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⌕ [ “u know ily, right?” ] — k.tsukishima | 207.
Tumblr media
“you know i love you, right?”
kei looks up from his phone and blinks at her. “uh, i would hope so,” he pauses, “you did just accept my proposal not even twenty minutes ago, but-”
yn shoves his shoulder with a laugh. “shut up! i’m just saying- i really do love you,” she puts her head on his shoulder and takes a deep breath. “a whole bunch.”
“woah, careful now,” kei snickers, “don’t be getting too sappy now. save some of that for the actual wedding, yeah?”
yn rolls her eyes and lifts her head back up. she stares at the side of his face, observing as he scrolls through black friday deals.
“do we need a waffle maker? ours is kinda bus-”
“tsukishima kei, i swear to god of you say buddy is ‘busted’ i will actually kill you.”
kei laughs, eyes crinkling. he pushes his glasses up and leans over to kiss yn’s temple. “i can’t believe you named our waffle maker,” he says, wrapping an arm around her.
yn huffs. “i think it’s perfectly reasonable,” she gets quieter when she says, “it’s been with us for awhile. all sentimental items deserve a name.”
“hmm,” he hums, looking down at her. “i suppose you’re right. but, maybe buddt wasn’t the right name. i’m ninety percent sure hinata thinks bubby is a dog.”
“kei, it’s hinata,” yn deadpans, “what do you expect?”
a sigh, and then, “true.”
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❥ — just imagining tsukishima kei being drunk is too cute, seeing him be so soft and carefree for the first time makes you want to see him wasted more. Seeing and hearing him go on and on about how your an angel for dating him and how pretty you are is more than you can handle.
Especially when you both get back from the bar, and he can't keep his hands off of you long enough for you to even get ready for a shower. "Don't you want my love? Your the one who always wants me kiss and hug you." He whines, causing your heart to squeeze. "Kei baby, we both need to take a shower and as much as I love this aside of you— we need to get you sober." You stated, cupping his cheeks. The sight was too much to handle, his pouting expression made you just want to kiss the frown off his lips. His pleading honey eyes practically begging you for kisses. He groaned, attempting to kiss you but groaned again when you stopped him.
"Baby please."
You couldn't take anymore of this, It was enough that kei was being sweeter than usual —but to hear him plead with you and to use your favorite pet name was just cruel. "F-fine, one kiss then we get you some water."
"And cuddles right?" Christ he's so cute right now. "Sure Kei kei." You softly kissed the blondes lips, blushing slightly as you felt his lips tug into a small smile. "One more?"
taglist :: @chaeble, @awkwardaardvarkforever, @underratedbitch-number13 @hunnipotbish @mina-wina @smiithys
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his jersey [nsfw] [tsukishima kei]
Tumblr media
notes: some people on the haikyuu subreddit said tsukishima probably hates his college volleyball uniform and i thought it was funny so this is the outcome of a very self-indulgent fic that i wrote
warnings: manhandling, fingering, mating press, unprotected sex, pussy eating, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, mild choking, reader has female identifying body parts
Tumblr media
if tsukishima is being honest, he hates his college volleyball uniform.
the bright green of the jersey is too much and too flashy for the blonde’s liking, and looking at it for too long gives him a headache.
tsukishima adores you in his jersey, though.
the fabric easily engulfs your figure, and it always fascinates tsukishima how something that fitted him so well, was so big on you. it reminds him of just how big he is in compared to you, and as much as he hates to admit it, it turns him on.
hands fidgeting at his sides, his amber eyes peer at your figure from across the room. it was an abnormal day, only for the sole fact that the middle blocker didn’t have practice. he always looks forward to the intimate moments he can have with you, being able to admire your pretty figure in peace.
except for the fact that that ‘peace’ had been rudely interrupted the minute you put on his jersey. the offending fabric had slipped down your shoulder more than once, and eventually you gave up trying to fix it. tsukishima can feel his breathing hitch when he makes note that you’re not wearing a bra—at all. his eyes move down and the sight of your hard nipples peaking through the material confirm what he is afraid of.
his frustration only grows more when he realizes you don’t even know how much the smallest things can drive him crazy. it’s unfair, he thinks, as his eyes scan the bare skin of your legs as you sit on the couch curled up and fully invested in a book.
he wonders if you’re wearing any panties under the jersey, or if he could just reach under and your cunt would be there, waiting for his touch.
“oi,” he calls to you, getting your attention. you swiftly look up at him expectantly.
he blinks and scrunches his nose up in feigned distaste. “why are you wearing that?”
it takes you a minute to process what he means before it clicks. “oh? your jersey? i didn’t think you would mind, but i can take it off if you want.” you suggest.
“i didn’t say that,” he replies, clicking his tongue, “i just don’t know why you’d want to wear something so…ugly.”
