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Caitvi Scenes: 7/? ↳ "My hero."
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The amount of self control most of the arcane characters have is incredible. I would have put one of those crystals in my mouth the moment I got my hands on one.
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inspired by arcane. i kind of want to bring these back but godsdamn purple is hard to work with
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New chapter is up! Be prepared, because the angst levels are rising!
Also, side note: the final part was separated as a new chapter, for me and @beanswithbones work better in the edit of it to convey the tense and dramatic athmosphere we want in it.
Every reblog is highly apreciated as tumblr isn't a fan of links to other websites!
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Tumblr media
Reblogs and Comments are greatly appreciated!!
Fandom(s): Arcane: League of Legends (2021)
Pairing(s): Viktor x Gender Neutral!Reader
Genre(s): Fluff
Notes: Songfic with the song “Fall Into Me” by Forest Blakk
Viktor never really let himself belong anywhere. He was a crippled professor’s assistant from the Undercity. So why would anyone want to associate with him?
Then he met Jayce, and his life changed. 
They started Hextech, and suddenly everyone wanted to be his friend. He was stopped on the streets by potential partners for Hextech and people wanting “get to know him.” He always panicked when these types of people approached. Jayce always dealt with those people better than he did. 
When it became evident that he wasn’t going to become friends with anyone, people began to get mean. Not outright, of course. People didn’t throw food or cast him out, but he wasn’t invited to galas or events. Instead, they all went to Jayce. However, his friend always got around it by bringing Viktor as his plus one. They also began to avoid him, casting glares when he’d hobble down the streets of Piltover to and from his apartment to the Academy.
That was… until he met you.
The day that I met you
The world had just spit me out
On my way to the bottom
Sure I'd never be found
You had approached him in the street, a notebook in hand and reading glasses perched on your nose. You looked vaguely familiar. Had he seen you somewhere before? You offered him a friendly smile,
“You’re Viktor, correct?” You asked kindly, and he nodded, eyes narrowing as he took in your appearance. Blazer, neatly pressed shirt, stiff-legged trousers, dress shoes. With your notebook and glasses, he assumed you were a journalist. 
“Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?” You asked as he continued on his way to the Academy. 
“Yes. I have places to be.” He said curtly, but that didn’t deter you. Instead, you adjusted your glasses and smiled that smile of yours. A feeling settled in his stomach that he couldn’t identify. 
“It’ll only take a moment. I wanted your view on Hextech!” You said and stood slightly in front of him and off to the side. Not enough to be in the way, but enough that it would be rude if he kept walking.
Then you saw me for me
Made me believe in myself
On the day that I met you
It all turned around
You were good—one of the better journalists he had seen. You weren’t exactly pushy, just firm in your questions and desire to get answers. 
“Wouldn’t those questions be better to ask Jayce?” He asked, and you shook your head,
“I wanted the input of the elusive and brilliant Viktor, if that’s okay. I’ve already interviewed Mr. Talis.” You said, and he felt a burning in his cheeks. Sure he had been called brilliant before, a genius even. But it felt different coming from you. 
So he agreed. 
You said close your eyes
Don't look down
It wasn’t long before your article was published in the newspapers. It exploded, and Viktor received an influx of letters thanking him for his time in the interview. It was safe to say he was overwhelmed. 
One day, there was a knock on his laboratory door, and he glanced up in annoyance. It had been a day of constant knocking, and he couldn’t concentrate for the life of him. But he called whoever it was in nonetheless. 
It was you. 
You adjusted your blazer and waved sheepishly. 
“I hope I’m not interrupting?” You said hesitantly, and he found himself shaking his head,
“No, not at all. What can I do for you?” He said, and you smiled,
“Well… to celebrate my article doing so well and to thank you… I wanted to ask you out to dinner?”
Fall into me, and I'll catch you, darlin
We'll dance in the street like nobody's watching
It's just you and me, and the song on repeat in my head
Playing over and over
Viktor arrived ten minutes early, nervously adjusting his grip on his cane as he scanned the heads in the restaurant. Finally, he spotted you in the back of the establishment. You spotted him at the same time and stood to wave. He made his way to the back table and handed you a bouquet of flowers. Sunflowers, to be specific. 
You grinned and buried your nose in the flowers, taking a deep inhale. 
“I hope you weren’t waiting too long.” He said, and you shook your head, 
“No, no! I just got here myself. I was excited, I suppose.” You said sheepishly, and he found himself smiling as he took his seat. 
“I suppose I was the same.”
I'm drunk on your voice high on the moment
I'd fall for you twice if that's what you wanted
I'd give you my life from now till forever
I'm falling in love with you
Over and over again
The date—could he call it that? Was this a date?—went off stunningly. You talked as if you had been friends for years. You asked probing questions about his work he was more than happy to answer. He was delighted to talk about Hextech, and you were more than happy to listen. 
The two of you ended up staying until the restaurant closed. You actually got Viktor to laugh. Laugh. When was the last time he actually laughed? 
He walked you home. Jayce had said it was the gentlemanly thing to do, and he was lost when it came to dates. Sure he had been on them before, but they never amounted to anything. 
Your house was quaint and small, but it didn’t matter. You stood on your doorstep, smiling gently as you cradled your sunflowers in your arms. 
“Thank you for the wonderful night Viktor. Truly, it was amazing.” You said, and he found himself smiling in return,
“Thank you for the magnificent time.” He said and turned to leave.
“Wait!” He stopped, turning back just in time to feel something press against his cheek. He blinked and saw you leaning away, hurriedly climbing the stairs to your home. 
