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Kenjaku got quite the sentence going on here, so I thought I'd dig into the context of some phrases a bit. Overall, I think TCB's translations captures the meaning of it very well, but there's a bit more background. (btw, I think the official translation's division of "I have lived" and "A 1000 years etc" is better. The living part and the !! parts are different sentences)
"tug-of-war between feuding giants" 竜戦虎争 - literally means "a battle between a dragon and a tiger" and is an idiom for the fighting of equal forces. Since this is directed at Tengen, I like to imagine that she is the (Chinese) dragon in this case and Kenjaku the tiger. The dragon can fly and therefore removes itself from our world and also has a close connection to the heavens, just like Tengen in their shrine. The tiger is on the ground, living among other animals and humans, just like Kenjaku who keeps a connection to modern society even after more than thousand years. (also Itadori...)
"capricious alliances and betrayals" 合従連衡 - a historical idiom referencing the Chinese Warring States period and basically refers to coalitions, political powers uniting and splitting depending on the situation and their own benefit. I'm assuming Kenjaku refers to the binding vows with the sorcerers (those of course can't be easily broken but each party looks out for their own benefit) and alliances with the higher-ups or the imperial court in the past.
Basically, Kenjaku is getting quite poetic here.
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i miss my wives tails
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She prefers me
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Tengen Uzui x reader x Kyojuro Rengoku
Part 1 :: Part 3
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, oral (m. Receiving), possessiveness, jealousy, daddy k!nk, degradation, dumbification, belly bulge, cucking, breeding, unprotected s3x, size difference, DNI
⤷ Synopsis: You get interrupted during your rendezvous with your silver haired lover— by the flame Hashira.
⤷ Note. This is about how rengoku was everyone's favorite during the movie and now everyone's simping for tengen- because SAME.
#tags. @gabzlovesu @httpmikey @zeninade @ztoji @sukunasbabymama @festive
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reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?"
Wide golden eyes stared back at your wrecked state, a pretty pink tinting his cheeks. You whimper as Tengen's balls slapped on your clit. He's unrelenting, fucking into you even though you got company, even through the throes of your orgasm,"Enjoying the show, Rengoku?"
That's a rhetorical question, everyone in the room knows it. Rengoku gulps, there's no denying it because the bulge in his pants made it evident,"The meeting's gon- gonna start soon, y- you should- you should get dressed." His words tripped on stutters.
"Hm? But we're not quite done yet," The hand around your throat loosened to slip into your hair,"Aren't we, baby?" You're pulled up with a hard yank,"Aw, looks like she needs someone to take care of that loud mouth," Tengen coos in your ear when you yelp at the sting,"what d'ya say baby? Need him to shut you up?" His lips pressed hot on your ear but eyes locked on Rengoku's.
The blond can't refuse the offer, it's too tempting— the way your breasts bounce with each thrust from the ex-ninja, the pretty tears cascading down your cheeks— he shouldn't but he's walking up to you, cupping your chin,"Need me to fuck your mouth, darling?" His thumb strokes your swollen lower lip as he gulped down all the previous shyness,"Yes, please daddy." Tengen's chest rumbled with a growl against your back as the title slipped past your lips, fuschia orbs darkening. White hot jealousy sparked in his chest when you called the other man "daddy".
But he didn't stop the other man when he tapped his cock on your lips because that's what Rengoku is, the other man. And Tengen is going to prove that he's the only one who can fuck you so good, he's the only one you need. Rengoku's cock pushes past your lips with a content sigh from him,"Feels amazing, y/n," His hand curls around the back of your head, fingers digging into your scalp as he fisted your hair,"Don't stop, ah- what a perfect warm little mouth you got, darling."
Your moan vibrated muffled on Rengoku's cock as Tengen's hand caresses your lower abdomen, lips moulding into a mean smirk when he finds the bulge on your belly. Fingers dancing on the outline of his cock through your skin, he breathes in your ear,"Ready f'me to fill you up, baby?" You might've responded but the hand behind your head is unwavering, pushing your face down on his cock till the tip of his leaky cock kisses the back of your throat,"Ah fuck fuck-"
Tengen pressed down hard on the bulge in your belly, ripping a scream from your occupied mouth. His other hand wrapped around your neck yet again. A low chuckle fanned your neck when he felt Rengoku's cock through the skin of your throat,"C'mon, tell me you're ready, whore."