“you think i look weird then?” you ask, worry in your tone. you look at the fabric before back at him.
‘crap, now she’s self conscious’ he thinks, before quickly improvising.
“i didn’t say that either,” tsukishima huffs, looking away to shield his rosy cheeks.
‘i’m such an idiot’ he scolds himself. how can he tell you that a vile piece of clothing looks amazing on you without sounding like a fool? sometimes your beauty stupefies his thoughts and he hates it.
“well you did not not say it either,” you argue, a pout forming on your face, “look if it bothers you so much, kei, i’ll change.” you get up and start for the bedroom, but the sound of his voice stops you.
he sounds a lot closer now, and upon turning around you see your boyfriend looming over you. his large hand catches your much smaller wrist before pulling you towards him.
“‘no’?” you repeat, you eyes stuck on his chest, “well then, what do you want?” your eyes follow to look up at him through your lashes and you blink innocently.
“i think you know what i want.” he answers, grabbing you by the waist before tossing you onto the couch. you let out a small noise of surprise and feel chills down your spine as excitement courses through your veins.
tsukishima’s eyes hold a primal look of hunger but slight restraint. he knows that once he indulges in the sin that comes in the form of you, he won’t be able to stop himself. once he has a piece of you, he needs the whole damn thing.
his knee nudges between your legs and when his eyes are presented with the sight of your bare, glistening cunt, he scoffs but smirks because his prediction was correct.
“just like the whore that you are. you wanted this all along, didn’t you?” his long fingers graze your folds, his eyes flickering up to meet yours, “i could practically hear you begging from across the room to be fucked.”
“n-no! that’s not true!” you gasp, face hot with embarrassment.
“‘no’?” he leans back, “it’s not? my mistake, then.” he starts to get up but you quickly grab his wrist.
“kei, please…i want you.” your eyes hold anticipation and need as you look up at the blonde and he feels his cock twitch in his sweats. you drive him absolutely insane. “want you to fuck me so bad. i miss your cock.”
what tsukishima fails to realize is that the smallest things spur you on too. it’s only so often that you get to see your pretty boyfriend at home. you usually were sad and sometimes complained, about the small amount of time, but stop short whenever you see or think about his toned and lean figure. volleyball was worth it on your end.
your eyes drag over his chest and how form fitting his plain tee is, sleeves tight over his broad shoulders and biceps flexing periodically whenever he moves to do anything. how could something so simple be so attractive?
you squeak as he pulls you so half your body rests in his lap. his eyes scan over you and you can tell he’s contemplating. only time would tell what happens next as his brown eyes are unreadable.
“god, what am i going to do with you?” tsukishima sighs. he moves so that your legs are on either side of his waist and that he has easy access to your middle. he leans back to remove his plain tee and you can’t help but ogle his bare chest. he rolls his eyes with annoyance, but a faint blush coats his ears and neck from the attention. you know he loves it.
going to remove his jersey, you’re surprised by the look of anger on tsukishima’s face and the feeling of his fingers pinching your thigh with warning.
“don’t take it off.” he says, pushing your hands away from the hem of the jersey.
you tilt your head to the side. “i thought you said it was ugly?”
“it’s not that bad when you wear it.” he shrugs, “anything you wear you look pretty in.” he blushes harder.
“awe kei, you like me?” you pinch his cheek and laugh but are quickly interrupted by a slap to your cunt.
“shut up. it’s not like you weren’t trying to get fucked in it.” he snaps.
when you don’t deny, he takes that answer as a ‘yes’.
“yeah. that’s what i thought.” he kisses down your neck, his hands slipping under the fabric to tweak your nipples. you arch up into his touch, gasping softly. he pushes the fabric up to your collarbone before his mouth latches onto your free nipple, hands still messing with the other one. when he’s done with his assault on your chest, he moves down.
tsukishima hums with satisfaction, watching you twitch under him. “so wet down here and i haven’t even done anything yet. what a slut.” moving his fingers he slides one digit in, then two, and suddenly he’s got three inside of you. he can’t get over the sight in front of him, of your body arching up into his touch and you keening by his every command. if he could have you like this all the time, then he would.
the sound of your pussy squelching against his palm makes him even harder. he can’t wait to feel your essence drip down his cock onto his balls. your cunt can never resist him.
when you try to move your hips against his hand he pins you down to the couch. you go to complain but he shoots you a look that says ‘i dare you’ and you immediately fall silent. seeming pleased, he moves down to where his mouth can devour your cunt.
“k-kei! oh my god!” you squeal, feeling his wet cavern against you. he grunts when your hands tug on his blond locks and only moves his tongue deeper, wanting to taste every bit of you. he adds his fingers and you instantly feel winded.
“you better make a mess or i’ll force it out of you.” he warns, moving his fingers quicker. his tongue moves in the same rhythm and you squeeze your thighs tighter.
“b-but the—ahh—jersey!” you stammer.
