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artandstarstuff · a year ago
Tumblr media
Some fun ideas for warlock pacts. You can see the rest of this series on my Kofi! I appreciate all tips.
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eggfragg · 11 months ago
Hot take: You don't need to be very creative or have unique ideas to play D&D.
I would not care if you approach me with a stereotypical and cliché character. All that matters to me is that you enjoy my campaign and have fun playing your character.
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latenight-dnd · 5 months ago
One of my players plays a dragon born based off a certain type of lizard and apparently that species has particularly acidic pee because they just asked me if they could piss on opponents as a turn of attack. Imagine you’re fighting a guy and he just whips his dick out and pees on you and it fucking BURNS like hellfire. What the fuck kind of hellscape am I on where I’m asked by my player if they can do something like that.
Anyway, so naturally I said yes, we’ve assigned it two rolls, one d8 to see how good his piss aim is and one d8 for acid damage.
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captaincleverusernamehere · 8 months ago
the best advice i can possibly give to someone who wants to get into DMing/GMing a ttrpg but is scared of having to make stuff up on the spot: Just Don’t. Don’t come up with stuff. Make your players do it for you.
this coming from someone who asked their players to name the pirates who had just rescued them from an air elemental and now has Patricia Blueliketheocean Traven, Gallathan Morphineighbor, Clark Duneforest, Sunday Monday, and Steelback (and also the hot genderless elf Gaeladriel Balius (Gae for short))
by asking them the race of the barkeep in a tavern we ended up getting the inspirational story of a centaur who loves his job despite barely being able to move around behind the bar but he’s Trying His Best, and also his coworker, a halfling on stilts.
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chaohateclub · 5 months ago
A beginner's guide to planning a DND campaign
If you're staring at a blank page and have no idea where to start... here's some tips on what you should be doing!
First thing's first: You need to start with your players. It may sound obvious, but it's going to make your campaign feel much more natural. Get a concrete number of players, and make their character sheets and backstories. If you don't have time for character sheets, simply learn their races, alignments, and classes. (There are tons of good guides out there on that info and how to choose!)
It's always good to know these things beforehand so you don't walk into your first session and realize all your players chose the same class or race, too.
Once you have your basic information, jump to the very end of your campaign and answer the final question: What is the end goal? What is the final thing that your players will be working towards? An example I'll use is the defeat of a crime boss. The campaign will end when the characters defeat the BBEG (big bad evil guy). But it doesn't have to be a BBEG- maybe the end goal is to find a missing relic or loot a dungeon. For the sake of this I'll be using "BBEG" to describe the final boss, but keep in mind that you don't need a real character to oppose your players.
Once you know the endgame, start again at the beginning and figure out where your players tie into it. Why are they trying to defeat the BBEG? This is where you look at the player's backstories and alignments. Maybe one of the characters lost their family in a house fire and lived as an orphan in a religious temple; you could say that your BBEG, the crime boss in this case, was the one who started the fire because the character's parents were in debt to him. And maybe another player has a past shrouded in mystery and a lawful-neutral alignment, making them the type of person who can't stand injustice. Maybe a third player doesn't have any ties, but is simply along for the ride with the party.
Don't worry too hard about this, though: most players don't need a motive to start attempting to dethrone your BBEG once they get a whiff of adventure.
Work your way forward, then. But be careful with how much you plan, because your players don't know what the plot of the story is, and they can entirely throw away that plot if they feel like it. Don't plan seven sessions into the future, just write out some ideas.
For example, begin with your first event, location, or clue. It should be unavoidable, like a murder or disappearance of a prominent figure, or in their faces like a large "WANTED" poster with their faces on it in the middle of the bar the campaign begins in. Begin with a good hook that catches their attention. Let them begin by exploring the town or room, talking to a character or two, and then drop the inciting incident on their heads.
Build this way until you have an outline of plot points. In our example, let's say we start with a sudden death of a very old member of the city council. Then the next plot point is the discovery that it's been a murder. Then the next comes when the characters are offered payment in return for discovering the killer. Then the next is a threatening note written in blood, hung on a character's bedroom wall with a knife. Then the players find a lead by analyzing the odd spelling of a certain word.
The story continues on like this. Notice how these plot points are, for the most part, not triggered by any actions a character makes. That gives you, the DM, a way to push your players back on track when they get distracted by a side quest that you didn't plan for. (Of course, let them have their fun, but not for longer than a session or two without advancing any of your story arcs!)
You'll find as you build the plot points that an idea for the locations start to form. Which shops there are, where the players will spend their time, etc.. Now you can begin to plot out these things and make a simple map of the area.
Finally, plan various monster encounters, NPC encounters, artifacts, quests, and discoveries! Your world should feel like a real place when your players interact with it.
This is an easy cheat, too! If your players go into a shop and- for whatever reason- end up in a fight with the shopkeep, you can simply pull out a pre-written NPC sheet and begin!
Same with monster encounters, quests, and discoveries. You don't need to write the details about every little tiny thing in your world... but you want it to feel like you did. From a tiny amulet hidden under a creaky floorboard to a mineshaft infested with tiny monsters, your world will feel rich wherever your players step if you've prepared things that can be used in multiple situations. (Plus, it makes them feel smart when they think they found a secret... when in reality that "secret" didn't have a location attached until they rolled high on an investigation check for a room you just made up.)
My last piece of advice is the one that's the most important: Do not fully plan your campaign... ever. You should not decide small details that won't matter for several sessions unless they're plot-relevant.
