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220930 J-Hope’s Instagram Stories
Plant shower
Little baby plant shower
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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J-HOPE LollaPalooza Chicago (220801)
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the coolest person alive
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all for you
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PAIR: idol!hoseok x reader
GENRE: smut, stablished relationship, fluff if you squint.
WARNINGS: doggy, reverse cowgirl lowkey? making out, flustered hoseok because he's just soooo cuteㅠ
summary: you were so proud of your boyfriend leading his first mini solo concert so that's what you wanted to show him.
note: this is my first hoseok fic let's goooo~~ I also wanted to dedicate this fic to @sxtaep bc I know how much she likes hoseok *giggles*
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"you were so good baby, I'm so proud of you."
your body is on top of his while you softly kiss on his slightly red skin.
hoseok has a very drunk-on-love smile plastered on his face. "thank you baby.." murmuring with his lidded eyes while his hands rest on your hips, touching you delicately.
as you continue kissing his hot skin, you move towards his neck. hoseok sighs at the nice feeling of your warm lips wrapping around it when he tilt his head back, immersing himself into this moment and while he's very much enjoying the way you're treating him right nowㅡthe reason why his skin is subtly painted by a red tone is because...
ever since you came here with jimin to keep him company, easing his very troublesome and nervous mind, your mouth hasn't stopped complimenting him or encouraging him to do what he loves the most. bringing so much confidence in him that he can't help but feel his body get all heated, shy and excited at the same time. causing this very light red tone on his honey skinㅡfeeling embarrased whenever you do.. it's not that he doesn't believe it, but hearing you talk so beautiful about him makes him feel so many things.
things he doesn't seem to control.
things that go beyond him.
making his heart beat like crazy. - feelings overflow with thoughts and he feels lucky. lucky because he's able to let himself have someone like you in his life, by his side. his teammates are also special, but the emotional and physical support is very different when it comes to it. having someone to feel like this, crave like this and miss like this? he could only miss and treat his friends by one certain extent. you on the other hand, were always available for him, he could fuck you the way he wanted, love you the way he wanted, touch you the way he wanted.. It was all so different.
he's sure his friends could even understand this unmatched sentiment.
being his pretty cheerleader had him thought he could get used to it, but boy.. was he wrong.
today has been the day were he thinks you've praised him the most.
giving him energy before his stage, you began complimenting him so much after the concert was done too. starting when he was getting readyㅡto backstage, even in the way back to the hotel and it's just...
galaxies formed into your eyes. you seemed to be so proud of him and while he has felt the big energy of the stage, he doesn't think he has ever seen you this happy for him. you always were, but something about this night told him that you were definitely his to take.
something so genuine in you..
he began to think about how much he adored the way you showed love to him. admiring the way you could tell and express your feelings without much trouble, that was something very much hard when it comes to himself. he genuily can't do it without automatically feeling embarrassed, so shy. so seeing the way you make it look so easy.. It actually gave him courage to open up a little more with himself. to not care at all and admit that he's good enough, that he's doing just fine. he recognizes all of these things about himself though, but it's just that it's a little difficult and different when it comes to hearing that outside of his mind.
dating you has made a big impact on him because he now could say it out loud. he has gotten better but still, his skin was always faster than him before he could even speak.
as your lips seemed addicted to his skin, there was just something about seeing your boyfriend like this that made you want to love him all over. he seemed so calm, maybe so.. yours. you can't quite tell what are the right words to what you mean but after seeing how extraordinary he could be on stage..
people singing to his solo songs after many years.. seeing how much he's loved and the way he reacted so well.. he did such an amazing job at carrying what is one of the biggest challenges he could have as a solo artist and you couldn't help but feel so happy and proud of him for marking this grand step. It truly was an experience and so you wanted to show him allㅡgenuily feeling like giving him back all of his efforts.
even though you could only give this little..
having him looking like this in front you now: vulnerable to your touch, moaning for you, needing you.. this. this is what you liked. of all his sides, this was just one of your favorites. the one were at the end of the day he's always back to you, loving you. fucking you. this.
