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legacies | ch.5
Tumblr media
synopsis — a fiery (y/n) newly enters a university campus dominated by the three trust fund brats. she’s not going to take their shit and they’re not going to let her off so easily either. will this rivalry evolve into friendship, lust or love?
pov — reader ✘ vminkook
genre — college drama, angst, slow burn
disclaimer — 18+ ; strong language and sexual content
Tumblr media
chapter index:
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | coming soon
Tumblr media
❊ ✬ ∗ flashback ∗ ✬ ❊
Not seeing the point of engaging in this dead conversation any further, Jungkook curls his fingers around the purple folder still sitting on the table and picks it up, but Taehyung abruptly snatches it out of his clutch, Jungkook's eyes closing up in agitation before he snaps them open. "What the hell are you doing? Let go" he mutters between gritted teeth.
"Isn't this (y/n)'s folder that she forgot? I'll return it to her."
"Guess what? It's actually for me" Jungkook wildly snipes the folder right back into his own grip, stomping away from Taehyung in flair with a flick of his neck, his silky black bangs moodily swishing across his forehead as he does it.
"Jungkookie... wait! Hold up!"
Abruptly stopped by Taehyung while he's about to depart the cafeteria, Jungkook halts in his steps when Taehyung grapples with his shoulder, a hot puff of breath sighing out of those thin lips as he slowly turns around dawning a clear look of exasperation on his clenched face. "What?" Jungkook barks at Taehyung, who's caught up with the boy near the entrance in a flash.
"Look, I'm sorry ok? I don't want us arguing like this, especially over a girl. We've never let one come in between us before" Taehyung pleads with an unmistakable sincerity, his feathered lips nervously curving downwards even more than their usual pouty appearance.
Jungkook's annoyed face eases up almost at once hearing Taehyung's earnest apology, the young one's innocence unfolding in front of his best friend in a jiffy, but he's not going to outright show off his guarded soft side so he remains cooly rooted in his spot. By simply giving Taehyung a firm nod, he confirms they're both still on good terms, the older one better at expressing his feelings as he smiles brightly in return. Taehyung doesn't press any further on the topic now, accepting Jungkook's silent action without much inquiry before he switches the subject and furthers the conversation with "So anyways, what did (y/n) give you that's in the folder?"
"Oh, we're paired up in our literature class for this stupid poetry assignment. She passed me a copy of the one she already wrote for us all by herself" Jungkook instantly replies back to Taehyung, shaking the purple file in his clutch along with his head too, like he's embarrassed by how much of an overachiever you are completing the task so ahead of the due date.
"Ah right! She actually asked me for help with the poem since literature's one of my best subjects and I aced professor Kim's class. Mind if I take a look at her work? You're anyways not really gonna open that folder are you?" Taehyung gently extends his palm out as he cheekily questions the boy, his rising curiosity certainly getting the best of him while he secretly but impatiently waits for Jungkook to respond.
"Uh ok" Jungkook finally mumbles out after some thought, although with a visible hesitation, the idea of you affectionately asking Taehyung for assistance while oppositely avoiding Jungkook's partnering company pricking his own brain no doubt, despite his strong attempt to hide this unsettling feeling in his heart.
"Thanks! I'll reach out to her and offer some guidance. Maybe that'll lift her mood up, whatever's gotten it tanked so badly" Taehyung grins as Jungkook quietly places the purple file down on his hand, both boys then walking out of the cafeteria towards their afternoon classes, Taehyung with way more energy than Jungkook, who's quite ready for a post lunch nap.
Tumblr media
You're itching to punch off those crocodile tears streaming down her evil face as she exits the familiar ornate mahogany door, her fake sniffling immediately stopping the second your fiery eyes pierce into hers. The fabricated virginal look in them fades in a flash before a devilish glint pops up all of a sudden, but you're not at all shocked seeing her demeanor change up so drastically, the way she now struts past you in her heels with absolute arrogance while looking down at you like you're nothing but vermin making you want to scream out loud in frustration. Despite wanting to curse the bitch out into oblivion and yanking her long hair right out of her scalp for stealing your poem, you bite down on your tongue and force yourself to remain seated on the bench outside dean Kim's office like you currently are, simply waiting on being called in next, which could happen any second now.
