jccatstudios · 2 days
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Kanej sketching
I really should start planning out a full piece soon
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I don't think its talked about enough that the grishaverse features reLIGIOUS CHARACTERS! like thats so cool bc now that I think about it, a lot of fantasy does not feature religion at ALL, a lot of fiction in general in fact. Which doesn't make sense because wherever there are beings, there will be religion, in any form. And the fact that the grishaverse features the good (see.. inej's faith) AND the bad of religion (see.. people in Fjerda manipulating and misinterpreting Djel's teachings) is so beautiful and lovely to see.
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thechaoticrow · 2 days
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libraryghost88 · 1 day
ur telling me Inej “I like it when men beg” Ghafa isn’t a top?? grow up
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inejghafa17 · 3 days
Christmas Kaz Brekker
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Nina Zenik in this:
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mrsmiroir · 20 hours
physically i am jordan johanus rietveld lying face up in the canal, emotionally i am his little brother clinging to his corpse
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ultraviolet-glow · 2 days
if you think the darkling drinks coffee black, like his soul , you are wrong. that boy has the biggest sweet tooth. i can almost guarantee that coffee is more cream and sugar and honey than coffee. that is a cavity in a cup. i just know
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crimeronan · 1 day
god it would be so so so fucking funny if the six of crows tv narrative preserved that one kaz-jesper fistfight Exactly As Written. because in the book it's already funny enough for 17-year-old scary punk bitch murderbro kaz to immediately freeze up at the Disapproving Dad Voice from jesper's dad, but. a 24ish-year-old faced-the-darkling wartorn fucked up terror-of-multiple-sovereign-governments murderbro kaz.... freezing up in the Exact Same Way??? HYSTERICAL. PERFECT. AMAZING. CHEFS FUCKING KISS. PLEASE
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theaceofarrows · 5 hours
Very random character ask game
If you could give this character one gift what would it be?
If you could cook/bake something for this character what would it be?
A song you associate with this character
A song you would like to introduce this character to
Would you get along with this character in real life?
Would you have more of a besties or siblings relationship with this character?
A food you think that they would like
A food you think that they would hate
What do you think their favorite Disney princess would be?
Which would would they like more, Star Trek or Star Wars?
Name a TV show that you think this character would like
Name one article of clothing that you own, that you think this character would wear?
Name a graphic t-shirt design that they would wear
Name a theme park that they would like to visit
What sport do you think that they would like?
What video game do you think they would they like?
Would this character be good or bad at Mario Kart?
Name one trait that you share with this character
Name one trait that WISH you shared with this character
What random family tradition do you think that this character would enjoy?
What book do you think this character would like?
What restaurant do you think this character would like to eat at?
If you were to land a hit on this character do you think that you would do any damage?
Do you think that you could successfully pull off a crime with this character?
How do you think this character would do in a Nerf gun fight?
Name a superhero that you think this character would like
Name a weird saying that you think this character would use
Name a something about yourself that you think that this character would find cool
On a scale from 1 to 10 how much chaos could you and this character get up to while alone?
Free space
Feel free to mix and match characters and fandoms and to reblog!!
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lilisouless · 2 days
So, aparently shadow and bone is coming back in january (look it up in twitter). That makes me feel netflix outright wants it to be cancelled given how little marketing they are giving it. In season 2 they ever put a countdown and posters.
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Find someone for you who says, “I would have come for you. And if I couldn't walk, I'd crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we'd fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that's what we do. We never stop fighting.”
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omg Jessie!!
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baberbackbookstack · 2 days
the shadow and bone rumors have me feeling very conflicted. on one hand, i'm very happy that we might be getting the show so soon but on the other i'm like???? excuse me???
like how did they finish post-production that fast? this is a fantasy show that requires so much work and editing and cgi how on earth did they wrap up that quickly? also if the january rumors are indeed true, exactly zero marketing has been done to promote the show. which is very shady from netflix's part. like are you trying to sabotage it so you can have an excuse to cancel it later? are you hoping the fandom is unhinged enough to do all the marketing for you? (i mean that may very well happen lol).
but in my head all signs point to "ain't no way we're getting season 2 that early." also i originally understood that january remark as maybe a trailer dropping or something but idk the amount of speculation has made me question everything.
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arany-studio · 2 days
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Crows at Christmas day 4: ice skating! ❄️⛄️
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call-me-sunpaw · 2 days
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