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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
typo : it should be hassle 😭 dk how and why i wrote hustle¡
↬ PART 38 : quite the enigmas
↬ A/N : i’m in love with RM’s INDIGO. it took me 3 days to listen to the whole album. i guess i was contemplating each and every song on the way alongside cramming for finals :/ do you think yn will talk to kiyoomi herself or will she make tsumu or tetsu do it?
✦ taglist (open) : @wolffmaiden @k444zuha @kurooloveschurroo @duchess-l @tobiot4life @thoskyrn @kittycasie @yachisupremacy @ladle-things @suhaaaefre @saaraunicorn @midnight-drives-with-sunarin @mitsuki-simp @karasunoya @hangecanweholdhands @kiyoomimybeloved @scrawled-in-ink @ixej @softtashoney @sukunasrealgf @erintaro @rntrsuna @rukia-uchiha-98 @hypernovaxx @whore-for-eddie @katsuwhore @yeletbz @hxked @kotsubano @awaitingdoom @mxlkytea13
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drapes his jacket over you when he notices you slouching and leaning on your forearm. You’ve definitely fallen asleep when you should be studying and working on your assignment but he’ll let it slide, just this once. (a lie) 
kisses your head and gently runs his long fingers along your back peppering his lips along your neck and arms, doting on you to make sure you don’t get a cold from the ac in the library. (why you chose to sleep under the fan will never cease to confuse him) 
has an album filled with pictures of you sleeping and sets them as his background, alternating between his favorite ones. He claimed to not be the type to obsess over their s/o but how could he not when you’re just so beautiful and loving you is one of the best things he's ever done? 
Sometimes if he’s feeling generous he’ll finish your work (he’s done it enough that he’s matched your handwriting perfectly but he’ll never admit it) opting for the excuse that you must have completed it before passing out (a lie that loses credibility the more it happens) and when you get a perfect score on the assignment you run into his arms as he congratulates you. (maybe this was all a ploy for your affection) 
“Baby look I got a 100%!” 
“You’re amazing honey, how do you wanna celebrate?” 
Kuroo, Kenma, OSAMU, Suna, Akaashi, Sakusa, Iwaizumi, TSUKISHIMA, Daichi, Oikawa, Kita
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tw: some crying. nothing too sad tho
Tumblr media
♡ suna. laces his fingers with yours and carries you to the bed when you begin to cry a little harder. lies down beside you and runs his long, slender fingers through your hair as he lets you cry into his chest. when you begin to feel better, suna flashes you a rare, uncharacteristic smile and asks, "do you wanna talk about it?"
♡ oikawa. freezes and the smirk on his face immediately drops. did he cross a line while teasing you just now? he makes his way towards you, apologies spilling from his lips and a box of tissues on his hands as he offers them to you. when you reject the tissues and hug his waist instead, he feels something stirring in his stomach as he quickly wraps his strong arms around you, pulling you into his lap. as he coos soft little nothings in your ear, oikawa can't help but wonder what it would be like for you to finally be his, and for him to comfort you for an entire lifetime.
♡ ushijima. blinks slowly and unsurely as he gazes at your slumped figure, broken sobs threatening to overtake you. he walks up to you and takes a deep breath before enveloping you in his large, warm arms. he pats your back a little awkardly as you lean closer, burying your face into his neck and wetting his collar in the process. when your tears stop, you realise he's still rubbing soothing circles on your back, and you smile to yourself because you know ushijima will always have your back and give you a shoulder to cry on.
♡ bokuto. his hair droops down and the light in his sparkly eyes quickly diminishes. he pouts and cups your face delicately, wiping away the tears that spill out of your eyes. he tells you his favourite bedtime story that his grandmother used to read to him, and his slow, soothing words somehow calm you down. when your eyes are no longer wet, bokuto finally perks up and rubs your noses together while he gives you the biggest smile you've ever seen.
♡ kenma. feels a pang in his chest when you fall into his lap in a dishelved heap. he hums very softly, playing with the ends of your hair whilst giving you tiny smiles occasionally. when your sobs become soft sniffles, he makes you your favourite hot chocolate and gently places it in the palms of your hands as he offers, "wanna play legend of zelda together?"
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Tumblr media
FT. oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, akaashi, bokuto
W. mentions of drinking
AN. reposting :( i only found one taglist, i'll add the second one when i do :(
Tumblr media
offended because he's your boyfriend and you refuse to recognize him. it's just a series of 'y/n i'm your boyfriend,' and 'no, you're not. my boyfriend is prettier,' he's literally suffering because it's getting late and people keep giving him weird looks. tries to convince you using pictures in his phone but still no avail because, "listen mister, i know how photoshopping works." is all you say, paying no attention to his words. finally gives up and helps you sober up a bit before you recognize him and you both leave after two hours of constant suffering. literally tells you not to use your brain when you're drunk because the photoshopping move took him away.
finds it interesting and decides to play along. says "your boyfriend doesn't have to know," with his famous shit eating grin, however, is taken aback as you gasp and slap his hand away from you. kuroo is happy that even in the lack of soberness, you won't go with any other man but at this point, it's getting too much and he's just exhausted. says something like, "let's go home, y/n," and grabs your hand, only to get punched in the face. he hopes his nose isn't broken. takes you home once you realize that he's your boyfriend because "you both look a little too similar— oh, tetsu?!" you're a little too late, y/n. please buckle up because you aren't hearing a end of this anytime soon and kuroo is the type to hold grudges <3
so fucking embarrassed because you just said, "i will report you for sexual assault," a little too loud and the people around are now sending him glares. as much as he loves you, he might really be regretting some decisions and the one to let you drink alone is on the top of the list. had to clarify using pictures on his phone and other things before someone calls cops on him. for some reason you remember osamu even when you're wasted ( which he's still offended about ) and call him to help you get home. you wouldn't stop saying things like, "samu, who is this weird man? where is tsum?" and it pains him physically.
tired. it's late night and he wants to sleep so bad. doesn't take shit from anyone, just picks you up and walks out. ( akaashi is very capable of that, i know ) definitely gets weird stares about it but no one really questions since you aren't opposed to his actions. if you don't recognize him, he washes you face until you get a minimum hold of yourself. turns out you actually recognized him a while later and apologize to him the next morning. he doesn't let you drink alone ever again. kinda salty that you didn't try to stop him when he picked you up because it could've been anyone else. just be ready for a lecture.
in tears, honestly. it's not like you accidently hit him or anything. you're not even listening to him. he's the sitting beside you, begging you to come with him while you keep rambling about how amazing and hot your boyfriend is. and as much as he likes compliments, he clearly doesn't appreciate them at 2 am when you refuse to recognize him. "y/n, let's go home," — "you know, kou used to call me that," — "that's because it's your name?!" — yeah you have this moment with him and it kills you the next morning because you remember everything. when he asks you to come home a little too firmly, you glare at him and refuse, saying that you already have a boyfriend, he's not sure if he should be happy or crying. finally you pass you and he takes you home, sigh <3
Tumblr media
taglist in the rbs.
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osamu miya.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"what do you think is the right way to ask someone out?" osamu's sudden question draws out your attention from your english assignment.
you take a moment to think, and while he thinks you're sorting out the most appropriate answers to his question, you're lost looking the answer to just one question that's plaguing your mind : should you tell him, or not?
"uh, who is it for?" you settle with the conclusion that he's asking that question out of curiosity. after all, you both are at an age where romance gradually becomes an integral parts of almost everyone's life.
out of all the years that you've known osamu— which is for around seven years for now— there has been only one time when you've seen him pursuing someone, and that was your best friend in middle school; and like the good friend you were, you helped the two of them confess to each other. you would walk to school and back, watching them holding hands, make plans without you because they were dating and it was understandable. you didn't mind, not at all, for you weren't in love with him at that point.
looking back now, you wonder if things would've turned out different if you hadn't helped your friend, or if you had realised your feelings a bit earlier. back then, you found it amusing to watch two people in love act like idiots, not knowing it'd all come back to you with a much larger impact.
"someone i like," he replies in his classic monotonous voice, as if he couldn't care less about not telling you who he has a crush on. it's exactly how it was back in middle school. had it not been for your friend, you wouldn't have known she was the one osamu had been planning to ask out all along. "goes to the same university as us, might even be in your biochem class,"
and your mind traces over the image of every single person in your class, crossing out the names that don't seem to fit osamu's taste in romantic partners. it's not the first time you're doing this. in fact, you've gotten used to figuring out whether he would be interested in someone just by looking at them. it's something you've learnt as you got better at hiding your feelings.
you've known him long enough to know who he might date yet still, couldn't bring yourself to believe that you could possibly have a chance with him.