“I—” He stammered, and you waved from the doorway,
“Good night Viktor!” You said and shut your front door before he could say anything. 
Had you just kissed him?
Until I had met you
There was no sun in my sky
No mirrors for monsters
And no love in sight
Viktor didn’t see you for days afterward. Had he scared you off? He wouldn’t be surprised. No one wanted to associate with a broken man such as him. 
That was… until you came back. 
Then you walked down those stairs.
And I knew my heart wasn't mine
On the day that I met you
My whole world came alive
Another soft knock on his laboratory door. Jayce was out getting parts for their newest project, and left him tinkering with his gadgets. 
“Come in.” He called and looked up just in time to see you entering with your hands behind your back. 
“Hello again.” You said softly, adjusting your glasses on top of your head
“Hello again.” He said just as softly, and your lips broke out in a smile. 
“I was hoping you’d still want to see me after the other day.”
“Why wouldn’t I?” Now you looked down, scuffing your feet and looking uncharacteristically meek. 
“Well… I kissed you without your consent. I was worried you’d be upset.” You said, and he stood, hobbling his way over, his cane thumping on the ground. When he got to you, he took a leap of faith and reached forward with his free hand, cradling yours in his. Your hands were calloused from holding pens and papercuts. 
“Don’t feel bad. I—I enjoyed it.” He whispered, and your eyes shot to his, wide with hope. 
You said close your eyes.
I got you now
You leaned in, nose brushing his, and suddenly, it became all too real. 
Did he want this? 
Was he ready to take this step? 
Was it too soon?
Fall into me, and I'll catch you, darlin
We'll dance in the street like nobody's watching
It's just you and me, and the song on repeat in my head
Playing over and over
Just as your lips brushed, Jayce burst in, tripping over his feet and nearly dropping his box of supplies. 
“Sorry!” He shouted, and you flinched at the noise, jumping away from Viktor but not necessarily letting go of his hand. 
“I—It’s fine. We were just leaving.” He said and promptly dragged you from the room as fast as his limp would allow. 
He wasn’t sure why, but the two of you ended up inside the custodial closet. His cane leaned aside as he tapped his fingers at your hips. 
The door slammed shut behind you, and you giggled,
“Well, that was embarrassing.” You said, entwining your fingers together at your hips, and he felt his heart thump in his chest. 
“Indeed it was.” He said softly. The two of you were close. Almost too close. But Viktor didn’t mind. He didn’t care as long as he was close to you. 
It was safe to say he was smitten. 
I'm drunk on your voice high on the moment
I'd fall for you twice if that's what you wanted
I'd give you my life from now till forever
I'm falling in love with you
Over and over again
Your nose brushed his, and he felt his eyes close. He could feel your breath bathing his lips. You smelled like peppermint. 
“Can I kiss you?” You whispered, and he settled his weight against the wall, taking another leap of faith and pulling you against him. Your arms tickled the baby hairs at the nape of his neck.
“I’d love that.” He shivered as you leaned in and kissed him. 
I'm falling in love with you
I'm falling in love with you
I'm falling in love with you over and over
I'm falling in love with you over and over
It was surreal. 
Kissing you, that is. 
You tasted like you smelled, like fresh peppermint and hope. He tilted his head and moved his lips against yours, taking in your quiet gasps as your hands moved from his hair to his shoulders, where they gripped the fabric. 
It felt all too soon when he broke apart, panting and opening his eyes. Your eyes were still closed lightly, eyelashes fluttering against your cheeks. 
“Wow.” You said, and he laughed, breathy and quiet. 
“Wow, indeed.”
Fall into me, and I'll catch you, darlin
Let's dance in the streets like nobody's watching
It's just you and me, and the song on repeat in my head
Playing over and over
It didn’t take the two of you long to become official after that. Jayce hadn’t been surprised, he claimed you were just Viktor’s type. The intellectual reporter and the inventor. The engineer and the writer. You two were the perfect match in Jayce’s eyes. You could do the reporting for Hextech, and Viktor and Jayce could give you all the information you needed. 
It was perfect.  
A match made in heaven. 
I'm drunk on your voice high on the moment
I'd fall for you twice if that's what you wanted
I'd give you my life from now till forever
I'm falling in love with you
Over and over again
Viktor was hopelessly in love with you. Utterly and hopelessly in love. But he didn’t mind. He never minded when it came to you. 
Fall into me, and I'll catch you, darlin
Let's dance in the streets like nobody's watching
It's just you and me and the song on repeat in our heads.
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what if you wrote reader making arcane characters a flustered mess 👀
Hehehe otay
Slightly NSFW for some adult themes or situations
I am going off of the dictionary definition because I forgot what it meant lol If you meant something different, my apologies anon. I think I made some of them more annoyed than anything. I'm so sorry...
Fluster: make (someone) agitated or confused:
"there's nothing you can do or say to fluster Bernie" · "the false start flustered me a bit"
-When you call him on his bullshit or when you're right in an argument.
-Also gets annoyed when you do a power play on him. It is supposed to be his thing and there you are, being so...sexy
"You're not being discreet, Silco. You messed up and you know it." You said as you flipped to the next page of your book. "Just admit that you were wrong, and I was right." You looked up and saw him swirl his drink, giving you an annoyed look.
"If you were right, I would-"
You shut your book and leaned forward. "Darling. The whole bathroom is bright pink. I told you not to buy her that dye-"
He sighed and rolled his eyes, lighting his cigar. "She was making you a gift."
"And I love it, but the bathroom renovations? Not so much." You got up, going to him and sitting on his knee, running a hand over his chest, seeing a slight pink on his face. "Now say it." You purred in his ear.