“what—‘ahh’—about it?” he mocks, forcing his tongue deeper into you.
before you can answer know it, your high hits and your gushing all over him. you eyes roll back in you head and tsukishima watches with fascination, stroking soothing circles into your hip.
“good girl,” he praises, grinning at the wet mess that now covers his glasses. he kisses you and you reach up to steadily palm him through his sweats. he groans against your mouth, hips rocking against your hand. you feel him pulse hard and you wonder if you can get him to cum just like this.
unfortunately though, you have to remember that this is tsukishima kei you’re dating, and he catches onto your antics quickly. pulling your creeping hand away and muttering, “brat” under his breath as you pout again.
he pulls down his sweats partially, his erect dick springing out and slapping against his stomach. you feel your cunt ache at the sight of him stroking himself in front of you.
he’s leaning over you and the scent of him overwhelms your senses. wrapping your arms around him, you hug him to you. a whine escapes you at the pressure of his blunt tip pushing inside and he kisses you to calm you down.
once fully sheathed inside of you, the blonde can’t hold back. “why,” he snaps his hips back, “are you this tight. so annoying.” you feel good—too good, admittedly. he’s afraid of cumming too soon. while he won’t say it to your face, as much as you missed him, he missed you too—perhaps, he thinks, even more than you. the sweet scent of your hair, the way your nails would dig into his back. the soft praises of you telling him how full you are and how good it feels. the man is in heaven at this point.
“your pussy is just as obnoxious as this jersey,” tsukishima grunts, watching as his cock slides in right at home between your soaked folds. “always trying to get attention in the most annoying ways possible.”
you whine as your boyfriend fills you up, his fat tip nudging against your gspot repeatedly. “k-kei…”
tsukishima ignores you and rests one large hand on your throat in warning. it doesn’t take much for you to become silent. annoying him would only result in punishment and with how needy you’ve been, you didn’t want that. or did you?
he moves you so that you’re folded over, legs in either side of his shoulders. the deep angle has you crying and sobbing his name. at the sight of you creaming his cock he starts to become delirious, lost in you and focused on nothing else.
tears brim your eyes as you look up at tsukishima, the sight of his sweaty fringe and concentrated look heavenly. his glasses had long fallen off from his vigorous movements and his pretty golden eyes are clouded with lust.
“fuck…i’m gonna cum…” he moans, hands gripping your hips tighter. he doesn’t realize how possessive the sight of you in his jersey makes him, but he wants to fill you up with so much cum that the jersey isn’t the only thing pooling.
“m-me too, wanna cum with you. please, kei.” you beg, wrapping your legs around his waist tighter.
he drives into you harder at your words, obscene noises filling the air and smothering the sounds of either one of your moans.
“look so pretty like this. don’t want anyone else seeing you like this but me. got that?” his hand grips on your neck again, making you a bit lightheaded.
“uh huh.” you murmur, toes curling with bliss. at the sound of him calling you ‘beautiful’ you can’t help the strong orgasm that creeps up on you unexpectedly.
tsukishima stills his hips at the vice like feeling your cunt has on him. moving only a little more he groans loudly when he cums inside of you. his teeth bite the sensitive skin of your neck as you milk him of everything.
you both lie in silence for awhile, holding each other before his slowly pulls out of you. he apologizes and kisses your forehead at the discomfort.
“you did so good.” he kisses you again on the lips before standing up. “i’ll be back.”
“where are you going?” you cling onto his arm and the blonde nearly wants to shoot himself in the foot over how cute you look.
“i have to clean you up, dummy.” he flicks your forehead before leaving to the bathroom. it’s not long before he comes back with a warm washcloth. you watch his eyes in silence as he cleans you up and he mumbles that you better not waste a drop of him before patting your cunt.
“gosh kei, you’re so pussy whipped.” you giggle as he carries you to the bath. he tsks mumbling that it’s not his fault that you’re annoyingly addictive.
when the bath is prepared, he sits you in the tub, making sure the water is right for you before sliding in behind you. he’s gentle as he washes you and the soothing feeling nearly puts you to sleep.
“i’ll be sure to wash your jersey before you need it again.” you tell him, rubbing a hand over his shoulder.
“don’t worry, about it.” he says, squeezing your hand. “i’ll take care of it.”
call the man a pervert but he simply isn’t washing the jersey before his next game. he wants to be able to smell your scent as a way of motivation and good luck.
maybe the vision of him fucking you in his jersey embedded in his head will make the article of clothing more tolerable now.
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyeque
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**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ˚*
random bf texts
ft. suga, hinata, tanaka, kageyama, and tsukishima
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ˚*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tsukishima kei.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"you're crying," tsukishima speaks over your soft sobs filling the atmosphere around an empty staircase.