Rengoku threw his head back, blond locks swaying softly as he muttered curses under his breath. His hips thrust into your face roughly, heavy balls hitting on your chin,"Tell me how badly you need it or I won't give you what you want." Tengen's victorious laugh when Rengoku pulled out of your warm mouth with a grunt send a fresh gush of arousal to your tight hole,"Please, please daddy, please, need you to cum inside me, please-"
Tengen pinches your nipples while his cock swells inside your pussy,"Fuck, make sure to keep it all in, you asked for it after all, you horny little slut." His hips thrust into yours in a sloppy fashion, voice wavering as he started cumming,"Daddy," Your eyes locked on Rengoku's as your walls convulsed around your albino lover's shaft,"You're mine, mine, all mine." He chanted while pumping you full of his thick cum.
"Yeah, darlin'?" Rengoku knelt in front of you, cradling your face in his palms,"Need me t'fuck you? Hm? That it?" His nimble fingers moved away the sweat drenched locks of hair sticking to your forehead, smiling down at your blissed out expression as you grabbed the collar of his uniform and pulled him in for a searing kiss. Tengen growled at the show of intimacy, huge arm winding around your waist to pull you into his chest and away from the other Hashira,"She's mine, Rengoku."
"Are you forgetting that she was mine before she was yours?" Golden orbs met ruby ones with a challenge,"Need you, Kyo." Your mind's drunk of the ecstasy— more more more, that's all it can think of. Rengoku rests his hand on the small of your back, urging you away from Tengen,"We'll be late for the meeting." The taller man hisses on which Rengoku chuckles,"What? Scared that she'll prefer me over you?"
"Kyo," You mewled, tugging on his shirt again,"'M right here," He pulls you into his embrace, stroking your hair while fisting his red aching cock,"Darlin'." His eyes remained locked on your albino lover's, breathing unsteady when you pressed kisses on his neck. You hummed as you sucked a red mark on the flame hashira's neck,"Fine." Tengen's jaw clicked as he pulled out from your sensitive cunt,"But you don't get to finish inside her."
With lips stretched into a grin, Rengoku pulled you on his cock, watching as your soiled pussy dripped Tengen's cum on his cock. His hands gripped bruises on your hips as he slammed you down, forcing you to take his whole shaft in one thrust. Eyes rolling back at the feel of your tight cunt,"God, y/n, still s'tight as ever." The sting of his words had Tengen's brows creasing while he adjusted his uniform.
"Kyo-" Rengoku kisses your lips, biting your lower lip,"Daddy." He corrects, throwing a smug smirk at the sound Hashira,"Too much, daddy, yer' being too rough," Tengen crosses his arms over his chest, biceps clenched as anger ran hot through his veins,"Shh," The blond hushes you, bucking his hips up sharply into your cunt,"You can take it, do it for daddy, yeah?"
"You asked for this, darling." Rengoku's onslaught didn't lessen, his huge cock kept hitting your sweet spot till you're a babbling mess. A bit of drool ran down your chin,"Aww, going dumb on me, pretty girl?" His thighs flexed as he neared his release,"Please, daddy," With your hands gripping his shoulders to maintain balance, you didn't even bother to hold back your screams,"Then go on and cum on daddy's cock." His lips muffled the loud moan you let out as you came with a wet gush, body going almost limp on his lap,"Fuck darling, you're squeezing me s'well," His dick throbbed against your tightening walls, aching for a release but you wrapped your arms around his shoulders,"Please cum inside me, daddy."
"Ah- as you wish, fuck-" Head thrown back, he spurt his seed deep inside you. Panting to catch his breath, he glanced at your boyfriend. His mocking smirk met with Tengen's seething jealousy, hands balled into tight fists.
"Well, looks like your girl prefers me, Uzui."
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2022 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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Tumblr media
the Hashira & their favorite pet names
| Hashira x reader
a/n: no Muichiro bc baby. the reader is fem-leaning
i swear i write for other fandoms, i'm just consumed by the power of these flamboyant fucks
Tumblr media
i obviously and firmly believe this man calls you one of three things
My Love
My Darling
(y/n if he’s worried)
kyo is nothing if not a gentleman
he thinks sweeping romantic terms of endearment are obviously the only way to address his partner-divine
there’s almost no argument to be had over this
he likes for you to call him by his first name
he thinks it’s so intimate
nothing fancy just
it makes his heart dance
he was such an outgoing child that he wanted to call everyone by their first names and have a bunch of really good friends
which came on a little strong for the neighborhood kids, guests at the house, his father’s pillar teammates, strangers at the market— kind of anyone he was ever introduced to
so his parents told him
“kyojuro, when two people love and trust each other very much, when they’ve known each other for a long time, they use their first names. those are your closest friends, the ones who see you like your family.”
his eyes got all wide and he stared back at them and said, “like you two.”