He huffed and leaned back, hand resting on your thigh. "You were right."
Humming and pulling on his tie, you leaned closer to his ear. "Good boy."
-When you fix things that she can't
-Wearing her clothes and looking super cute in them. Why doesn't she look that cute in them?
"Pudding, you're pouting." You said in a sing song voice from your perch on her desk.
"And you're being annoying, sitting there like some hot piece of cake." She snapped back, fidgeting with another one of her gadgets.
"A second ago I was an attractive asshole. Am I being promoted?" You slid off the desk and swayed your hips as you walked over to her, bending over when you got in front of her.
"Promoted to thief!" She huffed, her face bright red. "They're my favorite underwear and your ass is way juicier than mine so now, they won't fit."
So, your ass was bigger than hers and therefore you had ruined her favorite underwear? Oh, this was good. "Then take them off."
Her head snapped up and her eyes narrowed at you. "What?"
You leaned in a bit more and licked your lips. "Take. Them. Off-"
Jinx had you on the ground before you finished that sentence.
-Cleaning his workspace. How. Could. You?
-Doesn't take criticism well, even if it is constructive.
You tapped your boot on Ekko's and he turned his face away, still pouting with his brows pulled together in that mean frown of his.
"I didn't say it was ugly, Ekko." You sighed, tapping his boot again.
"'Babe, I don't think that the green was the best choice for our room.'" He said in a mocking tone. "I spent all day painting!"
You groaned as he threw your words back at you. You clapped your hands together. "'Was the best choice'. Not the worst." You grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, planting a kiss on his cheek. "And it looks nice, but next time, lets pick the color together, yeah?"
"Hmph." He was still pouting, upset that you weren't thrilled about Firelight Green being the theme of the entire space you inhabited with him.
"Wanna see if the walls match my underwear?" You wiggled your eyebrows at him. "Do a couple of 'swatches'?"
He picked you up so fast and put you over his shoulder as he marched up the steps to the room, still muttering about how he was going to prove you right.
•🦇Scar (bat guy from the Firelights)
-Compliments, telling him he is handsome in front of his friends
-Really gets to him when you put yourself down. Will not have it, you are an angel on earth
You noticed the glare almost immediately when you were talking to a new Firelight and the guy had put a hand on your arm. Then the arms crossed, and you could tell he was biting his cheek to stop from himself from saying something stupid.
The man was mad. Excusing yourself, you made your way over to Scar, watching as his lip twitched. "You okay?" You wrapped your arms around his waist and looked up at him.
He growled and looked back up at the new Firelight, then back down at you, lip twitching again. "Oh, no! He was just being nice."
That didn't make him feel better. "Scar..." You pouted a bit. "He doesn't even have cute ears. How can you be jealous of him?"
Scoffing, he rolled his eyes and his arms dropped, hands on your shoulders. Smiling, you reached up on your toes to plant a kiss on his lips. "Well, tonight we can be loud enough, so he knows who belongs to who? Hm?"
You always knew how to cheer him up.
-Putting yourself in dumb situations without thinking
The door slammed behind you as you stomped into the room you shared with Vander; jaw clenched, and hands balled into fists. He was hot on your heels, and he had the biggest scowl you have ever seen him make.
"Don't get mad at me." He crossed his arms "You had no business getting between two brawlers to break up a fight."
"We can't afford a new pool table!" You threw your hands up. "And they already broke a regular table. Thankfully we have an extra to replace it."
"I had it, love." His scowl was beginning to fade, but he was still upset. "You could have gotten hurt."
"But I didn't." You held up your finger. "In fact, I got a couple good jabs in myself."
"That's not the point, dove." He took a deep breath and took a moment to get his thoughts together. "One of these days I'm not going to be there to get you out and then what?" He put a hand on your arm. "Please stop giving Vi ideas."
You giggled, not that angry anymore. Yeah, it was a bone head move. "Yeah, she gets all of the bad ideas from me." You said sarcastically. "Never you."
"Never." He kissed your forehead.
-Telling him no. Pouty, pouty baby boy
-Undermining him
"No, Finn." You snapped, pushing the contract back at him. "It's a bad deal and you know it."
"Do I?" His eyes turned into knives as he glared at you. "I don't think I asked for your opinion."
"Hm." You crossed your bare legs, watching his eyes gloss over a bit while he watched you do it. "I think you did when you showed it to me."
He stared you down while flicking his lighter, cursing himself for doing this while you were in your silky night clothes. He could see your nipples and your legs were exposed. "Maybe I showed it to you so you would know who really makes the decisions around here."
You clicked your tongue. "Oh, I see. Still seems to me like it isn't you."
Click. Click. Click. "Do you really want to go there?"
A devious smirk spread on your face, and you licked your lips. "I didn't have too. You did it on your own, pretty boy."
Click. "Get your ass over here and we will see who is in charge of who."
-Is actually a tidy person. So messing with his tools will drive him nuts and disorient him.
-Lying about touching his tools and don't blame Viktor. He knows.
"-did too." He muttered as he set the wrench back in its place. If Viktor was bad, you were worse about keeping things in place.
"Janna, Jayce, I did not!" You spun in your chair, pulling your goggles down. "I put it back in the drawer!"
"It hangs up." He straightened up and pointed at you; he just caught you in your lie. "Try again, sweetheart."
You sputtered and groaned, rubbing your face. "Ok, but I tried to put it back!"
He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes. "In the wrong place."