"well, i can't tell you if i don't know the person," something about you makes osamu believe that you're a cupid. you're good at reading people, welcoming, albeit not so good at reaching out to strangers, but you are likeable, more than likeable, actually.
he has seen you set people up, including himself, and excluding yourself. the reason why you're not interested in pursuing someone anymore is beyond his comprehension. you have your fair share of knowledge about relationships, have dated a couple of guys before giving up altogether. it's not like your relationships didn't work, but it always seemed as if you were better off without them.
even while dating, it looks like your eyes are looking for someone else while being in someone's arms.
he sighs, putting down his phone. "just tell me what you like, people aren't much different after all,"
"uh, well, i hate public confessions and people who confess through calls and texts," which stands true for most the people out there. public confessions are more of a show off and confessing through texts is just, not enough. "also, i like to stay at home or be at some cafe so like, arcades, amusement parks and places like those aren't up to my liking either,"
you notice the smile on his face, along with the dreamy eyes and make him look prettier than he already is. frankly, the idea of osamu doing everything you like to ask someone else out hurts more than it should. you're probably not the only persons with those likes and dislikes. you know you should be happy for him and the person he likes because in the end, osamu is everything you, or anyone, could ask for.
"what about flowers? lilacs?" he asks, getting back to his phone.
"what are you doing, congratulating someone on their graduation?" his lips instantly curve into a frown, and you know in his head, he's snickering about how he is not the best when it comes to picking flowers, and that you shouldn't make fun of him for this. "i'd say tulips, they're a better gifts for first dates and confessions,"
one day, back in first year of university, osamu asked you why you don't seek relationships anymore. thinking about it now, you never gave him an absolute answer.
on some days, the answer would be academics, other days, it would be sadness looming over your shoulders after watching your ex with someone else. sometimes, you would excuse it by saying it's a waste of time and when asked when you're drunk, you'd say it's because you already have someone in mind, someone who can't be yours, no matter how much you try.
on some days, you wonder if osamu ever thinks about all the answers, or excuses, you gave to his question. there are times when the worlds makes compels you to believe that osamu likes you back, but then you realise that if he did, he wouldn't have asked out others all this time. you did drop hints regarding your feelings for him, and he failed to catch on for he for too busy looking at everyone except you.
"i wonder why you don't date anymore," the question arises again, flooding all the memories back into your head.
"i did have someone i liked, but he likes someone else," and you realise you can't lie to him anymore. "so, i gave up," osamu finds it amusing how you say those words with a smile, and he finds it despairing knowing that now, you've simply learnt to live with pain while pretending to be okay.
he shoots you a comforting smile, "i hope that wouldn't be the case for me,"
"me too," and you smile back.
he gets off your bed, picking up his jacket while offering soft apologies for the state your bed is in because of him. sometimes, you feel like there should be a warning for everyone who dates him : caution, this man doesn't know how to keep the bed clean. there are nights when you go to sleep thinking about how you're probably the only one who can keep up with this habit of his, and then wake up realising that it wasn't a problem to anyone it now so, it wouldn't be in future either.
it's like oscillating between the possibility and impossibility of him and you, caressing your little heart with false hope.
"ah, what should i say while confessing?" he shoots another question, making you snicker in annoyance.
"c'mon 'samu, you're not asking someone out for the first time,"
"just tell me,"
and you allow yourself to get lost in thoughts again. for a brief second, you consider telling him to not confess. the reason? your feelings, but again, you and him aren't meant to be together in the first place. it's just like how the saying goes— cupids must not fall in love— and you did the forbidden, knowing it would hurt you ten folds more every time you tie his threads with someone that's not you.
"i don't know, just give the flowers and ask if they'd like to go out with you or something," he chimes a faint thank you before leaving your room, and then your apartment. this time, you don't walk up to the door to see him off, neither do you wish him good luck, and surprisingly, osamu doesn't seem to notice your minute absence either.
it's fine, you tell yourself, one of you has to start getting accustomed to the other's absence. while the process has already begun for you, you hope osamu gets used to it as well. you need him to stop reaching you out for relationship advices because you don't know how long you can compose yourself before shattering once again. you try to distract yourself with essays due next month or even further, reading chapters that haven't been taught in class, reading research papers; just anything that can keep your mind off osamu.
you don't want to think about him, or what he's doing. maybe, he's buying the flowers, making preparations or calling his crush and asking them to meet him at their favourite place. even better if his crush confessed while he has been preparing a proposal of his own, it would be cinematic. you don't want to think about him at all, but the more you try, the deeper he engraves inside your mind.
the evening rolls by with you still sitting at your study desk with a bunch of papers lying around a not one complete work. there are rain splatters on your windows and you hope the off-season showers haven't ruined his confession. you can't wish for the other person to like him back, so you just wish for his happiness; whatever makes him happy, even if it means pushing him away.
and when you manage to drag yourself to the kitchen to grab something to eat and make yourself feel better, the sound of your doorbell hits your ears. the rain hits harder, you muster up the energy to walk up to the door.
there's osamu standing with a love sick smile and slightly wet hair, along with rain splatters on his shirt, and the bouquet of tulips in his hand. "will you go out with me?"
Tumblr media
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When the kids ask for a second child (haikyuu) 
So I did this with the BC boys and I thought of some scenarios for the Haikyuu boys too ♡ඩ⌔ඩ♡
Kuroo | Bokuto | Atsumu | Tsukishima | Oikawa x f! reader
d/n : daughter's name s/n : son's name h/n : her name
TW: pregnancy, implications of nsfw but not mentioned, unchecked.
Black Clover Version
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro
"Daa daa!!" d/n ran towards her dad the first thing he stepped into the house. Her eyes were red and there were still tears left in her eyes.
"hey there little one," your husband picked your 3 year old up, "are you crying because you missed your daddy soooo much?"
"you wish," you laughed at your husband, giving him a peck on his lips as he frowned.
"so you don't miss daddy anymore? My princess is all grown up now, huh?" he feigned a hurt expression to your daughter.
"I do.." d/n gave a little pout exactly like her father's, "but daddy, Aunty h/n and Uncle Bokuto are having another baby!!"
"oya?" Kuroo looked at you in confusion, "why is this a news to cry about?"
"It's not fair!" d/n wailed, "I want another baby too!"
Kuroo laughed as he tossed his daughter in the air, giving a little kiss to her forehead.
"I'm on it," he winked at his mini him, "give daddy about 4 weeks, then you can share with Uncle Bo that you're gonna have another sibling too~"
"Tetsu!!" you pinched his sides, but something tells you that he was indeed serious.
Bokuto Koutaro
"Mummy! You're buttercup, I'm Blossom and d/n is Bubbles!" Your twin daughter came running to you while you were making an afternoon snack for the family.
"Hey! how about daddy!" your husband whined.
"You're professor!" d/n, twin number 2 exclaimed.
"But that makes mummy my daughter!" you husband finally got the logic right, "That's wrong! Mummy's my wife!"
You always found it funny how your husband liked to bicker with his 4 year old twin daughters about small matters like this.
"Okay!" twin number 1 exclaimed, "Mummy, we need another sister!"
"YA!!" twin 2 shouted from the living room.
"HEY HEY HEY!!" your husband stood up, skipping towards you with sparkles in his eyes.
He picked up the carrot you were slicing and dipped it into the hummus, "I think that's a great idea, mummy."
The carrot and hummus were placed right at your lips, "I think we can have the powerpuff boys next~"
Miya Atsumu
"alright, let's eat!" Osamu placed the pot of curry down on the dining table. You, Atsumu and your 3 year old son were visiting Osamu and h/n at their new home. Of course Osamu the chef had to cook personally for his favourite little nephew, s/n.
s/n always loved eating whatever his uncle made. He would polish his plate clean and that always made Osamu very proud.
"So~" h/n started to talk as everyone began eating, "we have news to tell you guys~"
"h/n is pregnant!" Osamu could barely contain himself.
Atsumu and you cheered loudly. "s/n! Uncle samu gonna have a baby! you'll have a play mate!" Atsumu told his son.
s/n stared at everyone with a blank look, feeling confused at what was going on. He didn't really understood the words 'pregnant', or 'playmate' quite yet."
As the four of you settled down, s/n suddenly broke the silence. "daaadaa! I want baby too!"
Everyone broke into laughter again as Osamu scruffled his nephew's hair.
Atsumu propped his head on his elbows as he looked at you with a grin on his face, "we'll have to see what mama says about that, little monkey~"
"Okay, let's just focus on dinner, shall we!" your face was flushed red.
Tsukishima Kei
"daddy~" your little princess tugged onto her dad's fingers. It was always when she wanted something from her dad, she'd do that.
"What is it, d/n?" The middle blocker picked his daughter up.
"Stella said that she's gonna have another sister in awhile so she won't have time to play with me next time..." she pouted
"oh, Stella from school?"
"Uh huh.." she frowned, "daddy?"
"Can I have another sister too?"
Tsukishima blinked twice at what his daughter just said. The heat creeping up to his face as his ear tips reddened.
He cleared his throat, "What if it's a brother?"
"no, I don't want a brother!" d/n crossed her arm.
"But we can't really decide on whether it's a boy or a girl, princess.." Tsukishima gave his daughter a little sheepish smile.
"okay.. I just want another baby so they can play with stella's baby and I can play with Stella again!"
Tsuki raised a brow at his daughter. She was indeed smart but in kinda the wrong way. He shook his head, deciding not to further explain the situation.
"I'll talk to mommy tonight, okay? So you'll have to head to bed earlier so mommy and I have time to discuss about this."