so as your lips keep giving sensual pecks into his cheeks, neck, ears, jawline, chin, forehead.. and just every part of his face, you wanted to make him feel good. - hoseok actually loved when you did that too. It made him feel very much wanted and loved. just what he needs and likes.
with his post-concert adrenaline, you wanted him to release it all.. with you. you wanted to drain all of his energy into you, you're willing to absorb it all. - you know just how much that relaxed him and how much he enjoyed fucking you each time.
raw, slow.. it doesn't matter how it is. he always give it to you good and there's just something about the way he touched you that you adored so much.. - his hands being one of your favourite parts of his body, you place them around your ass.
hoseok's reactions were always good, very pleasing to see. the way he sighed everytime you did something he liked and how he closed his eyes.. when you kiss him, his heart shaped lips along with the little mole on his top lip seemed to always shine everytime you both took short breaks to breath and when he talked to you.. irresistible. that's all you can say.
when the kiss gets more intense, his touch starts matching his pace.
and he's suddenly lifting your shirt gripping your skin into pulling you closer to him.
his hair makes you giggle when his face buries against your neck, only causing him to smile while he kiss on it.
you loved the way he looked with this hair though.. so nice, so hot..
"fucking love you.." hoseok whispers into your skin as you grind your hips into each other. "thank you so much for being here baby.." he moans before his lips are back into yours.
you don't say a word. enjoying your boyfriend's warmth and need to release his post-concert euphoria. he knows he could use you, he knows that you'll let him, but still.. hoseok always liked to hear you say it.
"you're letting me-"
"yes." you quickly affirm. he doesn't need to ask. you know he'll be fine by just thisㅡhad spoke about his many times before, just a simple answer can make its work.
he doesn't say anything else, only a fainted grin showing on his face when he's laying his back down the hotel room's bed. dick very hard below you as your lips draw a trail of wet sensual kisses along his naked chest and stomach. causing a moan from him the moment he lays his lidded eyes down on you.. you seem so hungry for him, so passionate into wanting to make him feel good..
then a brainstorm of questions quickly pass through his mind.
does he deserves you?
but then he remembers the many times you have told him the way he does just as much as you deserve him. because you were made for each other, because you both have a great connection, because nobody could ever match your energy.. and it was all true. he remembers and he believes that so much. the amount of sense of stability and safety you provide him is beyond what he can ever imagine when it comes to a relationship like yours. he don't think he could ever escape this feeling. not if it's with you.
taking his bare dick with your hand, you give him a gentle squeeze followed by your lips wrapping against his tip.
"ah.." hoseok sighs. "ffuck I wanted this.." eyes slowly closing as his head hits his pillow after you start bopping your mouth into his length. "yeah.. I wanted this." whispering to himself as your walls clench around nothing.
something about him cursing in a lower and breathy tone that causes that much effect in you..
his hand goes down your hair, gently and when he glances at you coating his dick so well with your saliva he can't help but ask,
"ffucking hot." exhaling, eyes gone. "don't you want to bounce on my dick?" with the sexiest grin you could ever witness.
your mouth pops out of his length as you squeeze your legs and bite your lips. "I'll like to."
"then what the fuck are you waiting for?"
you inmediately froze at his words, before you remember how needy and rude he could getㅡbut that's just.. so hot of him, in your opinion.. so you give him doe eyes as you crawl on him and his dick is so fucking hard.. very much erect and twitching.. suddenly the thought of you giving yourself for him to use crossed your mind.
It'll be a good alternative way into giving him what he wants, no?
so, moving quickly you make yourself position into your hands and knees. arching your back exposing your ass to him. "fuck me like this."
hoseok gasps. you know how much he loves this.
"use me." you murmur as your walls clench. gosh, you were needing him very badly.
hoseok grunts. he notices. "ha.." sighing. "what will I do with you.." lifting himself off the bed to get close to you, palming your ass as one hand pumps his very hot length. "making me nuts.."
and you jump at the sudden touch. walls clenching even more.. hoseok bites his lips into a smile and his face looks almost too devilish when you glance at him. you don't think you've seen him be this sexy..
