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ARCANE | Viktor’s Toy Boat Concept Art | Twitter
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littlebeesart · a day ago
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Fall is here 💛 time for the boys to cozy up, have some cider and cuddle for warmth
This was a giveaway on twitter!💛💛
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gingerale-enjoyer · a day ago
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I see your jayvik divorce post and instead offer you jayvik happy old married couple post.
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smol-lydia · a day ago
For A Sweet New Year: Viktor x Fem!Reader NSFW
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Summary: You attempt to bake bread in the way that’s traditional for Viktor’s people as a surprise when you’re invited to meet his family for the first time. It doesn’t go as planned, and when Viktor comes to your place to pick you up, he finds a mess, and the two of you get distracted. L’Shana Tovah my friends this is the horny Rosh Hashanna fic no one asked for but my Jewish ass is delivering
NSFW, praise kink, vaginal fingering 18+ 
Tag for @writingmysanity if anyone else wants on my tag list lmk bbys <3 
When you hear three brisk knocks at your front door, you want to cry. You know exactly who that rap-a-tat-tat belongs to, the owner’s slender fingers never wanting to impose on the wood of your apartment door. Quiet, and unassuming just like he is, and usually your heart would be leaping for a different reason. 
Right now it’s stress, with flour in your hair and a sticky mess between your fingers that you hastily try to rub onto your apron to no avail. 
What a disaster you are, and you haven’t even begun to get dressed properly for the occasion. 
“I’ll be right there,” you call out, voice wavering. 
You don’t want to leave Viktor standing on his bad leg too long. 
You briefly scrub at your hands with a bar of soap, rinsing in the sink and drying off with a spare cloth. Next to the sink, on the sideboard, is your first attempt at this whole…thing, covered in cheesecloth. 
You dare a peek in the oven and sigh. Your second attempt isn’t faring much better, but you figure a few more minutes won’t hurt while you let Viktor in. 
You can tell by the gleam in his honey eyes that he is trying desperately not to laugh when he sees you. 
“Is there a problem, Vik?” You gaze up at him, hands on your hips. 
“No, no problem.” He reaches over to wipe a smudge of flour off of your cheek and this simple touch has you lost in him. 
“miláčku, what happened here?” He asks you, and you hang your head. 
“I….made bread. Sort of.” 
Viktor raises one dark eyebrow. “Sort of?” 
“I wanted to bring something to your family,” you explain, tripping over your words in your haste to explain. “And since they always send you that bread every Friday, the one that your people make I thought I could—-well. It was a disaster.” 
You cross over to where the braided bread sits in a dense lump underneath the cheesecloth. 
Viktor picks up the bread as though he were examining a specimen in the lab. Sniffs it. Pokes  at it with one finger. Finally breaks off a little to taste. 
You rock on the edge of your shoes, the anxiety almost too much to bear. 
“It is not….terrible,” he says, finally. “Just a little dense. You over kneaded, didn’t you?” 
“Maybe?” Your voice trembles; you are on a thin thread, walking a fine line before a complete breakdown. 
Viktor can see the way your shoulders slump and without hesitation pulls you into his arms. This is where you feel safest, hearing the steady thrum of his heart, burying your face in his waistcoat and inhaling the scent of him—old books and coffee and a little bit of cinnamon. 
His fingers card through your hair mindlessly and you can’t help the little whine that escapes; the contact of his slender fingers with your scalp sends a jolt of electricity down your spine to your toes and an ache between your legs. 
Now isn’t the time, you think, given the other loaf is in the oven, but that whine must be doing things to Viktor too. 
He takes two fingers on his other hand to tilt your chin upwards towards him, and you get lost once again in those eyes of his. 
That is until he plants such a kiss on you that you think of nothing but his lips. 
You damn near lose your balance, drunk on him, reaching backwards to grasp the edge of the counter. 
“An excellent idea, miláčku,” Viktor says when he breaks the kiss to mark your neck as his. “You should be on the counter.” 
You don’t need to be told twice. Up you hop, Viktor’s hands lingering near your thighs. 
“May I?” He asks, and you nod, your heartbeat erratic as he bunches the fabric of your skirt upwards to expose your underwear. 
“It is so very difficult,” Viktor separates his words with trailing kisses up your inner thigh and were it not for your iron grip on the edge of the countertop, your knuckles white with effort, you would lose your balance completely, “not to get distracted when you are nearby.” 
“Really?” You manage to squeak out. Every part of you burns for him; you are an aching ball of need. 
“Yes, really.” 
Those amber eyes of his so besotted, so earnest as he worships your flesh, two fingers slipping into your panties where you’re already hopelessly wet for him. Brushing against that throbbing bundle of nerves with the lightest of touches. 
