cantcatchmeee · 3 days
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Yuka Kuramochi as the iconic 90s Street Fighter character Chun-Li for Redbull Japan (2018)
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days
Dialogue Prompt
“How could you fall in love with someone like me?”
“How could I not?”
“I’m stubborn-”
“Quick to anger-”
“Hard to work with-”
“Independent. Those things make you you. Even if they’re weaknesses sometimes, they’re also strengths, and ones I admire. I’m in love with all of you, the good and the bad.”
- Lynn
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thecalminside · 1 day
Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
-Carl Jung
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moonchildstyles · 15 hours
anyways can harry just breed me already... think about him fucking you so good you're in tears but that only spurs him on🤕 he has a slight cr*ing kink i fear and he loves to see the tearsies running down your face 🤕 he would put a pillow under your hips so he's sooo deep and you're crying out against his shoulder about how good it feels 🤕he would say "my pretty, pretty girl... gonna let me cum in you? gonna let me give you a baby?" and you nod, too out of it to say anything 🤕 he would reach down between your bodies to play with your clit and make sure you cum before he does 🤕 he murmurs "come on sweet girl, cum around me so I can give you a baby" and he would be so filthy talking you through it 🤕 he groans out that he's close as you're coming down and he would grab your hips and pull them up against his so he's as deep as he can be when he lets go 🤕and when he pulls out he sees how much it's dripping out so he clicks his tongue and leans down to look at how messy you are, then he uses his fingers to push it back in 🤕 he says "don't want you to waste any, keep it all inside for me, can you do that pretty girl?" and you nod again, wincing at how sensitive it is but not making any move to stop him 🤕 his fingers keep working and he says "you're gonna cum again for me, just make sure it's really deep in there, hm baby?" and you nod and let out a little "please" 🤕 he would be so smirky and dig his fingers deeper, nudging against your g spot just how he knows you like 🤕 when you cum on his fingers he would praise you the whole time saying "that's my good girl, being such a sweet thing and giving me a baby, my best girl" 🤕then he would definitely use his tongue to "clean you up" but really he's just pushing his cum deeper, and even as you're whining and crying that it's too sensitive he would just say "I know, I know baby, just want to make sure it reeeaally worked" and his words are so sweet even as he's being so mean to your sensitive skin 🤕then when he's really done he would cuddle you close and whisper how he's going to do this all again tomorrow, and again and again until you give him a baby 🤕
i.......I honestly don' think I have anything to add that would help me keep my sanity bc oh my god.........doing anything to keep his cum in yu................I gotta be quiet ohm FHSUFGSHJL
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extrafriedrice · 1 day
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Bape Pony Hair Crepesta
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kh6gt · 2 days
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*✧・゚kaomojis for u
₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎ ₍ᐢ.  ̯.ᐢ₎ (ᐢ • ˕ • ᐢ) ₍ᐢ ๑ • 𖥦 • ๑ ᐢ₎︎
૮(ˊ ᵔ ˋ)ა ㅤ૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა ㅤ૮₍。 •᎔• 。₎ა
૮₍。´• ˕ •`。₎ა ૮₍ ៸៸ ᵜ ก ₎ა ૮₍´˶• . • ⑅ ₎ა
૮ ◜ᵕ◝ ㅅ ა ㅤ૮₍ >﹏< ₎ა ㅤ૮₍ ´ ꒳ `₎ა
૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა. ૮₍ ๑ • ᵜ ก ๑ ₎ა ૮₍ 𝁽ܫ𝁽 ₎ა
Tumblr media
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tbonechessor · 4 hours
Fucked up sci fi transportation idea.
Instead of crossing entire star systems to get to locations, agents upload their brains to a quantum communication array and have a copy of their minds uploaded to clones who are rapidly produced on-site.
Maybe their OG bodies are stored somewhere safe with the orig memories intact incase anything goes wrong with transfers.
If cloning technology isn't that good then maybe sleeves are produced with natural decay in mind so any one person would be on-planet for a set amount of time depending on their tour there and their occupation.
Like a migration liscence or green card that includes how long your clone is expected to "last". Ideally some process is included that ends the clone and re-synchs consciousness with the OG so the subject doesn't suffer the slow death of the clone body too much.
Options to purchase pre-installed cybernetics and implants for the clone are available pre-tour so that particular instance can be tailor made for the purposes of that visit.
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pumpkinnspicelatte · 2 days
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thursday || december 1st 📚
Day 8: What do you like to drink while you study? You can share the recipe if you want!
umm usually coffee and my go to is just a basic black coffee with milk but instead of sugar i use this caramel-vanilla sugar i guess? i don’t know how to describe it but it’s very tasty haha. either that or a good old cup of tea (without milk) :)
daily question: how was/is your day? which subject/what are you currently studying for?
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maidenseyry · 3 days
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on film 🎥
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bluviddes · 4 months
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Inspired by winslowat3am🌸🌸🌸
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"what goth brands do you wear?" Charity Shops, mate. Pre-owned and pre-loved, now getting remixed by yours truly 😎
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cantcatchmeee · 2 days
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Heroes & Villains features pt. 2
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The MCs are a tight knit group of (pirates? spies? theater performers?) who are all dedicated to working towards a main goal/completing a mission. A and B are part of this group and it is very obvious to everyone who knows them that they are in love but won't admit it. Tired of the back and forth and tension between the two, the rest of the group decides that their new mission is to get A and B to admit their feelings for each other.
-Mod Minita
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thecalminside · 3 days
Express yourself completely, then keep quiet.
Be like the forces of nature:
when it blows, there is only wind;
when it rains, there is only rain;
when the clouds pass, the sun shines through.
-Lao Tzu
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moonchildstyles · 3 days
look I can just picture H holding ur chin and talking u through an orgasm after you’ve been edged and edged and edgeddd and him being so softly dominating going “there you are, there’s a good girl, can you give me one more? one more for daddy?” I wouldn’t survive it ! 🥺🫡
mushing cheeks to make you pout while he talks so softly w his nose nudging yours and being so sweet sosososo sweet while also being so harsh on your p*ssy:((((( all pretty eyes and long lashes all flushed from how long he's been doing this w you im literally going insane
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png-heaven · 5 months
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