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6. "are you really so oblivious?" for the prompts for Buddie 🥰
hi, babe! thanks for the prompt! also requested by @evan-bukley hope you guys like it!
also... my hand slipped...
santa honey, one little thing i really need
buck/eddie | teen and up | 1.2k words
He grins. “So this is doing it for you. Doting uncle in a Santa costume is your type? You’re actually into this?” Buck took the fake beard off now but he still has the hat and the clothes on and— well, Eddie can't deny he looks good.
"Are you really so oblivious?" Eddie says and Buck's teasing smirk slowly fades away. "Sure, maybe the Santa costume is kinda hot and the fact that you're cute niece was hanging from your arms did help but… It's you, Buck. For me, it's always been you. Just you."
Buck is babysitting Jee while Chim and Maddie prepare for Christmas. He takes the opportunity and dresses himself as santa and Jee as the cutest reindeer in the history of the holidays.
And Eddie's wish comes true. Maybe Christmas is the time of miracles after all.
read on ao3
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i’m so glad i get to hold you
What am i supposed to do when they make me wait two weeks for a new episode but cry over something that happened like three years ago???
Post-Tsunami: follow-up to Chris being found; Eddie takes Buck home with him.
9-1-1 on Fox | 2180 words | soft buddie, emotional hurt/comfort, hair drying cos it makes me soft, eddie's just glad his boys are okay
Read on AO3
The stress Eddie has experienced in the last ten minutes is something he never wishes to repeat in his lifetime. The relief in his chest threatens to consume him as he tucks Christopher–cold and damp but alive–closer into his arms and rests his forehead against the smooth skin of his son's cheek. He breathes. For a long moment he kneels on the concrete and lets the smell of salt water that clings to Christopher's clothes drown him, lets his damp curls tickle his cheek and revels in the way his tiny chest expands with every breath.
"Dad?" Christopher starts squirming. Even wrapped in the massive red hoodie someone put him in his small frame is shivering in the cold.
"Yeah, buddy." Eddie brushes a hand over Christopher's curls. "You're okay. I'm so glad you're okay."
"Where's Buck?"
Eddie stops, his heart stutters in his chest as Buck's face flashes through his mind. The distraught shake to his voice, the way his hands trembled as he reached for Christopher's glasses, hanging around his neck like a noose. Eddie looks up and glances back to where Buck was standing a moment ago and finds him collapsed in a heap on the ground, Hen and Bobby barely holding him up while Chim tries to talk to him and check him over. But Eddie can tell that Buck's not listening, his eyes are glued to Eddie and Christopher kneeling not ten feet away. The pure awe and relief on his face creates a matched pair with the swelling feeling in Eddie's chest as he looks between his son and this man who kept them alive through a tsunami.
Carefully, Eddie gathers Christopher in his arms and rises to his feet. He closes the distance between them until he's standing in front of Buck who looks up at him and then down at Christopher. Buck's eyes shine with unshed tears and his mouth opens and closes as he looks at Eddie again, his blue eyes wide and begging and Eddie reads him instantly.
He crouches down and carefully unfolds his arms to transfer Christopher to Buck. Chris goes easily, his arms wrapping tightly around Buck's neck and his fingers gripping into the filthied material of his once-white t-shirt. Buck lets out a hiccupped gasp and wraps his arms around Christopher like a vice, burning his nose in his curls the same way Eddie did a moment ago.
Hen steps back to let Eddie move closer and Buck sways and lurches a little before Eddie is right there sliding a hand around Buck's shoulders and crouching down next to him.
Buck lifts his head only to look at him. "Eddie, I–"
Eddie just nods and smiles quietly at him as he slides that same hand up the back of Buck's neck and into the damp hair around the back of his head. His scalp is gritty under Eddie's fingers, coated in dirt and who knows what else that was flowing through all that sea water but he's a solid, physical presence under Eddie’s hand and a second wave of relief rushes through him. He could have lost both of his boys today and yet here they are right in front of him. He pulls Buck in by the back of his head and he goes easily, the two of them rock into Eddie's chest until he can get his arms around both Buck and Christopher, gripping them for dear life.
"You're okay." He mumbles into the space between the two of them. "You're both okay."
Buck starts sobbing and Eddie is pretty sure there are tears quietly running down his own cheeks but he can't bring himself to care.
It's a long time before Eddie can dare to let himself let them go and even as Chimney finally gets to look Buck and Christopher over, Chris remains tucked inside the circle of Buck's arms while Eddie crouches behind Buck's back. Buck leans unconsciously against Eddie's knees until Eddie kneels more firmly on the ground behind him and presses his chest flush against Buck's back. He can feel the slow rise and fall of his shoulders with every breath and lets one hand remain resting on his shoulder, admittedly sliding closer until it rests along the side of Buck's neck where he can press his fingers in and feel Buck's pulse beating steadily.
When Chimney eventually clears them both, Bobby gives Eddie a firm nod and lets him take them both home. Hen hugs Buck tightly when he gets to his feet and lets Eddie know that Karen is around the back of the block to pick them up. Buck makes a pained whining noise when Eddie has to take Christopher from his arms but he's swaying on his feet and there's no way he'll be able to walk to Karen's car whilst carrying Chris. He situates Chris on his hip and wraps an arm around Buck's waist to lead him to the car.
Karen hugs them both tightly when she sees them, kissing both Buck and Chris on their cheeks and squeezes Eddie's arm just a little tighter. The three of them bundle into her back seat and Eddie passes Chris back to Buck who accepts him instantly, tucking the boy under his chin and leaning heavily against Eddie's side. He meets Karen's gaze in the review mirror and she smiles softly at him.
The drive back to Eddie's house is quiet and Eddie watches the tiredness quickly seep into both Buck and Christopher's worn-out bodies. When they pull up the driveway Karen asks if they need anything else and Eddie waves her off as he helps the other two out of the vehicle. Buck hands Christopher to him who had nodded off a few minutes ago. Buck looks a little less like he’s in shock now but his expression is still vacant and he won’t meet Eddie’s gaze. They both thank Karen for the ride and then Eddie ushers Buck inside.
He runs a hand over Christopher's head and carefully wakes him. “Hey, buddy. Do you think you can keep your eyes open long enough for a bath?”
