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Favorite Arcane Scenes: 3/? ↳ Jinx vibing too hard to "Get Jinxed" and consequently ignores her dad.
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I’m curious to know what YOU think Silco’s kinks are? Any secret fantasies? What gets that old man going? 👀
Just got possessed by the sudden urge to answer this in extreme detail so buckle up pals (ft. gn!reader)
Silco NSFW Headcanons
Disclaimer: I swear I’m not projecting. Hand on my heart. Other hand on the bible. Totally unbiased answers here 🤞🏼
So I was originally on Team That-Old-Man-Would-Not-Fuck-Like-That, but after a very in-depth discussion with my dear wife (ty @cherryrehab), we surmised that this old man would, indeed, Fuck Like That.
High stress + adrenaline job = high sex drive. Who woulda thunk
Dom top (noting that yes, I’m aware of the difference between dom/sub + top/bottom). I personally hc Silco as bi (again, not projecting at all…), but due to his trauma and immense trust issues, I think he would have a lot of trouble handing the reins to someone else. Even if he would enjoy it, I see it as more of a mental block for him.
If it’s with someone he really trusts tho, I could see him subbing or bottoming, but not both at the same time (and even then it’s once in a blue moon)
and ik u said kinks but I’m just gonna cover the whole field lmao
No way bro doesn’t frequent the brothels. Not every day — he’s a busy man — but he would absolutely pay them a visit when the stress hits boiling point and his hand won’t do the trick 🤷🏻‍♀️
In these scenarios, I think it’s a quick ‘done and dusted’ thing. He’s not dumb, he knows he’s paying for something physical, not emotional, so for him it would be about getting his fix and his money’s worth. I don’t think he’d go over the top with bruising/biting/marking here, but it’s absolutely an outlet for him. You can bet he leaves a generous tip every time tho
If it’s a casual ‘no strings attached’ thing, maybe with a secret fling that frequents the club or an employee, which is very much kept on the DL, he would take his time a bit more. Indulge in more kinks, take his time with foreplay.
He would learn their tells, what gets them going. Is it his voice? Hands? Mannerisms? He’d figure it out pretty quickly, and you can bet he’d wield it as lethally as he wields his knife.
Silco also likes holding all the cards. He knows in order to gain power, the fruits of one’s labour cannot be one-sided. For this reason he takes the time to ensure his partner’s enjoyment as well. Their pleasure is his pleasure, and to have them reduced to a desperate mess, only capable of crying his name, is for sure a power trip for him.
Now, if it’s a partner he cares for? That’s a different story. Same as the above point, but 1000% more intense (both physically and emotionally).
First of all, it wouldn’t start like that. He’d see it as something casual in the beginning. And even when he does begin to catch feelings, our boy is way too emotionally constipated to even realise, let alone acknowledge it.
It probably comes on slowly. He finds himself being more gentle during sex; softer touches, gentle kisses, reassuring words. His partner would probably piece it together before he does, and if they mention it to him he’d just 👁👄🔴
fast-forward cos this isn’t a fic lmao In a committed relationship, he would still let his feral side loose. It would be even more unhinged, now that boundaries and preferences have been discussed in-depth.
I’m also switching to 2nd person cos ik we’re all just a bunch of self-indulgent simps here <3
Now onto the kinks lmao
He isn’t jealous so much as he is possessive. If someone is flirting with you, he’s not gonna plonk down the stairs like a little kid and demand they stop touching his things. He will give them the evil eye tho, but he knows your heart is heart is firmly in his hands. It took him a while to convince himself of this. He’s secretly terrified that you’ll find someone better, not that he’d ever admit it.
But if he’s feeling particularly possessive, he will put a hand on your waist and give the person flirting a glare that chills their blood.
If they lay a hand on you tho? That’s a different story. Now he’ll intervene. Not violently, but more like a monster emerging from the shadows. He’s like a slow-acting poison. By the time his victims realise they’re fucked, it’s too late.
