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Is….is Eddie….is he mad?? Is he mad that Buck is a father? Of someone else???????? No cuz let’s talk about this. Literally this entire season Eddie has been nothing but peachy face smiley pants all happy with his life and that tiny moment felt so off???? Cuz he was all fine & dandy before Buck broke the news and now he’s throwing controllers? And he was the only one not congratulating him like babe your 5b is showing what does it mean???
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hannigen12 · 1 day
They’re never beating the gay allegations.
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eddiebuckley-diaz · 23 hours
The fact that Eddie questioned whether they should be congratulating Buck in this and not having anything else to say is so so loud.
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menace-behaviour · 3 days
Buck: Why is there so much blood on the ground??
Eddie: *Scrubbing the floor* I inadvertently performed an emergency appendectomy earlier today.
Buck: Eddie, what the fuck does that even mean?
Eddie: It means I accidentally stabbed someone, Buck. Please, get the bleach.
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makorragal-312 · 21 hours
If Coma!Buck does happen in 6B, then my wish is simple:
I want Christopher to be the FIRST person Buck sees when he wakes up.
I want Buck to have that epiphany and realize that he already IS a father and that he never needed to donate his sperm in order to achieve that.
I want Eddie to stand in the back, watching his best friend hug his son, and marvel at the ready-made family he’s always wanted. The ready-made family he’s always had.
I want Eddie to shoot a soft smile at Buck as he embraces this new reality.
That he's in love with his best friend.
And.he wantsnothing more than for Buck to sit on his couch.
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Okay hear me out...
What if Buck gets a boyfriend in 6B that ISN'T Eddie. Just IMAGINE
The 118s suspicions about him being bi come to light
Bobby saying "If I thought he'd be with anyone next, it'd be Eddie"
The LOOKS of awe
Bobby goes "What? Athena and I have a bet going on"
More silence
"I lost"
Eddie acting like he isn't heartbroken and actively avoiding the "are you gay" type questions
Chris comforting his dad
Hen and Karen being the best support system
Maddie (of course) knew he was bi and is just all smiles
Chimney said he should've told him, bc he did wonders for Hen and Karen
Bonus points if the guy is some kind of first responder
More bonus points if he's rich and spoils Buck (he deserves it)
Jealous Eddie, jealous Eddie, jealous Eddie!!!!!!!
When he invites Buck over and Buck says "Sorry I'm going with Guy tonight" / "Guy and I have date night"
Icing on the cake if TK or TK and Carlos show up and just...witness it all
In the end the guy either is toxic and has to leave or leaves
And that gives Eddie the chance he needs to tell Buck how he feels
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buddiebuckley-diaz · 21 hours
We all know nobody wants Buck to actually be the dad. And we thought something would come up with his family medical history that would prevent them from using his sperm, but obviously that didn’t happen. So my brain is making one last effort to come up with any possible way that Buck couldn’t be the father. So here’s to hoping and praying that somehow Kameron and Connor managed to conceive naturally (but probably won’t realize until after the baby is born).
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I know we want coma Buck and i do too
But coma Eddie has soo many great opportunities.
Buck is going to take care of Chris again and either realises that:
He is a dad and had a kid named chris and a coparent named Eddie
He is a donor and a guardian but not a dad
Either way: Eddie is going to wake up to Buck breaking down
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mikeluciraphgabe · 2 months
I don’t care, the funniest thing to happen on this show is Eddie baby trapping Buck
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incorrect118buddie · 2 months
Eddie: My future partner must be brave, strong, intelligent, successful and organized.
Buck: *steps on a caterpillar and proceeds to drop to their knees and sob while apologizing profusely*
Eddie: That one. I want that one.
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cinematics123 · 9 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look, I know people talk about Eddie/Ryan in his “slutty black tank”… but Oliver in this tank top is absolutely the sluttiest thing I’ve ever seen.
Those arms are unfair.
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Tumblr media
Eddie you’re so thirsty—
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buddiearemydads · 2 months
I really want to see everyone's reaction about Buck being Chris' legal guardian and now I can't stop thinking about this idea :
Chim in danger in 6x04 lead to him and Maddie start to think what would happen with Jee if they were to die. They will talk to their 118 family especially with Eddie and Henren and that is the moment everyone find out about Eddie's will
Please somebody write it please or give fics with such ideas if you read smt like that
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eddiebuckley-diaz · 23 hours
Going insane over how many times eddie and buck are next to each other this episode
I’m absolutely feral
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menace-behaviour · 26 days
Tumblr media
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makorragal-312 · 22 hours
Anyone else peep Eddie’s reaction when Buck broke the news?
Call me a Buddie clown, but I feel like TPTB are giving Eddie these subtle and dumb-downed reactions now so in 6B, he’ll actually make a move to reach out to Buck about the sperm donor situation. Like, he’ll actually sit Buck down and talk sense into him and make him realize that he isn’t that baby’s father.
And if that happens, then it’s only natural that he’ll be by Buck’s side as he helps him through his inevitable breakdown once everything comes to a head.
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