Chris nods even as his eyelids droop and Eddie quickly gets him out of his wet clothes and into the warm water. The water runs brown when Eddie washes his hair and he has to bite back the pained noise that threatens to crawl up his throat. God, he nearly lost him, he nearly lost them both. Eddie bundles Chris into clean pajamas and goes to tuck him into bed but at the last minute changes his mind and takes him to his bedroom and carefully deposits him in the middle of the double bed. He looks tiny under Eddie’s covers with his cheeks flushed pink from the warm water and his eyelashes fanning out under his closed eyes.
Buck is still standing in the kitchen when he goes back out to the living room. His hands are clasped tightly to the back of a chair and he’s staring at nothing with his jaw clenched and his shoulders visibly shaking. Eddie reaches out and cups the ball of one shoulder in his hand, squeezing lightly. “Hey, Buck? Why don’t you go have a shower, yeah?”
Buck nods without looking at him and disappears down the hallway. While he’s gone Eddie changes into his pajamas and leaves a pile of dry clothes outside the bathroom door for Buck. He finds the extra bedding in the cupboard and makes up a bed on the couch for Buck. There is no way Eddie is sending him back to his loft tonight.
Buck’s hair is still damp when he comes back into the room with the towel in his hands and one of Eddie’s older LAFD t-shirts stretched across his shoulders. He looks clean and warm though the scraps across his face cause Eddie’s heart to constrict painfully and he has to remind himself that Buck is there, he is okay, he is standing in Eddie’s living room. “Eddie, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have–.”
“Come here.” Eddie waves him closer and takes the towel from his hands while he directs Buck to sit on the floor next to the couch. He lets Eddie manoeuver him though he seems confused until Eddie sits behind him on the couch with his knees bracketing Buck’s shoulders and starts to gently rub the towel over Buck’s curls.
“Shhh, you really shouldn’t walk around with wet hair, you’ll catch a chill.” Eddie says. It’s what his Abuela use to tell him as a little kid. Buck’s hair is soft in the way it moves under the towel, slowly forming ringlets that spill over the crown of Buck’s head with a few longer parts that brush over his forehead. Eddie wonders sometimes why he insists on gelling it back all of the time. “I don’t blame you, Buck.”
“Buck, there is no way you could have known there was going to be a tsunami. You wouldn���t blame any of the other parents who were at the pier with their kids today?”
“Of course not, but–.” Buck’s shoulders stiffen and he tries to turn to face Eddie but Eddie lets the towel fall to the floor next to them and smoots both of his hands over Buck’s shoulders, keeping him firmly in place while he tries to ease some of the tension out of Buck’s tightly wound muscles. Eddie is sure he’ll be sore tomorrow from all the swimming.
“Buck. You and I both know that if you hadn’t been with him, Chris wouldn’t have survived the first wave.” The admission tastes like vinegar in his mouth. “But he did, you’re both right here in this house and he is sleeping soundly right down the hall. I cannot thank you enough for that.”
He lets one hand run up the back of Buck’s head and into the curls the same way he did while Chimney was checking him over. This time though he watches as the clean curls slip and wind through his fingers. Buck lets out one gasping sob and Eddie wraps his arms around him from behind and holds him as Buck cries through the stress and relief of what truly has been a terrible, horrible, no-good day.
“Thank you.” Eddie whispers into his ear and Buck turns his head just enough to press his forehead into the side of Eddie’s arm. He’s not sure how long they stay like that but by the time Buck stops crying he has completely turned in Eddie’s hold until he has his arms around Eddie’s waist and his head resting on Eddie’s thigh as he runs a hand up and down Buck’s back.
“You ready to go to sleep?” He askes even though he knows Buck is—his eyes have been closed for the last ten minutes but he still whines when Eddie’s hand stops moving. “Come on, let's get you up off the floor.”
He lets Buck get himself under the blankets and turns off the main light, leaving only the lamp beside the couch to cast a soft glow over the room. Eddie smiles at Buck and turns to leave the room when Buck calls out to him. “You promise you’re not mad?”
Eddie stops and calls back to him, “I promise, Buck. There is no one I trust with my son more than you.” He means that with every fiber of his being and when he gets into bed and wraps his arms tightly around Christopher he thanks whoever was looking over his boys today that he still has them both within arms reach.
Eddie is woken by a crash as the bedroom door swings open.
“Eddie! Eddie, he’s gone, Chris isn’t in his bed, I can’t find him!” Buck’s chest is heaving when Eddie manages to prop himself up on one elbow and watches in slow motion as Buck recognizes the bundles up lump next to Eddie under the covers and every part of his body deflates with relief. “I went to check on him and he wasn’t there.”
Eddie reaches out and pulls the covers back on the side of the bed closest to Buck. “He’s right here. Here, get in.”
“I, umm.”
“Buck, please.” Eddie coxes him closer. “Quickly, all the warmth is escaping.”
Buck carefully slides under the covers as if he’s convinced Eddie will change his mind. Once he’s laying on his side Eddie pulls the covers back over both of them and shuffles himself and Christopher closer to Buck until Chris is sandwiched between them. It’s a testament to how tired Christopher is that he has not been woken by any of this. Eddie reaches out and tugs on one of Buck’s arms until he lets him pull it over Christopher and arm Eddie’s side. Buck sighs deeply as he buries his nose into the curls at the top of Christopher’s head and Eddie rests his own arm over both of them until he can press his palm firmly between Buck’s shoulder blades.
“We’re all okay.”
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11. "don't make me say it. i can't say the words." from romantic confession dialogue prompts - if it's inspire you
thank you for the prompt 💕 i hope you're in the mood for some angst and repression 😅
They're fighting.
They're fighting because Eddie is a fucking idiot who still has trouble expressing his feelings, despite the countless therapy sessions with Frank.
(Somewhere in the back of his head, Frank's voice tells him to not be so hard on himself).
And Eddie doesn't even really know how they got to this point. All he knows that it involved a whole lot of miscommunication and angry words.
Buck is upset with him, and Eddie doesn't even blame him because he was the one who put his foot in his mouth in the first place. Honestly, he thinks that what Buck is feeling might be closer to hurt than anger.
Usually, this is when Eddie would stick his head in the sand and wait things out. That's what he's always done. It's why, this time, he's doing things differently.
He's regretting that choice the moment he knocks on Buck's door.
The man opens the door looking like he got run over by a truck, eyes red-rimmed and hair a messed. The collar of his t-shirt is stretched out and lopsided.