Oikawa Tooru
"daadaa maamaa!!" your four year old was excited to see both of you pick her up today.
Your husband carried her in one arm and held your hand on the other. Even as he grew older, your husband's charisma never faded, there were still many moms stealing glances at his handsome features. But now as he held your daughter and you, all you felt was pride.
"Teacher Daisy is having a baby in her belly!!" she excitedly exclaimed.
You both looked at the young teacher, and congratulated her, wishing her all the best and to take good care of yourself.
"Cupcake, you have to be careful around Teacher Daisy, alright, do not knock into her or cause her to fall, her little baby in her belly might get hurt." You reminded d/n.
"Okay mama," she nodded her head
"When you were in your mommy's belly, daddy was very careful too~" your husband smiled at the memory, "daddy watched as you grew bigger in mommy's belly~"
"daadaa, I want to take care of mama and the baby in her belly too!"
"mama has no baby in my belly right now, cupcake." you giggled.
"That can be changed," Oikawa winked at you.
"Tooru!" you gave him the look.
d/n clapped her hands, "yes yes!! baby!!"
"Honey, we have to give our little cupcake what she wants~" Oikawa wriggled his brows at you.
Tumblr media
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justmywriting1313 · 8 months
Taken for Granted (MSBY + Iwa x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You were their angel in disguise and they did a great job of destroying that too (starts fluffy and ends angsty. comfort in part 2 if requested)
Pairing: MSBY 4 + Meian and Iwa x reader  (a little bit Kageyama and ushijima x reader)
Trigger warnings: Harsh words from the boys! (except shouyo)
MINI UPDATE: I made a tag for this (taken for granted) and if an ask post comes under it its cause I have an update in that or I’m asking for an opinion so yeah just help me out when you see me asking for an opinion on what you guys want let me know!!! OKie enjoyyyy
Mini Update 2: TAGLIST is now closed...cause well there are 60 0f you and one of me and the one of me is overwhelmed and has not eaten in two days T_T
ALSO FYI: I get one more rude message or ask about when I'm going to write Part 2 or why I haven't written it yet and I swear to god I wont write it. I write these things and share them cause they bring me comfort and I would like to think they bring some of you comfort as well but I also have a life outside of this app/ website believe it or not and that life takes precedence so please
Tumblr media
The MSBY jackals team was chaotic... unbelievably talented and chaotic. 
It was a known fact not just through the team and their close friends but through the volleyball community as a whole.
On the court they were unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. Each player shining in his own way with a trainer who always made sure the boys were at their best but off the court they were all man babies who had never grown up in some area or the other.
You had Atsumu who really was just a whiny-5-year-old-golden-retriever-boy who would give his love to anyone who fed him. More than once Meian or Sakusa have had to pull him away from strangers. Yes he had grown up since his Inarizaki days but not that much. He treated emotional maturity more like choice based on what the situation called for.
Then came big boy Bokuto whose mood swings and depressed moods required a gentle and sensitive touch along with a never ending patience. Though having improved from his high school days Bo liked to be babied and when he didn’t get the attention he wanted he became oh so sulkier. 
Hinata though an absolute ray of sunshine seemed to dance his way into troublesome situations that somehow never had anything to do with him. He needed stern reminders to take breaks and when you put him together with ‘tsumu and bo... well lets just say they were the trifecta for trouble. 
Sakusa you would think is the balance in the group. Mature, calm and collected and having significantly improved his social skills would be a PR dream but NOPE. He was still stubborn and absolutely detested being roped into the shenanigans of the above mentioned boys yet somehow was always at the centre of it all. He always had a long list of demands and was a control freak beyond belief. He like Bo liked his attention but refused to ask for it which made him all the more difficult.  
Together they put Meain (the tired-too-old-for-this-dad) and Iwaizumi the short tempered mom through the ringer. Finding a manager at this point felt like trying to find a nanny for children who could not be tamed. They had gone through more managers than there were players. Imagine the sigh of relief that the whole Volleyball community takes when finally you enter. 
At first glance it seemed like meat being thrown to the wolves. You seemed so delicate with a soft smile and only spoke in gentle tones. You refused to wear sports gear to the boiling hot gym and court. When asked about it you would shrug and say just because the boys were sweaty doesn't mean you needed to be. Much more comfortable in your flowy wide legged pants and knotted shirts. You were the image of soft. Meain and Iwa, both took one look at you and passed you off as another forgotten name manager who wouldn’t have a backbone... 
So imagine their surprise when one stern and strongly worded scolding from you finally got Atsumu to stop running off at games for food or to flirt with the next cute person he saw. He still bickered with the others but finally learnt to stop when he was pushing it too far. 
“‘Tsumu you walk away more than once from the team today and I will be throwing away the onigiri I had Samu specially make for you so you would have a snack for after the game AND I will make sure to schedule you for drills and cardio at night which I know you hate!”
They could only watch open mouthed as one hug and gentle smile or tender look form you had Bokuto coming out of his emo moods and bounding over to show everyone why he was the best. You didn’t even have to say anything for Bokuto to know exactly what you were telling him which always made him jump back up... Magic!
“Bo Its one practice match... you know that right? mistakes are made and thats okay! Its not all on you and what matter more is that you played your best... all you can do is learn from today okay?”
Hinata finally was no longer found in stare off’s and confrontations with people he did not know, you would twirl your way in and with an enduring smile and soft spoken words would diffuse the situation and bring their tangerine back to them. 
“Hi there gentlemen! I don’t know what the problem is but I can assure you that Hinata san had no part in it since he was with me the whole time... Aaah yes I am the manager and thank you so much for understanding. If you don’t mind I’ll be taking him with me! We have a match to prepare for!!”
Most impressive of all was how you had Sakusa’s needs down to a T. No longer did he have conflicting schedules that meant he refused to train that day or had to wait till the evening for the clean up crew to finish. He was always the first one in and out. Every habit was indulged from making all the boys clean up and sanitise after themselves to wearing gloves whenever you had to hand something to him. His stuff was kept separately from the others and sanitised more regularly and best of all you always place him in between Bokuto and Atsumu for interviews so they could carry the conversation.
“Hi Sakusa-san, I hope you had a restful weekend!! Here some sanitiser and don’t worry I stayed and Sanitised all the volleyballs so you're all good to go!”
Meian no longer needed to wrangle them together for the events and make sure they had cleaned up properly. He was now a semi-tired-middle-aged dad who had a little more calm in his life. Since your arrival Iwa no longer had to check his blood pressure everyday and ended his day with a smile. 
You were their angel in disguise...
But that also meant you were sometimes their figurative punching bag. 
After being the longest standing manager of almost 1 year the boys had gotten comfortable to the routines you had created and definitely started taking it for granted... You had taken all of it on the chin though. Every harsh word thrown in a fit of anger and harsh pettiness was taken and presumably wiped away. Atleast that’s how you liked to act and pretend to everyone including yourself though it eventually caught up with you... And the only person to notice was a certain human tangerine,
The day ‘Tsumu wandered off and you were too busy making sure they all had all their pre game rituals to bring him back and he almost missed the line up. 
“What the hell Y/N?? why didn’t ya come and get me?? I almost missed tha line up cause of ya... buck up and do yer job like whats wrong with yer?”  
The image of a red and angry faced ‘tsumu who yelled in your face and then shoved past you was something you kept telling yourself you put aside but one week later, though you greeted him with a smile you never let yourself be alone with him for too long. Atsumu had felt bad but since you had just smiled at him when he said a poor excuse of an apology he thought it was fine. Hinata watched with a frown when you came into work red eyed and kept your distance from your favourite faux blonde who whined for attention. 
The day Bokuto missed a spike that could have set the match in their favour and no kind words or soft smiles from you could do anything. You had followed him to a quiet and isolated corner to talk but you didn't get to say much, 
“And what would you know about working hard huh Y/N?? All you do is stand around, fill water bottles and try to talk about ambition and working hard as if you know anything about it... You have never loved something so much that you would do anything to be the best... You are just some lowly replaceable manager and You know nothing.. Nothing about us or the match so just shut up...” 
The following night the image of what was supposed to be your sweet Bo with a look of anger and hate painted across his face kept you up trying your best to quell the surge of insecurity, hurt and fragility you felt. You told yourself it was okay but you no longer hugged him as tightly as you used to. Bo had arrived to work the next day with the most pitiable expression but he thought it was fine when you said okay with pursed lips. Hinata definitely frowned as he watched you avoid Bo and his larger than life hugs patting his arm and pulling away. Bo sulking and pouting the rest of the day
The time you accidentally left the drafting papers for the line up back at the home court when they came for their away game and Meian was at his ropes end, 
“Y/N-san we hired you to be of help not hindrance... if doing something as simple as packing a folder is a difficult task then you are more than resign... this was such simple task... can’t you do anything right?”
You had definitely not cried to yourself that night and were completely fine and confident. Your eyes were not red and when Hinata along with Kageyama and Ushijima who you used to manage before pulled you aside to ask why your face was puffy you lied and said it was because you ate rice the night before. When Meian tried to pull you aside later to say how sorry he was, Hinata watched as you braced yourself as if expecting a fight before waving the captain of.