Just as your thought classically finishes, the clicking noise of the door handle catches your attention, your gaze then ripping off of the fading figure of the girl and head shifting towards Kim Seokjin, who suavely steps outside his office with a warm smile spread across his smart face. You're not sure why he looks so happy greeting you considering you've been reported to his office for a plagiarism scandal, but his calming demeanor eases you up and you're privately thankful for his welcoming gesture.
"It's nice to meet you, (y/n). I'm Kim Seokjin, the dean of this university. Please come inside and take a seat" the tall man walks a few steps forward and kindly extends his soft hand out to shake yours, which you instantly hold as you bounce up from the bench and fix the wrinkles in your uniform with a quick run of your other palm down your sides.
Taking a quiet gulp, you then follow him into his office as he pushes the door open with ease, the attractive pinewood musk scent of his cologne lightly trailing behind him before he heads towards his dark brown oak desk and sinks down in the matching vintage chair. Your eyes grow wide when you decisively take in the visual of his exquisite office, which is much larger and deeper than you'd expected, the tan walls covered in never ending shelves of large books and framed certificates of achievement. The array of cabinets and furniture are all made with expensive looking woodwork, the cushy carpet and fancy lamps prettily tucked into the room's high ceiling creating a warm cast, like you've just walked into a cozy fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands.
But you're most surprised seeing the figure of another man already sitting in a seat across from Kim Seokjin, with an empty chair next to him that you're guessing you're supposed to occupy. When you walk closer to him though, you recognize the back of his head as indeed professor Kim Namjoon's, your guess confirmed correct after he turns around and graces you with his double dimples in a smile. Why is everyone beaming at you like you're not just about to get expelled for plagiarism, which is an absolute banning crime in any university's rulebook?
"Well, let's begin shall we? Namjoon must've explained to you why you've been called in here today, is that right?" dean Kim smoothly delves into the conversation once you've settled down into your interrogation hot seat, your head quickly nodding in agreement while you fearlessly maintain eye contact with the powerful man across from you. "Good! Can you share your side of the story then? How did you and Bomi end up submitting the same writing for your literature assignment?"
"Sir, I promise I'm the original author of this poem... I spent hours drafting it in the university library, actually right after I had seen professor Kim in his office and collected helpful literature resources from him! I can't exactly prove how she got her hands on my poem, but I have my suspicions. The only other person I had shared it with a few days before the submission date was Jeon Jungkook, who is my equal partner for this assignment. Why isn't he here? He needs to be questioned too! You've got to believe me, I would never jeopardize my academics over a serious offense like plagiarism, especially for a subject that I love so much and I want to major in!"
"Relax (y/n)... we know you didn't cheat!"
Your shaky breath halts and your chest tightens right away at those words, your eyes slowly turning from dean Kim towards professor Kim who'd delivered the comment, his large palm now resting on your shoulder in an attempt to soothe your flaring anxiety. Your shocked face now twists up in utter confusion though, your mind totally not being able to understand why you're sentenced here in the first place if they know you're innocent, and more so why the hell Jungkook hadn't been. They'd clearly interviewed Bomi before you, with absolutely no sight of the demon who'd been damned into being your companion for this assignment.
"But... so... then why have I been called in here?"
"We've got to officially set up a meeting and give you a chance to explain yourself, it's only fair. Trust me, I've been a professor long enough to spot when a student is lying though, and I can tell you're being truthful. Besides, seeing your enthusiasm towards the subject and our thoughtful discussion about poetry in my office earlier gave me a gage into your talent for writing. I'm not exactly supposed to share this info... but Bomi has failed my class before and well, how do I say this? The great quality of the work just didn't sit at par with her previous record."
"Ok then why aren't you punishing her?!" the words spill out of your trembling mouth after hearing professor Kim's response, the contrast of the comfort his explanation has provided and the rising anger now building up in your throat throwing you off of your civilized composure.
"Like you said before (y/n)... we've got no real proof to pin it against her" dean Kim sighs out loud, folding his arms together and leaning his elbows forward into his desk.
"You can get proof. Just ask Jungkook why he spitefully sold my poem off to his special friend!"