Buck wordlessly moves aside to let him in.
"I'm sorry for what I said," Eddie starts right away, figuring that if he waits too long, he'll lose his nerve. "It came out wrong."
"Did it?"
Eddie figures he deserves the bitter tone of Buck's voice. He'd almost prefer anger over this resigned version of the man, though.
"It's a defense mechanism," he admits after a moment of silence. "I said those things in an attempt to push you away because at this point I don't know what to do with myself, with the way I feel about you."
"How you feel about me?"
This time, Buck's tone is softer. Eddie doesn't quite know how to place it. He looks at the other man with pleading eyes, knowing that he's worked himself into a corner. It was stupid to come here without a plan.
Eddie shakes his head as Buck looks at him expectantly, and somewhat impatiently.
"Don't make me say it, Buck, I can't say the words," he begs, knowing he sounds so pathetically desperate and yet far beyond caring about it.
Buck tilts his head, looking at him with sad eyes.
"I'll say it then," he says. "I'm in love with you, Eddie, and I know you're in love with me too. I don't need you to say it, but we have to stop acting like it's not true."
He has to take a deep breath to push down the rising panic, attempting to stuff it back into it's neat little box where he's been keeping it alongside his feelings.
"I'm not relationship material, Buck."
That actually makes Buck smile for the first time since he opened the door, even if it's a sad smile.
"And you're saying I am?" Buck asks as he steps closer, hands landing on Eddie's shoulders. "I get that you're scared, Eds, I am too, but don't you think that maybe it could be worth it?"
Maybe, Eddie thinks. Maybe it could be worth it, but what if it's not? What if it ruins everything, what if he loses Buck?"
"Maybe," he answers truthfully. Maybe.
This time the smile reaches Buck's eyes, and it instantly makes him look better.
"Well, maybe we should try it, then."
Eddie cracks a smile as well, his hands finding Buck's waist. He lets out a long breath, leaning his forehead forward and against Buck's shoulder so he doesn't have to look the man in the eyes as he says: "Okay, let's try it."
from the romantic confession dialog prompts
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Alone With Your Thoughts
10.5k Teen Chapt 4/4
Buck gets hurt on a call, badly. Against his wishes Eddie has to leave him behind to get help, but that doesn’t mean Buck’s left alone. Buck faces his past and has to decide who he is and what he wants from his life, that is if he gets to have one now. He’s bleeding out and time is running out.
Read on A03
Buck’s fallen a little way behind so Eddie turns to check on him, he looks pale but he’s still moving, stubbornness keeping him on his feet if nothing else does. Not much longer anyway, he can see the way out now. 
This has been a nightmare of a call; they were working on a rescue in the hills surrounding LA and suddenly everything went wrong, he remembers earth moving beneath them and then a fall, now they’re separated from the others, lost, injured and alone. It’s far from ideal.
The pain in his head is a constant thud, the remnants of being knocked out. Buck had fared slightly better in the accident and after he’d made sure Eddie was relatively ok, if you disregard the being unconscious part, he’d searched around and found a way to get them back to the team. Hopefully.
Eddie hadn’t had much to do with it, he’d only come to a little while ago, finding himself drapped unceremoniously over Buck’s shoulder. Once it was established he could walk unaided they’d carried on side by side but Buck’s been slowing down for these last five minutes and Eddie’s starting to get a little worried, carrying him must have taken more out of the younger man than he originally suspected.
Eddie’s hurt himself, cuts and bruises, possibly concussion and a gash on his leg. He’s a little worried about that too, it’s a fairly serious wound, deep and nasty, it needs stitches and while it's slowed it’s still bleeding steadily. They need to get out of this mess of a situation as soon as possible and the way out is in sight; a short but steep climb upwards. It doesn’t look easy but it’ll be manageable, even with his injury. Eddie winces in anticipation, it’s going to hurt like hell  but he can do it and they can hardly stay here, wherever here is. 
Once they get higher up again they can hope to be found and Eddie really wants to go home. He’s about to say that to Buck when a noise has him turning and he’s shocked to see the other man on the floor. Rushing to his side he finally sees what Buck’s been hiding from him. His hand comes away from his friend’s body slick and red. 
That’s a lot of blood, far too much.
Buck’s eyelids flutter and close.
Damn him, damn him to hell and back. 
Eddie works on stopping the bleeding as best he can, looks like home will have to wait a little longer.
Buck opens his eyes to the disappointing sight of Eddie still by his side. He’d hoped he’d have the sense to go, get moving. In retrospect it was a rather stupid hope. Eddie wouldn’t leave him , just like Buck would never leave Eddie.
However he needs to make him go. They can’t both stay. Buck already knows what state he’s in and Eddie’s barely any better, he needs to get to the hospital and he won’t get there sitting with Buck waiting until he bleeds out.
So, no time to waste. He opens his mouth to do what needs to be done.
“Why are you still here? You should have gone already.”
Eddie’s voice is filled with vitriol, “Are you that stupid?”  The look he gets is scornful, Eddie’s lip curls around the words “you think I’m leaving you when you're hurt like this?”
Buck kinda hoped he would, they’d ended up in trouble when the rescue they’d been on had gone wrong in about four different ways now Eddie’s adding a fifth problem to his day. 
“You have to go Eddie. You're hurt, you need the hospital.”
Eddie stands abruptly so Buck has to crane his neck to look up at him.
“I’m hurt?! Jesus Buck you’ve been bleeding all this time! Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”
He sighs, “Not much point. Had to keep moving. Here now. You can go.”
“I am not leaving you.”
God he’s stubborn. Buck tries again, 
“You have to. You need help.”
“Stop! You need me here. I can’t just… I can’t.”
Eddie’s face distorts as he holds himself back, it’s obvious there are other things he wants to say but isn’t. 
“Eddie we both know…” Buck doesn’t want to say it outloud but it’s not like they don’t see this kind of thing all the time. See the aftermath of this kind of situation. They both know the most likely outcome.
“No! We don't know anything. They are looking for us and they are  going to find us.” Each word is definite, Eddie wants no argument from him, that’s unfortunate because that’s not something Buck can do. 
“Not in time.” He keeps his voice gentle, this will be hard for Eddie to accept he knows that. 
“No!” Eddie’s face is hidden from him, he turned away with his exclamation, hiding from him as best he can. 