He also loves whispering filth to you in public. Makes you blush for his sick enjoyment. Will tell you exactly how he plans to bend you over his desk later, so you’re stuck with horny brain fog all day.
Back to the jealousy thing. Like I said, he’s not gonna be immature about it, but he will absolutely remind you exactly who you belong to behind closed doors. It’s in these situations that the beast truly gets unleashed.
He’s for sure into bdsm. Having you tied up beneath him (bonus points for being gagged and blindfolded) never fails to get him going.
Edging and orgasm denial pair together with the above like an expensive cheese and fine wine.
He’s big into marking too. Bruises and bite marks are his tools, and you’re his canvas. He will mark you up so there’s no question about who you belong to. And as much as you love it, there are times when you need to cover them up, for professional reasons. Cue pouty kingpin. He worked so hard, why are you covering them up :((( never mind he’ll just leave more right before you leave
We’ve seen those hands. Them’s some long fingers. He knows exactly how to use ‘em 👀 Plus he’d be obsessed with putting his hands all over you. Around your waist, on your thigh, on the small of you back while you’re walking together 🥰 aaand around your neck, in your hair, pressing into your hips 😈
Such a tease. Will taunt you with whispered words and fleeting touches all day long. Then he plays dumb when you beg him to fuck you.
Logically, teasing him should be fair game, right? Wrong. Loves when you wear something special for him, but if you dress down when he knows you know that he can’t do a thing about it for hours… both your dignity and whatever you wore are gonna be in tatters by the time he’s done with you.
And if you tease him by giving someone else attention? Be prepared for a very long night. He won’t stop until his is the only name you know.
Loves when you know your place. He’s big into titles: sir, daddy, etc.
Sometimes he just won’t leave his desk, no matter how late it is or how much you tempt him. It’s moments like these you drop a softly whispered ‘please, daddy’, and you’re being dragged into bed before you know it.
A sensual ‘yes sir’ works too, if you want to speedrun getting his dick hard.
This man does not shut the fuck up. Ever. He talks so smug during sex. You’d slap him if you weren’t so turned on and if your hands weren’t tied up
On the flip-side, he’s also into name calling. Loves degrading you. ‘Whore, desperate, filthy, pathetic’, etc. are some of his faves. During softer moments though, he’ll opt for ‘beautiful, handsome, perfect, gorgeous, stunning’. Throws ‘darling, sweetheart, my love, lovely’ around in both scenarios tho.
S+ tier head game. If you can walk by the time he’s done, best believe he’s pulling you back down for round 2 or 10
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. That man gives head like it’s the last god damn supper.
He has a god complex. Nothing improves his mood (or strokes his ego) more than you sucking him off under the desk.
Really enjoys getting head while smoking a cigar. It’s his little treat <3
He will also never get enough of hearing you scream/cry/moan his name over and over. Makes him feel so powerful.
He’s into knife play. It’s where things get more intense, even for him. It’s more of a control thing; he likes to run the blade tip over your body, press the flat of it against your neck. He’d even fuck you with the handle if you were into it.
In the heat of the moment he starts talking about carving his name into you. He wouldn’t do so without express permission, but if you did ever say yes…
Loves bending you over the desk, or when you ride him in his chair. Again, total power trip. Anywhere in the Last Drop is fair game tbh — it’s his bar, after all.
For the titty havers: they’re like a magnet for his teeth. Will never not bite them. Sucks those fuckers raw, bites the underside, leaves bruises, and doesn’t stop until your hand’s in his hair, tugging him back because fuck, you’re too sensitive now.
That’s when he switches things up and soothes every red spot with his tongue, and you decide to let him stay there a while longer.
And for the titty haven’t-ers, he’s still gonna be on them nips.
He’s just a biter in general and that chip in his teeth ain’t just for show
Have you guys had an argument? Are you annoyed at him? Do you wanna sit down and talk it out like mature adults? lmao, good fkn luck mate. He’s gonna slut his way out of an argument 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tell me I’m wrong.