here we are
i would stake everything i have for this man’s happiness. im a wreck
Tumblr media
in my head
this man
kind of talks like a mob boss
not quite but i don’t know how else to describe it
his favorite things to call you are
princesses (derogatory)
he’s a bit of an informal guy but he’s got his husband priorities straight
using pet names shows the rest of the world you belong to each other
you and the wives are all warming up to calling each other by your first names
which is adorable
and tengen is trying to get the three of them to stop calling him Lord, since it makes him feel a little weird in his day to day, with neighbors and whatnot around
not needing to know all his shinobi business
he was never a Lord to you so this isn’t a habit you’ve needed to break
calling him Tengen so casually kind of made everyone’s head spin
in private though
i know this man is an animal
i just KNOW
he likes you calling him all kinds of “M’ Lord”
and speaking sweetly & formally
not always, just *special* occasions
Tumblr media
this one’s not spilling his secrets to me no sir no how
my best guess is
your first name
if he’s feeling frisky
maybe a y/n ✨chan✨
but never over the top with this one
he’d much rather keep it simple; openly being in a relationship seems romantic enough for him
the fact that anyone knows anything about his personal life is a miracle
this does not mean the man isn't a f r e a k in other scenarios
that's for a later date
for himself, he much prefers romantic acts over cute pet names
even just calling him Tomioka in public seems a bit melodramatic to him
but when you lean in close to his ear
early in the morning over breakfast
in the thrum of the market
so he can hear you over the sound of a noisy corps party
or at night when you're tucked in together
and whisper
he sputters
Tumblr media
she is a perfect
little menace
i'm in love with her
in public she'll usually either call you by your first name or call you Honey
H o n e y 🍯
my heart burns for her
also in the rotation is
pretty standard pet names
but just imagine her soothing voice saying them
not so standard anymore no sir
the menace behavior starts exactly where the sweet facade ends
when she brushes past you in the lab
or kisses you goodbye
she likes to tack on a little possession
"my sweet Y/n"
"goodbye my angel"
she started doing this before you even got together
but even in a crowded room she always made sure you were the only one who could hear it
which made you feel like you were slowly losing your mind but that's besides the point
bc now you’re her's 🤷🏽‍♀️
she likes it when you're possessive right back!
"g'morning my sweet baby"
and you can really get her flustered if you say it in public
pull up to a Pillar party at HQ with a:
"Kocho! my darling, where should i put the snacks i brought?"
there's so few ways to get this girl off her game for a second
this is one
Tumblr media
okay okay okay
not big on outward affection
but sanemi is a loving guy!
spends every day working hard so his brother can have a normal life
even if he commits manslaughter along the way
when it come to you though
loving ≠ sweet
he loves you, but he also quite likes you
which means trouble
joining tengen's quasi mafia club
when he's feeling soft enough he likes to be wickedly sarcastic
"c'mere dreamboat"
"oi sweet cheeks you're hoggin the bath scoot over"
he only calls you y/n when he really wants to fluster you
or if you're in trouble
or if you get lost at the market
and he always says it real calm
he likes one name the most though
Peach Girl
loves peaches
he's an ass man
he's also a whore
so when you call him by his first name
(which does not happen often)
he short circuits for a second
and he loves
it when you call him 'sir'
you technically work for him, so this a professional curtesy
until it is very unprofessional
but no matter the context it makes him feral
you have him wrapped around your little finger
you're playing cat's cradle w his limbs
Tumblr media
i Know it seems obvious
she LOVES pet names
but you're not ready
for the absolutely outta pocket shit she comes up with
"sweet-chariot-who-pulls-back-the-curtain-of-night, where are you?"
"my-heavenly-little-bug! i missed you"
"you look so cute ender-of all-sadness-on-this-the-sacred-earth"
if someone's around when she's calling to you they always feel the urge to say a m e n
a simple "baby" will not suffice
although anything you call her, even Mitsuri, knocks her out for an entire afternoon
on the floor
you had to talk to her about her over the top terms of endearment
it was a little distracting to hear a whole hymn in the breeze and try to figure out if it was a passing procession of monks or your girlfriend calling you downstairs for dinner
she she settled on a few unusual, but effective names
baby doll
and every now and then she's allowed a my-sun-and-my-stars
Tumblr media
everyone's favorite hardass
i'm gonna have to make a soft dom <--> hard dom list for the hashira, don't let me forget
bc this gentleman
this one
uses your name as a punishment
he's soft and sweet with his Love don't get me wrong, but much like Shinobu and Sanemi, he likes to use his words to get to you
he likes to work you up with low whispers while you're making breakfast or finishing up work late at night
he'll get your attention by calling your first name, then brush your arm and murmur something fully uncalled for
he's a very private individual tho
so never in public, even if you're alone
anywhere other than your property, he's pretty formal
but get him sleepy enough
he's all "sweetie" this "sweetie" that
he can even be a little whiney about it if he's exhausted
because he's strict about his demeanor in public and because you know how worked up he can be in private
you like to tease him where you can
maybe you'll "accidentally" call him cupcake when wishing him luck on a mission with his teammates
"accidentally" ask for Iguro when checking in on him at work
all to get him to say your name angrily a little later
pretty vanilla when it comes to terms of endearment
he's also a huge self-loathing softie
so he LOVES it when you when you call him something sweet and a little silly
"Plum, do you need anything from the market?"
