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romantichopelessly · 2 days
Six of Crows is a very serious duology. It’s the story of a group of traumatized, disadvantaged teens committing crimes and beating a system designed to be against them, while learning to trust and overcome their pasts and make a better future. There’s also an italicized Oh scene.
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jccatstudios · 1 day
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Even more crows sketching (just started crooked kingdom)
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house-ad · 6 months
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septembersart · 3 days
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I love it when slow burn ships are slow burning. it fuels my soul
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shaykappa · 3 days
Favourite/Funniest Line's from Crooked Kingdom
"Let's go." "Me?" "No the idiot behind you."
"How is-" "Nina is fine. Jesper is fine. Everyone is fine except for me because I am stuck with a gang of hand-wringing nursemaids."
"Now why can't people be this easily trained?" Kaz murmured as he crouched to oblige the dog with a belly rub.
"Did you know I am next in line for the Fjerdan throne? They call me Princess Ilse of Engelsberg." "There is no princess of Engelsberg. It's a fishing town."
"Has anyone noticed this whole city is looking for us, mad at us, or wants to kill us?" "So?" "Well, usually it's just half the city."
"Big, blond and blind. The Fjerdan way."
"If I live I'll buy you waffles." "You don't have enough money to buy her waffles."
"Do you know what Van Eck's problem is?" "No honor?" "Rotten parenting skills?" "Receding hairline?"
"Isn't that how things are done around here? We all tell Kaz we are fine and the do something stupid?" "Are we that predictable?" "Yes."
"It seems everyone is forming alliances." "They're called friendships Kaz."
"You are very welcome Nina Zenik. You may repay me in the costumary way." "Waffles?" "Lots of them."
"I need to do this. I've never been to my mother's grave. I am not leaving Kerch without saying goodbye." "Trust me, you care more than she does."
"You are stupid about a lot of things Wylan, but you are not stupid. And if I ever hear you call yourself a moron again, I am going to tell Matthias you tried to kiss Nina. With tongue." "He' ll never believe it." "Then I 'll tell Nina you tried to kiss Matthias. With tongue."
"Come on, let's do steal all my dad's money. "Isn't it your money?" "Okay, let's go steal it back."
"I think you 'd flirt with a date palm if it would pay you any attention." "If I flirted with a plant, you can bet it would stand up and take notice."
"Yes, yes, Nina Zenik is hungry. Now, will someone feed me before I am forced to cook one of you?" "Don't be ridiculous. You don't know how to cook."
"On a dare I ate a literal through full of waffles and nearly went back for seconds."
"Pick up the pace." "If I spill a single drop of this it will burn straight through the floor onto my father's dinner guests." "Take your time."
"I am Dunyasha, the White Blade, trained by the Sages of Ahmrat Jen, the greatest assassin of this age." "Doesn't ring a bell."
"Fate brought me here." "And does fate pay your wages?"
"My parents thought I would drown because I crawled into the sea as a baby, laughing." "Perhaps they were worried you would talk yourself to death."
"Kaz. You may not be glad we are alive, but we are glad you are alive."
"You are better than waffles, Matthias Helvar." "Let's not say things we don't mean, my love."
"Are you mad?" "I'd probably be happier if I was."
"You have to be the craziest bastard I ever met." "I'll take that as a compliment."
"My leg! My leg!" "I recommend a cane."
"What is wrong with him?" "Same thing that's always wrong with him. He's Kaz Brekker."
Jesper followed Wylan down the hall. "Hey." Wylan kept going.
"Jes, I 've thought about this-" "Thought of me? Late at night? What was I wearing?"
Wylan ran his tongue over his lips and spat in his father's face.
He was pale, with tufty orange brows and a hunched posture that gave him the look of a giant shrimp.
He felt bad for the guy. Not bad enough to wake him up and untie him, but still.
"I 've been shot!" He had not been shot.
"How about I push you in the canal and we see if you know how to swim?"