The room falls completely silent at your tiny outburst, the look of calmness on Kim Seokjin's face now fading away into a visible nervousness as he lifts his hand up and uncomfortably loosens his tie, professor Kim also awkwardly fidgeting in his seat making the cushions rustle up. "Hm we will" dean Kim then mumbles out in a clearly unconvincing way, although he's forced a smile to pop up on his plump lips in an attempt to keep up with his obvious lie.
Your head's about to blow off in steam at the thought of Jungkook walking away from all of this without a scratch to his already obnoxiously swollen ego, a nasty taste settling in your mouth by how unfair the world really is that you're cursed to live in. Even the towering dean of the school looks meek as a mouse underneath the power that the legacies' families hold over the university, all only because they have indescribable flowing money in their bank accounts yet zero honor to their famous names. Fuck this shit, you think. But keeping your mouth shut now is important as you've somehow luckily managed to avoid getting a penalty in your ambitious career, not wanting to further make things worse by bulldozing your hateful views of the boys onto the dean and the professor. Staying out of trouble is best.
The door swinging open without a knock startles all three of you that are sitting in the hushed office, dean Kim's face unnaturally lighting up like a Christmas tree when his hawk shaped eyes shift away from yours and lock in with the person that's just walked in. He quickly stands up in attention and strolls past you, your body turning around in curiosity to check out who he's excitedly begun greeting. 
Of course... Jimin's father. You recognize the man right away since you'd already seen him in professor Jung's dance studio a couple of weeks ago, the way the vain man's running his fingers through his slicked back hair a painful reminder of how frequently his irritating son does it so often himself.
"Ah welcome in! Please take a seat! Would you like anything to drink? I can get something ordered for us!"
Ugh. You roll your eyes in annoyance and refuse to budge out of your chair after seeing the way professor Kim jumps out of his with a smile, making room for Mr. Park and ushering him to sit down in the now empty seat next to you. The rich man lets out a happy laugh while hearing the praises thrown his way, patting dean Kim's shoulder before strutting over and sitting down besides you like he's claiming his throne or something.
"And who would this young lady be? In trouble like my son Jimin frequently gets in, are you?"
"No sir. I've actually just been praised and told my work on the recent literature assignment was indeed stellar!"
Mr. Park certainly looks taken aback by your instant reply to his condescending questions, both his brows shooting up before a smile curls up on his lips, his eyes then trailing away from yours and meeting professor Kim's, who plays along with the situation you've created, much to your happiness. "Indeed a great piece of poetry written by (y/n)!" the teacher beams in response, your heart bubbling with joy when Mr. Park's expressions switch to a look of fascination.
"Well well, (y/n). Why don't you send in your resume to my office? We're looking for talented interns to join our team during the school year."
"Of course I will, sir. It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Park" you stretch your palm out for a handshake as you take your cue and swiftly get out of your chair, the stunned man firmly shaking yours back appearing totally impressed by your charming attitude and the way you already seem to know his influential personality without even needing an introduction.
The curated smile on your face drops flat after you've respectfully excused yourself and turned around to leave the room, an ugly sense of victory brimming in your heart as you leave the scene and shut the door closed. After the eye opening experience you've just had, you're not going to let go of a chance at a fulfilling opportunity that's literally walked into your life, no matter how much Mr. Park's existence bothers you. It's a cut throat world and now that you have a better understanding of how this university works, nuzzling your way into the good graces of the mighty people running the show just might be the edge you need to get past your schooling years here, even though you hate the idea of all of it.
Letting out a long sigh from you mouth, you fill your lungs up with a fresh deep breath of air after exiting the suffocating staff building, your feet then following the usual path to your dorm room as the thought of just laying in bed and watching a fun drama seems so relaxing to you right about now. But the horror strikes when your eyes fall on Bomi cuddled up in Jungkook's arms by the corner of the stairs that you need to take to reach your destination, your entire body freezing up in place when Jungkook's big eyes suddenly lock in with yours. Your palms clench into fists at the cozy sight of them together like that, the fury surging through your veins with a blast forcing you to turn around and redirect your route to just about anywhere but that very location.
"(y/n)! Wait!"
