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British Boys Do It Better 😏💞💕
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Into My Web
Chapter 16
Dark!Vampire!Billy Russo x Female Reader
Cowritten with @the-cult-of-russo
Ratings: Explicit 18+ ONLY
Warnings: Although this chapter might not include it, this fic will include; Sexual situations, swearing, human slave, biting, blood, murder, obsessive thoughts, dub con, Stockholm syndrome, gaslighting.
Tumblr media
“Can I have a drink? I feel like I’ll need a drink,” you asked Billy with a little blush. As excited as you were about the whole thing it made you a bit shy and nervous too. Billy on the other hand seemed cool as a cat.
"You can have one drink. Don't need you gettin' drunk for your first threesome. Want you to remember it," he smirked wryly. He was getting a kick out of your nerves, he couldn't lie. But he couldn't wait until you were experiencing it to see how you'd react then.
You stood up and poured yourself a tall glass of the same wine you adored so much at Frank’s and flopped back down on the couch next to him. Your glass was ridiculously full but you shrugged at his amused look.
“What? You said one drink. One drink,” you answered to his amused look and pointing to the wine glass in your hand. You didn’t want to get drunk anyway, you just needed a bit of liquid courage to untense. You took a long sip of it before opening up the conversation.
“Okay. What’s your rules? Anything I can or can’t do specifically or…” you asked trailing off, unsure how he expected you to behave or do or anything.
He wrapped an arm around you as he thought about it for a moment.
"Just be good. I want you to have fun, see what you like or don't like. Only real rule is to do what I say," he shrugged. He didn't want to impose too many rules on you, he didn't want to suck the fun out of the whole thing. As long as you obeyed him, it was good.
It sounded simple enough and you were also relieved to hear you could be curious and go with the flow.
“Bedroom or…” you asked, the thought of having her in his bed made you grip the wine glass a little tighter but you took a deep breath and kept your cool. No need to get worked up on the little details.
"Bedroom. Beds big enough and it'll be easier, more comfortable," he replied as he toyed with your hair. He had a feeling it wasn't the answer you wanted to hear, as always taking in every little change in your behaviour and body. But he knew it would be better for everyone involved. Threesomes could be tricky anyway, comfort was key. And maybe he also just enjoyed pushing your buttons. You took another long sip of your drink to hide the little annoyance on your face and you shrugged it off. It was just a bed and it wasn’t like she’d ever be around it again. You gave him a small smirk and wondered if there was anything else to talk about, you couldn’t think of anything so you shrugged slightly.
"Alright, I'll head out. Find our friend for the night," he smirked as he stood up, leaning down to place a kiss to the top of your head.
"Make sure you behave yourself. You'll be locked in but if you somehow manage to get out, you know I'll find you," he warned with a wide smile as he grabbed his leather jacket. He had a feeling you wouldn't run though. Not tonight at least knowing what was coming.
You grabbed the front of his shirt pulling him toward you before he could walk away.
“Can I have a kiss before you go?” you asked, leaning forward and biting your lower lip suggestively. You bat your eyelashes at him for added effect and untangled your hand from his shirt.
He grinned, grabbing your jaw firmly as he captured your lips in a dirty kiss. When he broke away, he smirked, placing one last kiss to your lips before he moved away.
"I'll be back soon," he said with a sly smile, moving to the front door.
The silence inside the house was deafening. You wondered how long it'd take him to go and find your partner for the night. You sipped your drink and tapped a finger on the armrest nervously.
"Fuck it," you said out loud and got up to go to his personal bar. You took a mini swing of whisky and shuddered at the burning taste. You walked to the stereo and pressed play on whatever was playing last. You needed to change your mind and untense or the evening was gonna suck. You took another sip of wine and closed your eyes. You focused on the music and moved your hips to the rhythm. You knew these songs, Billy often played them and you liked them quite a lot too. You turned the music a bit louder and danced until you heard the front door open. By then, you were in good spirits, having a good time and all the tension had left your body. You turned to the front door and gave Billy a sly smirk as you danced for him.