"thanks for noticing, idiot," even though your throat is soar and you're barely in a position to say something, you manage to utter words of delightful gratitude, or insult, whatever fits the situation better.
he sighs, and you feel him sit next to you. to be honest, he's the last person you expected to see at the moment, and also the last person you wished would see you in your current state.
you don't have anything against again, not at all, but neither of you can stand each other's presence, especially you. perhaps, it's the way he refuses to compromise, or the moments he straight up calls your ideas stupid and lame, always getting on your nerves. tsukishima isn't a half bad student, but he sure is the worst project partner you could've been assigned.
another sigh escapes his lips. "if you would tell me what happened, maybe i can help,"
"yeah, no thanks, asshole," you reply.
"i don't see the need to call me names when i'm being nice to you,"
"jesus, tsukishima, i don't want to talk to anyone right now so please leave me alone," there's annoyance in your voice, hints of anger in your eyes, a frown on your face while you try your best to compose yourself and not break down.
it doesn't faze him.
tsukishima doesn't even blink. in fact, he looks at you as if he's used to seeing you this way. his eyes are still brimming with indifference, or maybe there's a little bit of emotion— warmth— you don't know, it's hard to figure out. reading him is hard because on other days, tsukishima doesn't seem to care.
he takes a deep breath, pulling out his phone from the pocket before leaning against the step behind him. "guess we're staying quiet,"
and you don't know why he doesn't leave.
the typical tsukishima would be with his friend or in a corner of the classroom, sitting by himself with air-pods plugged in. some say he listens to crime podcasts while others have seen him re-listen to the lectures, which could be the reason behind his excellent grades. on normal days, he would call you stupid for minor miscalculations in mathematics, suggesting that you should sign up for remedial classes before it's too late.
maybe, it's the significant change in weather today that has got him acting this way. maybe, he just needs someone to kill his boredom and coincidently, you happen to need someone who would lend you an ear.
"i broke up with my boyfriend," you begin, eyes on the gray tiles, voice low enough to equalize a whisper. "well, he broke up with me, and even though i said that i fucking hate him and that i'm better off without him, it hurts, y'know?"
tsukishima sighs again. it's a lighter one this time, like a sigh of relief, a sigh without stress, a sigh of comfort. you wait for him to speak but, all you hear is silence. for a second, you wonder if it was a wrong decision to tell him this in the first place, and the reason is far beyond the ideologies of sharing your weakness with your biggest rival. to put it simply, you don't think tsukishima is the right person to find comfort within.
he slips his phone back inside the pocket. "you curse a lot when you're angry, or upset,"
"is that what you inferred from everything i told you?"
he shrugs. "perhaps,"
"gosh, i new this was a bad idea," actually, you thought it was a good idea to share a few things with him, just for a brief second. of course, this isn't the only decision you'd be regretting, but you still hope you could go back in time and stop yourself while you still had the chance.
you grab your bag, swinging it up your shoulders before taking a last look at him, hoping he'd say something else, something worth noting instead of initiating pointless talks. when nothing comes your way from his side, you decide to leave on your own accord, for your own good.
"crying over men is lame," his words make you halt in your way. "just saying," and it's surprising and equally fascinating to hear something along those lines from his mouth.
"i know," you chuckle, "but, some of us have it tough out there,"
"you're not some random person. you decked your friend's ex because he cheated on her," first things first, you don't know the need to bring that up. you were in first year and had subpar hatred for people to cheat on their significant others— still do— but the current you wouldn't deck someone. and secondly, you don't know how that has anything to do with your relationship.
"hey, now, that was a different case,"
"you can deck your ex too," he states with a monotonous voice, being ever so serious and certain of his words as if they're wedding vows. "i don't see how that's any different,"
a trail of silence follows. you almost consider his words, almost, and brush off those thoughts from your mind the very next second. you take a look at his face, wondering if he's joking, but reading tsukishima has always been so hard, you don't know if his eyes resonate with a mere prank or if they spell something else out loud.
"minato treated me well, tsukishima," you retort, "i don't know what's going on in that head of yours but, don't make any assumptions,"
the slight necessity to clarify your relationship compelled those words to fall off your lips. although, you did broke up on bad terms, the period while you were with him wasn't half bad. you both had your share of happiness and sorrow, arguments and comfort, just like any other normal relationship would. maybe that's why now that you've broken up, it hurts more, and perhaps, the reason is not him but instead, everything that the two of you had.
"well, you've got other guys out there," once again, tsukishima's words pull out of your thoughts. his expression is ambiguous and his gaze mirror something that you've never seen in his eyes. you take your time to come up with a response, knowing that while his words means more than what they seem to.
and when you don't say anything for the next new seconds, tsukishima stands up, taking a step towards you. "i'm saying, you have me,"
Tumblr media
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getoslittlemonkey · 4 days ago
akaashi and tsukishima would be the "removing their glasses when they're into the kiss" guys 🧎
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katsuchans · a year ago
"do you love me?"
tsukishima paused the video he was watching on his phone as he turned to look at you, who was sitting beside him on the couch, with an unamused face.