Your pace speeds up even more when you hear Jungkook's voice calling out to you from behind, the need to want to get away from him making you almost break out in a run, but he catches up to you with ease. His palm tightly coils over your shoulder to forcefully stop you in your step when you reach the end of a hallway in the nearest building you'd slipped inside, in a dire attempt to hide yourself from his growing figure. You slap his arm away with a tough force though, detaching his grip over you in a snap, but he stuns you by grabbing your wrist next and dragging you into an empty classroom next to where you're both standing, slamming the door shut after so you're trapped alone in there with him.
"Let go of me! What the hell are you doing?!" you yell out in a fuss, your voice booming in the hollowed out space before Jungkook slowly unleashes his tight hold over your reddening wrist.
"I need to talk to you. What happened with the dean? Are you in trouble? Bomi said you stole the poem from her but I don't believe a word she said... You'd given me the folder way before the due date and Bomi said she wrote the poem the day before the submission. How's that possible?"
"How's that possible? HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE? What the hell are you playing at when you're the one who passed her my poem to get me expelled, you disgusting fuck!"
"What? But I didn't..."
You let out a horrendous cynical laugh at that, like you're a mad woman yourself, Jungkook's doe eyes appearing disoriented while his forehead scrunches up in perplexity by this unhinged sight of you. He remains paused in astonishment, his curly black bangs messily flopped over his forehead, and if this was any other casual situation, he would've flipped them up in style about twice or thrice already. But you might as well have lost your mind at the way he's a born star at acting naive with his cute facial expressions, his entire demeanor softening up like a bunny to further press in his radical agenda of being innocent in this crazy ordeal. What a fucking joke.
"Fuck off Jeon! If you ever come near me again, I will lose against myself and assault you with another slap. Stay the hell away from me!"
Angry tears threaten to stream down your shuddering cheeks but you tensely hold them in before whipping your entire body away from Jungkook's strapping one, thudding the classroom's door open with your palms and storming out without a glance back. What you don't see is how Jungkook intensely stands there for many passing minutes, deep in thought than ever trying to connect the jumbled up dots together. 
But his now somber visage cracks open with the speed of light when the unbelievable realization hits him like a damn truck. A impulsiveness then taking over his cast, he treads out of the classroom with newfound purpose, only stopping when his hands crash open the door to the upperclassmen boy's dormitory that he spends a lot of his time in, his legs barraging their way inside before he yells out in a frenzy.
"What in the fucking world did you do with (y/n)'s folder, Taehyung hyung?!"
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supportive (bickering) besties <3
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happy cuties ♡ (for anon) (cr. namuspromised)
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jimin taking care of his limping friend 
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what bts named their in-game pets is so on brand for them 😭😂
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the 95z telepathy
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singularity x serendipity
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some vmin hugs | for @jimimn​ (cr. namuspromised, miintae)
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jimin’s calico cat powers coming to the rescue! for @jimimn ♡
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JIMIN’S 27TH BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN ☆ D-7: JIMIN WITH TAEHYUNG (lysy são paulo, season's greetings 2020 cr: qdeoks; 5th muster cr: namuspromised; bon voyage 2 cr: 0613data)
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legacies | ch.1
Tumblr media
synopsis — a fiery (y/n) newly enters a university campus dominated by the three trust fund brats. she’s not going to take their shit and they’re not going to let her off so easily either. will this rivalry evolve into friendship, lust or love?
pov — reader ✘ vminkook
genre — college drama, angst, slow burn
disclaimer — 18+ ; strong language and sexual content
Tumblr media
chapter index:
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | coming soon
Tumblr media
Tongue smugly rolling in his cheek like he's got the biggest cock in the world, his doe eyes scan the lecture hall for his next victim the second he has stepped inside dripping in utmost arrogance. Tucking both of his thumbs into the leather belt on his crisp, black trousers, he pulls them up in an attempt to openly adjust his balls, a proud smile curling up on his thin lips at the sight of everyone lowering their gaze into their desk to avoid his intimidating one. Every student except for you, of course. He chuckles to himself when your eyes lock in with one another, as if you have just called on a death wish he's so happy to carry out for you, his long legs now strutting in your direction past several rows of seats with a pep in his step.