Buck keeps trying, “You have to go before it’s too late for you too. I know you’re  still bleeding. Might have internal injuries too. We got banged up pretty bad.”
Edie spins round, his distress suddenly clear “Stop telling me to leave. I won’t,  I can’t.” His voice breaks on the last word, there’s no anger any more, which is maybe worse, “ Please.” His eyes beg Buck to find an alternative, “We have to think of something else. Anything. I can’t….”
He knows how he sounds, tired and sad, he wishes he could tell him to stay. Maybe he’d finally be brave enough  to say all the things he’s been meaning to tell him ‘someday’ but he can’t be selfish, he’s left it too late and there’s never going to be a ‘someday’, nothing to be done about that now. He braces himself, he’s going to have to be cruel if he wants to save the man he loves. It’s for the best.
He makes his voice hard, cold, “So… what? You’ll stay, keep me company until I bleed out then go, when you’ve lost too much blood to make it either? Now whose stupid? “ he needs a breath before he pushes on, Eddie stares, Buck thinks that he’s probably never spoken to Eddie like that before. He doesn’t stop.
“There’s no choice Eddie. You have to leave now; you save who you can and you move on.”
The last words actually make the older man flinch. He looks shocked, hurt. That’s the trouble these days, Eddie’s not hiding his feelings as much so all his pain is on display, other things have been on display too, in better circumstances. Buck thinks maybe he could have risked telling him certain things, maybe it wouldn’t have gone as badly as he feared. 
“No!” Eddie’s head shakes “I want… Buck, I can’t just leave you, please don’t make me.”
Buck holds firm, he loves Eddie so he can do this for him, with no change to his voice, still as cold as ice, he replies with his strongest, cruelest argument.
“You have to go. Someone has to go home to Christopher.”
That hits home, Eddie’s eyes go wide and now he’s mad again, which is much better than hurt. 
“Don’t!” Buck focuses on the finger pointing at him rather than Eddie’s angry face. “Don’t use him against me.”
“Why not? It’s true. You have to go, one of us has to get home to him.”
Eddie just shakes his head, nostrils flaring and there are tears in his eyes.
Now Buck does focus on him, holds his gaze. He speaks slowly, each word deliberate. “You don’t have a choice. Not if you love him.”
God he hates himself, Eddie must too, guilt washes over him. But he stays determined. This is what love looks like, putting others first, doing things for them.
Eddie looks away, no clue to his thoughts there but his shoulders slump and Buck knows he’s going to win this, their last argument.
When he speaks Eddie sounds broken, 
“Stop.” It's barely a whisper,  “You can't. You can’t ask me to go. You don’t know what you're asking me to do.”
That washes away his own guilt, he’s drowning in a flood of feelings. Does Eddie really think that? How can he, how  doesn’t he know? He uses precious energy  to make his thoughts clear. His own volume rising as his feelings spill over. 
“I know exactly what I’m asking Eddie!  I had to do it! I left you. When you got shot I walked away not knowing if I’d ever see you again, I walked away because he needed me to. So don’t tell  me I don’t know. I know.”
Eddie’s face is blank, wiped clean of any thoughts and feelings. They don’t talk about that day but Buck continues, this is his last chance after all, his voice is  still harsh, still looking to wound, to send him running. 
“I knew what I had to do then and you do now, so go. You have a son. He needs you. Go, go while there’s a chance you can make it back to him.” 
Then the fight goes out of him, his energy spent and his voice softens, it’s ok to part as friends isn’t it, give Eddie a little hope, maybe even hold some back for himself too, his mouth curls into a small smile,“hey you can just come back for me, I’m not going anyway.”
Eddie crouches down and grabs hold of his hand, there are tears trailing down his cheeks but his voice is steady.
“I hate you.”
Buck smiles again, he’s already tired but he needs to look strong to convince Eddie he has time, that he might still be ok when he comes back.
“No you don’t.”
Eddie can’t manage to return the expression, he wipes at his face and sniffs, blinking back more tears.  Buck squeezes his hand when Eddie agrees with him. 
“No I don’t.” 
There’s so much behind the words and no more time to spend on them. Eddie looks like his heart is breaking, his eyes tell a story Buck can’t bear to witness.
He looks away.
“Buck …”
He can’t look, he’ll weaken and that’s not what’s needed, eyes downcast he manages to reply in a steady enough voice “Don’t. Just.. tell me later, ok?” except he doesn’t really think they’ll be a later. He can pretend though, he’s been good at that all his life, he can keep it up a little longer.
Fingers lift his chin and he lets Eddie look at him, he allows himself to take in what he believes will be his last look at Eddie’s face. Eddie’s thumb rubs his cheek gently. 
“Buck, I need to tell you something.”
“No, no you don’t, just…. tell me later ok.”
He thinks they both need to believe in later. 
There’s an ocean of words floating in Eddie’s eyes but he doesn’t want Eddie to say them. He doesn’t want to hear goodbye or maybe even I love you. Those are last words and he doesn’t want last words now.
The muscles of Eddie’s jaw flex and his mouth twists as he carefully controls everything he’s feeling before he speaks.
“Buck, Evan, you have to hold on ok. I need you to hold on for me. 
A thumb sweeps gently over his cheek again, and Eddie’s last words to him turn out to be “Don’t you dare die. Don’t you dare.”
“I’ll do my best,” he even manages another smile for him. Eddie’s fingers trace across the side of his face again, and Buck lets his eyes drink in the lines and counters of his face, they look at each other one last time and Buck doesn’t miss the tears that spill over just before Eddie turns and walks away. 
So Eddie leaves him and he doesn’t look back. Buck got just what he wanted. 
He stares, eyes tracking him as he climbs and then Eddie disappears from sight leaving in the way Buck knew he’d never be able to manage when he’d found the way out earlier.
He’s all alone now so  he can say it, he whispers the words to no one, “goodbye Eddie. I love you.” and lets his eyes close.
Chapt 2
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I’ve never done the tagging before but a few people have mentioned wanting to know so would anyone else want to be tagged when I post Kink Club AU?
Tumblr media
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Cause in my head I do everything right / when you call I’ll forgive and not fight
collab fic with @dickley-buddie 🧡
rated: e | buddie | word count: 31.9k | chapter: 5/5 | read on ao3
“Would you?” he asks, timid.