"there's a kid sleeping in the bedroom right next to us who looks exactly like the two of us," he responds, eyes meeting yours.
"that doesn't answer my question, kei."
he places down his phone on the coffee table in front of both of you, slightly turning his body to the side to face you.
"what did you do this time?" he asks, eyes fixed on you.
"what? i did nothing! why are you answering my question with another question?" you frowned, arms crossed in front of your chest.
"because the last time you tried pulling something like this, you 'accidentally' broke my glasses." his brow quirked up at you, air-quoting the word 'accident' for emphasis as he mirrors your action.
"it was really an accident! and no, i did not do anything nor broke any of your stuff," you gave him a slight glare, lips slightly jutting out into a small pout. "i just want to know if you love me."
"no, i don't," he says, corners of his lips tugging up into a small smirk.
you kept your eyes on him as he turns to lean his back against the couch, picking up his phone again.
as you were about to say something, he cuts you off.
"i don't love you that's why i married you and had a kid with you."
he says, eyes still fixed on the phone screen.
"i don't love you that's why i wake up earlier than what i'm used to so i could prepare your breakfast and pack your lunch for work."
even though he has his phone in his hand, you knew you have his full attention as he was just looking at the home screen instead of opening a random app.
"i really don't love you, that's why i use my free time at work to watch re-runs of your favorite shows so i could respond with something useful whenever you talk about them to me."
the smirk turns into a genuine smile that you know fully well as his eyes were fixed on your family photo that he had set as the home screen background of his phone.
"i don't love you that's why i sit with you here on the couch, at four in the morning even though we both have work in less than four hours, answering your dumb question," he says, finally turning to look back at you.
but it was your turn to look away.
"it was just a question, you don't have to be all serious," you mumbled quietly, "and do you really watch my dramas in your free time?"
kei lets out a small laugh, turning back on his phone again as he scoots closer to you, resting his head on your shoulder.
"i thought the plot would be cliche but it's more fun than what i had expected..." he replies, playing the video that he was watching earlier.
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Tumblr media
#includes: Tsukishima and Suna
#genre: Smut, hurt/comfort, fluff ending i guess?
#description: when they take degradation too far and hurt your feelings. Idea from @heartzdesirez
#warnings: heavy degradation, words like: bitch, slut , whore etc, roughish sex, fem reader, restraint, tears, kinda toxic.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Tsuki had always been a bit mean when it came to the bedroom , always preferring degradation over praise and for the most part you were okay with it. He never done anything you were uncomfortable with and always made sure to check up on you before and after, because that was and always will be his main priority.
He had come home after a practically rough day and just needed something or someone to take his frustrations out on and what better way than to have sex with you. You also weren’t having the best day so you immediately reciprocated Tsuki’s rough kiss, hoping it would take your mind off all the shit that’s weighing down on it.
One thing led to another and you found yourself pinned under him while he roughly thrusted in and out of you without a care. “You like that you little slut? Of course you do because that’s all you’re good for, a tight little clocksleeve for me to take my frustrations out on” you don’t know what it was , normally you’d eagerly nod your head and agree with him but today you just felt off. The sex wasn’t making you feel better it was making you feel worse and his words that used to turn you into a wet mess now pierced your heart. Tsuki noticed the slight wobble of your lip and thinking it was all part of the act , he continued his humiliation “ Aww the stupid little baby about to cry” he condescendingly laughed. You attempted to push him away with your hand on his chest but he gripped both wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head “is it too much for you whore ? Aw what a shame” 
You turned your head away in an attempt to hide the tears that were making their way down your face but he gripped your cheeks in his hand and turned your head to face him , “Look at me when I’m fuc- shit baby , are you okay?!” You don’t know if it was the tears on your cheeks or the disheartened look in your eyes that made him stop but you were glad he did. He immediately pulled out and took you into his arms so your head was now laying on his chest. “Fuck I’m so sorry baby , did I take to far?” He asked while rocking you back and forth and once he got the confirmation that that was the case he placed a multitude of kisses on your head while stroking your back. “God I’m so fucking sorry love. You know I didn’t mean any of that right?” when he gets no response he shifts you so your facing him and looking him dead in the eye. “Look at me pretty girl, I promise you that I didn’t mean any of it. You’re the most important person in my life, fu-fuck I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you so much” the sincerity in his voice and loving gaze was enough to comfort and reassure you that he did love you. “Promise?” You asked weakly. “I’d put my whole life on it” he lovingly strokes your cheek and carries you into the bathroom to start a warm bath “I’m going to show you just how much I love you”
Tumblr media
“Whiney…fucking…bitch” each word was punctuated by a deep hard thrust. Hate sex was nothing new to you and Suna, it occurred most of the time you guys got into arguments. It was an easy way to release your frustrations out on each other. However, today it was different, you weren’t reciprocating the same energy you normally would and that’s probably due to the nature of the argument that led you to be face down in the mattress.
