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your honour, i propose we let these kids be happy
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kyojuuros · 11 months
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So my brother’s eyes are red because when he was inside your tummy, you ate red berries?
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forzenitsu · 10 months
ufotable: unlimited budget
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upperranktwo · 10 months
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If my siblings were still alive... Maybe we would've gone drinking one day. Sorry, but I still haven't managed to die yet. But I did bring some fine sake, so cut me some slack. One day, we'll all drink together over there.
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mobpsychopass100 · 11 months
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Entertainment District Arc E:7 - Transformation
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sugoi-trashcan-yikkes · 9 months
Uzui Tengen X F!Reader
Y/N and the original trio of wives have a massive surprise for their Lord, Tengen. After months of being away on a mission, today is the day to reveal something very special to him! F!Reader (use of she/her pronouns).
Content Warnings: pregnancy, implied future smut, and polyamory.
Hurried footsteps echo through the halls as Suma ran about, grinning ear to ear. As she practically slammed the sliding door open, she came to a shrieking halt. You were the exact person she was looking for.
"Hina! Y/N-chan!! Lord Tengen is home!!"
Upon hearing the news, you smile back to Hina, who had sat across from you. As you try to get up, she hurriedly comes to your side. Wrapping an arm around your swollen waist and belly, she was quick to hoist you up.
"Excellent news, Suma. Hurry and get Makio prepared to welcome him properly," Hina softly commanded, making Suma scurry off in excitement. You fidget in place, Hina being quick to notice.
" I-It's been months since he's been home..." You confess this softly, your brow knitting together," He hasn't... seen me like this yet."
Hina offers you a pat on your side, chuckling," While it will be quite a surprise, I'm sure he will be thrilled, Y/N-chan." Hina's soft demeanor never fails to comfort you, as you nod," O-Of course... I'm just cant help but be nervous!"
Hina places a chaste kiss to your forehead, the kind gesture making you sigh," Breathe, Y/N. You have nothing to fear."
As the two of you make your way through the main hall, you hear Suma and Maki scrambling noisily. They were hastily shouting back and forth as you heard several things clutter and fall to the ground.
"Be careful, you two!!," Hina warns," We don't want Y/N to get hurt in this ruckus!"
Makio dashes into the hall, swiping the sweat off of her forehead," We're doing our best here!!," she barked, though the wide grin on her face revealed her excitement.
"Everything's ready!!!" She adds while Suma stumbles into the hall to meet with you all.
Tengen's three original wives look to you, sending you smiles of encouragement and absolutely glee.
"Hurry, hurry Hina!! Y/N needs to hide!!," Suma squeals, coming up to your other side to help you along. You laugh, both of your arms draped over your wives shoulders.
"You guys! I can handle myself, don't worry about me!" You quip, unable to keep yourself from laughing. The two at your side shake their heads sternly, smiling all the while.
"Ever since last week, you've been struggling to even walk!! So let us help you through this, baka!" Makio cuts in, as she hurriedly fluffs the pillows in the bedroom.
Their goal was to get you to hide there, in the room that was set for the Baby Reveal. Though you would never be able to tell what the baby would be like, you could only imagine the beauty your baby would be. Boy, girl, or otherwise... it honestly didn't matter! The household was just as eager to welcome a new life!
As you finally got situated at the foot of the bed, you reach over and caress Suma and Hina's cheeks, before placing a kiss on Makio's.
"I guess I can't argue with you three. Thank you for taking such good care of me~" you coo, making your wives sigh in unison.
"Any time, darling," Hina cooed back, before kissing your forehead," We'll be right back. But are you ready for Lord Tengen, Y/N-chan?"
You flush brightly as you hear a familiar voice cry out," I'm home!!"
You nod in confirmation, beaming up at the three women before you," Ready as I'll ever be!"
Your wives make haste, hurrying to greet Tengen. Though you could hear the commotion in the distance, your thoughts were a major distraction.
Your eyes flickered to the decor... the low lighting, the sentimental flowers, and the lanterns hanging in all four corners of the room... the colors were warm and inviting, but still flashy enough that Uzui would approve. You looked to the doorway in front of you, your hand ghosting over your swollen stomach.
Never had you thought that you would become a mother. After becoming a demon slayer, you were confronted with thoughts of intense and sudden ends of life... and quite a few times, your life had been on the line.
But since meeting Tengen and the others, your outlook on life had greatly changed. You were excited to experience life in many ways, on top of living each day fully and earnestly.
But here you were, with a swollen belly and a full heart... you were blessed with something that the three other wives hadn't gotten... at least, not yet.
You were anxious to see Tengen as a father, though negative thoughts were quick to leave your mind. Between his gentle mannerisms and kind words shared with you all, you knew that your child would have the greatest parents ever. And five total, to boot!
"Laaaadies... I'm growing impatient! Is Y/N out and about again?," you hear Tengen scold, earning a giggle from the others.