"If I fuck you now.. I will go hard, baby.." he states while his dick brushes against your wet folds, coating him just well. "hm?" he takes his face next to your neck, leaving hot sensual pecks.
your nipples were so hard.. good thing he toys with them.
"are you okay with that?" he whispers into your ear while one of his hands start caressing your clit.
"eunng" you moan, rolling your hips back and forth into his dick.
"hm?" he smirks against your hair.
"mhm." it's all he says, his warmth no longer against your face.
when goes back to his old position, the moment he enters you has you looking for air. he didn't only feel good but the way he could easily introduce himself into you was what surprised and turned you on at the same time. so you were that wet huh?
It shouldn't be something to be so shocked about because you were always like this with him but.. you still get surprised at just how much. you know? It's like you can feel it but to actually see it.. yeah, it's a whole other feeling.
"fucking hell," he moans the moment you slowly start fucking yourself back into him. "..as expected." he grabs your hips with both hands. "fucking needy." when he starts thrusting into you, hard.
his thrusts start getting more messy by the minute, you both are moaning so much even thought the vocalizations aren't as much noisy. it's more of you panting, hissing and exhaling rather than big crying noises, somehow trying to keep it low but it's because you're both too immerse into this type of pleasure, it feels different and it's so hot.
hoseok's dick is glistening so much, he actually loved the wet noises both your genitals were making. - when he seats down, you start bouncing your ass into his dick without facing him. all he had was this incredible view of your ass covering his length from time to time that once you cummed, he's inmediately thrusting up at you so fast that when he fills you up with his cum, he takes his time to see the way your little pussy hole squeezes out all of your cum and his, mixed back onto his length. the sight being too much that he even collects it with his tip and pushes back into you, pushing some little more back and forth as you also move with him. enjoying that little of overstimulation.
when you're all showered and about to sleep, you say to him. "I'm so proud of you." cuddling into his arms.
hoseok chuckles. "you've already say that, baby." caressing your hair.
"I know, but I truly mean it, babe."
eyes looking at his and his lips are so close to yours, you take the opportunity to leave a peck on it.
and hoseok's heart flutter.
"I love you so much. do you know?" he's serious as his arms squeeze your body hard but soft enough into his.
"I do." you respond, and despite you both serious faces, there's nothing more that speaks louder than both of your eyes.. filled with so much adoration and love, hoseok feels the need to remind you all over again how grateful he is for you to be here.
"the best in the whole world. I'm so glad to have you here, with me." he faintly smiles as his eyes slowly close given to him being sleepy, but that doesn't stop him from giving you one last forehead kiss for the night.
you smile back at him even though he clearly can't see.
burying your face into his chest, you feel like the luckiest person in the world. having him in your arms, even though you're (technically) the one being on his right now, you couldn't help but feel so happy.
happy that he saw all the support.
happy to know that this was all for him and him only.. yeah, this was a big step for him and for the way you and jimin hyped all this thing up.. you see it to be very hard to get over with and so then, you hoped for much more days like these to come..
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the bi pride color visual effects during equal sign 💙💜💗 (cr. @heybaetae ♡)
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— a great plague to you yourself and to men that shall be.
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⠀⠀ ₍ ᥣ𔘓ᥙ𝗂᥉ᥱ : 驩 ₎ ─ ꭐə𝗅𝖼𝗈ꭑ𝖾 t𝗈 nᥱ𝘸 𝘮𝗈𝗈𝖽꯭﹗ຯ ₍ ⡫ ﹫"jungkook" . . . ♡ ☕ [ bts ] ♡ 💭 ! 䃻. ₎
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7 DAYS OF J-HOPE  ⤷  in celebration of 'Jack In The Box' (4/7)
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220801 Suga’s Instagram Story
(T/N: *Purposely misspelled version of J-Hope's name.)
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY, JUNG HOSEOK! February 18th, 1994
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i feel like whatever jack had in that box just made this guy go crazy and choose violence as his main personality trait | for @hobeah ♡︎ {cr. @heybaetae / theultimatedodo}
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So I Want MORE
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a(n abridged) compilation of my favorite yoonseok moments, for @userjiminie​ ♡
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