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torubeth · 21 hours ago
types of kisses with kuroo tetsurou (kuroo day let’s go ! !, ignore that it’s 10 days late lol)
a/n : hiii!! yes, i’m alive :) in my last year of school and fuck it’s been draining every last energy. and secondly, i have zero motivation to write anything but here’s this and i’m proud of it
the ‘i’m sorry’ kiss
how dare he. the audacity of this guy “c’mon baby, i said i was sorry. you know i didn’t mean it” he whined, his figure leaned against the locker next to yours. “yeah whatever” you shut yours hard, turning around to walk to your next class. but before you were out of reach, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back, your back softly hitting the locker, his lips locking with yours the next second. your eyes widened with millions of thoughts flooding your mind. you were in school, out in the hallways and anyone could walk in and you could- correction, you both could be in big trouble; but a certain someone didn’t seem to care about any of that. your hands clutched his collar, unconsciously bringing him closer to you making him land his hand on the side of your head, the other caressing your cheek. and that brought you to reality, to why you were pissed at him in the first place, making you pull away from the kiss. you tightened your grip on his collar, his face still close to yours “you’re really sorry ?” you eyed him. “i really am sorry. you know i love messing with you and no. your whale diagram does not look like a dick. it looks like a whale”. after a long pause, you let out a soft sigh, followed by a smile “what am i gonna do with you” his eyes light up “let’s make out for a bit mo-” you shoved him and started to walk the other direction “alright! i’m gonna head to class, see ya” and behind you, you could hear a faint ‘dang it!’ making you grin.
the ‘sneaky’ kiss
whatever the teacher was lecturing about entered one ear and immediately left through the other. unlike chemistry, this class was so damn boring. but he didn’t care. why you ask ? because you sat next to him. and turning to look at you, you seemed to have the same boredom expression. your eyes never left the board, shaking your legs out of habit, right hand under your chin, the other playing with a pencil. kuroo swears he could stare at you forever and never get tired because damn, you’re one hell of a view! without a second thought, he leaned in and planted a kiss on your cheek, breaking you out of your trance. a small gasp left your mouth but you smiled nonetheless. “the teacher could’ve caught you baby” you laughed, hand reaching down to lace with his under the table “don’t care. it’s worth it” this tugged at your heartstrings, until he cockily added “plus the teach will never find out, i’m too good at it” making you roll your eyes. needless to say, he got caught while planting his seventeenth kiss and had to write an imposition stating ‘i will not kiss my partner in class’ a hundred times. ‘still so worth it’ he thinks.
the ‘i love you’ kiss
“prepared for the test tomorrow ?” you asked, nuzzling further into the warmth of his palm. “yeah, did you ?” to which he earned a very slow ‘no’. “i tried to, but it just didn’t work. i don’t how you do it tets but you’re amazing at it. you manage your captain duties and studies at the same time. you also got into your dream university. and every time i try to do anything, it either doesn’t go my way or ends up being all wrong. i wanna get it together but i feel like i am not doing any progress and i just want to give up on-” “hey.., listen to me” he cupped your cheeks “you my girl are only seeing the end results. nothing works overnight baby, and it gets so tough to manage everything all the time you know. sure it may seem like i have it all under control but in reality i don’t. none of us do and that’s okay! really. i know how much progress you’ve made and you’re fucking amazing at it, hell! you got it under control better than me. just know that you’re doing great okay ? i’m so fucking proud of you, got that ? i love you” he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. the gesture making you tear up a bit. “thank you, for that. it was much needed. i love you” you hugged him. “anytime baby, anytime”.