"Noooo~" Suma sang," In fact, she's been expecting you, too!" Makio follows up. Your breath hitches as you hear their footsteps approach the bedroom door.
"Hah? Then what's the need for the blindfold? Honestly, if this is another one of her pranks, I swear--"
"No no, Lord Tengen! Pl-Please keep it on!!" Hina commands gently," We've all been working so hard on your surprise!"
This seems to amuse Tegen, as his hearty laugh fills your senses," Fine, fine! I suppose I could use a little flashiness right now! Even if Y/N is up to trouble again!" He quips back. You pout as you hear his steps come to a halt. Based on his sigh, you figure that he gave in to the trio's demands.
The three ladies in the hall nod to each other, before opening the door to your shared bedroom. You subconsciously tense up as you see Tengen stumble inside, his foot catching on the doorframe.
"Agh-- Suma, watch it!," Makio gripes, making the other woman whine," I-Im sorry, I'm guiding as best as I caaaaan!!" Hina can only chuckle as Tengen rolls his eyes. What was he gonna do with the four of you?
You feel your heart thumping in your throat, your cheeks a bright red as you see Tengen inch closer. He grins," I can hear your, Y/N~" he teases. Though he is unable to see you, he could sense you twitching from his words.
"Can I take this off now??" Tengen asks impatiently, before his hands are guided towards you. Suma and Makio gently place both hands on your tummy, as Hina comes up from behind Uzui and smiles.
"Yes, Lord Tengen. You may."
"Open your eyes!!," Maki and Suma say in unison.
Tengen seems confused, as he doesn't recognize the firmness of this skin. Surely, the warmth came from you, but he had no idea what he was touching. Your thighs? Your shoulders? Something certainly felt off...
He removes the blindfold quickly with one hand, before his eyes land on yours. You smile up at him nervously.
"L... Lord Tengen... Welcome home, darling..." you say sheepishly, almost quiet enough to where he couldnt hear you. His eyes flicker down to his other hand, before his breath catches in his throat.
He stares for a few moments, seemingly with no reaction. This, of course, makes the four of you stir anxiously. Tengen was known for strong emotions and outbursts, but for the first time in a LONG time... he's speechless.
Uzui quickly falls to his knees, though due to his height, he was almost at eye level with you.
"This... this is..."
His other hand comes towards your stomach quickly, making you flinch. He flinches as well, realizing quickly that he was getting too brash. He gently caresses the other side of your stomach, his maroon eyes flicking between the four of his wives.
"How... how long have you know?" Tengen asks softly, his gaze finally landing on Hina. Tears are welling up in her eyes, as she smiles warmly at him.
"Sh-Shortly after you left... but... we wanted you to experience this in person. A letter couldn't compare to this moment," Hina admits, coming to his side and placing a hand on his shoulder. Makio and Suma are quick to follow, both of them placing a hand on either of Uzui's.
"It was hard not to say anything," Makio adds," ...but we took great care of Y/N while you were away, Lord Tengen."
Uzui's gaze falls back to your swollen abdomen, his hands gently moving around, exploring your tummy's new form.
Again, he is overcome with silence, his head dipping for a moment. You feel something warm fall onto your stomach, gasping as you see Tengen's shoulders tremble.
"I-I'm so sorry... I wasn't here for you like I should have been." Choking on his words, more tears followed as Makio, Suma, and Hina embrace Tengen. You were surprised to see such a reaction from him.
"N-No! My Lord, please, it's okay!!!" You hurriedly reply, cupping Tengen's face," You were doing everything you should have and needed to, as a Demon Slayer... and as our husband. We're safe-- I-I'm safe, because of your efforts."
Your three wives smile and weep as they kiss Tengen's cheeks and shoulders, trying to comfort him. Though they too felt sorry for the overwhelmed Uzui.
"You came back. And it still feels like you've never left my side. That's all that matters," you finish, placing a hand on top of one of Uzui's strong, calloused hands.
For a few moments, the room grows quiet as the five of you sniffle and hiccup, still overcome with relieved tears.
But Tengen is quick to smile, his forehead gently bumping into yours as his arms overtake all four of his wives. When he raises his head again, he is beaming with pride and joy. His eyes are puffy and red with fresh, hot tears.
"I'm going to be a father..." he practically chokes out, grinning ear to ear," And the four of you will all be fantastic, flashy mothers!!!"
The five of you embrace each over, though gently as to not hurt you or the baby. As all of your collective tears and praises intermingle into a symphony, you feel something strange.
Your stomach lurches suddenly, making you grunt in surprise. The five of you freeze, before Tengen looks to your stomach. Hina and the other wives gasp, as all 3 of them grabbing at Tengen's wrists. They hastily shove Tengen's hands towards your tummy, pressing gently.
"There!! There, just now! Y/N did you feel-- A KICK?!?" Suma practically shrieks, followed by an excited squeal from Makio.
