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xiaomory · a day ago
i'm kinda obsessed with jinx after watching arcane. She's awesome and very fun to draw XD
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vi-vanders-prodigy · 2 days ago
Vi: The turkey looks very- uhm- nice, cupcake
Ekko: Are you serious?! It looks as hard as my-
Jinx: *slaps his arm*
Ekko: Rock collection! I was going to say Rock collection!
Caitlyn: Just order the pizza, Vi.
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maxis-max · 2 days ago
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˙⊹ ੈ✰[jinx from arcane]✰ ੈ⊹˙
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uraveragelonelywriter · a day ago
Can we get jinx fluff maybe?.like a cold stoic looking reader who's actually like extremely kind to them and loves them,but jinx has n e v e r
N e v e r seen them cry,and one day something just triggers the trauma that they have a they have a full mental breakdown like,complete in shock ,shaking sobbing fetal position is the corner of the room and jinx comes to help after wards and uses the methods that yn used to use on her whenever it happens to her?
Only if you can ofc pls do tell me if you can't I totally understand <3 have a good day or night
(Hey! Sorry, this is actual shit but eh. Here ya go, Enjoy!)
Don't Leave
Tumblr media
She didn’t really notice you not showing any sadness at first
She had a few moments where you were there
And she was grateful you were there when you were
Even before you started dating she had a lot of moments where she was vulnerable
And you were so fucking nice
But after a while, when you guys started dating she started getting suspicious
Why did you never cry? Did you not trust her enough to cry around her?
She was sorta sad, thinking you didn’t wanna show her that side of you when she had
Even if it wasn’t on purpose
She had you when she needed you
She just wanted to be that for you like you had been for her
She never really heard anything about you though
Like your family or anything
You sorta knew about Vi and Powder, some of her life before
Not a lot though, but she had a lot of questions
She just never got around to asking you them, she was kinda afraid to also
Thinking they were too far
When she was crying you were hold her, reminding her you were there and she appreciated it
It helped her a lot
Sometimes it was harder than that though
Especially when she got mad
She always felt guilty afterwards though
Jinx know’s you love her, you remind her everyday
But she has some doubts, your kinda stoic and are nice to her but you never say or show how you feel
Until she made a mistake
She was freaking out, Vi was back and she didn’t know what to do
And you walked in at the wrong time
She was angry, she was hurt and she was sad and confused
At Silco, at Vi, at Sevika, at herself and even you for some reason
When you tried to help her she smacked your hand away, yelling at you to leave her alone
That’s when it started, she didn’t even notice it going on at first
“Jinx?” You asked, walking closer to the girl as she kept pacing around.
“What?!” She snapped, whipping around as you jumped back at her sudden yell. “What happened? Are you okay?” You asked, calming down as you placed a hand on her arm.
“Dont! Leave me alone!” Jinx yelled, smacking your hand away from her and resulting in some scratches from her nails. 
You winced, looking down at your hand as the girl went back to her pacing and muttering as it began to bleed. You shook it off, ignoring the pain and focusing back on her.
“Jinx, what happened?” You continued asking, the girl not answering as she just grabbed a bomb and pulled the pin, throwing it as you flinched when the big boom rang out and te bats flew by.
“Why are you still here?! Leave!” Jinx yelled at you, not getting why you stuck with her.
“What? Why wouldn’t I be here, Jinx?” You asked, confused as to where this was all coming from. “You’ll only leave like everyone else! Or is this some trick? A play, huh?! Just like her?!” She stepped forward, yelling.
You stepped back, not knowing what she would do until you had to stop, almost falling off the edge of the giant turbine.
“I’m not leaving, Jinx.” You stated, Jinx scoffing as she stopped in her tracks before turning around and swatting at something, Mylo probably.
“Jinx. Calm down, I’m here, it’s okay.” You tried what you usually did, slowly stepping forward as Jinx shook her head and dug her hands into her scalp.
“No, no, no, no. Just leave…or I’ll leave, it’s better than way.” Jinx slowly nodded, beginning to walk away.
That’s when you began to panic, not knowing where she was going or when she was coming back. You didn’t want to be alone.
“Jinx, please, please don’t leave.” You muttered, scared as she ignored you as she searched for her pow-pow.
“Jinx! No! Please, don’t go.” Your voice began to grow hoarse, your vision blurring as your breathing picked up.
“Mom? Where are you going…? Dad?”
“We’ll be right back for you. Just stay here.”
“No, no, no, please don’t leave me!”
“We have to. Stay here.”
You felt like you couldn’t breath, looking around wildly as you stumbled back into Jinx’s desk, hitting it as the tools on top clattered. Your legs then gave out from under you, you backed up under Jinx’s work desk.
You were crying, something you swore to never do after that night, especially because of someone.
Your eyes were wide, shaking with every sob that wracked through your body as you couldnt breathe or move at all from your position with your knees in your chest.
When you had bumped into the desk, Jinx finally snapped out of it. She looked up, startled slightly and even more shocked when she saw the tears in your eyes.
You were crying? You never cry.
She then saw when you went under the desk, hearing your sobs and your mutters for someone not to leave, then you eventually said her name.
She finally understood, you felt like she was leaving you? She didn’t want to, she just needed to leave.
She didn’t know what to do, sure she thought it was odd you didn’t cry around her, but she didn’t think about what she would do when you did.
She finally moved, slowly dropping her pow-pow back onto the floor before slowly walking to her desk and looking under.
There she saw you, shaking and crying in the corner of the desk like you were hiding.
She slid under the desk, placing her hand on your arm and jumping back as you flinched away from it. You then went back, Jinx hesitated before trying again. This time, you didn’t move away.
Jinx took that, slowly moving closer to you and before she knew it, you clung onto her as she froze.
“Please, don’t go, don’t leave me. Please…” You kept muttering, Jinx feeling your shaking before she slowly put her hand on your head, letting you hug her as she remembered what you usually did.
“I’m right here, I’m not leaving…it’s okay.” Jinx recited, playing with your hair and holding you for god’s know how long until she felt your breathing and shaking slow down.
“See? I’m still here. It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere…” Jinx muttered over and over, confused when she didn’t feel anything until she looked down to see your eyes were closed and you had passed out from all the crying.
Jinx didn’t want to move you, so she stood there. Well after you fell asleep, not wanting you to wake up and think she left.
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kvochkakuku · a day ago
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feminist-knuckles · 3 months ago
All universally loved shows have complex female characters. No, this is not a coincidence.
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thesaltybuns · 20 days ago
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🎉 Happy birthday Arcane! 🎉
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notes28 · a month ago
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frenchublog · a month ago
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🧨Part 1
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alasion-art · 2 months ago
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Boom 💥
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jiinxology · 3 months ago
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Artist: Geneljumalon on Twitter
Follow Jiinxology on Instagram
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vengerburger · 11 months ago
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shower scene arcane (2021)
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cherryspliced · 11 months ago
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💚💜 Jinx and Ekko~
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scarletheart · 12 months ago
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OH, THE MISERY arcane having an amazing soundtrack
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vhvrs · 7 months ago
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sorry that tumblr posts are going to forever be too easy to lean on
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polararts · 6 days ago
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Chucks one last Arcane thing at you
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