You're fascinated by his appearance despite his vain outward projection, which usually is a huge turnoff for you, but the satisfying balance between his visibly muscular body and childlike face somehow holds of much interest to you. His jet black hair's longer in the back, a soft curl to the tips of his bangs parted in the center up front, which he's already messily pushed back with a run of his fingers a few times on his way over to you. The equally black and slim backpack he's carrying is loosely strapped onto one shoulder, almost ready to fall off any second, but it doesn't even look like he cares about losing it anyways.
"Get lost, you ugly fuck" he spits his vicious venom at the innocent guy sitting next to you, the poor kid jumping out of his seat right after like a lizard that's gotten its tail cut off. And just like that, you've instantly lost your growing interest in him, the way he's just needlessly treated his peer with such malice the cause of your undeniable irritation. The boy with the round eyes sinks down and occupies the now empty chair, his body then bossily turning to the side towards you, but before he can say a word, the sound of the metal doors slamming shut indicates someone's just entered the room.
"What's Jeon Jungkook done today?" your music composition professor lazily muses out loud, clearly having gaged the chilling silence means something's off. His kitten shaped eyes hone in on none other than the pretty boy reclining back in his chair next to you, who's now stretching his legs out with a bored yawn before shamelessly lifting his polished boots up and resting them criss cross on top of the desk.
"I was just welcoming the new girl with open arms, Mr. Min" Jungkook shouts across the classroom while extending his arm out, the soft material of his white button up shirt grazing your shoulder as he snakes his arm around you, his palm vigorously squeezing the edge of your collarbone to unnecessarily assert his dominance. You internally cringe at his toxic masculinity, the need to want to push him off bursting through you like a flame, but you hold yourself back from making a scene right then and there since you don't really want to start trouble on your first day at school. He breaks his eye contact with professor Min, now turning his head to the side in your direction again, a cocky smirk forming on the edge of his mouth as he flickers his gaze between your bemused eyes down to your pink moisturized lips.
"My legs are open for you anytime too... if you want" Jungkook slyly whispers, barely audible this time so only your ears are met with his lewdness, his disgusting nature now ticking you off beyond your own control.
"No thanks. I'd rather die."
The cast in his bambi eyes flips a dramatic switch at your instant blazing refusal to fall as his pitiful prey, a bruised anger firing up in them with each passing second while his jaw begins to clench. He lets out an offended sigh when you pick your hand up off of your thigh and put it on top of his, which is still assertively grasping at your collarbone. Your fingers then forcefully peel his grip off of you before you savagely throw his arm away, making it fall and pathetically hang in the air behind your chair.
"You're gonna pay for this, you bitch" he threatens between gritted teeth, the simple poker face you reply back with clearly catching him off-guard as if you're the only person who's displayed an indifference towards his threats, like you're the only one not affected by the risk of being stifled by him. You've met plenty of assholes like him before though, making him no special than the rest of them.
"Ahem right, let's keep our body parts to ourselves. Welcome (y/n)! Feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance. And get your feet off of the desk, Jeon. NOW!"
Whipping your gaze away from Jungkook in a roaring flash, you smile and nod at the cute little professor standing by the front board with respect, burying your head into your books right after while the insolent boy next to you curses and lowers his legs back down onto the ground. You're trying to follow along as Mr. Min goes over musical note formation and the theoretical approach to composition, but Jungkook keeps distracting you with the way he's incessantly typing out text messages on his phone under the desk, not paying any attention to the lecture. He's getting excited replies back as indicated by the constant buzzing of the phone on his lap, a soft slap of his palm on the desk top making you look up at his obviously stunning side profile, which you secretly hate to admit. "Finally."
Just as Jungkook's finished murmuring the word, the metal doors of the lecture hall fly open with a boom, two rather handsome yet unknown boys in their uniforms casually walking in with ease as if they own the building. The one leading is slightly shorter than the lean boy lingering behind, his tiny fingers running through his silky blonde hair with style before he slaps down a piece of paper on professor Min's desk.
"A note from dean Kim. A new teacher's joined the staff. You've to go greet her, Min."
You're shocked by how the boy speaks so informally with the professor, not even an ounce of respect in his tone of speech while he keeps boring into Mr. Min's eyes with a powerful intimidation. You catch yourself wondering if all the boys at this university are so haughty and full of themselves, a discouraging feeling before you've even fully begun your new experience here. The professor slowly looks down at the folded note, his pale veiny hands picking it up and opening it before cautiously reading each and every word, his gaze then turning up to the two boys still towering over him before he sternly mutters to the blonde one through pursed lips.