You didn’t think Iwa would also be the cause of another sleepless night worrying about your abilities but the day you accidentally scheduled some of the MSBY boys on the same day Iwa trained the adlers proved you wrong as he pulled you into a nearby storage room, 
“It was one thing Y/N! One thing I asked of you... I dont put any workload on you letting you off easy with just managing their game time and you messed that up... If you dont plan on working hard then please dont plan on staying too long!”
You had to wear a long sleeved shirt to hide the bruise of Iwa’s hand gripping your upper arm and you could no longer look him in the eyes, his words hanging heavy in the back of your head. At some point he had tried to corner you to apologise but when he saw the way you tensed up at his touch he let you by without saying a word. When Hinata accidentally walked in on you changing, a look of horror painting his face at the sight of your upper arm you lied and said you fell. You knew that Hinata didn’t believe you.
Hinata had had it. He along with Kageyama had coaxed the truth out of you one Saturday evening when they dropped by for a surprise visit and found you curled up and crying. To say they were angry would be putting it lightly. Kageyama was ready to march up the JVA and have you reassigned that second. Already pulling his phone out to call Kuroo but Hinata stopped him. After a promise of getting the boys to apologise in a weeks time or Tobio and Ushijima were stepping in the boys left but of course that’s never how it goes. 
The straw that broke the camels back was Sakusa. He had always been the one you connected the most too. He took into account that no matter how stern you were with the boys you were still delicate and wore your heart on your sleeve so it was ironic how the one you talked to the most would be the one to hurt you the most, 
“What. did. you. just. do?”
“I... Fuck I’m so sorry Kiyo-ku–” 
“Shut up just shut up and stop calling me that annoying name!! What is wrong with you Y/N are you mentally deficient that you couldn’t do something as simple as give me the right waterbottle...” As his volume rose the others started to notice and Hinata watched in horror as Sakusa put the last nail in the coffin... the damage done before he could step in.
“Good lord how dumb can you be Y/N it’s a fucking water bottle and I know I have some needs but this is like basically being able to read... like are you illiterate that reading a name was so hard... You were worried about being good enough well here’s your fucking answer YOU AREN’T.” 
As he became huffier he swung his arms and everything froze when you ducked back and away from him, shoulders tensing up and eyes squeezing shut as you held your breath. Sakusa’s last words ringing in the court and in your head with a level of finality you hadn’t encountered before. Sakusa watched aghast at your reaction. He wan’t going to hit you... good go even the idea made him sick to his stomach. He was just gesturing about not being able to hold all the bubbling anger and fear in but now his anger that had been reaching a fever pitch died down instantly as he watched you brace yourself for a fight, for a hit... from him. Everyone stood still but it was soon disturbed as everything happened at once. 
“Y/n I..” Sakusa didn’t dare take a step towards you but he tried to reach out and was met with more distance as you finally opened your eyes and looked at him before stepping back even further. 
“Please don’t Sakusa-san” You took a shaky inhale in visibly preparing yourself. Tears collecting along your lash line as you chanced a glance at some of the other boys. Bokuto who was making his way towards you stopped dead in his tracks when you took a large step away form him as well. Your eyes drifting over their appalled and horrified expressions before you met Kageyama’s and Ushijima’s behind Hinata’s shoulder. He looked scarier than usual as he stood taller and then the tears fell when you saw them. You suddenly felt so small and vulnerable standing there. Your tears didn't stop as you hunched over trying to use your sleeves to wipe at your eyes. 
“Sweetheart can ai come clo–” Atsumu tried but you violently shook your head. 
“NO... I need to um... I need to go” At your words Ushijima and Kageyama started making their way towards you. 
“Go where?” It was Sakusa’s voice. It was quiet and desolate, but you could still hear the fear in his voice. 
“Away” You couldn’t look at any of them as you met Wakatoshi in the middle. You knew if you looked at them then you would forgive them instantly and right now you didn’t want to. Kageyama was behind Ushi talking to Hinata who didn’t know what to do. Meian and Iwa felt their hearts break when they watched Ushijima softly cup your face turning it from side to side before learning forward to kiss your forehead while he wiped your tears. They couldn’t remember the last time you came to them for comfort in the same way. Your shoulders sagging in relief. 
“Away from us?” and this time it was Bokuto asking a question he knew he didnt want the answer to. You only nodded before being led out by your former team as the 6 boys watched.
okay obviously want to do a part 2 but what kind of ending are we looking for? 
LMK in my inbox please!!!!
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1-800-olympians · 2 months
Tumblr media
sumarry: tsukishima gets extremely jealous when a certain outside hitter tries to hit on you, unbeknownst to him – you’re already taken and your boyfriend doesn’t like sharing.
notes: tsukishima kei x reader, jealous type of boyfriend, also a brief moment of iwaizumi hajime x reader. also reader is way shorter than kei, but if you’re tall just skip the part. also not proofread.
word count: 1.3k
kei didn’t want to be at the party in the first place. he has been a more introverted kind of person throughout his whole life, and changing it wasn’t even a thing in his mind. but you asked him to be there. and there was nothing that could make tsukishima refuse you. you were the only one occupying the boy’s brain all the time anyway.
so when he agreed to your idea, you promised to send him the address and smiled delightedly. it would be your first social event since you started dating a few weeks ago. and since you two attended different schools, no one besides yamaguchi and kageyama knew.
it was definitely a sweet thing, enjoying each other’s presence without being forced to hear mean comments how you two didn’t fit together or something else that would’ve just got on your nerves and the boy would have to calm you before you threw hands on someone.
before tsukishima got to the house of your classmate, you had already been there, dropped off by your mom, who wanted to be sure of your location. a quick promise to be walked home by someone was said and you were free, waiting on your boyfriend.
me: text me when you get here and i’ll find you somewhere
the house was filled with seijoh students from different years and classes. you could recognize most of them, as you weren’t really someone new there. tōru oikawa, the school’s star, standing next to matsukawa and hamaki somewhere nearby the staircase, tanjiro from the basketball team was talking to a girl from a year above while a third year was talking to someone you couldn’t see.
the heavy scent of alcohol mixed with smoke itched your nostrils, and you grimaced as you entered the kitchen, accidentally bumping into someone.
“hey, you’re alright?” a familiar voice spoke out, his hands on your arms to prevent you from falling. “l/n-san, nice to see you here.” with that words said, you realized it was iwaizumi hajime who you were talking to.
“don’t say you didn’t expect me to be here, iwaizumi-san.” you laughed, moving to be closer to the counter, pouring yourself a drink. you could feel his eyes tracing around your body, as if the ace tried to remember your curves like it was the last time you see each other. unfortunately for iwaizumi, you were too oblivious to catch a sign. “what you’re looking at?”
“uh-” he stuttered, flushing like a tomato. “your dress. it brings out your curves, you look gorgeous.” hajime added after a minute, bringing his eyes up to your face.
you looked more than just gorgeous, you looked ethereal. with the perfect, black eyeliner on your eyelids with an eyeshadow that fitted your eye colour. and oh my god the dress. you wore a tight, backless, black dress with a split on your left thigh (your mom wasn’t too pleased about it tho).
it was the first time you dressed like that to a friday party, always wearing cargo pants and tank tops with a zipper hoodie you once stole from tobio. your boyfriend was the reason why you dressed like that, you wanted to see him breathless, happy having a girlfriend that hot.
“thank you.” a soft smile spread over your mouth as you took a sip of your drink. “is there any occasion? wanna catch somebody’s eye?” the boy asked, his eyes not leaving your lips.
“actually… yes.” you laughed at the sound of your reply, and leaned your back on the counter behind you. iwaizumi swore he could feel his heart skip a beat upon hearing your words. he knew you had a long time crush on him in the junior high, and now he felt like the heavens finally gave him a chance.
“hey, uh. i’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while now.” he began, getting a little closer to you. “wouldn’t you like to go out somewhere next sunday? like on a date.”
that’s when you connected the dots and froze. he thought you were talking about him. out of all people, it had to be hajime that you bumped in. gosh. you chugged down your drink before revealing you’re in a happy relationship, but eventually it wasn’t you who said that.
“maybe in two weeks? she’s already going out with her boyfriend on that sunday.” kei, who walked to the two of you out of sudden, remarked harshly, wrapping an arm around your waist. pulling you away from the ace, gently but swiftly.
“oh.” was the only thing that came from hajime.
tsukishima didn’t need to hear any more, pushing the respect for his seniors aside in his mind, he took your hand in his and walked out of the kitchen. and when normally he wasn’t the one to show any affection in public, then that day was an exception. maybe for the extreme jealousy he felt rushing in his veins when he noticed you with hajime and especially after hearing how he tried to ask you out.
and before you could even realize, his lips crushed into yours passionately. in public, so everyone from your school could see it and not hit on you anymore. after a few moments, you would just drag your boyfriend into an empty room, right. a rush of adrenaline must have got to him when he sat you down on a drawer, so the kisses would be more comfortable for both of you since the height difference.
he pulled away for a second, cupping your cheek with his hand and aside from melting under his soft touch, you melted even more after seeing how kei smiled at you. “you don’t even know how much i love you.” he empathized. “i don’t even know if i ever felt something like that towards anyone else. if someone ever had me choosing between something and you, i’d always choose you.”
tsukishima’s words destroyed you. it wasn’t anything bad, obviously, but it was the third time he spoke up about his feelings towards you, the first happened when you misunderstood his intention and thought of your first-date as a casual, friends hangout, the second when he confessed he likes you in a way he doesn’t like anyone else and now… he dropped the L-bomb. your boyfriend has never been the type of someone who’s fond of his words, and expressing emotions was hard for him as well. you felt your eyes watering, and thank god that you chose waterproof mascara.