"good morning Sunshine!"
this extends to Kaburamaru
call that sweet snake "lovebug" one time and Obanai's whipping out the ring
pls love this gremlin softly
Tumblr media
i honestly don't see this man in a deeply sexual relationship like some of the other hashira
but in an otherwise romantic or personal relationship! this man's the goat
always asks what you prefer to be called and then never ever messes it up
he thinks names are powerful
gyomei does not trust easily, but once he's let you into his life he is deeply committed to your happiness
so we've got another first name lover over here
there's only a handful of people he's close enough to to call by their first names, so that in and of itself is special
he likes the same treatment
respect = respect
but that doesn't mean his heart doesn't catch in his throat ever so slightly when you say "hime..jima" for the first time
he doesn't even cry
life is mostly a righteous reminder of suffering to him
but when you slowly make sure you're saying his name right that first time
he feels warm
Tumblr media
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adoriable · 10 months
short stories!! with rengoku, sanemi, tengen and inosuke!!
sanemi, kyōjurō, tengen + inosuke
“ short stories ”
- 〚 S F W 〛-
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
I : shinazugawa sanemi
« -〚 baby kicks, baby steps 〛- »
Tumblr media
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
Nineteen weeks. Four and a half months.
Every milestone. Be it major or petty, he remembered. The day you revealed you were with child, your morning sickness, hearing it’s first heartbeats.
Pre-fatherhood anxiety aside, he aimed to be prepared for his future bunch of four.. Tending towards five.
.. Six, at the most.
“ .. What? Think it’s too much? ” Sanemi made it an order: write everything down. He wanted the page overflowing; a record of your cravings, your feelings, your sexual desires, any patterns—and anything that had to do with the kid.
“ No.. i’m just happy you’re excited. ”
He kept tabs on it. He skimmed it daily for new comments. Time and time again, there really wasn’t shit worth mentioning. He was never disappointed, though.
But, occasionally.
Occasionally, he’d be welcomed to a small change; a little bombshell on page. That day, the day he went to Ginza, you couldn’t wait for him to come back home.
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
“ You felt it kick? While I was out? Fuck— ” The door to your room slid open, 2 minutes after he arrived. Sanemi kneeled, placing his calloused hands on your stomach.
“ Tch.. I’ve been here all day, and the kid decides to do somethin’ when I leave.. How’d it feel? ” Annoyed as he seemed, he was far from it. His touch radiated love, pure excitement in the flesh. He wrapped an arm around his unborn, and looked to you for a response.
“ It felt weird.. I was laying down, and I felt my stomach move, like I just ate something. But then, I saw it move too. ”
“ .. I see.. well? Don’t act all fuckin’ shy now, show daddy what you can do. ” He circled his hands, pressing for the slightest sign of his child’s life, with no prevail.
5 minutes passed.. Nothing.
“ .. I don’t know if that’ll work, Sanemi. ”
“ I’m not stopping ‘til I feel something. You hear that? Your dad’s not giving up that easily. ” His lips pecked your bump, leaving a trail from one side to the next. You rose a hand, brushing his scalp in the same, gentle manner.
For a moment, Sanemi closed his eyes.
He succumbed to you. He reveled in the feeling of you. He could fall asleep, right here; the most comfortable spot in the entire fucking room. He held you like a precious jewel, and pressed his cheek to your navel.
Three.. Four.. Five.. He could hear it. With his enhanced sense of sound, he could hear it: the tiny heartbeats from inside. His baby was in there.
“ Lucky you—gettin’ to sleep all day in there. Must be nice, huh? ” It wasn’t unusual for Sanemi to talk to it. He kept it company. Sometimes, when you slept, he’d whisper embarrassing secrets about you to your baby.
“ You must be tired of me already.. You’re not even here yet, and I never leave you the hell alone. ” He chuckled at his own thought. He waited. And waited.
“ .. Come on, babygirl, give me someth— ” At that second, Sanemi felt a strong kick to his face. The look of shock on his face soon turned into a shit-eating grin.
