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- little, endearing things about him or his green flags
part two
keiji akaashi, kenma kozume, iwaizumi hajime, bokuto koutaro, sugawara koushi
keiji !
•flutters his eyelashes a lot when he’s nervous while talking
if he’s feeling flustered while speaking to someone - mostly when he’s flirting with you - you’ll catch him batting his eyelashes unknowingly . he genuinely cannot control it , and he’s quipping back at you wittily but you can see the blush rising to his cheeks n his GORGEOUS THICK LASHES ARE JUST BATTING AT YOU. HE PULLS THIS MOVE WHERE HE LAUGHS, PUSHES HIS GLASSES UP WITH THE KNUCKLE OF HIS INDEX FINGER AND THEN WHEN HES LIKE RETORTING? he bats his eyelashes at you. if he’s super into it , he’ll look at you over his glasses and do it on PURPOSE cus he knows it makes you weak as hell
•has never raised his voice to argue in his life
once him n his group were talking about getting angry and their like, set offs? and he’s like bro hold on i don’t have any😭😭and they all go no way, but then they realise he’s right ? keiji is a very patient guy and he tends to just cool himself down before he gets ahead of himself . also hates being shouted at, so he thinks about the person he’s talking to feeling how he feels and he’s immediately just taking a breath . hates being the reason someone is upset , esp if it’s his mum or something.
•chivalrous without intending to be
if you guys are in his car, he comes to open the door for you without really thinking about it. it’s just his muscle memory ??? it just happens and when asked about it he j goes ,” hm? oh no it’s just habit, honestly . “ like what do u mean ? how is that a habit? how was it formed? how do you do it? can i do you? / J J J J DONT CANCEL ME😧. anw , he also pulls out chairs, never speaks over someone else no matter what. honestly just has such good manners he’s such a sweetheart ugh
kenma !
•is insanely considerate of your feelings
he may not look it bc of that gorgeous rbf of his but when he cares ab someone he values their feelings a lot . if y’all are out together and it’s getting to be a lot for you, he will constantly glance over at you and raise his eyebrow as a way of checking in . if you look uncomfortable, hes cutting his conversation and leaving with you because the last thing he wants is for you to not feel good about what you’re doing. if his friends make a joke about you hes shutting it down immediately even if you aren’t there bc he knows yk it can really get to someone, he would never admit this tho 🤭 bring it up and he’s just saying it’s no big deal
even tho he’s really quiet i personally hc that his mum knows every bit of tea about him, school, everything. when you lot go on your first date he comes in and she’s sitting on the couch like ,” and ? how was it?” he DEEPLY inhaled before plopping on the couch and going on a tangent about the date. she even knows how you wore your hair, and when she brought it up when y’all met you’re like ???😧 LMAOOOO. she knows everything and anything, they’re besties
•just kinda stops functioning when you say something nice about him to his face
he isn’t really the type to randomly compliment and bc of how he usually reacts to them people don’t do it too often either. but YOU OFC🧍🏽 you don’t gaf and one day y’all are sitting on your balcony floor and talking, when he’s sipping his coffee you just go ,” ken, you’re so handsome “ and he just FREEZES . stops slurping the coffee and his eyes slowly meet yours, puts the coffee down and he’s lowk smiling . he’s clasping his hands infront of him and going , “ that was so random , “ he breathily laughs , “ thank you, though. that was cute.” the type of person to think about the compliment for the rest of his life, so when you guys are in that position again or if he’s talking in a similar way he goes , ‘ they think i look handsome rn’ in his head and starts smiling like a goofball💀
hajime !
•remembers absolutely everything about people he likes
if you manage to become actual close friends with iwa he remembers everything about you dude. he also notices everything. oh you were nodding off in your lecture hall? “ hey yn, let’s go grab some coffee before the next lecture. i’m feeling for an americano “ but he’s actually trying to make sure you stay away. he remembers your coffee order and lets you find a table, he remembers how you like your notes done, he remembers every. single. childhood story you tell him. listens very well and focuses on your words so hard like hes gomma physically manifest them or some crap lmao😭😭😭later on when you guys are in a group talking about embarrassing stories, and you claim to not have any ( lameass) he conveniently remembers that time you told him that you ate your mother’s lipstick 😍 wow iwa you’re so helpful . it can be very cute though, like when you two had been in a lesson and the professor was talking , they brought up a topic that you were a little sensitive about. you felt a bit anxious and iwa shot you a text when he remembered suddenly that this topic makes you uncomfortable.
| iwa 💗 : yn, if you’re feeling weird rn put on your headphones or something. the lecture is almost over. love you
): he’s so.