He tilted his head as he watched you, really not expecting to come home to this scene. His dark eyes were glued to you, soaking in the way your body moved to the music. For a moment he forgot about the girl with him until he smelt her arousal at watching you dance this way. He hadn't been gone too long but he'd been pretty picky about the girl he chose for you. She was a redhead, which honestly was for his sake more than anything, but he'd picked a girl that reminded him a lot of you. He'd compelled her to do what he told her, to let him feed from her and most importantly, to enjoy herself. He didn't need the night being ruined by her not being into it and killing your vibe. He wanted you to have a good time.
Your gaze switched to the beauty next to him and you grinned. She was perfect. Hot but not too ridiculously hot to make you feel like a lesser woman either. She had a kind and welcoming face and curves not unlike yours. She gave you a bashful smile and you reached out for them to join your little dance floor. You weren't drunk, you were just focusing on the good and fun parts of the evening, that one glass of wine did wonders on your nerves.
"Look what the cat dragged in," you said, when they were a few feet away. You reached for Billy first and welcomed him back home with a dirty kiss, moving your hips against his to the music. He groaned as he kissed you back deeply. He was enjoying seeing this carefree side of you. He could taste and smell the whiskey on you but he decided to let it go since you were nervous and it'd just kill the mood to punish you for it. You weren't the only one who wanted this threesome. Billy was thrumming with excitement for the whole thing. You took a peek around Billy's arm and saw her dance against Billy's back. You gave her a timid smile that she gave back with a wink. You kept dancing with Billy and her but all your attention was on her for now, like a cat studying her prey. She looked back at you with the same curiosity that pulled you toward each other.
"Have you done this before?" You asked her. She shook her head with a sheepish smile moving closer to you. Her answer surprised and pleased you. You wondered if Billy picked her because of that, so maybe you would feel more comfortable. You gave Billy another smirk biting your lower lip and reached to take her soft delicate hand in yours. You slid around Billy to be the one in the middle with him at your back and her in front of you. Your heart was hammering in your chest as you took every inch of her in.
Billy ran his nose along your neck, savoring how fast your pulse was going. His hands gripped at your hips as he rubbed his already hard cock against your ass, letting you take the reins. He'd take the back seat for now as you let your curiosity guide you. You moaned and pushed back against his length. You raised your hands to her chest and slid her jacket off her shoulders slowly. She was wearing a long-sleeved little black dress and the first thing you thought was if Billy would let you keep it.
"I like your dress a lot," you said, running your fingertips on the fabric plunging down in a v shape between her breasts. You trailed your fingertips over the mount of her breasts and licked your lips absentmindedly thinking how warm and soft she was. You turned your head to Billy and gave him a little smirk. You were almost shaking with anticipation and ready to move to the bedroom but he was the master here so you stayed put.
"Let's take this upstairs," he smirked, nipping at your neck before he led both you and the girl he couldn't remember the name of upstairs to the bedroom. His whole body was practically vibrating with excitement about what was to come and so far, you seemed to feel the same which only made him more excited. You were holding her hand when you all entered the bedroom. You led her closer to the bed and closed the distance between you two. You slid the straps of your dress off your shoulders and it fell in a pool at your feet. You helped her out of her dress and you ran your hands on her soft skin, taking in how gorgeous she was in her underwear like you.
Billy was leaning against the dresser as he watched you both with rapt attention. Two seemingly sweet girls enjoying each other's company. It had him rock hard and aching and he bit his lower lip, his eyes taking in the both of you now you were both nearly naked.
