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Show me your teeth girl. Show me what you’re made of.
Ireena! My beloved! In our game, we have a PC Tatyana so Ireena doesn’t have to live her life in total agony.
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unnerd · 4 months
Dumb NPC ideas to use when your players decide to explore that town you didn't prepare anything for
A scholar that is clearly lost, however you're not sure how he is someone important at all. It even looks like he's glad that he didn't manage to arrive at the event on time.
An old lady (of a race that has a long lifespan), that knows a little way to much about the party's adventure... She doesn't spends much time talking about it though, do you want to buy her pots?
A kid. Just a kid. Make them annoying.
A knight that is very proud about their job and duty, but they just want their shift to end so they can go home to their wife.
A merchant that has a cart in the middle of the fair, however everytime the party goes to another shop or stand he pops up from behind the counter. Turns out the town doesn't receive many merchants so he has to supply all of their needs. He's stressed.
A teen dragon that discovered how to transform into a human, problem is they definitely look 30 but they still are just a teenager, and a moody one.
A shop owner that fucking hates commerce. She's in it because of her family, so she tries to sell the goodies pratically for free and she really wants you to take all of her items. The catch? It's a feather shop. Not magic feathers, not pens, just normal feathers. Probably from a bird that died that morning.
A janitor from a library or big shop that is just too aware of everything. Like, they point out the players class or race without barely batting an eye. They comment on how they "had never seen a chaotic good one in real life". And indirectly disses the players choices they made 2 sessions ago? (Basically a character for the dm to rant a little while not completely breaking the 4th wall)
A woman in her mid-40s (or the equivalent) that is just really excited to meet the party? Her dream was to be an adventurer when she was little so she is definitely asking some weird questions.
A blacksmith that makes weapons purely for the aesthetic. He really doesn't care if it's functional or not, he's just doing cause it looks cool.
A bard that got kicked out of their band or caravan. At first you don't know why but after their 3rd performance of a one-person musical you get it. He wants to stick with the party though. Good luck.
A doggie!! It's cute!! And fluffy!! And it talks!! And it talks? A DOG THAT TALKS!!!!
The most ripped person the party has ever met, they have tons of skulls of big animals on their shoulder. They polish them. They hang them on a wall and start to take notes. They are an archeologist.
A magician that is really not magic at all, he's just so good at card tricks that the town thinks he's a sorcerer. He's freaking out.
A girl that is immune to all kinds of poison, however that is making a little bit hard for her to pursue her cooking career. Apparently poison ivy is not a good seasoning for most people.
An artist that is just really calm and friendly but everyone's afraid of them. The party has no idea why.
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awkwardosthe3rd · 16 days
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I officially declare my contribution to Tumblr going forward - I shall be attempting to upload my art here as well >:0
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pataliemortman · 2 months
me: always wants to talk to you
also me: never talks to you because I’m an NPC
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invidioushorns · 5 months
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2021 quick drawing of DnD NPC Talgorn the black dragonborn for my campaign
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thehavster · 9 months
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dnd art dump!
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samoftheswamp · 4 months
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Scary my beloved 💖
I plan on drawing the others at some point too, but I really like her design a lot and had a better idea of how she’d look so she was first
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darhak · 4 months
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Spath Oladon
This fairy guy is 18cm tall. He's skeptical but curious about human behavior and society.
Spath was working for the Orchestra, a Sci-fi group from another reality (Feywild) with doubtious intentions. A party member threw a dart at him during combat in a crystal mine. The fight ended with the tunnels collapsing. A few day later, The party found the small man trapped in a jar in a bandit lair.
The guy from the last slides is Solfège, an autumn Eladrin, one of the main Orchestra members
Spath is a sprite, a NPC from the « Matter guardians » D&D campaign I'm DMing. He likes to stay in the Gunslinger's fur cloak. Spath makes confused remarks with a strong sylvan accent. He almost died multiple time, I'm surprised he's still standing.
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gamesunbound · 5 months
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Introducing Zalel Regalo (she/they), an intimidating but kind innkeeper striving to make the world a better place by helping those in need. Zalel values community and will do everything in their power to protect the peace they’ve cultivated at their inn, which is known as a neutral zone and place of safety to travelers.
Zalel was written by Austin Taylor (@sailorsctaustin), and the art for her was created by Grace Kim (@ryuunart).
Learn more about Zalel and The Rumor Broker’s Ledger of Names on Kickstarter. Expanded details about Zalel, as well as exclusive updates and previews are available to backers. You can access these for as little as $1.
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badtusk · 4 months
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Oil Knight! Otherwise known as The Knight in Shining Armor! Her lore/npc card can be found on my Patreon for your home game usage c:
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pigeon-princess · 1 year
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Divination wizard, air genasi and unicorn lover, Zonda Solaris!! 🦄✨An NPC from my homebrew DnD campaign that lives in and operates The Travelling Tower - fit with multi-dimensional gates, stargazing instruments and lots of cute pastel decor.
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vanhelsingapologist · 2 months
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(I Always Kill) The Things I Love
a lil October 1st post of the man himself! I drew this a couple weeks back and it ended up doing some rounds on reddit, which was vaguely spooky.
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uraniumraptor · 12 days
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A Coin-Maker of the famed Golden Spurs and her faithful War Herbalist.
So their story is this: When a Golden Spur is knighted they receive their spurs as well as their signature coin shawl. Together with their assigned herbalist they work for the coastal banks retrieving the minted coins hoarded by dead pharaohs and kings of old.
But it is well known that looting these ancient tombs is dangerous work and as such, only those truly hungry for fame or desperate for coin, would sign up with the Golden Spurs.
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seahagart · 11 days
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Another commission for a friends game!
Raz, the eccentric hippie grandma npc we met
✨Commissions: Open!✨
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maldecorum · 15 days
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first npc designs for my current dnd campaign
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sarmaangel · 18 days
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Ireena our beloved
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