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swiftiediaz · 2 days
situations, circumstances, miscommunications ( i just may like some explanations )
buck/eddie | teen and up | 4.3k words
"You didn't know?" Eddie asks, calmer but not less confused. He frowns. "How could you not know?"
"You never said anything?" Buck tilts his head to the side. "We were dating?”
“I guess not,” Eddie sighs. His heart is beating a little faster, an unpleasant buzz beneath his skin as he all but chokes on a feeling he can’t quite name— it could be hurt or disappointment or maybe a mix of both.
In that moment, he knows three things very clearly. 1. Buck is going to be the death of him. 2. He is in love with the most dense, most oblivious man on planet Earth. 3. He is too gay and, honestly, too old for this shit.
from the prompt: We're best friends and have been dating for over a month now but you won't kiss me so should we just break up and just be friends? But turns out you didn't know we were dating
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menace-behaviour · 3 days
Buck: I was put on this earth to do one thing.
Buck: Luckily, I was also given bad birth parents and ADHD, so I forgot what it was and I can do whatever I want.
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buddierights · 2 days
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Songs from My Buddie Playlist: 18/?
anyone can see there's this great big you, and little old me. and we hold on. for dear life, we hold on.
- Lion’s Teeth, The Mountain Goats
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1yr0 · 11 hours
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The Buckley Siblings smiling at each other in 2a
(GIF 1 & 2 2x01 "Under Pressure" / GIF 3 2x04 "Stuck" / GIF 2x05 "Awful People")
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monstatrbl · 2 days
Okay so I said I would pen some of my 911 thoughts so here we are with my main thought.
I think we’re at a pinnacle point in the show where an executive decision needs to be made (if it hasn’t been already) in the writer’s room about whether or not Buddie will go canon. I do not think they can continue to make the show without making a concrete decision. The main reason being where Buck and Eddie are in their character development. Seasons 1-5 have been about the past for them; about confronting and working through their past traumas. Season 6a on the other hand has clearly established that we are now looking towards the future. For Buck, he’s at a point where he’s starting to question his life and what it means to be happy. It means examining his current life and looking at what he would need/want in the future to attain what he eventually deems as happiness. Clearly a big part of that happiness will be being a father; they wouldn't be doing the sperm donor storyline if it wasn’t.
For Eddie, he’s at a point where he’s gone/going to therapy and is in a good place. He’s learning to live for himself, especially now that he has more time to himself as his kid is growing up and seeking independence. With this time to himself will come with questioning what he wants out of life; what’s his happiness.
Clearly both of these characters’ trajectories are going towards the future. With the way the writing has been going, it would be very easy for the writers to make these two characters’ desires of the future be interconnected. I personally think that’s the way to go with the story, considering, whether intentionally or not, they’ve already set the groundwork. However, if they really do not want to go in this direction, I think now would be the time to decide. While a solid argument can be made that they queer baited their audience for 4 whole seasons if they choose to go with the “band of brothers” route, I think with some directional and writing changes, they still could establish Buck and Eddie as ride or die friends. But, imo, they truly cannot continue with not making a decision and stringing along the fans knowing that they’re intentionally baiting them by giving them hope that Buddie will happen. It just doesn’t do justice to the characters, the show, or their audience.
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gagakumadraws · 1 day
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12 Days of Artmas Day 2: Fir
I've spent all of the love I saved We were always a losing game Small town boy in a big arcade I got addicted to a losing game
Oh Oh All I know, all I know Loving you is a losing game
Do you love me, love me not? Giving pieces from my heart Tomorrow's coming and has gone Still I carried, I carried, I carried on
Can’t have all my festive pieces be cute and cozy, now can I? XD 
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prodigalsammy · 11 hours
I just watched the grocery store scene again and Lenas face gets me every time. She’s like “Here goes these idiot husbands again” 
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matan4il · 3 days
One of my favorite metas you wrote was addressing Buck and consent. I wish the show went a little deeper into the subject. I understand though, there is only so much time.
However I laughed because I was wondering how much of Bucks extreme consent type behavior was written in and how much of that was Oliver being Oliver. I loved how he made sure to put his hands behind him. It also made the do you always sleep nude question exactly that. A inquiry into making sure she was OK, not an opportunity to point out her naked form.