•king of consent
if he wants to hug you ( who r u n where is iwa chan🤨🤨🤨) he’ll stop like RIGHT BEFORE hugging you and mutter ,” this okay?” in your ear. oh my fucking god . if y’all are on the first date , he looks at you with raised brows with his hand right above yours. never wants to make you uncomfortable in any way and will only touch you if you want him to. also never takes pictures of you if he knows you’re uncomfortable, and if one day you just don’t feel like it he will immediately delete it and apologize profusely.
•home body
if you try to tell me this guy wouldn’t rather be at home with his family when he’s asked to a party you’re simply just wrong🤭. he likes feeling comfortable and knowing his surroundings, he wants to be in his own space. he feels that people he isn’t related to just come and go so easily so he’d rather build a good bond with his family and be with them. isnt a party guy, never EVER knows what to do at them so he just leans against a nice wall until they leave ☹️ the whole time he’s thinking about being at home and watching some stupid horror game stream and then shitting his pants when he needs to gts LMFAO
koutaro !
• huge hugger
he wont randomly hug you if you aren’t close, but if you guys are he’s always hugging. he has those beefy arms too, so for example if you guys run into eachother? hug. for at least three minutes and he’s rubbing your back.depending on your height, if you’re taller he’ll just like smush his cheeks into your chest but if you’re shorter , he’ll squeeze your shoulders or kinda stroke your back. he’s just super affectionate even with his friends , he really values physical touch and feeling safe like that with someone he cares for. he’s a baby omg
•always excited to see someone he knows
yk those awkward moments when you see someone yk in public and it’s like 🧍🏽hi 🧍🏽nice to see u🧍🏽oh yes i’m ok wby🧍🏽 LOL HES NOT THAT GUY!!!! is SO happy to see u, will hug you and if you’re with family he’ll even ask them how they are too and he’s just so hyped to see you. if you’re not busy he’ll ask you to eat with him or something, and he wants all the updates on your life. literally i have no explanation for this i just KNOW he excitedly waved at u from a distance and then TELEPORTS to come hug u and love u . if HE is with his friends he’ll tell them , “ dUDE look that’s my friend yn. they’re so frickin awesome . y’all wanna go say hi?” AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN YOURE WITH THE BROS NOW 😔forget about your other plans
•holds the belt loops on your pants in public places
esp if it’s a place he doesn’t know well, he’ll just stick his meaty ass finger into your belt loop and waddle behind you. he is the type to get lost as fuck in public places , u cannot tell me differently, and he gets so frantic when he can’t find u. “ where the HELL IS YN?! is that- no that’s not them wHAT THE HELL DID I FRICKIN LOSE MY S/O IN THE MALL? AM I LOST ? OR ARE THEY THE LOST ONE? WHAT IF THEY GET STOLEN OH MY G-“
u were right behind him lol but anw💀y’all come to that conclusion and it’s kinda a rule for him now, doesn’t do it with his bros cus ‘no yn, that’s not what bros do. we hold hands.’
koushi !
•has the most amazing perspectives
if youre feeling stuck in your head, koushi is your man. always. if you wanna see something in a completely new perspective, new way of thinking, go to him. he just has this amazing way of seeing things and has an amazing ability to see things from another person’s view- even if it’s easier for him not to. he’s very perceptive and it also just so happens that he’s great at giving advice too- so he will absolutely stay up til like 4am talking through your thoughts with you. will give you a nice soothing little cuddle and send you off to bed to rest on it.
•mums LOVE him
idk why but when he meets anyone’s mum they just love him so much ,, he’s that guy that gets the ‘ oh you’re such a lovely young man!!’ 24/7. when he’s a teacher ALL THE MUMS HIT ON HIM AND HE FEELS SO BAD TO TURN THEM DOWN, he goes ,” ahh, i have a s/o.” and smiles but he’s rly thinking “ what the fuck i teach your child the alphabet.” LMAO no but if it’s in a friendly way he loves it, rly likes mum gossip and will go ham talking about you to your mum/ mother figure. “ oh my yn is such a hand full,,, you know once they got lost at the zoo! almost gave me a damned heart attack, silly child. they were petting goats! goats!!” “ that sounds like them, and they still do that btw. got lost in the mall the other day” “ goodness, what a handf- oh koushi, sweetheart, would you like more cake?”