You approach him to settle things, ready to stand your ground— wait why is he looking at you like that? He’s coming closer, too close, his finger is lifting your chin, he’s speaking in that horribly divine low tone, his lips are on your neck, hands on your waist…
Next thing you know, you’re lying in bed and staring at the ceiling after several mind-blowing orgasms and…… what were you mad about again?
Fucks his anger out. Get ready to be an outlet. Like I said before, high stress ➡️ high sex drive.
After a particularly shitty day or overcomplicated meeting, he needs to get that rage out. This is the only time he’ll prioritise his pleasure. Very rough. Very degrading. If you ever tease him when he’s like this, then that is a mistake you make precisely once (he will, of course, make sure you’re satisfied once he’s done tho).
Traffic light system always in use (green = all good, orange = slow down/pause, red = immediate stop). He would die before he didn’t listen to you here (and, of course, it goes both ways. You check in with him too).
Aftercare king. No one will ever change my mind about this. The harder he went with you, the more meticulous his aftercare is. Kisses every mark, does not stop complimenting you. ‘You were wonderful, you were perfect, you did so well, I’m so proud of you,’ after every kiss.
And whatever you need afterwards, he’s on it. Loves bathing you when you’re done. Cleans every inch of your skin like you’re a statue in a holy temple. You could just melt into him <3
If you’re too spent, he’ll still grab a towel and clean you up. Makes sure you hydrated and fed, too (you have to remind him to do the same). And unless it’s really warm, he insists you wear one of his shirts to bed after.
Curls up with you and holds you like glass. You’re always knocked out in record time, but he likes to stay awake for a bit longer and keep whispering sweet nothings, thanking you, kissing your hair, stroking your cheek. Then you nuzzle closer to him in your sleep and his heart just explodes.
Packing at least 8 inches. We’ve all seen episode three. Argue with the wall.
He’s also really into @insult-2-injury’s nasty smelly feet but don’t tell him I tol— ohfuckohno he’s in my kitchen
btw, big ol’ thank you to @ihatesilco for the ‘getting out of an argument’ and ‘falling for his casual fling’ ideas. There’s basically an entire fic in our DMs 💀 ty for always enabling my simping 💕
And now, time for some shameless fic plugs 😎
Silco slutting his way out of an argument
Teasing Silco gone wrong
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Tumblr media
realizing i forgot to post this but here is an ensemble piece i drew of some of my fav arcane chars! tried to get as many folks in there as i could while also making a fun print that you can hang in either direction ehehehe
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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what if you wrote reader making arcane characters a flustered mess 👀
Hehehe otay
Slightly NSFW for some adult themes or situations
I am going off of the dictionary definition because I forgot what it meant lol If you meant something different, my apologies anon. I think I made some of them more annoyed than anything. I'm so sorry...
Fluster: make (someone) agitated or confused:
"there's nothing you can do or say to fluster Bernie" · "the false start flustered me a bit"
-When you call him on his bullshit or when you're right in an argument.
-Also gets annoyed when you do a power play on him. It is supposed to be his thing and there you are, being so...sexy
"You're not being discreet, Silco. You messed up and you know it." You said as you flipped to the next page of your book. "Just admit that you were wrong, and I was right." You looked up and saw him swirl his drink, giving you an annoyed look.
"If you were right, I would-"
You shut your book and leaned forward. "Darling. The whole bathroom is bright pink. I told you not to buy her that dye-"
He sighed and rolled his eyes, lighting his cigar. "She was making you a gift."
"And I love it, but the bathroom renovations? Not so much." You got up, going to him and sitting on his knee, running a hand over his chest, seeing a slight pink on his face. "Now say it." You purred in his ear.
He huffed and leaned back, hand resting on your thigh. "You were right."
Humming and pulling on his tie, you leaned closer to his ear. "Good boy."