"Watch your attitude, Park Jimin."
"Watch your paycheck. My dad might just cut you off if I slip in the word... See ya."
Your head snaps towards Jungkook as his sadistic chuckle breaks the deep silence that's now hollowed out the classroom after Jimin's nasty snap back at the professor. Quickly standing up in his seat, Jungkook looks down and throws daggers at you with one mean look, then swaggering his way over to the front of the lecture hall just as Mr. Min begins timidly gathering his things in defeat.
"Who are these guys...?" you mumble to the classmate sitting on your other side, your chest rising up with an outrage after watching Mr. Min get up and quietly stroll out of the room in the most helpless looking way possible. The three boys unite and giggle together in a circle like the jerks they are, the tallest one affectionately putting his arm around Jungkook's neck in a headlock as Jungkook high fives Jimin and starts speaking with the two of them.
"Jimin and Taehyung are seniors and Jungkook hangs around them despite being our age. They're all legacies, you know? The rich kids who's families fund the university. No one dares to cross them... not even the teachers. I'd stay away from them if I were yo-"
Your classmate's already hushed voice falls totally silent when all three boys suddenly spin on their heels and turn around to face you, your eyes now widening with a tinge of uneasiness when Jungkook extends his arm out and points directly at you with his long index finger.
"New girl! Come here!" Jimin loudly exclaims with a clap of his hands, his demeanor unnervingly off with how his plump lips crack into the prettiest smile all of sudden. His puppy eyes are practically shimmering with happiness as he keeps dreamily gazing into yours, his palm now excitedly waving at you and ushering you to start walking towards him.
"You're fucked" is the last thing you hear your classmate whisper before you confidently stand up, both of your feet slowly creeping up towards the tall boys who are patiently waiting there for you.
The closer you inch in their direction, the more you get to observe the minute details of their facial features, their visuals sickeningly perfect like a timeless beauty, no doubt. Taehyung's got a straight nose and a set of almond shapes eyes, piercing into you with his steely gaze, although a softness lurks underneath his threat, that softness absolutely lacking in Jungkook's big terrorizing eyes, that are ready to stab you anytime with one cold look. Jimin appears somewhat balanced with the most approachable body language out of the three of them, his overall stature less intimidating with his prettier spirit, a smile now forming on your lips to mimic Jimin's when you finally reach him and stand in front of him with a slight nervousness settling in your throat, which you don't even really know why you're feeling.
"What's your name? I'm Jimin, this is Taehyung, and that's Jungkook! It's very nice to meet you" he kindly grins down at you, your vision following his hand as he points out his closest companions to you. Taehyung gives you a nod of acknowledgement with a faint hint of a smile, but Jungkook merely scoffs while rolling his eyes at you in pure disgust. Your palm's feeling an increasing itch and desire to slap him hard across that soft little face of his, but you get distracted by how Jimin extends his arm out to you for a handshake.
"I'm (y/n). Thanks! It's nice to meet you too."
"That's a pretty watch! Is it new?" Jimin curiously questions as his eyes trail down to your wrist, his fluffy palm still holding onto yours even though you're done shaking hands. You're flattered by his sweet compliment, your heart madly fluttering against your own will by how he's not letting go of your hand, his effortless charm breaking you with allurement as you fall into the trap of answering him with a buzz.
"It was actually my grandma's! She gave it to me as a keepsake before she passed away."
"Aww can I see it?"
You're stupidly whipped by Jimin's charisma, but your enchanted brain isn't able to register that in the moment, your set of fingers swiftly curling around the band of your watch like a simp before you start unhooking it, your eyes still meeting Jimin's cute smiley ones. He smoothly lets your palm slip out of his clasp, taking the watch you're now handing to him with an eerie calmness to his action, really observing the details on the vintage piece, which holds an incredible value in your life.
"You wanna take a look at it too, Jungkookie? Oh shit, oops!" Jimin gasps in a big jolt when the watch falls out of his grip and hits the tiles with a clink, his body halfway turned back towards Jungkook as he was attempting to pass your item to the youngest one. What happens next leaves you in a state of wild trauma, your breath painfully halting in your chest after your eyes are met with the horrifying scene in front of you.