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Tumblr media
pt. 1 of a silly bakt comic >:3c
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Tumblr media
ㅡkuroo, atsumu, bokuto, tsukki, hinata, & oikawa
a/n: this is a special post for my friend @bokutetsumu who has been an awesome companion to me! (although this can be enjoyed by anyone, the first three hq characters were selected in favor of my buddy)
a/n to @bokutetsumu : happy birthday!! what's a better way to celebrate your birthday than to celebrate it with your 2d men (literally gave you a harem) so i hope you like this gift!! you've come a long way and i'm really proud of you for pursuing what you love. i'll be here if you need someone to scream about 2d men, a coop buddy on genshin, or a friend. i may be busy sometimes but i want you to know how dear you are to me :) i'm always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. so, cheers to you on your birthday! may the gods of olympus bless you a lucky and healthy year ahead ♡ love you, bro! ♡ GOODLUCK ON 3.3 PULLS GSNSHSVSNS
Tumblr media
ㅡkuroo, atsumu, bokuto
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅡtsukki, shoyo, tooru
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy birthday again, my bro!! (☞°ヮ°)☞ ☜(°ヮ°☜)
masterlist | hq.list
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Tumblr media
just bro things
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
akaashi is so tired
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Tumblr media
See you there
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Hey, can i request when when you walk past hq boys and instead of kissing them on the lips, you blow them a kiss, i'm so sorry if my request is not very understandable i'm new here and also english is not my mother tongue
Hi Anon, sorry for the late reply, but thank you for your request :) I love this idea sm, dw it made perfect sense to me <3
He smiles instantly, catching it with enthusiasm, placing it on his heart. Definitely blows you a kiss (or ten) back and will think about it for the rest of the day. It becomes your little thing, if you pass him going somewhere or when you’re out on a date. He loves it, and so do you.
Sugawara, Bokuto, Oikawa, Hinata, Nishinoya, Goshiki, Tanaka, Komori, Tendō, Koganegawa
He rolls his eyes, walking hurriedly over to you, pulling you in by the waist to give you a real kiss on the lips. He has you completely flustered, and he knows it; you can tell from the big smirk on his face. He’ll give you another kiss for good measure, whispering in your ear, “Next time, just give me a real kiss if you want it, sweetheart.”
Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Osamu and Atsumu, Terushima, Futakuchi, Daichi, Kyōtani, Washio
He sees you blow a kiss, and he pretends to shield away from it and makes a face. You laugh incredulously at the audacity of this man, but he gives you a wink and eventually blows one back. You’re tempted to smack his ass out of sheer pettiness but he gives you another wink and a kiss, so you can’t be mad.
Tsukishima, Suna, Sakusa, Hanamaki, Kenma, Semi, Konoha, Yaku
He pretends to reach out for the kiss, with a small smile and shyly gives you one back. You always bring it up to him because he always gets flustered when you do it, but he can’t help it because you’re so cute. You blow him kisses on purpose afterwards, just to see him get red in the face.
Lev, Yamaguchi, Kita, Kai, Shirabu, Aone, Akaashi, Ushijima, Kageyama
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hishalo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
and of course, a big round of applause to the man who put it all together
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chaoticevilorange · 3 months ago
Haikyuu x reader
Sitting on his lap
Shy boy is blushing, he knows you're his s/o but he can't believe you choose his lap instead the empty seat besides you, he doesn't know where to put his hands, blushes bright red when you take his hands and place them on your lap kissing his cheek softly and lovingly
Kyotani, Asahi, Yamaguchi, Hinata, Kageyama, Goshiki, Yamamoto, Koganegawa
His cheeks has a tint of red, but nothing too bad, he is smiling, this boy is happy you're into PDA, he places a hand in your hip and the other holds your smaller hand, when you turn around to kiss him this boy melts and pecks your lips several times before hiding his face on your neck
Hanamaki, Sugawara, Ennoshita, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Lev, Yaku, Aran, Aone
He is happy but won't show it, he is mindlessly scrolling on his phone trying to look calm and collected, but if you shift on his lap his breath will immediately stop for a second or two before holding your hips, he will growl in your ear warning to you to stay still, try to not squirm too much
Iwaizumi, Tsukishima, Semi, Suna, Osamu
This guy is so smug about it, he is pleased his s/o took sit on his lap, he will obviously wrap his arms around you, will give your neck playful kisses from the back of your neck to the side, will nibble your ears and peck your cheeks, obviously will enjoy your warmth against his chest
Oikawa, Matsukawa, Satori, Kuroo, Bokuto, Atsumu, Futakuchi
Calm and mature boy likes to hold you while you read/scroll on your phone, you both look like a cute couple, sometimes you show him something in your phone making him smile, he pecks your cheeks and rests his head on your shoulder and plays with your hands
Daichi, Ushijima, Kenma, Akaashi, Kita, Sakusa
Thanks for reading 🐨✨💖
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yolis-01 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’re not gonna tell me that this is not them 💀
also my first shitpost thing so be nice 😔pls
<<i posted it on ig too>>
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Tumblr media
#Genre: Smut
#Includes: Kuroo, Sakusa
#Description: Jealousy hasn’t felt so good.