Another kiss to your inner thigh, with a scrape of teeth. “That’s my girl.” 
You buck your hips in response, any worries about the bread gone. You’re a lovely mess—flour on your face, in your hair, cheeked flushed, legs spread on the countertop, desperate for his fingers inside you. Waiting for him to oblige you, squirming with impatience. 
“Is there something you need, miláčku?” A gleam in his eyes; he knows exactly what he’s doing to you. “Use your words, my sweet.” 
“Viktor, please.” 
Only he can get you begging, no other past lover has left you so desperate, but has any other past lover stolen your heart the way Viktor had? No. 
A ghost of a kiss, his lips lightly brushing against yours, “Please what?” 
“Touch me.” 
You are so wound up already and he hasn’t even begun his work on you, not really. The stress and anxiety of the plans this evening, the need to impress his family, the failure of the bread baking—you are desperate for this release like no other. 
“As you wish.” 
Two of those slender fingers slip inside your dripping core, his thumb brushing against your swollen clit. His other hand twisting up into your hair to tug at it while he kisses you. 
You moan against his mouth, your hips moving involuntarily as the muscles of your thighs tighten with your building orgasm. 
He curls his fingers within you ever so slightly and breaks the kiss to whisper in your ear, “Can you cum for me, miláčku?” 
That proves to be your undoing as you fall apart around him, shivering and needy and wanton. You begin to come down from your high and are reaching for the buckle on his belt, to have him properly, when the scent of smoke catches you off guard. 
Viktor’s eyes are glazed over with lust. “I intend to,” he murmurs, but your post orgasm bliss is disrupted by sheer panic. 
“No, no, the bread!” 
“I left the other loaf in the oven!” 
“Khasene hobn zol er mit di malekh hamoves tokhter!” Viktor springs into action, grabbing a rag off of the counter and opening the oven door. A billow of black smoke follows in his wake. 
You don’t speak Viktor’s native tongue but you know whatever he said is not complementary to the oven and as he coughs, waving away smoke, you hop off the counter. 
“Let me take care of it,” you say gently, smoothing down your skirt. 
Viktor nods and you catch the gratitude in his glance. You pull out the sad, charred loaf and sigh. 
“An attempt was made,” you say finally, looking at the poor thing. 
“Perhaps we bring the first loaf,” Viktor says. 
You bite your lower lip. “Your family won’t think it’s awful?” 
“No, no, miláčku.” He presses a kiss to the top of your head. “The fact that you tried to make food from my home? It means everything to me.” 
A/N: the yiddish curse Viktor directs at the oven/bread is “may they be married to the daughter of the angel of death” yiddish curses are intense lmao 
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baylecn · 2 days ago
When I think of Stuart and Wymack I immediately think of these two, please tell me I'm not the only one.
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belladonazeppole · 2 days ago
Viktor: You can pep yourself up when you're a child because you still believe in stuff like good people and the government. You still think-
Viktor: "You're going to do it because you are great and I believe in you!"
Viktor: As an adult, you're just leaning on that sink, like-
Viktor: "You're going to do it, because WHAT OTHER FORCE-DAMNED CHOICE DO YOU HAVE?"
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same-side · 3 months ago
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Two hour Viktor study
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accruedcpa · 10 months ago
I don't think he does, Jayce.
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arcanescribbles · 8 months ago
Stale coffee, late nights… boundless dreams. 💫
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Painting process included!
This painting is precious to me and I don’t say that very often. Early on Viktor seemed to have a lot more mobility without his cane. He was able to do his work freely. It breaks my heart to see that later on he can’t even stand up on his own without it…. Arcane did a wonderful job of showing his physicality coming in the way of his dreams. It’s tragic. 😔
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art-of-arcane · 7 months ago
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ARCANE | Various Early Beat Boards | Seung Eun Kim
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foxdoodles · 10 months ago
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'glorious evolution’
had to draw one of my fave scenes from this amazing show <33
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littlebeesart · 5 months ago
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No one tell Jayce that it’s not working, let him believe
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lazifyre · 10 months ago
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@cirilee posted an AU where shimmer and the last drop are competing fast food joints and I’ve had it on my mind since I saw it. I imagine the Academy would be a prestigious culinary school that sees fast food restaurants as falling short of culinary excellence. Caitlyn drops by when she needs a break from classes to eat good food and definitely not just to see the hot waitress. Also head chef Jayce and his kitchen partner Viktor 🥂
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king-psycholyze · 10 months ago
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Trying to explain to your partner that it's Hex before sex
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kirstenatic · 10 months ago
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fire-of-the-sun · 8 months ago
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I can’t believe, on top of everything else, his own crutch falls and hits him...
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