•is very, very empathetic
this is to the point where if someone he loves is going through something he can feel it too. if you’re crying he has to make an effort to not cry bc he just feels so deeply and in his head its ,’ god , that must hurt so badly ‘ and it hurts him . when you’re upset, he sees things from your view and all of a sudden he’s pissed off too. he feels others’ emotions so deeply along with his own and it’s SO FUCKING ATTRACTIVE GOD. so in tune with his heart and just a good boy ☹️
part one to this
- el fin
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My chibi designs for some Haikyuu characters!
(They have been all turned in keychains already, so if you are interested in buying them, just reach out for me and get more info🤗)
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You were in a crappy mood. Actually, that was an understatement. Your scalp was itchy. Your nose was runny. Your brain hurt — you’d missed all of last week’s maths lectures and now you were struggling to understand a concept that you’d easily grasped back in high school. 
But the cherry on top, the catalyst that pushed your frustration levels over the edge, was that you had not been able to reach your boyfriend Akaashi in over 24 hours. No good morning, good night, I’ve been thinking about you texts. You knew he got wrapped up in his studies sometimes but it had never been to the severity where he’d forget to send you at least some reminder that he was alive.
Or maybe, a treacherous part of your brain whispered, it’s not his studies he’s wrapped up in. Maybe it’s someone — 
Something clattered to the floor. You realized it was the textbook you’d been holding, the one you were preparing to consult. The weight of the disapproving gazes of the people around you settled on your chest, even as you thought this is a library, not a monastery.
Your phone chimed with a text and you leapt for it. 
Bokuto: Wanna go out for lunch????
You had not accomplished one thing, but it was time for a break.
You: Yes.
One nice thing about dating is that your partner’s friends become your friends, and Bokuto took this to heart. He saw fit to meet with you once a week minimum, to secure his position of best man at the wedding (or if Akaashi didn’t choose him, then man of honor. Or if you didn’t choose him, then at the very least emcee). 
When you arrived at your usual lunch spot looking a little worse for wear, he almost let out the secret that was bursting to escape from his every pore, but then he remembered his promise, and restrained himself. It spoke to what bad condition you were in that this whole thing had flown under your notice. You were usually very perceptive.
“Bo,” you said finally, sighing.
“Ummmm... Have you... heard from Akaashi lately?”
“Yes!” the answer burst from him. Bokuto coughed. “Yeaaahh, I have. You know we talk every day.”
You laughed drily. “Alright. Just wondering because he hasn’t responded to any of my messages. Life has been just so shitty recently.”
The bleak note in your tone nearly broke Bokuto, but then he saw a familiar figure stride through the restaurant’s glass doors, gaze sweeping across the floor plan until locking with Bokuto’s excited eyes. Bokuto looked over at you, but you were more interested in studying the tablecloth than interpreting his expression.
“Well, things are about to take a turn for the better,” he promised.
The past day had been straight from transportation hell — flights being cancelled, trains being missed, trains being delayed, airports closing down, inclement weather — all these words blurred together in Akaashi’s brain, melting into an indistinguishable hum, once he saw you. He saw you. You were here, and that made it all worth it. 
Slowly he made his way towards your table. Your back was to him, and it was so delicate, hunched protectively over your heart. On your calls, you always made it seem like you were doing fine. You never confided in him the worries that chipped away at your sleep, leaving purple bags underneath your eyes; the concerns that filled your eyes with tears, leaving them red when you picked up on FaceTime. 
But he was here now, and he could be here for you. Akaashi’s heart pounded, even as Bokuto signalled for him to hurry up. As he approached the table, Akaashi wondered what kind of face you would make when you first saw him. Did he know you as well as he thought? You would cry, he decided uncertainly. 
“...don’t know. Everything that could be wrong is wrong, I’m failing math, I’m breaking out, I miss Akaashi—”
“Who, me?”
You whirled around as he slid into the chair next to you, arms open. Akaashi smiled as you barreled into his embrace, hands already coming up to catch your salty tears.