Buck is trying to catch his breath on the other end, and Eddie feels a droplet fall onto his chest. He’s crying.
“Would you come home?”
He isn’t pleading as much as he is wondering if that’s something Buck really wants or if it was just the heat of the moment.
@loveyourownsmiilee @masterminddiaz @swiftiebuckleys @swiftiediaz @lostinabuddiehaze @buddierights @elvensorceress @paranoidbean @enbyeddiediaz @kitkatpancakestack @gayhoediaz @ajunerose @elanebutterfly @shortsighted-owl @eddiecore118 @yelenasbuddie @the-likesofus @spotsandsocks @jacksadventuresinwriting @monsterrae1 @bekkachaos @two-cut-lines @eddiediass @megslovesbooks @justsmilestuffhappens @daughterofbuddie @djdangerlove @babytrapperdiaz 
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baby, you're hands down the best
rates: g | words: 1.8k | ao3 tomorrow
It’s not a full moon, but it may as well be. They’ve been getting weird calls all night, ones Buck is quick to point out, relating it to the Santa Ana winds.
Eddie, well he doesn’t really believe in curses or jinxes, but he knows his boyfriend is fully immersed in them. Eddie doesn’t mind entertaining him from time to time.
The call they’re at now is pretty hands on—no pun intended—at least two victims already with lost fingers, one even their entire hand.
Buck all but jumps at the opportunity to go grab the guy's missing hand like the weirdo he is, Eddie watching fondly as ever. When Buck skips back—yes he has an adorable skip—he holds up the finger in question, staring confusedly at it.
“Um Cap…small issue.”
Eddie and Bobby both look to him, Buck holding up the limb for them to see.
“This is a thumb.”
Well shit. Now they were looking for another person with a missing finger.
Bobby calls it out into the radio, Eddie taking the unclaimed thumb to put on ice.
“Hey Eds, this was a pretty weird call, hands down.”
He and Bobby both groan, Buck standing the same time he does.
“What? I should get a thumbs up for that one.”
He loves his dumbass of a boyfriend, he does.
Bobby gives him a pointed look as to say, ’he’s all yours son’. Eddie shakes his head, grabbing onto Buck to steer him forward and back to the truck.
“Hey Eds when we get back to the station, maybe I can give you a han—“
Eddie turns to him, that doe eyed look crossing over Buck’s face. He leans in close, making sure only Buck can hear.
“Keep it up babe, and I’m gonna get hand-sy with you later.”
Buck straightens at that, Eddie pulling away with a wink. There were no more hand jokes after that, only the feeling of Bucks in his. ~
Their shift carries on, Eddie wishing he can get handsy with his boyfriend, only Buck is in the bunk room sound asleep, the only one of them who can seem to get some shut eye during these heavy winds.
He talks with Hen, reassures her that everything with Denny is going to be ok, watching as Bobby paces around; something’s off with the man. Chims caught up in the weird ‘murder house’ he and Hen went to earlier, Eddie only imaging the amount of research Buck could do on the place.
Even so, everything’s fairly calm, Eddie wishing he could curl up next to Buck, but he doesn’t want to disturb the man with his restlessness.
There’s suddenly shouting from down below, Eddie and the others moving toward the railing to see a—car? coming straight through their station. Thankfully it stops and no one is hurt, the four of them quickly making their way downstairs.
When the driver finally emerges, Eddie all but flails his arms in front of his face, trying to ignore how—naked the woman is.
Buck comes sauntering up then, looking adorably sleep ruffled and soft in his hoodie and sweats. Yes, Eddie definitely wants to curl up with him.
Come to find out the woman is sleepwalking, Bobby directing Buck to get her a blanket, Eddie to look inside the car for her I.D.
“She’s naked,” he says, matter of factly, already shielding  himself from the woman again. There’s only one person in this place he enjoys seeing naked, and he’s not willing to share that with anyone else.
Buck runs back with the blanket, Bobby just getting it around the woman before she wakes up, confused and terrified. Eddie feels the same.
Once they get the woman calmed, they ask her a few questions, Buck butting in with his own.
“And do you usually sleep in the nude?”
Eddie sighs with fond exasperation. Yes, this is unfortunately, the love of his life.
Everyone turns to Buck, then man shrugging his shoulders innocently as if to say, ‘what, everyone was thinking it.’ No, they definitely were not.
The car ends up not even belonging to the woman, all of them working together to get it out of there and parked somewhere safe until it can be properly dealt with.
They all head back up the stairs, Eddie right on Bucks heel. While they all make for the counter, Buck moves toward the bunk room, looking back to Eddie longingly. He nods for his boyfriend to go ahead, knowing he wouldn’t be getting sleep anytime soon. He was still trying to erase the image of the very naked woman from his mind, thank you very much.
Buck saunters off, Eddie sending him a quick text that says ‘sweet dreams,’ quickly getting back a response of, ‘they are because I only dream of you.’
He blushes at his phone, clearing his throat when the others turn to him with pointed stares.
After gathering the mugs and hot cocoa necessities, they make their way up to the rooftop, taking their usual seats there, some of the others on shift just over to the left.
It’s nice, breezy, but Eddie loves this, just being around his teammates, the ones who are more family than anything.
They sip their cocoa and swap stories, Eddie relaxing into the night. Chim starts in on the murder house, and it’s not long before Eddie feels that familiar draw.
“Well, look who’s up,” Hen says, Eddie’s eyes instantly locking with blue.
Buck smiles with a duck of his head, taking the empty seat next to Eddie, right where he belongs. Their knees knock together and Eddie hands him off a cup of cocoa,  one he’s placed extra marshmallows on top of; Buck and Chris take their cocoa the same way.
“Hey, you ok?” Buck asks, after taking a sip, chocolate left on his lips. Eddie yearns to lick it away.
Instead, he reaches for Bucks hand, tangling them together. “I’m fine baby, this wind’s just keeping me up. I need my own bed.”
Buck ducks his head, showing Eddie a private smile, squeezing where their hands are intertwined.
“And me?”
Eddie smiles easily to him.
“Of course. Always you.”
They’re taken out of their world when Bobby moves toward the edge, asking if everyone smells that. They all sniff the air, Eddie just catching a whiff of smoke before the horns blaring out next to them. Back to work then.