You turned your head to look at Billy timidly but with a smirk, feeling her lips on your cheek. You moved your head back slowly and your lips met hers. Your hands caressed the side of her face as you tentatively kissed her soft lips. You licked her lower lip and she kissed you back languidly. You moaned into the kiss and she pressed you closer to her warm body. You kissed and finished undressing each other. She pushed you back on the bed so you were sitting on the edge and she knelt in front of you. You looked up at Billy a bit unsure as she opened your legs wide open and dived right in. You moaned loudly, feeling her small tongue lapping at your clit as you brushed her soft copper hair back. You closed your eyes with your head hanging back and hummed pleasingly. You leaned back on one hand and kept the other in her hair. You opened your eyes feeling an intense jolt of pleasure and locked eyes with Billy watching you both with dark intense eyes. They had a predatory glint to them as he looked at the pair of you, desire running rampant through him. You moaned loudly and wanted to touch him badly.
"Help me undress this one?" You asked looking down at her, she grinned and you gave Billy a wicked smirk. You both stood up and ran your hands over his body pulling his shirt off and kissed his chest and back greedily with giggles. He moaned, thoroughly enjoying being the centre of attention, as always. She moved behind him and ran her hands down his torso to his jeans where you knelt down in front of him working on his belt and jeans. She helped you slide his jeans and boxers down his long legs leaving him gloriously naked between you both. He felt oddly relaxed yet ridiculously aroused all at the same time. He glanced down at you with a wicked smirk, stroking your hair softly. You were doing really well so far and it was turning him on how unabashed you were about all of this, how curious you were to explore your new friend. You stood up and crawled on the bed with her next to you. You looked at her and you both giggled like you were up to no good. Billy smirked, slowly fisting himself as he approached the bed casually. 
It surprised you how comfortable you were so far with her around. You were curious and you especially loved how Billy seemed to enjoy the two of you together. You moved so she'd be in the middle and you laid on your side next to her. Billy lay on the other side, head propped up on his hand as he shot you an amused grin. His fingers traced patterns absentmindedly on the girl's stomach but his eyes were glued to you.
You ran one hand over her breasts and kissed her shoulder trailing kisses down to her breast. You kissed and took her nipple inside your mouth enjoying the sounds she made. Billy's dick twitched at the sight and sounds and he moved to kneel between the girl's legs as he watched you lavish her breasts with attention. He parted her thighs before diving right in, devouring her with his mouth as she squirmed and gasped. He hummed against her, enjoying how she tasted. You tasted better but he was still loving it as he fucked her with his tongue. You curiously looked as he ate her, never been able to see it before obviously. It turned you on to see his lips and tongue work around her pussy. You loved how she moaned and you wanted to touch her too. You tentatively ran two fingers between her legs, down her folds where his lips were and he looked up at you.
"Can I help?" You asked with a little timid grin.
He moved away from the girl's pussy, licking his lips as he quirked a brow.
"Be my guest, kitten," he smirked, his voice low and rough from his arousal. His eyes had already changed to red but his fangs were still away.
You bit your lower lip meeting his dark red eyes, rubbed your fingers up and down her folds enjoying how she squirmed at the touch. You moved down on the bed next to Billy so you could have a better view and reach. You didn't want to take her from him just yet. You wanted to try her for yourself but you wanted to watch and learn for now.
"You can keep going, please. I won't be in your way. I'd just like to watch you before I try," you said to Billy with a naughty yet bashful grin biting your lower lip hard. He bit his lip to stifle a groan at your words as he went back to licking and sucking on the girl's clit as she moaned.
You opened her legs wider with your free hand and slid a finger inside her pussy leaving her wide open for Billy to devour. She was so warm and wet like liquid silk, you groaned a bit enjoying the feeling of her around your finger. You made sure to be out of Billy's way as you fingered her at a slow pace and brushed Billy's hair back with your free hand. He was really enjoying the both of you pleasuring the girl, soaking in her sweet little noises from the feelings you were both giving her.
"How do I do the thing I love when you finger me? I'm not entirely sure where.." You trailed off moving your finger around like you were looking for a lightswitch or something. Surely he could fit a finger in with your small one? 
He chuckled as he moved away a little, sliding a finger inside of her against yours, making her gasp softly. 