“did i say something wrong…?” he was confused by your reaction, he knew you so well, yet he couldn’t tell why his girlfriend was crying in the first place. you immediately shook your head and by pulling in the fabric of his collar, you kissed him again. hands on the back of his neck, rubbing it gently, while his wandered around the length of your thighs.
“i love you” you spoke out as he pressed his forehead to yours. you could feel his body loosen up upon hearing your confession. “and there’s never gonna be anyone better for me than you.”
“next thing, me, you in that dress and a dinner at my house together on sunday?” he smiled at you, caressing soft circles on your leg. “and then afterwards, me, you in my hoodie and whatever movie you wanna watch.”
“i don’t know if i’m free, baby. gotta stand in line.” you chuckled as tsukishima rolled his eyes. “hmm, but if you say i get to keep the hoodie, then i can cancel some guys.”
“it’s not like you wouldn’t keep it anyway.”
(another part of tsukishima x seijoh!reader, here)
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wakatshi · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
、 you’ll never catch me being a man’s housewife, but being wakatoshi’s housewife <3 i’ve been thinking abt this since yesterday & this is so self-indulgent. not proofread.
Tumblr media
putting on your cute little apron and walking around the kitchen all giddy and excited, thinking about the most handsome man in the world, your husband, USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI. cooking his favorite food, hayashi rice, you impatiently wait for him to come home and kiss you— to let his strong arms wrap around you tightly until you’re out of air, to bury your face in his chest and embrace that comfortable familiarity, the incredible warmth of his body and wakatoshi’s usual cologne you‘re so obsessed with.
Tumblr media
only so he can get home and delight on your sweet pussy because he’s been starving. to stretch you with his fat girthy cock as your eyes roll ecstatically and you promise you’re his forever. you’re his dinner tonight. an addiction, that’s what you are to him, healthy, though, he’s so in love with you. famine hit your husband and through the day wakatoshi has been unable to get it out of his mind. there’s no way he can practice without doing something about this terrible situation. rub his cock like a madman perhaps, bliss takes over, all reasoning suddenly abandons him. he never does that, he is, in fact, a patient man, especially when it comes to you. because you’re the only one who can do this to him and god, how special you are in wakatoshi’s eyes, he puts you on a pedestal, you’re his angel, the most beautiful woman in the world, his lovely wife. finally, he leaves in a hurry and gets to his porsche, he’s getting excited. soon.
he makes you sit on the sofa, but first and foremost, kisses. he won’t let you go, he’s been gone for two days, saying goodbye to you in the morning was too difficult. your husband kneels in front you, hands on your knees spreading your legs gently with his big, big strong hands and muscular arms. you stare at his tensed biceps for what feels like minutes while he works on your clothes and delicately takes off your soaked panties. even in those moments, when by far he’s reached desperation, wakatoshi’d rather be gentle. he’s wearing a black button up and fuck, it looks so sexy on him, what if you ripped it off? he kneels for you with devotion, you look down to him, hands cupping his handsome face. he’s hot. literally. his face is burning and his cheeks have reddened. you take another look and his erection catches your attention, you’ve missed this and you keep wondering if it’s going to be a long night.
you’re definitely not complaining!
you feel so weak under his touch, it’s so easy for him to take care of your body with no effort whatsoever. he’s huge and so tall, his strength.. it’s astounding to this day. but he’s such a gentleman with you, you’re being treated like royalty, no matter what. your intimidating husband— to them, but not to you— who is more than that behind close doors, he’s like a puppy sometimes, he kisses and worships the ground you walk on, he gets on his knees and eats your pussy like there’s no tomorrow, how wretched of anyone to keep him away from his angel. he’d do anything for you. getting on his knees for you is nothing compared to what he’d actually do to ensure your happiness.
wakatoshi enjoys every moment of it— looking up to you, catching a glimpse of the gorgeous color of your eyes, the small droplets of sweat dripping down your face and a cute sudden moan, your mouth agape. you tremble as soon as his warm tongue fucks your pussy perfectly. getting to savor you, the warm juices leaking slowly, isn’t he just blessed?
“you’re so good to me, my angel.” wakatoshi mumbles and pussy drunk as he is, he refuses to stop. a low grunt leaves his mouth, you make eye contact. he’s so handsome down there, eyes full of lust.
your husband isn’t done. not yet. he doesn’t want to stop. it’s just the beginning to him, barely a warmup for he’s gonna make you orgasm one more time. or twice. thrice if you keep moaning like that, his cock is throbbing under his clothes. around three minutes later you’re bent over the countertop. he’s always unsure of how to move inside of you. torn between being gentle and letting this awfully big hunger of his take control. what if he hurts you? he would never do that to you.
“tell me, is this ok?” you nod when he starts thrusting, taken aback by the warmth of your cunt, a harder hit makes you moan, he’s just so big, it fills you up to the brim.
your next orgasm comes soon enough, you climax glued to the wall behind you, he’s holding you in his arms with raw strength, legs wrapped around his now bare abdomen. you’re all sweaty and messy, you’re holding onto him for dear life. you’re exhausted! you ripped the shirt off him eventually, felt insanely hot too, it’s somewhere on the floor, but nowhere to be seen.
“toshi.. i’m getting tired! can’t do this anymore.”
with you still in his arms, he carries you upstairs to your ensuite bathroom.
“wait! your dinner.. let’s eat after this.”
“don’t worry, my angel, let’s wash together and i’ll bring the food here. you’re tired, right?”
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godkeis · 3 months
characters: m. atsumu and s. kiyoomi
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 1.1k
content warnings: arguments, toxicity, cursing
summary: how would haikyuu boys react when you walk out during an argument part two.
part i. | part iii.
Tumblr media
Atsumu and his habit of joking during serious times are slowly getting into your nerves. You told him hundreds of times already that you don't like being interupted when you are talking about something very important, especially when it comes to your feelings. But this time, Atsumu decide to cut you off again to tell you another joke that he picked up along your words.
"I'm so funny, right?" he asked, half smirking.
Your heart sank because you've been trying to pour your heart out yet, it seems like he didn't care at all.
"Seriously, Atsumu?"
"Whoa, what happened to Tsumu?"
You didn't respond to his question but instead, you grabbed your things and went out leaving Atsumu dumbfounded.
Hours passed, Atsumu was getting bored so he decided to dial your number to check up on you.
"What?" you answered coldly.
"Y/N where ya at?"
His tone seems like he wasn't bothered at all that you walked out and he didn't realize what went wrong yet.
"Don't call me, Atsumu. I don't want to talk to you."
"C'mon babe, Yer not dropping the call, are ya? Come home now. I miss you."
That one last straw bursted your tears out as you felt no care from your boyfriend at all.
"Damn you, Miya Atsumu. Is that what you're going to return to me after I pour my heart out on you? Seriously?
Atsumu panicked when he heared your cracking voice on the other line. Standing up, he speedily grabbed his Inarizaki High jacket and head out.
"Shh, shh baby, babe. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." 
"What exactly are you apologizing for, Atsumu? Do you even know what you were apologizing for? You really hurt my feelings. Don't talk to me. I don't want to hear your voice."
With that, you dropped the call and Atsumu attempted to ring your number again but you rejected it.
"Shit." Atsumu felt like his world was ending because you were right, he didn't even know what he's apologizing for.
Replaying the scenario inside his head, that's when he realized that you were indeed, talking about something important but he chose to blurt out his random joke at an inappropriate time.
Atsumu knows that you're the only person who can tolerate his out of this world jokes and now that you've walked out and ignoring him because of that, he knew he fucked up real bad.
Good thing is that your shared GPS in on and he instantly located where you are—in the school library. Hurriedly, Atsumu will head towards you to apologize once more.
"The hell are you doing here?" you glared at him with your puffy eyes. As much as Atsumu wants to compliment how beautiful you are even though you're crying, he knows that it's not the right time for that.
"I'm so sorry, Y/N for cutting your off while you were opening up something to me. I shouldn't have done that. I'm willing to make it up to you, Will you let me listen and understand your problem once more?"
Atsumu will spend the whole day by your side, listening and understanding your complaints with life. He'll be quiet for most of the time but is very attentive to what you are saying. Expect hand rubs and forehead kisses as you pour your heart once more. Of course, he'll apologize once again because he still feel guilty for what he did.
"I didn't get the chance to say this earlier but you're really gorgeous, even when you're crying."
