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Her Sunlight
Ambessa Medarda x Queen!POC!Reader AU
Tumblr media
Warnings: Sub!MILF!Reader, Past Heartbreak, Yearning, Missing your ex-girlfriend, memories of the past, surprise meetings, pet names, sensual sex, fingering, loving praise, love bites, lipstick marks, murder
Summary: You and Ambessa were lovers when you were younger. She was unaware of your true identity, but you were ripped apart before you could tell her. You ascended the throne in your country and she became a ruthless warlord in hers. You never thought you’d see each other again, but fate had other plans.
Tumblr media
Your darling baby girl is laying on your chest, fast asleep and clutching your necklace in her little hand. You smile softly and smooth her hair down before carefully taking the pendant from her. The large, sun-shaped red diamond glitters in the low candlelight, and when you tilt it you can see the initials engraved into it - A.M. The necklace had been a gift from a lover many years in the past, but it was a past you cherished with all your heart.
“Y/n!” Ambessa whisper shouts, beckoning you over to her before ducking through the door. You discretely look around and slowly back out of the room, slipping through the door. You gasp as your hand is grabbed and you’re yanked to the left. The next thing you know, you’re running down the hall and giggling along with your girlfriend.
“Bess, where are we going?” You whisper as she guides you down a vacant hall.
“Somewhere private.” Ambessa grins as she stops in front of a door, “Take a seat.” She opens it, letting you step inside first and you realize that you’re in her bedroom. You raise an eyebrow at her as she heads over to her vanity but you take a seat on the edge of her bed. You watch as she fiddles with something, making a noise of success when it does what she wants it to. You giggle as she turns around but pause at the nervous expression on her face.
“Is everything okay, my moonlight?” You knit your eyebrows in concern as she stands in front of you.
“Ah, I know we’re only seventeen… but I wanted to give this to you.” Ambessa opens her hand to reveal a beautiful necklace. The gemstone was carved into the shape of a sun, but it was a rich red instead of yellow or orange.
“A necklace?”
“Do you remember when I explained some of the Clan traditions? That the rarest kind of diamond - a red diamond - is only worn by those in the Medarda Clan and their chosen.”
“Oh!” You brighten up, “Yes, I remember. Only the one who put it on can take it off. You said it’s like a marriage propo- Ambessa, you’re not- proposing to me, are you?” Your eyes widen and your heart starts to beat harder at the realization.
“My sunlight.” Ambessa tilts your head up, “It doesn’t have to be, but I don’t see myself giving this to anyone else. I want to give this to you, as a show of my love. Will you accept it?”
“I’ll accept it.” You grin, your heart fluttering in your chest. You knew what this meant, but until the two of you could actually get married, it would be a symbol of your love.
The door to your chambers opens and your husband comes in with a glare on his face. He insisted on doing the council meeting, to your displeasure, as the council hated him. You knew they were going to tear into him, but he didn’t listen. You frown, feeling annoyed that he ruined the peaceful moment with his grouchy mood. He crosses the room and goes into the washroom but that wouldn’t change how you felt. You went back to coddling your daughter, running your finger along her chubby cheeks and allowing yourself to relax in the brief time you have left. Adel comes back into your chambers, dressed in his night clothes, and gives you a strained smile.
“Hello, my love.” Adel sits down on his side of the bed, “How has Nyomi been fairing?”
“She’s fine. She had some milk and she’s resting now.” You wave him off.
“We have four children, now.” Adel smiles, brushing your hair back.
“Five, actually.” You glance at him, “I’m three months pregnant.”
“Already?” His eyes widen, flicking down to your stomach.
“Yes.” You hum, pulling your dagger out of your bun, “I’m excited to greet my final child into the world. They’ll all be raised right, don’t worry.” With a twirl of your fingers, you jab the knife into his chest. He lets out a shocked grunt, eyes looking at you in betrayal and the life rapidly drains from them. Adel was a man you held no love for and he knew as much when he asked you to marry him. He was in love with you, but you did not return that affection. You saw him as a means to an end as you needed to have children and the person you wished to be with wasn’t able to be with you. Your goal was to have your children and be done with the man. Killing him ensures that he does not become bitter or resentful of you and turns around to attack your family.
“You’ve fulfilled your purpose.” You push his body off the edge of the bed. There's a loud thud as his body hits the ground and you feel your body relax as if all of your worries have disappeared. The door to your room opens and your handmaid, Marianne, comes inside. Her eyes fade from a frosty white back to their normal ocean blue. You were lucky to receive a pledge from a powerful seer such as your Marianne. Although, she would claim that it was fated.
“Would you like for me to get rid of his body, Radiance Y/n?” Marianne asks sweetly.
“Yes, pet.” You give her a soft smile, “Join me afterward.”
“As you wish, my Radiance.” Marianne curtsies, tossing your ex-husband over her shoulder, “Shall I wear the ribbons you like?”
“Come bare with some wine.” You get up from the bed to place your daughter in her crib, “We’re celebrating, after all.”
“I shall wake the concubines, your Radiance.” Marianne chirps, exiting the room with a skip to her step.
“Your future is assured, my sweet Nyomi.” You whisper and kiss your daughter’s head.
“Bess? Would you ever want children of your own?” You turn over in bed to look at your girlfriend. Ambessa pulls you into her arms with a contemplative look on her face.
“I would. The older I get, the more I realize that I want a family.” She nods, “Why do you ask?”
“Ah- I was just curious. My brother just had his first child, and I realized that we never talked about it.”
“Would you?”
“Would I like to have children?” You ask, receiving a nod, “I would. I know I can comfortably raise them, so I would.”
“So you’d want to have my children after we marry?” Ambessa smirks, “We are nineteen, after all.”
“You’ll be having my children. Thank you.” You tease her, making her laugh.
You sigh wistfully. That was the last time you saw her. The last time you got to be intimate with her was before the war came along. You had to leave Noxus that very morning when your collectors came for you. Noxus had tried to invade Helios, and it was no longer safe for you to remain within their borders even if no one knew you were one of the princesses. You were heartbroken and desperately hoped that Ambessa would not lose her life in the war… or that she resented you. All you left behind was a short note and the memories of your time together.
~ 25 Years Later ~
All of Noxus’ generals and warlords were seated around a large table. A meeting had been called so that they could discuss everything going on within the empire. Usually, they’re held on the first of every month, but Ambessa had been in Piltover with her daughter. They knew better than to pull her away from mother-daughter time since she cut off the last General’s hand. This meeting took all day, but it was necessary to make sure that things were running as smoothly as possible. Ambessa found amusement in watching the generals try to puff up their chests and convince the three leaders that they were more important. She saw no need in fighting over that, as actions spoke louder than words. And, to her, they were insignificant.
“Now, the main issue we must discuss is the country of Helios. This country is ruled by a monarchy and has avoided Noxus’ attempts to conquer it for decades. The current monarch is a formidable woman her people refer to as their Radiance. Surprisingly, our spies have not brought back any valuable information. That leaves us in the dark. I’d like to open the floor and ask if any of you know about this country.”
“How could none of our spies bring any information back? That’s preposterous!”
“Ugh, you mean that uppity country to our East?”
“I’d be careful with your words about them. They’ve recently become one of the major powers of the world.”
“I’ve heard that their information network is shut tight. If they can tell that you’re not one of them, they will not tell you a single thing.”
“That’s impossible! How could a country that large manage that? Surely there’d be some kind of underground!”