The argument had started after you expressed your distaste in the way girls flirted with him and how he didn’t do anything about it and while he didn’t entertain them he also didn’t push them away which hurt. Once you voiced these concerns he mockingly laughed at you and told you how you needed to be less insecure because it was harmless. And yeah maybe you were insecure, because you know the way girls look at him and how they talk about your relationship , you just wanted reassurance. All you wanted was for him to tell you that he loves you and those girls mean nothing but instead you were met with harsh words instead , “You should be lucky I’m fucking you. You know how many girls would love to be in your position? Me fucking you should be reassurance enough” he followed his words with a harsh slap to your ass.
That was your breaking point. Your sobs were muffled in the sheets as he held your head down and continued to roughly thrust in and out of you. “This pussy is the only thing that’s keeping me here” you desperately clawed at his hands in hopes that he would get the message and remove them which he did. Once you lifted your head up , he could tell something was wrong and halted his movements “hey.. you okay?” You shook your head while your shoulders shake with your sobs and you desperately try to catch your breath. Suna quickly pulls out once he realises you’re not okay and rushes to your side. “Shh shh , what’s wrong baby? Talk to me” “is my body really the only things that’s keeping you here?” You got out through your sniffles. “Shit , of course it isn’t baby, I shouldn’t have said any of that , I was just angry , I’m so sorry baby , so fucking sorry” he pushed your head into his chest and soothingly stroked your hair. “I love you so much, im just a fucking idiot, no girl other than you means anything to me , you hear that? I was just mad that you couldn’t see that I only have eyes for you beautiful” “that’s all you had to say you idiot” you meekly chuckled. “I know I know I was just defensive and im sorry, it’ll never happen again” “I love you” “I love you more baby”
Note: Hopefully I’ve done your idea justice @heartzdesirez
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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emocatts · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🥟 ୨୧⋆。˚🎧 ⋆゚⊹ ★ ˚?? ara ara gomen !!
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mintmetal · a month ago
tsukishima stroking his thumbs underneath your eyes before he kisses you, just to admire the way they glint in moonlight. he thinks you’re so pretty, looking up at him through your lashes, lips twinkling from where you’d licked them in anticipation. it feels like an eternity, but when he dips his head to connect his mouth to yours, you sigh happily against him, hands braced against his chest so you can feel the way his heart betrays his cool demeanour, as it skips a beat.
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bokubear · a month ago
Haikyuu!! — you’re his kids teacher
❥ including ; ( timeskip! ) atsumu miya, akaashi keiji, tsukishima kei, iwaizumi hajime
❥ genre ; single dad hq boys, fluff, IWAIZUMI, cute awkward dads :((
❥ notes ; i needed to do this.. desperately
Tumblr media
Atsumu was excited for his little tike’s first day of kindergarten, having prepared the twin girls’ matching backpacks and pigtails beforehand. But upon dropping them off, his jaw nearly touched the floor. There you stood, smiling and beckoning the families in. And even while he stumbled to even speak coherent sentences, you considerately assured him that, “they’ll be fine I promise.” As if he was hardly functioning because of his daughters. He was, yes, but you. Holy crap. Nonetheless he attended every single parent-teacher meeting dressed a little too-nicely to just be coming to listen to his girl’s grades. Every chance he got he’d slip in a little remark about how ‘stunning you looked today’ or that he could ‘always be a helping hand’ if you needed it. He was down bad. “Since you ask so much, would you like to help out in preparing for our Halloween party Mr. Miya?” The question has Atsumu nearly jumping out of his skin in excitement, along with the cute ‘Mr.’ you added as well. “U-uh sure! Whatever you need.” As I said, down bad.
Akaashi would become ultimately flustered, smiling continuously despite his heart beating a thousand miles per hour. He’d always try his hardest to look on-point, or whatever that would appear like when it came to Akaashi. Of course, his more than intelligent daughter would catch on rather quickly to this playful banter that kept up between the two of you. Exchanging rather confused glances towards her smitten father. And as for that one day? Oh Akaashi couldn’t forget. When he’d walked in for a curriculum chat, hand in hand with his little one. Only for her to pad towards you, grabbing your hand to involuntarily lead you to Akaashi who began stammering apologies for interrupting. However the apology cut short when she spoke, “My daddy likes you! He gets pink cheeks when he talks to you!” She exclaims matter-a-factly, face bursting with pride. Akaashi couldn’t have been more embarrassed. “Is that so?” Your reaction earned a hushed squeak from the humiliated dad. And while the raven-haired individual was drowning in those pink cheeks his daughter had talked about, the tap you landed on his shoulder pulled him back to reality. “Don’t worry, we’ll talk later, okay?” Yep, drowning back into those pink cheeks.
