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The Circle of the Garden - 5e Homebrew Druid Subclass
Why settle for one minion when you can summon a whole plant-oon?
This subclass was commissioned by @nite0304, who wanted a subclass based on Plants vs Zombies!
Plant statblocks listed under the cut.
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(Quick edit: Pumpkin's statblock mentions Wall-Nut, but it should say Pumpkin there.)
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ghostcandleart · 14 hours
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Original character art I illustrated for a custom adventure I wrote for the Humblewood setting. Not an official adventure or paid by Hit Point Press, but something I made to run on the TTRPG channel Girls Run These Worlds. I am DMing it, and if you miss the live streams you can always catch the VODs later on YouTube. Names in Order: Jasper (Mapache), Harriette (Gallus), and Sootylopes (Elementals)
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dungeon-strugglers · 2 months
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✨New item!✨ Prismatic Parrying Dagger Weapon (dagger), rare (requires attunement)
This magic weapon stores deflected kinetic energy and releases it as a prismatic blast.
As a reaction while wielding this dagger, you can add 2 to your AC against one melee attack that would hit you. You must be able to see the attacker. If you successfully parry the attack, the first time you hit with this dagger on your next turn the target takes an extra 1d6 damage. The type of damage dealt corresponds with the number rolled on the d6: 1-psychic, 2-acid, 3-lightning, 4-cold, 5-fire, 6-poison. 
Attending the Prismatic Parliament within the City of Colors is an extremely dangerous endeavor. An assassin or constituent could be lurking around any corner. Each member of parliament carries with them at all times a dagger, perfectly balanced for deflecting incoming blows and campaign promises. - 🖌🎨 Like our work? Consider supporting us on Patreon and gain access to the hi-resolution art for over 150 magic items, item cards and card packs, beautiful creature art and stat blocks and setting pdfs with narrative hooks and unique lore!🧙‍♂️
📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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dm-tuz · 15 days
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Pact of the Monarch
Have you ever wanted a different sort of patron for your warlock character? Have you wanted a sturdier warlock? Look no further! The Pact of the Monarch has you drawing your magical abilities from a powerful liege. This is the part of the Paradox Pack, a set of subclasses that subverts expectations. If you want to see the other two and much more content, consider paying my Patreon a visit!
EDIT: Aloofness was reworded to what it was supposed to be.
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Happy Halloween everyone! It's that time of the year again and that means it's spooky project time! Those who have been with me for a while know that every year for Halloween I put out some big thematic project for my favorite holiday. For this year, I wanted to keep the rework train going and rework a previous year's project. And that project is my Corpseweaver class!
Before we get started I just want to take a second to shout-out @dm-clockwork-dragon and his Necroficer class, which helped inspire many aspects of my own take on the "Frankenstein-ing" monsters together concept.
I also want to mention that I still have a huge GDrive folder of 100+ creepy creatures and malign monsters pulled from across the internet to inspire your own amalgams!
In a way I got lucky this year. I started reworking my corpseweaver MONTHS ago so I already had a lot of it done. I was hoping to have the basics done in time for a campaign I was going to be in but time got away from me and I ended up playing something else so I've just been slowly working on it over time. Before October even began the entire base class and one of the subclasses were mechanically done, which left only two more subclasses to finish and I needed to rewrite all the fluff text which was honestly pretty cringeworthy in my opinion.
So what are all the changes? IT'S A LOT! I reworked how the class collects resources and the amalgam creation system completely from the ground up. The old systems were overly complicated and REALLY bookkeepy so I simplified them. Now you get Flesh, Bone, and Exotic from creatures and you use those in specified amounts to make amalgams and make alterations. The system for doing so has been greatly streamlined. Now you have a dedicated stat block that all amalgams are based on and that gets modified throughout the creation process.
Another major change is that the base class is no longer a spellcaster, so all those features have been moved to a subclass of their own, the Skaab Scribe. I didn't like how based in normal magic the old class was as I always wanted it to be more focused on mad science, alchemical formulas, and occult ritual.