#Warnings: Degradation, praise, spanking, roughness, jealously, slightly toxic, fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, choking, possessiveness.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
He was quickly starting to regret bringing you to this work party, he knew you would get along well with everyone, the proof was in front of him. You happily giggled along to whatever his co-worker had just said, and your smile brought a blush to said co-workers face. It was obvious to everyone but you apparently that he had taken a liking to you, slowly inching closer to you and the way his eyes were raking over your figure made Kuroo want to rip them from their sockets.
With clenched teeth, he plastered a clearly fake smile onto his face as he made his way over to you, his quick steps reached you in a few seconds and he deliberately placed his hand too low on your back as he excused you both, making sure his co-workers eyes followed both of you out the office, his hand now placed firmly on your ass.
“What’s up with you?” you questioned. “Me? You’re the one letting that sleaze bag flirt with you and right in front of me” he scoffed out. “He wasn’t flirting!” you quickly defended. A dark smirk made its way on his face, and you gulped as he dragged you into his office, “We can do this at home tetsu, not at your work.” He roughly chuckled out his next words “no no, I want him to hear what I do to you, and you’re going to fucking enjoy it.”
He carelessly pushed you onto his desk, your chest flat against the solid wood and ass up on display. Coming up behind you, he roughly palms your flesh as you struggle to hold in your moans. A resounding slap echoes around the room and a gasp leaves you as you’re left with the stinging after math of his large hand. You feel his hot breath next to your ear, a shiver taking over your body as he whispers, “I want to hear you, I want him to hear you.” You whimper as you feel his hardness grind into your ass and you deliriously nod your head at his words, “Good girl.”
He drags his hand up your bare thigh, catching the hem of your dress on the way and bringing it over your waist. He takes his time as he smooths his hand over your red ass, slowly dragging them down to the wet patch on your underwear, fingers gliding against your slit and deliciously catching your clit. You whine as you push back into him, silently begging for more, “so needy and impatient” he tuts, his words bring an embarrassed flush to your face, but you can’t help but want more. Despite his chastising, his peels your underwear off and slips it into his jacket pocket, spreading your legs with his knees and releasing a gruff groan as the moonlight catches the wetness between them.
He dips his fingers back into your cunt, smoothing them around your throbbing clit lightly before he slips one into your tight hole, stretching you out for his fully hardened dick. You moan into your arms as he keeps his pace slow, begging him to add another “please tetsu, more, I need more.” “I know you do baby, but you need to be punished for acting like a slut, you going to take it like a good girl?” “…yes”. Your answer is rewarded with a sweet kiss to your bare shoulder, a harsh contrast to his earlier words and he follows it with adding another finger. You release a shuddering breath as he curls his fingers and starts rubbing your clit with his thumb, your wetness now making its way down your thighs, and you clamp them together once you start feeling that string in your stomach tighten. Another harsh slap to your ass has you immediately opening them once more. You chance a look back at him and the sight has your eyes rolling into your head - there he stands, still in his suit with his eyes closed and head tilted back, the hand that isn’t currently inside you is palming his hard dick through his slacks.
“I’m going to cum” you moan out. The words bring him out of his trance, and he rips his hand away from your soaking pussy. “No, you’re going to cum around my dick or not at all”, he pulls you off his desk and moves you both around it. He drops down into his chair, unbuckling his pants and pulling them down, along with his boxers, revealing his angry red tip that’s leaking pre-cum and you unconsciously lick your lips, an action that doesn’t slip past him “as much as I’d love to feel your lips around my dick and hitting the back of your throat, I can’t wait”.
