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Hell’s Finest .
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Caitvi Scenes: 10/? ↳ Vi opens up to Caitlyn about her childhood with Powder.
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mrs officer // caitlyn kiramman
summary: over the course of a year caitlyn obsessively investigates one of piltover's most notorious criminals, and it culminates into a heated interrogation.
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warning: mentions of violence and death
word count: 2.0k
pairing: caitlyn kiramman x fem reader
a/n: i took some inspo from the beloved killing eve when writing this
“she’s responsible for the deaths of over 50 enforcers and god knows who else—“
“are you even listening to me?” jayce asked.
“just let me think for a second.”
they stood on the opposite of a one way privacy film, glaring at the woman behind it. to their knowledge she’d committed numerous crimes against the city of piltover and despite being in police custody— she was far from done. 
jayce paced back and forth, seething. he wanted to storm in and interrogate her, even bringing her to tears if necessary with the horrors of stillwater. yet one thing held him back, caitlyn.
she’d hardly said a word since jayce announced your arrest. she’d fantasized about this moment for ages, obsessively following every clue and miniscule piece of evidence leading up to meeting you. 
the last few months you’d consumed every aspect of caitlyn’s being. she knew you better than she knew herself at that point. and one thing she was covinced of was that you’d purposely led them to you. 
you were meticulous, each crime was done efficiently and in the beginning you made sure to leave absolutely nothing behind. with no trail it would be only a matter of time before you disappeared, sparking waves of panic throughout the city until you struck again. 
however the moment caitlyn began following your case you grew sloppier and less calculated. complete derailing completely from your original methodology. initially she thought it was just pure luck but with each shred of evidence left behind there was a clear distinct message. 
you wanted her to find it. 
“i should talk to her first.”
“what?” he sputtered, his eyes narrowed into slits.
“i can get her to open up, just let me speak to her, please?”
begrudgingly jayce nodded, gesturing to the guard, “look, she’s handcuffed so she can’t hurt you—“
“that won’t matter.”
caitlyn stepped forward, a cold chill crawling up her spine as she walked into the gray room. despite the darkness, the blinding lights from the ceiling illuminating everything around her, including you. 
she couldn’t explain it, and it wasn’t because of the handcuffs but she wasn’t fearful. you were heavily bound yet the guards and jayce flinched with your every movement, meanwhile she just watched.
a small gleeful grin spread across face as caitlyn sauntered towards you. a glimmer of excitement sparked in your eyes as she got closer, a brisk wave of her scent filling the room. 
she was beautiful.
you’d only been able to admire her poise and elegance from afar but finally seeing her up close knocked all of the air from your lungs. a quick repeated thump came from your chest and your cheeks took on an extreme fervor. she sat across from you, on the opposite side of the table pulling out a thick file. 
caitlyn couldn’t allow herself to be distracted by formalities. she furiously flipped through the pages within the folder to your latest attack, slamming in front of you. 
she began, “you’re currently the most wanted person in all of piltover. you have threatened the safety and well being of all citizens, and they won’t stop until you’re brought to justice.”
you gazed at the blurry picture, in it was a building demolished to nothing but pieces of rubble. 
“i don’t understand?”
she spat, “look closer.” 
leaning in closer you inspected the mountain of destruction. bodies were scattered everywhere, blood spatter decorating the decrepit pieces of the building. however at the very top of the hill you noticed a small gold circle glimmering through. engraved in it was the kiramman family sigil. 
“you left it for me. why?”
leaning back in your chair, you examined caitlyn even further. her crystal blue eyes held a look of determination and a tinge of light pink colored her cheeks.
and god was she cute too.
she wanted to seem more intimidating, scare you into whatever confession you were expected to give but she was failing— miserably. instead, you allowed your eyes to roam over her inspecting every inch of her sculpted frame.
“you have such pretty eyes,” you teased. 
the splotches of pink deepened to a fiery red hue. caitlyn faltered for a moment, she felt like she was losing at this complex imaginary game the both of you were playing. 
she should’ve expected this. 
you’re a flirt, it was evident at every scene, you wanted to show off and even in custody it was no different. being stern wasn’t going to work. 
“why the sigil, y/n?” she said, this time with a softer tone. she leaned forward allowing her hair to fall beautifully at her shoulders. she ran her fingertips across the white table, tapping her nails against the edges of your hand cuffs.
you sighed, “i was never going to hurt you— or your family, i just wanted you to know.” 
“know what?”
“that i saw you, that night after the explosion. i came back and you were there alone in your uniform….”
those were her first fateful days on the job. and in a matter of minutes dozens of enforcers were wiped out with a single deadly bomb. vividly, she remembered the smoke that poisoned her lungs, leaving her gasping for just a sliver of fresh air. 
the bodies— there were so many and they were all dead, just scattered about like ants in the ruins. she must’ve stayed there for hours, caitlyn couldn’t fathom how anybody could do such a thing. 
she imagined them to be the epitome of a ravenous monster lurking about, waiting to consume everything and anything. not a cute— almost innocent looking face. it frightened her how someone could look so harmless and beautiful while concealing such dark secrets. 
“why were you watching me?” she whispered, her heart beating even faster at the looming silence filling the room.
you looked up, beads of sweat forming at the top of your forehead. caitlyn’s heavy gaze bore deep holes into your eyes that made it difficult to look away. her scent was closer than ever and it made you feel like you were walking on air. 
