblog, and leave a comment. requests are closed, but feel free to send things anyways!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
she's got you on her lap, riding her thigh with your hands tied behind your back
her ministrations are slow and deep, which only makes you frustrated because they lead to nothing
she can see you're getting frustrated, but she's just amused
you can feel tears burning behind your eyes, just wanting her to do something
"please, mommy, please let me-"
you squeak when she suddenly grabs you by your throat
"what did you just call me?"
she doesn't look pissed, just confused
"sorry... mommy?"
well she likes that
unties your hands and puts her hand between your legs
"well done trinket. you did so good. here's your reward"
cue the best orgasm of your life
wants you to call her mommy all the time now, won't shut up about it
will refer to hersef as mommy
i just want her to top me wtf
| Vi
Tumblr media
you're holding on for dear life in the bed rest, hips above Vi's head while her tongue works wonders in your clit
her hands make marks on your ass from how tight she's holding you
you just keep rambling while feeling your orgasm build up
"yes, mommy, just like that-"
you don't even register what you said, just enjoying the moment
afterwards, while holding you close and kissing your neck, she gets a little flushed
"did you call me... mommy? like, i'm not not into it, i just didn't think you were into it"
cue a long pillow talk about all the things you wanted to try with each other
you start to call her by the nickname when you two are alone, not just at sexy times
she likes it, makes her feel comfortable and in a powerful position
will tease you in public, low enough for only you to hear
"don't you wanna do good for mommy, kitty? then behave"
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she's teasing you around her office, giving you light touches and kisses and soft name calling
you're starting to get annoyed, as you're there to work, not to flirt
still, she keeps pushing your buttons until you've had enough
"stop it mommy, or you wont see me for a week"
the what now????
turns into a tomato and stutters
a shiver runs down her spine at that
leaves you alone because she is embarassed, and you just decide to turn it against her
when you get to your house, you corner her in a wall
"what now... mommy? you bothered me the whole day, what are you gonna do to me now?"
your 'fuck me' eyes are good, because she just lunges for your face and fucks you silly
next morning she sees the marks in your body and gets even more embarassed
"I won't mind if you call me that again"
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he's pounding you from behind, holding your hair with one hand and spreading your ass with the other
he's going in deep, moving his hips so that his thrusts always hit your g-spot, biting his lips trying not to cum on the spot
your moans start to get louder and he knows you're close
"yeah, just like that daddy-"
oh well
his dirty talk game just goes astronomic
"oh yeah? is daddy pounding you just right? is daddy turning you into a slut?"
you don't expect him to become so dirty, so you clench and when he slaps your ass, you can't hold back anymore
him, on the other hand, can't do anything except hold onto you for dear life
he cleans you up and kisses you sweetly, carrying you to bed
"daddy, huh? i could get used to that"
will like to be called that only in his private chambers
| Silco
Tumblr media
he actually sugested it for you one day
"i know you like experimenting. maybe we could try some name-calling. whenever you're ready"
you give it some thought, but there's a lot happening, so you don't act on it
until one day, when you're both entangled on each other, just enjoying the way your bodies touch
he's in his high chair and you're on his lap, kissing him and rocking yourself very slowly
his fingers brush against your clit slowly while you purr in his ear
"how is this petal?"
"good daddy, so good"
you two don't mention it, but now he refers to himself as daddy during sex, never in front of others
gets a warm feeling in his chest when you say it, and twitches inside of you
| Viktor
Tumblr media
you're sitting in his workbench, legs spread in front of him and skirt rolled up
his hands are working wonders in your slit, touching all the right places
he looks like he's figuring out a hextec piece, a light blush on his cheekss
"is this good?"
you pant a "yes" filled with longing, and he starts kissing your thighs
he keeps going with his ministrations, watching you with gleaming eyes
"just like that daddy, you're doing so fucking good"
his ears go red and he keeps his pace, nipping at your soft flesh
you cum all over his fingers, calling him daddy and gripping his hands
he doesn't let you catch your breath, just goes right back to it, using his mouth next to make you a overstimulated mess
a soft dom for sure
loves it when you call him daddy
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pajama-han · 8 months ago
Arcane characters react to their SO having a stuffed toy as their comfort object (Arcane characters x GN reader)
- Thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole world that you carry around a little plushie
- Will 100% sew tiny outfits for it and dress it up.
- Talks to it a lot (it tells the funniest stories)
- Will ship it with her rabbit
- Might get a bit jealous if you pay more attention to it than to her.
- This will get you a clingy Jinx on your back, poking your cheek with a playful pout
- “Save some cuddles for meeeee!”
- As if you could get any more adorable in her eyes.
- Whenever you’re holding it, she’ll give you a kiss and kiss the plush as well.
- “Lookin’ good today, babe! You, too, (Plush’s name)!”
- Always makes sure you have it before you set out.
- “You got (Plush’s name)? They can hang out in my backpack if you want.”
- Will decimate anyone who teases you about it.
- Buys a matching one for herself immediately and gives it a cute, silly name.
- Whenever you’re together, she poses the plushes in cute ways.
- Whenever she’s working on a tough case, you’ll see her plush in her arms. Sometimes she asks it questions about it, and she makes it talk back in a silly voice.
- This, surprisingly, helps her get over quite a few hurdles.
- “Thank you for your help, Detective Chiffon! Now, I believe you had a tea party scheduled with (your Plush’s name).”
- Will offer to mend for you it if the fabric gets torn.
- Will tease you about it at first, but will back off once he sees how much it means to you
- Thinks it’s awesome that you have such a nice way of calming down.
- Also thinks you’re too precious for words.
- Shows you off to everyone at the hideaway, "Guys look, my baby has a baby!!"
- Like Jinx, he might get a bit jealous of it, and might get a bit clingy.
- He’ll be hanging off of your shoulders and kiss your cheek, “Yeah, (Plush’s name) is cute. But I’m still the cutest, right, babe?”
- The first time he sees you with it, he’ll smile a bit teasingly.
- “Hello, Y/N. Care to introduce me to your friend?”
- Once properly introduced, he will shake it’s paw/hand politely.
- Loves it when you bring it to the lab when you visit.
- You know how some software developers have rubber ducks at their desk that they explain their coding to in order to find the problem with it? Yeah.
- On more than one occasion, you’ve come into the lab looking for your plushie only to see Viktor and Jayce taking turns explaining their latest Hextech conundrum to it.
- Then, they’ll realize the error, and whoop, cheer, and hoist the plush into the air triumphantly.
- “Little (Plush’s name) is quite an asset to the team. Mind if I credit them in our dissertation?”
- (He’s completely serious about that)
- Finds it childish but won’t make fun of you.
- Forbids you from taking it out in public with him, though.
- It’s not because he’s embarrassed, he would just hate for it to get lost, stolen, dirty, or hurt.
- Yes, he specifically says “hurt” rather than “damaged”
- Once when you couldn’t find your plush, you found Silco staring at it on his desk, gently stroking one of its hands/paws. He had just finished a stressful meeting with the Chem Barons, but when you caught him with the plush, he looked calm.
- If you get him one for himself (because you don't want your plushie reeking of smoke), he’ll scoff a bit and jam it into one of his desk drawers dismissively.
- But after that, every time he has a rough day, you hear him open that drawer and take it out. If he catches you peeking in on his private moment, he’ll scowl at you.
- “This doesn’t leave this room.” The words would have more venom in them if he wasn’t cradling his own comfort object so close to his heart.
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