With Ryan, Aisha, and Oliver though I always wonder how much they improvise because they seem so in tune with their characters that they add alot of small choices and I love that for them.
Hi my lovely! :D I'm so happy to hear from you! I'm sorry when it takes me a moment to reply, work has been getting stressful again and it's not like other stuff relents when it does. But just know that simply seeing your url is making me smile so wide! So thank you, just for being here and being you! *HUGS*
Oh, I'm so happy you enjoyed reading my Buck and consent meta! I honestly thought I was posting it for three people. I'm hopeful that at some point before the show is over, they will address this issue.
But yeah, exactly! It's very obvious that, along with Eddie, Buck is not being a creep on any level, he's just honestly trying to be as helpful as he can be in a very delicate and awkward situation. IDK how much the actors improvise, but I have no doubt that their personalities do inform the characters, whether it's through their own acting choices or, as work on the show progresses, more of who the actors are and what they've brought to their role bleeds into the writers' work. I love that for them as well! I'm positive that had he been played by another actor, Buck wouldn't be quite the human teddy bear that he is. A kinder, gentler version than who we met in 101 for sure, but not quite who Oliver shaped Buck into.
Thank you, darling! Hope you have a wonderful day! As always, here is my ask tag! xoxox
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honestlydarkprincess · 2 months
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eddiebuckley-diaz · 1 month
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unhinged 911 tweets part 3/?
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swiftiediaz · 10 hours
wip wednesday
tagged [email protected] @rogerzsteven @elvensorceress @daughterofbuddie @eddiediazisascorpio and @dickley-buddie thanks for the tag, loves 🥺💗
this is from my deaf buck au
"Why don't you message him?"
"I can't message him, Henrietta." Eddie stresses Hen's full name. "The guy has thousands of followers." Eddie would know, he checked Buck's all social media. "And even if he did see my message, what would I even say?"
"Hey, you're hot. Wanna date?" Chimney says, brownie crumbs falling from his mouth. Eddie winces and fixes his friend with a frown.
"I'm serious."
"Okay, maybe don't say that." Hen chuckles. "But yeah, why not? Shoot your shot."
"Yeah!" Chimney says as he stuffs another brownie on his mouth. "Worst case scenario, he says no. Best case scenario, you end up married!" Chim says excited, Eddie barely understanding the guy because of his full mouth. He just rolls his eyes and shrugs.
"Yeah, maybe." Eddie sighs, knowing there's no chance in hell he'll do that.
He wishes he had the balls to comment like some other people do. There are loads of women and men who compliment him and make flirty suggestions in the comments, Eddie has seen them. Eddie wishes he could be bold like that, but he just— can't.
Before anyone can say anything else, the alarm goes off and Eddie lets out a sigh of relief, as the topic of his love life— or lack thereof— is forgotten.
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wackybuddiemewbs · 3 months
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Quoting Buddie things incorrectly
Part 17/???
Find more incorrect quotes here.
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youseeingthis · 10 hours
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buddierights · 1 day
Our Love is Like a Storybook Story (But it’s as real as the feelings I feel)
rated: m | buddie | word count: 23k | chapters: 4/8 | read on ao3
Chapter 4 Summary
“You admit you do not love your bride-to-be? An honest man. You’re a rare specimen, Highness.”
“The Princess and I have never once from the beginning lied to each other. She knows I do not love her.” He doesn’t know why he’s telling this to a stranger. Perhaps because he can’t bear the thought of someone thinking he could ever love another person but Eddie.
“You’re not capable of love is what you mean,” the man in black accuses.
“I’m very capable of love.” It comes out as a whisper as Buck thinks back to early mornings on the farm. Late nights in Eddie’s home, saying goodnight to Chris. He takes a step closer to the man in black, anger threatening to boil over. “I have loved more deeply than a killer like yourself could possibly imagine.”
read chapter 4 on ao3
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zahlibeth · 22 days
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is that Buck just colouring by himself while Jee naps??? looks like he just gave himself a nice calming activity waiting for Maddie and Chim to come back
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iguessiusetmlrnow · 3 months
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I have never seen this show in my life but i'm still rooting for them.
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macarenaandrad3 · 5 months
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Who said that pride is over?
This one is available for print in my ko-fi shop.
Prints available now! (Ko-Fi)
+ Info about prints!
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