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bellabrady · 20 hours
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incorrect buddie quotes 45/?
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incorrectbuddie · 2 days
Buck, opening a Capri sun: I guess I'll drink my sorrows away.
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incorrect-9-1-1 · 3 days
*buck and eddie holding hands*
hen: so who confessed?
eddie: it was me. I made sure it was short and sweet
buck: you yelled "listen here you little shit, I have feelings for you and it's about time you acknowledged them!"
eddie: and it worked
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hisbucky · 3 days
Athena: Is there something you want to tell me, young man?
Buck: ...no? I don't think so?
Athena: Oh, really? How about this, then...
*produces a picture of Buck and Eddie kissing at school*
Buck: Huh. That's actually kind of nice. Can I get a copy of that, mom?
Athena: That's not the point -
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“Carlos: Hey, TK… what if you unpacked.. here?
T.K.: But then all my stuff would be here.
Carlos: Well, what if all your stuff was here?
T.K.: Then I’d be going back and forth all the time.
Carlos: Okay. What if we live together, and you understand what I’m saying?”
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kumquatqueenb · 1 month
Chim: hey where’s Buck?
Hen: I don’t know, hold on. We’ll find him, just look at Eddie.
Chim: *looking at Eddie* Buck isn’t with him though.
Hen: just follow his line of sight.
Hen & Chim: *follows Eddie’s eyes to See Buck standing across the room talking to someone else*
Chim: oh my god-
Hen: yeah, that works 90 percent of the time 🙄
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pretty-fishy · 2 months
Eddie: So you're really just saying yes to everything right now?
Buck: Yeah, why?
Eddie, already googling engagement rings: No reason
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anxieteandbiscuits · 2 months
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incorrectfirefam · 3 months
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arrenemris · 7 months
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Incorrect buddie quotes: 27/?
inspired by this post by @evanbucxley
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shelh93 · 10 days
Buck: remember when you told me to go to the pharmacy?
Eddie: yes?
Buck: um, they're out of my adhd medication for five days
Eddie: oh my god * gets up and walks away*
Buck: It's gonna be a fun week!
Eddie: I'm going to my Abuelas!
Buck: *raising his left hand with his wedding band on it* through sickness and in health Motherfucker!
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bellabrady · 2 days
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911 characters + text posts part idk
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incorrectbuddie · 19 hours
Bobby: What did you two do?
Bobby: You’re not in trouble, I just need to know if I have to lie to the police again or not
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incorrect-9-1-1 · 2 days
hen: I keep a picture of all of us in my wallet
hen: whenever I face a difficult situation, I look at it
the 118: awww
hen: and I tell myself "if I can deal with these idiots, I can deal with anything"
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Ravi: why do you call the captain 'Bobby'?
Buck: what?
Ravi: like is it not weird to call your dad by his actual name?
Buck: we are no-
Ravi: or is it one of those things we aren't supposed to "know". Like you and Eddie being husbands
Buck: i-we wh-no, i- gotta go
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panevanbuckley · 1 month
Eddie: how do you describe a relationship that's complicated?
Hen: ...a love/hate relationship?
Eddie: that's what I thought, too.
Eddie, turning around: tell her what you said.
Buck: fuck you/fuck me.
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