"Curl your fingers here, like this," he murmured as he felt that sweet spot instantly, the girl letting out a loud moan as he did. He didn't want to take over since you had plans for her so he slipped his finger back out, eyes on your finger inside of her in curiosity and arousal. You mimicked his movements on the spot he found for you and you felt a slight difference of texture but you were amazed he could find it so fast. Probably with a lot of practice. It was an instant reaction from her as she buckled up off the mattress in moans. Your eyebrows shot upwards and you looked at Billy with a surprised smirk. She was much more vocal and quick to respond to your touch than Billy was but maybe it was a female thing because you reacted like her a lot too. Billy was really getting a kick out of watching you with another girl. The way you were so new to this and exploring her curiously. 
After a few minutes of you two pleasuring her, you slowly pulled Billy’s head back by his hair in a pleasurable way. He groaned and glanced at you with a quirked brow.
“My turn,” you said excitingly, making a sly grin creep onto his lips. You leaned down and kissed him while running your hand some more in his hair. You pulled your finger off her as you scooted over and took his place between her legs. She looked down at you panting, her pretty cheeks all blushed and you moaned seeing the state of her. You gave her wet folds a tentative lick and looked up at Billy watching you with something like pride in his eyes and it pleased you immensely. You gave her small kitten licks and studied how she reacted to certain things you did. You could taste both her and Billy as you gave her cunt open-mouthed kisses. You slid a finger in then a second one inside her and wondered if you'd be able to make her come.
Billy was really enjoying watching you pleasure the girl but he was done with just watching and not doing. He moved behind you, his hands palming your ass roughly as he admired it, manoeuvring you so your ass was in the air with your legs spread open for him. He leaned down and started fucking your soaked hole with his tongue greedily, moaning as the taste of you exploded on his tongue. You gasped and let out a loud moan at him pleasing you this new way. Your brain stopped processing thoughts for a few and you forgot about the other girl squirming under you. You went back to pleasing her, only this time a little less focused, sloppily. He went at you harder and faster, the sound of your moans mixed with the other girl's sending him into a frenzy. He fed off the pleasure in the room and fisted himself a little to ease the aching in his cock. 
You felt the girl clamp down around your fingers and she came loudly. Her pleasure seemed to call your own, the tale tell tingly feeling growing inside you. You helped her through her high and carefully removed your fingers from her. You rested your head on her lower belly now able to fully focus on your own climax building up fast. You closed your small fists around the bedsheets and you pushed back on his face coming with a loud gasp. He almost came when you did, having to stop touching himself as he eased you through it with his tongue and didn't waste a drop of your cum. He wondered if you'd enjoyed making the other girl cum too. After a long lick, he moved away and lay down, anticipation reaching its peak at where things would soon be going. He couldn't wait.
You whined at the loss of his tongue inside you, missing his touch already. You moved up and flopped down on your back next to Billy and her with a lazy smile. You looked at his handsome face, his lips wet with your juices. You leaned over to kiss him and groaned, tasting both you and her on his lips. 
"Can we play all night? There’s just so much I wanna do to you two," you purred above his lips, your voice thick with arousal and neediness. He grinned, taking your lower lip between his teeth and tugging on it a little. He felt a little drunk from his desire and no release but he was waiting for the big finale before he came. 
"Can play as long as you want, kitten," he drawled against your lips, his hands roaming your skin everywhere he could touch as a primal desire for him ripped through you.
"Headboard, now" you said to Billy with a sudden uncharastically dominance that took you off guard. You felt a flicker of fear at the startling realisation and you froze like a deer in headlights. You didn't understand what happened or why you'd give an order to him of all persons. You opened your mouth as if you wanted to apologize, talk or maybe even whimper, you didn’t really know. Billy's eyebrows shot up, not expecting you to act that way but he'd be a liar if he said it didn't make his dick twitch. 