"Tell you what. When the day comes, mark it on your calendars. I can think of a lot of people who 'll want to throw a party.
"Wait. Is my tie straight?"
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cuckoovampiro · 3 days
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serious business men part 2
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catsandbooksstuff · 2 days
The ache in his lungs was unbearable. He needed to tell her... what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn't pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her. That without meaning to, he'd begun to lean on her, to look for her, to need her near. He needed to thank her for his new hat.
Kaz about Inej in Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo
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sncinderdoodles · 2 days
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Kaz ‘Dirty Hands’ Brekker 🃏
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wraithblogging · 2 days
Something I think the Six of Crows duology does pretty well is how it shows these six criminals who all don't wanna necessarily BE criminals, but who were thrown into breaking laws and acting in amoral ways because of circumstances they could not influence directly.
And I feel like that really is how it often is with criminals. But we're taught to see them as people who just chose to be bad and be criminal or had it coming and all, which Six of Crows kinda also does with in a way with the antagonists. But with the crows you see they didn't chose this life. There was a life before crime and clear changes that lead to them being where they are at this point.
And I feel like another thing it did well is that while reading the duology I didn't wonder "why don't they just stop and have a normal life?" Like a "just stop being poor" approach people often take when it comes to crime. And while Wylan and Jesper (and Nina I guess) make the jump to having what would be considered a "normal life" you also have Inej and Kaz who both at some point did chose crime (cause hunting slavers and all isn't really a legal thing to do, formally) and went with it as a way to deal and to take what happened to them. And they show that while this fucking sucks it's their way to live.
But never in the whole series you have a point where you're like "it's their own fault they ended up in the barrel as criminals" like many people would argue with irl criminals. But at the same time it doesn't really glorify crime. The whole premise is that they are criminals but you stop seeing them as that and see them as people instead and I wished we did that more often.
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lilisouless · 2 days
Leigh has this thing of pairing people with similar struggles
Inej-Kaz: PTSD that caused them issues with touching other people
Nina-Matthias: Being raised in a militarized emviroment
Jesper-Wylan: Learning disabilities combined with daddy issues
Zoya-Nikolai: Being too pretty (and there is the hidden vulnerability too but whatever)
Alina-Mal: Self steem and belonging issues
Marie-Sergei: the struggle of being the worst characters on the grishaverse and having the fandom deny it just because they are both death
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cosmicvioletshit · 2 days
Imagine... just picture it.
In an alternate universe, where everything is almost same except for Alina is not the only sun summoner. As she looses her powers, somewhere in a horrible place called Kerch a 17 year old grumpy boy discovered that he can summon the freaking sun. And his bestfriend, the gun boi, mentors him as grumpy boy learns how to control his power. He feels this as a bonus to show his crush, pretty knife girl, that he is literally a saint.
Omfggg Imma die now.
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thinking once again about how water connects the crows and is constantly symbolic for change and evolution throughout the duology.
thinking about Nina and Matthias being shipwrecked in the sea, swimming all night for shore where they will change one another’s lives forever. about Inej being stolen from her family and shipped across the sea. about Kaz and Wylan being reborn in the Ketterdam harbor. about Jesper’s mother losing her life to poisoned well water. about the waters chasing Kaz every day of his life. about the river under the sacred ash delivering them to freedom. about Inej finding freedom on the seas bringing justice to slavers. about the tidemakers confronting Kaz and promising that they’ll be keeping an eye on his new life for better or worse. about Matthias, buried in ice.
about how the water hears and understands but the ice does not forgive.
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parme-tan · 3 days
“i love you.”
“ I would have come for you. And if I couldn't walk, I'd crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we'd fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that's what we do. We never stop fighting.”
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crisis-exystencial · 2 days
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arany-studio · 1 day
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Collab with noramohamed_228 from Instagram! 😁
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ejga-ostja · 1 day
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Their backstory in a nutshell
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