“Helios is a vibrant country.” Ambessa speaks up, drawing attention to herself, “My Clan was permitted to trade with them after I took over. The people are well taken care of and want nothing. They’re very strict on quality control when it comes to imports and exports, and their streets are spotless. The main imports requested are wine and certain fabrics they cannot make themselves. Their people are very friendly and they hold their monarch in very high regard.”
“It would be beneficial if we tried to come to some form of treaty with them. They can clearly hold their own, and who's to say they won’t try to invade us?” One of the more level-headed generals chimed in. That proposition causes some discord in the room. Many people laugh at the prospect of Noxus being invaded or taken over. They believe that the Empire is too strong, but Ambessa knows otherwise. She’s seen the power of Helios with her own eyes, blinded by the magic of the Queen when she was miles away from the fight. Those who were had been burnt to a crisp and Ambessa had left the battle shortly after. She was unknowingly pregnant with her daughter at the time and was relieved she was unharmed.
“We will send a small party of Ambassadors into the country to negotiate, if those fail, then we will proceed with the war once more… We will be sending Kevin, Fiona, Lamar… and Ambessa.” That makes her raise an eyebrow and the group goes silent. Sending her - a known Warlord - was a calculated move. It would be both a show of power and insurance that they brought no harm to the generals. It also was a bit of a reminder that their egos were getting too big if they needed a supervisor.
“They wouldn’t welcome us with a Warlord!” Kevin scoffs, “They’re going to throw us out if we cross the borders with her!”
“Weren’t you listening when Ambessa said that she had permission to trade with them? I think she’s welcome into the country regardless of being a Warlord.” Fiona snaps at him.
“We will see.” Lamar leans back in his chair, “There is a difference between attending for the purpose of trade versus a war negotiation.”
“Whatever happens in Helios will affect Noxus, so don’t do anything stupid.” Swain rolls his eyes, “Their Queen is not a kind woman. If you ruin this for the Empire, you can kiss your seat as General goodbye.”
Tumblr media
Marianne informed you that Noxian Ambassadors had requested permission to come to Helios and hold an audience with you. You had scoffed at the request but permitted them to come through. The Noxians have been trying to take your homeland for decades and failed to do so. Your people were well-trained and fought not for you but for their families. You could overcome anything if a family was what you fought for, and you only nurtured that thought in your people. After all, you had joined your people in the war even while you were pregnant with your children. When the attacks had completely halted a few years ago, you knew they’d be making a move to either fully invade Helios or negotiate. You knew that they had sent spies within the country in those quiet five years, but they did not receive any valuable information. For who were not the best spies but your own people? Encouraging loyalty and trust allowed your kingdom to prosper in ways Noxus could only dream of.
“They’ve been waiting on you for ten minutes, Lady Y/n.” Irene, your advisor, sighs in exasperation. You look up from your book and raise an eyebrow at her. Que another sigh.
“They’re in my kingdom.” You close your book and stand, “They will kneel before an empty throne for as long as I want them to. These Noxians have a lot of nerve coming into my kingdom after trying to take it from me. I want them to know that as long as they’re here… they’re under my thumb. The sun will shine on them only if I tell it to.” You smirk at her, getting a shake of her head. Irene knew your ways, but as your advisor, she was to remind you about the customary things. Even if you’d continued doing things your way, she would make sure you were aware of the customs. Whoever these Noxians are, you aren’t going to welcome them with open arms. They were going to learn that no matter what they did, your people wouldn’t fall to their pitiful Empire.
The doors to your throne room are opened, and you don’t even acknowledge the people kneeling with a turn of your head. Your gaze is kept solely on the throne until you’re seated and you catch the smirks on the faces of your guards as you get settled. They were always in the room to witness the way you worked, and they were excited about this one.
“You may gaze upon me.” You permit them to lift their heads, crossing your ankles underneath your gown, “Be grateful for it.” You observe each person’s face closely as they’re raised, taking in their expressions when they see you and noting how they look. There was a lot you could learn from a person’s face and right away you can tell that they weren’t happy. You felt smug until your eyes landed on the last person and you feel your heart stop. Even though she has aged, you’d never forget the face of the woman you’re irrevocably in love with. The woman who has haunted your dreams and waking life for the past thirty-five years. Her face betrays her shock at your appearance. ‘Now is not the time, Y/n. Address them first, and then deal with… Focus.’
“Speak.” You turn back to the person in front, looking down at them with a sharp gaze, “What brings you here.”
“We’ve come to talk about peace between our two nations.” The blonde-haired male - General Lamar - says, “We are aware of our past transgressions and wish to rectify it.”
“Past transgressions?” You scoff, “Years of war. Many lives were lost and for what? Your empire’s thirst for more land that does not belong to them? How many more countries will your people destroy?” The other man in the group - General Kevin - glares at you.
“Noxus is-!”
“-desperate.” You cut him off with a cocky smirk, “My kingdom stands in your way. We control the airways and waterways into other lands. Your armies will not get past my security, which is why you’re so desperate to take my land. Am I wrong?”
“You are not.” Ambessa’s deep voice reverberates through the room, through your very being, “Noxus is desperate. You are not wrong, your Radiance.” Oh, how hearing your title out of her mouth sends shivers down your spine. You couldn’t attempt to ignore her presence. Not any longer.
“Ambessa Medarda.” You hum, standing from your throne, “Noxus’ most successful Warlord and the head of the Medarda Clan. You have a lot of nerve showing up in these chambers knowing the tension between our two countries.”
“Does my presence offend you?” Ambessa raises an eyebrow at you, a silent challenge that makes you feel like a kid again.
“Not at all, but we must discuss your presence here.” You gesture to your guards, “Take the other three to their rooms. I will have a private word with this Warlord, and official negotiations will begin in the morning.”
“Yes, your Radiance!” Your guards shout as the side doors to the East wing open and one of your maids comes through.
“You’re dismissing us?” General Kevin crosses his arms, “After only saying two words?”
“Yes, General Kevin. After all, you brought a Warlord into my halls and didn’t think I’d notice.” Your words make their eyes widen, “When I am feeling more amicable, we can talk. As for now, get settled.” They hadn’t told you their names, but they didn’t need to. No one came into your castle without you knowing exactly who they are. Especially a Noxian General.
“Thank you for your kindness, your Majesty.” General Fiona bows, “You’re too gracious to let us stay within your castle.”
“Yes. I am.” You wave them off, silently watching as they’re escorted out of the room. It amused you that they believed you wouldn’t know who they are. You were blindsided by Ambessa, of course. You didn’t expect her to be sent here as she is a known Warlord. Then again, the last you had heard of her, she was in Piltover visiting her daughter.
You take a deep breath and turn to face the woman who has haunted your dreams, “Leave us. No one is allowed to enter.” You wave off the rest of your guards. They bow and you stare down at Ambessa as they vanish through the hidden doors. Not a word is exchanged between the two of you as she stands and takes slow, measured steps toward you.
“After all these years...” Ambessa speaks, an unreadable look on her face, “After all these years, I find you seated on a throne.”
“Bess, I-” Your voice fails you as apprehension and nervousness rise within you. You had left her in the middle of the night after a deep talk about your shared future. You had shattered that plan, and undoubtedly, her heart along with it. How could she look at you and not feel pure rage? Betrayal? Being alone with her like this leaves you exposed and easy to attack should she feel like running a blade through your chest. You could protect yourself, of course, but never against Ambessa. She was a woman who could subdue you in mere seconds, and you were sure that it hadn’t changed.