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“ am i thicc? ” || hq! pt. 2
Tumblr media
synopsis: asking him if you’re double-cheeked up.  pairing: msby + misc. x gn!reader warnings:  mature language, crack notes:  no sakusa :/ ran out of steam after osamu’s lol. enjoy!
inspo.   pt. 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Full moon 🌕
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It was a well known fact that Bokuto hated the summer.
Sure, it was fun—training camps, beach trips, ice cream—but the heat was unbearable.
“Ugh, ‘kaashi, it’s so gross today!” Bokuto groaned as he tugged at his shirt. Sweat clung to his skin, dampening his white Fukurodani button-up uncomfortably. He winced. “I hate it!”
Akaashi, who followed just a few steps behind, hummed. “I suppose it’s quite warm.”
“Warm?! It’s boiling! I feel like I can’t breathe!”
Tumblr media
In no time, Akaashi had caught up, holding out a water bottle. “Bokuto-san, have you been staying hydrated?”
“Yes! I’ve drunk so much I’ve peed like, ten times already today!”
“That’s too much information, Bokuto-san.”
“Sorry.” He glanced at Akaashi, taking in his profile. He seemed completely unfazed by the hellish conditions. His face did have a sheen to it, but it only seemed to highlight his perfect complexion. 
Apparently, Akaashi didn’t sweat—he just glowed.
“I’ve always enjoyed the summer,” Akaashi said, breaking the spell he’d seem to cast over Bokuto. He listened intently as the younger boy continued: “I get cold easily, so it’s nice.”
Bokuto smiled. “Ah! I guess we’re different, eh, ‘kaashi? I run hot, so I prefer the winter!”
Akaashi nodded, a barely-there smile tugging at his mouth. Bokuto watched as he lowered his gaze to the ground shyly. The hair around his ears was curlier then usual, probably from the humidity. It looked soft to the touch.
“Bokuto-san, you’re very red. Did you forget to reapply sunscreen?”
He’d been caught staring. Bokuto sucked in a breath, looking away and nodding awkwardly. “I d-did, I promise!” He swallowed harshly, not sure why his throat was suddenly dry. “Actually, I think I n-need some water after all…”
“Sure.” When Akaashi passed the bottle over, their fingers brushed. Bokuto hoped his fingers weren’t as sweaty as they felt. Quickly, he turned and took a swig, trying to calm himself down.
Bokuto had only known Akaashi for a few months, but there was something about the boy… it drew him in. He really wanted to know more…
“Let’s get you home, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi said, tugging gently on his sleeve. “We don’t want you catching heat stroke and missing practice tomorrow.”
“Good thinking, ‘kaashi!” Bokuto grinned, following his new friend as he trudged on ahead. 
Even in the heat, Bokuto would follow him anywhere…
I finally wrote something (inspired by the new official calendar art)! It feels like it’s been forever. If you enjoyed this please share and comment! It definitely keeps me motivated. Cheers!
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Tumblr media
pt. 1 of a silly bakt comic >:3c
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Haikyuu!!'s been airing in Catalonia since last october and today we finally saw the owls<3
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haikyuuincorrecttrash · 2 days ago
bokuto: i just texted Akaashi “Hey infant” instead of “babe” so he knows i’m smart and regularly use my dictionary.
kenma: that’s not how it works, Bokuto.
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same, Akaashi.... same
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TW: Angst (not much)
Characters: Tsukishima Kei, Akaashi Keiji, Y/N.
It's me. And Him. This story is about a love that I regretted so much but still it hurts me more than I thought it would be.
Him. Tsukishima Kei.
I met him when both of us were still in junior high. He is my neighbor and I knew him for almost 8 years.
Tsukishima was never an attraction for me. Both of us were so comfortable with each other that we would spent time overnight together.
I realized both of us are becoming more matured when we turned 16. And 16 was the age where I realised love is a not a good thing.
I grew feelings towards him so I tried to change myself for him. He loves to tease and bully me. Yet he called me, "Y/N-nee". Well, since both of us grew up to be more matured, of course he would have a girl that can make his heart beats fasten.
At first I thought it's just a joke but it's not. "Y/N, can we hang out after-school? I wanted to tell you something", he said while smiling brighter than the sun.