"I tried! I can't remember where it all goes. This is crazy." You turned around, turning your back on him. "-becomes a counselor and a terror all in one week." You mumbled under your breath and picked up the gear you had been trying to carefully put in place.
"Say you're sorry, baby." You saw two large hands on either side of you and could feel his breath on your neck.
"Sorry you're a clean freak." You sniffed, pretending to concentrate harder.
You could practically feel him tense up and make a face of frustration, making you hold back a laugh. No, you would not do it this time.
"Okay, then." Without warning he had you up on the desk and pinned, smirking at you.
It made you laugh, how he thought this was going to make you say you were sorry. "Now I am definitely not sorry." You pulled on his shirt.
-Folding the corners of books to book mark them. Only animals would do that nonsense.
-Unnecessary noises drive him insane. Please, do not-
The tapping was getting louder and louder and now he was barely unable to think, just tap tap tap.
"Darling, would you be so kind as to stop?" He turned in his chair and asked you politely. You probably didn't even know you were doing it.
You looked up from your book and blinked before you looked at your hand, realizing you were tapping your nails on the table. "Oh, yeah. Sorry." You put your hand under your thigh.
He gave you a sweet smile, thanking you before turning around and going back to his work.
Swishswishswishswish- he turned back around and saw you looking at him while running your hand over a textured surface. "Darling-"
"Yes?" You smirked, seeing his eye twitch.
"Must you?" He raised his brows, his jaw flexing as he clenched it.
Swishswishswishswish- you went faster, keeping eye contact. "I fear I must."
His nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply, licking his teeth. "My dearest, most beloved darling- fucking quit."
You burst out laughing, your stomach muscles getting sore with how hard they clenched with laughter. Did he just say fucking? You had never seen him so annoyed with you.
"Oh, this is funny?" He was trying to look intimidating, but you could see the smirk. You heard his chair rolling towards you and then you were trapped between him and your desk. "You think this is funny?"
"-I made-" You wheezed. "You said fucking." Your ribs hurt so bad.
His hands gripped your thighs and pulled you closer before sliding up to more intimate parts. "I'll show you funny."
-Tickling. Why would you do this to her?
Finding out that Mel was ticklish had been a delight to you and anguish for her. You found out by running your fingers down her side as you laid in bed with her. Your eyes lit up and a big smile spread across your face as she wiggled away from you.
"Mel, are you-"
"If you do it, I swear, I will-" You pounced and tried to pin her, but this was Ambessa Medarda's daughter and she was not going down without a fight.
"Darling, you better stop!" She was a lady! A councilor!
You were able to pin her momentarily and get her real good and for the first time you heard a real good laugh out of her. Not a chuckle or a soft, reserved laugh, but a good loud laugh right from her belly.
Stopping, you wrapped yourself around her, smiling like mad as you pressed your face between her shoulder blades. "I like your laugh."
"That was so unbecoming." She looked at you with disbelief.
Giggling, you kissed her shoulder. "I know and I loved it."
-Hiding her cigars. She knows you hate it but babe, stop
-Using her weaknesses against her
"I swear, I put them on the table-" Sevika felt over her pockets and growled when she didn't find what she had been looking for. "Babe!" She turned around and looked at the living room. No, she didn't leave them there.
"Yes?" You called from the bedroom.
"Have you seen my smokes? I left them on the table- damn it, babe." She groaned as you appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, smokes in hand, completely naked.
"Oh, these? Yeah, I have them." You held them up and waved them around a little.
She sighed and held out her hand. "Please give them back." Try the honey first.
"Hmmm." You pretended to think. "No, I don't think I will."
She rubbed her chin in aggravation and groaned again. "I do love you, I really do, but you are being such a shit right now."
Giggling before faking a pout, you looked at the cigars in your hand. "You're not even gonna fight for them?"
What did you want? A full-on brawl? "What do you want? I'm gonna be late."
Smug and feeling very empowered, you held out the cigars. "You can have these-" You pulled them back when she went to grab them. "Or..." Your voice got sultry. "You can have me."
Oh, she loved you so damn much. "Hm, I have to think about that." She teased you back and you gasped, feigning offense.
"Ok, fine." You tossed them on the bed behind you. "Gotta get through me to get them."
Sevika was already taking off her cloak. "Oh, I'm coming."
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✨Red Knight In Shining Armor ✨
Knight!Vi x PrincessFem!Reader; Part 1
Summary: You, the princess of the northern kingdom, needed a knight to protect you. During the knight selection you watch this certain knight win every sparing match. When this mysterious knight removes their mask, you are shocked to discover a red haired woman under the helmet!
Warning: cuss words (small amount), arguing with your mother, stepfather, mentions of family member passing, subtle flirting (Vi)
A/N: I'm so fucking excited ahahahhaha 🤪
Tumblr media
"Milady! Please arise, the sun has set on your window this morning and the weather is gorgeous," Your best friend, Ivy, has opened the curtains for you. She decided to surprise you this morning with some tea she got for you both. You groan loud and roll over. She knows you hate the mornings and prefer the afternoon, but she can't help but tease you when she can. She sits down by you and moves your hair out of your face. You opened you eyes, looking at you bestie. You sit up and give her a hug. It's rare for her to stop by, but you take any moment to be with your best friend. Your maid comes in after to help you dress into your morning gown. After getting dressed, you two shared the tea and had a casual morning talk on your balcony. Anything, but royal related things.