He and Buck work as a team as always, getting the hoses ready, Buck digging out a line while Eddie shoots the flames with water. Thankfully the flames don’t rise too high, and they’re able to put it out without much issue.
While Bobby makes his way over to a couple of looky-lous, something catches Eddie’s attention. He moves back some of the rubble, inhaling deeply when he catches on a face, one that’s been burned beyond recognition.
He calls Bobby back over, clearing more of the debris. Bobby has that look like he did earlier;there’s been something off with the man all day.
When Bobby tries to push him away, Eddie stays close. They all push when they’re hurting, but it’s when they need each other most.
Turns out, Bobby knows the victim, Eddie making the sign of the cross over his heart to pay his respects. It’s a somber ride back to the station, Bucks knee tucked closely next to his.
They all feel the pain when one of their own is in distress, Eddie knowing Buck feels a little more than others, especially when it comes to Bobby, the man who’s like his father.
Bobby takes off once they’re inside, reassuring  them all he’s fine when they know damn well he isn’t.
Eddie looks over to Buck, those blues red-rimmed and on the verge of tears. He places his wrist to Bucks, willing the man to look at him.
“Let’s get showered and go home, yea?”
Buck gives a simple nod, but he follows behind Eddie, the two going their separate ways to shower. They always need each other, but space is necessary sometimes too.
They drive home in Eddie's truck, hands linked together, but otherwise silent, just taking the night in.
When they get home, they thank Carla, going to check on Chris before wandering back out to the couch. They really should just go to bed, but Eddie knows neither of them will sleep for hours, especially with the wind still blowing fairly strong.
They curl up on the couch in their matching sweats and hoodies, Eddie knowing without looking they have on a mix of each other’s.
They play some video games, Buck eventually yawning too much and giving up his controller in exchange for Eddie’s lap. Eddie keeps one hand over Buck, the other on his controller, not willing to give either up.
It’s late when his phone rings, Eddie barely glancing at it before hitting accept and pausing his game. It’s Hen and Chim, the two of them conferencing him in.
“Oh wait, I need Buckaroo here too!” Chim exclaims.
Hen scoffs on her end. “You really think he’s not right next to Eddie?”
Before Eddie can defend either one of them, Buck grumbles from his place on Eddie’s lap, adjusting himself a little.
“You owe me Chim.”
Eddie shakes his head, moving the arm that isn’t around Buck to brush through his sifts curls, one’s that are free from product; those two always have bets going against them.
Chim goes on to tell them about the alleged ‘murder house’ telling them the story of what actually happened, Buck mumbling that it was factual. Eddie should’ve known he wasn’t asleep in the bunk room the whole time.
When they finally all say goodnight and hang up, Eddie flicks the tv to something neutral before spreading the length of the couch, dragging Buck down with him.
“We should go to bed. The one you love so much,” Buck says, pushing impossibly closer into his space.
Eddie ducks his head, placing a kiss to Bucks birthmark before wrapping him up tightly.
“Nah, I don’t need a bed when I have you.”
Buck smiles into him, tucking his hands under the hem of Eddie’s sweatshirt so they’re pressing together, skin to skin.
“You know, today kind of blew, but I’m glad I get to end it with you.”
Eddie groans, burying his head into Bucks.
“I can find something to blow if you keep it up.”
He feels Buck tense in his hold, Eddie smirking into him.
They’re much too tired for anything now, but maybe in the morning, after they’ve gotten Christopher to school.
Buck presses a soft kiss to the corner of his lips, mumbling into him once more. “You’re hands down the best boyfriend ever.”
Well, if Eddie could hand pick the love of his life, he knows he’d pick Buck, each and every time.
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gaydisasterdiaz · a day ago
seven sentence sunday… except i can’t count. whoops. enjoy a bit of the roommates to fake dating buddie fic i’m working on
Instead, Eddie throws his hands up in playful frustration. “Well, see if I try to help you prep for dinner ever again!”
“Please don’t!” Buck says, as Chris yells out a similar “Don’t!” before bursting into giggles.
Eddie can’t help but grin. Getting roasted by his boys is one of his favorite pastimes. The smile on Chris’s face fills his heart with something… intense. He hasn’t been able to identify it yet. Feelings are new to Eddie and he’s doing his best but. It’s hard. Frank gave him a chart.
It hasn’t helped.
“I’m glad you two agree so strongly on this. I’m going to–” His sentence is cut off by a very specific ringtone wailing from his pocket. His baby sister, the youngest Diaz, Adriana. Chris makes grabby hands, well aware of who is calling and wanting the phone before he’s even pulled it out, but Eddie shakes his head no. He likes to make sure it’s not an emergency first. “Hello?”
“Surprise!” Her voice yelling over a crappy speaker phone sounds horrible. He pulls the phone away from his ear.
“What’s the surprise? A phone call? Pretty shitty surprise, Dri.”
Chris holds his hand out expectantly. This swear jar game has got to stop. Buck started it as a joke but Eddie’s close to funding a new video game console with his constant slip ups. Eddie pulls out his wallet and hands Chris a dollar as Dri answers.
“Nope. It’s me! In the flesh. In about an hour, according to my GPS.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I pulled an Edmundo Diaz.”
“Dri. Seriously. What the hell are you talking about?” Chris holds his hand out again. Eddie slides the phone away from his mouth, “Hell is not a swear, it does not count, I’m not giving you another dollar.”
tagging: @the-likesofus @monstersinthecosmos @jacksadventuresinwriting @elvensorceress @loveyourownsmiilee & anyone else who would like to share
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rewritetheending · 2 hours ago
Eddie looks down at the warm, red spot blooming on his chest, and reaches for it helplessly. Buck does a terrible job of biting back a laugh, but Eddie doesn’t mind. It’s one of his favorite sounds.
“That’s what you get for stealing a bite before I’m done,” Buck chides.
Tomato bisque, a splash of it sticky against his skin, and maybe not done, but so, so close. Tempting.
Lesson learned.
He jogs upstairs to borrow a shirt from Buck, his own pulled off, rolled up, and set aside by the time Eddie tugs at the closet door and opens a drawer inside, a single bite of soup suddenly burning like bile in the back of his throat when he finds the LAFD onesie folded on top. The flare of anger is quick, but Eddie’s been through enough therapy to know whatever he’s ignoring makes him more vulnerable than his fury does. He wonders if there’s time to call Frank and ask him what he really feels.