“ Nemi? Are you okay? Did you feel it? ”
“ Yeah.. Yeah, I felt it, alright. She’s gonna be a damn strong girl. ”
“ Girl? How do you know? ”
“ .. I’ve just got a feeling. ” Sanemi closed his eyes. One after the other, the kid kicked and rustled around. His face was the bearer, but he didn’t mind. It was a dream come true.
He just held on tighter, enjoying his daughter’s first kicks.
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
I I : rengoku kyōjurō
« -〚 the taste of love 〛- »
Tumblr media
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
“ How are you enjoying the food, [name]? Would you like some more? ”
You dipped your spoon into the wooden bowl; hot to the touch and loaded with a pint of miso soup.
With less than half left, Kyōjurō sprung out another bowl. He plunged a ladle in the pot and poured out a cup, setting it in front of the empty chair beside you. His haori was draped over it.
“ Yes, please. Your cooking is getting better everyday, huh? You must be practicing a lot. ” He took your bowl, his handsome, hearty laugh chiming throughout the kitchen.
“ With a talented brother like Senjurō, my culinary skills have been improving with short time! But, I still have a ways to go. ” Kyōjurō swept around the table, placing the soup before you. He pulled his chair closer. He sat close—so close, your knees touched. You got used to the proximity.
Unhinging his chopsticks, he swirled his soup around, and picked up a piece of tofu.
“ But, why do you suddenly want to learn how to cook so well? Isn’t Senjurō’s cooking enough— ”
“ Umai! ” Everytime. You expected it everytime. Nevertheless, it always made you jump. He smiled and gulped down another piece, before looking your way.
“ Senjurō’s cooking is fantastic, I won’t disagree with that! But, I’d like to learn how to make such fantastic meals, too.. ” Kyōjurō watched as you pressed the bowl to your lips, chugging down as much as you could in one go.
That look of pure happiness and satisfaction on your face filled him more than any meal could ever.
“ .. I want to cook delicious food for you. As often as I can! ” He picked up a napkin, folding the corners in half,
“ Some don’t have the pleasure of having someone else prepare food for them. It’s really a great feeling, on both ends. Cooking for someone, being cooked for. ” With his hand, Kyōjurō cupped your cheek and rubbed the napkin against the mess on your face. His thumb grazed your skin. He tilted your head up. He set his eyes upon yours.
“ I’d like to share that feeling with you. ”
The look of hope and desire, fused into one. He spoke nothing more, letting his lips pin against yours.
..It was quite odd. After a moments of intimate kisses, his tongue slowly lapped the bottom of your lip. He pulled off of you, red and howling with pure joy.
“ Delicious! You taste of miso! ”
“ Oh, Kyōjurō.. ”
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
I I I : uzui tengen
« -〚 inn the night 〛- »
Tumblr media
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
“ .. W-Well.. We don’t normally do this so suddenly.. No, I suppose we can spare just.. one room.. ”
Brazen. Unapologetically unashamed. Young and freshly painted nakai edged at the hag’s rear, snatching the chance to spectate from the room prior.
One came, then left. Two came, one left. Three, then five—as fast as their loosening sashes, hints of their heavy breasts appeared before Tengen’s eye. On cue, an average-looking kid cropped up behind the counter.
“ M-Mother, we can’t! They’re demon slayers! Remember what— ”
“ That’s wonderful! Roh-fujin, you have my thanks. My spouses and I will be gone in the morning. Sorry for the trouble. ” He side-eyed the brat in a minor stare-off. The poor, plain stupid woman simpered in a trance—she trembled in awe and appeal before Tengen, fanning her face and blushing red.
Unapologetically unashamed.
In the corner of your eye, Suma’s cheeks puffed like a pufferfish, like-wise staring at the hag. She clung to an arm of Tengen’s, hiding her pout behind his muscle.
“ Oh.. it’s no trouble at all! Ah, Y-Yua! Hurry and show this.. handsome man and his.. spouses, to their room! A-And prepare a feast for him! ”
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
“ Just as I thought: those scum completely slandered us! They gave us a bad rep—that’s why no one wants to take us in! ” Your heads followed, bouncing and bobbling left to right. His stomps sent a rush of tremors through Suma and you. Suma took to her delicate feet.
“ Yes! That’s what they did, Tengen-sama! After all we did for them, they’re just a bunch of meanies! Makio-san and Hinatsuru-san won’t believe this! ” Tengen stopped in his tracks, blowing tobacco through his mouth. The veins in his hands bulged as he pumped his fist to the ceiling.
“ I swear on my family name, when we finish this mission, those damn con-artists are gonna pay! Plain and damn simple! ”
“ Yeah, yeah! ” She cheered him on, mimicking his fist pumps.