When both of us had our outing after-school, he told me how he has a crush on someone. He even asked me to guess. I tried and tried for multiple times until i asked him if it's me. My heart was racing and the way adrenaline started to run inside my veins. "No. Please, who will like someone like you? You're not feminine enough", he laughed as he chewed on the fries. I just laughed it off saying how he is not funny. Then he said, "It's Yasuki. I liked her."
The way my heart shattered. How could I competed with her? Yasuki is one of our junior that has a lot of fan boys. She is pretty and cute. Unlike me. Unpretty and nerd.
"YAA, THAT'S SO GREAT!", i said to him. I patted his shoulder harder in order to make my hand hurted. It's a way to stop my tears from falling. He had been planning to confess to her for almost three months and he even tried to talk to her.
Days by days passed by. I told myself that I still have chances since they're not dating yet. I could change myself for him. Until one day, he went to me saying Yasuki is now dating someone else.
I sighed of relief but seeing him sad is a no no for me. I'm not happy at all. I wanted to see him happy. I did confessed to him but anonymously. I'm scared if he rejected my feelings.
I comforted him until he managed to move on. Until one day, during club meeting, he told me he wanted to walk home with me. We did and I enjoyed those time. I felt like the God finally made him to be by my side.
Then he told me.
"I'm dating someone one. It's Reina. Thanks to you, Y/N-nee. I got the courage. I may have failed once.", he laughed. He patted my head and smiled. But i felt like I'm out of breath. I didn't texted or talked to him for almost a week yet he still hit my phone up.
"Where'd you go? Why you're not here? I'm waiting for you", he said.
I had to push him away. I have to move on. I can't like someone's someone. I even tried to join group blind dates but none worked.
He even scolded me for trying to join such nonsense thing. I got mad so i deleted all his contacts from my phone. I didn't talked to him although he tried to. He gave me more hopes after he dated someone else. I had the worst mental breakdown that I had to cried every night.
At school, he would went to me and tried to talk to me even if it's infront of everyone. He would reduced the space between us and making sure his face is near mine.
How am I supposed to move on? It's not easy.
That's how I realized it's not a crush anymore. I realized I really love him. But I have to let him go if I really love him.
After a few group blind dates, I met Akaashi Keiji, another nerdy but cute boy. He was kinda awkward with me yet we managed to exchange email address and phone numbers. We started to text each other until we decided to date.
Tsukishima was shocked knowing about me dating another boy and scolded me for hiding such things from him.
Why?... Didn't you say you wanted to focus on yourself and your girlfriend? Since when my love story is your priority?
Although we spent a lot of times, captured a lot of pictures together and had each others back.
I still remembered when Tsukishima and I spent times during school event. We took pictures together and we even held each others hands. He went to me saying, "Do you want to support me?". When I got hurt, he comforted me saying I'm clumsy and he even made sure I'm comfortable.
Somehow after he dated Reina, he said I'm weak for not enduring pain after I fell. He won't even asked me I'm alright. That makes me to forget him faster. I'm grateful enough for God has sent me Akaashi, although he's not Tsukishima and he doesn't have all those memories and times that he ever spent with me, but I could give him all the loves that I can't give to someone I liked before.
4 months had passed by.
I finally moved on. Tsukishima? We blocked each other in real life and we still view each other story. Akaashi? We still have the awkwardness between us but at least we are sharing each others stories.
I'm glad it ended. I can't feel the pain and I'm happy for being able to love myself more and to have someone lovable like Akaashi.
"To my dearest Tsukishima,
I'm glad we both pushed each other. You once told me, "I'm moving on when I see their red flag".
You showed me how'd you treat someone once you don't need them. I do still have a single strand of hope for you but it's getting thinner. I know we had no chance but you made me stronger.
I know loving you is not a right thing to do, so I let you go. I'm sorry for not being able to be there for you anymore. You hurted me so much and I can't stand the pain.
I'm sorry for liking you which ended up ruining our friendship. But thank you for everything.
I don't wish for your interaction but I wish you the best in the future.
I love you."
(This is a based on true story. A story that was written by someone).
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luvring · 2 months ago
— clingy boyfriends
gn!reader | oikawa, kenma, akaashi, suna, atsumu, timeskip!sakusa
warnings: mention of sakusa being drunk
technically all of them are aged up but sakusa's has manga spoilers!