If there's one thing that you will label as a red flag to your boyfriend, Kiyoomi, it's about him and his lack of communication when he's frustrated. Growing up distant to people, Kiyoomi never realized that he attached his toxic trait to his relationship. At first, everything was fine, not until things started getting out of control especially during arguments. And yes, Kiyoomi's silent treatment and distancing isn't benefiting either of you.
"Kiyoomi, talk to me. You know we can resolve this by communicating, right?" you pleaded to the man sitting across you yet your words fell on deaf ears as Kiyoomi's eyes remained glued to the sports channel.
"Kiyoomi." you once more called him. Standing up, you marched towards the television and unplugged the device.
Turning around to your boyfriend, you were about to open your mouth to speak again when you saw a horrified expression from Kiyoomi's face. It was something that you never saw before. Ever.
Anger. Disgust. Annoyance. Hatred. Which one is it? You couldn't figure it out.
Everything was written on his face, just because you turned off the television so that you could communicate with him.
You felt like being electrocuted on the spot as you saw your boyfriend glare on you.
That's all it took you to remove your stoned feet on the ground to walk out of the apartment because you don't want to see Kiyoomi's expression.
Your heart cannot handle the fact that you just wanted him to focus, communicate, and resolve the argument together.
But today, it scared you that Kiyoomi might hate you forever because of that.
Before you could step out of the door, Kiyoomi's right arm slammed the door shut that made you jump in shock.
"Where…are you going?" he asked in a low voice.
"Out…for fresh…air." you felt like you were gasping for air as you took the words out of your throat. You didn't realize it but you were actually crying as you spoke.
Kiyoomi's arm slowly made its way towards your body and pushed you against his muscled chest, left hand following to caress your hair as you buried your face and tug on the hem tightly. You were sobbing and shaking in fear.
Kiyoomi's eyes started blurring out when he realized that you were crying because of him. It wasn't intentional for him to glare at you, it just became an unconscious reaction for him. And now, Kiyoomi's blaming himself so much internally for making you cry and scarring you.
"Y/N, darling. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." he whispered in your ear, shushing your sobs. "I didn't mean it. I'm so sorry that I scare you.
Kiyoomi's voice is full of regrets and his touches are fragile. This is the first time that he let someone this intimate with him and he's willing to fix everything because he doesn't want to lose you.
Later on once you're calmed down, Kiyoomi will ask about your side regarding the argument. He will listen and understand you carefully and sincerely. He will also apologize a lot of times and will offer to make some dinner to make it up to you.
The following days, Kiyoomi will try his best to open up his heart more to you and fulfill the distance he made you experience because of his toxic trait.
Tumblr media
© godkeis. do not repost on any platform.
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kayasfanficbakery · 3 months
Living With… ~ Ushijima Wakatoshi
Tumblr media
Fem reader and ushijima in a relationship (age over 21)
Synopsis ~ here are just things it would be like living with our stoic Miracle Boy. God, I love him so much just look at this picture of him!!
Content warning ~ just a smole bit of booby and thigh loving but that’s it, just fluff, fluff, fluff
First of all, waking up next to him seeing his bed head will immediately be the highlight of your day and him seeing you will be his highlight as well. He’ll pull you in closer with giggles falling from your smile just to snuggle for a bit. Sometimes on weekends you guys fall back asleep in each other’s arms.
He actually likes being the small spoon with his arms wrapped around your waist and his face buried between your boobs. Every once in a while he’ll add an occasional love bite as you run your fingers through his olive green hair. He’d even force you on your back so he could lay on your stomach or between your thighs.
“Babe?” you softly call to him.
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“You’re not uncomfortable?” you asked as you run your fingers through his scalp.
“No,” he mumbles as he kissed your inner thigh, “These are my favorite pillows.”
You guys would actually spend your rare free time in bed with him laying between your things as you both binge watch your favorite anime shows.
You love Ushijima with all your being but this man can be a little blunt with you when it comes to cleaning. He’s not necessarily a clean freak but there are ways to keep things tidy and up to his standards that aren’t hard to keep up with. (his words)
Cleaning is something he’s always kept up with since high school so he doesn’t get overwhelmed with trash, laundry, or anything of the sort when he comes home from practice or away games. Especially since he’s lived mostly alone when he wasn’t at the dorms of Shiratorizawa.
He put you on his cute little cleaning schedule he has for the week with him. Sundays mornings are for laundry and groceries, Tuesdays are for cleaning the bed sheets and towels, and Fridays are for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. At first you were a little baffled by such a schedule because you didn’t put yourself on one.
“Honey… You don’t think it’s too much to go by that all the time?” you asked as you watched him dig under the kitchen sink to find his cleaning supplies for the bathroom.
“No? Why would I?” he asks out of curiosity as tall ass rises from the floor and hovers over you like a god damn cyclopes.
“We’ll because I’ve never done a schedule like this before. It’s so much work,” you laughed as you wrapped your arms around his waist. “We could be cuddling right now…”
A deep chuckle slips from his lips as he kissed your forehead. “I may have caught onto that a while ago but if feels strenuous to you I’ll give you a massage for completing such a task,” he smiled softly with a small hint of sarcasm.
Kisses on your forehead was something you learned that he loves doing. Yes, he can’t ever get enough of your sweet kisses on your lips but with the height gap between you two, it feels more sensual on his side, but you’re obviously not complaining. It’s also his way of comforting you and himself. He wraps his arms around your shoulders as he drowns your forehead in soft kisses and mumbles sentences consisting of ��how was your day?” or “What do you need from me, baby?” or a simple, “I love you.”
He’s not too much of a cook, that’s more your thing. But that doesn’t stop him from learning or helping you out because he hates not doing something for you. He’s actually really good at cutting veggies to whatever desired size you’re looking for along with accurately measuring the ingredients. It’s also a perfect way for him to spend time with you since he’s not always home.
He has a thing for sweets but since he can’t eat too much of it because of volleyball, you make enough to last more than a week between the both of you. It’s one of his favorite reasons for coming home all happy is smelling the sweetness of whatever baked goodies you’ve made. It really makes him feel at home with you especially after coming home from away games.
Away games was something you guys fought over in the beginning when you moved in together. Before it was different because…well you weren’t living together so you were used to not being around him as it was. But as soon as you found your apartment and moved in, you guys were together all the time.
He knew that you were just missing him when you guys fought so he never let it get to him and always made sure to let you know that he’s listening to you. He was able to read you like a book most of the time and he knew how to put two and two together rather fast. So after those fights, he promised to be even more communicative than he already was to help ease the hurt you felt when he was gone. He also went out of his way to get you to come with him and his team to games out of the country. He genuinely thought it was absurd to leave you for months at a time so he took you much to your dismay.
“‘Tosh, I understand that you have to leave so don’t feel obligated to take me with you,” you said to him as you cooked dinner together.
He then looked at you like you shot him in the heart with a shotgun and a rifle at the same time. He was completely baffled at the fact you would say something like that because everything he’s done for you and will continue doing so is never out of obligation. “Why would you say such a thing,” he asked, “Its not out of obligation, you’re my girlfriend. You’re practically my wife at this point so don’t think I see you as any less than that,” he huffs as he continues to mince the mushrooms.
You smiled softly and didn’t bother to continue the conversation because deep down inside you were happy that he took you with him to those games but you wouldn’t have survived months of being apart. “You’re more than the best… I hope you know that,” you said to him.
He turns toward you to cup your cheeks as he kisses your forehead with his stoic smile. “I’ll always know that, baby,” he says as he wraps his arms around you.
And it’s true, living with him has taught you that he knows that you love him and he loves you. There were days where the both of you would sit down for a cup of coffee in the morning and just talk.
In high school, he wasn’t much of a talker but when he met you, he changed that. While he’s a bit straightforward, he makes sure he does it in a way where he doesn’t come off as an ass or as a way to start a fight. He’s obviously a lot more open to you than he is to his teammates so he actually likes to come home and rant to you about how stupid his team can be.
Baths with you are also something that’s comforting for him. It’s provided a quiet place for him as he just leans back and watches you read your book as you sit against his chest. Every once in a while, he’ll kiss your bare shoulder go let you he’s thanking you for the quality time you’re providing for him. There are even days where he’s beat to a pulp so you wash his body for him as you sit on his lap. His forehead leans against your chest as you wash his back and shoulders with his arms wrapped around your waist. You give him sweet and soft praises for making it through the long and grueling day to which he’s thankful for.
He’s so thankful for you…
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oooobokuto · 9 months
You guys remember frat boy!osamu?
Well, you guys broke up.
It was stupid. You spent maybe half an hour yelling at each other. Just because Osamu wasn't like his frat brothers didn't mean he wasn't a frat brother, and fuck, you just wish he would say something to the dozens of girls who threw themselves at him daily. It hurts! How doesn't he get that?!?
After a couple of months, Atsumu begs to you come back around the house. Just because you and his brother stopped dating doesn't mean that Atsumu had to lose someone he now considered his best friend.
After the blonde twin blows up your phone with invites to a party at the frat house, you decided to say fuck it.