“You left me.” Ambessa states climbing the steps and making you take a hesitant step back, “You left me with only a note: I can’t explain why I’m leaving, but know that I have left my heart with you. I have never forgotten those words. And here you are now…” She tentatively reaches out and cradles your face in her large hands, towering above you as she did all those years ago. Although you’re the royal one, she radiates nothing but pure power and authority. The woman in front of you is unchanged by age. Everything about her reminds you of her childhood self, even the way she tucks a loose curl behind her ear.
“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” Ambessa whispers reverently, making your eyes sting with tears. Her deep cocoa eyes show nothing but love and longing, none of the anger or hatred you expected to see within them. You can feel yourself crumbling in her presence, slipping into a mindset you had long forgotten. There was something in the way she held you, something in the way her eyes gazed at you so tenderly that made your heart weep.
“My moonlight.” You whisper, your hands resting against hers as she brings your foreheads together, “You must know that I never meant to leave you. Our countries went to war and my parents feared the Noxians would find out I was the princess. I had to return home for my safety. I-”
“-Ssshhh, my sunlight.” Ambessa’s words make your breathing catch, “You must know that I never stopped loving you. When you left, you took my heart with you, darling. To see you here is a shock, but a welcome one. I’m relieved that you’re safe and well for I feared what had happened to you.” She draws back and wraps her arms around you, pulling you to her. You let out a small gasp, resting your hands against her chest to stop yourself from falling into her. She hugs you tightly, squishing your face against her body as her strong arms make your legs feel like jelly. You had wanted to try and hold your decorum, but that was impossible with her. After so many years and in your older age, she still has a hold on you.
“I thought you would’ve hated me, my moonlight.” You whisper as tears roll down your cheeks, fisting the fabric of her shirt in your hands, “I wanted to find you and tell you, but between the war and taking the throne-!” Your eyes widen, taken by surprise by her lips being pressed to yours. The way her lips move against yours is a familiar rhythm that has you melting in her arms. Your kiss is bittersweet, like coming home after being away for years. Her lips fit against yours the way they always did, a tad rougher from the scar over them.
“You, my sunlight, have nothing to answer to. I mean look at you.” Ambessa gives you a wide smile, twirling you around to take in the extravagant dress you’re wearing, “A Queen. Not just any queen, but one who has successfully held Noxus off for forty years. One who has gained the unshakable loyalty of her people and is a force on the battlefield.” She escorts you to your throne, bowing and motioning for you to sit.
“I expect nothing less of the woman I love.” Ambessa smiles, taking the pendant of the necklace between her fingers, “I knew I made the right decision to give this to you.”
“I’ve kept my eye on you.” You smile, caressing her face, “You’re not a woman easily forgotten. A Warlord from a young age, a mother of three successful children, and the most renowned Medarda from trading alone.”
“You’ve done your homework.” Ambessa chuckles, eyes twinkling with youthful mischief, “Impressive.”
“As if you haven’t?” You tease her, “I’m sure you know everything about me that’s available to the public.”
“You mothered five children. Each one of them is a master fighter in their own right, but you gave them the freedom of life outside of the crown. You’re the strongest monarch to hold the throne, and the most beloved.” Ambessa states, kneeling before you and resting her hands on your thighs. If this was anyone else, they would be begging you for mercy for daring to touch you without your permission. But, Ambessa? There’s nothing you want more than for her to touch you.
“Yes.” You smile wistfully, “I raised them on my own. They’re my pride and joys, my children.”
“And what of their father?” Ambessa questions, attempting to hide her jealousy from you.
“You seem jealous, darling.” You raise an eyebrow at the stormy look in her eyes, “Are you?” Your heart was pounding in your chest. Ambessa was always possessive of you, making sure that the others around knew that you were hers. Her girlfriend. Her sunlight. Her future wife. The fact that she’s jealous of a man you held no love for is oddly attractive to you.
“I did say I wanted you to bear my children.” Ambessa’s hand snakes under your dress, gliding up your leg to rest on your bare thigh, “I am annoyed that a man got the honor of something he didn’t deserve.” The heat from her hand warms your thigh and makes you blush as she squeezes it.
“I did not love him.” You say, trailing a finger along her jaw, “He was dedicated to me and I used that to my advantage. I married him so that my children would have the same father, but once I was pregnant with my last daughter… I killed him.”
“You’ve always been mine, haven’t you?” Ambessa purrs, rubbing your thighs, “Even now, you’re still my sweet girl.”
“A-Ambessa.” You stutter flusteredly, unsure of what to say. Her hands on you make your mind feel fuzzy and it’s all you can focus on. She wasn’t wrong. You’re still hers after all these years.
“Hm? Something wrong, sweet girl?” Ambessa coos, “I can stop if you want me to.”
“No. No, I- Hold on.” You shift and stand up, lifting your skirt to expose your legs, “I’d like for you to continue.” You hook your legs over the arms of your throne, exposing your lack of underwear. When you were younger, Ambessa always asked you to be straightforward with her. She loved how flustered you could get and would challenge you to tell her what you wanted even when you couldn’t say it.
“That’s my girl.” Ambessa hums, her hand immediately caressing the inside of your thigh, “I’ve missed you so much.” She whispers, locking eyes with you as her fingers run along your slit. You bite your lip, head tilting back slightly as she pushes a thick finger in. A soft groan leaves your lips as she puts the second one in, slowly moving them in and out as she delights in your reaction.
“Don’t tell me you touch other women like this.” You crack your eyes open, idly wondering when you closed them.
“Like this? No. I take from the others. But with you?” Ambessa leans in, her lips hovering before yours, “I am more than happy to give you all of me.” She whispers, kissing you once more. You find yourself completely entranced by your ex-lover. The way she touches you has you seeing stars. Her fingers felt as though they were meant for you, running along your walls as if they owned you.
Ambessa watches you closely, drinking in how beautiful you look on your throne while moaning her name. Her necklace dangles from your neck, a physical reminder of the love she feels for you and the time you lost together. She felt possessive over you. She wanted you to be hers once again. That burning fire in her heart reignited the moment she saw you, and she’d be damned if she lost you once more.
Sweet, loving praises were whispered to you as Ambessa brought you closer and closer to your release. Her red lipstick was smeared along your thighs from the kisses and bites she left, and your lips were tinted from kissing her. Every soft whisper from her made you yearn for her. You wanted her back. You wanted her to be your lover once more.
You moaned her name when you orgasmed and you were swept up into her arms shortly after. There was nothing to say as she sits on your throne, holding you on her lap as you catch your breath. You rest your head on her shoulder, Ambessa rubbing your back and placing a kiss on your forehead. The two of you sit in silence, enjoying each other’s company after being apart for so long.
“I love you.” You whisper, playing with your necklace, “I’ve missed you, my moonlight. My heart has ached without you by my side.”
“I love you, my sunlight.” Ambessa tilts your head up, “Truthfully, I do not wish to leave you now that I have you.”
“Marry me.” You state, looking at her with determined eyes, “I have no husband and neither do you. I want you. I want you by my side for as long as we have left. And, it could be passed as a political marriage to Noxus. A way to get your country to end this stupid war before I’m forced to destroy it.”
“I would love to.” Ambessa holds you close to her, “But, I’m doing this for us. Not for Noxus. I want to be yours.” She kisses your knuckles, giving you a sweet smile that has your heart fluttering.
“Then, we’ll tell your Generals tomorrow.” You stand up, “In the meantime, you will be staying with me in my chambers.” Looking at Ambessa, you can’t help but think that she looks magnificent on your throne.
“And why is that?” Ambessa asks teasingly.
“I’m not done with you, yet.” You smile innocently, “Or rather, you’re not done with me.” You can see the lust in her eyes as she gazes at you.
