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mellaithwen · 15 hours ago
Everyone: murder house not for me
Chim: holy shit is that crown moulding? And the original fireplace? damn. hello.
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stevenrogered · 15 hours ago
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Buck's...Officially responsible for the creation of new life.
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skyhighrollins911 · a day ago
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6x09 | Red Flag This is my final edit of this half of the season! Had alot of fun creating them week by week, even if some almost broke me 🙃. I''m really sad that we have to wait months again for the 2nd half of the season. But in the meantime I will make sure to create other 9-1-1 edits, so watch the space! I hope you like this edit and thank you for all the love and support!
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buckleymecca · a day ago
Buck and Eddie are so traumatized seeing a naked woman while Bobby and Chim acting like professionals as they should.
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911bts · 2 days ago
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@911onfox: Our fall finale is approaching… 👀
Tune in TOMORROW for an all-new #911onFOX at 8/7c on @/foxtv.
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bellabrady · 2 days ago
Eddie: I'm gonna start going to therapy.
Chim, Hen & Bobby clapping: YES!
Buck: Seriously man, I'm so excited for you.
Eddie: No, hold on. Why are you guys so excited? Is there something wrong with me?
Buck: What? No, no, therapy's good for everyone. But for you it's like...great!
Eddie: See, that's where I don't agree. 'Cause I'm not any worse off than you guys.
Hen: No, no, it's not about who's better or who's worse. We're all fighting our own battles, dude.
Chimney: Yeah! Yours are just more obvious.
Eddie: See, now I'm not going anymore.
Everyone: NO-
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daily118 · 6 hours ago
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MADDIE & CHIMNEY ✺ 6.09 'Red Flag'
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ebdaydreamer · 15 hours ago
OK so to recap:
Bobby: about to breakdown
Buck: about to breakdown
Hen: her son is reaching out to his bio dad
Chim: about to renovate a house
Eddie: vibing having a great time
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reachingforaspark · 15 hours ago
Not Maddie and Chim building a family inside a home with a history of tragedy and a legacy of neglect
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loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
911 6.09 Sneak Peek-Naked Woman Sleep-Driving
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madneyfiles · 14 hours ago
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It’s the way they look at each other.
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hisbucky · a day ago
Chimney: Hello, Diazes!
Eddie: Shhh, it's nap time.
Chimney, blinking: Chris is right there playing his video game.
Chris: Hey, Uncle Chimney.
Eddie, rolling his eyes: Who said anything about Chris?
Buck: *currently drooling on Eddie's lap without a care in the world*
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whosoldherout · 6 hours ago
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why don't you have a nightcap?
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caroandcats · 14 hours ago
The fact that we could have had shared firefam phone calls scenes like this and never had is very rude. I need to know how much they do that. They really just spend all their time together at work and then go home and are like "more please <3". I love them so much.
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When this man Eddie had a panic attack because the salesperson in 501 thought he was married to a woman?
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feral-peacock · 15 hours ago
Fire fam on a conference call
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