-When you fix things that she can't
-Wearing her clothes and looking super cute in them. Why doesn't see look that cute in them?
"Pudding, you're pouting." You said in a sing song voice from your perch on her desk.
"And you're being annoying, sitting there like some hot piece of cake." She snapped back, fidgeting with another one of her gadgets.
"A second ago I was an attractive asshole. Am I being promoted?" You slid off the desk and swayed your hips as you walked over to her, bending over when you got in front of her.
"Promoted to thief!" She huffed, her face bright red. "They're my favorite underwear and your ass is way juicier than mine so now, they won't fit."
So, your ass was bigger than hers and therefore ruined you her favorite underwear? Oh, this was good. "Then take them off."
Her head snapped up and her eyes narrowed at you. "What?"
You leaned in a bit more and licked your lips. "Take. Them. Off-"
Jinx had you on the ground before you finished that sentence.
-Cleaning his workspace. How. Could. You?
-Doesn't take criticism well, even if it is constructive.
You tapped your boot on Ekko's and he turned his face away, still pouting with his brows pulled together in that mean frown of his.
"I didn't say it was ugly, Ekko." You sighed, tapping his boot again.
"'Babe, I don't think that the green was the best choice for our room.'" He said in a mocking tone. "I spent all day painting!"
You groaned as he repeated your words at you and then you clapped your hands together. "Was the best choice. Not the worst." You grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, planting a kiss on his cheek. "And it looks nice, but next time, lets pick the color together, yeah?"
"Hmph." He was still pouting, upset that you weren't thrilled about Firelight Green being the theme of the entire space you inhabited with him.
"Wanna see if the walls match my underwear?" You wiggled your eyebrows at him. "Do a couple of 'swatches'?"
He picked you up so fast and put you over his shoulder as he marched up the steps to the room, still muttering about how he was going to prove you right.
•🦇Scar (bat guy from the Firelights)
-He gets jealous, really easy. Not in a "I will fight anyone who looks at you" way but he will pout
-Really gets to him when you put yourself down. Will not have it, you are an angel on earth
You noticed the glare almost immediately when you were talking to a new Firelight and the guy had put a hand on your arm. Then the arms crossed, and you could tell he was biting his cheek to stop from himself from saying something stupid.
The man was mad. Excusing yourself, you made your way over to Scar, watching as his lip twitched. "You okay?" You wrapped your arms around his waist and looked up at him.
He growled and looked back up at the new Firelight, then back down at you, lip twitching again. "Oh, no! He was just being nice."
That didn't make him feel better. "Scar..." You pouted a bit. "He doesn't even have cute ears. How can you be jealous of him?"
Scoffing, he rolled his eyes and his arms dropped, hands on your shoulders. Smiling, you reached up on your toes to plant a kiss on his lips. "Well, tonight we can be loud enough, so he knows who belongs to who? Hm?"
You always knew how to cheer him up.
-Putting yourself in dumb situations without thinking
The door slammed behind you as you stomped into the room you shared with Vander; jaw clenched, and hands balled into fists. He was hot on your heels, and he had the biggest scowl you have ever seen him make.
"Don't get mad at me." He crossed his arms "You had no business getting between two brawlers to break up a fight."
"We can't afford a new pool table!" You threw your hands up. "And they already broke a regular table. Thankfully we have an extra to replace it."
"I had it, love." His scowl was beginning to fade, but he was still upset. "You could have gotten hurt."
"But I didn't." You held up your finger. "In fact, I got a couple good jabs in myself."
"That's not the point, dove." He took a deep breath and took a moment to get his thoughts together. "One of these days I'm not going to be there to get you out and then what?" He put a hand on your arm. "Please stop giving Vi ideas."
You giggled, not that angry anymore. Yeah, it was a bone head move. "Yeah, she gets all of the bad ideas from me." You said sarcastically. "Never you."
"Never." He kissed your forehead.