You show up in some tight jeans and a lace-up cami. You don't necessarily want to impress anyone; all you're going to be doing is talking to Atsumu and drinking a couple of beers, but it's nice to dress up sometimes.
You expect to see Osamu in his room like he usually would be. Even before you dated, he never participated in a party, but 20 minutes after you arrive, you see him walk into the house from the backyard with a girl on his arm. Atsumu tries to place himself in front of you to act as a human shield, but it's already too late, and you're making your way out of the house as he yells for you.
Once back at your dorm, you check your phone and see a snapchat from Suna, but you don't bother to open it. Instead, you wash off your makeup and cry yourself to sleep.
You don't get to sleep very long though. A loud knock at your door wakes you, and you check the time to see that it had been an hour since you'd left the party. You assume it's Atsumu trying to make you feel better, so you open the door.
"'Tsumu, I appreciate your efforts but-" You stop talking when you see who it really is.
"Wrong twin," Osamu says, running a hand through his gray hair. He holds out his hands. "I, uh, the store didn't have yer favorite flowers, but I thought ya'd like these ones..."
You only stare at the flowers. "What do you want, Miya?"
"Can I come in?" He asks. "I just want to talk, and if afterwards, ya never want to see me again, I understand."
You let him in, and he thanks you. After he sets the flowers on your desk, you flick on the lights. You gasp as you see a bloody nose and bruised eye. "'S-Samu..."
He chuckles. "It's okay," he reassures you. "It was just 'Tsumu. No big deal." He waits for you to calm down a bit before speaking again. "I miss ya," he tells you. "And I'm so fucking sorry for what I did to ya. I love ya, and I can't believe I ever allowed myself to let ya feel insecure. I should have just told all those girls to back off. If the situation were reversed, I'd want the same."
Your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. "I don't get it 'Samu," you say. "Why did it take you months to get it? The girl you were with tonight was one of the girls who I asked you to tell to back off!"
He puts his head down in shame. "I know," he admits. "And I..." He takes a deep breath. "I overheard 'Tsumu and Hinata talking before the party, and 'Tsumu said he invited you, and Hinata said he was excited to see you again, and I just... I guess I got upset that ya were hanging out with my dumb brother, and I wanted to make ya jealous."
"You're a fucking idiot," you tell him.
"I know, but I do love ya and miss ya," he says. He walks over to you and holds your face in his hands. "And I promise to be better for ya. Just give me one more chance."
You look up at him, your gaze softening as your hands reach up to brush under his bruised eye. It'll need to be iced in the morning. "You really promise? I can't let you in just to get shattered again, 'Samu. You're the only man I've ever loved."
He nods in response. "And if I break my promise, which I won't, I'll let ya beat me up with 'Tsumu next time."
You laugh at his words and lean up to kiss him. "Okay," you whisper. "One more chance."
Osamu grins like a kid on Christmas and picks you up to spin you around before pulling you in for a passionate kiss. "Ya won't regret it."
He sleeps in your dorm room that night. You lay on top of him with your head on his chest as he plays with the ends of your hair, and he falls asleep with a smile on his face.
The next morning, Osamu sits on your bed, holding a bag of ice up against his eye. He's got a childish pout on his face.
"Ya can stop watching it now!" He grumbles.
Meanwhile, you're standing across from him, gawking at your phone. "Damn, baby, 'Tsumu really got you this time," you tell him. You wince as you watch Atsumu's fist makes contact with Osamu's nose. "Suna's a great camera man."
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2022 oooobokuto.tumblr.com - do not copy, modify, repost, or translate any of my works. any action to do so will be considered plagiarism.
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oomisluvr · 5 months
more of domestic sakusa 
Tumblr media
"Good morning, grandpa." You joke at the man reading the newspaper at your shared kitchen table, two steaming mugs of coffee in front of him, "Looking for coupon clippings in the newspaper, I presume?"
"Your coffee is ready," His eye roll is a bit too sassy for 8am on a Sunday morning, but you let it slide, "And no. I'm doing a crossword puzzle, actually."
You try not to laugh, taking a sip of coffee instead, "Is that so?"
"Yeah, and I'm actually stuck. Care to help?" He offers, pulling out the seat next to his. He's so cute.
"Yeah," you agree with a shrug, plopping down on the wooden chair with very little grace, "Lay it on me."
Adjusting his reading glasses, he reads, "What's a six-letter word for preserved remains?"
"Well, that one's easy," you supply, "Fossil."
"Perfect. I thought it was 'mummy'." His pencil makes quick work of filling in your answer, "Now I need a six letter word for: power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources."
He hums his disagreement, "Doesn't fit. Needs to end with an S."
You ponder for a moment before responding, "Joules?"
"Phenomenal," he confirms, jotting it down, "Okay next one: Will you marry me?"
You open your mouth to respond, but nothing comes out except for a series of tangled sputters that get trapped in your throat, "W-what?"
"Something used to give an affirmative response," He shyly adds, "A three-letter word."
Chewing the inside of your cheek as you debate your answer, you realize it was never really much of a question to begin with. It was always going to be this: Sunday morning crosswords and bickering over the best brand of milk. Gossiping about coworkers before bed and running hand-in-hand during a rain-storm to find shelter. Burnt microwave dinners and shy apologies from the spiker: it was always going to be him, in every lifetime. You sip the coffee he made you, and you taste the love he put in that, too.
"Yes." You whisper, and you're grateful Kiyoomi ignores your misty eyes. Clearing your throat, you take another sip from your lukewarm coffee and blink away the tears, "What's the next one?"
"Right," Sakusa snaps out of his daze, a wobbly grin on his face, "I need a three-letter word for self-esteem."
"Just brilliant," he quips, "God, you're good at this. Help me with Sudoku next?"
"Why not," you smile, because there's nothing else you'd rather be doing.
Tumblr media
its a personal goal of mine to #MakeSudokuSexy and i am using kiyoomi to help me achieve that goal
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kodaiki · 10 months
Tumblr media
↳ note ⨾ ouch.... requested by anon! <3 ↳ genre ⨾ angst ↳ warning ⨾ yelling, the boys are mean >:(, mentions of clingines, insecurity and jealousy ↳ feat. iwaizumi, sakusa & tsukishima
Tumblr media
you can't even recall how the argument began in the first place. was it because the home was in disarray when the two of you returned from work? was it the full sink of dirty dishes? was it the fact that you hadn't seen your boyfriend for what felt like weeks? sure, you slept in the same bed and shared a bathroom in the mornings but beyond that, you can't recall the last time you spent quality time with iwaizumi.
so, what you thought would've been an easy confrontation about the issue, maybe ending with a sweet kiss to your lips and promise to try and get more time off, turns out becoming a full blown argument.
"i can't just ask for more time off, y/n," iwaizumi yells, glaring at the disapproving expression on your face. "it's not like i can waltz up to my boss and ask to work remotely some days like you."
"like me? i was offered the position!" you quickly refute, huffing in annoyance that he brought that up as an argument. it wasn't your doing that you purposefully asked to be able to work from home; the opportunity presented itself to you and you gladly accepted it.
you thought it'd make things easier! you wouldn't have to take transportation every single day, nor return home late so often that basic household chores could be left undone.
you made sure to stay on top of your chores since you had the time to. but of course, time wasn't always on your side. even being home some days; work piled up and you were unable to do much around the house.
regardless, that's not the reason for this argument.
"i'm just asking to see you more! is that really so much to ask for?"
iwaizumi scoffs, briefly looking away from you. "well, here i am!" he announces obnoxiously, "is that enough for you?"
your lips part in slight shock at his sarcastic tone; never did he use such a tone with you. but you're quick to blow a raspberry and cross your arms. "very funny."
"i'm not try'na be! it's not my fault you're so goddamn clingy. it's not my fault i don't need your undivided attention like you do me! i'm my own person, learn to be your own!"
there's a beat that passes after iwaizumi's verbal assault to your character. you frown, resolve crumbling as you soak in what he said.
clingy? learn to be your own?
"y'know," you start softly, shoulders drooping in defeat. “if you’re trying to get me to fall out of love with you, you’re doing a great job."
iwaizumi snaps his gaze to you, finally registering what he had so impulsively yelled at you. but he can't face you anymore; because you've turned away from him.
"i'm gonna stay at makki's tonight," you cut him off curtly. "enjoy your alone time."
the last words sting iwaizumi, making him wince. before he can say anything else though, you're out the front door of your shared apartment, closed behind you with a firm slam.
Tumblr media
"i don't want to be hidden anymore!" you say, spinning on your heel to face sakusa who's pinching the spot between his brows with his forefinger and thumb. "it's been months since we started dating, shouldn't the media be allowed to know now?"
"no," he grits firmly. "and we've already talked about this, y/n. i remember you fully agreeing to the terms that we'd have to be a private couple."
"i didn't know it'd have to be forever!"
sakusa scoffs, "forever. it's not."
"sure seems like it to me," you mutter. "every time i bring it up, you shut me right down."
"it's work. my managers say-"
"what about you? do you even care that i'm left in the dark? aren't you hurt by it?"