He taps his thigh, and you know that’s your cue, you slide onto his lap, hovering over his dick. He taps it against your clit a few times, an action that has you gripping his shoulder and biting your lip, he teasingly chuckles as he continues to get his dick wet with your juices before he slips the tip in. Both of you moaning in unison at the feeling, your pussy tightens around the intrusion as he works himself deeper, each inch further stretching you, “fuck kitten, so tight and warm, ease up on me” “I’m tryin” you groan as you try to loosen your hold on him. You bring your hand down your body until it reaches its destination – your clit, you gently circle it with your fingers, and you’re compensated with the last few inches of his long cock. “There we go, so fuckin hot”, you swivel your hips and groan as you feel the ridges of his cock massage your insides, “move tetsu”, “anything you want baby”.
He grips your hips and helps you lift up and drop down, continuing that action till you’re both panting and sweaty. Once you stop your movements and grind down on him instead, he knows you’re getting tired and takes over. He pushes you flush against his chest and takes your ass into his hands as he starts to piston his hips upwards, delivering hard deep thrusts. Your sweet moans reverberate in his ears and encourages him to go faster, his own head tilting back as the pleasure takes over him “I know you’re close baby, come for me yeah” “Mmh fu-uck, harder testus, please so close” “shit baby, so am I, you going to scream for me?”
His question is soon answered when he feels you clamp around him, shuddering in his hold as you loudly moan out your release, slowly twitching as you come down from your high. He follows closely behind, releasing him cum deep inside you as he groans out his own pleasure, thrusting a few more times before he stills and catches his breath. He brushes your hair away from your forehead, “well he definitely heard that” he smirks. You slap his chest “you really need to get that under control” “you only ever complain once you’ve cum”. With one last slap, you drag yourself off his lap, feeling his load make its way out of you, “shit! underwear tetsu” you hold your hand out. He shakes his head with that infuriating smirk as he tucks himself back into his slacks “you’ll make do kitten”.
Tumblr media
The euphoria he felt from winning the match was short lived when he glanced up at the stands, expecting you to meet his gaze with a smile and thumbs up like usual, however you weren’t even paying attention to him. Too busy conversing with the stranger next to you who was paying more attention to your body than your eyes, briefly placing his hand on your arm and shooting you a grin. While you may have removed his hand, that brief touch was enough to have Sakusa planning the man’s murder and your punishment.
After politely dismissing the stranger, you glanced to the court, expecting to see Sakusa celebrating with his teammates after his win, but you were met with his absence. A confused frown stretches across your face, and you chalk his disappearance to going to shower before everyone else which wasn’t unusual. You make your way down the stands with the aim to wait for him near the changing rooms but before you can reach them, you’re roughly pulled by the arm into a closet. Your back roughly meets the back of the door while a hand is placed over your mouth to silence your shouts for help.
“Shh, its just me” you squint in the darkness and the crack under the door provides enough light for you to make out the silhouette in front of you. You’re now even more confused as you identify the person as Sakusa, you try to speak over his hand, but he refuses to move it, bringing his face close to your ear as he whispers his words “did you have fun?” your scrunched brows make him dryly chuckle, “it looked like you did, letting another man put his hands on what’s mine”. You quickly shake your head, not wanting him to get the wrong idea but it seems as if his mind is already made up. “No? it looked like that to me, I don’t want excuses princess, I want forgiveness, can you give that to me?” he mockingly asked. You gulped as you shakily nodded your head, he let out a sigh of relief as he brushed his lips against the shell of your ear, letting his breath fan over it before he sucks the lobe into his mouth “good girl, because you need to be cleansed”.
He removes his hand from your mouth, his lips hurriedly replacing them, and he wastes no time in parting your lips and coaxing your tongue into his mouth, massaging the wet muscle with his own before he pulls back, not so gently biting your lip on his retreat. His fingers subconsciously make their way to your red lips that gleam with his saliva, gently tracing them and watches transfixed as you slightly part them, welcoming the digits into the place his tongue once was. You close your lips around the slender intrusions, swirling your tongue around them as he presses them down against your tongue, “fuck” he breathily pants. You only manage to bob your head on them a few times before he rips them from your mouth and abruptly turns you around.