“i couldn’t look away.” 
the distance between the two of you was gradually waning. caitlyn felt like she was losing control, this is what you did, you lied, manipulated and cheated— but in this moment it felt so good.
“and after?”
“oh that?” you smirked, looking directly at the glass, before glancing back at caitlyn. 
“that was to impress you.”
immediately the door bursted open. jayce stormed in, his face splashed with a fiery red as he stomped over to you. he towered over your seat, eyes filled with great disdain.
“this is why wanted to come here? to flirt?” he growled, sticking an accusatory finger at caitlyn on the opposite side of the room.  his collar was soaked in sweat and his hair beyond disheveled. he whipped back around glaring at you with fierce, crazed eyes. 
“you….i’m going to make sure you never see the light of day.”
his threats felt like mere insults, leaving you almost amused. you couldn’t help but laugh at the spectacle causing both him and caitlyn to shoot confused glances at one another. 
“what’s funny?” 
you doubled over, loud and obnoxious fits of laughter filling the room. to the two however it didn’t sound like simple laughter it was menacing and unsettling. the strange noise caused the hairs on jayce’s neck to rise and that same wintry chill to find its way back to caitlyn’s spine. 
“you know jayce, i like you. you’re quite charming but clearly not very bright.” 
“excuse me?” he scoffed, while caitlyn stifled a laugh. you lifted your hands up, gently yanking on the silver cuffs.
“we’ve been through this enough times to know that no matter how many restraints you put on me, i’ll get out. i mean come on— that’s what mrs officer was trying to tell you in the first place, no?” you taunted.
jayce was baffled— all could do was stare blindly. he cursed himself for not listening to caitlyn sooner, the arrest had been to easy and now they were trapped. 
on the other hand, caitlyn was unsettlingly calm. she’d replayed this moment in her head for weeks— maybe even months. she’d studied you to the point where she could almost predict what was going to happen. and it would either end with all of you dead— or alive. 
“now, this is going to go one of two ways, so keep up. i could blow this place to shreds with you and the dozens of innocent people still in it. or you can let me walk out…”
quickly your eyes darted to caitlyn on the opposite side of the room.
“….with her.”
he protested, “what no—“ 
but caitlyn’s mind was made up before she even set foot into the grim room. she didn’t share jayce’s sentiments and more importantly she wasn’t afraid of you— she was fascinated by you. 
“i’ll go.”
“you can’t be serious.”
“it’s not your decision to make,” she sighed, gently patting his shoulder before walking over to you. she removed a small key from her pocket, freeing you from all your restraints.
it was the closest you’d ever been to her, and it drove you insane. her touch was light and gentle like a feather. she was careful and handled each part of your body with the utmost care, and for just a second it allowed you to forget where you were. 
“cheer up jayce, it’s just a safety measure, that way once i’m out of here i know you won’t try and kill me.” you chirped, proudly sauntering out of the room with caitlyn on your heel. 
enforcers lined up and down the halls were dumbfounded as they watched you walk free. hatred and anger were sept from the dozens of looks, and you felt each one.
wild butterflies filled your stomach, leaving you with a giddy feeling as caitlyn’s body brushed against yours. the two of you walked in silence but you felt closer to her than ever. she’d blindly put her faith in you. purely based on the countless of hours she'd spent analyzing you and it made you fall even deeper for the woman.
you snuck a glance at her, gently nudging her with your shoulder, “hey, look at me.” 
she brushed her hair from her face, her crystal blue eyes finding yours.
“i’ll take care of you, i promise. but you can leave whenever you want.” 
the further you got from the building, the more reality began to creep in for caitlyn. she knew just how dangerous you were but she was certain you’d never hurt her. the way you spoke to her differed from most people. there was a layer of sensitivity and caution, even you giving her the option to leave, it felt completely out of character from the person she’d analyzed.
“you weren’t actually going to blow up the building, right?” she blurted.
“you’re the expert, you tell me.”
for most of jayce’s performance caitlyn had stayed silent and it wasn’t without reason. unless you had help— which she hadn’t anticipated, there would’ve been no way for you to trigger the explosion alone. however, given his state of mind rationalism wasn’t on his side.
“you certainly could’ve, you enjoy showing off but a murder suicide would be too easy and messy.”
“and she’s correct again!” you sang, skipping along the pavement. 
“so are you trembling with fear yet, officer?”
although you liked caitlyn you knew time was limited. you gave her a couple of days— a week at most before she’d abandon you, sending you onto your next fixation. however caitlyn hardly reacted to your theatrics. 
she shrugged her shoulders uttering a clear, “no.”
“you don’t scare me, y/n,” she admitted. 
you stopped dead on your tracks, your lips perking up into a sly grin. nobody had ever stood up to you before, at least not in the way she did. and it drove you mad but in the best possible way.
“these next few days are gonna be fun.”
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just some quick caitvi
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forever grateful for whoever was behind this character design change
from this
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to this
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Good morning to animation industry and them only
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Piltover Sunsets
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not so tough now, huh vi ?
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"𝙤𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙮" start playing in the background*
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It’s time to say goodbye (1/2)
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I may not be cut out for "make something new every day/every three days" challenges (I don't think anyone is tbh) but I will serve full meals hot and spicy 🥵
This one has been in the works for a while but I can happily say that Vi's tattoos are about as accurate as can be without having the original source files!
You can support my art and find the uncensored version on patreon ✨ (a nip as a treat)
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Can I kiss you, cupcake?
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Long absense bc messed up joints but here’s something something I managed to pop out in about 8 hours 😘
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it's pocky day!
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