Tsukishima has always been quite straightforward as we know, even when he is indeed charmed by his son’s teacher. Thinking this was inappropriate behavior, he attempted to silence the internal screaming every time he spoke to you. Answering with short replies. You reminded him of Yamaguchi in a way, always so friendly despite having to put up with his cold tone. Although his usuals demeanor vanished when he discovered that you’d come down with a cold and had to stay home from school. So, this led to a trip to the convenience store with his eager little helper on a search for medicine. Thank god he’d kept that card with all your info on it in case of emergency. A knock on your door gripped you from your feverish state, the greeting at the door surprised you—and melted your heart all at the same time. Clad in masks, Tsukishima and a mini copy of him lay fully prepared to take care of you. “I heard you were sick so I thought as a parent-” He began, except you cut him off halfway with a weak, “Thank you.” Pretty eyes filled with stars gazing up at him left the blonde utterly speechless. Nonetheless they did take care of you that evening, laughing at how adamant his son was about reading you a bedtime story, and getting the opportunity to see Tsuki’s soft side. Lucky you.
Iwaizumi honestly shouldn’t be worried about winning you over or getting your attention. If anything, you should be wanting his attention. I mean, the whole package is right there? You have to be blind to not see how attractive this man is. It’d be entertaining at orientation to see all the mothers hawking at this handsome masterpiece. Especially with his heart already belonging to you. He tries denying it, really. Not wanting to make the same mistake and put his somewhat calmed life with his little girl in jeopardy by catching feelings. But on that day he found you comfortably working at a cafe he frequented, he found himself purchasing a coffee and slipping into the extra chair beside you. “Huh..? Oh.. Iwaizumi, didn’t expect to see you here.” Your focus flickered upward to him, casting a small smile. “Working on weekends then?” He tutted, taking a sip from the cardboard cup. It was hard to ignore his muscular hand when he held the coffee cup. And when he stretched. Almost as if he wants you to notice. Or perhaps it could’ve been a misunderstanding. Whatever it was, it worked—and coffee shop dates meet-ups became a bit of a routine for the both of you to catch up. Or maybe something more..?
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost , and editing is prohibited
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asmo-bf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Sucking Tsukishima Kei off while he works.
You whine to him about being “So needy for him” but he just tells you he’s busy. You can’t help it when your hands begin to wander all over him. He just looks so good when he’s so focused on work. He does his hardest to ignore you but when you start palming him through his pants he can’t help but moan. He doesn’t stop you initially, you just keep palming him while he grips onto his pen and tries not to give you what you want.
But his composure quickly fades and he grabs into your wrist halting your actions. You whine, thinking he’s gonna tell you to cut it out, but instead he tells you to get under the desk. Your quick to get on your knees waiting for him to unbutton his pants. You know exactly what he wants you to do, and you’re more than happy to do just that.
Once his pants were down enough for his cock to be free your mouth was on it. Tsukishima groaned quietly, but spoke out. “Now be a good boy. And be quiet.”
You heard him go back to scribbling away at his work, but it was much less focused than before. You could hear his breath stutter and you just knew he was gripping onto his pen hard enough to break it.
His hand would come to your hair eventually. Completely done with trying to focus on his work. Fucking into your face as fast as he could, completely lost in the pleasure you’re giving him.
He might be a little angry about you distracting him afterwards, but you could certainly come up with a way to make it up to him.
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rinslova · 4 months ago
୨୧— including: k. tsukishima x fem!reader
୨୧— genre: fluff
a/n: @imjustasimpxd this is for you my love <3
Tumblr media
wears silver rings that compliment his pretty fingers, now kei really isn't a jewelry person but once you had gave him one of your silver rings he kinda got addicted just a tad. Ofc he wouldn't let you know that, he also isn't really fond of gold. He'll wear it but he prefers silver.
chews his bottom lip when he's in deep thought it's a habit he tends to do subconsciously, though you don't tell him about it. Just silently enjoying the view of kei all preppy, somehow managing to be hot yet cute at the same time. Typing away on his computer, the rings you bought him adorned on his fingers.
smirks at you when your both arguing, now kei does this almost all the time. Except when your genuinely mad but, when your not he'll smirk down at you getting a kick out of your feisty nature. And when he stares you down, your insults halting he'll lean down to your level. "Whats wrong baby? Cat got your tongue?"
examines your outfits before you leave, now tsukki isn't one of those controlling bf's no. He just likes seeing your outfit before you leave, however if he thinks the outfit itself is a little much for the occasion he'll offer to make a new one for you. And trust me he has good taste, though you have to admit its kind of hot seeing him get slightly jealous if you were to go out dressed like that.