“I am not done with you.” Ambessa agrees, standing and smirking at you, “It’s been too long since I’ve heard you screaming my name, my sunlight.”
“You’ll be my wife by the end of the week.” You shrug, “You’ll have much longer to hear it.” Ambessa puts an arm around your waist, caressing your face with her other hand.
“I love you.” Ambessa whispers, leaning in.
“I love you, too.” You whisper back. After all of these years, who would have expected that you and Ambessa would be with one another? Your decision is about to shake up the world, but you didn’t care. The love of your life has returned to you, and that’s all that matters.
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ME??? PREDICTABLE??? how dare you.
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First time hds with Jinx, Vi, Sevika, Jayce, Viktor, Silco and Ambessa?
Oh wow, I think that's the most characters I've ever gotten for a single request. I'm happy to oblige Anon.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Sevika, Jayce, Viktor, Silco and Ambessa (separately) x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, first time, kissing, dirty talk, blowjobs, handjobs, cunnilingus, fingering, power play, rough sex, gentle sex
A/N: This took a while to write lol! But it was so much fun!
Tumblr media
Jinx is very excited to get started but she won't push you into anything too quickly if you aren't ready for it
She will however tease you relentlessly and will want to watch your every nervous move with great interest and care
She will be slow and gentle at first but it doesn't take her long to change her tune, not in a way that she hurts you too badly but enough to let everyone else know who fucked you first
Excited to explore all your kinks in the future
Encourages and praises you a lot, and loves to be praised
Tumblr media
You can't ask for a more caring partner for your first time
Vi always puts your comfort above all, despite her talk of all the ways she can make you come
She eases you into it, kissing a path down your body, enjoying your little sounds and shivers before putting her mouth on you
Loves to make you come with her mouth and hands, but doesn't do it too many times for your first time, it's important you pace yourself after all
She hugs you close when she knows you're about to come, whispering to let go, she's got you, she's not going anywhere
Tumblr media
She finds it funny that you're still a virgin. A pretty, little thing like you? Were your previous partners blind?
No matter, it only means that she gets to be the first one to make you scream in pleasure at the top of your lungs
She makes you grind on her leg, while using her hand to make you so horny you beg her to just fuck you already
She likes seeing you desperate for her, a dynamic she's excited to explore more in the future
This is your first time so she'll make it very memorable, she'll fuck you until you can't walk the next morning and will leave as many marks on you as she can
Tumblr media
Honestly a little nervous to be your first
He wants to make it a good experience for you
Jayce takes his sweet time worshiping your naked body, showering you with praise and affection
He knows he's a little big so he's slow and gentle when he's sliding in the first time and gives you time to adjust to his size
He keeps his hands firmly on your hips as he fucks you nice and slow, until you ask him to go faster
You wanna ride his cock? Go ahead, as much as you want. You wanna give him blowjobs? He'll whimper and moan the whole way, but of course mindful not to make you hurt yourself and to remind you to breathe
He loves telling you how good you feel around him, how nice you make him feel, how much he wants to come inside you
Tumblr media
He makes sure to map and memorize all the different ways his touch makes you moan, he'll repeat those many times in an effort to make you come as many times as you can handle
Viktor is doesn't have a lot of stamina himself but even if he comes first it's very important to him that you come as well
Lucky for him he's very skilled with his hands and fingers
Viktor is great at dirty talk and loves to see you blush from his words
He's very interested to learn all the different ways he can make you come for him
Tumblr media
Silco loves the thought of being your first, being the one to bring you that kind of pleasure for the first time
He loves how enthusiastic you are about sucking his cock despite the fact that you have no experience beforehand, not to worry, he's a patient man, he'll guide you
He leaves a lot of scratches on your body
He loves fucking your mouth until you're whimpering for him
Silco won't be too harsh but he won't be gentle either
He likes that he can make your eyes roll back while you're taking his dick like a good girl/boy
Tumblr media
If you didn't already have a degradation/name calling kink she will unlock it for you very quickly
She would pin you down under her, grinning down at you and drinking in every detail of your body
You're very sloppy when she rides your face and makes you eat her out but you've got the enthusiasm and she likes that
Wants to fuck you so much you forget your own name
Not very gentle, loves to see bruises on you, but will kiss them better later if you do a good enough job
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kashiomi-art · 21 days
Tumblr media
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emryn · 1 year
Tumblr media
Mel’s character design is flawless, I loved painting her✨💛
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enforcermoss · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
description. headcanon type of writing on how would the milfs prefer to be cuddled <3
pairings. ambessa, cassandra, renata glasc, grayson, sevika  + f! reader
cw. lowercase writing intended, sfw content, just cuddling, maybe a bit suggestive here and there
Tumblr media
cassandra might seem to be someone opposed to cuddling with her partner but she really is not, she adores it just as much as she adores you.
your head must be on her chest, she cannot explain it why but it gives her all the comfort in the world. her hands cradleing your head, murmuring sweet praises to you between pressing soft kisses on the top of your head. closest she could explain why it might has to do something with the fact that she is a mother and she used to hold caitlyn like this to calm her and herself. making you lay your head on her chest is her love language, other than bossing you around, this is her way of cuddling.
"hm? no you are not heavy, it is quite comforting to have the pressure and it's just a plus that it's you, my dearest."
Tumblr media
 renata is a busy woman and her time is very limited. of course, she makes time to eat with you, make sure you are more than fine, and that if there is anything you need before she goes back to work. she has no time to lay on the couch and cradle you and when she gets home you are usually asleep. she has no heart to wake you up to properly cuddle so she just turns your way and puts an arm around before letting herself fall asleep.
so her cuddles are those hugs that last a little longer than you'd expect when her hands caress your cheeks before her arms envelop you. her thumb strokes your back, breathing in your scent while quietly humming in content.
"i have to go in a bit and won't see you again for a whole day, be kind and let me hold you a little while longer."
Tumblr media
sevika loves to be lower than you eight out of ten times when the two of you are cuddling up on either the couch or the bed. the very romantic explanation is that she felt the warmest there, giving her a sense of safeness and makes her more confident of keeping you safe. hearing your heartbeat makes you real, reassures her that you are more than real.
the not-super romantic way is that sevika cannot get enough of your breasts, no matter how big or small they are she adores them. she loves to touch the even the slightest, to brush and push her head into them because they are so soft and squishy, it's irresistible.
 "just a minute more then i swear i'll be cuddling you all night so you won't freeze to death as you claim now, yeah?"
Tumblr media
grayson is not really a person who cuddles, and fights over who is the big spoon and who is the small spoon. grayson is the kind of woman who will put her arm around your shoulders, stroking your arm farthest from her while letting you lay your head on her shoulder. occasionally letting her head fall on top of yours, press a kiss here and there. she would complain quite a lot about her arm numbing up and ask you to give her a moment to stretch before letting you curl back to her side.
the closes thing to actually cuddling with her is when you are about to go to bed. she lays and her arm is across the bed, on top of both of your pillows and she is not going to mind you scooting a little closer. the only rule is that she is on the side of the bed that is closes to the door because she must protect.
"don't get too comfortable little one, i am turning on my side the minute the clock hits nine."
Tumblr media
ambessa picks you up all the time, no matter the surrounding. she is a tall and strong woman who likes to show of her strength. you are either on her back like a piggyback ride or in her arms in bridal style. no one really thinks this is cuddling but for ambessa it is one way to have something sort of it when no bed or couch is near.
the warlord's other favorite way or situation to have you as close as humanly possible is when she is bathing. it is the perfect opportunity to be intimate without taking things any further than they are. she is shamelessly caressing your body, thumb here and there wonder to the underside of your breasts or the top of your thigh all the while the back of your head rests on her shoulder.