"hurt by what?" he asks blankly, retracting his hand from his face to look at you.
you can't help but scoff. "i go to every single one of your games, sit in the stands like any other fan and i'm not able to hug and kiss my boyfriend a game well done when he's finished. i can't be openly proud of him in front of people, i can't interact with him on social media, god, i can't even post pictures of us!"
"that was all part of the deal, y/n."
you go on anyway. "no one even knows you're in a relationship! it'd make sense if you at least told people you were seeing someone so they wouldn't be left to wonder. there wouldn't be so many 'sightings' of you and random women claiming you could be seeing them-"
"that's what this is about? other women?"
"no!" you quickly deny. "it's part of it, sure, but it's not the main reason! i want to be able to go out without disguises-"
"no, you're just jealous!" sakusa stands from the kitchen counter he was leaning against, looking a little condescendingly amused at you. "god, y/n, really?"
"i'm not jealous."
"bullshit," he answers. "you can't stand the fact that i have to associate with other people, some including women, because i have to. so you're lashing out. you're being a jealous, possessive girlfriend. it's embarrassing, really."
"do you want me to break up with you? is that what's happening? throwing out these assumptions that just aren't true until i get fed up, hm?"
the word breakup seems to break sakusa out of his original focus. "what?"
"that's it, right? you don't wanna be seen with me. so you're trying to get me to stop loving you. well, don't worry, kiyoomi, you're on the right track."
Tumblr media
“you need to communicate with me better, kei. i was worried!” you chastise, pulling sweater closer to your body as your boyfriend enters the apartment, taking off his rain soaked shoes.
it’d been pouring all day and tsukishima had arrived later than he got off from the museum. obviously, after no reply to your texts, you assumed the worst. did he lose his phone? get in an accident?
“i’m fine, y/n,” he murmurs will shrugging off his jacket. he’s tired if he’s being honest. all he wants to do is collapse on his bed and pass out until the nextx day.
“i can see that now,” you sigh, feeling your heart rate slow back to a normal pace. “did you eat? how was the commute?”
“yes, and it was fine,” he grumbles out.
“what’s wrong, are you okay?” you ask, noticing the deep furrow of his brows.
“no,” he finally huffs out, dropping his shoulders. “i’m tired and you’re busy interrogating me!” 
“i’m not interrogating you! i was just worried because you weren’t answering my texts.” to be fair, you texted him a total of five times throughout the day; the first was to wish him a good day at work, the second asked if he’d eaten, and the last three were the result of him not answering when he was usually supposed to be home.
“sure sounds like it.”
“i just wanna make sure you’re okay.”
“or do you just need to know what i’m doing every waking moment so you don’t feel left out or insecure?”
“i can assure you, y/n, i’m fine, you really don’t need to check in,” he sighs, turning to walk into your shared bedroom, hoping that was the end of the conversation.
“you think i’m insecure?” your voice is just above a whisper, eyebrows now creased from frustrated to a soft sadness.
tsukishima turns around to face you and shrugs. “a little bit.”
“i’m not worried about you because i’m insecure,” you snap. “now it’s obvious you wouldn’t do the same for me, so thanks for that kei. god, it’s like you’re purposefully pushing me away. if you want me to fall out of love with you, just spit it out.”
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natriae · 5 months
tropes i think the haikyuu boys would fit in
Fake dating (my favorite)- SAKUSA, Kita, Tanaka, Shirabu, Meian, Iwa
Friends to lovers- ATSUMU(especially childhood besties), Bokuto, Kunimi, Akiteru, Semi, Konoha
Accidental kiss- AONE, Ushijima, Akaashi, Tsuki, Hinata, Suna
Arranged marriage- Daichi, Ushijima, kai(kinda), oikawa
He fell first- NISHINOYA, meian, Osamu, Yams, Hayato, tendou
Enemies to lovers- TSUKI, SAKUSA, osamu(rivalry of shops), yaku, yamamoto, Suna
first love- Suna, Atsumu, kita, aran, asahi, kuroo, Ennoshita, IWA
fake make out - KUROO, Osamu, Aran, Tsuki, Hinata, Kageyama
everyone can see it but y’all- KENMA, Osamu, aone,hayato, lev, reon
friends with benefits- Oikawa, SUNA, mattsun, atsumu, Tendou(no strings attached energy)
Foot poppin’ kiss- ATSUMU, Osamu, Kita, Kunimi, aran
Tumblr media
i wanna make more this was fun
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torhues · 1 month
tsukishima kei.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"you're crying," tsukishima speaks over your soft sobs filling the atmosphere around an empty staircase.
"thanks for noticing, idiot," even though your throat is soar and you're barely in a position to say something, you manage to utter words of delightful gratitude, or insult, whatever fits the situation better.
he sighs, and you feel him sit next to you. to be honest, he's the last person you expected to see at the moment, and also the last person you wished would see you in your current state.
you don't have anything against again, not at all, but neither of you can stand each other's presence, especially you. perhaps, it's the way he refuses to compromise, or the moments he straight up calls your ideas stupid and lame, always getting on your nerves. tsukishima isn't a half bad student, but he sure is the worst project partner you could've been assigned.
another sigh escapes his lips. "if you would tell me what happened, maybe i can help,"
"yeah, no thanks, asshole," you reply.
"i don't see the need to call me names when i'm being nice to you,"
"jesus, tsukishima, i don't want to talk to anyone right now so please leave me alone," there's annoyance in your voice, hints of anger in your eyes, a frown on your face while you try your best to compose yourself and not break down.
it doesn't faze him.
tsukishima doesn't even blink. in fact, he looks at you as if he's used to seeing you this way. his eyes are still brimming with indifference, or maybe there's a little bit of emotion— warmth— you don't know, it's hard to figure out. reading him is hard because on other days, tsukishima doesn't seem to care.
he takes a deep breath, pulling out his phone from the pocket before leaning against the step behind him. "guess we're staying quiet,"
and you don't know why he doesn't leave.
the typical tsukishima would be with his friend or in a corner of the classroom, sitting by himself with air-pods plugged in. some say he listens to crime podcasts while others have seen him re-listen to the lectures, which could be the reason behind his excellent grades. on normal days, he would call you stupid for minor miscalculations in mathematics, suggesting that you should sign up for remedial classes before it's too late.
maybe, it's the significant change in weather today that has got him acting this way. maybe, he just needs someone to kill his boredom and coincidently, you happen to need someone who would lend you an ear.
"i broke up with my boyfriend," you begin, eyes on the gray tiles, voice low enough to equalize a whisper. "well, he broke up with me, and even though i said that i fucking hate him and that i'm better off without him, it hurts, y'know?"
tsukishima sighs again. it's a lighter one this time, like a sigh of relief, a sigh without stress, a sigh of comfort. you wait for him to speak but, all you hear is silence. for a second, you wonder if it was a wrong decision to tell him this in the first place, and the reason is far beyond the ideologies of sharing your weakness with your biggest rival. to put it simply, you don't think tsukishima is the right person to find comfort within.
he slips his phone back inside the pocket. "you curse a lot when you're angry, or upset,"
"is that what you inferred from everything i told you?"
he shrugs. "perhaps,"
"gosh, i new this was a bad idea," actually, you thought it was a good idea to share a few things with him, just for a brief second. of course, this isn't the only decision you'd be regretting, but you still hope you could go back in time and stop yourself while you still had the chance.
you grab your bag, swinging it up your shoulders before taking a last look at him, hoping he'd say something else, something worth noting instead of initiating pointless talks. when nothing comes your way from his side, you decide to leave on your own accord, for your own good.
"crying over men is lame," his words make you halt in your way. "just saying," and it's surprising and equally fascinating to hear something along those lines from his mouth.
"i know," you chuckle, "but, some of us have it tough out there,"
"you're not some random person. you decked your friend's ex because he cheated on her," first things first, you don't know the need to bring that up. you were in first year and had subpar hatred for people to cheat on their significant others— still do— but the current you wouldn't deck someone. and secondly, you don't know how that has anything to do with your relationship.
"hey, now, that was a different case,"
"you can deck your ex too," he states with a monotonous voice, being ever so serious and certain of his words as if they're wedding vows. "i don't see how that's any different,"
a trail of silence follows. you almost consider his words, almost, and brush off those thoughts from your mind the very next second. you take a look at his face, wondering if he's joking, but reading tsukishima has always been so hard, you don't know if his eyes resonate with a mere prank or if they spell something else out loud.
"minato treated me well, tsukishima," you retort, "i don't know what's going on in that head of yours but, don't make any assumptions,"
the slight necessity to clarify your relationship compelled those words to fall off your lips. although, you did broke up on bad terms, the period while you were with him wasn't half bad. you both had your share of happiness and sorrow, arguments and comfort, just like any other normal relationship would. maybe that's why now that you've broken up, it hurts more, and perhaps, the reason is not him but instead, everything that the two of you had.
"well, you've got other guys out there," once again, tsukishima's words pull out of your thoughts. his expression is ambiguous and his gaze mirror something that you've never seen in his eyes. you take your time to come up with a response, knowing that while his words means more than what they seem to.
and when you don't say anything for the next new seconds, tsukishima stands up, taking a step towards you. "i'm saying, you have me,"
Tumblr media
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