You are the princess heir to the Northern kingdom. Your castle sits on the highest hill of the entire kingdom. The castle is built using stone and white quartz. The gardens and yards is covered with yours and your mother's favorite flowers. It decorates the entire castle. The kingdom is full of inventors and other diplomatic nobles. The nobles, dukes, and baronesses looked up to the kingdom as guidance for the future each and every year. The kingdom knew you were becoming queen soon. The problem is that you had to marry to become a queen. You're parents have been pressuring you to marry somebody, even a princess at this point, and it's your final year. You can't deny no more or else your parents will pick a prince or princess for you. You weren't like the other princesses, who fell for the prince charming in their gorgeous white stallion and long stupid blonde hair. No, you were into the knights in shining armor. You fell in love with the idea of a knight sweeping you off your feet and protecting you from harm. You knew Knights had more sense and they were far more humble than any snooby princes you have met. The good thing about knights, you needed one for protection. You were a target in other kingdoms because of your family history. You could be killed at any moment, this left you vunerable and unable to leave the castle ever. That changes when your father suggested a knight to keep you safe. So today, you got to pick your knight in shining armor.
"Excited?" Ivy raised her eyebrows at you, while sipping her tea. She has been your friend since you were toddlers. She and her kingdom was the only one your parents can trust. That made you happy especially since you werent able to leave the castle walls. You giggle a little, placing your porcelain (f/c) tea cup so elegant and gentle. "For a knight, yes. Anything better than my last knight." You look off into the gorgeous garden you and your mom worked on. Outside the garden, you see a line of new knights doing their usual morning warm ups jogging around the entire kingdom. The Captain, Greyson, always got the knights ready and moving so when you pick, you get to see them at their best. You're excited, you can't lie despite your last experience. "Yeah, that's why prince's are better than knights," Ivy teased you, she loved to debate with you jokingly. "At least, my knight can defend me and keep me safe unlike some snooby prince," you raised your eyebrow at her. "Look, that is one fine man and I will not have you bash him. At least, I'm getting married," Ivy neck swiveled in a sassy way, you laughed at her. You know she's just playing around. "I'm not looking forward to marriage, but I wish marrying a knight was an option." She shrug as you stand up with her for a final hug. She has to leave, but when she visits, you always enjoy her company.
After she leaves, you got to the large yard where you step father is watching the cane corsos on the bench. You smile, you adored your step father. He doesn't judge, he always have advice for you every morning, and he loves his only step child. You could be honest with him and give you the best option of action or decision. Your real father died due to a sickness when you were a toddler. When your mom married your step father, you were 6 years old and he stepped up and cared for you like you were his actual child. So you call him father. He spots you as you approach him in your gorgeous morning gown. He stands up, welcoming you into his arms with a soft kiss to your forehead. "My darling, how are you this bright spring morning? Are you ready to find your knight in shining armor today?" You father sat back down on the bench. He pats the seat next to him, indicting to sit with him. "I'm doing well, father. And I'm not sure, I'm afraid I'll fall in love with a knight or something," You sigh into a giggle as you sit with him. Your father laughs, placing his hand on your back. "Darling, if royals didn't have rules, I would allow that. Yet, dating or even marrying a knight would probably be bad reputation for your mother. Your mother can explain that all," your father begins to stand up. "Now let's go see some awesome sword fighting, yeah?" Your father gave you a goofy smile, that always makes you laugh. Your father was a goofball, but he cared for you. He knew you were upset, but he didn't let you think too much about it. He does that so you and your mother could avoid any confrontation.
"Line up!!"
The captain, Greyson, shouts at the new knights in armor to stand in two rows on each side of the mats with their armor and helmets off. Greyson walks over to you and your father as you two stepped through the huge training room. This huge training room is full of gray and blue matts with white quartz walls. A giant beautiful tree sits in the middle of the room. Dumbbells and wooden practice swords cleaned up for you two to make an good impression. She walks over and bows to you both. "it's great morning to see you two," she glances from the king to you, "I've checked all my knights, you will be thoroughly impressed, I believe." You smiled excited for great sparing matches. Greyson always promised the greatest, and she meant it. You and your father stepped aside far enough to spectate the sparring matches between the knights. You and your father always choose opposite knights to root for, like you two were betting money. Your father has a keen eye for the winner knights, so he would win those bets. They fought fairly with the wooden practice swords and the one on the ground first loses. So far, the matches are coming along good but nothing unlike this upcoming sparring match. You noticed a knight with their helmet still on against another male knight with his off. Yet, this mysterious knight didn't pick up a sword and only raised their fists. The male knight scoffed at their cockiness as the other laughed at the mysterious knights. You tilted your head and look at your father. You father was confused as well but instead of picking sides, he just watched. He was very intrigued. You knew this was going to interesting, you noticed Greyson smiling at you and your father. Greyson counted down and once the whistle was blown, the mysterious knight stand their ground as the male knight started swinging. The male started swinging wildly, as a method to throw off the mysterious helmet knight. Yet, the mysterious knight didn't fall for it. Once there was an opening, the helmet knight swung with a strong upper cut the male chin. You never seen a fight like this before, you were very excited about it. Your father watches with his hand under his chin, he's thinking. You never seen your father so deep into thought about a sparring match, it only makes you wonder. Once you return your attention to the fight, you noticed that the mysterious knight has the male knight pinned. This was the shortest yet most effective matches you have ever seen. Greyson blew her whistle, indicting the match is over. You can't help it, but clap elated. You never seen a fight like that, you have so many questions for that mysterious knight. Even though there was a few more matches, you already made your decision and wanted that mysterious knight to reveal themselves.