“Buck,” he calls out, strangled by soup and something dangerous. He didn’t mean to say anything though. Thinks maybe he should grab his stained shirt and go home.
But then Buck’s there, and he’s saying so much, and Eddie can’t hear it. Not really. He drops the onesie and takes a fistful of Buck’s sweater in his hand instead, needing to touch something more worn, desperate to hold onto something that feels so far away. Hurt. Sadness. Fear. Frank would know. He thinks Frank might know what’s on the other side of it, too.
“You didn’t congratulate me,” Buck whispers, not a question and not even a surprise.
The fist around Buck’s sweater drags him closer, and Eddie blinks up at him. “No.”
6x01 - he’s stalled as long as he reasonably can…
6x02 - the smell of bacon wakes him up…
6x04 - buck’s hand shakes just enough…
6x05 - they’re the last ones to leave…
6x07 - knocking on buck’s door is just that…
6x08 - he lets himself in because...
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buddierights · 2 days ago
Seven Sentence Sunday 
Thanks for the tag my love @rogerzsteven 🥰
Here’s a snippet from Chapter 2 of my Princess Bride au 😌 Chapter 1 posted here 
Not even one word. Eddie hadn’t even had the decency for that. “Sorry,” he could have said. He could have yelled at Buck for even thinking such a thing. Cursed him and turned him away. “Too late,” he could have said.
Why couldn’t he have at least said something?
But Buck knows, deep down, that he hadn’t spoken because there wasn’t anything for him to say. Eddie didn’t love him back and that was that. His tears threaten to fall, and all the tears do as they wet his cheeks is remind him that he isn’t good enough. How could he be of any interest to a man like Eddie? A man who had caught the attention of the Countess?
It’s nearly dawn when he hears footsteps outside his door, followed by a faint knock. Buck hasn’t slept, and exhaustion tuggs at his mind as he walks across his room to open the door.
“Eddie?” he asks, surprised to see the man standing there in Buck’s home, the sun just starting to peek above the horizon through the windows.
Tagging @lostinabuddiehaze @prettyboybuckley @monsterrae1 @swiftiediaz @spotsandsocks @dickley-buddie @eddiediazisascorpio and if anyone else has something they want to share here’s your invitation to do so 🥰
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slycopersicum · 3 hours ago
9-1-1 | buck/eddie | rated e | 32K | pining "drink the river dry" by Rianne (@rianneeyre) So much amazing pining in this one - Buck moves in to take care of Eddie after the shooting. They stare wistfully at each other for thirty two thousand words.
I love it when people give fic recs, so I have started sharing some of my favourite 9-1-1 fics.
You can track them with the tag "#slycopersicum's favourite 911 fics"
(if you want me to tag you, do let me know!)
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swiftiediaz · 16 hours ago
the night i nearly lost you (really thought i'd lost you)
buck/eddie | teen and up | 2.9k words | spoilers for 06x09: red flag
i finished writing this just before the episode so...
"Buck! Buck, baby! Stay with me, okay?"
Eddie's voice washes over him like a warmth blanket, comforting and grounding even amongst all the pain and fogginess.
"Buck! Buck!" The screams calling his name pierce through Buck’s skull like a freight train. The pain pulses behind his eye and echoes down his spine until it falls into the churning waters of Buck’s stomach. Nausea rolls through him and he groans, closing his eyes.
The woman sleep driving her car into the station goes a little faster and hits Buck... Eddie doesn't handle it well.
also using this one for bthb: ambulance ride
read on ao3
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thebestbooksaround · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i see forever in your eyes by coupe_de_foudre (@panevanbuckley)
Buddie | 1k | Teen
It's been a long, unexpectedly tough, day and Eddie wants to do nothing more than rest. At home. With his family. And that, for longer than Eddie would care to admit, happens to include Buck.
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prettyboybuckley · 2 days ago
seven sentence sunday
tagged by the lovely @buddierights, @rogerzsteven and @monsterrae1 more from the song-fic i've been working on! eddie's been figuring some things out...
"Okay," Frank says, writing something down on his notepad. "Did the thought that you might like men never cross your mind before?"
It's almost a reflex to say no. Because that would be- it'd be convenient, wouldn't it? As in, 'hey you like men now and that might be something we need to explore but there is no need to evaluate the last thirty-four years of your life to figure out when you started repressing your sexuality'. 
Convenient, yes, but also a lie, Eddie realizes. 
Because as much as he'd like to think that, yes, Buck is the first man he's ever found attractive, that's not true.
tagging @lostinabuddiehaze @swiftiediaz @bigfootsmom @honestlydarkprincess @princessfbi @elvensorceress
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macarenaandrad3 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Who said that pride is over?
This one is available for print in my ko-fi shop.
Prints available now! (Ko-Fi)
+ Info about prints!
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ghosthunterbuck · a month ago
walking around with your heart
(buddie) (1.4k words) (spoilers for 6x04)
It fucking hurts. 
It fucking hurts, and maybe Hen was right, maybe it would’ve hurt either way, but this is worse, Buck thinks. He drops his phone to the counter top and buries his head in his arms. 
Spare parts. Defective spare parts, as it were. 
All Buck’s ever wanted to do is help, but he was cursed from the start. 
…family history bars you from participating in the donor program…
Buck’s phone rings on the counter. 
He ignores it. 
Then three texts come through in rapid succession. 
Hey Buck, give us a call?
We just heard from the facility
Think we need to talk
Buck picks the phone up and turns it over in his hand. Over and over, until he’s accidentally opened the camera and he’s staring at his own face. 
When Buck was a kid, adults always used to think he was hurt. They’d fuss, right up until they realized it was just his birthmark, and then they’d go back to doing whatever it was adults did. He never thought much of it, not really. Forgot it was there, most of the time, unless someone asked him about it. 
For a while, after the shooting, any time he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror he’d mistake it for blood. Eddie’s. 
Maddie told him once that it was an angel’s kiss. He always liked the thought of that. 
Now, though, as he stares at it on the screen of his phone, he wonders if it wasn’t a defective stamp, meant to differentiate him from all the perfect babies born at the hospital that day. A bright red mark that, from the beginning, was meant to say, “throw me away! I’m no good!”
His phone rings again. 
This time it’s Eddie. 
Buck answers the call before he has time to think better of it. 
“Hey Eds,” he says, quiet and subdued. 