"not so bad, right? we should do this more often, ditch all those gatherings and just prune up in a steaming hot bath with you in my lap. maybe we could enjoy something little more even."
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marina-roslinka · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
inspired by this tweet jayce: be gone bi thoughts!
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lesbianspinoff · 3 months
Diamond Choker | Ambessa x Reader | 3.8k
Tumblr media
Warnings: oral sex, fingering, strap-on action, afab! reader, tenderness, sex as a means of comfort, big (legal) age gap, angst | 18+
"Ms. Medarda," you say, timidly opening the door. "You requested my presence?" 
"Kneel, my darling," she replies, not looking up from her notes and gesturing to the spot next to her. "I want to spend my last night in Piltover with you."
You frown, eyes focused on the ground below your shoes. Being reminded of your last day together causes your heart to ache in your chest. She'll return to Noxus in a day, and you'll have to stay here in Piltover. It will be expected of you to return to your regular duties as her daughter's companion as though the last weeks never happened. 
Ambessa is not the kind of woman that offers affection easily, but tonight she does not object when you wrap your arms around her calf and press your cheek against her thigh. In fact, a small part of her yearns for the affection she will no longer receive once she is gone in the morning.
It's quiet for a while. The only sound comes from her pen scratching against paper. Her palm runs over your head, patting you gently. You are perhaps the most obedient and devoted pet she has had in years. You rarely complain about the tasks she gives you or the punishments she exerts.
The diamond choker around your neck reflects the orange hues of the fireplace. It's her proof of ownership, and you wonder if you'll have to take it off after her departure.
You don't want her to forget about you. You loathe the idea of becoming just another one of her conquest. The only wish you have is to remain hers forever, but that wish is one of the ones that will never be granted. Perhaps, if you're lucky, she might call upon you when she returns to Piltover in a few months or years, but you already know that the chances are slim. Ambessa rarely returns to the same partner twice.
Her hand stills in your hair when she feels the wetness of a tear against her skin. You press your cheek tighter against her, and your arms have an iron grip on her. Ambessa's heart rattles sympathetically in her chest. The warlord relishes in your devotion to her. She can't deny how attached she has grown to you herself, and she already dreads the moment she has to say her final goodbye. Putting her pen down, she pushes her chair back just enough, so you fit underneath her desk. Ambessa wants your sorrow and devotion all in one while you worship her body as you have done so many times before. You lift your head, subtly wiping your tears with your shoulder.
"Go ahead," she coaxes, fingers threading through your hair. "Show me how much you'll miss me."
Eager to please, you crawl right between her legs. First, you untie her boots and discard them before you open her pants. She lifts her hips off the chair as you carefully slip pants and underwear off in the same instance. Next, you trail your hands up her thighs, analyzing as the muscles underneath her skin flex and goosebumps run along her skin. You pull them apart, licking your lips upon seeing her cunt. Despite knowing how much she hates it, you tease her, wanting to indulge a little longer in the privilege how pleasing her. As you sneak closer to your destination, you place ghostly kisses on her thighs. Surprisingly, Ambessa allows you to continue with your tortuous pace. Your tongue darts out, leaving a wet trail of your saliva as you feel her hips buckle.
She leans her head back against her chair, groaning as you lap up her arousal. The dark curls of her pubic hair tickle your nose as your press your mouth closer to her core, rubbing her entrance with your tongue. You stroke her with your tongue, nibbling and sucking on the right spots in the right moments. Ambessa's chest lifts with ragged breaths. Her free hand clutches the corner of her desk in a death grip.
"My good girl," she rasps, watching you through hooded eyes. "How perfect you look between my legs."
You slip two fingers inside her smoothly, earning you another round of praise. She gasps and pants underneath your touch, grinding her hips against your face. Your tongue makes her dizzy as she grabs the back of your head, keeping you in the right spot. A shudder runs down her spine, and your name ricochets off the walls in needy rasps.
This is your favorite moment, when she loses control for just a minute, allowing you to push her over the edge. Afterward, you don't think she even remembers how badly she pleaded for your caress. You curl your fingers and use the tip of your tongue to lick the spot that drives Ambessa crazy.
She bites her bottom lip, fingers tightening in your hair. You look at her through your lashes, blinking as though you don't know that you are bringing a ruthless warlord to her knees just by being you. Then, wrapping her thighs around your head, she throws her head back and comes with a shuddering breath. You devour the sight before you, securely storing it in your memories for dark days.
Ambessa hooks two fingers in the tight fabric of your collar, pulling you close to her face. Her tongue is eager to taste herself on your lips. As you stand by her side, her fingers disappear underneath your dress and pull your baby pink panties down to your ankle. You step out of them, and Ambessa slips them into her back pocket, keeping them as a souvenir for when she misses you too severely.
She pulls you on her lap, pressing you flush against her body, and you can't help but roll your hips a little. Ambessa smirks into the kiss, biting your bottom lip and soothing the sting with her tongue. Your mouth falls open willingly, granting her access. Then, leaning back the slightest bit, she buries her fingers in the hem of your dress and pulls it over your head quickly.
You unbutton her shirt, slipping your hands underneath the fabric and fondling her large breasts. It is often that Ambessa lets you hear her moan, but as you lower your mouth to suckle on her nipple, a guttural moan escapes her, making you even wetter than you were before.
"Get me the strap from the drawer," she purrs, spanking your butt playfully. "I think you deserve a little treat."
You let go of her nipple with a lewd plop, smiling all innocently at her. Pecking her lips, you make her chuckle as you eagerly slip off her lap and skip towards her dresser.
Ambessa stands up from her chair, stretching and removing her shirt. You admire her muscles in the dim light of the bedroom. You shove the toy in her arms, too aroused for your own good. You almost bounce on your heels as you wait for her to clasp it around her hips, somewhat impatiently.
"Might I need to remind you of your manners on our last night together," she teases, and you pout at her.
"I thought you would be pleased seeing how eager I am," you retort, watching her fasten the last halter.
"Cute," she says a little threateningly, beckoning you closer with a curl of her finger.
You hesitate, scared that your remark earned you a punishment. Ambessa narrows her eyes as you squirm away from her. Then, extending her hand, she waits for you to follow her demand.
"Be a good girl, and come here."
You bite your lip as you creep closer to her. Falterlingly, you place your hand in hers and squeal as Ambessa pulls you in. You stumble against her chest, shirt long gone, and blush furiously as though you didn't just eat her out. Her hand lets go of you and rest under your chin, urging your head back.
"You're lucky that you have such a pretty face," she says, and then her lips are on yours, leaving a kiss so bruising that your lips feel swollen afterward.
Her hands seize the back of your thighs, and you jump knowingly as she hoists you up. She holds you up with one arm as her hand slides between your bodies. Slowly backing you against a wall. Smirking, she swipes two fingers between your folds, coating them in your juices. She brings them to her lips immediately after and wraps her beautiful lips around them, sucking on them with hollowed cheeks. Your focus on her fingers intensely, jealous of their privilege of having her tongue wrapped around them.
"All of this just for me?" she winks, humming at the taste of you. "And I haven't even touched you yet."
She rubs the tip of the silicon toy over your entrance, and you rest the back of your head against the wall. Finally, you beg her to stop teasing you, your voice coming out as a pathetic little pant.