“ Tengen-sama, Suma—please, sit down already. You’re both making too much noise! What’ll we do if we get kicked out of here? ”
His uniform was discarded, replaced with an un-flashy, dull kimono that hardly tucked his calves. Suma and you wore blue kimonos, her bosom plunging through the gaps, per usual. He turned, striding near the open window.
“ .. This drabby kimono hardly fits.. Do men not come to this inn? What a waste. ”
“ Everything’s bothering you tonight, Tengen-sama. Not everyone is as big as you. ”
Tengen set the pipe between his lips. He took a drag, gusting out a bar of smoke that dispersed outside, before setting the kiseru down and trampling towards the futon. All the while, his angry guise prevailed.
“ Oh! I know! Let’s play a quick game! That’ll brighten our moods! ” Itching upwards, Suma snuggled her way between you two. She took a second to think, before the little flashbulb sparked with an idea.
“ Rock-paper-scissors! Tengen-sama, you and I will go first! ” Suma held her fist Tengen’s way. As patient as waiting for a bud to blossom, she waited quietly as Tengen sighed. He put his larger fist up to hers, and they began.
“ .. Rock-paper-scissors— ”
“ Shoot! I win! Yay! Hehe, did you see [name]-san? ” She smiled at you. You smiled back. Tengen smiled at the two of you, laughing along. He propped his back against the wall, watching Suma wrap her arms around you.
His beloveds. The pride—the love he held for the four of you swelled his heart. It coursed through him like a bullet. It pumped through his blood like nicotine. You kept him going.
But, you witnessed the trick; he read Suma’s movements and lost—purposefully. In your direction, Tengen winked, before Suma turned around.
“ That’s right, you win. Nicely done, Suma. ”
“ Yes! Now, you have to treat me and [name]-san to udon! 20 bowels! ”
“ .. Huh? H-Holdon, this isn’t truth or dare—a simple game of rock-paper-scissors doesn’t come with penalties! You don’t even eat that much—Hey! ”
“ Suma! ” You jolted. Suma leapt into Tengen’s arms, pulling you along.
His body was hard and trained as steel. Yet his prescience was warm and familiar. The inn komono already smelt of him. Suma and you fell deeper into his body. And he cradled you both to his chest, and kissed the tops of your heads.
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
I V : hashibira inosuke
« -〚 the best bite 〛- »
Tumblr media
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
“ Huh?.. what’s with him? ”
Gossip was plenty ‘mongst high-class, boring folk.
Inosuke digested that much from a taste of Asakusa—a district at close quarters with the Mansion. He heard it all: Money. Fashion. Revenge, sex, politics, etcetera. Cities cursed countrysiders’ ears.
Tanjirō lied close, Inosuke’s anxious clutch keeping him near. A basket dammed with ingredients, the two were finally ready to break camp—and quick.
“ Here! take this one too. ” But a pair on a bench jerked him to a stop. Tanjirō flung back, his haori in his friend’s fist. Produce hit the ground as Inosuke spectated.
The guy held his chopsticks, containing katsu, to the woman’s lips. His katsu.
“ Huh?.. What’s with him? The meat’s the best part, why’d he give it up! Is he a moron? Or did it go bad? ”
“ No, Inosuke— ” Tanjirō gathered the fallen goods. Inosuke stood as a child watching his parent,
“ Sometimes, people give things out of the kindness in their hearts! Just because they want to share what they have with someone they love deeply. ”
“ Love.. ” Under the mask, Inosuke huffed and puffed.
What the hell was it with this guy and love. Meat was so much better than love.
♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡
“ Oh—[name], would you like some of my potatoes? I have extra. ” Inosuke’s eyes shot to the kid next to him. Zenitsu rose, reaching over him to hand you a portion.
You lit up, from just a damn potato.. There was something that pissed him off about it. He popped the lid to his box, attempting to ignore you both.
“ You’re so sweet Zenitsu. thanks. ”
“ R-Really! I-It’s nothing! Hehe.. ” Gross.. Where the hell had he witnessed this scene before..
Right—the old guy, on the bench from earlier. That woman smiled, like she won a battle or something—like she got the biggest prize, or something. Inosuke looked over.
You had that same grin. Zenitsu sharing his potatoes with you, made you smile.. Damn twerp. He could do that, too!
“ Hey—[name]: Here! ” Zenitsu gagged on his rice, choking on a few grains. Inosuke poked a proud piece of karaage your way—basically, in your face.
“ This beats those dumb potatoes! Meat’s way better! Here, take it! ” Tanjirō scooped a spoonful of his food, smiling at your interaction. You drew open your mouth and Inosuke shoved it in, watching you chew in petty triumph.