-Telling him no. Pouty, pouty baby boy
-Undermining him
"No, Finn." You snapped, pushing the contract back at him. "It's a bad deal and you know it."
"Do I?" His eyes turned into knives as he glared at you. "I don't think I asked for your opinion."
"Hm." You crossed your bare legs, watching his eyes gloss over a bit while he watched you do it. "I think you did when you showed it to me."
He stared you down while flicking his lighter, cursing himself for doing this while you were in your silky night clothes. He could see your nipples and your legs were exposed. "Maybe I showed it to you so you would know who really makes the decisions around here."
You clicked your tongue. "Oh, I see. Still seems to me like it isn't you."
Click. Click. Click. "Do you really want to go there?"
A devious smirk spread on your face, and you licked your lips. "I didn't have too. You did it on your own, pretty boy."
Click. "Get your ass over here and we will see who is in charge of who."
-Is actually a tidy person. So messing with his tools will drive him nuts.
-Lying about touching his tools and don't blame Viktor. He knows.
"-did too." He muttered as he set the wrench back in its place. If Viktor was bad, you were worse about keeping things in place.
"Janna, Jayce, I did not!" You spun in your chair, pulling your goggles down. "I put it back in the drawer!"
"It hangs up." He straightened up and pointed at you; he just caught you in your lie. "Try again, sweetheart."
You sputtered and groaned, rubbing your face. "Ok, but I tried to put it back!"
He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes. "In the wrong place."
"I tried! I can't remember where it all goes. This is crazy." You turned around, turning your back on him. "-becomes a counselor and a terror all in one week." You mumbled under your breath and picked up the gear you had been trying to carefully put in place.
"Say you're sorry, baby." You saw two large hands on either side of you and could feel his breath on your neck.
"Sorry you're a clean freak." You sniffed, pretending to concentrate harder.
You could practically feel him tense up and make a face of frustration, making you hold back a laugh. No, you would not do it this time.
"Okay, then." Without warning he had you up on the desk and pinned, smirking at you.
It made you laugh, how he thought this was going to make you say you were sorry. "Now I am definitely not sorry." You pulled on his shirt.
-Folding the corners of books to book mark them. Only animals would do that nonsense.
-Unnecessary noises drive him insane. Please, do not-
The tapping was getting louder and louder and now he was barely unable to think, just tap tap tap.
"Darling, would you be so kind as to stop?" He turned in his chair and asked you politely. You probably didn't even know you were doing it.
You looked up from your book and blinked before you looked at your hand, realizing you were tapping your nails on the table. "Oh, yeah. Sorry." You put your hand under your thigh.
He gave you a sweet smile, thanking you before turning around and going back to his work.
Swishswishswishswish- he turned back around and saw you looking at him while running your hand over a textured surface. "Darling-"
"Yes?" You smirked, seeing his eye twitch.
"Must you?" He raised his brows, his jaw flexing as he clenched it.
Swishswishswishswish- you went faster, keeping eye contact. "I fear I must."
His nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply, licking his teeth. "My dearest, most beloved darling- fucking quit."
You burst out laughing, your stomach muscles getting sore with how hard you began to laugh. Did he just say fucking? You had never seen him so annoyed with you.
"Oh, this is funny?" He was trying to look intimidating, but you could see the smirk. You heard his chair rolling towards you and then you were trapped between him and your desk. "You think this is funny?"
"-I made-" You wheezed. "You said fucking." Your ribs hurt so bad.
His hands gripped your thighs and pulled you closer before sliding up to more intimate parts. "I'll show you funny."
-Tickling. Why would you do this to her?
Finding out that Mel was ticklish had been a delight to you and anguish for her. You found out by running your fingers down her side as you laid in bed with her. Your eyes lit up and a big smile spread across your face as she wiggled away from you.
"Mel, are you-"
"If you do it, I swear, I will-" You pounced and tried to pin her, but this was Ambessa Medarda's daughter and she was not going down without a fight.
"Darling, you better stop!" She was a lady! A councilor!