“Please? Sir?” you added submissively this time, a little hesitant and timid at the tone you had used. He chuckled darkly, not even mad about you trying to order him around. How could he be when you were so adorable? He did as you requested, moving to sit against the headboard.
You crawled to his lap and looked up at him as you stroked his painfully hard cock, making him let out a dirty moan at finally feeling some fiction. You kissed him languidly and slowly, moaning into the kiss. You felt the other girl roll over and move next to you to lavish him with attention too. You scooted over and gave the head of his cock a wet kiss. You saw her lick the side of his cock and you stopped stroking it to lick and suck on it instead with her help. His head fell back, hitting the wall with a dull thud as he groaned, a hand in each of your hairs. He couldn't get enough out of all the attention you were both giving him. You both kissed, licked and sucked his dick together like a shared lollipop. Sometimes your tongue and your lips would find hers and you'd indulge in a bit of kissing before going back to sharing him. Billy just sat there and took it. Moaning and arching up a little as he felt his pleasure increasing almost painfully. The louder Billy moaned, the more you and her wrestled for his dick, both wanting to be the one to make him come.
You stopped fighting her and sat back on your heels glaring at her sucking him hungrily. A curious and dark urge filled your mind and you bit your lip, smirking wickedly. The thoughts had you feel something like arousal, like desire. You gripped her hair roughly and pushed her head down. You felt an overwhelming satisfaction at seeing her choke over his dick and you kept her head there for a few more seconds as she started to whimper. Billy's eyes almost rolled back as he gasped, lewd moans spewing from his lips at the feeling and he tried his hardest to not just cum down the girl's pretty little throat. 
You yanked her head back off his dick and chuckled darkly at her face.
"Oh? I'm sorry! For a second there I thought you weren't grateful to have his cock down your throat!" You said to her mockingly, enjoying controlling and dominating her. You considered letting go of her hair, your head tilted to one side with a little pout as she coughed and gasped. Billy's eyes widened, lips parting as he looked from you to the girl. He had no idea what the hell had gotten into you but he fucking loved it. You looked up at Billy for his thoughts like you were asking him about the weather and not about you forcing his dick down the girl's windpipe. You were about to open your mouth to spit more venom at her but Billy's stern voice stopped you.
"Now, now, kitten. Be nice. Don't wanna break her before we get to the… big finish," he smirked devilishly, red eyes glinting with arousal and hunger as they darted from you to the girl. His darkness seemed to swirled around you and you smiled, letting go of her hair. He had reminded you what was coming for her in the end and it soothed your possessiveness and bitter jealousy for the girl. You laid down on your back next to him and invited him between your legs by spreading them wide open, caressing your inner thighs. Billy eyes trailed over your body hungrily, his need only stronger since you showed him a peek of your darkness. He hadn't thought you had it in you. A flicker of vicious anger hit you as she took the invite for herself and crawled on top of you. You kissed her back lazily as you kept your attention on Billy appearing behind her.
One hand stroked your leg as the other smoothed up the girl's back softly. He was done waiting now, he was sure his dick might fall off at any second if he didn't get some release. He roughly pushed into the girl with a loud dirty moan, feeling relief sweep through his body at the sensation. The girl whined and moaned, arching back at him and rubbing herself against you at the same time. You were instantly jealous of her, how he picked to fuck her first when your own pussy was not even 3 inches from her. You kept your mouth shut for Billy’s sake, this whole thing was for him after all. It has pleased you, it was great to try new things and new ways to please him too but you were just about done having her around. 
Billy grabbed her hips and started pounding into her harshly. Finally feeling friction made him desperate for his climax and his moans bounced off the walls, mixing with hers as he fucked her senseless. His eyes locked onto yours over the girl's shoulder and he gave you a devilish smirk. There was no way in hell she was gonna be the one to get his cum inside her, no way. You looked at Billy with an evil wicked look in your eyes.