He encircles your throat with the wet fingers and brings his mouth down to your ear once again “you’re going to have to do better than that”. “I’ll do anything” you promise. “Oh, I know you will, slut”, he enunciates the last word. Your pussy pulses at the name, needily grinding against his front, an action that has him tightening his grip on your throat “you want my dick that bad huh? Who’s got you this needy? I want to hear you say it”, “you, you have, no one else…I promise”. He lets out a satisfied grunt as he uses his free hand to lift your skirt up and pull your underwear to the side. He skims the pad of his fingers between your dripping slit, paying special attention to your throbbing clit, teasingly circling it, and pulling away as soon as you moan. He brings his wet fingers to your panting mouth “taste yourself” he orders, you moan at the authority dripping from his words, eagerly taking them into your mouth and cleaning them off, “taste good?” “Mmh” you nod. Your obedience is rewarded with a soft kiss on the lips and cheek.
With shaky hands, he slips his shorts and underwear down, letting his hard leaking dick slap against his stomach. He gives himself a few pumps before bringing it down to your pulsating pussy, slipping it between your folds and grinding against them and you groan at the feeling, revelling in the brief pleasure of his tip hitting your clit. “Put your hands on the door” he instructs, and you do as he says, steadying yourself against the door and you beg no one will be able to hear you. The hand on your throat travels down the expanse of your clothed back before it settles on you hip, now taking that in a bruising grip. Sakusa finally brushes his dick against your entrance, sliding only the tip in and back out again, repeating this until tears gather in your eyes and you whine at him to do something “please Omi baby please, I’m sorry” you cry out. “What are you sorry for?”, “For not paying attention to you, for letting him touch me, everything”“see that wasn’t so hard” he condescendingly tuts.
Without warning he slams his hips forward, pushing you into the door and you can do nothing to stop his relentless pace. He hammers into you again and again, the rough slap of his balls against your ass can surely be heard outside but you’re too far gone to care. Your eyes roll back as he hits that spongy spot inside of you that renders your brain useless, making it uncapable to answer his relentless questions “do you think he can make you feel this good?” he seethes, your only reply being the whimpers his hard thrusts pull of you. You bring your hand back and push it against his hip, hoping he slows down and relents at least a little, but instead he takes your wrist in a tight grip, pulling it back hard enough that your front lurches of the door and he continues to slam his cock into you “do you think he knows your body the way I do?” “fuck no-o” you manage to wail out, “thats right baby, this pussy is mine and mine only, understand?” he cements his words by bringing his fingers down to your clit, feverishly rubbing it.
“shit I’m coming Omi” “cum all over my dick pretty, don’t worry about the mess”, his words being the last string to release your orgasm. Your pussy clenches and practically vibrates around his dick, squeezing it in a vice grip as you cum, the pressure trying to push his dick out. However, he brings your back flush against his front, his arm secure against your stomach as he continues to thrust into you. “Omi, I’m so sensitive” you plead. “Tell me you’re mine” he grits out, “I’m yours baby, all yours.” Your words proved to be effective as his hips stutter and end up fully stopping as he releases inside you, his load coating your insides. After a few seconds of catching his breath, he gently pulls out, slipping your panties back into place before bringing your skirt down and sorting himself out. You turn around and are met with his soft gaze, he brings his hands up to cup your cheeks, softly pecking your lips “sorry if I was rough, just really didn’t like seeing someone else touch you” “its okay” you whisper, returning his kiss “I’m yours, I’ll always be yours”.
🏷: @crystal-lilac @tendo-sxtori @lmaoimagine90 @lynvshuji @ray-lol @sugarpeaches65 @pshwaa @princessatoru @milk-and-cherryjuice @itsmeteiiteii @the-massive-simp @momoewn @euryale16 @mitzwinchester @0ni0m @o0lucid-imagination0o @a-book-lover-things @tojitsukaisen @dakumarauder @7mrs-malfoy7 ༺♡༻
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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Tumblr media
ATSUMU, akaashi, asahi, TOORU, BOKUTO, SHOYO, sugawara, LEV, TETSURO, kageyama, yamaguchi, TANAKA, KYOTANI, tendou
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brkrknspokesperson · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
•̀ᴗ•̀ shirts
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onlylovingstrangers · 3 months ago
HOW THEY RESPOND TO “Why do you like me?” FT. KUROO & BOKUTO
You're out at girls’ night, and for once nobody’s up for getting trashed. Possibly cause for once, the four of you are simultaneously in happy, stable relationships. Instead of going through the ritual of pre-gaming, bar-hopping, and regretting it all the next morning, you visit the same k-bbq restaurant that you’ve been going to since your college days and gossip over soju and pork belly.