You and your father applaud all the knights for their efforts this morning. Greyson held out her hand to you and walked you to the knights. "Princess, it's your pick. Who do you choose?" The knights watches you examine from head to toe, almost pleading with their eyes to pick them. You do take your time before making your final. However, you always find yourself looking back at the mysterious helmet knight. You stand up in front of the mysterious knight. In a clear tone, you state to the knight, "I ask you to remove your helmet." The knight crosses their arms against their armored body. "Not until I know you're picking me, princess," their voice is filter through the metal helmet. You were taken back a little, but you liked the response. "You are my chosen Knight," You smile at the knight. The men around groan and sign, some of them were waiting for a moment to be with you. Yet a new knight gets that chance. The mysterious chuckle through their metal helmet. You step back to look at your father. Your father is happy that you found your knight. The knight steps forward to you, they're a few inches taller than you. The mysterious knight didn't forget your request and they take off their helmet. The first thing that catches your eye is the red hair that makes it way out of the helmet. Once the helmet is fully off, you noticed that the knight is a woman! Your eyes grow wide as you take in this tan red haired woman. You examine her facial features and her facial tattoos that says, Vi. The knight smiles at you, looking down at you. You start to smile as well, knowing your knight is a woman. Your father steps in to look at the female knight, he is also shocked. He clears his throat, "Please join us. I have so many questions as well as my daughter." He smiles at your happy expression. You get so excited, this is a different experience and you have a female knight by your side!
You wait outside the training room with your father. Your female knight comes out in a white tank top with a dark blue hood, that shows her biceps and muscles and black pants that shows her hips and curves. You didn't think you were interested in woman, but she's kinda making you feel things. You throw away that thought as your father steps forward to the female. "What's your name?" Your father asks. "The name's Vi," she stands up straight. Your father begins to walk as you and Vi start to follow. "How long have you been a knight? And how did you even end up becoming a knight, especially as a female?" Your father walks into the backyard garden to the huge tree. There is a rattan white picnic table and bench. Your father sits down, inviting Vi to sit down with you both. "I've been a knight for about... 2 years. I had to become a knight to support my family. I was in the eastern kingdom before I left here," Vi explains. You keep looking at Vi, you're so invested into her story. "That's Piltover, correct? Why did you leave the eastern kingdom?" Your father crosses his arms. Vi looks at the ground, spoke softly, "Their abuse of power and their corrupt politics. I couldn't stay there any longer." Your eyes look at your father, hoping for his approval. He looks at you and giving you the nod of approval. You look back at Vi excited, until you notice she seems a little irritated just mentioning Piltover. "Well, I'm glad you made your decision to serve this kingdom. Thank you for protecting my daughter," After your father words, Vi snapped out of her irritated daze and smiles at the king. "I will protect her at all cost." Vi glances over to you and your heart begins to beat fast.
Tumblr media
Evening came around as you inform Vi of her duties as you two stroll the gardens. You two had occasional snacks from the maids. The simple things of protecting you when necessary and her duty to be and go everywhere with you. She's not allowed to leave your side unless allowed by you or your parents authorized it. After Vi understands her duty, you take a seat on the stone fountain. "So please, I wanna know more about you. I mean how did you become a knight? How did you become so strong?" You smile as you almost begin to ramble excited and out of control. She puts her finger to your soft lips to slow you down. She laughs a little, "Slow down, princess. I can only answer one at a time. I'm a knight by force, not really my choice. I became strong through... Uhm... Years of training." Vi removes her finger from your glossed lips. You can tell she's holding something back. She takes a seat by you. "This kingdom is a bit smaller than Piltover, but damn it's more gorgeous I would argue. Piltover was all work, not so much as play. How about here?"
"wait how long have you been here?" You glance at her, tilting your body towards her.
"Uhm, about a week. I didn't get to explore. My first thing was to become a knight here. Anything to erase my mind from Piltover." Vi rubs the back of her neck, a little frustrated.
What happened to her must've traumatized her. She just keeps mentioning how she needed to be far away from them, especially from her reaction bringing it up to your father was enough to trigger something. "A-Are you okay?" Your eyebrows furrowed as you gently place both hands on her left bicep. You unintentionally feel up on her bicep, but it caused her to smirk at you. "You like what you feeling, princess??" Vi flexes it while in your hands, causing your face to turn bright red. "S-Sorry!" You're face burns and you quickly released your hands from her muscular arm. Vi can't help but laugh at your shy expression. "Y'know, you have such a pretty face," Vi mentions looking at you head to toe. "S-So you're flirting with me now??" You start to fan your face rapidly. "No, no. I'm just saying 'cause I noticed you haven't married yet. I'm guessing no one has peeked your fancy?" Vi smirks at you, her pale eyes looking at your shy expression through her lashes. You clear your throat, "Y-Yes, no one has peeked my attention quite like I do to them. And I don't think marriage is right for me." Your face finally cools down. Vi looks at the fountain water, with all the little dark gray guppies swimming around rapidly. "Whoa, you must have high standards. I bet they have to be a god or something." Vi jokes, and it makes you laugh. The water reflects on her eyes and makes her pale eyes look more like a vibrant blue. God, her eyes are beautiful, your heart pounds at her beauty. It's ridiculous though, but your starting to convince yourself that you might be into woman. You throw your hair over your shoulder and look into the fountain as well. "Actually, quick the opposite. I don't like snooby princes. I like humble and kind princes, but behind closed doors, those princes doesn't exist," Vi looks at your sad expression that fits your depressing tone. She gently rubs the side of your cheek. It gives you chills, but you can't help to nuzzle her hand. You have a soft spot for comfort and Vi doing this makes you very comfortable with her presences. Vi cheeks turns a little rosy, your so cute to her. You didn't even noticed that your question wasn't answered.