“Uh-oh,” Eddie replies, sounding distant and tinny. “I know that voice. What’s wrong?”
Buck rolls his shoulders and forces a smile to his face. “Nothing, I’m fine.”
Eddie hums disbelievingly. “Convincing, Buckley,” he says sarcastically. 
Despite himself, Buck’s fake smile morphs into something softer and a little more real. “Seriously, Eds, I’m fine.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Eddie replies. “Which is an excellent segue, because Mr. Independent has decided he’s going to sleep over at Benny’s after the movie tonight, and I’m going stir crazy.”
“And what, you think I’m just going to drop everything and come over?” Buck asks, grinning a little wider. 
“Nope,” Eddie says. “I am hoping you’ll open the door, though.”
Buck snorts and stands, crossing the short distance to the door and pulling it open. 
“Surprise,” Eddie says, holding up a case of beer, a paper grocery bag, and what honest-to-god looks like a blow up mattress. 
“You have keys,” Buck says, stepping back to let Eddie inside. 
“And I’d be very appreciative if you grabbed them for me.”
For a fleeting moment, Buck entertains the idea of sticking his hand in Eddie’s pocket and fishing around for keys. Then Eddie nods at the entryway, Buck spots them on the ground, and the illusion is shattered. 
“You know,” Buck says as he bends to scoop them, “I might have plans.”
“Do you?” Eddie asks, settling his load on the counter. 
Buck presses his lips together and mock glares at Eddie.
“Great,” Eddie grins. “In that case, we’re playing drunk Mario Kart until we can’t see straight.”
“And the air mattress?” Buck asks, prodding it with a finger. 
“You,” Eddie says, pointing at him, “don’t have a couch. And we’re too old to sit on the floor.”
Buck snorts out a laugh and ducks his head. “Fine,” he says. “You blow up the ‘couch’ and I’ll make popcorn.”
Eddie bumps against his shoulder. “Knew I could count on you.”
At least someone can, Buck thinks. 
“So,” Eddie says when they’re settled on the mattress, a bowl of popcorn between them, “you gonna tell me what’s wrong?”
“Nothing–” Buck begins to answer, before Eddie fixes him with that don’t-bullshit-me look he’s way too good at. Buck sighs. “It’s a long story.”
“We’ve got time,” Eddie says. 
Buck leans back and closes his eyes. “I ever tell you about my old roommate, Connor?”
“You’ve said his name, but I don’t think you’ve ever told me anything about him.”
Buck sighs. “He got married a few years back. His wife– she’s sweet. They’re a good match.” He pauses, but Eddie doesn’t interrupt him. “They want kids. But uh– Connor– he can’t, um. So they… asked me?” Buck cracks one eye open and looks at Eddie. 
He hums thoughtfully. “So that’s what’s got you in knots? You’re not sure how to turn them down?”
Buck chuckles mirthlessly. “No need, apparently. Did you know that a family history of childhood leukemia disqualifies you from making a sperm donation through a bank?”
“No, I– Buck,” Eddie says. 
“I said yes,” Buck says quietly. “A few weeks ago.”
“And you didn’t tell anyone?”
Buck bites his lip and looks away. “I told Hen.”
“Oh,” Eddie says quietly. 
“I just– they wanted their kid to be someone like me, Eds. I thought… I wanted to help.”
“But you can’t,” Eddie puts together. 
“No,” Buck says, “I fucking can’t.”
Eddie’s quiet for a long moment. “Is it really what you wanted?” he asks finally. 
“I—I’ve wanted kids my whole life,” Buck says. “And I know this wouldn’t have been the same, but if I could help someone else have it then maybe… maybe I…”
“Maybe you’d what?” Eddie asks, looking him in the eye. “Deserve to have it too?”
Buck swallows and ducks away from Eddie’s gaze. “Something like that,” he says quietly. 
“You know that’s not how it works, right?” Eddie asks gently. 
“Kind of seems like it does,” Buck mutters. 
Several seconds pass in contemplative silence. Eventually, Eddie breaks it. 
“You want to know what I think?” he asks. 
“Am I allowed to say no?” Buck jokes weakly. 
Eddie slaps his bicep lightly but allows his hand to linger. “I think you would have been miserable, knowing there was a kid out there with your eyes and heart and mind that you couldn’t call your own. I think you’d feel guilty every time you thought about him, and I think you’d be wondering, constantly, what it’d be like if he was yours. And I think you’d feel even more guilty about that, because I know you wouldn’t have considered it if you didn’t think your friends were going to be good parents.”
Buck allows his eyes to slip closed and focuses on Eddie’s hand as it slowly slides to his wrist. 
“I think you’re an incredible dad, and it would kill you to have a kid whose life you weren’t a part of.”
“M’not a dad, Eds, that’s the whole point,” Buck says, without opening his eyes. 
Eddie’s hand tightens around his wrist. “I don’t think that’s true,” he says softly. 
Buck furrows his eyebrows and blinks his eyes open. “What, you think I have a secret kid out there?”
Eddie snorts a laugh. “No, Buck. I think you made dinner last night, and went to the science fair the night before that. I think you went to the beach last weekend and spent the entire day chasing Christopher around with a bottle of sunscreen. I think I put you in my will for a reason. You’re a good dad, Buck. Whatever it is you think you have to do to deserve it, you’ve already done it.”
“Eddie,” Buck breathes. “I’m not—” 
“We’ve got more than one friend I’m pretty sure you’d offend if you finished that sentence,” Eddie says gently. 
A tear pricks at the corner of Buck’s eye. “You really think…”
“Yeah, Buck,” Eddie says, rubbing his thumb across the inside of his wrist. “Maybe it’s selfish of me, but I’m kind of glad you’ve only got the one kid running around.”
Buck sniffs and scrubs a hand across his face. “Yeah, well, that kid’s going to destroy us both the next time we play if we don’t practice.”
“Destroy you, maybe,” Eddie says softly. He clearly recognizes the deflection for what it is, but he lets go of Buck’s wrist anyway. He picks up his controller. “Ready whenever you are, Evan.”
Buck’s heart gives a hard thump, and he grabs his controller too. “You’re on, Diaz.”
(And in the morning, when they wake up tangled together on a half-deflated air mattress and Buck’s heart gives another heavy thump, he’ll shoves it in the same box as everything else he’s too afraid to look at.)
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