You were able to pin her momentarily and get her real good and for the first time you heard a real good laugh out of her. Not a chuckle or a soft, reserved laugh, but a good loud laugh right from her belly.
Stopping, you wrapped yourself around her, smiling like mad as you pressed your face between her shoulder blades. "I like your laugh."
"That was so unbecoming." She looked at you with disbelief.
Giggling, you kissed her shoulder. "I know and I loved it."
-Hiding her cigars. She knows you hate it but babe, stop
-Using her weaknesses against her
"I swear, I put them on the table-" Sevika felt over her pockets and growled when she didn't find what she had been looking for. "Babe!" She turned around and looked at the living room. No, she didn't leave them there.
"Yes?" You called from the bedroom.
"Have you seen my smokes? I left them on the table- damn it, babe." She groaned as you appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, smokes in hand, completely naked.
"Oh, these? Yeah, I have them." You held them up and waved them around a little.
She sighed and held out her hand. "Please give them back." Try the honey first.
"Hmmm." You pretended to think. "No, I don't think I will."
She rubbed her chin in aggravation and groaned again. "I do love you, I really do, but you are being such a shit right now."
Giggling before faking a pout, you looked at the cigars in your hand. "You're not even gonna fight for them?"
What did you want? A full-on brawl? "What do you want? I'm gonna be late."
Smug and feeling very empowered, you held out the cigars. "You can have these-" You pulled them back when she went to grab them. "Or..." Your voice got sultry. "You can have me."
Oh, she loved you so damn much. "Hm, I have to think about that." She teased you back and you gasped, feigning offense.
"Ok, fine." You tossed them on the bed behind you. "Gotta get through me to get them."
Sevika was already taking off her cloak. "Oh, I'm coming."
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Tumblr media
Ann-Kathrin Raab @ Art Station
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Silco dating headcanons
Silco Dating Hc 💶💊
Tumblr media
💶💊• Dating Silco is not something that happens overnight, it is going to take quite some time for anything to start. But the quickest way would be to get Jinx to like you. The more Jinx talks of you the more interest in you Silco gets.
💶💊• Once you do start Dating, everyone either is in fear of you or hates you. The people that fear you are most likely friends or even family that are now worried to say or do something that Silco doesn't like or getting you upset in any way shape or form. The ones that hate you people that want to be at the top and want to knock Silco down, and will either target you or they aren't too happy suddenly pushed further down the ranks of Zaun just because you're now dating the kingpin.
💶💊• He won't let anything happen to you, and if something does they will feel his wrath. He often comforts you and reassures you that nothing bad will happen to you and that he won't allow it.
💶💊• He would rather you stay out of the whole Shimmer business as he would rather not have you attacked for the stuff, that would only give people more of a reason to hate you. So if you stay away from the Shimmer and make it clear you don't work with the stuff it would give him less to be concerned about.
💶💊• lastly, don't expect to get much PDA from him. He has a reputation to keep up and it's hard enough to do so when Jinx acts like a 5 year old jumping around him when she finds something exciting. He wouldn't want people to think he has gonna soft. But he does nothing but cuddles you when you are alone.
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we all know who is it
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art-of-arcane · 10 months
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ARCANE | Various Early Beat Boards | Seung Eun Kim
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Me when consuming new media:
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you’re perfect
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shoutout to silco gotta be one of my favourite genders
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Only in Runeterra are tweens allowed to get tattoos.
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Omg, I'm fed up with my profile picture, I'd like something new, but my drawing skills leave much to be desiredᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
I will be mega grateful if someone can give me a little attention and help me in this situation(メ﹏メ)
*requests for help from the author of the blog*
Tumblr media
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okay okay i have returned
calling the arcane characters good boy/girl 🥰
Tumblr media
This is it. This is how I die.