"Ahem. Princess (Y/N), I believe it is my time to be here with you," you and Vi quickly look behind you. A prince, at the height of 5'7, with his doofy thick royal leopard coat. Under his coat, he wears a leopard shirt and dark brown pants. You don't like his attire one bit and it made you visibly disgusted. Vi can't help but snicker out a little. "Please tell your friend to laugh at something else, and that it better not be me." You already hate him, you stand up to him. "You are? I wasn't aware of any guest coming by," you touch your hair, combing it with your fingers giving you such an innocent look. "Why isn't that great?? A handsome prince like me to swoop and--"
"Knock it off. If my parents brought you, let them know they have to consult with me before inviting anyone unexpectedly. I don't do surprises, unless it's my birthday. And I don't think I accepted you to approach me or to chat with me. Please, see yourself out the front gate, I just genuinely don't care about who you are or your height or your favorite snacks," With such short words, you shut him down. He doesn't dare to speak, yet he becomes visible angry as you walk away and go to Vi. Vi stands up and holds out her elbow. You wrap your hands around her bicep. "And this is my knight, please do not assume anymore, it's makes an ass out of you," You began to walk away from the stunned prince. Vi walks you to the castle, but she can't help but keep smiling at you. "Look at the princess with so much spunk, I like that," Vi whispers to you, you can't help but blush. "Oh you'll get used to it if your were in my shoes, it's literally nothing," you two laugh as you walk away. The prince comes rushing around the corner in attempts to grab you by your shoulder. His attempts were quickly sabotaged by Vi grabbing his forearm. He tries to squirm and kick his way out towards Vi, "Get off of me, you filthy rat!!"
"Rat? Eh, I've been called worse," Vi's remark makes you laugh as she pushes him into the ground. He scurries away backwards afraid. "Leave her alone, okay?" She wraps her right arm around your waist and begins to walk back to the castle halls. You are so close to her, you can't help but have your face grow hot again. You feel so safe and comforted. Without her, he could've done worse and you don't want to think about it. "thank you," you mumble out as you two enter inside the castle to the staircase.
"Hey, No monster's gonna get you when I'm here."
Tumblr media
"Are you sure she's going to marry? She doesn't like anything regarding marriage and she has to marry to become a queen. I just want the best for her." The Queen, your mother, spoke to your stepfather, going over some documents. "I'm sure she'll find the one. Only time will tell... Y'know, she was wondering if she could marry a knight," Your stepfather constantly tries to convince your mother about being lenient about who you want to marry. Yet, your mother does not want you to marry a random knight. It doesn't look right to the other kingdoms and she was all about looking great.
Incoming loudly through the double doors of this royal ofice, is the shaken up prince at his last experience. The King raises up to look at the shaken quivering sight. The Queen walks over to the prince, "What happened? Who hurt you?" The Queen snaps her fingers as the maids help him up to a cushioned seat. "It's her knight, She assaulted me!! I was just talking to the princess and she threw me to the ground," Your stepfather looked confused. He wasn't dumb, he needed to know the fully story. Your mother, however, was quite the hot head and didn't think things through. So many things ran her head, "a female knight?! And they hurt you?! Where is (Y/N)?!" She begins to scamper off to the castle halls. Your father follows quickly, trying to calm her down. The prince knew what he was doing and just wanted that knight in deep trouble. He shifts in his seat cocky in his cushioned seat.
"(Y/N)!!!" You hear your mother yell down the hall with Vi around you. You quickly turn to see your angry mother speed walking to you as your step father tries to follow. You can see two maids following along as well. "Who's that?" Vi frowns at her frantic motions towards you. "That's my mother. That prince probably said something before I could." You remove yourself from Vi and walk to your mother to stand your ground. "First off, how dare you?! That prince was nothing but kind to you and you let your knight abuse her power!! Secondly, who told you I would accept a female knight?! I didn't authorize it!!" Her yelling echoes through the halls. "Honey, please calm down. Your blood pressure will sky rocket and I authorized it, it made your daughter happy," Your stepfather speaks as he attempts to move her back from you to relieve some tension between you two. "Are you seriously going to take the prince's side without hearing your daughter??" You hear Vi approach next to you with an annoyed voice. Your mother snaps her attention towards Vi and glares daggers at her. "Who do you think you ar--"
"I'm her knight that saved her from that asshole. It's asinine to think that you didn't even care to ask her for her side of the story!!" Vi raises her voice at your mother. "How dare you--!!"
"Mother!!" Your tone causes your mother to snap her gaze to you, "My knight, Vi, is telling the truth. She protected me from him when he was about to grab me and yank me away aggressively. If anything, he's lying to you." Your father steps in front of your mother and he calms her down. He tells her that the maids saw him act differently once they left, which just further proved he was lying. You stepped in front of Vi, as if your protecting her. Vi looks at you confused as you hold her hand tightly. You finally watch your mother calm down and glare at you two. "Fine, I'll accept 'this' for now. I'm on edge and I'll keep an eye on you, 'Vi'. And you're lucky, (Y/N), but next time won't be so great without help," Your mother struts away. Your father sighs and kisses your head as he chases his wife. You feel Vi trying to follow your mother, yet you stop her and hold her back which isn't easy. Vi is strong, but she stops to avoid hurting you. "Are you serious?! You're going to let your mother--"
"Please... Let's just go to my room," you sound like your about to sob, which snaps Vi out her anger for you. Vi takes a deep breathe. While you try to contain tears, you feel yourself be lifted off the ground. Vi has you in a bridal style, she begins to walk you to your room. You couldn't thank her enough, but you just curled up to her which should how appreciative you are to Vi. Once Vi enters your bedroom and closes the doors behind her, you start to sob quietly. You are very upset at the outcome at that exchange. It could've been so much better if you mom just calmed down for a second, yet you had a feeling that day will never come, as you thought to yourself. You were still sobbing with your hands over your face. Vi takes a seat on your bed with you, still in her arms. You hear her starting to hum, to calm down you down. No one has ever done that for you ever not even your stepfather. You almost stopped crying the moment she started as you listen to her humming.