So, move with your players! Sometimes, a player will make a guess in the dark about some random NPC or a closed store, and it's so good that you decide to use it. Plan each new session after the previous one ends, keeping in mind your predetermined plot points (which are also, surprise surprise, subject to change!)
The real trick is that your players don't know what will happen three, two, or even one sessions into the future. If you change a part of the plot, they'll have no way of knowing. So have fun! Run wild, add and subtract as much to the plot as you'd like, and prepare to be driven up the wall by your players.
Good luck!
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lunar-eclipse-bunnies · 10 months ago
dnd mechanics i would use as a dm
The Attitude Scale
A scale that measures a pcs politeness, rudeness, and intentionality. There are intentional polite points, unintentional police points, intentional rude points and unintentional rude points. Depending on a character's placement on the scale, their point count can impact pc-npc interactions and check rolls. (These points can also be used simiarly to inspiration points, based on the context.)
Tumblr media
Dream Sequence
20 questions assigned to the D20, 1-7 being negative/invasive, 8-14 being neutral, and 15+ being positive/informative. The questions relate to a characters background (ie. what's your most embarrassing memory?) During a long rest, the dm will have the players roll a single d20 and ask them the assigned question-- their answer will impact the dream they have.
ideally, you would have multiple questions from each roll to choose from, but here are the ones ive come up with:
No sleep; Take disadvantage on all rolls until your next short/long rest (but still heal from previous encounters).
How does your character think they will die?
What is your character's biggest (tangible/intangible) fear?
Has your character lost anything/anyone?
Who hates your character the most?
What is your characters most embarrassing memory?
What was their mother/father/family like?
Your character is now a different class; how do they react?
What is your character's ideal day?
Why does your character do/act like that?
When your character is happy, what do they look like?
If your character could change anything about themself, what would it be?
Who does your character hate the most?
Your character has 1 day left to live, what do they do?
How does your character want to die? ("Not dying"/immortality is an acceptable answer.)
Your character can save the world; do they?
What is your character's love language? (Words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, etc)
Your character is free to go anywhere in the world, in the planes of existence. Where do they go?
What kind of person does your character think they are?
What does your character desire most in the world?
idk, i just think i have funney ideas sometimes.
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controlledchaosetc · 2 months ago
My dnd campaign is taking like 80% of my mental capacity while trying to finish my portfolio and cover letter so i can get an internship, so to clear up some memory like a fuckin computer
If you enjoy
Political intrigue
Murder and mystery
Cosmic influences and eldritch beings
PCs being EXTREMELY morally gray and not wanting to be adventurers in the SLIGHTEST
Fucky fey times
Capitalism doin its Things
Way too many npcs
Send me an ask or reblog with a question(s)!!
EDIT: If this interests you, here's a summary of the entire campaign so far!!! We're like 30+ sessions in, so this DEFINITELY isn't everything, not to mention all the world building, lore, NPCs, and entire events I left out just to not make that novel length!!! So, if you wanna know about anything that isn't touched on in the summary, or expand on it, just send an ask!!
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uselesstiefling · a month ago
Tumblr media
im so tired but i have to finish working on dnd stuff
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andromedatalksaboutstuff · a month ago
y'all, sometimes a magical keyword is thrown in the CANS chat and apparently DnD is one lol
So here we go! I am the DM of a campaign that never got off the ground due to my shitty friends being shitty and not showing up to anything. So, I am looking to move that campaign to a home that will actually appreciate it!
This is my first official time DMing, so I don't want too big of a group that I won't be able to handle, but if you are interested in being a part of the campaign lemme know!!!
And if you don't get into this one, I can guarantee I will DM more in the future!
So far, Ryn (@ryns-ramblings) @artbyeloquent @365runesofpassion and @memento-morri-writes have shown possible interest!
With the 4 of them, I would be willing to open up my table to a max of 3 more people! I run on monthly sessions and having fun! It will be hosted over Discord, too!
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buriedinbronze · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's some recent npc portraits I did!
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artandstarstuff · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey all! The Kofi goal for my holidays tables is complete, and here they are. What do you guys think the next goal should be? Put a suggestion in my inbox if you have any ideas. Shoutout to @sagenfrom7-11 for fulfilling this goal!
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this-iza-bad-idea · 14 days ago
One of my most brilliant ideas I’ve ever had as a dm is using tma fears as base ideas for nightmares. I’m so glad my party loves to roll dreams. Roll a d12 and you get all the fears that are easy to turn into nightmares. The end and extinction are left out but you definitely leave those for post character resurrection dreams. Although side thought is a tarrasque an avatar of the extinction in dnd.
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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latenight-dnd · 4 months ago
I put in the time, the effort, the hours to make my players a custom XL BBEG figurine for their upcoming boss battle and they have the AUDACITY to ask me why I made a dildo IT ISNT A DILDO FUCK YOU GUYS
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captaincleverusernamehere · 6 months ago
Literally NOTHING makes me happier as a DM than when my players are talking ooc / out of game and bring up a detail about an npc or a theory they have. It’s like. You’re Paying Attention And Remember The Things I Tell You About This Game Of Make Believe??!??? and I love them for it
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aeshirea · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
A few days ago, I was searching for monster to use in my first session. But my cat nugget came by.. so meet the DM cat xD
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thatscrazyrandom · a month ago
How do you get started DM'ing a DnD campaign?
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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