"Tell me, did you compel her to let you feed on her?" You asked curiously, running your hands on her shoulders and neck over you. He slowed down his savage pace with the girl but didn't stop and she whined as she pushed back at him.
"Of course I did. Didn't need her cryin' about it and ruinin' the night," he smirked, giving the girl a particularly harsh thrust that made a keening moan leave her lips. He'd compelled the girl to be a docile little lamb and she'd been a good girl. He'd enjoyed her company. It was almost a shame how the night would end for her. Almost.
"Meh...Shame. I'd have loved to see her frightened little hysterical face," you said almost snarling the last word. Billy couldn't help the dark chuckle at your words. Your blatant jealousy amused him but he was enjoying seeing this darker side of you. You gripped at her hair painfully tight and yanked her head to the side, offering her pearly white neck to him mercilessly. Billy's mouth watered as his eyes darted from her very appealing neck to your face, brows raising at how different you were being.
"I think it's time for a midnight snack, sir." You said, already enjoying seeing him snarl behind her. You were so done, her use had officially expired and the coup de grace of the night was coming.
He groaned, your darkness making the beast inside of him purr as he sunk his fangs into the girl's neck. He started drinking from her greedily, her blood making a wave of pure euphoria wash over him and heighten the pleasure he was feeling as he still thrust into her. He could hear her heart rate slow down quickly as he drank her blood fervently, savoring the taste of her. He kept going until her heart stopped, until there was nothing left. He pulled out of her and carelessly shoved her off you. He did it so roughly that her lifeless body rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a thud but he paid it no mind. 
You looked back at him kneeling in the middle of the bed and you felt nothing but adoration for him. He was licking his bloody lips clean with a satisfied smug smirk. Although you just saw him feed, drain a girl of all her blood and shrug her off the bed like a lifeless doll, you wanted him. You gave him a wicked smile and he pounced on you, the blood in his system setting him ablaze with feral need as he pushed into you with a loud groan. He forced his fangs to retract so he could kiss you without worrying he'd cut you. His tongue dominated your mouth as he rut into you like a man possessed. You moaned loudly into the hungry and rough kiss. Your hands were all over his body as you caressed and gripped every inch of him. You felt drunk on him, you needed him like you needed air.
“Yes, please. Take me, I’m yours,” you whispered, opening up wider and meeting his thrusts hard.
He rested his forehead on yours as he fucked you, his hand winding around your throat but only applying a small amount of pressure.
"My sweet kitty," he murmured between moans, sounding drunk almost as he lost himself in his haze of pure ecstasy. 
You nodded quickly, looking up into his dark red eyes making soft little moans and gasps over and over. You were so close to a second orgasm your legs shook from the intense build up.
"Such a good girl," he moaned, feeling his release creeping up on him. His pace got harder and faster as he chased it desperately, a hand snaking between you to rub your clit to bring you over the edge first. Your nails dug in the skin of his back as you arched up into him. You let a series of moans so loud it hurt your throat, you came like you were falling down a never ending cliff of pleasure. You felt tears of joy leave the corners of your eyes to disappear in your hair.
He gasped, his whole body tensing up before he let out a guttural moan and he came blindingly hard, spilling himself inside of you. He was sure he'd never cum that hard in his life before and his brain stopped working for a whole minute. You looked up at him with pure adoration. You didn't see him as a monster anymore, his red eyes, his fangs, his thirst for blood, it was all part of him. He was your master, your lover, your everything and pleasing him pleased you greatly. Tears left your eyes as he showered you with attention and praises. He looked ecstatic at the night you planned and gave him. You lived for this. You'd bury twenty other girls if it meant making him this happy and proud with you.
He nuzzled your neck, practically purring as he felt calm and sated and very satisfied. You didn't yet go off him just yet, you wanted to be in his arms like this forever, watching him cum and ride the pleasure you gave him.
He pulled out of you, moving to lay beside you as he turned your face to his. He gave you a lazy grin, feeling more than pleased with you and how the night had gone. You'd surprised him a few times and he was starting to wonder if he was rubbing off on you. It amused him.