30 minutes may have passed, Vi is still rocking you in her muscular arms. You stopped crying completely as you listen to her and her heartbeat. You almost fell asleep multiple times, but you woke yourself when Vi was about to put you to bed. "Vi... Thank you... And I'm sorry for my mother's behavior" These are your first words you speak to her. "As long as your okay, I'm okay. You don't have to apologize for your mother's actions, she can do that," Vi stands up as she lays you and tucks you to bed. You try to get up, but you were already too damn comfy. Vi sits on the couch across from your bed. "I'll sleep here, okay? So if you need me, I'm right here," Vi takes off her shoes and her pants. You close your eyes so she can undress peacefully. "Oh, you need a blanket right?" You open your eyes and try to get up, but Vi reassures you in time. "No, no, I got a blanket right here. This is actually really comfy," Vi speaks softly and turns to you as you both stare into each other's eyes. "You can sleep on the bed, if you want," You offered, but she immediately shakes her head. "N-No... I'll be fine here. It's easier to protect you this way," Vi smiles as your eyes start to drift off to sleep again. "Good night, cupcake."
A/N; Ahh, all done. Gonna start writing the part 2 this was fun and it's even proofread AND THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE EVERYONE
Credit to @landoftempanos for the great idea of Knight Vi and Princess Reader ✨ now it's a series >:]
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lynsian · 1 day
Tumblr media
My piece for the @caitvizine aaa!!! Thank u to everyone who supported the zine and to everyone who worked on it to make it possible🥹🫶🏼💖
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lullabyes22-blog · 2 days
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Ann-Kathrin Raab @ Art Station
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snowmoeka · 1 day
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im seriously so happy with how this came out
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arcanegifs · 23 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"If I can figure who made this, it could lead me directly to whoever's behind it all. The answer is here, staring me in the face. I can feel it."
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bluedaddysgirl · 4 months
Arcane animators self referencing!
Tumblr media
This animator got to use his son for young Ekko's reference and it's so damn sweet!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine acting up this incredibly heart-wrenching scene in your lounge to a rolled up sock on a bag... They gave it their all too!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene's acting fidelity is incredible! Especially the shakiness of Ekko's movement to punch Jinx...
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Tumblr media
WIP of the next page of the comic! to be dropped in two days!
We'll only have one page this time because this one is very detailed. It contains more flashbacks that will show a bit more of Jinx's magic powers in this AU.
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ARCANE | Various Early Beat Boards | Seung Eun Kim
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okay okay i have returned
calling the arcane characters good boy/girl 🥰
Tumblr media
This is it. This is how I die.
All the powers have mercy on my soul. Have a request, looking for something, or wonder who I write? Check out my master list. If you are wondering why there is no Caitlyn or Vi? I am in denial about the breakup in the rain and I refuse to see them with other people because they are perfect together, thank you for coming to my TED talk
-Is a dirty talker so when you turn it around on him and call him a good boy, it throws him for a loop. Silco.exe has stopped working
-You do this while riding him and he loses it mentally. His mind cannot function and his grip on your hips tighten
-He very much likes it and will reward you. "Tell daddy how good he is, my darling."
-Praise? How do she accept praise?
-Goes feral and tries to prove to you that she is not 'a good girl'
-The sex only gets rougher, and it was the whole point, that and to tell her how you felt
-"Tell me who's a good girl now?" She'll hiss through her teeth.
"Still you."
-He is a good boy, and he knows it. You know it and so do most of the Firelights. Almost every night they are reminded that he is a very good boy
-Likes it when you talk dirty or praise him, will return the favor happily
-The best time to tell him this is when he is coming. It just makes it so much better for him
•🦇Scar (bat guy from the Firelights)
-He is a what? Will stop everything he is doing and need a moment to process
-Like Silco, his brain will just stop. But then he decides he likes it and he aims to please.
-He is your good boy and your good boy wants you to feel good
-You will get the best head of your life and will need a couple days of 'down' time until you can walk again
-Tug his hair while you say it, you get a free ride to pound town
-Enjoys the praise, but he likes to praise you more than he gets it
-And let's face it, he isn't a boy. This is a whole ass man, and he will remind you of that
-Put a gag in his mouth because he will talk back to you
-He is NOT a good boy; how dare you insinuate that he is
-You will be punished dearly, little blossom, as soon as he gets out of these ropes. You better believe it.
-Stop laughing
-Will nut immediately because he loves it so fucking much
-On his knees, doing anything to please you, he wants to be your good boy so much
-Does whatever he can to get you to say it to him
-That is Mr. Good Boy to you
-And you better believe he is gonna love you calling him a good boy, especially when he goes down on you
-Acts like he is all good but really *internal screaming*
-No, you are and mistress didn't say you could talk
-Now put this gag in your mouth and do as you're told, slave
-Mommy isn't done with you yet. Will get her whip
-If on the rarest of occasions, she lets you top, praise her and maybe you'll get an extra reward
-*SPANK* "Say it again."
-Biting and scratching after saying it is her preferred, like she is being punished for being too nice and she needs to be naughtier
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