Ambessa clucks her tongue in mock sympathy. "Maybe I should teach you some patience; have you warm my cock all night without giving you the pleasure you so urgently desire."
Your eyes snap open, and you stare at her with a displeased scrunch of your nose. You have been so good all day, not once complaining about the tedious task of visiting the council one last time before her departure.
With a quick nudge of Ambessa's hips, the toy disappears inside you, filling you completely. The first syllable of a demuring turns into a sudden gasp. Your forehead drops against her shoulder as you groan at the intensity of the feeling.
Broken little moans ring through the room as Ambessa fucks you against the wall. You cling to her shoulders, legs wrapped around her waist as her cock slides in and out of you. She buries her face in your neck, sucking on your skin and leaving as many marks as possible. She ensures you won't forget about her, at least not for a week or two. Your hips meet her movements desperately.
Suddenly, her movements become slower and deeper. She savors the feeling of having you in her arms and the sound of your voice as you beg her to take you. She presses her forehead against yours, pressing a tender kiss against your lips. You shudder at the softness of her touches and return her kiss with the same amount of devotion.
Ambessa backs away from the wall, bringing you down on her bed without slipping the toy out of you. Your lips don't leave hers until she drags them to your cheek and down your neck. Then, she crawls on the bed with you, caging you between her powerful arms and stroking your head lovingly. You whimper at the sight of the strongest woman you know treating you like you are an expansive glass figurine that might break upon her touch.
She nibbles on your chest, sucking your nipple between her lips. You brush over her arms and angle your head to press tender to her skin.
"You are so beautiful," she says, caressing your chest. "My perfect little pet."
She admires the collar around your throat, and you arch your back as her hips pick their pace up again. She loves doting on you, showering you with gifts that prove you belong to her. Nothing is more attractive to her than a woman who succumbs to Ambessa and willingly shows herself as hers.
She grunts as your nails glide down her back, thrusting in you ceaselessly. The toy hits all the right spots inside you, brushing over the rough patch of skin deliciously fast. Your arms wrap tightly around her neck as you become undone at her hands. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, and her name drips from your lips like honey. It's a whisper, hardly audibly for Ambessa over the sound of skin slapping against skin. Returning her attention to your lips, she swallows all the sounds slipping from them.
She slips her cock out of you, drawing her hips back carefully and eliciting a gasp from you. She kisses your forehead, a very unfamiliar gesture, but you blame it on the after-sex-high Ambessa is experiencing. You're still on your back, breathing heavily as you watch her stand.
"You need to drink something," she reminds you, unclasping the strap around her hips.
Obediently, you get out of bed, filling two glasses with water from a carafe. Ambessa cares about your well-being, but the only reason she's making you get a drink is so that she can see you limp away. You drown the glass in two gulps, and a droplet of water escapes from the corner of your mouth and paves its way to the valley of your breasts. Abandoning the glass on the table, you trudge to the bed with shaking legs and Ambessa's drink in your hand.
"Thank you."
She strokes a hand over your head and lingers on your jaw, moving her finger back and forth over your skin. Then, nudging her chin towards her bed, she silently tells you to crawl back in. You follow her command and make yourself comfortable between her silky sheets. Ambessa joins you a moment later, wrapping her arms around you. You rest your head resting on her chest. Her heartbeat tries lulls you to sleep, but you keep fighting the tiredness that takes over you.
"I don't want you to go," you whisper, hiding your face in her neck and inhaling a deep breath.
You want to savor her scent as long as you can. A mixture of sex and her expensive bath ointments clouds your senses. Over the last months, it has become a calming remedy for you, and you don't know how you'll survive without it.
"Precious," she murmurs, hand running through your long hair and over your back. "I hope you didn't fall for me."
You freeze, no longer drawing silly little patterns on her hip. There are rules to being with Ambessa; more importantly, there are rules to seeing her again. She made it very clear at the beginning of your relationship that she would cut all ties when you developed feelings for her and demanded that you'd be honest with her when it happened. She might be a cruel warlord, but she wouldn't put you through disappointment and heartbreak every time you saw each other.
When you don't answer her, she draws back from you, tilting your chin up so she can look at you. Her stomach tightens painfully at the teary-eyed girl that stares back at her. Your cheeks remain flushed from your orgasm, and your her is all over the place from Ambessa's hands pulling on it. Finally, her eyes fall to your puffy lips as you utter two words that completely change the outcome of your evening.
"I'm sorry."
You breathe shakily, face scrunched in a pained expression. The warlord pushes you off her, wanting to see if you are telling the truth. You kneel, naked and with a deep frown on your face. It's the first time she really notices how adoring you stare at her, and suddenly, she remembers all the times she tried to pretend like you didn't act like a lovestruck teenager around her. She rubs over her face and shakes her head, disappointed in herself.
"You need to leave, [Y/N]," she says firmly, getting to her feet and pulling her pants on.
She let this go on for far too long, but she was blinded by your beauty and charm. Ambessa is always in control; somehow, she completely lost it the day she met you.
"Don't be ridiculous, Ambessa," you choke, reaching for her arm, which she immediately retreats. "It doesn't change anything."
How could she let this happen? She huffs and puffs angrily, turning towards her bedroom door and opening it for you. You follow her, still naked as on the day you were born. Every fiber of your being begs you to run out of the room and hide under your bed, but you don't, you remain steadfast. You push the door back close, not done with this conversation yet. Ambessa has to stop herself from looking directly at you. She will surely lose her composure when you stare at her with big eyes.
"I have rules, and this," she points from you to her quickly, "Is not an exemption."
You hate that she won't look at you. It makes you feel lesser, like you are not worthy of her. The action forces tears to spill, and you bite the inside of your cheek in a pitiful attempt to hide your weakness.
"If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't have known," you yell, tears running down your cheeks.
You turn around and march towards your discarded dress. Standing in front of Ambessa naked feels too vulnerable right now, a form of vulnerability she doesn't deserve.
"Of course, I knew!" she snaps, taking a step towards you. "But I was hoping my mind was playing tricks on me."
She watches as you pull your dress over your head, ignoring that your panties are in her pants. Her eyes fall to your body as you shimmy into your clothing. She hates herself for thinking about fucking some sense into you, but this is, after all, what your relationship was supposed to be about: mindless sex. Then, turning away from you, she pours herself a drink with shaking hands before she can follow up on her desires.
"Don't act like you don't favor me over others." You tug your hair out of your dress and glare daggers at Ambessa's back. "I see the way you look at me."
She throws her drink back, allowing the burning taste to ground her. The way she looks at you? You must be more delusional than she thought because she looks at you with no more love than she gazes at any other whore on the street. You mean nothing to her; you are nothing. Ambessa slams the tumbler on the table, and the unexpected sound makes you jump.
"What do you know about love?" she says darkly, intending to hurt you with her words. "You are a child!"
She leans on her table, both arms propped up on the wooden surface, and you stop yourself from running towards her and wrapping your arms around her back. Instead, your eyes trace the pale scars along her skin as you try to ignore the new wave of tears that streams down your face. You need to be strong because she won't listen to you if you cry; Ambessa doesn't like weak people.
"Oh," you scoff, crossing your arms. "So now I'm a child."
She never cared about your age difference, not when you were on her lap while she played with your soaking core or when you fucked her in her marble bathtub. Addressing it now is very offensive to you, like your age has suddenly become the reason for her inability to admit her feelings.
"Yes, you are a child when you catch feelings for someone you hardly know."