"You did good, kitten. I'm proud of you," he murmured with a sweet smile, his fingers sliding up your side softly, his fingertips just kissing your skin. You felt your beaming smile fall slightly, remembering how you didn't follow his order earlier that evening. You felt guilty and unworthy of all his praises suddenly.
"I, uh," you said, licking your lips nervously. You could hide it and never mention it but the thought of not coming clean with it made your skin crawl. He glanced at you curiously, hearing your heart beat change and he raised a brow expectantly for you to continue.
"I-I...I misbehaved earlier," you said without explanation. You looked at him from the corner of our eye wondering if you were about to ruin the night.
"You did?" He asked, confused, wondering how he missed something like that.
"I had a sip of whiskey to calm my nerves when you were gone and you had told me to only get one glass," you said, hanging your head down in shame. Billy suppressed a snort, realisation dawning on him. He thought you were talking about something a lot worse.
"I didn't do it to upset you. I did it because I wanted to calm down, to make sure you’d have a great time like I wanted you to and like you did." You added, brushing a fingertip over his skin.
"Will you forgive me?" You asked him looking up with pleading eyes. He made a show of looking like he was thinking it through. He'd already decided not to punish you for that earlier and he'd already known since he'd tasted it and smelt it on you. But it was only a sip and he knew you were nervous so he'd decided to let it go. And right now he was feeling pretty generous after the night he'd had. He didn't much feel like punishing you.
"I will, but don't do it again, okay?" He asked with a firm look, his fingers tracing circles on your hip.
You nodded and hummed in approval, turning over on your belly.
"Maybe just one smack to make sure?" You proposed biting a finger trying to hold off a giggle at the thought of it. It had been forever since he slapped your ass and it had been an interesting experience. He snorted as he raised a brow, amused at how you wanted to be spanked. His hand palmed one of your ass cheeks as he lay there feeling completely serene. He gave it a quick but harsh smack, a lazy smirk toying on his lips. You moaned and a soft gasp left your lips as you rubbed your hips on the mattress. You bit your lower lip and hummed at the purring pleasure waking up once more. You crawled on top of him and gave him a smirk.
"How about another quick one before I go bury our friend?"
A hand reached up and gripped your jaw, pulling you down for a deep kiss.
"Nope," he drawled against your lips with a devilish smirk.
"You're gettin' greedy. Now go clean up the mess," he grinned wickedly. Just because he was in a particularly good mood didn't mean he'd let you forget your place. Your demeanor had changed so much with him in such a short space of time, and while he was enjoying these new sides to you, there was such a thing as you getting too comfortable with him. He wasn't going to let that happen. You were his pet, not his equal. He wasn't going to reinforce behaviour that would make you more demanding.
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If I had a nickel for every time Ben Barnes played a character in a fantasy franchise that had a dark void that people sail into with a ship I'd have two nickels - which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it's happened twice.
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Episode posters for Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities
Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities will premiere on Netflix on October 25, 2022 with two episodes daily until October 28, 2022.
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BEN BARNES 1883 Magazine, 2022
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Me, googling this information frantically: Okay now you guys have GOT to be fucking with me, there’s NO way he could’ve actually–
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BEN BARNES as William Thurber Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities | 1.05 “Pickman’s Model” (2022)
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Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Jack Wolfe, Anna Leong Brophy, Lewis Tan and Patrick Gibson At Netflix's TUDUM
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Emilia Clarke not knowing how to make a heart with her fingers featuring Ben Barnes and the cast of Heartstopper
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“But he killed people!!!”
“And he looked good while doing it. Your point???”
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djappleblush · a year ago
Tumblr media
Writers don't get to rest.
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inknopewetrust · a year ago
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fivequartersoftheorange · 10 months ago
gorgeous gorgeous girls read fanfiction for 4 straight hours then daydream about their unhinged villain lover.
Tumblr media
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