And one of the last huge changes is that the Soma Smith has been removed from the class completely and will likely never return, though the name does live on as the Fleshwarper has been renamed. As much as I liked the idea of the old soma smith, I felt that it didn't fit the class upon further examination. Its whole deal was about creating new life basically from scratch and that's not what I want this class to be about. That's actually a theme that I kept seeing in the flavor text throughout the class as I've been working on it, creating new life, and it's a goal of mine to remove it wherever possible. The class does not create life, it reanimates the dead, and in my mind those are very different things.
So yeah, on that note those are the biggest changes but obviously everything got touched in some way. As with many of my reworks, this one is an overhaul on a grand scale, and one I'm honestly quite proud of.
As for the updated aesthetics, however, I have mixed feelings. Overall I think they fit the class much better than the default theme I was using before but there's a lot of visual jank that I'm not a fan of. I also would have liked to use better artwork but I had so little time to finish this as it is. I was also forced into using GM Binder for this project instead of Homebrewery because the theme I chose doesn't work with HB very well so that was less than ideal. For smaller projects it's not a big deal but for something this huge all the weird little issues I have with GMB start to compound and get frustrating. It's not a system I like but it has its uses sometimes.
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lonksadventures · 2 months
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First subrace of my homebrew dnd race is done! If you’re curious about the Startouched then go check out my tiktok series where I go more in-depth with their lore and society. Feel free to use this in creating characters or campaigns and if anyone has questions drop me an ask!
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nite0304 · 8 months
Update 16/04/2022! Golems!
A project I have been working in for a while!
Golemancers are a pretty unique class. Between the golems themselves, how they are handled, and the way they cast spells, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I really hope you enjoy!
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As for the golems themselves, they get stronger the bigger they are, and the more experienced you are!
Tumblr doesn't allow for more than 10 images in a single post so this will be followed by a continuation with all the Golemantic additions, the Spell List of the class and the golems themselves.
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megamagma · 8 months
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abyssalbrews · 7 days
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High res versions of the art, a Foundry VTT module, and other formats, as well as a full compendium of our 70+ items can be found on our Patreon
Raincaller's Horn
Staff, artifact (requires attunement)
The horn of the Raincallers is revered by those that work the land knowing the bounty it brings to nature around it. Those who are lucky enough to wield one of these staves have the power to influence the world in a way that few others could and bring soothing balm to both land and flesh. This staff can be wielded as a magic quarterstaff that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. While you hold it, you gain a +3 bonus to spell attack rolls. While holding this staff, you are immune to diseases. Additionally, you can always sense the nearest body of water within 10 miles of your current location. While attuned to this weapon, you gain a pool of 300 hit points stored within the staff. You can use an action to blow the horn and cause healing rain to fall over creatures of your choosing, that you can see, within 120 ft. The healing rain restores an amount of hit points of your choosing to each creature and removes that amount from the pool of hit points. If you restore 10 or more hit points to a target, they are also cured of blindness, deafness, or any diseases affecting them. The hit point pool is restored once per day when the staff is immersed in water.
Raincaller’s Blessing (1/year). You can take an hour to perform a ritualistic series of calls from the horn on this staff to call the rains to the land around you. When you do this, all land in a 50 mile radius from where you blew the horn becomes blessed. For one year, rains of holy water fall over the land regularly, cleansing it of evil effects and enriching its soil. The land becomes extremely fertile and crops grown from it are much larger than normal, wildlife becomes plentiful, and creatures that drink the waters from the rain gain advantage on saving throws against contracting diseases. When the effect ends, the lands return to their normal fertility and rain amounts over a course of 30 days unless it is blessed again by this staff.
If you want to see more of our items you can check us out on our Website, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram where we post them regularly. You can also find us at our Discord server where you can hang out and chat with the community.
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regal-bones · 10 months
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Swords swords swords - Part 2! A sequel to this post from a while back, some cool commissioned swords I've recently done!