You draw your head back, genuinely hurt by her words. You spend hours, days, and months learning what she likes and dislikes. You fulfilled her wishes and needs and accompanied her to all the events she had to attend. You know Ambessa, perhaps better than she knows herself.
"I've been with you every day for half a year," you say, arms dropping to your sides. "Don't tell me I don't know you."
Ambessa rolls her shoulder and sighs. This is not how she imagined her last night with you to go. She doesn't want to think about the feelings of a little girl - you are here because she wants to have fun, and this isn't fun. She spins on her heels and walks towards you, chest on full display.
"If you think you know me so well, how come you didn't know that I was still sleeping with other people?" she inquires, leaning down to your face. "You are not as special as you thought, precious."
Her breath fans over your face, and you search her eyes for the lie behind her words. You take a step back as though Ambessa has physically struck you. You never disclosed the status of your relationship; you simply assumed that she wouldn't seek pleasure elsewhere. Your eyes fall to the ground, and your throat constricts impossibly tight. You are so stupid for allowing yourself to hope, to let your heart fall for someone like Ambessa Medarda. It's your own fault. Maybe she is right, and you're only a stupid little girl that doesn't know anything because someone who loves you wouldn't do this. You panic as you struggle to fill your lungs with air. Ambessa's face softens, and she tries to reach out to you, but you step away from her.
You bolt towards the door, putting as much distance between you two. Fingernails dig into the sides of your neck as you try to compose yourself. Fingers brushing over cold gemstones, you slip them behind the collar's fabric and rip it off your neck. Something clatters to the ground, and you assume that some diamonds came loose at the rough treatment. Without thinking, you throw it at Ambessa's feet, not caring whether it breaks further or not. You don't want it anymore; you don't want to be reminded of her when she's gone. Inhaling deeply, you watch Ambessa's reaction through angry eyes. You hate her; you truly, entirely, and wholeheartedly hate her.
"I hope you have pleasant travel back to Noxus, Ms. Medarda," you say, curtsying theatrically.
Her heart sinks when you use her surname like it's a curse word. She shouldn't care about your feelings. She has done this so many times, broken so many hearts in her wake; deep down, she knows she has fucked up. Subconsciously, she rushes after you, but the door slams shut before she has the chance to stop you. She doesn't open her door, willing herself to stay put and not make an unnecessary scene in front of the entire staff. Ambessa sits down at her desk, running a hand through her hair.
Why does her heart feel like it's being pierced by a sword? She doesn't love you; she doesn't, but Ambessa still wants you in her bed; she wants the chance to say goodbye to you correctly. Then, furious at the outcome of the evening, she empties the surface of her desk with one swift movement, sending pens and papers flying across the room.
You don't matter, you don't matter, you don't matter. Tomorrow Ambessa will return to her life in Noxus and find herself another pretty face to entertain her. She will have all forgotten about you by the time she boards the airship. You don't matter, you don't matter, you don't matter. Her chest lifts erratically as she screws her eyes shut.
She knows it was the right thing to end things this way, but why does it feel so goddamn wrong?
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terrapia · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But mark me, child, if you want to last in this world, you must learn to be both the fox and the wolf.
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aprillikesthings · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Y’all I cannot with these people lolll
First tweet
Second tweet
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itsme-tori · 5 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Act 3 - Episode 8
Oil and Water
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hadesisqueer · 1 year
Arcane as The Onion Headlines
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sapphic-woes · 2 months
Jealous Ambessa🙏
Ohoho! ...again maid!Reader for this sue me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Y/n, do you know why I asked you here?" You flinched at her sharp voice, stiff under her unyielding gaze. She's angry. You didn't know why Ambessa called you to the throne room in the middle of the night, nor had you expected to find her sitting on her throne like this.
Yet here you were, shivering in your nightgown and blanket, staring up at your Lady...in awe.
A single red cloak lined with black fur sat over her shoulders. It fell across her arms and sides in just the perfect way–giving you a mere taste of her war torn body. Down the middle of her chest her delicious abs were exposed, and the curve of her hips, and–
"Did I not ask you a question?" Ah!
"Y-yes! Um, no my Lady, I don't..." That didn't seem to be the right answer, and you inwardly shrunk as Ambessa's eyes narrowed. She frowned, regarding you for a moment before casually speaking.
"On your knees darling, it seems I haven't taught you well enough." Though the words struck panic into your heart, they also struck excitement as well. Your knees hit the floor near instantaneously, and Ambessa placed her hand over her mouth to hide her crooked smile.
"My...so eager now, are we?" Purposefully, the warlord shifted on her throne, exposing the gap between her thighs more clearly to you. You licked her lips, and she softly laughed at the reaction, voice a sneering drawl.
"Like a dog in heat..." She curled her fingers, gesturing for you to come. You knew better than to rise, crawling on all fours over the steps of the throne. All the while Ambessa gazed down at you, turned on by how willing you were to be so pathetic for her.
Once you stopped before her, she nudged your chin with her foot, forcing you to look up at her. Your face was flushed, skin tingling all over from the degrading stare she offered you. Ambessa took a second simply to examine you, taking in your eager gaze and slightly parted lips before speaking.
"You were awfully excited to serve that ambassador today." You blinked, confused. However, you somewhat understood the situation as she continued.
"Would she be able to command you like this? Bring you so easily to your knees?" Ambessa frowned, eyes sparking with rage as if she were imagining some scenario where you did become involved with the ambassador.
"She looks too kind to give you what you really need." Is she...? You paused, looking up into your warlord's furrowed eyebrows and stormy gaze.
Is my Lady...jealous?
"L-lady–" The snap of her gray irises made you quickly shut your mouth. Ambessa focused back to the situation at hand, tugging on the front laces of your nightgown with her foot.
"Darling...take this off. I have no need for it." You knew that despite her calm, soothing voice, your warlord was just on the cusp of boiling anger. Immediately you complied, shivering as your skin was exposed to the cool air.
Ambessa chuckled as she glanced between your legs, seeing you were already wet from her attitude alone. "You're making a mess already? ...You want me to help, don't you?"
Immediately you nodded, eager to show Ambessa that she was the only one you loved. She smiled kindly. Warmly. For a moment, you thought she'd gather you into her arms and accept every ounce of devotion you had.
However, you should have known things were never that easy when it came to her.
Ambessa slightly lifted her leg towards you, head tilted. You blinked, staring up at her before realizing what she meant. Does she want me to–!?
"Then go on, show me how much you need me." Her eyes narrowed and her jaw locked, knuckles tightening on the arms of her throne. You froze, coming to the cold realization that Ambessa was much more pissed than she let on.
She...really got jealous, didn't she?
"My lady...my lady please..." You muttered against her knee, lips moving to gingerly kiss her skin. You rubbed your throbbing heat across the length of her leg, making it slick with your desire. Her goading stare was just so good, and the way she darkly chuckled at your shameless rocking only served to turn you on. However, you were still needy for more than the feeble friction you managed to make, looking up into your ruler's cold gaze.
"Lady, I need more, please. Please, a little–!" She looked rather amused by your desperate humping, watching as you wrapped your meager arms around her calf to push the base of her leg flush against your gushing slits. Ambessa raised an eyebrow at your pleas, teasing you by lifting her leg up to meet you frantic pulling. You moaned out at the added pressure, cheeks flushed in ectasy.
"Sweet thing..." Ambessa muttered under her breath, watching you groan. To see you reduced to nothing more than a needy little doll at the foot of her throne, worshipping the small part of her body Ambessa allowed you to touch turned the warlord on greatly. She could hardly contain herself from grabbing you, shoving your face into her throne, and fucking your dripping hole until you were begging to be released. However, Ambessa restrained herself, knowing that would come later.