always has his hands on your hips, maybe its a force of habit or insinct but to both of your knowledge there has never been a moment where Kei hasn't had his hand settled on you hip. If he cant touch that, then its everywhere close to your hip, your waist and your thighs mainly. But what really gives you butterflies is when your talking to someone else, and kei comes up behind you and he settles a hand on your hip and his fingers barely touch your v-line. Knowing he wants your attention.
when your trying to reach for something and he takes it and lifts it up higher, as we all know tsukki is a part time dick. So as a boyfriend that is definitely part of the description, so when you perched up on your tippy toes trying to reach for your favorite book, that so happens to be on the highest shelf for some reason, he'll walk up behind you giving you a sigh of relief thinking he was gonna get it down. Smirking down at you he did anything but that, teasing you by lowering slightly before making you jump up to get it. "Oh come on now, you'll have to do better than that"
calls you teasing yet loving nicknames like: shorty, baby (in a mean way) princess (mocking), munchkin, tiny
although when he just wants to hold you close to his chest and pepper kisses all over your face, before placing one last kiss on your lips he'll call you: baby, angel (rarely) and sweetheart
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hyeque · 7 months ago
would you perhaps like to elaborate on mean bf!tsukki and shy gf bc that is one of my favorite rs dynamics ever and tsukki just SATISFIES that for me iykwim :’’-)
yes i know exactly what you mean anon, let’s dive in
tsukishima who before you two started dating teases you a lot but absolutely will get dealt defensive when someone else teases you. he’s the only one allowed to do that. if you try to bring this up he will outright deny it.
tsukishima who gets mad when he sees you talking to other guys. he always confronts the guy later on and tells them to back off. you get confused when guys start avoiding you like the plague.
tsukishima who aggressively asks you out, he just doesn’t know how to properly ask people out in a way that’s pleasant (man doesn’t get social cues rip) and is internally grateful when you say yes (after recovering from a stroke of course since he asked you out)
mean bf!tsukki who always grabs you by the neck to let you know who’s in charge when you start getting a little bratty. he doesn’t tolerate that shit and you know it
mean bf!tsukki who slaps your thigh when you aren’t paying attention to him explaining your homework. he doesn’t want to waste anytime, the sooner y’all get done with work, the sooner he can make out with you
mean bf!tsukki who likes to lean down to your ear and whisper in it to fluster you on purpose because he loves how easily riled up you can get
mean bf!tsukki who whenever greeting you doesn’t say anything but just leans down and turns his cheek towards you for a greeting kiss. if you don’t give him one he gets really moody and petty. will ignore you until you do.
mean bf!tsukki who roughly grabs you by the collar of your shirt if you’re ever straying away in a large crowd. scolds you and tells you to pay more attention to your surroundings or it’ll be your fault if you get lost.
mean bf!tsukki who says he hates it when you call him ‘tsukki’ but the minute you call him by his full surname the man is scowling. he won’t answer unless you unless you say ‘tsukki’ or ‘kei’.
mean bf!tsuki who always purposely places things on high shelves so you have to ask him to get it (which is a pain m) depending on his mood he may have you beg just because the mf is a sadist (which is an even bigger pain).
mean bf!tsukki who demands you wear strawberry lip gloss bc he’s obsessed with the taste of it when you two make out. doesn’t listen to you when you say not to leave hickies behind. claims people need to know who you belong to.
hehe i could go on forever anon but i will stop here almost went nsfw but chile whew
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amesstm · 3 months ago
watching them at practice
He’s so excited to see that you’re in the bleachers. The rest of his teammates chuckle at his wide smile and how he jumps towards you. “Hey! Did you see me give that ace?” You nod and give him a good luck kiss before he returns to practice.
Hinata, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Tendo, Sugawara, Bokuto, Koganegawa
He simply acknowledges you with a nod of his head. He has a small smile on his face because even the fluttering of his heart can’t be contained. As a result of you being there, he might get distracted a bit more.
Osamu, Kita, Aran, Kenma, Daichi, Tsukishima, Akaashi, Aone, Kai, Kunimi, Shibaru, Suna, Iwaizumi
He notices you as soon as you enter but tries to play it cool. In his attempt at looking calm and collected, he misses his serve completely. “Out!” He groans and acts like you’re not there to witness it. Your soft giggle makes him blush even more.
Atsumu, Terushima, Oikawa, Kuroo, Lev, Futakuchi, Goshiki, Daisho, Akaashi
He’s so focused on volleyball that he doesn’t realize you come in until after practice. When he does see you, his eyes light up and he smiles like an idiot. “I saw your spike. That was super cool!” He gets so giddy inside when you gush over him.
Kageyama, Ushijima, Oikawa (again), Sakusa, Iwaizumi
©amesstm on tumblr // pls do not plagiarize, steal, or repost my content w/o permission!! BUT likes & reblogs are highly appreciated :)
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