All the powers have mercy on my soul. Have a request, looking for something, or wonder who I write? Check out my master list. If you are wondering why there is no Caitlyn or Vi? I am in denial about the breakup in the rain and I refuse to see them with other people because they are perfect together, thank you for coming to my TED talk
-Is a dirty talker so when you turn it around on him and call him a good boy, it throws him for a loop. Silco.exe has stopped working
-You do this while riding him and he loses it mentally. His mind cannot function and his grip on your hips tighten
-He very much likes it and will reward you. "Tell daddy how good he is, my darling."
-Praise? How do she accept praise?
-Goes feral and tries to prove to you that she is not 'a good girl'
-The sex only gets rougher, and it was the whole point, that and to tell her how you felt
-"Tell me who's a good girl now?" She'll hiss through her teeth.
"Still you."
-He is a good boy, and he knows it. You know it and so do most of the Firelights. Almost every night they are reminded that he is a very good boy
-Likes it when you talk dirty or praise him, will return the favor happily
-The best time to tell him this is when he is coming. It just makes it so much better for him
•🦇Scar (bat guy from the Firelights)
-He is a what? Will stop everything he is doing and need a moment to process
-Like Silco, his brain will just stop. But then he decides he likes it and he aims to please.
-He is your good boy and your good boy wants you to feel good
-You will get the best head of your life and will need a couple days of 'down' time until you can walk again
-Tug his hair while you say it, you get a free ride to pound town
-Enjoys the praise, but he likes to praise you more than he gets it
-And let's face it, he isn't a boy. This is a whole ass man, and he will remind you of that
-Put a gag in his mouth because he will talk back to you
-He is NOT a good boy; how dare you insinuate that he is
-You will be punished dearly, little blossom, as soon as he gets out of these ropes. You better believe it.
-Stop laughing
-Will nut immediately because he loves it so fucking much
-On his knees, doing anything to please you, he wants to be your good boy so much
-Does whatever he can to get you to say it to him
-That is Mr. Good Boy to you
-And you better believe he is gonna love you calling him a good boy, especially when he goes down on you
-Acts like he is all good but really *internal screaming*
-No, you are and mistress didn't say you could talk
-Now put this gag in your mouth and do as you're told, slave
-Mommy isn't done with you yet. Will get her whip
-If on the rarest of occasions, she lets you top, praise her and maybe you'll get an extra reward
-*SPANK* "Say it again."
-Biting and scratching after saying it is her preferred, like she is being punished for being too nice and she needs to be naughtier
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lullabyes22-blog · 3 days
Forward, but Never Forget/XOXO - Mood Whiplash
Tumblr media
Moments of mood whiplash in FnF that sound so gd strange in summary, but which hopefully make sense in the actual scene itself. Grimdark humor ahoy.
Updates resume by December 10th :D
Forward, but Never Forget/XOXO on AO3
Jinx and Silco dancing to Jazz and her pitching a screaming fit three minutes later.
Silco and Vi being forced to eat dinner together. After dinner, Vi punches him.
Silco and Mel share a waltz. Mel slugs him by the end. They both walk away smiling.
Silco spends an entire day cheerfully terrorizing the chem-barons. It ends with his daughter disappearing.
Silco and Jinx sharing one of the most angsty, hysterical and deadly conversations in their relationship. They make up with tears and hugs. Then Jinx gets grounded.
Mel has a panic attack. Silco ends up putting her in a headlock to stop her scratching his face bloody. They have sex ten minutes later.
Silco and Sevika fuck in the dressing room of a private boutique. Then have a snarling fight in there.
Vi starts her day canoodling Caitlyn and frying eggs. Five minutes later, she's chasing Sevika barefoot down the street.
Lock, Ran and Dustin give a Piltovan journalist the merry tour of Zaun. They get into a firefight in one of Silco’s clubs. Bodies hit the floor.
Jinx falls asleep, Princess Diana-style, in the middle of a gala. Upon waking up, she hurls a bomb at the guests. The night ends with a spray of glitter, not blood.
Silco and Vander in flashbacks. Just. Yeah. 
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