And because for once, the four of you are simultaneously in happy, stable relationships, the topic of your partners comes up. Of course it does; how could it not?
Yukie comes up with the idea. Text your boyfriend one line: “Why do you like me?” and put your phones in the center of the table. Whoever gets a reply first picks up the bill. It’s so cheesy, you all want to die from the middle school relationship-esque cheesiness, but on the flip side you all are equally invested. “This better not be the reason for any break ups,” your roommate Mikan warns.
Why do you like me? 
Kuroo stares at the message for a few seconds, confirms he’s read it right, and throws his head back to laugh goofily. He stops, checks his screen again. The words remain unchanged. Another silly, stupid laugh wrestles its way into the world.
“Anything you want to share with the rest of us?” Kenma remarks placidly. “This is a company dinner, as you know.”
The words go in one ear and out the other. Kuroo thinks. There are so many reasons why he likes, no, loves you. The way you sleep like a Rockette frozen mid step. The way you manage to get rice grains stuck on your cheek every meal. The way you pretend not to be jealous when girls check him out at the gym. The way you get so excited at online shopping sales, even though he tells you every time that you’re only saving a few dollars.
How shall he respond? Which answer would please you the most?
“Ignore him,” Kenma says to the table. “Just go on eating.”
At the restaurant, the anticipation is killing you all. “What the hell is he doing,” Hotaru mutters. “Certainly not saving the world?”
A phone dings. The four of you leap into motion. “It’s yours,” Yukie says, half admiring, half jealous. 
“That took what, like a minute?” Mikan says, laughing.
The girls crowd over your shoulder to read his response.
Tetsurou: Cuz you’re pretty. :)
You’re bored. Dangerously bored. As in, the last time you were this bored you cut your own bangs, and let’s just say for the subsequent six or so months going out was physically painful. 
The thing is, it’s way too late to go out but way too early to go to bed. In the past you’ve been able to stave off boredom by binging your favorite series or reading a book, but you’re still waiting for all the episodes of the new season to come out before you get emotionally invested, and your oaf of a boyfriend, lovable as he is, spoiled the ending of the novel you were reading and now you simply can’t move on.
“That’s right,” you say out loud. “I have a boyfriend!”
Let’s see, you think. What should you say? What are you curious about?
“Why... do... you... like... me,” Bokuto reads aloud, then clutches his phone to his chest. His heart melts. So does his face.
“Aww,” Hinata melts a little too.
“Bet ya that was from his girlfriend,” Atsumu says, stretching the syllables. “Bokkun, that was from yer girlfriend, right?”
“You’re a genius,” Sakusa remarks drily.
“Hey! Don’t think I can’t understand yer sarcasm!”
“It’s a bonus when you do understand.” “What are you gonna say, Bokuto-senpai?” Hinata asks. 
Oh right, he forgot to reply! Bokuto quickly rearranges himself so that he is looking at the screen once more. Hmm, what should he say? If it were Akaashi, he would recite some fancy-shmancy quote that expressed poignant feelings of love. If it were Tsukishima, he’d be all prickly and say something snarky that still conveyed the depths of his emotion. But he’s not Akaashi or Tsukki, he’s Bokuto. And you aren’t Akaashi’s or Tsukki’s, you’re his.
The thought of you being his — in his bed snoring, in his boxers making breakfast, in his family home joking around with his sisters — positively melts him once more. He can almost grasp the images to come, the pictures that flirt right at the edges of his mind, making him reach: you in a wedding dress coming down the aisle. You holding a baby that has your eyes, his hair. You waiting on the porch swing as he brings out mugs of steaming hot tea and a blanket, watching the sunset.
Your phone pings. It’s been a few minutes. You figure Bokuto’s been typing a whole essay. But instead, just one line of text appears. One line of text that makes your heart flutter anyways.
Koutarou: Let’s get married.