“ Seriously!? You jealous pig! ”
“ Mm.. Inosuke, thanks, you’re being so nice today! ” Your hand tapped his out of gratitude. Inosuke watched you turn back to eating, feeling a rush of heat to his face.
“ .. It.. It’s nothing..! ” He quickly turned, hiding his face and mumbling, before scarfing down some rice.
His stomach felt weird.. Warm, and fuzzy, like he just ate one of those soft, red fruits.. His heart raced, like he just ran 10 miles. It was a sudden boost of stamina.
He felt as light as a feather. In this moment, he could do anything. He could fight a damn bear. He felt he could conquer the whole damn world.
Sharing was.. alright.
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sarah-bbee · 2 months
Tumblr media
✨ "Things are going to get real flashy!" ✨
~*~ New PRINTS available in my shop !! 👀 ✨
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duckflyfly · 10 months
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ufotable thank you for giving us this fight
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renataligorio · 10 months
yeah...perhaps I really have a type
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kvnikiida · 1 year
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I don't know much about you, so introduce yourselves right now on the spot!
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animepopheart · 7 months
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★ 【yf】 「 鬼灭之刃2(音柱) 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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cursedvibes · 2 days
Everyone who's known Tengen for a prolonged period of time: "Don't trust Tengen"
Protagonists: "Wow, I suddenly can't hear you. Anyway, let's follow the plan Tengen laid out for us because that always works out great. I'm sure this Backdoor we've never heard of before will be the answer to all our problems."
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arinavah · 8 days
Tumblr media
idk guys, I have a gut feeling that this “yuki is star plasma vessel and can merge with Tengen” Chekhov’s gun will shoot
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corgiteatime · 10 months
Tumblr media
He showed up, did nothing, was a dick to grievously injured people for no reason.
Me and 10 other people: haha get his ass, snake boy!
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hellavile · 6 months
no idea. ❛ tengen uzui.
Tumblr media
⍉ warnings .ᐟ . . . fem!reader, tengen has zero house manners so reader gets mad about that, male masturbation, voyuer, tengen’s a whimpering . . . feral mess, black coded, drabble.
‍ ‍ ‍ ˚ ꒰ before you interact, read the rules pls .ᐟ ꒱ ˚
Tumblr media
   have a roommate, they said. it’ll be less stress on you having someone to split the rent with. have a roommate they said, surely they’d keep their end of the bargain and maintain a clean home? have a roommate, they said. definitely won’t be an issue if they don’t eat what’s yours even if you put your name on it, right? whenever you tried to complain to tengen about his lack of anything, he always brushed it off with a few sorry’s and my bad, won’t happen again. hey, wanna go out to eat? hey, wanna play the game with me? hey, let’s go to this party together. 
   trying to buy his way out of it, and each time, he never fulfills his promises. you’ve learned now not to fall for it, coming home after a very frustrating day at work, doing a double today at the hospital and when you enter the dark home, the last thing you wanted to see were dirty dishes in the sink, an open pizza box on the counter, clothes scattered around the living room, and an unclean litter box for cinnamon, the fat ass garfield cat sleeping on the pile of tengen’s mess. you swear you’re ready to burst. clenching your fists, you fume silently, dropping your purse to the floor and kicking off your crocs, making your way towards his room, prepared to beat his ass. 
   he was too damn grown to be acting like a child. he needed to get it together. you can hear the faint music playing from tengen’s room, seeing the blue led lights illuminating from under the door, which was halfway cracked once you approached it fully. 
   “ten—woah,” your eyes budlge out your sockets as you stumble back and hide behind the wall, hoping and praying he didn’t hear you just now. the sight was almost too unbearable. your heart thrashes in your chest as you listen in to the faint sounds of moans streaming from his lips as he lays flat in the middle of his bed, fucking his cock into his hand. 
   “fuck me,” you can hear him mutter, a low, almost inaudible moan following behind it. his head drowses into the pillows as the pads of his fingers dance on the vein that sits along his cock, throbbing and aching to the point where he felt pain between his thighs. usually, tengen would tease himself until tears pooled at his eyes and every waft of air would cause him to wince at the soreness. however, with it being hours away from the sunrise and tengen only gaining about thirty minutes of sleep throughout the whole night, he didn’t have enough time to dwell.
  so, he wraps his hand around his hard cock, squeezing it until he felt pre-cum oozing between his digits before giving himself three long strokes that caused a throaty groan to leave his lips. every pump his fist desperately makes becomes faster, rougher. the gritting at his teeth caused his chest to heave for air, lips moistening from his frustrated tongue. tengen pressed his tired eyes shut, thinking about the only thing that could truly make his release come the fastest; you.