Like sharp shiny things? DM me! I offer fully animated magic items for £60!
Or, for that same price, you could subscribe to my Patreon for over five whole years!
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The Swordmage. These elementally-attuned warriors weave arcane magic alongside fire-forged steel, raining waves of destruction from the windswept skies to the depths of the earth.
Despite the existence of Artificers, Bladesingers, Eldritch Knights, Bladesingers, and so many more sword-slinging caster subclasses, there's long been an itch for something a bit closer to the fantasy of an arcane swordsman, wielding mastery of spells and swords in equal measure. And it shows! There's been a million iterations of Spellblades and Maguses. So we can have one more. As a treat.
There's too many images, too much artwork, too much Swordmage to fit into one post. So there's links in the document itself. In the reblogs.
Only 500 followers late for the 1000 follower special! Here's to many more.
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artandstarstuff · 1 year
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Hey all! The Kofi goal for my holidays tables is complete, and here they are. What do you guys think the next goal should be? Put a suggestion in my inbox if you have any ideas. Shoutout to @sagenfrom7-11 for fulfilling this goal!
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dungeon-strugglers · 2 months
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✨New item!✨ Lantern Shield Armor (shield), very rare
This bizarre buckler has a lantern, a gauntlet, defensive spikes, and a shortsword built into it. You must wear the gauntlet in order to wield it, and it only grants a +1 bonus to AC. The bullseye lantern concealed within the shield casts bright light in a 60-foot cone and dim light for an additional 60 feet. The aperture that sheds light through the shield can be opened or closed with a bonus action while wearing the gauntlet, instantly igniting or extinguishing the lantern. 
Blinding Flash. While the lantern is covered, if a creature within 5 feet of you makes a melee attack against you, you can use your reaction to reveal the light and momentarily blind the attacker, imposing disadvantage on the attack. If the attack misses, you can immediately deal 2d4 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier piercing damage to the attacker with the shield’s defensive spikes. Once this reaction has been used, it cannot be used again for 1 minute.
Additionally, the shield has a shortsword built into it that can be wielded while wearing the gauntlet. You can deploy the shortsword when you attack with it, and retract it with a bonus action. You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this shortsword and you are proficient with this weapon if you are proficient with shields. Attacks with this weapon are made with disadvantage if you are holding a weapon without the light property, or an object longer than 1 foot or heavier than 5 pounds in your gauntlet hand.
This contraption is, without question, Geraldine Bucklerbuilder’s strangest buckler to date. A masterful feat of engineering, she managed to incorporate a plethora of useful and surprising tools into a single shield. Determined to craft the ultimate piece of adventuring gear, she had to be talked down from tacking on a flamethrower, grappling hook launcher, spyglass, and bedpan. - 🖌🎨 Like our work? Consider supporting us on Patreon and gain access to the hi-resolution art for over 150 magic items, item cards and card packs, beautiful creature art and stat blocks and setting pdfs with narrative hooks and unique lore!🧙‍♂️
📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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goblinwitchhut · 4 months
*Updated* In case you need a cheat sheet for monster making
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This is the order things go in. Not every monster will have everything, but if they have something it goes in this order. If they don't have something, delete it I'm making a full video on my monster creation process, and realized my little example cheat sheet is probably useful to others. Have fun creating!
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dm-tuz · 5 days
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One of the many horrors of the Murkwoods, the Tithe Collector is a completely blind amalgam of human limbs. Though it is blind, never make the mistake of looking directly at it for such a mistake could cost you dearly. This is part of the long-running Forgotten Foes series which features creatures considered to be mere myth, if they're remembered at all. If you like this monster, consider paying my Patreon a visit for many more interesting creatures like it!
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coffeecup-homebrews · 2 months
Me: Hey Brain, can I have some motivation to do homework? Brain: No, but I can give you a two-for-one special on Homebrew Eldritch Invocations.
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