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hyeque · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
vows [kuroo tetsurō]
notes: based off of kuroo’s background and well, my own. one of the reasons why i love kuroo sm is bc i resonate with him and his childhood. seeing how he grows beyond that is so admirable though. so this is so self indulgent yall are pretty much at our wedding so 🤕‼️
“what are you doing? get out!” you squeal, seeing your fiancé, kuroo tetsurō enter the room you're in. you quickly move to hide from his view, tugging on your dress to conceal it.
“relax, my eyes are closed.” he assures, honoring said tradition of not looking at you—his bride.
you glance from behind the wall and surely enough, kuroo has his eyes squinted shut. he curses softly when feeling his way around and nearly trips on something lying on the ground.
you don’t hesitate to run out to steady him, worried that he’ll fall over. you don’t want to explain how you need to take the groom to the hospital on your wedding day.
“what brings you here?” you ask, still grasping onto his large, calloused hands. he squeezes them tightly in return.
kuroo swallows thickly, “rumor has it that the bride is getting cold feet,” he looks down at where he presumes your face is, “is that true?”
your eyes widen with shock, “n-no, of course not!”
he seems to be waiting for something, “but?”
you’re silent for a moment and look to your feet.
“but i’m scared. god, tetsu, im terrified right now.” you tell him, your voice trembling slightly.
he pulls you closer to him, his body warmth enveloping you and providing comfort. “i’m scared too. you think i know the first thing about how any of this is supposed to work? look at my parents.” he jokes.
“and look at mine.” you say, both of you laughing.
both of you come from rough backgrounds growing up. neither of your parents remained together, the years of arguing and yelling deeply imbedded in both of your fleshes. it’s easy to think that something that happened to you when you were so young wouldn’t have an effect on your later life, but you were wrong. having rarely any sign of good relationships in your lives you wondered: is love even real?
“i don’t…what if we don’t stay together?” you blurt. “what if we hate each other so much we can’t stand the sight of one another?”
“no,” he blurts, “i could never hate you. so that’s impossible.”
“i would never hate you either, but,” he covers your mouth, stopping you.
when you look up at him you notice there are tears coming out of his eyes despite being squeezed shut. you wipe them away gently.
“i don’t know what to say, im not the best with words. but…” he leans in your touch, collecting his words.
“if you’re willing to give your all for our relationship the same way i am, what more do we have to lose? we can only do so much about the future, and that’s not to say i expect something bad to happen.” his tears wet your hands now. “but i love you so fucking much i’d die for you. i’d give you anything so i think it’s fucking impossible for me to stop loving you. if i ever do, i’ve been kidnapped and replaced with a clone.”
you laugh, tears transpiring on your eyes as he speaks. “i’d die for you too, tetsu. i’m willing to give anything and all for you as well, and even in death i would never part from you.”
“good, or i’d haunt you.” he cackles when you punch his arm.
“i know that may not be the answer you’re looking for but we’ve come a long way. i’ve waited for this day…since we were kids.” he speaks softly, his slight sternness returning. even without him looking at you, you feel the sincerity in his voice.
kuroo tetsurō is always a man of his words. you’ve seen and known that forever. despite only having a dad, he’s allowed himself to be gentle, to be caring and nurturing. to be vulnerable in a way most men struggle with. of course it wasn’t easy—it still isn’t. but he’s always said that he’s been thankful that you’d been there, just in the same way he was there for you. you didn’t grow up with the best father figure, and he was barely present. your mother worried endlessly about what type of person you’d end up with and kuroo having to plop in your lap like a present out of the sky was a gift beyond all gifts. you don’t know what you’d do without him.
“truthfully, i only want the best for you. and if…if letting you go provides you happiness then i can’t be selfish and not let you go.” kuroo says. “but, i don’t think we’ll ever reach that. part of marriage is fighting together right? never leaving each other behind?”
“right.” you whisper, snuggling into his chest.
he kisses the top of your head, his large hands holding your face gently and opens his eyes.
your face burns as he stares at you, stunned to silence. “you weren’t supposed to look.”
“i had to make sure you were okay.” he blinks and more tears fall, “and it seems you’re doing better than me.”
“barely.” you laugh, sniffling.
he smirks, sucking in his breath, “god, you’re so beautiful. have i told you that today? i don’t think i have, you’re beautiful.”