For now, she thought to herself, her little pet was enjoying herself a bit too much.
"At this rate, you really will cum from my leg alone, hm?" She said the words as if it was something to be ashamed of, but Ambessa knew she'd melt if you did. She beckoned you to climb up into her lap, smile deceptively sweet. "Come...or do you not want it to be from my hand instead?"
You obeyed immediately, removing your puffy lips from her leg with a clear line of arousal. However, when you expected her to make you straddle her waist, she laid you across her thighs so that your ass was facing her. You swallowed, confused for a moment before she delicately caressed one of your cheeks.
"Do you know what it is to sit on the throne, darling?" The tension in the air made your spine tingle in fear. You couldn't tell where she was going, shaking your head inaudibly.
That was the wrong answer.
A harsh slap made you cry out, gasping as stinging heat flared up in your backside. You gripped Ambessa's thighs in pain, nails digging into her muscles as she hummed.
"You have to answer me when I speak to you, doll. Loudly..." You yelped, tears brewing in the back of your eyes as another harsh smack came down onto the same cheek, "and clearly. Now...do you know?"
"N-no my lady..." You whimpered out the answer as audibly as you could. She rewarded you with a soothing rub against your tender skin, humming kindly.
"It means many things. But the most obvious is often forgotten. The practical part. That sitting here, I can see everything that happens in this room." She spoke calmly despite the strength of her previous spanks, and the disparity between the two actions was frightening.
It made you unnecessarily anxious, flinching every time she lifted her hand from your ass while she spoke. You would hold your breath, bracing for pain only to have her bring her hand back down as a soft pat. The action still had you jolting in surprise...and blushing in embarrassment as she softly chuckled, cooing over your adorable fear.
Regardless of her teasing, soon your panic was completely justified.
"So...my darling little maid...what do you think I saw today?" What indeed...wait–
She saw the ambassador try and kiss me, didn't she?
"My–my lady I didn't let her–ah!" You choked as her palm audibly smacked against your unharmed cheek, tears welling up in your eyes. You could hardly breath from the pain, crying when as she didn't stop to let you rest this time. Another smack had your body rattling against her thighs, and as you wiggled to escape she simply held you down, voice growing more hoarse as she spoke.
"Didn't what? Didn't let her shove her tongue down your throat? Let her taste what's mine? Do you take me for a fool?" Frantically you shook your head, forgetting her rule to speak. She quickly reminded you, and you cried out as tears dripped from your eyes, feeling her large, rough palm painfully slap your aching skin harder. She gripped a fistful of your hair, jerking your head back to growl in your ear.
"Speak." You knew this was the only chance she'd give you, so you did, mustering up your voice in an sniveling confession.
"E-ever since she came to Noxus, she has tried to...to g-gain my attention, Lady. I didn't bring it up since I am but a maid, and she is an important guest! I didn't want to burden you, and I-I thought she would grow bored if I didn't do anything!" You sobbed as Ambessa let go, burying your face in her thigh as you finally admitted to the hell you'd been through this last week. You were so overwhelmed with emotions you didn't notice the muscle under you freeze, continuing on.
"B–but today, during the ball she drank, and then she tried to kiss me. I-I swear I didn't want to, nor did I allow it, Lady! I pushed her away before she could, but from this angle...it may have looked like she did..." You sniffled, looking at your Lady's face with big, glistening eyes.
"Please believe me, I would not do such a thing. I only have you, Lady. I promise. I would never kiss another person, I wouldn't. Please trust my word..." You mumbled out your pleas as she looked down at you, tentatively placing your hand over her abs.
You craned your neck back so that your face was just below her own, begging desperately. It reminded Ambessa of a kitten pawing at a closed door, and for a moment your ruler dumbly watched you mumble, constant pleading like music to her ears.
Then, Ambessa processed what you actually said.
"...Perhaps this is enough for war..." You blinked in confusion, and at your puzzled stare Ambessa only smiled, reaching down to softly kiss your temple.
"Poor baby...you went through a lot, didn't you?" She gently whispered, gathering you up into her palms. Now she really did let you straddle her, fingers moving to delicately part your folds and coax out a delicious moan from you.
"You want me to make it all better?" You nodded with a sniffle, weak sounds of pleasure slipping past your lips as Ambessa dipped her fingers into the familiar shape of you. She moved with precision, skillfully making your legs wobbled and body shudder. Hands on her wide shoulders, your held onto her to keep steady, looking down into her loving, carnal gaze as she observed what her touch could do to you.
"Good girl, just like that–let me hear how much you love this." You did, lips parting and cheeks a dark red as you moaned. Your eyes glazed over, grinding down on her thick fingers as she in turn pushed into you, hitting your sweet spot over and over. Ambessa's eyes kept themselves trained on you, enraptured by your look of pure ectasy as you came all over her hand.
She removed her messy fingers, hovering them in front of you. Obediently you sucked your taste off of them, cleaning her fingers before she cupped your cheek in the palm of her hand, eyes dark as she muttered.
"I promise you darling...I'll make sure she regrets laying a hand on you. Either that..." You shivered as Ambessa's voice hardened and her lips twisted into a sneer, eyes distant as if she was already planning the ambassador's demise.
"Or her country will."
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cherishtherat · 2 months
ambessa + princess-like reader ♡
very! nsfw
(i'm on mobile idk how to put a break (?) here <3)
• you were supposed to spend a weekend in the company of the people politically closest to ambessa, and hopefully in the company of ambessa herself, as a diplomatic stunt.
• by some miracle, you catch ambessa's eye almost instantly. you two spend the festivities chatting privately while having the best wine runeterra has to offer. ambessa is quite honest about her intentions with you, but you resist her advances... for a while.
• you seldom return home since then.
• let's get this out of the way: ambessa has many women at her disposal. she's not the type to fixate on anyone in particular—until she spends a night with you. she's had a fair share of sweet, obedient women. what makes her pay attention to you is how greedy you are.
• you're content to receive what she has to give, whatever it is. you demand her attention in a way no one else has been shameless enough to do.
• ambessa loves dressing you in luxurious silks, and peeling you out of them. there's nothing she enjoys more than watching you doll yourself up for her, all pretty for her to ruin. she will give you everything you ask for and more.
• btw, she shows you off to others with pride. you're her little jewel. the nickname jewel of noxus is quickly popularized.
• after a heated meeting with her advisors, she takes her pleasure from you, grinding her cunt over yours and watching your expressions morph into pleasure. it does wonders for her stress.
• she calmly and throughly fucks the princess attitude out of you when she's in the mood for it. when she's not... well, she's rough. rougher than most of the women she's had were able to take.
• play your favorite instrument for ambessa and she will dote on you just a little harder.
• butt plugs are one of her favorite toys. sometimes she lifts up your skirts just to look at it. she loves a pretty, shiny thing.
• ambessa is very into orgasm control.
• while she occasionally wears a strap-on, she'd much rather fit her fist inside you when you whine about wanting more of her inside.
• expect threesomes.
• expect to share her with other women in general, especially when she's away in a trip. this is actually a point of conflict between you and ambessa—she demands you're alright with the idea of sharing her with others, but she's unwilling to grace you with the same privilege. even during a threesome, she's the only one fucking you.
• don't make ambessa jealous. it won't go well. she's ridiculously possessive.
• when ambessa is travelling, you two exchange lengthy letters to each other. not all of them are explicit in nature, but when they are, ambessa writes vividly enough to make even the most experienced courtisan blush.
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