"Told you I'd make you pay" Jungkook hisses at you, his foot raising up and stomping out your watch with a crushing force, shattering your prized possession into tiny little pieces. The several sharp gasps from the students sitting behind you ground you back into reality after the terrible blow to your strong heart, a wetness forming on the rim of your eyelashes although you're fighting your very best to hold back the brimming tears. You're not at all going to give the boys the satisfaction of getting to you, your insides shaking with a raging fury but your outward composure calm as you decide to hold your honor high instead of stoop to their dirty level.
"You shouldn't have done that, Jungkookie."
Your fierce attention diverts from Jungkook's menacing face to Taehyung's concerned look as he speaks out against the cruel boy, much to your surprise, but both Jungkook and Jimin ignore his words as if they didn't even hear him say anything. Taehyung's expressions turn dark while he sternly grits his teeth and lets out a deep sigh, bending down in his knees right after to help pick up the salvageable remains of your watch. You're beyond confused by this act, your heart not knowing whether to feel warmness by his touch of kindness or be suspicious of Taehyung even more, but regardless, you take a step forward to join him in the cleanup process. Jimin doesn't let you though, stopping you by treading up in front and blocking you from proceeding with his wide chest shoving in your face.
"If you cross any one of us ever again, you'll be dealing with a worse fate."
Your skin crawls seeing Jimin's personality switch from the oozing bubbly sweetness to the mortifying death stare he's giving you now, your mind actually making you question his level of sanity. With one last look at your frowning lips, Jimin coldly snaps his head around and prances out of the classroom, his nose mightily pointing up to the ceiling while his boots obnoxiously clank onto the floor with each loud step. Taehyung's still delicately gathering the pieces of your watch scattered everywhere while Jungkook begins to foolishly giggle and inch in your direction, a smug smirk plastered on his face as he folds his arms across his chest and hovers in front of you exuding an annoying aura of pompousness.
"Maybe if you behave going forward, I'll pity you and buy you a new watch. A much classier one than that trash you were wearing-"
It all happens in a brisk flash, the deafening sound of your palm intensely slapping Jungkook's cheek echoing in the lecture hall like the crack of a whip, a dead silence following right after as Jimin stops walking and pauses by the metal doors. You can taste the tenseness in the air, all of the students clenching to hold onto their breaths, an overwhelming amount of eyes now glued on you and Jungkook.
Jungkook physically convulses from the anger surging through his body, his gaze peeling off of the floor and his turned head moving up to stare into your eyes with the wish to kill you in that very moment embedded in those round orbs. Fully realizing what you'd just brashly done, you wish to escape out of this bumbling nightmare, your legs thinking for themselves even though your brain's numbing out, your body making its way over to the main doors to exit out of the classroom without any additional confrontations with anyone. Catching a quick glance at Taehyung while you leave in a hurry, he throws you off with the gentle grin forming on his lips, his eyes looking up at you and then at Jungkook with a thrill, as if he'd just enjoyed seeing the boy get a taste of his own medicine.
"Where do you think you're going, you bitch?! This isn't over!"
Jungkook's shouts can be heard outside of the lecture hall, your shoulder brushing against Jimin's before you depart, your eyes only focused on the big long hallway up ahead of you instead of what you're leaving behind. You're not even sure where you're headed, your feet scurrying around in a frenzy as you try hard to increase the distance between you and the three boys, now quite frankly lost in the humongous student campus. You think your mind's playing a trick on you when you suddenly hear a very familiar voice yell out your name, your teeth digging into your bottom lip with the regret of being caught when you realize who it is by the sound of his soft raspy tone.
"Hey (y/n)! Wait up! Please."
Taehyung appears breathless as he swiftly catches up to you, his long legs striding down the hallway in half the amount of time it took you to reach here. He's got your backpack securely strapped onto one shoulder while his hands remain cupped, like he's holding onto something quite dearly. It isn't until he finally reaches all the way up to you that you realize he's got the leftover shattered pieces of your watch in his palms, a kind boxy smile gushing on his face as he extends his arms out to give you your belongings, leaving you in a perplexed state of mind.
"Cheer up. This type of shit always happens around here. Now come with me."
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