Tumblr media
OIKAWA is lying on top of you when you try to push him off. “i will literally die if you try to leave me.” you groan to try to hide your laugh. “really, tooru?” “yes,” he says, getting up so he’s in a planking position above you. “i’d get up just to drop dead on the floor. it’s always the spouse, you know.” the both of you stare at each other. it’s the perfect opportunity, really, if you tried to roll out of the way. but oikawa’s quicker than you, and he drops back down before you can shuffle even half a foot. his arms wrap around you as he rolls onto his side, pulling you against his chest. “you’re so annoying,” you laugh. he grins as he presses kisses on your shoulder, “but you love me. and you’re stuck with me until i’m ready to get up.”
KENMA groans, his hold tightening, when he feels you try to shuffle out of bed. “ken, ‘m hungry,” you whine. he only nuzzles closer into your neck before responding, “order food then.” you stare at him even though you know he can’t see you. “then what? tell them to somehow unlock the door and find us upstairs?” he hums in return, letting out a deep breath against your skin. “you know where the spare key is.” the thought gets a surprised laugh to escape you and you can feel kenma try to stop his own. “we can go down together in a few minutes. please?” you huff lightly and let your fingers start to brush through his hair. “okay, but if you fall asleep i’m going without you,” you say, knowing full well he’d wake up just to cling onto you longer.
KEIJI stretches and yawns before looking over at you beside him. “g’mornin’,” he greets you before placing his arm around your waist. and you know what's happening when he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. “keiji—” he hums, leaving a kiss against your jaw. “we have to get up,” you whine. he huffs a breath against your skin. “no we don’t, and you know it. it’s saturday.” “you don’t want breakfast?” “we can get brunch,” he replies easily. “i’ll cook our favourites.” there isn’t much to argue with when he’s warmer and more comfortable, and the sun is peaking through the blinds just enough. and keiji knows he’s won when he looks up at you with a soft smile. “stay with me?” you breathe out and mumble an “okay,” before letting yourself cuddle further into him and the blanket. he kisses your face once, twice, three times before pulling away. "love you."
SUNA frowns and looks up at you, his head still nuzzled into the crook of your neck, as soon as he doesn't feel you playing with his hair. “why’d you stop?” you spare a glance before waving your phone slightly. “‘cause i was typing?” “type with one hand then." he grabs the hand previously putting him to sleep and places it back on his head. “rin—god, okay,” you laugh. slowly, you start to comb through his hair again and feel his deep breath against your skin. “clingy baby.” he hums and smiles before placing a lazy kiss against your collarbone. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.” “oh yeah? so you’d let me leave right now?” suna pulls away from you, only to bump his nose against your cheek. his breath is warm as he whispers, “you wouldn’t dare.”
ATSUMU swings your arms side to side and whines, “baby, please?” you respond with a light but drawn out tone, “i can’t come with you to practice, babe.” he frowns, pulling your hands up so he could play with them in front of you. “i’ll quit my job then.” “wh—” your sentence is cut short by a snort as you suddenly let go of him. he pouts at the lost contact, pouting more at your reply. “sure you will, tsumu. i couldn’t take you from volleyball even if i had a billion dollars.” but atsumu sighs, knowing you were ultimately right. so he takes a step closer and leans his forehead against yours. his voice is softer now. “but ‘m gonna miss you.” slowly, you pull him into a hug and let him wrap his arms around you. “i’ll see you after, okay?” “fine, but i’m not letting ya go until tomorrow morning,” he says. your lips twitch into a smile at his promise. “okay, tsum.”
SAKUSA wishes his teammates would leave his house right now only half-jokingly. “if only fans could see how clingy yer boyfriend is,” atsumu sighs as he sits across from you in the living room. you look down at your boyfriend at the mention and smile as he pouts against you. maybe he drank a little more than usual, his face flushed as his arms trap you against the couch. “ooh, it’d probably help with publicity,” hinata teases. sakusa only moves further into you as he groans. deciding to have a little mercy, you finally reply. “cuddly ‘omi’s for me only, actually.” at the sound of your voice, he tilts his head to glance at you before kissing your collarbone. sighing, he mumbles quietly, “thank you.” “gross.” at that, sakusa finally lets go for a second, turning around to shoot a glare at his teammate. “get out of here, atsumu.”
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OUTFIT SWAP who pulls it off the best and WHO will be eliminated toNIGHT?? 
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akaashi is so tired
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