"This couldn't be better timing!!!," she exclaims," This is the first time, right, Y/N?!"
You instinctively place a hand over your stomach, wincing," I-I don't know what that was... m-maybe it was a kick? The wind was just... knocked out of me all of the sudden--!!"
As you say this, Tengen moves the others aside, placing his right ear to your stomach and listening intently. You fluster rapidly, gasping out Tengen's name as you're practically knocked over from the movement.
Your three wives excitedly come right back up, eager to watch the moment from behind Tengen's broad frame.
"... I hear it... the heartbeat!" Tengen claims softly, a sickeningly sweet smile spreading across his lips. " A strong one, too! That's to be expected of my child!" He coos, grinning boastfully.
As he speaks, you feel the breath getting knocked out from you again. You yelp as your stomach moves once more. This time, Tengen feels this lurch, and inhales sharply.
"Th-There!! Just now!! It was a kick!!!" He exclaims. Hina, Suma, and Makio practically shriek with excitement, hugging each other as Tengen continues to weep.
You can't help but laugh, a hand coming to Uzui's hair to stroke it," So it is!!!" you happily sing back to him, beaming with glee. "I'm pretty far along, so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise!!"
Before long, Tengen is mere inches from your lips, caressing your face as if you were fine porcelain. For a moment, his gentle expression is replaced with a firm acknowledgement.
" Y/N. It is an honor to be your husband, and I promise to continue to take care of the four of you... and our child." Uzui says tenderly. Uzui's hand comes up to brush your hair away from your face as your cheeks are peppered with kisses. You giggle at the stimulation as you feel the bed shift behind you.
Suma and the other wives have surrounded you, coming up to caress and embrace you as well.
"I gratefully except your praise and protection... a-as well as your child, Lord Tengen."
You feel Tengen's face heat up at your statement, before it's replaced with a prideful smirk," Careful, or I may bless you with more of my brood tonight~"
Your face soon mimics the shade on Tengen's, as Suma whines," But!! BUT!!! I want Lord Tengen's babies, too!!"
" Y-Yeah, don't leave us out, Lord Tengen!!" Makio gripes, clinging to his right arm. Hina chuckles, kissing both Suma and Makio.
"In due time, Makio, Suma... one child can already be a handful... and we already have two here!" Tengen and Hina share a laugh as Makio and Suma complain, and you are quick to laugh with the former duo.
But in the very next moment, you feel yourself being pushed onto your back, your head falling into Makio's lap. You squirm feverishly as you see one of Tengen's hands planting itself beside your head, while the other caresses your stomach.
"Ladies, ladies... the four of you will all bear my child... but Hina is right. For our safety and the child's, we can only afford to have one of us out of commission at a time," Tengen softly warns, making the four of you begrudgingly agree.
"However... I look forward to the four of you ALL being plump with my children. But until then... I do believe that Y/N is overdue for some relief. Who knows the burden my child has placed on your knees and feet..." Tengen lazily kisses your lips, still grinning as the trio of wives chuckle lowly
" My, that weight straining your back... your chest..."
Tengen's hand leaves your stomach to trace down your thigh, before gently sliding back up and under your robes. You stammer, unable to form a coherent sentence as Tengen kisses you again, briefly.
"Suma, Makio, Hina... care to help your Lord take care of your wife?"
You hear a cacophony of giggles and jeers as your four spouses come to surround you, grinning mischievously. Your lip quivers as you try not to look away, a jittery, hot surge of anticipation flaring up in your nether regions.
"N-Now?? Right now, you mean??" You question feverishly, before Hina and Suma bless your cheeks and collar bone with kisses.
Tengen grins as a hand snakes up your inner thigh, making your heart race in excitement.
"There's no better time than the present, right?" Hina leans over to kiss Tengen before he starts a sloppy kiss trail towards your core.
"Besides...," Hina adds dreamily," We wanted to surprise you, too~"
A/N: Thank you for the read! I have unfortunately gone through SUCH a hiatus, but I found my writing flame awakened because of this damn hashira and his wives!
I'm relatively rusty at fanfics, so go easy on me! And let me know if you'd like a STEAMY part 2! ;)
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yuzukahachimir · 10 months
Tanjiro is so sweet,he made Gyutaro shut up to make him stop yelling at his sister because will be the last time they were going to see each other....make me have the urge to cry
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And because he didn't feel all the bad things he said to her
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rip the bestie
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KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 04
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Starting now, things are going to get real flashy! 
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zenitsu’s godspeed scene
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upperranktwo · 10 months
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At every turn, one false step, and I could’ve found myself in that same situation. I was lucky enough to remain human, but there could’ve been a future in which we were both born demons. But even if I end up turning into a demon, I’m sure... That someone in the Demon Slayers Corps, will do the favor of beheading me.
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Entertainment District Arc EP:6 - Layered Memories
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