“you did in your good morning text, and on the phone with me earlier.” you roll your eyes, amused at how dramatic he is. “you tell me everyday.”
his eyes scan all over you repeatedly, eyes filled with love and adoration. “i hope you’re the last thing i see when i die so your image is forever engraved.” he says, hands fidgeting, “i would so kiss you right now, but i’ll wait until after the vows.”
“you’re not making it any easier with the sweet talking.” you pout, looking up at him. kuroo always looks handsome but something is different about today, besides his bed head being more well maintained, you wonder if the idea of kuroo as your husband makes him even more appealing and attractive.
and god, do you want to kiss him too.
“starin’ at me like you have a crush on me or something,” he jokes, cheeks flushing.
“maybe i do.” you reply, and before you can say anything else there’s a sharp knock on the door.
“crap, guess they found me.” he says, hearing yaku scream behind the door that ‘he knows kuroo is in the room’ and that he’s going to ‘kick his ass as soon as he busts down the door’.
“y-you snuck pass the security?” remembering kuroo snuck in hits you.
“if security is yamamoto and lev, then yes. kenma and tsukishima didn’t even try stopping me. they knew it was hopeless.” he boasts, puffing out his chest.
you giggle and push him towards the door. “well get out of here, trouble maker. yaku is about to huff puff and blow the door down.”
kuroo grabs your hand again, “so…are we okay?” he seems to be shy when he asks the question and it reminds you of six year old kuroo who shyly told you you’re pretty.
you squeeze his hand back. “of course. the next time i’ll see you, i’ll be reciting our vows.”
“feels like we just did that kinda, maybe we can skip that part—ow! okay, nevermind!” he rubs his shoulder where you slapped it. he looks back at you, anxious, “i’m going now. i love you.”
“love you too, tetsu.” you smile, moving back.
you both don’t really know how you’ll navigate marriage but the best part about all of that is not doing it alone. like your vows say, you two are the missing voids in each others hearts and you promise to keep it full. to love and cherish one another to the ends of the Earth.
so when you see kuroo again right in front of you, there’s no doubt in your mind that everything feels right.
Tumblr media
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bunny-kawa · 7 days ago
No Nut November
seijoh and inarizaki ver is out!
Tumblr media
his sex drive isn’t high like he doesn’t need sex every week so he lasts a long time. i think kenma would like to see you cosplay so you use that to your advantage. you order a bunch of revealing cosplays and they finally come after 2 weeks. you make kenma sit on your bed with his eyes closed as you change in the bathroom. when you come out he opens his eyes and is instantly hard. you twirl around trying to show him all of it and you look so pretty. you slowly walk towards him and sit on his lap. he can’t keep his hands to himself, he ruins you.
2 weeks straight. but you won’t tease him, he’ll tease you. he’ll get you all worked up to the point you start begging for him but he’ll just say “i have a bet win” he teases you for a week straight but after awhile he cant take it anymore. he just wants to pounce on you. its very hard for him not to fuck you on every surface. finally one day you get out the shower and forgot your clothes. you walked in with only a towel on. his eyes never leave you as you walk around your room. you notice him staring at you and ask if something is wrong. he finally does what he’s been wanting to do for so long. he literally jumps and pins you down
the whole month can surprisingly control himself. its not easy but its not impossible for him. if you tease him he’ll wrap his arms around your waist and say “love your so beautiful but i cant” butterflies immediately like he’s so sweet but so hot. but don’t worry, he’ll take care of you. if your horny and need him he’ll eat you out or finger you or even let you ride his thigh. basically, anything that’s not his cock. when it’s over he takes good care of you. letting you use his cock all you want because you couldn’t for so long. even when you get tired he’s grabbing your hips and helping you ride him.
with his energy good luck. um yea he’s very needy. didn’t know exactly what it was so you had to explain it to him. he really wants to try it but fails very soon. 4 days. after a game he still has a lot of energy and right after he takes you to the locker room and fucks you so hard, your legs are so wobbly after. when he realizes he failed he wants to try again but always ends up fucking you after about 5 days. it’d be after practice or when you wake up or even just during the day. he needs you a lot. he fails like 6 times and each time he fucks you harder then the last
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