   it was frustrating; how if you were there sharing that king sized bed that you could easily make his orgasm shred through his core just by a few devilish licks from your tongue or the clenching by your soppy cunt underneath him. but you still have yet to understand his burning lust for you. the man has wanted you ever since you stepped foot into this home to sign your part of the lease. nothing made it more difficult than a desperate orgasm burning at the tip of his swollen head while you weren’t there to suck it dry. he can’t get you off his mind, desolate to keep his eyes open as they falter shut to daydream of you. thinking of you on your knees with his hands in your hair and his cock fucking into your mouth. thinking of you with your legs spread and your lips sucking on his skin as he pounds into your sweet little pussy. thinking of you in the filthiest way possible.
   for some reason, you find it hard to tear your eyes away, needing to immediately run to your room and pretend you never saw this. but damn it was really hard when he looked so fucking . . . sexy? of course you’re not blind. the man was attractive, but you never looked at him in this particular way. tengen’s fist continues to slap hard against his abdomen as he fucks his sensitive dick. your thighs shockingly squeeze together as you hear him begin to moan out sentences. like he wishes he was talking to you. 
  “so good—feel so good for me,” he mumbles, the thought of your lips wrapping on his devil red tip sucking on the beaming pre-cum made his body jerk. “fuck, ꒰ your name ꒱,” he groans, the feeling becoming incredulous as his thumb persistently rubs the slit of his tip. your eyes pop out of their sockets as you hear your name cry from him, gasping loud and slapping your hand over your mouth just as he starts to see white spots in the darkened room and his toes curl at the feeling just tipping to explode.
   tengen’s fingers compress harder around his sticky cock, thankfully too into it to hear you. tengen pictures your voice in his head, mind mixing it in with the faint memories of your moans that you were once unable to control under your own touch one time he came home a little too early and heard you fucking yourself in your room. his teeth bites desperately at his bottom lip, croaking out whimpers, edging himself. his cock is too hard, ready to release its white ropes upon his toned stomach. tengen’s palm begins to rub against his dick in a slow, desperate pace as his tongue kisses his teeth, fist getting tighter. every single noise he made fueled your fire, making it more frustrating to keep it together.
   should you walk in and help him? should you keep watching? should you walk away? you genuinely didn’t know because you were stuck. frozen. the ability to move not cooperating with you. tengen wants so badly to see you on top of him with your hips grinding down while his hands grip so tightly at your waist. get a taste of your wet pussy and be blessed to hear the noise you make when he pulls at your clit with his lips.
   “gonna cum. unh, fuck—just for you, baby, kay doll?” he hisses, eyes pointed directly towards the door until his eyes glued shut as his release began to burst through his lower abdomen. he fucked into his hand faster, moans piling on top of another. you almost respond back to him, down bad. 
   “that’s it, shit baby, that’s it,” he says to the image of you, with your mouth open letting his cum hit your tongue. long, desperate groans continued to spill out of his mouth as his cum trickles down his knuckles and onto his stomach. tengen felt the back of his head sink into the bed, his eyes drowsy and heavy as his body turned limp.
   “gonna watch some more or come clean me up?” tengen runs his hand through his hair with a smirk, chuckling as he hears you hit your foot at a corner trying to escape. 
   fuck, fuck, fuck. what were you supposed to do now? there’s no turning back. you swallow, the shameful pool of arousal in your panties as you shift in your spot was ridiculous. you bite your lip, peaking your head fully into his room, your flushed appearance compared to his unbeatable. if anything, he would’ve thought you were getting off to him. tengen is sitting on the edge of his bed, glorious body bare and slightly sweaty, abs covered in cum. amused by your sudden infatuation with him. he knew you were here the minute he heard your angry huffs and puffs in the hallway. 
   tengen licks his lips, curling his finger and whispering c’mere, eyes dark, voice raspy, dick somehow still erect, and your feet tiptoeing closer mindlessly. he’s holding his cum-covered fist up to you, wanting you to lick it off, an evil glint in his eyes. fuck it. you could use a good fuck, better yet, a new fuck buddy.
. . . tags ꕥ @dejwrites @indiecursor @massivelynervousprincess @gabzlovesu @emomanswhore @sanwioz @taesd-urag @anajah @rinhoes @festive @erentoes @erenyeagerswhore @caribbeanwifey19 @yooniluvbot444 @cinnitsuki @hannas16 @bubs-world @sintiva @yoshimurah @sailewhoremoon @tojibreedingme @princess-jaeger @imperatorkhaleesi @aizawap @mrsvaleska @sftbunnyy @zu-ku @sakurazukomura @monirei
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Uzui Tengen + Hair Down ✨✨✨
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