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arcanegifs · a day ago
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Arcane: League of Legends Season 1 + Favorite Quotes
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cherryrobber · a day ago
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it’s okay babe I know ur doomed by the narrative
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hexhomos · a day ago
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5 days to december ☃️
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echo-maker · a day ago
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give that man proper mobility aids 2k23
[Image Description: A sketch of Viktor and Jayce in their Arcane appearances sharing a kiss. Vikor is sitting in an electric wheelchair and visibly smiling into Jayce's lips; Jayce is standing up and leaning into the kiss with a hand on the wheelchair's armrest. It's colored in neon splotches, with the warmest colours emanating from the kiss.]
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redgitanako · 2 days ago
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My silly little works for jayvik zine heheee 👀👀 Vitya's a cyborg malewife also it's academy au in the left one!!
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c4ndyc41n · 14 hours ago
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they were roommates
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tacticalgrandma · 16 hours ago
It is, quite frankly, super goddamn messed up how the Arcane fandom looks at moments where Mel’s being traumatized or is hurt or sad, & distorts them into evil things she’s doing to men. Like:
• Mel’s nightmare: shows how Ambessa viewed her own daughter as a political pawn, the horror of Mel’s abusive childhood.
Fandom: Jayce fits maybe one of the descriptors Mel gave for a puppet ruler. Still pretty sure this scene is all about her manipulating him.
• Painting scene: Jayce affirms Mel’s worth & asks her to as well, Mel avoids this & turns the focus back on caring for others instead. Shows Mel’s insecurities & protective instincts.
Fandom: Soooo Mel doesn’t really love Jayce, right? She’s super not emotional here.
• Heimerdinger vote: Script outright states that Jayce pressures Mel to vote with him and that Mel is uneasy but does so because she sees he’s so nervous.
Fandom: Mel has never pushed Jayce to advance her personal interests like this. But pretty sure this scene means she was going to, & Jayce’s actions are her fault.
• Mel: is sad when she wakes up in bed & Jayce isn’t there. Given that her next scene she tells him abt being banished because she didn’t meet her family standards, pretty clear it’s her rejection issues.
Fandom: Lmaoo sad she couldn’t manipulate Jayce out of loving Viktor more
• And Bonus Inverse: Mel’s pleasure is the forefront of the sex scene. She’s intermixed w imagery of transcendence & enlightenment. The final shot is her looking at Jayce with a soft, loving expression as she holds him.
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hexcorecore · 2 days ago
WHAT if Viktor gets sued by the council in the future. The whole life of Viktor is at stake. The decision comes to a tie.
The final vote goes to the councilor Jayce.
He thinks about it.
And he ends up voting to exile Viktor out of Piltover
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uraveragelonelywriter · 2 days ago
Hi! Thank you for opening a request :D
May I request a Jayce x reader (romantic, preferbly male, but if not that's okay!) where the reader is his security/bodyguard of some sort? And some angst would be interesting, but please do what you feel the most comfortable with!
Thank you so much again and have a great day :]
(Hey, I can do that! But not the angst, you didn't say anything for the angst, just "some angst" and I can't work with just that. Sorry, anyways, Enjoy!)
Jayce x Bodygaurd Male Reader
Tumblr media
At first, he didn’t think he needed a bodyguard after Caitlyn suggested it
She bickered at him about it, councilors were higher ups and usually had targets on their backs
A lot of people didn’t like them, she knew from experience with her mom as a councilor
There were the people who liked you
And the people who didn’t
He told her not to worry, that it was all good
But he noticed how she kept worrying after she saw reports of councilors being targeted by some group of goons
So, he finally decided to interview some bodyguards with her, her mom and her father
That’s where you came in
Jayce liked you
It was also a bonus you were a familiar face
You were smart, you knew how to deal with high stress situations, you thought quick on your feet and you knew how to handle yourself
You had quite a few letters of recommendation
You had done quite a few high jobs
One of the letters of recommendation was from Caitlyn’s mom
You at one point, had also been a bodyguard for Caitlyn when she was younger
And let me tell you, you had done a good ass job
Jayce and you back then were sort of friends, not really talking much unless Caitlyn was there for you to watch over her
Until you left to another job of some sorts
So he hired you and some of your friends who were on your team with you as the main one
Nothing ever really happened, you followed him around and made sure he was safe
He got sorta close to you
He liked talking to you since you guys spent so much time together
And one day, first time he actually saw you in action, was when you tackled a guy
The man was coming after Jayce, after he was a new councilor
The man had come to attack him, he had some sort of vendetta against Jayce and the council
Yeah, he’s stuck to you like glue after that
He’s not gonna be hiding behind you though when out somewhere
What he WILL do is be right by your side
Trusts you so freakin’ much
Especially after you guys get together
Thinks its kinda hot how you order people around when he has to attend an event
Feels special because its all for him
He will 100% try and distract you on the job
At an event?
He’s right by you flirting with you as he watches you try not to kill him for his horrible timing
And the boy just WALKS AWAY 
This smug mf
After a while Caitlyn gets assigned to his team randomly
He begged her parents
Caitlyn loves you 
Please don’t get distracted to much on the job though by him
He may be an idiot but he would like to keep his head
And he would love to see you tackle someone for him again
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chaoticlicense · 16 hours ago
For the smut prompt... maybe 142 with Jayce? 👀❤️
Oh, absolutely  😏 
Thank you for submitting this, Kieran! You have no idea how happy it makes me to get prompt requests  🥰 
Tags: NSFW, Minors DNI, Jayce Talis, Jayce Talis x Reader, Handjobs, Drabble, Smut, Smut Prompts
Prompt 142 is “Can’t—can’t you go faster than this?”
I hope you like this little drabble ❤️ 
“Can’t—can’t you go faster than this?” 
Jayce whimpers as you drag your hand along his shaft, drawing out another moan followed by a thrust of his hips as he fucks into your grip. Your hand, slick with lube and precum, slides easily up and off his cock. Amber eyes widen as you cease touching him where he wants—no, needs—it the most. 
With palms on both hips, you push him down into the mattress, stopping him from seeking out the one thing he’s been chasing all night. 
“What’s wrong, sweet boy?” you inquire with a mischievous grin. Of course, you know full well what’s wrong. He wants to finish, and he wants it badly. No matter how much you give him, no matter how good it feels to have your hand around his cock, it’s not enough. It’s never enough. 
He wants more. You can see it in his eyes as he silently begs you to touch him again. But you’re not one to give into him so easily. Under just about any other circumstances you may have, but not tonight, not when you have him exactly where you want him. 
“Please, baby…I need more. I need-”
“Shh. I know.”
Jayce all but pouts as you lean over his lithe, muscular body and press a kiss to his lips. 
“You’re doing so well, Jayce. I’m sure you can last just a little longer.” His eyes flutter closed as your trail your fingers up along his length with a featherlight touch. “For me?”
As if in submissive agreement, he nods and lets you continue to have your way with him.
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smolsawyer · 11 months ago
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Parallels of Arcane (League of Legends)
Part 2
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toytle · 9 months ago
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is this not how that scene went
bonus bc i’m not even exaggerating:
Tumblr media
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cherryrobber · 2 days ago
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joined a new stardew valley farm and made my character Jinx… so it got me thinking about a silly little Stardew AU
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stealthily · 8 months ago
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actual unedited dialogue from the council scene (not clickbait) x
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mistletotem · 5 months ago
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he’s helping
eta: pt 2
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standsforjinxed · 2 months ago
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tag yourself - self care edition
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